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Author Topic: [T-ara] Too Late..[EunJi] P-1 [based on painkiller MV]  (Read 7429 times)

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[T-ara] Too Late..[EunJi] P-1 [based on painkiller MV]
« on: June 26, 2013, 11:18:10 AM »
Alrite…YOSH!!! I made this fanfic based on the NEW MV by T-ARA n etc name PAINKILLER!!! LOL..very addicted..I listen it repeatedly while writing this..huhu..this will be update fast..

-I'm done this right after the MV out..LOL..yeah..n it's marathon at that time..n for that..I received lot of viewer.. :cathappy: :deco: break the record in my blog...glad that people love :sweatdrop: sharing it here quite late..-

SORRY...BUT still...



Part 1

At night..

In the Eunjung house aka Jiyeon and Eunjung house..

Both Eunjung and Jiyeon currently chatting excited on the bed while laying down and cuddling each other.

“Jiyeon..this is the chance for u..” Eunjung said with concern voice.

“BUT..I doesn’t want to be alone..I want to be with u..” Jiyeon pout at the fact that Eunjung really want her to study abroad.

“We can always mail and having video calls anytime u want..” Eunjung said in playful tone while playing with Jiyeon hair.

“Hmm..BUT..” Jiyeon look uneasy. She doesn’t have confidence that she can live alone without Eunjung at her side.

“Can u accept this for me??” Eunjung said as if it’s a big request and with a pleading voice. She really want Jiyeon to go.

“Unnie..I..” Jiyeon try to make an excuse.

“Please..”  BUT Eunjung cut her words with her cute eye smile and pleading voice.


“I’ll make sure that I will be loyal to u..” Eunjung said while wearing a wide smile on her face. She really meant it. She’s only love jiyeon.

“U sure sound that u want to have fun alone..” Jiyeon still can’t believe with Eunjung words that doesn’t seem serious at all.

“Jiyeon..u know..I only have u..” Eunjung said and kiss Jiyeon forehead.

“…u are my ONLY one..” Eunjung smile widely.

“I knew..” Jiyeon nod weakly and blushing hard as Eunjung stared at her.


A few days later…

At the airport..eunjung came to see Jiyeon.

“U bring ur passport??” Eunjung ask as she’s curious.

“I bring it..don’t treat me like a small kids..” Jiyeon cheek redden at the one fact that Eunjung always treat her like a small kid or baby.

“LOL..u are always a cute girl of mine..” Eunjung pinch lightly the redden cheek of Jiyeon.

“Unnie..” Jiyeon push lightly eunjung hands and dodge every time Eunjung try to pinch her.

“Later..hmm..let me see..” Eunjung suddenly said with serious tone. She’s holding Jiyeon hands.

“What is it??” Jiyeon quite surprise with Eunjung sudden change of expression. It’s rare to see Eunjung serious except when she’s working.

“This..” Eunjung put a ring on Jiyeon finger.

“Unnie..” Jiyeon felt too happy that she can’t find a right word to express her gratitude and love.

“Treasure it..” Eunjung pat Jiyeon head before hug her lightly.

“I WILL!!” Jiyeon answered excitedly.

“Waa…u’re too excited…cute!!!” Eunjung try to pinch Jiyeon cheek again BUT Jiyeon dodge it easily.

“ about this??” Jiyeon pointing at the small paper bag that Eunjung hold.

“Owh..this..just a clock..” Eunjung said bluntly without hiding what is it.

“Clock?” Jiyeon quite unsure why Eunjung bring that with her.

“ wake u up in the morning..” Eunjung said with playful tone while giving it to Jiyeon.

“UNNIE!!!” Jiyeon take it and still can’t believe what Eunjung said. It’s the opposite after all.

“U’re always need me to wake u up every morning..” Eunjung still in her joking mode.

“Unnie!!! U’re the one that difficult to wake up in the morning..” Jiyeon said bluntly while frown.

“Owh..really??” Eunjung laugh by herself. She knew it herself BUT she love to see Jiyeon reaction whenever she tease her.

“YEAH!!” Jiyeon nod while glaring at Eunjung.

“Yes…yes..I admit..” Eunjung just laughing hard at Jiyeon reaction. It really amuse to see Jiyeon acting like that.

“..Just take least it can remind urself to me..” Eunjung turn to serious mode and say it. She look depth to Jiyeon eyes and smiling.



After a few minutes…

“AH!! It’s time..have a nice trip..” Eunjung panic as she see her wrist watch. She’s waving her hand as she said it even though Jiyeon just stand still there in front of them.

After all, it just a few step to the check in place.

“’s not a trip..” Jiyeon laugh at Eunjung panic reaction.

“ trip..” Eunjung nod and correcting what she said before.

“Whatever..” Jiyeon pout at the fact that eunjung look excited while sending her off. She never expect it to be like that.

“Mad??” Eunjung guess after seeing Jiyeon expression.

“No..” Jiyeon shook her head while avoiding Eunjung gaze.


“How about this??” Eunjung steal a quick kiss on the lips from Jiyeon.

“Unnie!! There are lot of people here!!” Jiyeon quite shocked at Eunjung sudden action. Her cheek redden again. She’s blushing hard and she’s grin and giggling without knowing she done it.

“Huh..u happy are u??” Eunjung teasing Jiyeon that look too excited after receiving a kiss from her.

“…that grin of yours..” Eunjung pointing out playfully at Jiyeon mouth.

“Mou..Unnie!!” Jiyeon turn her back.

“…I go first..” Jiyeon said weaklu while walking towards the check in door.

“Ok..” Eunjung answered shortly while grin by herself.

“Call me later!!” Jiyeon suddenly turn to face Eunjung again and shout it out.

“BYE..BYE…” Jiyeon wave her hand to Eunjung that still looking at her.

“Bye…”Eunjung said weakly. Her heart hurt at the one fact that Jiyeon already gone from her side.

Jiyeon-ah…I’m sorry.. Eunjung crying after Jiyeon disappeared from her sight.

To be continue…
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Re: [T-ara] Too Late..[EunJi] P-1 [based on painkiller MV]
« Reply #1 on: February 27, 2016, 12:55:40 PM »
Nude song and clip

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Re: [T-ara] Too Late..[EunJi] P-1 [based on painkiller MV]
« Reply #2 on: August 01, 2023, 10:15:29 AM »
I appreciate how the author connected the topic to current events and real-world examples connections. It made the article feel relevant and timely.

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Re: [T-ara] Too Late..[EunJi] P-1 [based on painkiller MV]
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2023, 05:13:33 AM »
Eunjung is very cute. That's how I feel about this character Fun Games.

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