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Author Topic: (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona) CH 1/2  (Read 216 times)

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恋の予感 (Premonition of Love)
Since it’s the holidays for me now, why not write a fic?  XD
Apologies in advance for any spelling or grammar errors.
Anyways, hope you enjoy the fic.
P.S Look out for the special cameo  :lol:

“She just won't get it Asuka! No matter what I do, she's still so oblivious! But look at her being so lovey dovey with other people, she’s never like that to me.” Hoshino Minami complained to fellow member Saito Asuka. Asuka just nodded her head, seemingly in her own world instead of listening to what Minami had to say. Minami pouted when she saw that Asuka wasn't listening to what she said and started whining, “Asuka~! Listen to what I have to say~!”.
“What do you want me to do about it then?” Asuka asked Minami. “You're W-Center with her for this new single right? Can't you do something about it? I just want to know whether she likes me or not.” Minami said. Asuka sighed, feeling sorry for poor Minami, agreed and decided to help out Minami.

Who was this girl in question? The one that Hoshino Minami of idol group Nogizaka46 has fallen in love with? Of course, it's the one and only, Hori Miona. Often dubbed as “MinaMiona” by their fans, despite not having as much interactions as they used to, they are still pretty close to each other in real life.
However, no matter how much Minami tries to give “signs” to her, Miona still remains oblivious to Minami's feelings. That's where Saito Asuka, the last member of this trio comes in.

Asuka has a hobby of liking to watch people suffer, however, she was tired of this never-ending drama between her two good friends and so, she devised a plan to help Minami out. The plan was to be carried out during their promotional campaign for their 21st single, titled “恋の予感” or “Premonition of Love”. The song's lyrics talks about gaining the courage to confess and so for their 21st single campaign, they will head to a haunted house to gain courage for this single. The members selected for this campaign were the two centers, Asuka and Miona, alongside some unfortunate members which consisted of Hoshino Minami, Nishino Nanase,Shiraishi Mai,Yoda Yuki and Ozono Momoko.

With that said, all these members, including Minami herself were unaware that Asuka had actually collaborated with the staffs and planned something out. She even invited a very special guest that the staffs were unaware of. With just one day left to the recording of the campaign, Asuka can only hope that her plan goes well and whether her special guest would even show up, since her special guest has been so traumatised by Nogibingo the last time she appeared.

Today was the day of the campaign and the members were gathered outside the haunted house. “Nogizaka46, New Single Campaign! Haunted House Challenge!” the MC of the show, Shitara-san from Bananaman shouted when the cameras started rolling. His fellow partner, Himura-san was nowhere to be seen though. “Today, Himura-san is unable to attend because of his personal schedule, so you'll be stuck with me for today.” Shitara-san said. He then proceeded to explain the process of the campaign, they'll be going in as 2 different groups and the groupings were Asuka,Miona and Minami in one group, while the rest of them will be together in one group. This time however, there will be no camera-man following them around, instead cameras installed inside the haunted house will be filming them.After a round of rock-paper-scissor, it was decided that the other group will be going first, followed by the Asuka, Miona and Minami group.

As the first group departed into the haunted house, with Yoda and Ozono already crying and clinging onto their senpais, the other group had free time to explore the area. “Miona~! Minami wants to eat that!” Minami said while pointing to the food cart. “Do you want me to buy it for you then?” Miona asked while walking to the food cart and dragging Minami with her. Asuka smiled while looking at the two of them, “Miona might not be as oblivious as you think, Minami,she just needs to gain courage.” Asuka thought.

“And my plan will certainly make that happen.” she smirked, excited for what was to come.

Some time later, the group that consisted of Maiyan,Naachan,Yuki and Momoko finally came out. As expected, the two 3rd gens were crying hysterically while clinging onto the other two. “It was super scary~! Why do we have to go through something like this~! I don't think I've gained any courage from this~!” Momoko and Yuki both complained. While the two senpais were busy consoling the two of them, it was Asuka,Miona and Minami's turn to go into haunted house.. As they were walking in, Asuka winked to the camera, which was a signal that the plan was going to start.

Even though Miona is a huge fan of horror movies, even forming a horror club in Nogizaka after all the clubs in Nogizaka disbanded after Ikoma's graduation, she's actually really scared of haunted houses and Asuka decided to use this against her, which was why the campaign was held in the Haunted House in the first place. After they entered the haunted house,Miona and Minami were clinging onto each other the entire time, while Asuka somehow became the de-facto leader of the group. The haunted house started off with the usual things, like ghosts coming out of nowhere to scare them, and it was still going fine until suddenly, the MinaMiona pair noticed that Asuka was nowhere to be seen. “Minami, where did Asuka-chan go?” Miona asked, but Minami herself was clueless about Asuka's whereabouts. They looked around the area but they still couldn't find Asuka, in the end, they had no choice but to go ahead without her. Little did they know, it was all part of Asuka's plan.

While the other two were distracted, Asuka seized the chance and snuck away to the control room where Shitara-san and the other members were waiting for her. The highlight of the plan was finally going to start now and failure was definitely not an option for Saito Asuka, for she did not want her friends to be heartbroken because of her.

Miona and Minami continued walking ahead but they couldn’t help but still be worried about Asuka. “Miona, do you think Asuka-chan will be fine?” Minami asked. “I’m sure she’ll be fine, we’re talking about Saito Asuka, the negative idol, I think the ghosts will end up being scared of her instead. Let’s focus on getting out of this place first, Minami.” Miona replied and she grabbed Minami’s hands and quickened the pace. Minami couldn’t help but blush at the contact but she could not help feeling pessimistic, “She probably is just doing it because she wants to quickly get out of here…”.

What she failed to notice however, because of the darkness, was that Miona was actually blushing the entire time as well.

Their cute moment was short-lived when a bunch of zombies popped out of nowhere and grabbed Minami away from Miona. One of the zombies who was holding Minami covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming. “Wh-what’s going on? Where are you taking Minami?” Miona said, extremely confused by what was happening. “We have a mission for you. Failure to complete the mission will result in a bad surprise for this poor girl here.” The zombie said to Miona. Before Miona could even reply, the zombie continued “We are not joking. Choose wisely, for this may be the last time you’ll see her.” Miona stared at them in shock. “You’re kidding right? This is just for the show right?” she said while looking around, trying to find the cameras. “Like we said, Hori-san, if you fail this mission, you can say goodbye to Hoshino-san here.”

Minami was in full-panic mode now, trying to get away from the zombie’s grasp but another fat zombie, who looked extremely familiar to someone Miona knew, helped the first zombie and restrained Minami. “Crap...what should I do?” Miona thought to herself. She thought it was just part of the haunted house but the situation right now seems too realistic for her liking.

Seeing Minami like this broke her heart and so Miona was determined to complete the mission and get it over with. “Are you ready for the mission?” The zombie said. Miona nodded her head. “Your mission is to say the 3 correct words to Minami.” The zombie told Miona. Miona was bewildered by the mission, “3 correct words? What is this person talking about?” she thought.
“I don’t understand this mission that you are talking about.” Miona said to the person. “Wrong answer, Hori-san, you have 2 more chances before this mission is considered a failure.” was the reply she got. “So even if I talk it’ll be counted as a chance? I don’t even know what all this is about…” Miona said, extremely frustrated. “Now now, Hori-san, you know exactly what we’re talking about, you’re just a coward and you don’t want to say it. Last chance, Hori Miona.”
“What should I do? What should I do?” Miona was at a lost.

Feeling helpless, she stared at Minami, hoping that Minami can help her. Minami’s eyes were brimming with tears that were threatening to fall any moment. “Hori-san, we don’t have all day to hear your answer, so you better hurry up.”  The zombie said, seemingly fed up with all the waiting. “I...I don’t know what to say. I’m really sorry Minami. You’re my best friend and I really cherish our friendship. I just want to say that I actually have a crush on you since I first met you. I really like you, well you can even say that I love you. Though I guess it’s all too late now.” Miona rambled, thinking that it was the last time she’ll ever see Minami.

To her surprise, the zombie released Minami and she immediately ran to Miona, engulfing the latter in a hug and Minami said “Miona, I actually wanted to say something to you too. I actually also have a crush on you. I love you too.” before burying her face into Miona’s chest, feeling embarrassed by her confession. “Really? You’re not joking right?” Miona asked. Minami shook her head and said, “Actually, a few days ago I asked Asuka-chan for help because I kinda got jealous after seeing your photo with Jurina-san. Speaking of Asuka, I wonder where is she?”

Just when she said that, Asuka showed up, along with the rest of the members and crew. “Did the two of you like my little surprise?” Asuka said to both of them. “Asuka-chan? Was this all part of your plan?” Minami asked. “Yup, this entire campaign was planned by me, together with the staff of the show.” Asuka said, seemingly sounding proud about it. “Hold up, why are we even involved then?” Maiyan complained with the other girls agreeing with her. “Well, I needed to have other members so that it won’t look suspicious. You guys were just unfortunate to be the ones chosen.” Asuka replied. Miona spotted the zombies still standing at the same spot and pointed to them, while asking who were they. “Those zombies? They’re made up of various members of the staff, though the two main zombies who were holding Minami are quite special people. The fat one is actually Himura-san.” Asuka said, while gasps could be heard from the girls. “No wonder he looked so familiar!” Miona exclaimed while Minami nodded her head in agreement.

“This next zombie is actually someone really famous and well-known to the public. It was quite a feat for me to persuade this person to join us since she’s not really a fan of appearing on camera and the last time she appeared on a Nogizaka show, it did not go really well so she has a bit of trauma with Nogizaka shows.” Asuka said. “I heard that you did not inform the staff beforehand about the appearance of this special guest. Is that true?” Shitara-san asked Asuka which piqued the others’ curiosity about this special guest. “Yes it is indeed true, so without further ado, let’s introduce this special guest. Known as the Mysterious Masked Girl, or MMG for short, this girl who is a photographer for the 48 group, has taken the idol world by storm with her unexpected arrival two years ago. Let’s welcome our special guest, Hoshino Maru!” Asuka said, while presenting her special guest. Maru gave a quick bow to the cameras before moving to stand beside Asuka.

"So Maru-san, what was your reaction when Asuka-san invited you to our show? I’m sure you felt honoured to have such an opportunity to appear on our show.” Shitara-san said. “Um…not really. I really have no idea why Asuka-chan invited me to this show to be honest. The only reason why I appeared on this show was because she said the lives of two people would be at risk if I didn’t appear. Don’t know if I should I had believed her though.” Maru said. “Because you’re the main zombie! If you weren’t here then the MinaMiona couple wouldn’t have come true!” Asuka responded to Maru. “That’s true, I guess I really gained courage from this campaign single and I guess I’ll be walking out of this haunted house with a girlfriend?” Miona chuckled while Minami who was back hugging Miona said “You are going out of this haunted house with a girlfriend, that’s a fact Miona.” The other girls were cooing at how cute this new couple was, “If only Paruru was this nice to me…” Maru couldn’t help but feel slightly jealous looking at the new couple, her thoughts drifting back to the salty girl who was probably waiting for her back home.

“Also, if any fans of Maru-san were disappointed by her lack of screentime, fret not, Maru-san will also be appearing on the next episode of the show where she will be formally introduced to the other Nogizaka members. Do look forward to that in the next episode!” Shitara-san gave the closing comment and the show ended. Immediately, Maru was surrounded by the other girls with Maiyan and Naachan bombarding her with questions, “’s been quite a while since we saw each other right?” Maru asked the duo who nodded their heads in agreement. “I never expected to be meeting you again while you are covered in zombie makeup and playing matchmaker. Your hair is also no longer gray too!” Naachan said. “I mean, look at the two of them, I have never seen the both of them look so happy before.” Maiyan said while gesturing to the new couple who were talking to Asuka.

“Asuka~ I can’t believe you actually thought of a plan to help me out and that it actually worked! How can I ever thank you Asuka?” Minami was super grateful to Asuka. “The plan was actually very Asuka-like, you know, with all the zombies and horror. Even though it was super terrifying for both of us, I’m super thankful for your plan because it actually worked, surprisingly.” Miona said. “Well, I was just super fed up with the both of you since you guys are so oblivious. Congratulations to the both of you though.” Asuka explained. “I wonder how the next episode with Maru-san will go, Miona and I did not get the chance to meet her in the previous Nogibingo so we are curious to see MMG in action.” Minami wondered. Asuka smirked, “I’m sure it will be a very interesting episode…”

If only Maru knew what was going to happen in the next episode, maybe she would have thought twice about agreeing to appear on the show.

If there is a TBC at the end, i guess it means that there is more to come  :)
The last part of the fic already vaguely gave away what the next part will be about so you can probably imagine how tough it will be for Maru right?
The next part will be written by someone special, I guess you can call it a collab of some sorts?
So do look forward to that!

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Re: (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona)
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Waiting for the next chapter Author-san :)

P.S MarcoAshu scene please, Author-san hehehehehe

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Re: (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona)
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Waiting for the next chapter Author-san :)

P.S MarcoAshu scene please, Author-san hehehehehe

im not writing the next chapter so i can't help you with that but I'm sure that the person writing the next chapter will take note of your request haha
thanks for reading the fic  :)

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Re: (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona)
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i know this is weird but a 'cunning, master plan' thing somehow fits asuka really well, even it's easy for me to imagine that the real asuka is probably like that hehe

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Re: (N46) 恋の予感 (Premonition of Love) (MinaMiona) CH 1/2
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Maruuuuu >o<
Uza... Uza... Uza... EKISAITINGU!!!
 :on asmo:

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