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Author Topic: The Mad House/Genking Deka  (Read 61153 times)

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Re: The Mad House update chapter 29- the Crazy Escape
« Reply #200 on: July 10, 2012, 03:47:11 AM »
OMG!!!  :shocked :shocked
it's like the whole facilities are just crazy people!!! :shocked :shocked
how can thêy destroy the whole building whith only12 people?????  :shocked :shocked

and thanks goodness, Mariko is finally home  :twothumbs :twothumbs
but how can they deal with the problems after this? :nervous  destroy the whole biulding!!!  :shocked: :shocked:
Yuko_Kawaii<3 :luvluv2:


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Re: The Mad House update chapter 30-the Madness comes to an End
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Minna! This is the last chapter of the Mad House series. I hope everyone has enjoyed the story so far and once again thank you soo much for reading! I hope you all enjoy this last and final chapter! Doso!

Chapter 30

The day has come. The day Mariko had dreamed about for the longest time. The day everyone was being released from Hirokawa Mental Faciltiy. It was a a couple months after the huge rescue and now things have calmed down. Everyone worked hard and now tomorrow, everyone is going to be relased. Mariko was sad that all her friends were leaving but also very happy. Now she was helping prepare the graduation party for everyone in the lunch room with the other doctors.

"Hey Mariko come and help me with these balloons!" Sayaka said.

"Oh coming!"

Mariko walked over and helped Sayaka hang some more balloons.

"I thought I'd never see the day when these nut jobs are finally free to go." Sayaka said.

"Me too. It's kinda sad you know?" Mariko said. 

"I know what you mean."

"Well just think. Maybe they'll have better lives ahead of them."

"I'm going to miss them."

"I think Takamina is going to miss a certain someone."

Sayaka pointed over at Takamina who was sadly hanging streamers. Mariko decided to walk over and talk to the smaller doctor.

"Hey Takamina why are you so sad? Is it because you won't get to see Acchan anymore?" Mariko asked.

"It's not that it's just...."

"Just what?"

"I want to give something to Acchan but I'm afraid she'll reject it.." Takamina said.

"What is it?" Mariko asked.

Takamina reached into her pocket and pulled out a small black box. She opened it and revealed a ring with a small diamond on it.

"Is that an engagement ring?!"

"Yeah. I'm going to propose to Acchan."

"Pro-propose?" Mariko couldn't believe what she was hearing.

"Yeah and I'm afraid she'll reject me."

"Don't worry." Mariko said putting her hand on Takamina's shoulder.

"Just do your best and ask her the question. If she says yes and be happy and if she says no then there's always a next time. But knowing Acchan, she'll probably say yes."

"I hope so." Takamina said.

"Hey Mariko help me out with the juice." Yukirin said.

"Sure. Think about what I said Takamina. It would be really nice to see you two together."

Mariko walked over to Yukirin who was stuggling with carrying bottles of juice.

"I got it." Mariko said taking some of the juices.


"So are you going to miss Mayuyu?" Mariko asked.

"No." Yukirin said.

"Ehh? Why not?"

"Because she's moving in with me."

"That's great!"

"Yeah. Now we can finally spend as much free time as we want."

"That's good to hear. Congradulations."

"Hey here they come everyone hide!" Sayaka said.

Mariko quickly hid under a table as Sayaka turned out the lights. There were voices outside followed by foot steps. The door opened and then the lights came on. Mariko jumped out from under the table and shouted,


Everyone was startled by the sudden suprise and jumped back.

"Everyone because of you all being released tomorrow, we deicded to have this party for you." Sayaka said.

"We're all very proud of you guys and wanted to spend our last hours with you guys having fun." Takamina said.

"So let's party and have a good time!" Yukirin said.

Everyone just looked at the four doctors and couldn't help but start laughing.

"What's so funny?" Sayaka asked.

"Nothing, nothing. Let's just party!" Acchan said.

And so the part began. Everyone danced and played games and ate tons of snacks. Mariko was sitting to the side quietly eating a MelonPan when Miichan walked over.

"Hey everyone is gathering to play a game. You wanna join?" Miichan asked.

"No it's alright. I'll just stay over here." Mariko said.

"Oh come on it'll be fun!"

"Well alright."

Mariko and Miichan walked over to where the others were sitting in the circle. In the middle was an empty pop bottle.

"Alright everyone are you ready to play Yuko's Truth or Dare Love Love edition?" Yuko asked.

"It's probably perverted if it's Yuko's version." Mayuyu said.

"The rules are simpler to regualr Truth or Dare only the dares are a little more romantic. Oh and one more thing, you can't chicken out of a dare and the only way to chicken out is to kiss the person of the darer's choice. Now then let's begin! I'll start first."

Yuko leaned in and span the bottle. It stopped on Mayuyu.

"Oh crap."

"Well since you said it was going to be perverted I'll make it like that. Truth or Dare Mayuyu?" Yuko said.

"Truth." Mayuyu said.

"Alright... Is it true that you like reading Yuri mangas and imagining the girls as you and Yukirin?"


Mayuyu's face started to turn bright red. Yuko got her good.

"Alright Mayuyu spin the battle."

The red faced Mayuyu span the bottle and this time it landed on Yukirin.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Um I'm going to play it safe so truth." Yukirin said.

"Ok then is it true that you've kissed Sae before?" Mayuyu asked.



"Ouch! Hey!"

"I'll deal with you later. For now spin the bottle."

Yukirin span the battle and this time it landed on Haruna.

"Truth or Dare Haruna?" Yukirin asked.

"Umm dare!" Haruna said.

"Alright then I dare you to only pick dares for the rest of the game."

"That's easy. Now it's my turn!"

Haruna leaned in and span the bottle. This time it landed on Sayaka.

"Truth or Dare?" Haruna asked.

"Dare." Sayaka said.

"Alright then I dare you to drink that entire bottle of juice."

Haruna pointed to a large bottle of juice sitting on the table.

"That's easy."

Sayaka took the bottle and chugged the entire thing in seconds.

"Easy as-"

Sayaka suddenly collapsed on the gournd. Then a couple seconds later she lifted her head revealing a happy expression.

"Sayaka are you alright?" Sae asked.

Sayaka just smiled at Sae and then grabbed her by shoulders. Without warning, Sayaka dove in and kissed Sae right on the lips. Everyone including Mariko was shocked seeing the usually up tight and stiff doctor act so carefree and lovey dovey. Turns out what Sayaka drank wasn't juice but wine. Now Sayaka was really drunk.

"I love you." Sayaka said as she leaned in on Sae.

"I just remembered that Sayaka is really weak when it comes to alcohal." Takamina said.

"Who cares I like this Sayaka!" Sae said.

"Alright Sayaka spin the bottle."

Sayaka somehow managed to spin the bottle and it landed on Mariko. Sayaka gave Mariko a perverted smile like the one Yuko gets.

"Truth or Dare?" the drunk Sayaka asked.

"Truth." Mariko said.

"Is it true that you love Miichan?"


"Seriously?" Miichan looked at Mariko with wide eyes.

"Of course I love you. You saved my life of course. Now then it's my turn" Mariko said.

Mariko span the bottle and it landed on Takamina.

"Truth or Dare?" Mariko asked.

"Dare." Takamina said.

Mariko sat there and thought for a while. Then the perfect dare came into her mind.

"I dare you to propose to Acchan."

Takamina's whole face got red. Hearing Mariko's dare made everyone curious to see what she will do.

"Come on Takamina you can do it!" Mariko said.


Takamina had Acchan stand up while she got down on one knee. Then she pulled out the ring that made everyone gasp.

"Maeda Atsuko, will you marry me?"

There was silence amoung everyone.

"As I thougt, you'd say no."

Takamina was about to turn away when Acchan grabbed her and kissed her. She took the ring and slid it on her finger.

"I'll happily marry you Takahashi Minami." Acchan said.

The two embraced in another kiss as everyone else cheered.

"Congradulations you two!" Yukirin said.

"Oi Takamina you take good care of Acchan! I want some grand kids so don't hold back!" the drunk Sayaka said.

"You're not a grandma Sayaka." Sae said.

"Well she might be right. I do want kids." Acchan said.

"Hey maybe in the future but not now." Takamina said.

"Ok Takamina spin!" Yuko said.

Takamina span the bottle and this time it landed on Yuko.

"DARE!" Yuko said.

"I dare you to take Haruna's panties and wear them on your head for the rest of the party."


Yuko took off Haruna's panties before she could do anything and wore them on her head.

"Hey I like those!" Haruna protested.

"You'll get them back eventually. But for now I'll spin the bottle."

Yuko span the bottle and it stopped on Jurina.

"Truth or Dare?"

"Dare." Jurina said.

"I dare you to make out with Rena." Yuko said.

"But we're sisters."

"It's either make out with Rena or I'll have you make out with drunk Sayaka over there."

"Fine. Rena I'm sorry for what I'm about to do."

Jurina leaned in and kissed Rena passionately for a couple minutes. Then she pulled back so that they could breathe.

"Alright now that that's done, it's time for cake!" Mariko said.

"Yay cake!" Sae said.

Mariko walked over and pulled out a huge cake with the word "Congradulations" on it.

"Everyone dig in!"

Everyone started eating the cake which was really good. While everyone was eating, Haruna started to fight Yuko for her panties. This caused Yuko to dump her cake onto Jurina. Jurina got mad and threw her cake which hit Mayuyu in the face. Mayuyu wiped the cream at her face and then shot right back at Jurina. But Jurina got out of the way and the cake hit Mariko. Mariko took a piece and said,

"Cake war!"

Soon everyone started throwing cake at each other. Mariko's last few moments were filled with fun and laughs. She hoped it would never last but all good things must come to an end.


Wait! There's more!

It had been two months since everyone was released. Now Mariko was just bored out of her mind. Things had become dull since everyone left. Mariko really did miss everyone. She was sitting in her office when she heard a loud crash out in the hall. Mariko rushed outside and couldn't believe what she was seeing. There scattered on the ground was Mayuyu, Sae, Yuko, Haruna, Acchan, Rena, and Jurina. 

"What are you guys doing here?" Mariko asked.

"We came back!" Haruna said.


"Well I was trying to get away from her." Haruna said pointing at Yuko.

"And I was following her!" Yuko said pointing at Haruna.

'Rena and I lost it with our uncle and ended up killing him." Jurina said.

"It was an accident I swear!" Rena said.

"I came back because my job was boring and I couldn't read my mangas." Mayuyu said.

"I came here because I wanted to be with Takamina. I don't like being alone in a house all day." Acchan said.

"I'm here because my ADHD came back!" Sae said.

"So all of you guys are patients again?" Mariko said.

"Yep!" they all said in unison.

"Well I guess I'm happy. You know you guys are all crazy."

"We know!"

"Oh come here!"

Mariko ran over and had a group hug session. Mariko couldn't help but feel so happy that everyone was back together again. She didn't care if they were crazy or not because she loved them and they loved her. Mariko hoped they would never leave and they would stay with her forever. Mariko wished to stay with them forever in this place she called a Mad House.


Well everyone this is the end of the Mad House series. Once again thank you everyone for reading and enjoying the story. There were a lot of laughs, cries, love scenes, action, gore and just plane insanity. And now it has finally come to an end. Please tell me what you think and I hope you all enjoyed reading the story. I have a whole new idea for a whole new story that I hope everyone will love. I'll give you one hint on what it's going to be about: AKB COPS! Look forward to my next story and for now, everyone in the Mad House says goodbye!

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End
« Reply #202 on: July 10, 2012, 08:00:55 AM »
Aww...It finally over...

What a Great Fics....I ever Read....

Atsumina propose is So Sweet...

It so Funny
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End
« Reply #203 on: July 10, 2012, 11:52:40 AM »
Finally!! last chapter!!  :twothumbs I love happy ending  :yep: :heart: :heart:

This is an amazing fanfic I have ever read  :luvluv2:

good job miyumi-san  :on GJ:

and I can't wait for your another story, hope you can update soon!  :mon squee:

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End
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I was half-expecting the patients to get themselves readmitted and they did! :twothumbs

"I came back because my job was boring and I couldn't read my mangas." Mayuyu said.

"I came here because I wanted to be with Takamina. I don't like being alone in a house all day." Acchan said.
But Mayuyu and Acchan, those are not valid reasons to be back as patients! :rofl: Tsk tsk... the two of you should study to be nurses and join the facility to help your beloved other halves XD

I'll miss the craziness of the Mad House series but all good things have to come to an end. Anyway, since you said you'll be writing AKB Cops, I believe I'll be in for another crazy awesome ride soon! Thank you for sharing Mad House with us. I really enjoyed it from the very first chapter to the last. You had some hesitation halfway through the story but I'm glad you persevered and completed it. I love the humour you inject into your story. Keep up the great work and I'll be waiting eagerly for your new story! :deco:

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End/new poll
« Reply #205 on: July 10, 2012, 01:58:51 PM »
So I finally can use my phone cos of the WiFi, then I read this fic.

IT ENDED :shock:

Omg... Still can't get over it lol.

Your fic is so funny especially the last chapter!!! I'm glad everyone is back in the mental hospital LOL

(lolicon mode on) Y U NO DESCRIBRE WMATSUI SCENE HOTTER? I KNOW THEY'RE SISTERS AND JURINA IS JAILBAIT BUT ITS NOT HOT ENOUGH!!! But it's for a couple of minutes LOL. You shoulda wrote about tongue!!

And Yuko is so hilarious!!!!

I love the craziness of this fic! Perhaps we should create crack fics together LOL

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End/new poll
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GREAT JOB~!  :on GJ:
Although it ended   :farofflook:
But I really like your fic  :nya:
I'll look forward to your new fic  :on woohoo: AKB COPS  :ding: sounds interesting

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Re: The Mad House FINAL chapter 30- the Madness comes to an End/new poll
« Reply #208 on: July 10, 2012, 03:15:37 PM »
LOL I think Mayuyu and Acchan came back for the wrong reasons. Also, love Rena's 'It was an accident I swear!'
AKB Cops sounds really interesting and I can't wait to read that!

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Re: Genking Deka Prolouge
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Genking Deka

"Yabai yabai yabai! If I'm late on the first day then the captain is gonna kill me! Man I knew I shouldn't have helped that old lady. Ahh I need to run!"

Miayazawa Sae is fresh from the police academy and is ready to serve and protect the streets of Tokyo. Today was her first day and right now she was running late. Sae had to run all the way from the train station to the building where she was working. Sae will be working in the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. It had always been her dream to become a cop because her father was one and he died in an accident when she was young. Now Sae is following his foot steps starting up where her father left off.

"I'm sorry I'm late!" Sae shouted as she busted through the door.

"Oh no you're just on time. You must be Miyazawa Sae."

Sae looked over and saw a tall woman with short brown hair. She looked like she could be a model.

"My name is Shinoda Mariko and I am the head chief here. Allow me to show you around."

Sae followed Mariko around the building which was suprisingly very large.

"Let me introduce you to your captain. Hey Takamina!"

Just then a bow popped up from above the walls of each cubicle. It moved over to the main walk way and revealed a short girl.

"This is Takahashi Minami. She will be your captain. You must follow all her orders and not to do anything without her permission. She may look small but she's actually the strongest officer we have here. She has a record of over a hundred take downs in her enitre two year career so don't underestimate her because of her size."

"Takahashi Minami. Nice to meet you." the small girl saluted Sae and Sae did so in return.

"Well I'll leave you two to get along. Have fun." Mariko said as she left.

"The chief is really nice." Sae said.

"Yeah but it's rare to see her out of her office. She's usually really busy and never has time to show newbies like you around."


Just then a girl came from behind Takamina and grabbed onto her.


Sae looked over and saw a slightly taller girl with short black hair.

"Acchan I told you to wait at my desk." Takamina said.

"But I was bored and wanted to see you agian." the girl said.

"Who is this?" Sae asked.

"This is my partner Maeda Atsuko. Everyone here calls Acchan."

"Nice to mee you."

"Nice to meet you too." Acchan said with a cute smile.

"Everyone here is assigned a partner. Yours should be here soon."

The doors opened and a woman came in dragging two badly beaten men.

"Oi Takamina can you get someone to take these two to interrogation." the woman said.

"Hey Sayaka get over here! You're new partner has arrived." Takamina said.

"Oh really? Great!"

The woman set the bodies down and walked over to Sae.

"Sae this is Akimoto Sayaka and she will be your partner from now on. If you have any questions then ask her. You two will be working together a lot so get along well."

"Nice to meet you Miyazawa-san." Sayaka said as she held out her hand for a hand shake.

"Nice to meet you too and call me Sae." Sae said as she shook her hand.

Sayaka was only a little taller than Sae but they almost looked lke they were the same height. Sayaka had long dark brown hair unlike Sae who had short hair. Sayaka's face also reminded her of a statue that you see in Greece.

"I hope we get along well." Sayaka said.

"As to you."

"Hey where do you think you're going!" Sayaka shouted to the men who were now trying to crawl away.

"Sae come help me!"

"Are you sure?"

"Just hand cuff them while I hold them down."

"Why didn't you do that in the first place?" Takamina asked.

"I wasn't thinking."

"You never do stupid gorilla." Acchan said.

"Watch it princess." Sayaka said giving Acchan a deadly glare.

"Hey Sayaka no fights. Your prisioner are about to get away." Takamina said.

"Ahhh! Get back here!"

Sayaka dashed off after the two men and started beating them again.

"Aren't you going to help?"

"I think Akimoto-san's got it." Sae said.

Sae watched Sayaka beat the two men down and hand cuff them. Her strength reminded Sae of a gorilla. Maybe that's why she's called that. Sae was so dazed that she didn't notice Takamina reach out and grab her shoulder. Not knowing it was Takamina, Sae acted like she was taught in training and quickly turned around and punched Takamina. Takamina fell to the ground out cold.

"Takamina!" Acchan said.

"Sae what did you do?" Sayaka said as she ran over.

"I only did what I was trained to do." Sae said.

"Ahh jeez now we gotta take the midget down to the infirmary. You must be really strong if you were able to knock out Takamina."

"Oh my gosh I am so sorry!"

"Don't worry I'll explain everything to Takamina when she wakes up."

Sae couldn't help but feel guilty for knocking out her captain on the first day. That's one way to make a good impression. Sae wondered if she'll make it.
"Dad if you're watching this, I just wanted to tell you I've finally reached my goal and I hope you watch over for me from now on. Because right now, things might not be looking too good. I can't believe I punched my captain!"

Well there's the prolouge. Let me know what you think before I move on!

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Re: Genking Deka Prolouge [New Story]
« Reply #210 on: July 10, 2012, 05:45:31 PM »
Saechan is so cute as always!! Looks like she's do other stupid things in the next chapter! Loving rookie Sae!

Looking forward to more Saeyaka!!!

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Re: Genking Deka Prolouge [New Story]
« Reply #211 on: July 10, 2012, 06:14:36 PM »
waaa the fic is already finish?? and this is a new story?
I'm so late!
sorry miyu..
I'm just busy in my upcoming story too  :cry:

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Re: Genking Deka Prolouge [New Story]
« Reply #212 on: July 10, 2012, 10:38:13 PM »
LOL the image of Takamina taking down people who are probably taller and bigger than her is hilarious. But, yay, I'm guessing from the first chapter this means it's going to be Sae centered.

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Re: Genking Deka Prolouge [New Story]
« Reply #213 on: July 11, 2012, 06:57:37 AM »
ow.. I  :heart: it!!! this is very interesting!! :twothumbs lol, poor Takamina  :rofl:

please update soon!  :heart: :yep:

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Re: Genking Deka Chapter 1
« Reply #214 on: July 11, 2012, 05:53:32 PM »
Hello everyone! Sorry you haven't heard from me in a while but I've just been busy. Anyways, here's the first chapter. I hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1

It's been a week since Sae started working for the police department. She's finally starting to settle after her first day's incident. The captain said it was fine but Sae still couldn't help but feel guilty. She's been getting along great with her partner Sayaka. Because she's new, she's been doing minor cases like robberies. But she has yet to be assigned to her first murder.

"Hey Sae, Sayaka I need you two over here." Takamina said.

Sae and Sayaka walked over.

"Sayaka you're needed down town for a murder case."

"Ok but what about Sae?" Sayaka asked.

"She still isn't ready yet." Takamina said.

"Alright well then take care Sae."

Sayaka left leaving Sae with Takamina.

"Before you go off solving murders, you need to know the team. Come with me and I'll introduce you to the rest of the team."

Takamina and Sae went in an elevator and went down to the second to last floor. They walked into a lab full of chemicals and machines. Actually Sae hated labs because of all the scary movies she watched but this lab didn't give her that creepy feeling. It was actually kind of homey with the way it was decorated.

"This is the forensic lab. All the evidence is sent here for finger printing or chemical identification. I think you'll like our forensic scientist."

Sae walked in and saw a girl hunched over some chemical. She had long black hair and brown eyes. Sae thought she actually looked kind of cute.

"Hey Yukirin."

"Oh hi Takamina. Is this the new recruit?" she asked.

"Yeah. I"m showing her arround."

"My name is Kashiwagi Yuki and I'm the forensic scientist here. You are always welcome down here in my lab just don't touch anything." she said.

"Yukirin here is very good at what she does. She graduated top of her class and was actually nominated for a couple awards. Yukirin is a very nice person but be careful because she can also get dangerous at times." Takamina said.

"Miyazawa Sae. It's nice to meet you too." Sae said.

"Hey where's Mayuyu?" Takamina asked.

"In the back taking a nap. She should be waking up right about now."

Just then a girl in pink bunny pajamas came out holding a pillow. She didn't even notice Takamina and Sae and just walked over and grabbed some juice from a fridge.

"Uhh Mayuyu."

The girl looked over with a half awake look. When she saw Sae, she froze. She looked like a deer caught in the head lights.

"Mayuyu come over here and introduce youself to the new recruit." Yukirin said.

The girl walked over to Yukirin and leaned against her.

"Hey don't fall asleep on me!"

"The sleeping beauty over there is Watanabe Mayu. She's our computer expert and can find anything online. She's also very good at hacking and finding people. Mayuyu is in the office next to Yukirin and it's always dark and cold. Whenever there is a big case, Mayuyu doesn't sleep until it's solved. We just recently solved a case and now she's in her recharging phase." Takamina said.

"Is she a cyborg?" Sae thought.

"Uh I am Miyazawa Sae. It's nice to meet you."

Mayuyu pulled out a pair of glasses to get a better look at Sae. She examined her from top to bottom and then finally said,

"No threat detected."


Mayuyu then took her pillow and went back to her room.

"Sorry she does that when she meets new people. If she detects a threat then she won't talk to you. If she doesn't then she won't bother you." Yukirin said.

"That girl really is a robot." Sae thought.

"Well let's go meet the others then. There are still four other people for you to meet. I'll see you in a while Yukirin." Takamina said.

"You too. It was nice meeting you Sae!"

"You too!!"

Sae couldn't help but feel a little happy thinking about Yukirin. The next department they were visiting was the firing range. There was no one down there which was very strange. But then Sae could feel something grabbing her butt. Sae reacted by grabbing the hand of whoever and flipped them over.


Sae looked down and saw a girl with medium brown hair squirrel teeth. She was about the same height as Takamina.

"What was that for?" she asked.

"I'm sorry I didn't know who you were." Sae said.

"Well this is Oshima Yuko. She's our weapons expert and a excellent shooter. She also works on the bomb squad. Oh and she's also a little of a pervert." Takamina said.

"Nice you meet you! By the way, you have very nice legs." Yuko said.

"Nice to meet you too." Sae said blushing.


Just then another woman walked in. She had long brown hair and brown eyes. She was very beautiful.


Yuko jumped up and practically clung herself to the woman.

"This is Kojima Haruna. She's on the bomb squad and also works down here with Yuko. There hasen't been a single time when Haruna has failed to deactivate a bomb. When she's deactivating a bomb she's totally focused but when she's not she's practically an air head and is constantly spacing out." Takamina said.

"Hey! I don't space out all the time!" Haruna said.

"Nyannyan don't listen to them! You're perfect just the way you are to me!" Yuko said trying to kiss Haruna.

"Ahh Yuko not here!"

"Uh we'll be leaving now. Just so you know this is Sae and she's happy to meet you all. Sae let's go."

"Wait don't leave me with her!"

"Come on Nyannyan let's have some fun!"

"Is it safe to leave those two together?" Sae asked.

"Yeah Yuko doesn't go too far with Haruna. They actually get along quite well." Takamina said.

"Ok I'm just worried about Haruna."

"Don't worry. Now let's go to the bottom floor. There's still two people left you have to meet."

They took an elevator all the way down. When they stepped out, Sae felt a sudden chill in her body.

"This is the morgue where all the bodies go to for autopsies." Takamina said.

Sae walked in and almost hurled at what she was seeing. There standing over a disected body was a girl with a helmet and gloves.

"Hey Rena!"

"Oh hi Takamina."

The girl took off her gloves and apron. Then she took off her helmet and walked over. Sae got a better look at the girl and noticed she had long black hair like Yukirin only her eyes were smaller. She was also very pale and looked like she barely had any blood in her.

"This is Matsui Rena and she's the medical examiner. She does the autopsies here and is very good at finding what killed the victum." Takamina said.

"It's nice to meet you." she said.

"Hey where's Jurina?"

"In the back getting the bone saw."

"Rena I got it!"

Sae looked over and saw a girl with short black hair and brown eyes. She walked over with a small saw in her hands.

"This is Rena's assisstant Matsui Jurina. They're not related but they share the same name." Takamina said.


Sae thought the two looked a lot like sisters.

"Nice to meet you." Jurina said smiling at Sae.

"Nice to meet you too." Sae said.

Sae thought Jurina's smile was like a cats.

"Well if you excuse me I have work to be done. Jurina hand me the saw." Rena said.

"Here you go."

"You may want to leave."

Sae and Takamina high tailed it out of there but Sae could still hear the sound of bones crushing which made her sick.

"Well that's everyone. Do you think you'll like them?" Takamina asked.

"Yeah. I like Yukirin a lot but I don't know what to do with Mayuyu. Yuko maybe a pervert but she's nice too and so is Haruna. Rena is nice too but she kind of scares me. Oh and Jurina too." Sae said.

"Don't worry. When you're assigned your first murder case, then you'll really start to like them. Just give it time."

"I hope so."

"In the mean time, how about we go get lunch?"


As Sae walked off with Takamina, she couldn't help but feel a little better now knowing her team little more. Sae thought that made the right choice becoming a detective.

Well there's chapter 1! I hope you all liked it and thought it was interesting. And again, you may not hear from me much because I've been busy with packing my things. I'm moving so the whole process is stressful. Again please tell me what you think and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible!

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Re: Genking Deka update Chapter 1
« Reply #215 on: July 11, 2012, 06:14:21 PM »
ok, I liked this chapter very very much! I only have a plea to do.... :bingo:

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS IT BE MAYUKI!!!!!! I DON'T REALLY LIKE SAEYUKI.......SOOOOO PLEASEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!

just tell me it will be Mayuki please!!??? :ptam-cry: :OMG: :pleeease: :on comhere:
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Re: Genking Deka update Chapter 1
« Reply #216 on: July 11, 2012, 06:44:23 PM »
Heh, I have to agree with yuukimoko there I'm not much of a Saeyuki fan either. Of course I'll still read it though if you decide to go that route.
Anyways, somehow Yuko being part of the bomb squad really fits her haha.

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Re: Genking Deka update Chapter 1
« Reply #217 on: July 11, 2012, 07:07:53 PM »
I'm gonna join the pleas and say please let it be MaYuki! SaeYuki never sat well with me but of course I will still support this story no matter what.

Anyway, interesting introduction of the characters. I'm glad the main cast is the same as Mad House's! Mayuyu's reaction at being caught half-awake by Sae cracked me up! And pink bunny pajamas? Most adorable cyborg girl ever! Sae got to stop checking Yukirin out if not Mayuyu will zap her with laser :twisted:

Keep up the fine work. I'm looking forward to the next update!

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Re: Genking Deka update Chapter 1
« Reply #218 on: July 11, 2012, 08:26:49 PM »
Yes I agree with Yuukimoko :deco: too.

Because in the Mad House Mayuki was toooo KYAAA :luvluv1: :luvluv1:!!!

Your Mayuki is so beautiful. I like Saeyuki BUT I love Mayuki xD
Mayukiiiiiiii !!!!!!!

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Re: Genking Deka update Chapter 1
« Reply #219 on: July 11, 2012, 08:33:01 PM »
So good, i love the introduction of everyone so much xD

Especially the WMatsui, lol never thought that they'd do this job

Also, the Mayuki is just so cute <3 Mayu fell asleep on Yuki lol More Mayuki please

Thank you, update soon please xD

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