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Author Topic: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010  (Read 16859 times)

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shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« on: May 28, 2010, 09:26:37 AM »
It's long!

DAY 1, SUNDAY (no h&A stuff here)

This trip was actually fucking exhausting, but more about that later I guess. It didn't help that on Sunday, I woke up at 5am to catch my train, and didn't get any sleep on the train. Awesome! Some seven hours later I was in Helsinki. The first person I met was NAzu, and we waited for Masa together. Some dude caught us standing silently (haha FINLAND MOTHERFUCKERS YAHE) and forced us to take one of his philosophy books, then made NAzu give him 3 euros. Haha. We'd barely been an hour in Helsinki and already got pwned. I guess we looked too much like tourists haha.

Then Masa and Stryfe arrived, and Space for Trees (on the forum U.S.S. John E. Badass; I'll just call him Space cuz it's easiest) joined us. I love it how *I* had everyone's number and was the person whom everyone called, when I absolutely suck at giving directional advice and talking on the phone haha. Then when I told Space to come to one place, the guys decided to go look for a place to chill out/have a snack, and I was like "noooo where are you going I just told Space to come here WHAT ARE YOU DOING" and they were just wandering off. But we did all manage to get together in the end! PHEW.

A milkshake later I think we already went to get daigong from the central train station. We were at first waiting on the wrong side of the building, obviously, LOL. And then.. BAM IT'S DAIGONG OMG. Dude is bigger than life. JPHiP!!!!! Fricking slamhugged everybody. Then we could finally head for our hotel to leave our stuff in, and go out for kebab. FOOD!

AH! At the kebab place we also met the lovely Japanese fan Mae-chan for the first time :D There were still lots of Finnish silences at this point, but I'm sure the guys fixed that later with alcohol LOL. So yeah... After kebab everyone went back to the hotel in daigong's room, dudes were drinking and watching motherfucking hockey and I was bored to death ROFL. SORRY!!!

Finally after 9pm it was time to go pick up twissie <3 Of course, again we were waiting for her on the WRONG SIDE OF THE BUILDING. And some fucking drunk Justin Timberlake fan joined the guys so I just stayed the fuck away haha. But twissie did finally locate us and I was so happy to see her that I hugged her twice. I was just apologizing to her for the guys being drunk and obnoxious. XDDD Actually the others weren't so bad, but fucking Masa and NAzu were SO LOUD LOL WTF and Masa kept repeating the NO HOMO stuff to the point where I felt like smacking him. XD I STILL WUB YA BOSS JUST NOT WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK!!!!

The guys apparently continued drinking till 4am, whereas twissie and the tired me just had some tea and Finnish tv and nice relaxation before going to bed at... midnight? I was still awake at 1am, but whatevs. Haha. I'm so glad that twissie was there, because had I been alone I probably would've felt so disconnected to the whole thing after all the drinking on first day LOL.

DAY 2, MONDAY! AKA, BEST DAY EVER (this has all the h&A stuff)

Me and twissie got up around 8am as the super girls that we are, had nice breakfast at Kamppi and then started working on the banner that we would use for greeting the girls at the airport. Thanks to twissie for bringing a marker, daigong for bringing pink glitter paint and brushes, Masa for bringing scissors and me from bringing the old bed sheet XD TEAM EFFORT WHAT THE HECK! Making the banner was fun and at the same time there was a British show with naked women on TV, so what's better than that? lol.

Soon enough it was time to head for the airport. At first we were about to wait in the wrong place, but luckily the guys asked the info where to go and found the right place with lots of spare time left. Kio_ joined us there WHAT'S UP GIRL! As did our new member fairytale XD Sorry I didn't officially greet you, I think I was too excited to see h&A...

When the girls first appeared tho, WHAT A FLOP HAHA! Well, we got pics and video so it's nice, but it's funny how we had waited for them for so long and were really expecting them, but when they finally popped up we seemed so surprised or taken aback XD Slowest reactions ever!! Had no idea what to do! I was like... Is that Rika?? And kind of waved a little, saw that Yossi was wearing her hair on a ponytail and thought "ah it's Yossi and she looks good"... and in half a second they were already walking away, I think I shouted "hangry angry!!" or something. Also, as they were walking away Masa said something like "That was it? It's already over?" and I said "there's still time to take bum shots!" and as I said that I just kept staring at Rika's bum haha, and for a while the only thing I could remember from the airport was indeed that Rika was wearing grey pants. LOL! What can I say, it's a sweet ass.

Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa (Hangry & Angry) Arrive in Finland

We then proceeded outside, saw the car that they were getting on and decided to walk to some place where they might be exiting with the car. And in just a moment they indeed started driving away, we showed them our banner again and waved like crazy. Twissie says she saw someone wave back, but I have no idea, I just waved. XD It was over so fast and so random and weird, but FUN too! I liked that I saw one of their staff smile and look surprised when she noticed our banner. Yeah, there was Rika and Yossi and for some reason I was looking at some staff member, what the fuck shirenu!

After that we split into girls and guys: I guess the guys went to rest at the hotel or something because they had a HANGOVER... And us girls went to eat. Kio_ took us to this store that sells Japanese goods, so we bought some Pocky haha weeaboos. I got double chocolate and almond crush, yummy! Then just back to the hotel to get ready for the concert.

While waiting for the concert I was fricking FREEZING, but it was so amazing to see everyone! Trad joined us in the line, as did Fushigidane, Kimuuu, Fuyumi and her friend Laura, and I'm sorry if I'm forgetting someone haha. It was weird as hell to have a couple of people come to me like "shirenu? Hi it's ____" I ALMOST FELT FAMOUS. XD I was getting people to sign our Moomin card to hANGRY&ANGRY and daigong & twissie were handing out and pimping glow-in-the-dark bracelets/necklace things and glow sticks, cuz that's how pro we are haha. It was nice to see the line get long. I think it was a decent crowd, tho I have no 'official' numbers :3

Once we got inside it was time to talk to Yaz so that I could ask a question from h&A, as planned. She was very nice :D I like that the wrist thing I got was Angry's colour, too. Then had to get inside the concert room and locate my crew yo. Not many people were in yet, so I was in 2nd row right behind this giant girl - which wasn't that bad for most of the concert because she moved, but during the last song or last two songs she was RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME arrrrgh lol. OH WELL. I was able to see one of the girls most of the time so I guess it was ok XD

Everyone's already said that they showed H!P stuff before the concert so.. I'll just say it again haha. Kimuuu, Mae and Fushigi were discussing the girls/vids to my left XD And twissie was watching the videos like "what da foook" because most of it was new to her, haha. I had a really great place during the concert really, because to my right I could see twissie joyspazzing and to my left Mae!! Behind me I could hear Fushigi shouting, which totally got me in the mood to get concert crazy as well, and of course all the guys yelling behind us. It was like a bubble of love and excitement!

OK and then Rika and Yossi got on stage. O.M.G.

I have to say that these two are the Most Beautiful People I've ever witnessed with my own eyes. They were like Goddesses on stage! And so close to us! Ahh... No high quality video makes up for it. They were beautiful, gorgeous, perfect, flawless! GODDESSES

Most importantly, I don't think a single person left that concert feeling like they hadn't connected with either of the girls. Both of them looked at EVERYONE in the eye in the audience, even me hidden behind a giant girl haha. It was so amazing!! I hope I'll never forget the moment when I first realized that Rika was looking at ME. I just tried to smile to my best ability to give them both as much love as possible, wave my stick and arms and whatever was appropriate! Jump up and down! It felt like it was all over so fast, but the entire thing was very intense.

I have to give props to all of the audience, I wasn't looking around much but I'm pretty sure everyone was really into it, singing/shouting the lyrics etc. What a blast!! The aim was to make their Finland gig a great experience for them and I think we did a good job. Let's hope it made them want to come back another time!!!

I don't really have separate comments on each song, but one image I have imprinted into my memory is Rika doing the crazy hair mashing move during The Peace. It just looked so smoky and cool and beautiful and amazing. For some reason it seems to play in my head in slow motion though, haha. And I had the most random thoughts, like looking at Rika's arm and going like "omg, that's Ishikawa Rika's arm. Real arm. OMG!" I realized at one point that I was kind of on the wrong side of the stage as I was on 'Yossi's side', but they switched it around in every song for a bit so it was all cool. :D And I didn't fricking mind looking at Yossi either. They were seriously both so amazing!!! <333

Yossi did this one great bit where she was singing to some girl to my left (not sure which one). She locked her eyes on the fan, reached out her arm, smiled and sang, that was fricking gorgeous. Whoever that was, LUCKY BITCH!! Haha EMBRACE IT FOREVER.

After the concert it was time for me, Masa, Kio_, Kimuuu and a few others to get ready to ask some questions. I didn't realize that +u+u was +u+u so I'm sorry I didn't say hi D: LOL!

Before the concert I was super nervous about asking my question, and daigong just told me to think of Rika and Yossi as old friends that I'm talking to. "You've known them for so many years", etc. And I couldn't really understand his advice then... But when it was time to ask the questions, the concert had already taken place, I had had eye contact with the girls, we had connected through music... So actually when it was time to ask my question, I wasn't nervous about it! I kind of did understand what daigong had told me before the concert!

Another thing was that during the concert people were yelling Yossi and Rika-chan's name, and I knew Rika would never be able to hear my voice because I'm such a mouse. So then sort of out of the blue I decided to do the Charmy Ishikawa signature move "happy~!" before asking my question! AND BOY AM I GLAD I DID! Rika returned it and I GOT MY VERY OWN HAPPY!!! She looked at me and smiled and was THE CUTEST AND MOST BEAUTIFUL SIGHT EVER oh my god I have been blessed by the goddess of pink, joy, happy and hotness. I think I curtsied a little and put my hands together when she did that because SHE WAS SO CUTE!!! ACKKKKKKK I'm sorry but her smile, HER SMILE, HER SMILE HER BEAUTIFUL SMILE. And her voice D: Oh god, her voice!!!! CRAP!!!! I'm never gonna get over this... AHHHHH

...So yes, that happy made me very happy!!! FOR GOOD!!! Every time I remember it, I still can't believe it really happened, and I get this ridiculous smile on my face. Seriously that made my 10 years of interest in Japanese culture and 6 years of H!P fandom all worth it by times billion like what! WUT DUT DOOD DUUD.


SO I did actually also ask a question. XD *shocking* I got the word order a bit wrong, but basically my question was "Hangry & Angry have a special version of The Peace. What other classic song do you think would make an interesting special version for Hangry & Angry?" And Rika with her cute voice was like "Momusu...?" and I just went like "any" but they answered MM songs anyway, which was fine because another question resulted in other performers yahe. Anyway, Yossi said Shabondama (fuck yeah!) and Rika started doing the Sexy Boy dance, SO CUTE!!! Haha.

Don't want to get into other people's questions too much, but I liked the one about covers or sth that resulted in Rika going like "Lady Gaga" and doing "po po po pokerface" hahah SHE IS SO CUTE. Oh god. I'm sorry, she's just ridiculously adorable. Also FUCK YEAH RIKA MENTIONING LADY GAGA!!

She also mentioned Moomins, during the 1st question or something? And I was like holy fuck girl I'm holding a Moomin card for you right now!! But I was about to ask my question.. or was it after that? Anyway it was no time to give the card so I had to postpone it.

Oh oh... I actually did feel a bit bad about doing Happy because I felt like I was snubbing Yossi a bit :/ But I hope my smiles during the concert let her know that I admire her as well, haha. Sometimes you just have to give up something to be able to get something great, so I had to give up focus on Yossi to be able to get something great from Rika... kyaha.

ANYWAY then there was lottery, Rika was a bit upset at this guy whose number got called out but he hadn't dug out his lottery ticket, and she let out the cutest disappointed sound ever (I'M SORRY SHE IS SO CUTE). And ah, ah ah. After the concert daigong reached out to give them our Moomin card and the reindeer horn necklaces, and I think it was Yaz who took them so I'm pretty sure they got to see them, yay!! I hope they went like MOOMINS :D

I wasn't planning on buying merchandise at first, but I ended up buying 2 Rika photo cards and a wristband. EPIC! T-shirts were sold out except for one XL, and the fans were all sold out as well. Pretty cool! I hope they consider it a "demand for more" haha. The T-shirts are awesome btw, I think Masa got one and it's so cool.

After the concert was after party, but before that we were like "ohay guyse, that is totally their car, they're going to come out the same way so let's wait for them". There's a vid of that, maybe y'all have seen it already. It was nice to see them one more time and to say thank you ^__^ Yossi was very cute waving to us!! Ah I love her hair on ponytail.

Rika Ishikawa and Hitomi Yoshizawa (Hangry & Angry) leave Tavista in Finland

AFTER PARTY! Daigong, Masa, NAzu, Space, Kimuuu, Fushigi, twissie, me, and a bunch of Epic Japanese Fans went to a Chinese restaurant nearby. So much fun!!! Everyone was so friendly and fun, we had an introduction round and all kinds of lovely things. HENTAI
I really want to see one or all of the many group pictures that were taken that night!

I felt very lucky and honoured to be able to meet some of the biggest Japanese Rika/Ishiyoshi/Yossi/H!P fans who would travel all the way to Europe to watch them! Just one of the many things I wouldn't have been able to do if it wasn't for daigong and Masa. I think I got a bit shy again though XD

After the restaurant some of us went to chill for a bit in daigong's room, I abused daigong's account, we chatted about the concert, just nice and relaxed hanging until it was bed time.


OK on this day I was physically knackered and emotionally spent. I don't even know why, maybe I didn't sleep well or something. One of the first things we did was to take Mae to the Finnair bus, and already at that point I almost cried haha. So I knew it would be a tough day!

SO I just want to say this, if at any point anyone felt I snubbed them or was bitchy or too quiet or didn't answer their question or anything like that, I'm sorry! I was just so tired and overwhelmed by everything, I wasn't able to function 100% all the time. But just know that I really loved meeting all of you and I want to meet all of you again one day. Hopefully there will be an opportunity for that soon enough XD

On day 3 we went to Linnanmäki, the amusement park, and after that to some stores and some burgers, and filmed some things. Then people started leaving and I became increasingly depressed and omg, it was quite horrendous for a while haha. I was able to relax more back at the hotel where me, twiss, daigong and Space watched Eurovision semifinals among other things, LOL.

And then on Day 4 I left on an early train, it's getting late so blah blah blah haha

Sorry if some of this repeats something that someone else has said, I haven't had time to read everything lol

DAIGONG!!! You're just the awesomest guy ever. We were so pimp'd at the concert and everywhere we went, it was great. The shirts, the glowing things, and most of all the ATTITUDE. And you were always looking out for me, asking how I was doing haha. Sorry I sucked at the camera stuff so much, I can't get rid of shyness so fast, and did I mention I was tired??? XD LOL But seriously you're amazing, MUCH LOVE!

MASA LOL I guess we didn't talk that much (well as much as I had expected XD), I blame your bromances, but you're still awesome and it was great to finally meet you! Sorry I didn't say any goodbye stuff but I was seriously about to burst into tears. Which I did later, but whatever. >_> At least there was one less pair of eyes to witness it haha. SO EMBARRASING

TWISSIE I love yooouuu and I loved to share all of this experience with yooouuu!!! It was about time we met and XD I felt like I could be myself around you and not feel like a complete doof, even if I was a doof at times, haha. UNTIL NEXT TIME!!!

KIMUUU you were so chillax and instantly easy to talk to, there should be a Kimuuu at every meeting. Haha. It was so great to meet you!! Hope I can hear more fun h&A stories ^o^

SPACE I was pleasantly surprised how you showed up to every meeting, really made an effort to be there for everyone and everything! And even if you hate music (LOL) you came to the concert. Just mad props!

STRYFE it was good to see you again and I'm glad you weren't as trashed as some of the others when we went to pick up twissie LOL. Well at least it seemed that way. Wut? Dut.

NAzu - you weren't a Debbie Downer in real life at all XD You were actually quite positive and all the good stuff. I was really impressed by your contribution to the experience and the bromances LOL

KIO_ :D Really nice to meet you! I'm shy too so I know it can be difficult to come hang out with a bunch of weirdoes, but I'm very glad you did!! Thanks for showing us to some places and ah your hair accessories were so cute ^o^

FUSHIGI you crazy gal!! You said you are awesome and I totally agree with that. You're so much fun to hang out with, so random. YEAH!! BRRRRRLLLLLLLLLLLLLL <-- that thing you do

FUYUMI lol you're so cute ^_^ We didn't get to talk that much but it was very nice to meet you after all this time! I hope you had a great time at the concert!!

+u+u dangit I saw this blonde girl in the question asking line but I didn't realize it was you so I didn't come say hi XD OH POOP!!! Next time okay?! Oh yeah and your question was good! Any question that leads to potentially hilarious answers is great. LOL

MAE-CHAN You would call Rika and others "so cute" but you're also SUPER CUTE yourself!! So cheerful and always smiling, you bring great energy. I'm glad I got to meet you :D

HOLY SHIT I have to stop writing this thing. IF I FORGOT SOMEONE, FUCK ME, I LOVE U, LET'S BE FRIENDS!!! JPHiP!!!!
Gotta sleep now...
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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #1 on: May 28, 2010, 02:55:38 PM »
FINALLY I get to see what the "daigong vs kebab"-event was all about xD; Aaaaah. Disgustingly delicious 8Db GJ.

 :heart: :heart: :heart:

Shirenu, thank you for being an awesome room-mate (XD!), for making Rika do ハッピー, and for writing this awesome report so that we all can re-live it again and again :D WE'LL MEET AGAIN!

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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #2 on: May 29, 2010, 05:24:25 AM »
Awesome report shi!  I got all excited in that kebab video when the camera went to you, going "YES I GET TO HEAR SHIRENU SPEAK!" and then you say nothing.  Epic!   I can feel the energy in your report, and it makes me miss A-X.  *THIS* is what its all about, getting together to show our love, and to share it, and fucking PARTY.   I can't wait to do something like this again~

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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #3 on: May 29, 2010, 10:00:37 AM »

Thanks for the report! Glad you found your way around Finland. lol

And Daigong that crazy ass. XD

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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #4 on: June 08, 2010, 07:27:10 AM »
i want to try a real kebab now

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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #5 on: June 25, 2010, 07:06:31 PM »
Awesome report, Shi... thanks for writing it up, had lots of fun reading!!!!

Especially love all your little Rika fangirl moments  XD Charmy is one fine human being, isn't she?  :wub: You are sooooooo lucky to have exchanged 'happy's with her.. far, that's one life achievement right there!

Before this trip, how big of a Rika fan were you though? If you were a really big one, I just didn't have an idea, coz hadn't seen you around chuuch  :P

Anyways, thanks again. Awesome awesome  :jphip: :heart: :otomerika: :yossi:

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Re: shi's Report on hANGRY&ANGRY in Helsinki 2010
« Reply #6 on: September 06, 2010, 06:39:27 PM »

ก็เพราะฉันหลงทางหลงอยู่กลางใจของเธอ อยู่ไหนก็ใกล้เธอเพราะว่าใจเธอกว้างใหญ่

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