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Author Topic: The Rebellion Strikes Back  (Read 8809 times)

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The Rebellion Strikes Back
« on: May 13, 2014, 08:47:44 AM »
<STAR WARS SCROLL ON (followed by the epic theme)>


It was a dark time for the Galaxy. Uneasy alliances were made. Fragile as they are, forces of the Rebel Alliance, led by veteran Admiral Saki Shimizu, have went through great lengths to keep the location of the Sith Holocron they've stumbled upon a secret, safe from the Empire. In a dazzling raid ordered by Empress Michishige which levelled much of Fukuo V to mere rubble, the Rebels found themselves desperately in need of a new base, as worlds after worlds capitulate under the unceasing attacks from Darth Usagi's Imperial Starfleets. Unknown to both sides, a new breed of combatants appeared on the scene...

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Chapter 1: Hell Freezes Over
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"I'm sorry, everyone. I tried...I really tried. But no matter what I do, nothing is ever gonna work out. We're fighting a war that brings out the worst in us,..that nobody fully understands... and because of that, I can't honestly say that I'm a better person than I was when I first joined this unit. I'm sorry, but I have come to the conclusion that all is lost here"

The wind-chill was rapidly getting the better of Miyamoto Karin. Still, like an Astro-Marine, she trudged along, in that near white-out condition, until hypothermia starts setting in.

"Darn.." the sergeant cursed. "I can't even feel my fingers anymore". Karin was lost in her thoughts when she tripped on an ice fragment jutting out from the frozen permafrost of this barren ice world. She tumbled down the icy slope a good few meters below and laid there silently as the winds continued howling at her, her field pack and laser rifle already thrown out from her person during that tumble. A tear fell from an eye, instantly crystallizing into tiny beads of frozen ice, as Karin lost consciousness.



"Will you stay still, Karin-chan? You're making it really difficult for me to focus, you know?!" Lieutenant Tomoko Kanazawa spoke into her tac-net, while aligning the crosshairs of her targetting device of her new X-33 high powered pulse rifle to the target, an apple placed on top of her subordinate's head, some 200 meters away from her in the training range.

"I AM Still! Just take the shot already!" the Sergeant yelled back, not bothering to use her tac-net unit mounted on her headset.

Tomo could only smile gleefully. The team's subleader was clearly enjoying it. "Here I go.." Holding her breath and pulling the trigger, she could see Karin closing her eyes, mumbling some unintelligible prayer. Fortunately for Karin, the top marksman in the Astromarine corp, who happened to be her executive officer, didn't disappoint.

"I see you still get off on bullying Karin-chan, LT?"

Tomo put down her rifle and turned towards the newcomer who had just entered the range. "Uemuu!!" she yelled. "You can release her now!"

The marine officer faced the one who had just entered. "Tell me you have something"

"Not everything" Sayuki Takagi replied.

"Sergeant..." Tomoko glared at Sayuki. "Don't patronize me...I'm not in the mood right now"

Sayuki held up her hands, glancing slightly at Corporal Uemura who was releasing Karin from her restraints.

"OK, OK...Like I said, this could all be hearsay for all we know, but I've been talking to some of the enlisted men on board this ship. There's been rumours going around that the Empire has attacked Fukuo V, and Darth Sekushii herself was among the commanders leading the attack. Apparently, somebody spread a rumour and leaked it out to the Imperial spies that the Sith Holocron was hidden on that world" Sayuki lowered her voice discreetly.

"So...what has that gotta do with leader's disappearance from the Devron Sith Temple?" Tomoko asked.

"Here's where it gets weird...weird and interesting. When they were departing from Fukuo V, the cloned troopers actually ran away from something...or rather trooper survived to tell the tale of a cloaked pink-lightsaber-wielding lady cutting down half of his forces single handedly. The description of the woman...she had sort of blue swirls in one eye and orange-red in the other..and get this...droopy eyes..spacing as if she was programmed, or possessed or something"

"That's her...that's Yukachan!" Tomo exclaimed.

"It could've been anyone, Tomo...but the pink saber wielding description reminds me too of that time she fought off those zombies using it and ordered us to evacuate from that Sith Shrine/temple. The part that intrigues me is that the trooper mentioned something about their ship being haunted by apparitions of she's a ghost or something"

"So the trooper escaped from that ship that somehow Yuka managed to hop on" Tomo rubbed her chin. "Any leads where it could've headed to?"

"Well, it could be anywhere near the Gamma-Psi sector, last I've checked with them"

"Then, that's where we'll go, Sayuki"

"Wait, can't be serious" Sayuki examined Tomo's facial features, noting her subleader is dead serious indeed. "Admiral Shimizu will NEVER allow us to go there...let alone give us a ship"

"I know that" Tomo bowed her head down. "But this is something I've gotta do, Sayuki! We've known the Major for years can we turn our backs on her now, when she really needed us?"

Sayuki put her hands on her hips "Okay....but how do we propose we get off Berryz Koubou then?"

Tomoko patted the sergeant's shoulder, then whispered in her ear "Leave that to me...."
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Re: The Rebellion Strikes Back
« Reply #2 on: May 14, 2014, 04:08:15 AM »
Oooh I see you're new xD Welcome to the fanfic section xD

Seems like an interesting story, but just remember to keep to the rules (especially the clause about no sexiness writing of minors) AAAAND don't forget to introduce yourself! ^^
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Re: The Rebellion Strikes Back
« Reply #3 on: May 16, 2014, 02:40:09 PM »
Thanks, mod. :)
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Chapter 2
« Reply #4 on: May 17, 2014, 07:12:01 PM »

Tomoko was about to enter her own private quarters when she noticed the sliding sound of an officer's cabin door opening. She looked around the vicinity. There was no other soul in sight except herself on this deck. Raising an eyebrow, she shuffled towards the origin of the sound, surprised to learnt it was her Commanding Officer's door that slid open all of a sudden.

Her marine sniper instinct awakened, the Lieutenant drew her blaster from her holster, holding it pointing upwards as she was taking a peek inside Yuka's cabin. She pointed the handheld blaster towards the room as she swivelled inside, her eyes cursorily scanned every corner of the Major's modest abode.

There was nobody inside. As soon as she felt it safe to enter, Tomo felt a sudden light gust of cold air blowing past her. Putting the weapon back in her holster, she picked up a couple of data disks the team leader left on her work-table: Two of the disks in particular, it seems to her, have fallen from the shelf, and it seems pretty recently too. She had always suspected Yuka's a neat freak, who made sure every book and document was in its place on the shelf, especially before they ship out for a mission assigned by the Fleet.Naturally, how the disks ended up on the table in that state were a mystery to her.

Tomo slid one of the disks into the comterminal. She smiled when a recording of herself while she was away on vacation in Antarctica was played on the companel display. The major had always wanted to trek to the South Pole with her XO, so on one occasion when Yuka herself was temporarily bogged down with official debriefs with the Brass and the rest of the team was given R&R leave, she took it upon herself to go alone, recording her journey day after day for Yuka, as though she was journeying with the major side by side. That disk was a gift Tomo had given to Yuka on her most recent birthday.

"I've always wanted to go to the South Pole. Let's go there sometime, Tomo..."

Tomo fought back tears in the process as the memories she had with her CO came flooding back into her mind. When she finally saw enough of the disk, she slid the second one in and viewed the documents.

To her surprise, Yuka had actually downloaded her promotion dossier, with a new tab "Recommendation for Promotion to First Lieutenant - Kanazawa, T" in the database file.

"All of you...get out of here!!, Listen to me're in charge now...'re in command of this unit now"

It then hit her out of the blue. She was led here somehow.. by what force of this universe she didn't know...but this is a sign. Yuka-chan wants them to find her.

Calling up the Comterminal's electronic star maps, she isolated Sector Gamma Psi of the Alpha Quadrant of their Galaxy. She hesitated, collecting her thoughts before starting to filter through all worlds with a predominant arctic climate. Then, she had her answer: The forgotten world of the Sharam-Q system. That is where she will be headed next.


"Air Wing Control, this is Shuttle Redoubt. Request permission for departure" Lieutenant Katsuta "Rinapuu" Rina, relayed to the open channel.

"Shuttle Redoubt, you are cleared for the resupply sortie, over. Have a nice day, Lieutenant" Ayaka Wada, Lieutenant-Commander, who happened to be on duty that day, gave the approval for her kouhai's departure.

The antigrav generators came to life and Rina, a member of Smileage fighter squadron, steered the craft carrying supply cargoes to be taken to the front-line Attack Groups towards the hangar exit. As the shields got deactivated, she punched in full impulse power, clearing safe distance before engaging the hyperspace warp drive to catapult the craft to superluminal speeds.

"Sorry to have to do this, Rina, but we'll have to take over from now on"

The Smileage combat pilot was startled to hear the edgy voice of Kanazawa Tomoko coming from behind her seat in the cockpit. She turned around cautiously, coming face to face with the four members of JUICE SOF Commando Team who wore facial expressions that they meant business. Her attempt to reach for her blaster triggered a sudden warning from Tomo.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you, Lieutenant. Not unless you wanna get stunned by this tazer"

Rina stood up, dropping her blaster to the floor of the cockpit. "Don't tell me...are you working for the Empire now? Are you hijacking this shuttle"

"I can assure you, Lieutenant" Tomo approached closer to the pilot, then picking up her sidearm. "We mean you no harm. We just needed to....borrow your shuttle for a little while"

"HUH?!!" Rina was taken aback by the unusual request. "Whatever for?!"

"A rescue mission" this time it was Corporal Uemura Akari talking.

"Using a CARGO shuttle? Surely you can ask the Admiral for a better ship.." Rina's voice trailed off as she was cut off by the SOF team subleader.

"The admiral would'nt hear of it, Rina..." Tomoko put down her weapon, gesturing her team members to do the same as she held tightly on to Rina's shoulders. "This isn't exactly an Alliance Fleet-sanctioned mission"

"Besides, we don't want to involve I'm asking you..from one officer to another, please...we need to rescue one of our own..."

Rina studied the serious looks on the marine's faces. They DEFINITELY mean business.

"I know what you mean, but you do realize that by going along with you, I could well face the certainty of a court-martial when...IF I do get back" Rina replied.

"You don't have to worry about that...we got it all worked out" Tomo replied, winking at Takagi. Before Rina could react, the sergeant promptly stunned the pilot with her tazer from her side. Uemura, the lanky Corporal carried the unconscious body of the Lieutenant.

"Like we planned people...(to Uemuu) get Lt Katsuta here into one of the escape pods. And Karin, I want you to activate the encrypted beacon once the pod have been deployed. The Alliance Fleet should be in range to pick up the signal in about 2 hours"

"Aye Aye, LT" Karin acknowledged, immediately getting to work.

"Sayuki, get your ass in the cockpit and help me replot the hyperspace trajectory. We're heading to the Sharam-Q system" Tomo ordered curtly.

"Sharam-Q?!" Sayuki's eyes widened in surprise. Tomo tried her best not to burst into laughter while seeing the almost baby-monkey-like surprised face of her Sergeant.

"Yes! Sharam-Q! Got a problem with that?!"

"Err..No, Ma'am!! Just curious why we're heading to an uninhabited planet"

"Let's just say I have a hunch, Sergeant" Tomoko suddenly flash a knowing smile.

An escape pod was released, and within moments, the spacecraft realigned its warp drives to a new trajectory.

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Re: The Rebellion Strikes Back
« Reply #5 on: May 20, 2014, 08:05:34 AM »
This is probably the first fic I've seen that includes the J=J members! Sooo that's a big props from me, I'm a huge Juice=Juice fan lol I'm really looking forward to your updates! This seems like a really interesting fic! Keep it up!

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Chapter 3
« Reply #6 on: May 24, 2014, 04:45:07 PM »

"Yo, LT" Sergeant Sayuki Takagi turned towards the pilot's seat to her port side of the shuttle. Getting no response from the spaced-out officer, she waved a hand in front of her subleader's face tentatively. Still, Tomoko's eyes were trained straight ahead, as if trying to freeze the image of the racing starfields in front of them while the shuttle they've hijacked make its way through hyperspace.

"LT?" The Team's demolitions expert prodded again, this time shaking the Rose Quartz's shoulder.

"Uhh?" The response finally came, sudden but weak. Tomoko could only offer a sheepish sigh as she was brought back to reality unceremoniously.

"Whatcha thinkin of there?" Sayubee teased again bashfully. "You looked like you spaced out BIG TIME there, if I may say so myself"

"Spaced out? I thought only Aari does that" Karin quipped offhandedly as she sat down on a seat behind her fellow Sergeant, strapping herself in with one hand while the other was holding a warmed up combat ration aka MREs, her meal for the day. Before she could say anything more, she was smacked by Corporal Uemura on the back of her head. "Ouch!!"

As Karin turned around to find a creepy-looking Akari flashing a lop-sided grin at her, some of the soup from her MRE spilled on the cockpit's floor.

"Oh, for cryin out loud!" Sayuki complained. "How many times do I have to remind you guys to eat your meals at the FRICKIN' GALLEY!"

"Well, in case you've forgotten, SARU-san" Akari countered... "We technically have NO GALLEY....seeing that we've got ourselves a ride on a freakin run-down SUPPLY SHUTTLE. We might as well be on board one of those disgusting bounty hunter's freighter while we're on THIS mission"

Sayuki's morale took a beating for just a moment, wishing suddenly for her subleader to put an end to this bickering by dishing out her painful forehead flicks on them, but alas, her torment was just beginning.

"Hey, YOU Watch it" Takagi finally fought back, shoving the tall one and showing Uemura her three chevron stripes patched with velcro on her shoulder sleeve. "Last I've checked, I OUTRANK YOU, CORPORAL"

Aari sat down at the seat behind Tomoko, waving off the comment, unfazed. "Yeah, yeah...Watever, Sarge"

"Leader's like that too, you know?"

The three specialists suddenly stopped their little bickering, more surprised by the uncharacteristically gentle tone of their Lieutenant more than anything else.


Tomo continued. "I mean...remember the first time we met her? If I hadn't known her personally that time, I would've assumed she's just another tennen senior officer who hadn't a clue of how to COMMAND a SPECIAL FORCES outfit... but, now....who would've known....that behind that calm and serene demeanour.....when she was staring like Aari, her mind was full of deep and troubled thoughts"

"Tomo, are you feelin' alright?" Karin suddenly asked while she was munching on her pasta in the MRE ration pack.

The Lieutenant ignored the question, instead preferring to continue.

"I guess, among the four of us here today...I must confess that I'm the one who has wronged her more times than I cared to remember...and yet..." Tomo's voice started breaking, suddenly remembering the entry on her promotion dossier. "despite all that..."

"Look,'s not your fault" Sayuki began, until Tomo signalled that she's not done talking yet.

"Yes, it is...Sayuki" Tomoko then faced the front and gazed at the starfield again. "I've done everything I could to make her feel guilty about letting down Aina....even when she's not responsible for her death. I should've supported her like the way an XO's supposed to be, but all I ever did then was to make her feel worthless and helpless as the CO. Because of that, she didn't want any of us to die out there on Devron"

"Oh c'mon..." this time Akari started talking. "Every single one of us, and I dared ventured that includes Aina too...were wary of her when she was appointed leader of our Team, given her background in Intelligence. When you've got a spook...a spy, even a former one at that, among tends to stir up preconceptions about the kind of person she COULD be, whether she's one who could be trusted, or not.

"Turns out she's not half that bad of a leader" Sayuki added.

"Yeah..." the rest all chimed in, looking up at the viewscreen.

"There's one more thing here I want all of us to do" Tomoko took out an incineration capsule below one of the cockpit compartments.

"We're not taking any chances on this world, Empire or no Empire. Nobody must know who we are, and nobody must know what our mission is...we go in...incognito.." Tomo removed the head of the capsule and stuck it out towards Sayuki.

"Your rank insignias. Take them out of your suits and we'll burn them in here"

Karin protested... "But you just gave these to me last week!!"

"Sergeant..." Tomoko reminded cooly, watching Karin groan as she removed the velcroed three-stripes on both sleeves and put them in the capsule. Sayuki and Akari, to their credit, complied easily to the demand.

Tomoko finally removed her own silver double-bar collar lapels and dumped them inside the capsule. Sealing the cap, she pressed a button and with a brief whirring sound, the items are finally gone. It was then that the nav computer started beeping.

"5 minutes to Orbital Insertion" Sayuki read the NavCom's readout on her terminal screen.

"OK,'s time. Hang on tight cos we're coming out of warp" Tomoko ordered calmly as she pulled back the warp engine throttle. The collapsing starfield on the viewscreen gave way as the shuttle re-entered normal space.

"Sharam-Q system, dead ahead, LT" Sayuki announced. "10,000 kilometeres"

"Setting Approach vector to Standard orbit" the lieutenant steered the helm stick gingerly as it glides in to integrate with the icy world's stable orbit.

Suddenly a loud explosion rocked their starboard aft section of the shuttle.

"We're venting plasma!!" Uemura yelled

"What the hell just happened here?!" Sayuki shouted, trying to make herself heard amidst the loud rioting warning sounds of the shuttle alarms.

"Space Mines....I think we just got hit by one" Tomoko studied the radar in detailed. Sure enough, one of the cloaked mines appeared just barely meters away from their port side.

"Taking evasive action..hold on tight" Tomoko tried her best navigating the craft in the dense minefield.

"LT...we gotta break through to planet's atmosphere now!!" Karin warned. "Or we wouldnt' have ANY booster engines to compensate for powered flight in atmosphere!"

"I hear you Sergeant" Tomoko said a silent prayer, eyes briefly half-closed before throttling up the sublight engines, changing her course straight towards the planet's atmosphere.

"Hull Temperature?" the lieutenant demanded.

"Still holding at 450, Ma'am" Karin reported, before another mine collision explosion took their port engines out, sending the shuttle careening and spinning into the forgotten frigid world's atmosphere. The G-forces was enough to knock out all their tough bodies into unconsciousness....

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Re: The Rebellion Strikes Back
« Reply #7 on: May 25, 2014, 04:42:14 AM »
Whoa man I hope they survive that brutal landing that is sure to follow. I'm really enjoying this fix I can't wait to where it's headed. Keep up the good work!!

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Chapter 4‏
« Reply #8 on: May 31, 2014, 06:46:38 PM »
Tomoko tugged on her black uniform blouse, clearly uncomfortable being in her formal AstroMarine Corp attire. She had always disliked how the uniform made her look stiff. Moments after Yuka, who stood in front of her also dressed in the same uniform, had rang the doorbell, an elderly woman answered the door.

"Yuka-chan..." The elder acknowledged her daughter's CO, from the tone of her voice she appeared to be half-surprised. Tomo could somehow sense that the mother was almost expecting, or rather, dreading, for this day to come. As far as she knew, every parent of a Special Forces member does.

"Mrs Otsuka.." The Major began, her voice trailing off, unsure how to break the news to the woman. "I'm so sorry..."

The old lady cupped her mouth, shaking her head vigorously as tears started streaming down from her eyes. "No..."

Yuka leaned in and tried to hug the older woman in a consoling embrace, but Mrs Otsuka fended off the officer's attempt. "Don't you DARE come in here and tell me my daughter's dead!"

"Ma'am" Yuka replied calmly and respectfully, although Tomo could clearly hear her CO's voice was on the verge of breaking. "She never left us. She hung on till the very end, Mrs Otsuka"


Somewhere in the deep recesses of her mind, Kanazawa Tomoko remembered an old adage dating back to the early formation of the Old Republic's Military Services. It had something to do with ghosts. Her mentors have warned her that at some point in her military career, she would have to live with them haunting her for the rest of her life. Starfleet ship Captains and Ground Forces Commanders and Colonels have at least one, surviving Flag Officers like Generals and Admirals, easily more than two. Once in a while. there will be a mission that will remind her of the tragic loss of one of their own, a loss she would vow to avenge and she is doomed into continue looking for that person whom she regard, if only in her own minds, as Missing in Action. If faced in such a situation, she is to take a step back, take stock of the situation, and move on, telling herself "This is just another routine mission" If only it were THAT simple

Her body felt another electrical jolt from the defibrillator.

"Was that how Yuka felt?" Tomo's subconscious was engaged in a raging debate with her own intellect. "Was Yuka trying to find a ghost of Corporal Otsuka Aina in that Temple of Momochi on Devron?, and now, am I following exactly in her footsteps, refusing to come to terms with the certainty she could've been dead by now?"No, it can't be. I, Lieutenant Kanazawa Tomoko, is a rational person..tyrannical at times, yes, but ALWAYS a rational officer

Another jolt rocked her back to a state of consciousness. She opened her eyes to see the bruised faces of her three NCOs.

"Welcome back" Uemura Akari smiled at her, propping the Lieutenant's head and resting it on her lap.

"Phew" Sayuki wiped the sweat off her forehead, setting down the paddles of the defib unit on the floor as she put her butt down on the floor. "You almost scared us there, LT. Don't ever do that again"

"I'll try" Tomoko smiled weakly. "Are you girls ok?"

"It could've been worse, if you hadn't punched in the autopilot at the very last minute, this shuttle would've been torn to pieces" Karin reported. "Though I'm not optimistic at all that we can fully get her operational and flying again"

"Shit... and I suppose we lost the hyperspace warp drive too, huh?"

Sayuki nodded thoughtfully. "Yup. Pretty much the story here"

Tomoko slowly got up, aided by Uemuu's steady hands. After getting her balance back, she headed to the 3D tactical viewscreen, calling up a holographic projection of the terrain they landed on.

"The good news is we pretty much landed somewhere where we're shielded from the most severe snowstorms by this mountain range north of our current position" Tomo studied the projection. "With a little luck, we might find a better shelter in the caves there for us to set up camp before nightfall when the storm front hits"

"The question is are they safe, LT? We don't know what animals may lay lurking inside them...waiting for a prey to stroll in. We'll be easy meat there for all we know" Akari suddenly felt a chill running down her spine. The last time she wrestled with a wampa with nothing but her bare hands, the unarmed combat specialist barely got out of the wampa's lair alive.

"There should be some probes in the supply cargo" Sayuki added. "I'll check and see if they're still intact and operational". Tomoko nodded approvingly at the sergeant's initiative.

"Errmmm...LT?" Karin suddenly pointed to a faint yellow dot on the projection screen. "It appears our sensor's are detecting a faint energy signature in that subterranean cave, just 2 clicks from our shuttle. Almost missed it because its too faint"

"I thought this planet is uninhabited...Level 1 quarantine. We didnt detect any lifeforms OR signs of civilization from orbital scans" Sayuki said.

"Well, the sensitivity is better now that we're in range. Besides, whatever it is that's down there, we may find something that'll help speed up this shuttle's repairs...saddle up and prepare to move in half in hour, people"


After thirty minutes braving high winds, Tomoko and her team approached the mouth of the dark cave. The lieutenant looked at Sayuki, nodding her head to signal the Sergeant to release the probes.

"I'm not getting anything on the scope" Sayuki complained. "The probes are supposed to be working...I checked them out myself before we left the shuttle"

"Well, maybe there's interference down there" Tomoko sighed. "There's only one way to find out, isn''t it?"

"Wait a're not suggesting...." Karin stopped her subleader mid-sentence, but was silenced by Akari.

"What's the matter, Karin-chan?" the Corporal sneered. "You're chicken?"

"AM NOT!!" Karin slung her pulse laser rifle on her right shoulder, facing the Corporal and looked her in the eye. "I just have a bad feeling about this place"

"Well, suit yourself, Karin" Tomoko gave a mellowed response. "You can take point here and wait for us to return, alright?"

"Yes, Ma'am" Karin replied, standing guard with her rifle on the ready, watching her Team enter the cave. She waited for the last of their shadows to disappear before taking point.

Barely two minutes passed before the ground below her shook violently. Tremors, Karin thought, as she ran as fast as she could towards the mouth of the cave but before she could get inside, she noticed a wall of yellow scanning force field appearing ever so briefly, followed by the collapsing of the roof of the cave.

"NOOO!!" The Sergeant wailed out in despair. Her hopes of ever getting inside dashed as she could not risk using any explosives or her weapons to blow away the rocky debris, lest the explosive impact obliterate the bodies of Tomo, Akari and Sayuki inside.

Karin made a quick assessment of her situation as the tremors stopped. She had to find some other way inside, but how?
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