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Author Topic: MAJI no Fight. (VERY BELATED) RENA-sama's and (present) YUKO-sama's B-days' OS  (Read 3584 times)

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Minna!!!! Sakuchan is back!!!  :gmon hi:

I am coming with a blast, like promised. Well, I hope you find this piece interesting :gmon bang:

Also, Yuko-sama, congratulations on your Birthday~  :gmon flowers:

I will post another present for you today or tomorrow (depends on real life issues...)  :gmon heartu:

Rena-sama, gomennasai for this WAY BELATED present...  :gmon tears:

I was working on this one shot since February and now finally it sees the daylight~  :gmon sing:

Thank you Miyumi, for co-writing the fighting scenes  :gmon nya:

And a huge thank you for nori because it was he who pushed me to continue writing this (I was about to give up due to the lack of inspiration, but he helped me to get back on my feet)  :gmon shy:

Third thank you goes to my dear katekyohit, who proofread this for me  :gmon love:

The last thank you goes to my fans, who were very patient and waited for my comeback for such a long time...  :gmon sweet:

Well, hope you enjoy this story, though I have to warn you... It's +5000 words!!! So far my biggest written piece~  :gmon twirl:

Without further ado, I present to you, MAJI no Fight~ :gmon milk:

(the will see for yourselves~  :gmon hot:

MAJI no Fight

She was waiting by the riverbank for three hours now. The person who she was supposed to meet was late for two hours and fifty minutes already and Rena felt frustrated. They agreed on a friendly date; Sae was supposed to take her to the movies but the said girl still was nowhere to be seen and she didn’t even answer Rena’s calls. The raven haired girl gritted her teeth for the nth time in those three hours. She prepared for today with a special care. The girl was wearing a white dress with a light brown belt and matching sandals. Her hair was tied in two low-loose ponytails, nails neatly polished. Rena had a brown bag over her shoulder and a silver watch on her right wrist.

The girl frowned and looked around. There were many people by the river and it made her all the more vexed because she hated crowded places; of course, there were some exceptions. To think she sacrificed herself for the person who was so late… Suddenly she felt vibrations coming from inside the bag and she sighed. The girl picked her phone from inside the bag and noticed a message came. The sender’s name on the screen was not the one she expected though and came at the wrong time. At least Sae could have left her the message with the explanation of why she’s late or that she won’t be coming. Now of course she knew the message had totally different contents inside and all uninterested the girl opened it.
[You have a job.]

The girl scoffed and gripped tightly the hem of her dress. Rena wanted to ditch this job really badly as she still had hopes of Sae coming to meet her. However, when she was about to put the phone away another message came. Its contents made Rena’s heart stop.

[I heard someone named Gakuran is being beaten there. You should hurry. –address–]

Her eyes widened and the phone fell down on the pavement. The raven haired girl was so afraid right now…afraid to lose Sae… She might even be too late to save her… The Ikemen girl could be even… The ‘d word’ was the worst case scenario and Rena didn’t really want to think about such an outcome. The pale girl’s terrified gaze stared at the river, her shaking hands clutching onto the railing tightly. A headache crept up slowly and then exploded vastly inside her head. It was extremely painful and nearly unbearable. It felt like many sledgehammers were being rammed onto her head while at the same time being stabbed with a sharp dagger with it being inside the hole it made.

Rena couldn’t stand the pain anymore and screamed, unable to take in the ache. The raven haired girl began hearing voices and she knew what was about to come. Whispers in her head were becoming more powerful screams which only made the headache turn even stronger than before. She held onto the railing so tightly that her hands became paler than ever. Matsui was afraid to move even an inch; she didn’t even flutter an eyelid. Her breathing was haggard and her voice came out raspy when all of the sudden she screamed with all her might.


Then, after few minutes of silence, she opened her eyes. Some minutes ago, while Rena was still fighting the pain, people were considering the thought of helping her. She looked fragile, scared, lonely and weak. Now some of them were making clever decision – hiding kids, leaving the park, going further away from Rena. It was a wise decision because her eyes now were dark and cold, and a wide devious smile was apparent on her face. The air suddenly became cold, even though it was midsummer and the sun was shining really brightly. Rena began biting on her nails which was followed by a fit of giggles. In between the giggles and the sounds of nails clicking the word ‘BUKKOROSU’ slipped out of her mouth, though it was in a playful manner.

The people who were still around stared at her in a weird way, probably thinking she ran away from the asylum. However, the raven haired girl did not pay any attention to them because she was already thinking about the job that awaited her. Rena started walking towards the direction she needed when suddenly someone lightly tapped her leg. With an amused expression on her face Matsui turned around only to find a small girl standing in front of her, holding a mobile phone towards the crazy girl. Even in her crazy mode Rena loved kids and she never hurt them. She giggled and squatted down so to face the little one.

“Nee…what’s your name?” the raven haired girl asked while biting on her nails and tilted her head.

“Kato Rena desu.” It seemed the girl was not afraid of her at all, unlike most of the people here, and it amazed the crazy girl. “This is your phone, right?”

“Hahaha…” gladly the raven haired was still in Chuukara mode, so her giggling came out rather soft and mild when compared to the usual. “It’s mine~ But…can you hold it for me…? Haha… Nee, would able to bring it here…tomorrow, around the same time?”

“Un. I come here every day to play.” The little Rena smiled and put the phone in her overall’s pocket. “Eto…can I know your name?”

To the older one the kid was really like some newfound land and she giggled even more. The little Rena looked like a smart kid and it captivated the older raven haired a lot.

“Me?.. Hahaha… I’m also Rena… Matsui Rena… Hahaha…”

The little one was enthralled by this discovery and smiled happily.

“Uwa~ Another Rena… Suggoii~”

“Hahaha… Now I have to go… See you tomorrow…”

Younger one nodded her head, waved at the giggling girl and then skipped away. The older Rena was delighted by such a brave girl and stood up while tilting her head to the side. There were only a few people who were not afraid of her Gekikara state, those few being Yuko-san, Maeda-san, Gakuran and Misa-chan. Now this little version of hers could be added to the list. She smiled one last time, then put her hand behind the neck, held it and cracked it. Tossing all the unnecessary thoughts away she left the park and the riverbank, heading towards the address in the message. Slowly from Chuukara she turned into Gekikara; her mind set only on one thing: revenge.


“Fufufu… Yagi, you’re brilliant today~ I don’t even have to do anything except holding your chain or following you around. Keep this up and the boss might make me her main fighter. Fufufu~”

The one being held by the chain grinned and licked her bloody lips in response to her master’s praise. She noticed one man still being able to stand up and shuffled in her spot. Messi cooed gently her pet and then released the chain, which resulted in Yagi beating the man to unconsciousness. Then she returned to the girl with glasses who picked up the chain and held it firmly in her hands.

“Now, let’s head to the upper floor…” Messi suggested and was about to proceed when a huge group of males descended from upstairs. It was not something the girls expected, but they had no time to ponder about it and prepared for the attack. They stood in a fighting stance; the younger one ready to release the hold of the chain any time. The men charged at the girls and Messi let go of the chain. The older one jumped on a few men and started biting on their flesh in delight and with full power. It made other men stare at disbelief at such a sight while those being bitten screamed in agony. No one noticed another person appeared in the hall, biting on her nails and staring at them all with an amused expression.

The men were about to resume fighting with stupor finally leaving them, when suddenly a fit of creepy giggles was heard and all heads turned to its source. Messi’s jaw dropped; the girl just couldn’t believe what she was seeing.

“Masaka…” it was all the youngest one could muster. To have this amazing chance to meet the ‘legendary monster’…she felt blessed.

“Hahahaha…” Gekikara laughed and kept staring at everyone intently.

“What’s this supposed to mean?! You think we are scared of some girls threatening our boss?” one of the braver men shouted and charged at the girl in a white dress. (Well, the guy didn’t know his boss was already unconscious and brutally tied with the wires.)

However, the said girl didn’t even flinch. Instead she playfully swung her brown bag and when the man was ready to punch her, she just easily avoided the attack. She swung the bag even more and every time the man tried to hit her she would avoid him without putting much effort.

“You bitch! You think you are something, huh?!!” Another man shouted and also charged at Gekikara. She just giggled and avoided attacks from both of the men.

“Nee…okotteru?” The creepy girl asked and bit on her nails. Then without any warning she swung the bag really fast and then powerfully hit both men with it. A loud ‘THUD’ resonated in the hall and the two men were knocked out cold instantly. “Hahahahaha…”

More men charged at her while others started fighting against MessiYagi duo. However, even with Gekikara in the house it was clear the men had a better chance to win as there were just too many of them against just three. Maybe, if Messi and Yagi weren’t tired after all the fighting they did before Gekikara came, they could have had an advantage. Yet now, even with the brown bag hitting men unconscious, it was clear who the stronger side was. Gekikara started accepting the punches, lost in her own thoughts about the whereabouts of Gakuran.

And then the clapping was heard. The slow and taunting clapping which made Gekikara come out of her thoughts and just in time block another punch. The action surprised the man and it was an opening for the raven haired girl. She kicked and punched the man with a huge newfound force, then turned towards the source of clapping.

A petite woman with auburn wavy hair and a charming squirrel-like smile descended from upstairs, still clapping and grinning widely. She was in her favorite black baggy pants with golden writings, matching T-shirt and black-brown leopard-print hoodie.

“I thought these men will be stronger but apparently they are really weak. It was easy to beat everyone on the top floors.” She smirked and rushed her hand through her hair. She didn’t have even one bruise and didn’t look tired, yet she claimed she had beaten everyone above them. “Well, let’s finish these few off so we can take Gakuran to hospital.”

“Yuko-san…” Gekikara whispered and seeing gentleness in the petite girl’s eyes made her relax fully. She giggled at the huge gap between those gentle eyes and the serious expression that Rappappa ex-president’s face was emitting. The crazy girl in a matter of minutes recharged herself with a new blast of energy and then both, Gekikara and Yuko, stood back to back, glaring at the men with ‘MAJI’ stares. Messi and Yagi had no other option as to also stand back to back; Messi fixing the position of her glasses and Yagi tugging on her collar in order to show this time they were also going to follow the ‘MAJI’ code. The four of them stared at the men, ready to beat the crap out of them and show that it was better not to mess with them and that one should never underestimate the power of females, especially when they are (ex)members from the too well-known school, Majisuka Jyogakuen.


There were more than two hundred men, all of them as low and useless as the next one. The air grew tense as the men surrounded the four girls and prepared to attack. Gekikara kept biting on her nails, emitting the dark and scary aura, smirking in an evil way and glaring at men with her serious killing gaze. No one wanted to take the first step and the creepy girl decided to start all the fun herself. She cocked her head to the side and spoke in a menacing voice.


She ran out and threw the first punch sending a guy flying back. From that moment on the battle had begun and the fight turned into an all-out brawl.   Because of Yuko's height many of the men tried to attack her, however it all backfired. To their disappointment Yuko was actually stronger than she looked and her being petite let her move in a quicker way. The auburn haired woman ducked to avoid the punch, then spun her leg while standing up and kicked the guy flying, sending him into a nearby wall. She ducked and kicked repeatedly until one of the men managed to grab onto her hair. He was about to pull and ram Yuko into the same wall he hit before, however something big swung in front and slammed him hard onto the ground. The squirrel woman smirked seeing Gekikara holding her precious brown bag. Yuko gave her the thumbs up and then the two went back to fighting for there were still many men left.

"Let's show them the meaning of MAJI!" The ex-leader of Rappappa shouted excitedly and her words were followed by the joyful giggling.

Gekikara reached out and grabbed one of the men by his shoulder. She pulled him towards her and then punched his chest with enough force to send the poor man flying into several other men. She then grabbed two guys by their heads and slammed them together, knocking them out in an instant. Yuko fought as equally, punching and kicking the men with huge force, seemingly enjoying the battle; grin apparent on her face all the time, eyes gleaming brightly.

“Yuko-san!” The giggling girl started swinging her bag and Yuko immediately knew what the black haired wanted to do.

The petite woman grabbed one guy and pushed him hard towards the creepily laughing girl. Gekikara smirked and aimed at the shocked guy. When he was close enough she swung the bag one last time; this time the bag collided with the man’s head, making him pass out from such an impact.

"Home run!" Yuko gleefully exclaimed and winded her fist, punching another guy as equally hard as the brown bag, making him lose consciousness while falling on top of his also knocked out mate.

"Another home run!" The woman jumped up and down; she just couldn’t contain the joy anymore. It’s been awhile since she had this much fun, not to mention this was her first fight after the graduation took place and she went into shadows to regain her strength. While everyone thought she was dead, the squirrel woman got back her previous health and even had some training with Maeda. She would secretly get to jail where Atsuko was still being imprisoned, and have friendly fights, which were agreed on and supervised by the midget detective.

Meanwhile Messi and Yagi were having some fun themselves. Messi was sitting on a huge trashcan watching Yagi beat to unconsciousness most of the men that tried to come near them. However there was one that managed to sneak up behind the sitting girl and was about to hit her. Like a loyal dog, Yagi rushed over and protected the glasses girl. She then was about to take a bite of his flesh, but the man already expected that. He kicked her hard and was ready to deliver another kick but failed at doing so. The slightly staggering Yagi raised her head only to witness a surprising scene. Messi was holding a guy back with a bent metal pipe while her free hand was squeezing the living daylights out of him. It was a rare sight to see Messi fight which brought a smile to Yagi’s face and she smirked even more when the man passed out due to the lack of oxygen.

“You should work harder while protecting me, Yagi.” In a slightly menacing tone Messi pointed out and took a hold of the chain which was secured on a dumpster before. The older one looked at her master with pleading eyes while tugging at the collar around her neck, but the youngest one simply shook her head as a no.

"Not yet, Yagi, not yet. Let's see just what else our senpai-tachi can do and for how long they can keep up like this. Maybe they can finish this fight without us interfering too much." The girl with glasses smirked and returned to sit on the trashcan, while Yagi continued beating those who tried to approach her master.

Over with Yuko and Gekikara, the two were tearing up a storm. Yuko was taking out each guy with a punch and a kick, several at a time. Gekikara was like always being her crazy self, brutally beating the men to a pulp. A number of men ganged up on the raven haired girl trying to take her down together, since she was very strong. However the crazy girl only laughed while accepting a few punches and kicks before suddenly giggling even more maniacally while dodging their attacks. She even managed to send a few of the men flying into a nearby wall. Then the wild girl got a hold of one of the men and knocked him to the ground. Soon afterwards she gripped onto his head and smashed his face hard into the concrete floor. Then she smashed it again. And again, while laughing in an insane manner. Feeling a hand on her shoulder, she was about to knock away its owner until she felt gentle fingers running down the sensitive spot just below her left ear. She stopped ramming poor guy’s head and stood up, observing everyone staring at her with freaked out gazes. She looked apologetically at Yuko, who sighed at such a childish behavior and retracted her fingers from the other girl’s skin.

“Really now, didn’t we have an agreement? There must be a reason to kill. Gakuran is alive, so let’s just give them a lesson. Sae needs to be taken to the hospital, the sooner the better.”

After the squirrel woman lectured her partner, she launched at the still staring guys, bringing them out of their stupor. Gekikara was still highly amused by the entire situation, but she wanted to have more fun. The creepy girl giggled and then reached the place where Messi was sitting. She pushed the girl down and lifted the dumpster, while laughing in her usual crazy manner. The girls had no idea how that ‘psycho’ was able to lift the big trashcan but she did, and then, to their surprise, she threw the dumpster at the men. It landed right on the group of guys who were ganging up on Yuko, knocking them out, while the petite woman simply stood there untouched and smiled.

Seeing how well the other two were doing, Messi decided it was time to step up their game. The girl with the glasses saw how most of the men were drawing out hidden blades. Since they weren't making it a fair fight Messi decided to make it equal. She pulled the chain and Yagi came over to her. The younger one grabbed the collar and then pulled the older one closer.

"Make me proud." She whispered and unhooked the chain from Yagi’s collar. With that a new side of the older girl was awakened and Messi knew she was going to have to keep a close eye on her. “Remember, no killing. We have to show them that we are from Majisuka Jyogakuen, known for mercy and rightful justice.”

With a smirk and understanding nod Yagi dashed off straight into the crowd of men. She ran around, looking for the perfect target and avoiding any of the hits and kicks that were coming at her direction. When she found the man she was searching for, the grinning girl charged and slammed self into him. She then bit his neck and tore off a piece of flesh. The man screamed and others immediately tried to help him but that was when Yagi jumped right onto another guy, clawing her nails into his neck and digging the pieces of flesh out.

Suddenly Yuko barged in between and dragged Yagi further away from the battle, holding her firmly by the collar, whispering calming words into her ear. While the auburn haired woman was dealing with the squirming girl, Gekikara went over to Messi who was sitting on the ground against the wall. The crazy girl grabbed the one with glasses and pushed her into the crowd of men who started swinging their punches. Messi managed to fight them off and then made it back to Gekikara.

"What the hell was that for?! And what is Yuko-san doing with MY Yagi?!"

"You need to learn how to fight without the help of your little dog." Gekikara said, surprising the youngest girl. Well, it’s not like she cannot speak while in crazy mode, but Messi didn’t know she can speak about serious matters.

"I know how to fight." Messi retorted.

"Then prove it." The older raven haired coldly spat out and pushed her back into the crowd.

This time the girl actually got hit and started to get beaten down punch by punch. When she hit the ground the youngest girl was still being kicked repeatedly while Gekikara sat there and watched while smirking. Then eventually something snapped in Messi that made a huge amount of strength explode in her. She got up, taking off her glasses, and started fighting incredibly well, dodging all the attacks and returning the favor, except her punches and kicks reached the targets accurately. She was doing quite well and soon Gekikara got bored of just watching. She stood up and decided to join the fun, dragging Messi out of her way.

The crazy girl charged towards the last group of men and started punching and kicking them like there was no tomorrow, with blood splattering on the walls. She looked like a mass murderer to Messi and the young girl slowly rested her back against the wall, still observing the fight. The men though still were charging at the giggling girl and Gekikara just kept on fighting. Slowly the girl's inner monster started to awaken and she went mad. The raven haired didn't kill but instead caused horrible damage. She tore off limbs and horribly scared most of the men. Some tried to run but none could escape the wrath of Gekikara. She hunted down every last man until there were no conscious guys left. Then the fight was over but the insane girl was still looking for someone to fight.

"HAHAHAHAHA! OKOTTERU?!" She found a still decent looking guy and started beating him nonstop.

"RENA.” This one word, coming from Yuko, was enough to make the crazy girl stop in her actions.

Seeing that Yuko was caressing Yagi’s back, Gekikara giggled and a creepy smile formed on her face. She walked over to Messi and pushed her harder against the wall. When Yagi wanted to escape Yuko’s hold in order to save her master, all Rena did was glare at her and it was enough to make Yagi back down. The raven haired girl giggled and raised Messi up with one hand. She chewed the nails on her other hand and then looked at the youngest girl who was terrified at the moment. Messi saw the unholy horrors that Gekikara was going to do with her just by looking at her. She felt her arms tense up and her legs shake. She could feel her tongue starting to bleed from biting it too much, her hands hurting from her nails digging into her palms. This all was the fear caused just by being looked at by the creepy girl however far from what she could actually do. Then at the same time Gekikara and Yuko released their holds on both girls, resulting in Yagi rushing over to her master.

"Remember this… Despite her being your pet, servant or whatever you call her, she is still human. Learn to take responsibility. Always back her up in fights. Only then Yamamoto might make you her main fighter, of course, not before you finish school." Yuko lectured.

Messi and Yagi kept silent and only nodded their heads. A now harmless and innocent Rena pulled on Yuko's sleeve with watery eyes.

"Let’s go and see Sae." The auburn haired woman understood the raven haired girl and patted her head. “It was nice meeting you, girls. We should fight again sometime, but just us."

With that being said Yuko smiled and then together with Rena left.   


Rena adjusted the soft pillows and then carefully helped Sae lean on them. Her hand unconsciously brushed past the short hair that Ikemen possessed, blushing at the thought of how handsome her friend was. The raven haired then sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the smiling girl.

“How are you?” She asked, slightly worried.

“The best, because Rena-chan is here~” Gakuran beamed a charming smile. “And how are you?”

“I am fine. Mariko-sama is the best at treating wounds. And I feel no pain, remember?” The younger one grinned.

“Uh-huh. Glad to know you’re okay.” The Ikemen girl took a hold of Rena’s hand. “While lying there all beaten I was more worried about you than about myself… Thinking, what if she is there all alone and she can’t handle all of them…”

“Do you really think of me as of a weakling?” Rena scrunched her eyebrows. “I shall show you Gekikara’s wrath, my dear Sae-chan.”

“Mhm, why it sounds so inviting, I wonder…”

They both blushed and looked away from each other, their fingers still intertwined when suddenly the doors flung open and a somewhat small girl ran inside, latching herself on surprised Rena and hugging her like a koala eucalyptus tree. Matsui, upon realizing who was the over attached creature simply smiled and patted her head.

“Miso-chan.” She giggled slightly amused by the cute girl’s ministration but then noticed how Sae was having a frown on her face. Giggling even more she once again intertwined her fingers with Gakuran’s ones, while patting the head of Miso’s with the free hand. “What are you doing here?”

“She came with us.” A cute voice announced and Dance walked in, followed by Shibuya who was carrying a huge basket full of fruits. “Itano-san tried to keep her from barging in like that but to no avail…”

“You know how fond she is of you, Rena. I couldn’t do anything, really,” Tomomi sighed and placed the basket on the night table. She was slightly irritated but soon turned her gaze towards Sae. “I see you are fine, I was worried over nothing.”

“What do you mean, Tomochin?” The Ikemen girl was still focusing her displeased look on the cuddling creature on Gekikara’s lap. “We were doing just fine until that koala stole my Rena-chan.”

“Sorry, I promise, we won’t take too long.” Itano smirked and nudged the tall girl’s shoulder lightly. ”And don’t pretend like that look of yours means nothing.”

“Don’t hit an injured hospitalized person.” In a sulking manner Miyazawa mumbled and slightly tightened the hold of Matsui’s hand.

“You are stronger than most of the men that I get to treat at this hospital.” Sado laughed and went inside, closing the doors and nodding a ‘hello’ to everyone. “I see you have a panda baby to tend to.”

“Un. She’s cute, isn’t she?” Rena chuckled at the sight of Miso gleaming while relaxing on her lap.

“Lolicon…” Mariko shook her head and went up to Sae. “We’ll release you tomorrow but it would be really good if you took some rest while you are still here. So when we all leave, make sure to relax.”

“Uh-huh. Anyway, do you know, Shibuya, who came over to help Rena in the fight?” The Ikemen asked.

“I heard it from Yuko herself. I was visiting Acchan in the jail and met our president there. Well, more like…” Tomochin’s voice cracked and a slight blush crept up her cheeks.

“You walked in on them making out?” Shinoda smirked and laughed. “Yeah, AtsuYuu is official now~”

“….” Shibuya cleared her throat and decided to go back to the original topic. “Anyway, I thought Yuko might want to have her first fight with Atsuko, you know, duel type. Guess I was wrong…”

“Yuko-san told me that she was training with Maeda-san at the jail all this time, with the supervision of Takahashi-san.” Gekikara noted. “She said the first real fight just had to be with me.”

“I always knew you were her first priority, not Acchan, when it comes to fighting.” Mariko stated.

“Well, that aside, the two confirmed to me they are not going to have a duel and they prefer to lay low unless they are really needed.” Rena cheek’s turned into those of rose color when Kanon nuzzled in her neck. “A…and Maeda-san soon is going to be released from jail.”

“That’s good knews.” Tomochin said excitedly and chuckled at her Ikemen friend glaring towards the nuzzling panda and blushing Rena.

“Why are you blushing?” Sae scoffed and nudged Non. “Hey, can you let go of my girlfriend?”

“G…girlfriend?!” Dance was shocked to hear such news, even Mariko was surprised by Miyazawa’s boldness.

“…” Rena blushed in deep red and looked anywhere but her friends. “It’s not official or anything…”

“Oh-ho-ho, congratulations then~” The trolling nurse smirked, happy to finally record something important with her phone hidden in her coat’s pocket and then gently prodded Sae. “Finally, I thought you will never confess.”

“We were supposed to go on a date and I was on my way to the park when they attacked me…” Gakuran looked at the raven haired girl apologetically. “I still didn’t apologize to you properly. I am sorry the date was a fail.”

“It’s not your fault, and they got their lesson.” Rena murmured and blushed. “We can go on another date anytime, right?”

“I think we should leave the birds alone.” Mariko smirked and was about to walk towards the door when it opened, revealing a cute bubbly black haired girl. “Miichan…”

“Marichan~ Do you want me to order food for tonight or are you gonna cook?” Minegishi excitedly asked, not being able to read the atmosphere. “And come, I still didn’t get a proper kiss from you.”

“Well, if you excuse me.” Everyone shivered, seeing a sadistic expression appear on Sado’s face and they prayed for Shaku’s soul in their minds.

“We should get going as well.” Tomochin said and went to Rena. “Kumi, would you mind helping me?”

“Ah, hai.” Dance approached her too and then they tried to pry Kanon off of Matsui but to no avail. Yagami pouted and mumbled something about ‘sleeping alone tonight’. It worked magically and Non unlatched herself from the raven haired girl and clung onto Dance. “Ah, that worked…”

“Bye bye, Rena-chan~!!” Miso exclaimed and dragged Kumi out, with Itano following soon after.


“Want something to eat or drink?” Rena asked, trying to break the awkward silence between them. Now that everyone left, the two just sat there, unsure of what to do or what to say. Their fingers were still intertwined, cheeks slightly reddish. “Sae-chan?..”

“I am really sorry… I was thinking of going earlier to the park but…” Her lips were silenced by a pair of fingers and Miyazawa raised her head only to see Rena’s sincere smile.

“I told you, it is okay. I made sure they will never attack you again.” The raven haired girl assured and then pulled her fingers away.

“Well then, if you say that I am forgiven…”

Matsui stared with her eyes wide open how Gakuran stood up from bed, kneeling on the floor on one knee soon afterwards. The raven haired girl started tearing up all at once, having a hunch of what was to come.

“Rena-chan.” Sae’s voice was shaky but the gaze was strong and loving. “I want to ask you officially this time. Do you want to be my girlfriend?”

“Sae-chan…” She also knelt before the Ikemen girl and hugged her tightly. “Yes, I do.”

“Then let me kiss you.” Miyazawa said while slightly parting form the hug and looked straight into Rena’s eyes. “I want to mark you as mine, Rena.”

“H…hai…” The blushing girl stuttered and closed her eyes, taking a deep breath in.

Sae leaned in and captured those soft lips that she was yearning to kiss for so long. Feeling Rena’s hands sneaking around her neck in a shy manner only made the short haired girl feel manlier than ever as she deepened the kiss and pulled Matsui even closer in her arms. Soon after they parted to intake some air in their lungs and Miyazawa couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of her girlfriend blushing in the very dark shade of red while panting in a raspy manner.

“You look worse than Nezumi when Yukirin kissed her for the first time.” Sae giggled and caressed the girl’s cheek. “So cute~”

“Sae-chan…” Rena closed her eyes and leaned into the gentle touch. “I think I love you…”

“I love you too, my sweet angel.” Gakuran whispered and reclaimed the younger girl’s lips again, savoring the sweet taste and the cozy embrace of her girlfriend.

"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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the fighting scenes were so cool, haha i loved it when yuko shouted "home run!" XD
omg poor mi-chan  :nervous mariko-sama sadistic aura :lol:
nezumi x black!!  :inlove: :heart: :yep:
that was a suprise though!  :shocked rena and gakuran pairing surprising, dont matter though cuz there kiss was so sweet!!!!!!!!!! :wub: :cathappy: :deco:
thanx for this Kate-chan, Sakura-san, and Miyumi-san :cow: :bow:
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Hi, Sakura-san...

I'm not disappointed to wait you posting this fanfic...  XD

I kinda missed Majijo and you bring them back.. Yeah!!  :wriggly:
Yuko and Gekikara.. I love them.

Maybe I'm not reading all fanfic, but this is the first time for me to read a fanfic with Sae-Rena became a girlfriend..  :wub:

Awesome story.. I'll waiting your next fanfics...  :mon fyeah:

Happy birthday Yuko senpai.  :D

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Hoho just +5000 words!!! I expected more...........just kidding :grin:
I really like stories when Yuko in MG is alive. I wanted her to be alive so I almost cried in the end :cry:

Maybe Rena and Yuko should join baseball team. They would be two best players. :sweatdrop:
And Acchan is going to be released from jail.  :gmon peakaboo: So gooooooooooooooooood.
In a short way: Thank you for update :bow:

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good job~~~ :3
oooH!!! nyaaa~~
gekigakuran... interesting~
messiyagi made an appearance~ thumbs up :)
Yuko-san~~~ (otanjobi omedeto nyan...)
Kato Rena made an appearance~ (smooth nya~)
Atsuyuu mentions... >///<!! :D!!!

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When has been the last time since I went on this site? It's been way too long, haha. :panic:

Alright, guess I'll start commenting the usual length I've always given out to others. So SaeRena! That's new! One of those unique pairings that could be just possible. Helps even more if we take into consideration that this is a Majisuka Gakuen based setting. Reminds me about Gekikara getting really ticked off when Gakuran was injured badly a while ago... A small incident that sparks idea for the two haha. :wub: When I first read that Sae was in trouble, I started flipping out. And since we know that this is THE GEKIKARA, I started cheering on for her to go find and save her! Upon coming to the place did she meet Yuko. Glad to see that after graduation, Yuko secretly is actually feeling much better thankfully and still keeps the optimistic attitude. Oh that squirrel. :lol:

Fight scene written out very well! Can picture them in my head easily without having much trouble. Usually they're difficult to write since, well, you have to really imagine the entire scenario played out like a movie. So good job on that! Not to mention the interaction between the characters. :thumbsup And I like Yuko's quote of:

"Remember this… Despite her being your pet, servant or whatever you call her, she is still human. Learn to take responsibility. Always back her up in fights. Only then Yamamoto might make you her main fighter, of course, not before you finish school." Yuko lectured.

Have to agree on that. Backing others up is important. Even if they're the one protecting you, at least seek out that they gain some sort of assistance. I think those that are protecting would be more than happy to receive that treatment from someone. :sweatdrop: And I see that the entire training thing with Atsuko isn't just for regaining Yuko's strength and maintaining it but... having smexy moment, hm? Oh Takamina... Were you making sure no one would barge in and interrupt the Atsuyuu moments? :rofl: And I'm glad that both Sae and Rena are officially together! I'm sure the two of them will do great~ (And Mari-Troll is keeping a record of that, haha)

Glad to have a chance to read this and looking forward to more of your future work! (Welcome back to the forum with an update by the way!) Thank you for posting this! :deco:

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Sakuchan~ sorry for taking too long ><

Really, this is amazing! At first I thought it would be RenaYuko, but when I read Sae it really got me! Hahaha Rena's turning into Gekikara was interesting :3 brave little Rena o/
I was happy for seeing MessiYagi here as 'good' guys :p I wish there were more fics with MG3 characters.
The fighting was awesome! And everything gets better when Yuko appears Haha And Yuko always keeping with the good humor :3
And Geki's lecture was short, straight to the point yet very wise.
It was also nice to see a bit of other couples :D but SAKUCHAN you won my heart when I saw the forever-bickering-SM MariMii :heart

And the final SaeRena moment was soooooo cool and cute and fluffy~ I liked it so much~

Thank you Sakuchan~ thank also for everyone who helped :3


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Great fic  :on GJ:

the way rena's turn into gekikara was diferent and cool I like  :nya:

can you make a gekiblack?  :wriggly:

and for me 5000 words is short for a great fic like this  :farofflook:  :on lol:

great job and continue writing   :onioncheer:

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Is it me who just didn't get how everyone can visit the prison and how it became AtsuYuu???

I need a continuation for this! >A<


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Thankyou Sakura-san for making this awesome OS! :thumbup

I really like stories with Gekikara inside~ xD
And there's MessiYagi too~  :wub:
Not only that, RenaYuko, AtsuYuu, KumiNon, NezuBlack, SaeRena, MariMii, Kato Rena~ This is perfect xD
And last but not least, Rena x Kanon~!! :wub:
LoL! I think my favorite scene in this OS is the Rena x Kanon one  XD
I hope you'll write about Rena x Kanon  :P XD

And Yuko-san is as wise as ever! xD

Thankyou again for making this OS :twothumbs
And I can't wait for your other present XD :P

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I don't know what to say, but I want to say more. DICTIONARY PLEASE?

the AtsuYuu LOL, okay I'll keep my imaginations first  :twisted: I actually like GakuGeki in MG2  :inlove: mou~ Geki always saves Gakuran, isn't it? and Yuko appearing alive was such a good idea  XD AtsuYukoMina in the prison then (LOL) Nice fight scenes there! very well written  :thumbsup YukoRena *cough YukoRena

OH well what should I say? I'll just bow  :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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