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(Band) ToXic (톡식)
« on: August 27, 2012, 08:11:30 AM »
Promoting these babes because they are my 2nd obsession after AKB. And it's 3AM I have no idea what I'm doing.

ToXic are a 2-man band founded in 2010 (currently) signed under TnC Entertainment. Before August 2012 they were under DMZ Family, an indie label. They won Top Band Season 1, something like American Idol except it's for bands (duh). The band consists of Kim Jungwoo - vocal/guitar/keyboard and Kim Seulong - drummer/vocals.

This band caught the audience's attention with the taste of uniqueness they gave to their covers of famous songs such as Hotel California, Icky Thump and Coffee Shop.

However, their most well-known cover is Sand Pebbles' 나 어떡해

Thanks to Top Band, they were able to record two original songs "" and "". Until now, they haven't released anything besides those two original songs and 나 어떡해 studio version, but they say they are working on their first mini-album and recently articles say it's going to be released on september-october.

Pics. Because we all like them.

Can't be seen in the pics I chose to upload, but Seulong changes his hairstyle(and color) almost every week. That bastard.

Official website/fanclub -
Twitter - | (jungwoo) | (Seulong)
My shameless self promotion -

Hope y'all become fans of them even tho they are flops.

all gifs posted are by me.
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