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Japanese / Re: Sono Miyako 園都
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Japanese / Re: Shizuka Nakamura
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Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
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Japanese / Re: Ai Shinozaki
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Japanese / Re: Hana Sugisaki 杉咲花
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The CM series that made Hana san a very recognizable face in Japan

13篇 杉咲花 CM 味の素 Cook DO 2017-2013

Picking herself up after the tour ends were the hardest thing Mai had ever been through. For a while, she doesn’t feel like going out, her vision spins whenever she saw photographers and people crowding her, her brain couldn’t form any answer whenever someone asked her something.

Various people had come to visit her, only a few of them she let inside though. These people are basically her family, her best friend, and also Terada Ranze. The ex-girlfriend was somehow able to spend an entire day watching Netflix with her and Sayuri- whom the newly turned 20 years old started dating about 8 months after the end of their relationship. But none of them was able to drag her to face the world once more. Not when she is just merely a shell of what she was before.

Sayuri was the one who suggested that she should take a break.

Her father was actually the one who had helped the most, one day the famous producer came to her apartment, opened her laptop, and created a new blank document.

“I think you should try to write.”

At first, Mai had rolled her eyes, retorting that she is not a writer. But her father chuckled at the response.

“Everyone can write. Whether the other perceives it as good or not is another matter, that’s a perspective. That’s why it is a form of art.”

After basically been haunted by that words for several days, Mai finally decided to put an end to it and started writing. It was mostly influenced by everything she has experienced, everything she wanted to fix, and everything she could have done. By the time she is finished and show it to her father, the guy smiled and ruffled her hair.

“Now, I can teach you a thing or two about producing and directing.”

The thing about her father is when he is set to do something he would be really pushy and most of the times unbearable. But this case is a good one and exactly what Mai needed. Being behind the camera has offered her both a fresh start and also a new perspective. Which is a key to slowly push her back and remind her to take the enjoyment of what she is doing.

And after 3 years of struggle, she wrapped it all up. Soon enough, her project was getting picked up by distinguished film festivals all over the world, getting a nod of approval from critics and film executives.

The night where she got a nomination for best screenwriting was the first night for her to publicly out in the spotlight after years. It was strange as if she just realise how everything is different when you don’t really need to keep up with a lie. It’s easier.

And on that night, she was honoured with her second golden statue.

But when she stood on the stage, looking through the huge hall, slowly taking in the audience attention and gulping down her nervousness. Mai decided to not reach for the written notes on her pants pocket.

“You see, the first time I stood here, being honoured with this beautiful golden trophy, I was so surprised that I just read through the note that was prepared for me. It was really bad, as monotonous as 8 years old reading textbook out loud for the classroom,” Mai chuckled followed by a laugh of approval that seems to echo in the hall.

“I wrote The Art of Lying when I was at my lowest. At that time, I wasn’t able to imagine or even set any goal to have it become anywhere near where it is now.” Mai smiled a little. “The title is actually an interesting one and in fact, it was the first thing that our leading actress- the wonderful Hashimoto Nanami had asked me after she read the script. The answer to that is simple, lying is another kind of art. It has this element where it strives to achieve perfection yet it never does as people have different perception about it.”

Mai looks at the statue on her hand, chuckling softly with pride mixed with irony. She remembered the moment she had found out that she is among the nomination list, she had thought that maybe that’s what she’s been looking for- acknowledgement, people nodding at her in acceptance.

But somehow she still doesn’t feel complete.

“The thing is I consider myself a horrible liar. Well, I think some people will think that I just told a lie but actually that’s the truth. My main problem with a lie is not about how I’m bad at keeping people from figuring out, but rather I’m bad because the lie usually caught up with me, clouding my judgement, severing the bonds I have formed with the people that I care about.

When a lie hurts everyone you love when it is so disastrous that even yourself is getting hurt in the process, that’s when you should realise that it’s time to stop to strive for that perfection. And just like what happened in the film, I should have realised that much sooner, I really do.

So I want to say an apology towards everyone that I have lied to whether you realise or not. Also thank you to everyone who had helped to make this film happened, my wonderful father, all the cast and crew, my best friend. I wouldn’t be here now if not for you guys.”

Mai bowed for several seconds, smiling widely as she heard the applause that filled the area.

After that, she had to go through the same ordeal just like the first time. The press complicated questions, the many congratulations, Sayuri trying to lead her on what to do next because she still looks as lost as she was before.

But that day, in the room they had provided for her to freshen up behind the stage, someone she did not expect was also waiting.

“Ah- I think I should check whether they need you to do something else soon or not,” the manager made a lame excuse and fled from the room, leaving Mai alone with the girl.

“Hey,” Mai greeted awkwardly, averting her gaze seconds after the time their eyes met.

“Congrats.” The other one replied, eyes directed to the statue in her hand, “and the speech too. It was beautiful.”

“Really? I thought you weren’t even in the audience.” Her mouth seems to answer that in reflex. She cursed herself, realising that she had just gotten a chance to redo her response to the girl’s praise and she still messed it up pretty-badly. “I- I mean you’re supposed to be presenting soon so I figured you’d be here. I mean somewhere backstage instead.”

She hopes that explanation will suffice to avert the suspicion that she was looking for the other actress from the stage.

“Ah I saw you from behind the curtain,” she explained. “I’m glad to see you doing well.”

“You too.”

“I heard about what happened to you. Even Sayurin-san and Ranze-san had personally asked me to check up on you, but I did nothing. For that, I owe you an apology.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t know what I would do either if you actually came to visit me. I wasn’t really myself at all and I’m glad that at least I can live knowing that you didn’t see me at that state.” Mai muttered as she took a deep breath.

Seeing how awkward the situation is, the other started to think that maybe she is overstaying her welcome and make her way towards the door, “Okay I guess that’s all, I mean I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you.”

“Nanase, wait!”

Nishino Nanase turned to look at her once more, patiently waiting for what she is about to say.

“I want to apologise, back then I didn’t tell you the truth.” Mai sighed bracing herself before saying the next sentence. “I lied to you about not knowing that you’re about to call the relationship off and I tricked you into sleeping with me just because my own inability to sort out my feelings.”

“The situation was- difficult. I can understand.” Nishino gave her a little understanding smile, her foot strode a step away from her.

“Please, let me give you a very late explanation.” She catches Nanase’s hand and begged. “Back then I wasn’t ready to forgive myself for breaking another girls heart. I had this foolish thought that what we had between is a plain lust, I thought that after we slept together I’d see that my attraction to you was nothing more than a person wanting to go all the way for a one-night stand.

But turns out I was wrong.

My problem is that not only I was falling in love with you, but I had also thought that you’re less than you actually are. I found out that it was your first time and I was scared to take the step. It was frightening, realising that I have hurt someone who cares more about what we had than what I think.

I was too afraid to seek forgiveness and I wasn’t even ready to forgive myself for I’ve done. That’s why I say nothing even though I should have stopped you that day and let you know the truth.

And for that I’m sorry”

“It’s okay. It was partly my fault as well, I wasn’t exactly being clear with you about what I felt for you. Even now.” Nanase’s soft smile still doesn’t leave her lips. “You know what, back then I was falling in love with you, and the possibility that you felt the same clouded my judgement. When you did what you did, I was heartbroken, I stopped myself from helping you out of your struggle- thinking that maybe that’s what I need to move on, yet somehow it doesn’t stop me from loving you.”

Mai expression looks sad, “It’s hard for me to believe that you actually feel that way- especially now.”

“But that what makes me love you even more. Because you’re such a good person you failed to see that beneath this façade there is a gentle person who can care more about others that it comes off as selfless.” Nanase sighed, the gentle smile still lingers. “The person who dares to risk her relationship to help her family, this person also tried to ease me from the stage fright, nor she back down from her promises just because her heart was broken.”

Deep inside her heart, Mai knows that now it the time for her to come clean too, especially after the confession. Her gaze moved down below, where her hand still holding the other girl’s. Softly, she let her go, taking a step back before bowing towards her.

“Nanase, I also still do- love you.”

She couldn’t hear anything coming from the other girl, so she decided to continue.

“I know that what I did to you was beyond terrible but I hope you will give me chance to make it up to you. This time, there won’t be no lie, no act, just me as a person who loves you.” Mai stands straight once more to meet her gaze. “What do you say?”

Nanase intertwines their fingers together, leaning forward to land a kiss on Mai’s cheek, “yes.”

At that moment, Shiraishi Mai found it funny how a person would realise how much a lie affect their life even after it ends. If only she hadn't lie- if only she let Nanase know the truth before they had gone all the way, she would have found the missing piece of her life sooner.

But that lie, is also what shapes her to be the person she is now. A person who can live to tell the story of what kind of disaster a person life could be once they started to get tangled in their own web of lies.

At the end of a tunnel, there is a light.

And for Shiraishi Mai, Nishino Nanase is her light.

~ Fin ~

I hope you guys enjoy this short story as much as I do writing it. Please let me know what you think.  :deco:
I'd probably re-read it again later and see if there's something I need to fix hahahaha

Reading this story is so exciting. The subtle details in your writing are so great... The various things going on, Maiyan taking Naachan's first time, falling apart, wow. Only one more to go, huh? I wonder how it'll end.
I really hope this ending satisfies you. I know that I kind of skipped the whole struggle after everything falling apart stuff, but I was thinking that would be straying from the main theme of the story (not to mention making it longer and I am struggling to finish this on time lol)
The Official J-Music Artist Threads / Re: (Group) Little Glee Monster
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More coverage of Little Glee Monster at the Japan Premier of
the ABBA film “Mama MIA”

リトグリ ダンシング・クイーン熱唱 「マンマ・ミーア!」ジャパンプレミア
Japanese / Re: Ririka Tanabe / 田鍋梨々花
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Momoko Tanabe & Rikako Sasaki & Ririka Tanabe

Momoko Tanabe & Miki Shimomura & Ririka Tanabe

The AKBar48 / Re: (Group) The BNK48 Thread
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Jennis Oprasert fan tribute!

Jennis (BNK48) - Glory Days
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