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Author Topic: [One shot+ My own fiction story]How to ask a girl out  (Read 5435 times)

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[One shot+ My own fiction story]How to ask a girl out
« on: October 05, 2010, 02:40:30 AM »
Hi, My name is Jimmy. I marry to my wife. Her name is Clara. She has long hair. Her hair is black. She is same as height with me and she is is have a warm heart. To me she is really pretty. The time when I was still secretly admiring her. I was really nervous. But after I talked to her. I just felt that she was pure. So I started to like her. Now the story begin.

One day. i was walking around in the school. When it was lunch. I was walking with some of my friends. Suddenly some girl walked by and started talking to us. But I was not really good friend with the girl. But while they talked and I became in love with clara. We were in diffence grade. But I knew she was in my graphic class. But I didn't notice her that time yet. After that time. i found out that I liked her. my face was red. one of my friend named Alex asked me.

Alex asked: Why is your face is red?

I Said: Nothing

My other friend named Tom said: You liked one of the girl.

I Said: Shut up. i am not

*my face turn really red*

Alex said: Don't lie. Just tell me who?

I Said: Umm... Clara

Tom said: I will help you

I Said: No

Tom said: Don't be shy

*They pushed me to the girl*

But after they pushed me to the girl. It was the warning bell. I guess I was saved by the bell. After school. I walked to the bus stop, I Saw Clara and i say "hi" to her. We didn't talkfor a while. The bus came. We got on to the bus. We sit beside each other. I decided to talk to her. I said "How are you". She replied back with "Fine". Then, we started to talk to each other. After an hour. It was my stop. We got off the bus and found out that we lived in the same street. We walked and talked. 1 minute later I got back to my house. I found out another thing about Clara. She lived 3 door down from my house. From that day on. We started to wait for each other at the bus stop.

One day. I asked her will she will be my girlfriend and she said "Yes" to me. we started holding hands and revealed to other that we were dating now. After a few years. We got married. But I sill laugh when I think of that time.

Story by: Hade

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Re: [One shot+ My own fiction story]How to ask a girl out
« Reply #1 on: March 02, 2023, 08:32:29 AM »
The bit where Solji convinced herself that bed sharing was acceptable was hilarious.
This argument sounds crazy

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Re: [One shot+ My own fiction story]How to ask a girl out
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2023, 11:18:33 AM »
It was amusing when Solji convinced herself that sharing a bed was okay.

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