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Author Topic: Hade and his Valkyrie underworld army book 2: War with the destruction army  (Read 4770 times)

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Chapter 1

3000 year later. The gods war start again because Perses(God of destruction) declare on war on us. I gather my old army that used to help me fight in last battle. We gather 600,000 and use the path of "Human Path" to enter the Human world again. Zeus write us a message.

we will gather all the army in Paris, France. The Great Allies will reform one more time and tell the world that we are the strongest army. Your beloved brother Zeus

When we come out of the portal we are at Paris and All the army of Great Allies is here. We have a few new joiner. They are Sun army lead by Helios and Air army lead by Aura. We total gather of 80 mil. But we unexpect that Eros manage to escape from Tartarus and Rebuild a whole new Chaos army. Giant army lead by Agrius. They have gather over 1 billion army. They camp 8 mile west of Paris.

We walk to the battlefield and we see the enemy. Their leader Perses walked in front of the army wish to talk with our leader Zeus

"we will defeat The great allies and the whole human world"

"We will see about that." Eros walk beside Perses

"We almost defeat the allies and human world last time. We will definitely destroy The Great Allies this time" I walk beside to Zeus

"we can stop you one time and we can defeat you for the second time. Charge!"


Both army charged at each other. When we engage the fierce battle start. The gun shooting at each other, Tank firing at each other and plane fighting on the sky. Afternoon. Later, both army retreat to their camp.

By the way. Forget to tell you guys that as the human world weapon improve, the gods world weapon improve too.

To be continue

Story by: DJ HADE
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