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Author Topic: [One shot+ My own fiction story]Athena! you are my beautiful princess  (Read 10010 times)

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My name is Hade. I like a girl named Athena. She is really pretty and smart, Just like the Greek God Athena. She is really kind hearted and caring. We are a childhood friends. we are in the same school. i started to date her 3 month ago.

Back to 3 month ago! i was at my school. I was eating my lunch with Athena with her friend. Forget to tell everyone that she is really popular at school. There have a lot of boy like him. But I am her childhood friend. I think i am a really big chance that she like me. So i hadn't give up yet. Back to the story. We were eating our lunch and Athena was laughing because I failed my test. I jsut say "I forget to study". I felt really embrassed. But Athena cheered me up. I felt reall happy. Then the bell ringed. We went back to the class.

After school. I met with Athena and her friend. I asked "Athena will you go out with me?". She replied "yes" to me. We decided to go watch movie first. We took the bus.

After half an hour. We arrived to the theatre. We go inside and decide watch movie we watch. After 5 minute. Athena said she want to try a horror movie. i said let watch Devil. In the movie. She was really scared. She grab on my arm and I know she was scare. So i pat on her head and say don't be scared. After the movie.

I asked: How was the movie

Athena said: it was really scary

*I pat on her head*

I said: let go east first. then, go shopping

Athera said: ok. let go

We went into the shopping mall. We find a reman resturant. We went inside. After 5 minute. We started ordering. We ordered a Egg Reman and a Veggie Ramen. After 20 minute. We finished eating. The food is yummy. After we paid the bill. We go to shopping. We went to a lot of shop. After a hour. I brough her a shirt and a little teddy bear. I decided to ask her out. When i about to ask her out.

*She kissed on my lip*

She said: i know you about to ask you out and I am about to ask you out too. You know I liked you too.

*My face turn red*

I said: Athena. you are so smart and that why i liked you

*Athena hugged me*

Athena said: you are sweet too and i scared the girl will steal you. But now I know you like me

I said: Same. I scared the same thing too. I love you so much

*I held her hand*

We decided to go to Athena's house because my parent is in Athena's house. We took the bus. After a hour. We were at Athena's house. We revealed our relationship. They congrated us. We felt really happy. Until now. We love each other even more. So we engage to each other. We decided we will get marry about we graduated in the high school. But I still feel really shy when i am with her. She just really pretty. Athena! You are my princess. I love you forever.

The End

Story: Hade

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Re: [One shot+ My own fiction story]Athena! you are my beautiful princess
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