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Author Topic: Super Delicate OS (JuriMayu)  (Read 2972 times)

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Super Delicate OS (JuriMayu)
« on: November 12, 2012, 03:37:47 PM »
While I was browsing through my iPad's documents, I found a long lost JuriMayu fic which was made last May~ And I'm sorry if I have some grammatical errors or such. I didn't want to edit it using an iPad~

PS: Jurina = Jun

Super Delicate

On a dark and cold night, a black shadow strode across the dark halls of the seeming palace.  Ignoring his subjects’ greetings, he met across a dirty peasant that trespassed into his grounds.

“Oh? What do we have here?” He knelt down to the peasant’s height and pulled his chin up

“Great lord! I have come to ask for help!” The peasant bowed down to him as he stood up.

“At this hour? You have such an amusing personality.” He chuckled as the peasant kissed his shoe

“I came at this hour because I heard you weren’t active at day, my lord.” The royal smirked

“And, where did you hear that from?”

“From the outsiders, my lord.” The smirk on his face got wider

“And, do you know what I am?” The big, round and full moon was finally shone through the mist, revealing the royal boy’s true form.

“Red-eyed demon, who strides at night and feeds… on blood.” His laugh echoed throughout the halls

“I’d rather prefer the term ‘creature’ than ‘demon’, good sir.” He reached out his hand for the peasant. “Come on. Say it.”

“V-Vampire..” He patted the peasant’s head and offered his hand again “Allow me to help you stand up.” The peasant hesitated at first but when he touched the royal boy’s hand, warmth shot up throughout his body despite the royal boy was half-dead!

“There you go.” As the peasant stood up before him, he supported him until his subjects took in charge “Take him to an empty room. I want him clean before dawn. Understood?”

“Yes, my lord.” His subjects scurried across the halls despite the heavy peasant. Once their backs weren’t seen, he strode the halls once again but this time with blood thirsty eyes.

------- o3o -------

Pen and finger taps echoed throughout the silent room. Shone in their eyes were confusion and frustration. And why were they confused? Because their prince has made a very big decision that will bring great depression to their own kind.

“… So?” None of them dared to speak to the feisty prince. They were too afraid… except one.

“Prince Jun, I object this absurd decision!!” The prince shifted his attention to the awfully brave, General Takayanagi Akane who abruptly stood up. The prince chuckled and wavered his hand

“And why do you object, General Takayanagi?” He played with his fingers once again as the general starts to explain

“Supposedly, we are Vampires! And Vampires don’t try to help or even get along with humans! Those filthy humans!” The other Vampires agreed with the general but the prince merely laughed and pierced his gaze with his red blood eyes at the general

“First,” he stood up and walked slowly to the general “Maybe… you forgot about the truce, General Takayanagi.” He stopped and leaned on the wall and played with his finger nails “Second, in the honour of the Matsui clan, I shall make changes to our being. Third, isn’t it nice to be helpful some while?” He started walking again “Fourth, HUMANS… are not filthy.” He stopped and stared arrogantly at the general “And fifth, maybe you are just scared of humans, General Takayanagi Akane?” The other vampires laughed at the general causing him to blush in embarrassment.

“Well, I guess we could give it a try.” Matsui Rena, the prince’s sister smiled and agreed joyfully.

“And I second the motion.” Yagami Kuu, one of the major officials gave the prince thumbs up.

The prince smiled and decided to stop playing on the general. He went back to his seat and motioned the general to sit “Well, if someone did disagree then, I still would not have approved to stop this decision. Therefore, tomorrow the chosen officials including myself will venture into Akiba kingdom and help them restore their needs.”

“Yes, Lord Matsui!” They all said in agreement

“And, do maintain my kingdom, Rena.” Rena nodded “Oh, and to those who will come tomorrow, make sure to clench your thirsts.”


“Then, all dismissed.” The Vampires bowed down and left the room leaving the royal boy to himself. He sat down and read the documents with a grin plastered on his face.

“Watanabe Mayu, huh? This is going to be interesting.” His blood red eyes glowed in the darkness.

------- o3o -------

It took exactly 4 hours to get to Akiba Kingdom. Along with the 4 officials, Yagami Kuu, Takayanagi Akane, Furukawa Airi, and Kizaki Yuria, plopped down from their horses. The other Vampires that were chosen to help were getting their things loaded. The last one out was the fierce prince, himself. He straightened his cloak and kept a tight hold on the documents.

“ Alright. Is everybody set?” The prince smirked excitedly

“Hai!” His smirk got wider

“Then, onto your horses, friends! And rush to help!”  They all raced for the palace, startling the villagers. One of the knights dashed into a child which made the child fall on his bottom.

“Are you okay?” The royal boy made the child stand up.

“I… I’m okay.” The child just stared wondrously into the prince’s blood red eyes

“Okay. Be careful, then.” The prince patted the child’s head and got back onto his horse.

------- o3o -------

The emperor and the officials stared fearfully at the prince’s blood red eyes. They wondered about why they consulted a Vampire kingdom for help. The prince felt amused about how the humans were so afraid of creatures unlike them. They weren’t really that unlike. Only that, Vampires feed on blood and live for more than 500 years.

“Please don’t stare at me like that. I’m just like everyone in this room.” The prince flashed a charming smile which seemed to win the women’s hearts already.

“Ehemm…” The Emperor started “You must be—“ The emperor was cut off

“Prince Matsui Jun of Sakae Kingdom.” The Emperor looked at him ponderously

“And how old might you be, Prince Matsui?”

“My age does not matter in this occasion. But if it’s for your own thirst of curiosity, then I might just be living 15 yrs old for centuries now. “ He smirked and rested his arms on the table.

The humans’ eyes widened “Anyway, we are so grateful that your kingdom is helping us in restoring our fields and our needs. Thank you so much, Prince Matsui.” The Emperor stood up and bowed which made the others repeat his actions.

“It’s truly our honour to help you.” The prince smiled as they all sat down

“Do you mind if I ask any questions regarding... your kind?” The Emperor looked at him curiously

“Well, let’s see. Do we feed on blood? Yes, we do. But we feed on pig’s blood for the time being. Can we walk on broad daylight? Obviously, yes. Can we see our reflections in the mirror? Oh, I apply gel into my hair every day. Are we immortal? No. We just live for more than a hundred or thousand years. Anything else?” He smiled as the Emperor’s mouth was left agape

“… Would you hurt us..?” The Emperor looked down

A heart-warming smile appeared on the prince’s face “Definitely, no. We abide by the eternal truce.” By the last sentence he said, the humans were left smiling in glory

“Thank you so much, Prince Matsui Jun! You have our trust!” The Emperor announced and the prince nodded in agreement “What can we give you in return, Prince Matsui?”

“Well,” The prince browsed through the documents and grinned when he saw what he was searching for “I want to befriend this ‘Watanabe Mayu’.” Their eyes widened

The Emperor sighed “…Very well.”

------- o3o -------

She stared intently at the person in front of her who was smiling at her… amusingly. He sort of had this cat-like smile plastered on his face and oh, how did he look perverted! His smile was intimidating and shows that he was a player. In fact, she told herself not to get associated with this guy and get this done for.

“So, what are we here for exactly..?” The prince sat straight, crossed his legs and did the same with his arms.

“Well, I want to be friendly to humans for a change..?” He smirked receiving a confused look from the girl

“And you’re using me as some kind of practice-doll..?” He giggled causing her to glare at him

“No. I wouldn’t use such a fair lady as yourself… a mere practice-doll.” Instead of making her feel better, her glare strengthened.

“What are you trying to say, demon?” The smile on the prince’s face turned into a poker face. He stood up and walked around the room

“ I just want to be your friend… Isn’t that alright, Miss Watanabe?” He stopped behind the couch and leaned to stare right into the girl’s eyes

The girl blushed and looked away “That’s Princess Watanabe to you, demon!” He rushed to the side

“And that’s Prince to you, also.” He tried to flash a good smile “I’m Matsui Jun.”

“I’m,” she took a glance at the royal boy and turned away again “…Watanabe Mayu.” Jun walked towards Mayu and took her hand “H-Hey—“ Before she could say anything, Jun kissed her hand softly.

“It’s a pleasure to finally meet you, Princess Mayu.” Jun looked at Mayu with convincing eyes but she just wouldn’t afford to trust him. Jun sat down next to Mayu but she scooted away from him. The cycle has been repeating for over minutes.

“Oh, come on, Mayu. What don’t you like about me?” Jun stared at her with puppy eyes

“I just can’t trust a Vampire, okay?! I just can’t stand them!” Mayu scooted away from him again causing him to feel conscious of himself

“Then,” Jun scooted next to her and slid his arm around her waist and held it firmly “What do you suggest I do to make you trust me?”

Mayu tried to pry Jun’s hands away but it clicked in her mind that this is a Vampire she’s dealing with “Why are you so desperate about my trust?! Geez!” She kept on prying anyway

Jun leaned into Mayu, successfully catching her attention “You knew from the start that I like you.” Mayu blushed and stopped prying.

“What’s there to like about me? I’m just a spoiled brat who never meets her father’s expectations. Instead, a Vampire clan comes in and does it for her!!” Tears started flowing down from her perfectly shaped eyes. Jun’s heart suddenly started aching. The last thing he wanted to do was make Mayu cry. Taking the initiative as a man, he pulled her in for a hug. “Stop! I don’t want to feel your pity!” Mayu tried to hit Jun but his reflexes caught her hands.

“Shh… This is not pity. It’s merely love.” He gently wrapped Mayu’s hands around his neck, and he wrapped his arms around Mayu’s waist. Sobs could be heard all over the room.

“.. Why are you doing this…?” Mayu silently whispered

“Doing what?”

“Helping my kingdom. I mean, aren’t Vampires supposed to hate Humans?”

Jun chuckled softly “There are also Vampires who think of humans as friends too. And are there any humans who think of Vampires as friends?”

“I’m not sure..” Jun pulled away from the hug and smiled at Mayu who was pouting

“Okay. Stop crying now, alright?” He kissed Mayu’s eyes causing her to blush so hard “And don’t pout. A girl is best when smiling.” He stood up and offered Mayu his hand.

“Well, it’s already twilight. I promised your father to bring you back at this time.” Mayu hesitated at first but she took his hand anyway. She felt as if it was cold yet warm at the same time. It was never something to be comfortable of but she felt safe and sound. Even it’s just his hand. “Well, let’s go. I have to do work too, you know.”

“Right…” As soon as they reached Mayu’s room, Jun kissed her hand before releasing them.

“I’ll see you when I see you.” He bowed before her and turned away but before he could go, Mayu got hold of his wrist.

“Thank you for your support, Jun-sama…” Jun grinned and patted her head. Then, he disappeared in the darkness.

------- o3o -------

A week had passed since the restoring of the fields in Akiba kingdom. More Vampires from Sakae had come in Jun’s command. The fields are working up and the Vampires and humans are surely getting along. On the other hand, the prince was discussing some matters about more provisions.

“So, here is what we decided on, Prince Matsui. The fields are getting to its previous state and the needs of my people are getting better like before. So, I suggest we do this and—“ The Emperor was talking about all sorts of stuff while demonstrating them. The others were listening attentively, but only Mayu could catch Jun’s attention. Mayu was writing down what was written on the screen but Jun kept on bugging her. Jun wrote something on a piece of paper and he sent it flying to Mayu’s direction without anyone noticing.

I feel weak but everything becomes brighter when I see you.

Mayu blushed as she saw the statement written on the paper. She glanced at Jun and he winked at her causing her to turn away.

“Prince Matsui,” The Emperor called for Jun

“Hmm yes?” Jun shifted his attention to the old Watanabe.

“So, what do you suggest we do?” Jun took a glance at the board and smirked

“Well, easy. We should hold a campaign and make the people here work with us too since it’s pretty hard to work with the number of people and Vampires despite the huge amount. This work is too much for them to handle but if you add up some people, it would be quite easy.” Jun fiddled with his pen as the others agreed with his decision.

“Very well. We shall grant that decision.” The Emperor nodded

“Thank you.”

“I suggest Mariko and Yuko, you may plan for the campaign.” The mentioned people nodded “Alright. That’s it for today. Dismissed.” They all bowed down and rushed out leaving Jun alone in the darkness. His eyes were glowing red but then, Mayu went in.

“Jun-sama..?” Jun turned to the heart-warming voice and put on his best smile

“Hello, beautiful.” Mayu frowned at Jun’s smile. Bags were under his eyes and he looked pale. During the day, when he’s supposed to be sleeping, he would spend the day with Mayu and attend meetings. And at night, he would work to preserve the fields.

“Jun, are you okay?” She sat down beside him and cupped his cheek

“Of course! I’m okay, Mayuyu.. I’m just… I’m just hungry.. that’s all.”His eyes were becoming redder but he hid it as he covered his eyes.

“Jun, hungry for what exactly..?” Mayu took Jun’s hands away from his eyes and to her surprise, they were glowing furiously red. “J-Jun.. wh-what’s h-happening to your e-eyes..?!” Jun’s fangs started showing

“Run! Run now! Before.. Before I do anything stupid!” Jun pushed Mayu away but Mayu wanted to help. Instead, she locked the door and got closer to Jun whenever she could.

“Mayu, please! Go away!” Mayu pushed him down the couch and calmed him down. His panting echoed all over the dark room

“Calm down, Jun…” Mayu hugged Jun as tight as she could. Jun got closer to Mayu’s neck and couldn’t help but smell the sweet blood. “Do it. Do it, now. I need you to keep on living, Jun.”

“You know, this could hurt so much. And this is something I don’t want to do to you.” Jun’s fangs started growing again

“This is my decision. My blood and life. And I’m offering it to you. So, please… do it.” Jun couldn’t help it anymore. He sunk his sharp fangs into Mayu’s white skin despite the wrongs that could happen to Mayu.  Being the demon he was inside, he indulged Mayu’s sweet blood. Mayu started to feel weak but luckily, Jun still had his presence of mind and stopped after a few more minutes. He started licking Mayu’s neck everywhere until Mayu realized he wasn’t licking, anymore. He was kissing her neck.

She pried Jun to stop as she stifled her moans to the very talented tongue he had “J-Jun, we could get caught you know..!” Jun stopped and looked deeply into Mayu’s eyes. He smirked

“So, you want to do it too?” Mayu’s eyes widened

“What?! N-No—“ Before she could say another word, Jun captured her lips into a chaste kiss. Before Mayu could return the action, he released her lips.

He smiled and licked his lips “Thank you.” He nuzzled her neck making her giggle

“You have to live. You’re the only one who cares.”

“Who said I was going to die?” Jun laughed making Mayu pout. Jun saw this action “Stop pouting! Your lips will look kissable!” This time, it was Mayu who laughed

“You’re quite cheeky, aren’t you?”

“Being cheeky is in my nature.” As when Jun was about to capture her lips again, the door went banging

“Lord Matsui! Danger is present! A war has been made!!” Both of their eyes widened and Jun stood up.

“Alright! Set up the Vampires for battle!”

“Yes, my Lord!” Jun led Mayu into a spacious closet.

“Jun, what’s going on?!“

“Listen, it’s dangerous to go out. Whatever happens, stay here and stay safe, alright?” Mayu looked at Jun with anxious eyes

“But what about you? Why won’t you stay with me here?!”

“I’m sorry but I can’t. Someone has to protect your kingdom, right?”

“No, Jun! You must stay here with me!”

“I promise I will be back in one piece, okay?” Mayu started crying. Jun wrapped his arms around her and the scene in where they first met repeated. “Please, believe in me…”

“ I will. I love you, okay?” Mayu stared into those sparkling red-blood eyes.

“That’s all I needed you to say. I love you, Mayu. Stay safe.” Jun kissed her forehead and summoned all the courage that he could muster. Then, he locked the door safely and went out to battle.

------- o3o -------

Stiffled sobs could be heard around the closet but let’s just hope it won’t be heard outside. It has been hours and Mayu could hear horrified screams every too often. Just how strong could the opponent be? I mean, they’re against some Vampires here. She has been itching to get out of this closed space area and go help her people. But she’s afraid. She’s afraid because she might be a burden.


Mayu gasped and saw a black shadow illuminated by the moon. With blood red eyes, she knew who this was in every moment.


Before Jun could reach Mayu, he tripped but Mayu caught him. She didn’t know she had that strength within her.

“Jun-sama, are you okay?!” Mayu cupped both of his cheeks and tears threatened to stream down. But she had to be strong.

“I’m okay.” Jun smiled and they just stared at each other lovingly. But Jun being weak from battle, couldn’t use his powers well enough, the opponent took advantage.

“Jun!” Mayu looked at the man in front of them who was soaked in dried blood. Jun stood up but the man stabbed him before he could use his powers. Jun fell to the side and Mayu’s insides felt like tearing apart. Looking at Jun weak and hurt was making Mayu angry and the smell of blood somehow smelt… attracting. Without warning, Mayu lunged at the man. The man tried to stab Mayu but Mayu somehow swiftly caught the knife and threw it away. Now, the man was hopeless. She  got closer to the man’s neck and then, suddenly she sunk her fangs which she did not know she had into the man’s rough skin, draining all the blood he had. Once he was out cold, Jun pulled Mayu into his embrace.

“Mayu, I’m sorry! I’m sorry I did this to you!” Jun didn’t get a response. “Mayu?” He looked at Mayu and tears were streaming down. Her expression didn’t show any hurt, though. That’s when Jun threatened to read her mind. But when he did, there wasn’t anything to be shown at all.

“Mayu! What’s wrong? Are you okay?” Mayu turned to look at Jun and her eyes glowed like Jun’s

“Jun-sama,” Mayu covered her mouth “What… have I done?” She looked at Jun with a horrified expression

“It’s not your fault, Mayu… It’s mine. I’m responsible for all that happened. From sucking your blood to being weak and not being able to kill him myself!” Jun sighed and turned his face away from Mayu’s gaze. “I just don’t know what the importance of living your life while you still have it.”

“No. You might’ve taken half of my life away but I want to spend the other half in eternity… with you.” Jun snapped his head too look at Mayu shockingly.

“Are you serious…?” Mayu shook her head in disapproval making Jun’s mouth fall agape

“There’s this side of me that I show only to you and only you. You were the one who made me realize the purpose in my life. That I shouldn’t give up. I love the way you make me smile and support me through these obstacles even for such a short period of time. But I don’t need to worry about time. I can spend all the rest of my eternity with you. I owe my life to you, Jun. “ Mayu cupped Jun’s cheek and showed him a reassuring smile

“So, you’re not mad at me…?”

“I’m not mad at you. I’m in love with you!” Jun blushed and bit his lip

“Does this mean that I can do… ‘it’ to you now?”  Jun smiled playfully making Mayu fluster “But you know I really am serious. I want to love every little bit of you.” Jun crawled on top of Mayu and captured her lips into a chaste kiss until…

“Lord Matsui~~” A high toned pitch of a man had called out

“Eh?” Both Mayu and Jun looked at the creature who was namely, Kimoto Kanon had his jaw dropped

“Err... Uhh... Etto… Umm…  I... I uh… SHIT! I’M SORRY FOR INTERRUPTING!” He ran away from the closet and another visitor peeked her head out

“Please excuse Kimoto-kun, My Lord.” Furukawa Airi smiled “And do take your time.” Jun smiled and signalled Airi to get the body out and close the closet.

Mayu had thought…

“I thought we had eternity! Why do this now?!”


Lol the end was such a troll. I'm a troll then and now~ Troll for life, guys! 8DD -Like a Boss-
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Re: Super Delicate OS (JuriMayu)
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2013, 09:50:18 AM »

>hELLO ChuuuPuffss :D

>Sorry for late comment :D

>I really like this fiction of yours :D

>I really love all of your fanfiction :D

.Please make again a OS of WMatsui and MaYuki

.Thank You

.Waiting for it :D

I am a fan of AkB48.

I really love their songs.

I really like their fan fiction.

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Re: Super Delicate OS (JuriMayu)
« Reply #2 on: July 21, 2013, 06:56:28 PM »
Wow! I remember reading this fiction last year when I didn't even join the forum and was only writing "Disappearance Season 1" fiction at the time. Never knew that it would be you, Baby Chiyuu! :shocked:

Mama Black here really loved this fiction! It was one of the few fictions that I really loved and remember when I was first introduced into the fan fiction world of the 48 Group. :cathappy: JuriMayu is so cute and adorable~ And it was quite shocking when Mayu turned into a vampire since Jun needed blood. But at least the two were together~ :deco: It was really funny when Kimoto Kanon came in at the wrong timing and freaked out when both Mayu and Jun were going to have their lovey-dovey scenario. XD

I enjoyed it greatly! :deco:

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Re: Super Delicate OS (JuriMayu)
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Uwahhh ~~~ I want that continuation at the end

Love this fic~~
mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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