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Author Topic: [CHI] Ma Jia Jia Duo 瑪嘉加朵  (Read 8378 times)

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[CHI] Ma Jia Jia Duo 瑪嘉加朵
« on: November 11, 2012, 07:53:49 AM »
if you like Tibetan singer alan's yodeling, you'll love Chuxiong native Ma Jia Jia Duo 瑪嘉加朵 (born 1992) one of the many minority peoples, goes to show how rich and traditional Chinese music is; The album I copped via ihonhon is just so beautiful...and so is she :P

a short bio I jacked from a French site

She learned folk songs and dance from the age of 5 years. She began writing songs at the age of 14 years and one day hopes to realize his dream of becoming a singer. Well known before entant a singer, it has been seen in the documentary on the hard life in Chuxiong, lifestyle ...

  In 2011, her mother made a surprise visit to Shenzhen is located on the edge of Hong Kong. This trip hides a singing contest for young talents involving thousands of participants. She sang one of his compositions, she won the competition and was nicknamed "The Gold Voice".

  His first album, entitled "Singing resounds Among Mountains" was published in July 2012.

Ma Jia Jia Duo 瑪嘉加朵  山間回聲 Singing Resounds Among Mountains

release 2012-08-14

01. 天謝
02. 金銀鳥
03. 有個村莊
04. 蠻邀
05. 嗦酒
06. 阿惹妞
07. 花哩哩
08. 目瞄
09. 青棚
10. 不能嫁給你
11. 火之舞
12. 高原牡丹
13. 火塘
14. 蕎麥花開




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Re: [CHI] Ma Jia Jia Duo 瑪嘉加朵
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2021, 11:01:45 AM »
Chinese music lifts everyone's spirits. But she is definitely beautiful, ain't she?

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