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Author Topic: [Idoling!!!]GunSword: Watashi no Nikki - Tonooka Erica's Diary: Introduction  (Read 4986 times)

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This is the separation to the previous one due to non-AKB48 topic, but it will also mention here....

For now, ENJOY READING~!!!!!!!


Second Book: Tonooka Erica’s Diary



Hello! I’m gonna introduce myself. I’m Tonooka Erica, Jikkai: Beta. Ehh? You don’t know about that? Well I will explain it to you.

Jikkai or in English ‘Ten Commandments’ is a group of ten highest-ranking military personnel. This group was being led by Endo Mai, Jikkai: Alpha. Our mission is to protect and defend the citizens against any people who will cause chaos. Our base of operation, namely SPR Headquarters, was located at Nakajimakoen, Sapporo City. There’s another group of highest-ranking military personnel aside Jikkai. We have Juuniseiza or in English ‘Twelve Constellation’, led by Takahashi Minami, Juuniseiza: Leo, and its base of operation, namely AKB Headquarters, was located at Chiyoda, Tokyo. And Nanatsunorai or in English ‘Seven Thunders’, its base of operation, namely SKE Headquarters, was located at Sakae, Nagoya; actually, this group is incomplete since they have three vacant seats and all of that seat, the Nanatsunorai: Aurantiacum, is the leader of the whole group.

Anyway, enough have information about that group. For all of you, I’m actually Maeda Atsuko’s twin sister. You don’t believe me because of surname difference? Well we have the same mother but different father. And I don’t want to explain it properly why is that because it’s very embarrassing. We’re both born at Athens, Greece but we only live together for 5 years after our birth. While Acchan still lives in Athens, I was moved to the Pearl of the Orient Sea, Philippines.

That’s where my story starts.


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What about content.

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