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Author Topic: [Discuss] Changing opinions about members  (Read 16527 times)

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Re: [Discuss] Changing opinions about members
« Reply #60 on: May 02, 2015, 05:04:43 PM »

I haven't touched this thread for nine years. Maybe there is something new to post about now :lol:

Which members...

You didn't notice at first, but have now become one of your faves?
Can "at first" mean over ten years? When I recently watched all C-ute videos in a row I noticed how cute Nakky is. I've paid almost no attention to her in the past. But I also think it's too much to call her "one of my faves" now; it might just be a temporary boost in interest. H!P is so nuts right now.

You didn't like (or even hated) at first, but like a lot now?
This one's kind of tough for me because ever since I've experienced new H!P members, from Koharu to Viyuden to Kanna and the dozens of recent ones, I've tended to automatically at least neutrally like everyone because that's my general attitude towards H!P. Like, "you chose to audition for H!P, welcome to the family" kind of thing.

I guess there was a time when I didn't appreciate Maachan's "brattiness", but since she's really just someone who thinks differently (and doesn't do things a certain way because she's selfish, rude or spoiled) I've been able to let go of that and now find her pretty special. lol

Were your favourites at first (I mean the first time you saw them, the very first impression), but aren't even close to your top 10 or 15 anymore?
A whole bunch of Eggs/Trainees actually, which is super strange and a shame. I really liked Fukuchan as an Egg, for instance, and was happy for her when she debuted, but then my attentions went to completely new faces like Eripon and Riho and Fukuchan kind of faded in the back somewhere. S/mileage as 4 members was basically a best-of-Eggs compilation, but none of the members ever rose to be a super favourite to me at or after their debut (tho Ayacho has cracked the top 10-15 for sure), even if I'd been talking about Kanyon's cuteness forever and Ayacho's quirky character/personality. Now that Kobushi and Tsubaki Factory have some trainees that I've liked before, but haven't been super invested in, hopefully I can actually become a normal FAN for some of them. It's pretty BS that it seems I can only be interested in some people PRIOR to greater success - even if I still do like them, and there's always still a chance I will like them more again in the future. Kind of like I now like Fukuchan more as Momusu's leader (I'd have to re-do the ranker to find out if she's at top 15 now). I'm just a little annoyed at myself for this, but even idol love can't be forced...

Are there any members who only recently (e.g. during the last 2 months) grabbed your attention due to some new release, tv show, a concert etc.?
With all these newbies making appearances?! I DON'T EVEN WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.
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