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Author Topic: BuraGeki no Ichinichi (Black & Gekikara Daily Life Season I & II: Complete)  (Read 57683 times)

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I still read almost every day these BuraGeki drabbles. I could read this in my whole life. 3rd season? Absolutely YES! I'm in love with this fic.^^

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This drabbles makes my stomach and my jaws hurts, good job!! >,<b

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ha ha ha come on!!! my mom was actually asking me why I was laughing while reading your drabble so I told her she thought they were hilarious you should take it as a compliment  :rock: ...and well one thing led to another and well some of them where soo hilarious that I couldn't keep it to myself so I read it to her  :twothumbs and as for the two days straight reading it well it was really addicting like when I pick my shin megami games I cant seem to put down the games heh specially p3 and p4 so yeah that's how bad and addicting your drabble is  :D nah brain damage I totally doubt that heh I read longer fics from and they were over 100 chapts so Im actually used to reading long fics  :fap and I just read your new post to this drabble and I gotta say they are hilarious more please!!!  :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:  :bow: :bow: :bow:
Spanish original name es mary es mi amor por leo dan:
Mari(mariko)es mi amor, solo con ella
vivo la felicidad yo se que nunca a nadie
mas podria amar, por que la quiero de
verdad por eso mary por favor dame tu
mano continuemos siempre asi
despues de todo que mas te puedo
pedir si soy feliz...muy feliz.
Si un dia me faltas tu que
Dios me ayude a morir ya que
no volvera a hacer en esta vida feliz
sin ti mari...sin ti estoy
viviendo por ti... 
English ver dow originally name mary is my love by leo dan :
My love is Mari, just with her
I live in happiness
I know I will never again
fall in love with nobody, because I
feel a true love Because of that,
Mari, give me your hand we'll
forever continue this way After all,
what can I ask you more if I am happy...
very happy If one day I will miss you,
God help me to die ,
without you Mari...
If i live my life for you...  -----------<@

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Wah sugoi!!!!! Gosh I missed these so much!!! I'm sorry if I'm sounding demanding but please make more when you have time!!! They're so good and I love them!!!  :lol: XD

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Awesome update! Thanks for the update! Me want more!

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aww black geki are cute :B
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Black says Gekikara is pervert but it seems she is also one hehe
I'm always smiling when I read your awesome drabbles ^^
And yes you should make a season 3 hehe

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a third season would be great :) Thanks for updating, it's funny and great as usual :D

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The answer is obvious...YES! a 3rd season! Can't get enough of the super corny 3-members family!
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Gekikara: I sometimes wonder how his dad looks like…
Black     : Please, I don’t want to talk about that.
Gekikara: You afraid I’ll mad?
Black     : No, he’s just a butthurt to reminisce.
Gekikara: By the way, our son was born on November right?
Black     : Yes, why?
Gekikara: *strokes chin* I see you and your ex enjoyed Valentine’s Day so much…
Black     : (=///////=)

but what if the kid is premature ?  :dunno:
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Hi Eru-san  :cathappy:
This one of ur loyal silent reader, who's showing her butt up at last~

I enjoy ur fanfic, they r sooo funny  XD
I'll be waiting always to ur update :grin:

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Hello, this is Eru  :)

Burageki no Ichinichi will be put on Discontinued since I don't plan to make the continuation anymore. Because now I'm concentrating to my WMatsui Light Novel Project. I'm sorry to all readers who have been waiting for this but yes when I miss this whole crazy family, I probably decide to make them again. But for now that most likely not possible so bear with me  XD

Please do check my newest work "Between Two Roses"  :thumbsup (still hesitating whether to put in here or not because it contains adult theme though non-explicit)

Love you all!  :cow:

Oh and mod-san, pls do move this thread to the Library  :deco:

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urk...this is...WAY TOO FUNNY!! :hiakhiakhiak:

i laughed my head off while reading this that my friends look at me like i'm insane :on gay:

gotta admit, your writing rocks :twothumbs :thumbup

will waiting for your next fic :thumbsup

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I'm reading this again because I'm thinking of making something with similar format

but then when i look closely

this fic


updated .... DAILY???????


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  • Too bad they all graduated.
I love it even though it is over. I keep rereading this  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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