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Author Topic: The AKB Host Club - Note from the Author!! {11/19/2017}  (Read 11083 times)

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #20 on: November 16, 2014, 03:26:11 AM »
Acchan will have to work hard to get 100 customers, but I think she will gain attention after her new appearance :mon determined:
I wonder how she will do ? :dunno:
And right then, a light bulb lit up in that squirrel’s head.
A few light bulbs have lighten up, I'm excited to see what Acchan is hiding from the other hosts :hehehe:
Yuko as a perverte doesn't surprise me, but I know she can become very perverted when it comes to her NyanNyan  :mon lol:
A depressed Jurina sat at a table by herself, moping for being left out of the fun. All she has for company is her stuffed bear that she usually brings with her to the club.
Aw, poor Jurina :mon sweat:
MaYuki are just like Mother and Daughter :nya:
Twin Towers being the princes of the club :shy2:
Mariko is very cunning and as her trait sadistic :on lol:
Thanks for the update, can't wait for next chapter :hee:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #21 on: November 16, 2014, 04:05:26 AM »

Cant wait for tge next ch

I wonder which result for Acchan secret is

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #22 on: November 16, 2014, 10:08:05 AM »
wow...takamina's... :shocked

“What about me president?”

Takamina looked at Jurina, the only one left without a job to do.

“Jurina...” Takamina began.

“Yes ma'am?” the middle schooler said eagerly, awaiting for her answer so she looked like a puppy wagging it's tail.

“You...go eat some sweets,” Takamina said in the end.

and jurina's all left out! XD

cant wait to read the next one!

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #23 on: November 16, 2014, 05:00:46 PM »
wow so many characters more than the original comics!! where is Rena? I saw jurina that means rena must be in the story right? ^^
and why no miichan's introduction?

and a little request I want to see girly sayaka~~~~ onegaishimasu!!

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #24 on: November 17, 2014, 01:29:19 PM »
Fanart time again~












Credits and kudos to MYJR ;) Thanx :heart:

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 1 POSTED!!
« Reply #25 on: November 17, 2014, 02:31:16 PM »
The setting and the concept are the familiar to 'Ouran High School Host Club' anime or manga.

The anime is one of my favorite so I'm looking forward to this story to see how the story and the characters are going to develop.

Atsuko is Haruhi Fujioka

Takamina is Tamaki Suou

Mariko is Kyoya Ootori

WTower are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin when they were acting cute with each other

Mayu is Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka when she went to act like a child to Yuki

Yuki is Takashi "Mori" Morinozuka when she was comforting Mayu

Jurina is Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka when she was sulking from Takamina rejected her from helping and the second that notice anything about Atsuko

Yuko and Haruna are similar with Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin when yuko was teasing Haruna

What about Itano and Kasai?

Well very interesting indeed...

Can't wait to see how the story is going to continue

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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The AKB Host Club - CHAPTER 1 Part 2 -
« Reply #26 on: December 11, 2014, 08:18:07 PM »
WHEW! Finally part 2 of Ch 1 is done!

Sorry to keep everyone waiting!  :kneelbow: This past month I was busy preparing for finals and some events came up that I got sidetracked. All the studying I had to do... :fainted:

But enough with the depressing moment! On to part 2!

Previously, new student from the commoner class Atsuko ends up from being the host club's errand girl to becoming an official host. How will she handle her first time on the job?


CHAPTER 1 Part 2 - Welcome to the Host Club

The next day...

Better than work as an errand girl, Atsuko chose to work as a host in order to clear her debt faster. And so the very next day began Atsuko’s first day as a host.

It was exciting for the boys that usually visit the host club to hear that there is a new host in the club. Much to Atsuko’s nervousness, she had several boys requesting for her on her first day.

The boys that requested Atsuko wanted to know more about her. Apparently thanks to the makeover the other hosts did to her, the boys were attached to her cute and pretty appearance.

“So Maeda-san, what are your hobbies?”

“Hmm…I like reading,” Atsuko first answered.

“Ooh~ what kind of books do you read?”


Atsuko’s mind was blank. She has no idea what she’s supposed to say as a host. However she kept reminding her mentally to keep it together.

Get a hold of yourself. All you need to do is to get 100 customers to request me then I can get out of this club,” she thought, “I guess for starters, I should share something...But what?

Atsuko was trying to come up with something she could tell her customers, but nothing came.

“Nee, Atsuko, you must come from a wealthy family if you applied here, huh?”


“What’s your family like?”

That gave Atsuko the idea she needed on what she can share with her customers.


A distance away from Atsuko’s table, Takamina was keeping a watchful eye on their new member, wanting to see how she does on her first try. She couldn't keep her mind off wondering about Atsuko that she nearly forgot her own guests to attend to.

“You are that concerned about your new member Takamina?” the girl sitting next to Takamina said.

Takamina came back to the present when she heard her guest speaking to her.

“Huh? Oh Acchan? Well, I guess I am a bit concerned, you know since it’s her first day of being a host and all,” she said with a hesitant chuckle.

Back at Atsuko’s table, after a while, the boys became saddened when they heard Atsuko share her touching story.

“I your mother died a few years ago and now it’s just you and your dad.”

“Yeah… After Mom died, dad became depressed and has been getting sick more often. He doesn’t have a job and at his age, it’s harder for him to get work. Ever since, I try to take care of things around me when he’s not able to.”

“It must be so difficult for you Maeda-san,” said one of her customers.

But Atsuko shook her head. “I’m not that sad. Sure it’s been a bit rough for us once in a while, but in the end, I just enjoy how I’m living and the moments I share with my dad,” she said, ending with a honest smile.

From that smile of hers, the boys were instantly drawn to her.

“Maeda-san, would it be alright if I request you tomorrow?”

“Me too! I would like to have you again!”

“Why of course,” Atsuko willingly answered, “It means a lot to me.”

Of course she’s pleased by their requests only because she needed as many customers as she can in order to clear her debt.

Watching Atsuko just now, seeing how she made the boys lively after just a smile and bright words...a light bulb lit up in Mayu and Yukirin's minds...

From where she is, Takamina heard the boys around Atsuko’s table shower her with praises. She had never expected Atsuko to be successful on her first try.

“I don’t get it...She’s become a hit on her first day,” the president mumbled.

“No training needed,” Miichan included.

“Wow! Acchan is a natural!” Jurina said, giggling as she hugged her teddy.

In the meantime, Yukirin then brought up a new topic that she was curious about.

“That reminds me, does anyone know when she’ll be returning to Tokyo?” she asked her fellow club members.

“Uh-huh! She called me and said she’ll be coming home by the end of this week!” Jurina mentioned.

“Well that’s good. Things will be more fun when all of our club members are here again,” said Miichan.

Then Yuko thought a bit and recalled, “If I seem to remember correctly, she and her parents were invited to be guest judges at some kind of cosplay contest in Sakaejima is that right?”

To respond, Jurina nodded to confirm Yuko’s sentence.

“I heard, she got to stay at this HUGE mansion where all the contestants were living together!”


“If I recall, she told me there was a maid, a nurse, a sister, a cowgirl, a miko… Mm~, one was dressed like a man.”


“And there was also one person dressed like a princess, but… she kinda looked like a boy.”

“Sounds like it’s a pretty crazy contest.” Yuko stated. Everyone nodded in agreement.

Now here Takamina decided to do something with their new host.

She called out, "Hey Acchan, come here for a moment."

Hearing the president call for her, Atsuko approached the table where Takamina and her customer are.

"I'd like you to meet someone," Takamina said then gesturing to the girl beside her, "This is my regular guest, Yokoyama Yui.”

Atsuko then remembered her manners on what a host should do when greeting someone. She put on a bright smile and said politely, “It’s very nice to meet you Yokoyama-san.”


What she just said and did just now made Takamina gasp and triggered a switch inside her.

The next thing Atsuko knew, she was receiving a crushing hug by the short president who is now filled with excitement.

"Oh that was so adorable!" Takamina praised as she spun in place with Atsuko in her arms, "So beautifully done! The way you greeted, the smile, so cute! I could just eat you up! Oh you’re just so CUTE!”

As Takamina continued shouting praises, she isn’t aware that Atsuko is suffocating in her grip.

Stuck in a suffocating hug and receiving the fatherly love by Takamina, Atsuko got to the point where she had to cry out to the first person she can think of that is sitting at the same table with Sae and their customers a distance away from where she is.

“Sayaka-senpai, help me!” she desperately cried when she spotted the 3rd year a distance away.


Those words of plea triggered a switch in Sayaka, the switch that activates whenever she hears a person in dire trouble.

In a second, she was right there to grab and hoist Atsuko in the air and out of Takamina’s reach. Her magnificent strength was displayed once again as Atsuko was lifted up about 2 feet or so from the ground.

In that second while raising her in the air, Sayaka came upon a startling realization that made her softly gasp.

In her head...a light bulb switched on...

“Uh Sayaka? You can put her down now,” Takamina hesitantly spoke. It looked a bit awkward how the 3rd year was still holding Atsuko from the ground. “Come on Acchan, let Daddy here give you a big hug!”

“I don’t need another hug thank you,” Atsuko bluntly declined, “And why are you calling yourself my dad?”

"In this club I am your dad!"

"I already have a dad. There's no reason for me to have another."

Takamina pouted when she heard Atsuko's blunt response. Just then, a voice rose.

“Minami must really love ya, huh?” Yui said, revealing her Kansai-dialect.


“Oh, nothin’. Just talkin’ to myself.”

Atsuko just nodded it off, but she had no idea how the Kansai girl would affect her.


Later that afternoon, when it was time for students to go home, Atsuko had come across a small problem when she noticed that her school bag was missing from her desk where she usually leaves it.

She spent a while searching through the school, checking the places where she’s been the entire day. It wasn’t until she was walking down a hallway when she spotted what she’s looking through one of the windows.

“My bag!”

Atsuko ran outside and towards the fountain, where she found her bag from the window. To her dismay, she saw everything was soaking wet and scattered in the water. She quickly took off her jacket and picked out everything. After a while of wading in the fountain and picking up her stuff, she realized her wallet was the last thing that’s still missing.

“Oh no…I need to find it, or I won’t have any money..!”

As she continued searching in the water for her wallet, she then heard the voice of Takamina from behind her.

“Acchan, what are you doing?”

The president had wondered where Acchan had gone when she was late to show up for the host club minutes ago.

“I have to find my wallet…or I won’t be able to pay for lunch...” said Atsuko as she still searched.

Mentioning this, Takamina looked down and noticed some of Atsuko’s things and schoolbag were lying on the ground wet after Atsuko had fished them out of the fountain just a moment ago.

“Hm? What happened to your bag and your stuff?”

“I uh...accidentally dropped my bag in the fountain,” Atsuko lied.

Takamina had a serious look on her face, a change in her eyes, watching Atsuko seriously looking for her wallet. She then took off her jacket, shoes, and socks, and stepped in.

“Takahashi-san?” Atsuko spoke with surprise when she heard Takamina enter the water, “You don’t need to help me. You’ll catch a cold-”

“I’m helping too,” Takamina said, her voice firm and confident, “I can’t leave you alone...”

Atsuko saw her search in the water with no complaints and a determined look to show that she is serious about helping her.

Just then, the other members of the host club, who Atsuko only saw as rich kids, had all arrived. After seeing the trouble, they all jumped in to join the search for Atsuko’s wallet as well. The girls Atsuko saw as princesses, now down on their hands and knees in the fountain.

“Brr! That’s cold!”

“It’s like a game of treasure hunt!”

“Count us in!”

“The more the merrier as they say.”

“I suppose we can close the club for today.”

Atsuko was speechless at everyone’s efforts to help her. “Everyone...”

Seeing all their members gathered, Takamina then proposed, “Alright, it’s a competition to see who finds Atsuko’s wallet first. Game...start!”

“Yosh! I’m gonna find it first!”

“No way! We’re going to find it!”

“Are there any fish in this fountain?”

“Is this it?”

“Kojipa that’s not a wallet.”


While the girls continued their search for the wallet, someone was watching them from one of the windows in the second floor.


“I can’t believe we couldn’t find it...” Acchan said as she wrung the water out of her socks.

“Maybe someone else already has it.”

“Takamina? Girls?” They all looked and saw Yui was already at the clubroom.

Acchan gazed at her, realizing what had happened.

“You… It was you who threw my bag into the fountain, wasn’t it?”



“That’s rude.”

“I don’t know, girls… She had this off aura when she was around me. I think, maybe...”

“Maeda-san, please, don’t get the wrong impression of me...”

Acchan bit her lip, not knowing what to do. Could she really trust this girl, or was it all a mind game?

However Takamina had a face that showed disappointment.

“I’m disappointed, Yui...I didn’t expect this kind of behavior from one of our regular guests.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Yui responded.

“I believe you do. It was you who threw Atsuko’s bag out in the pond...wasn’t it?”

Not just Atsuko, but Yui was surprised by this statement.

“That’s ridiculous. Where’s the proof?” Yui questioned.

“Would this suffice?” Mariko inquired.

Next to the vice-president, Mayu held up an iPad and showed a photos of Yui holding Atsuko’s school bag and throwing it into the pond, catching her in the scene of the crime.

“See...” Mariko said as everyone stared shocked at the evidence. “As you can see, we’ve caught our culprit red handed, if I do say so myself.”

Her act exposed, Yui looked at Takamina. “One bag and a wallet with little money makes no difference! She’s just a plain commoner! Takamina…are you really going to side with someone like her?”

“Atsuko may be a commoner...but as long as she’s a member of this club, I don't treat Atsuko by her commoner status. I treat her as equally as how I do with all the members in this club,” Takamina began, “Unfortunately...those who act harsh to any of our club members do not deserve to be one of our guests.”

Yui stood there silent for a moment before arruptently trying to leave, when…

“Yui,” Takamina called out. “Even though what you did was wrong, the purpose of the Host Club is to please and show hospitality to any guests that walk in our doors. Please choose to reflect and reconsider your thoughts about what happened today, and after that, we will gladly re-accept you into our Host Club.”

She then turned to face their new host. “Is that alright with you, Atsuko?”

Everyone would expect Atsuko not to forgive Yui after what she did with her bag. However Atsuko surprised everyone, including Yui, by nodding and replying, “Yes. I hope you will continue to visit the host club.”

A sparkle seemed to shine in her eyes when she said that.

After a bit of silence, Yui softly began, “...I…”


“..I’ll think about it.” she said before turning and leaving.

After seeing Yui leave, Miichan then wanted to make a comment. “Man that scene just now certainly looked like something from a drama,” she said.

“You definitely are something else Acchan,” said Sae.

Takamina then needed to clarify something that disappoints her.

“However...even though it all ended well the end you did up disappointing a customer, which is not good for the reputation of a host. Therefore...your quota is raised to 1,000!” she declared.

Shock hit Atsuko straight in the face. That now meant that Atsuko’s quota of customers to get was now 1,000.

“Maji de?!” she exclaimed.

“I hope to expect a lot from you, our new rookie,” Takamina said with a smile.

Something told Atsuko that her time in the host club is going to be like living in a dream she will never wake up from.


The next day, Acchan got a surprise when she found a huge stack of various kinds of instant meals, or what rich students call commoners’ food.

“Don’t tell me...this is from Yui?”

In her hands, Mariko held a note that was left by Yui. She read, “I’m sorry for causing trouble the other day. Please enjoy these ramen noodles. Hope you all will forgive me. -Yui.”

Jurina gazed at the huge stack in awe. “Whoa...What are we going to do with all this?”

“It’ll take us weeks to finish all of this on our own that’s for sure,” said Sayaka.

“No need,” the president spoke, having just conjured up a brilliant idea, “With all this instant refreshments on our doorstep, we shall hold an instant ramen buffet event for our customers!”

Several members like Yuko, Miichan, Jurina and Sae gave an “ooh…” and applauded to compliment their president’s marvelous proposal.

“Nice thinking, Prez.”


Now that reminded Takamina of something she nearly forgot. From her pocket, she took out Atsuko’s missing wallet she had recently found for her, all dried and looked good as new.

“Ah, Acchan, you dropped this...”

Then, her sentence faded when Takamina saw it. Atsuko’s I.D. card. Or...what she thinks is supposed to be Maeda Atsuko’s card.


On the I.D. card was a different face and a different name.

“Wha… Acchan...”


Takamina looked from the I.D. photo in her hand, to the person that owns the wallet.

“So you’re… you’re… Ashiya Mizuki?”

“Uh… yeah.”

A gasp came from Takamina as she gave a face that looks as if she's seen a ghost.

“THAT Ashiya Mizuki?! The star actress? You’re… HER?!”

“Yeah,” Atsuko calmly and casually replied.

“EEEEEEEEEH?!?!?!” Takamina exclaimed and backed up a few steps.

While Takamina was shocked at this discovery, the other hosts for some reason looked pretty calm while others were showing mischievous smiles on their faces.

“Geez, it took you that long to figure out Bakamina?” Miichan teased.

Takamina snapped back to her senses when she realized the others’ calm expressions.

“What?! You mean to tell me all of you guys’ knew this from the start?!” she exclaimed, “And you didn’t bother to tell me?!”

“It was quite obvious to us, we thought you would figure it out easily too,” said Yuko. “Her initials are the same, just backwards.”

"If you've listened to Ashiya Mizuki's movies and songs numerous of times, you'd be able to recognize that the voices do sound almost the same," Mayu explained.

“Plus, if you look carefully, there is a slight similar resemblance in the faces,” said Mariko, the one who actually knew from the beginning when she saw Atsuko for the first time.

As for the rest of the girls, they just happened to figure it out along the way or they were told by others who figured it out earlier and just wanted to have fun watching Takamina eventually realizing it later.

Takamina was overcome with shock, her face blushing into a deep shade of red.


Thinking that her reaction just now seemed a little too much, Atsuko asked, “What’s with her all of the sudden?”

“Actually, Acchan,” Yuko spoke up. “Takamina is your number 1 fan!”

It was then Atsuko’s turn to react in surprise. “EEEH?!”

To the others, Takamina demanded to know, “Oi why did no one plan to tell me!? Aren’t I your president here?!”

Her response was a mischievous grin from Miichan and giggles of amusement from Jurina and several others.

"Cruel! Everyone is just so cruel!" Takamina cried.

Atsuko however came and approached Takamina with something to say.

“I’m sorry to have kept this a secret from everyone. But I really didn’t want everyone to know who I really am. So if it wouldn’t be much of a trouble, I’d like to ask everyone to please continue to keep this a secret,” she first apologized, “Look I don’t care whether you guys treat me as a plain ordinary girl. However...what Takamina said yesterday...I think she sounded cool. I really admired it, and.. well, I like that that’s how you feel, Takamina.”


Those words made Takamina feel a strange tingling sensation in her chest. It felt as though her heart was pounding a bit harder and faster than usual and her body felt like it was getting warmer each second.

"Y...Y-You thought I was cool?" she stuttered as her face turned redder.


Finally overwhelmed, Takamina ended up falling on her back on the floor and laid there out cold.

“Wow...To have the power to knock down the president, you’re talented Acchan,” Miichan had to remark.

Yuko, Kojiharu, Jurina and the Twin Towers gathered and surrounded the unconscious president.

“You know...this expression Takamina’s giving…” Yuko began with a sly smile on her face, “...looks like someone’s in love!”

“EEEH?!?!” the other hosts and Atsuko exclaimed, looking at Yuko in disbelief.

Maji de?! What’s going to happen now… now that they know who I am?” Atsuko thought.

Now that the girls knew who Acchan really was, it would start a huge uproar in the Host Club of AKB Academy.

To the hosts, they are now thinking about how things will start to be more interesting in their club with their new member.

For Atsuko, all she thought to herself was if she is going to be alright being in this host club.

Maeda Atsuko
2nd Year
Nickname: Acchan
The honor student (who is secretly an idol in disguise)


There you have it! The big secret that Atsuko will have in this entire story is that she's a movie/idol star living the life of an ordinary high school student. Pretty Hannah Montana-ish eh?  XD

Everyone already noticed that there are more characters in this story than the anime from which this fic is based off from. I apologize to those who expected more favorite members to appear, but the members you see here are going to be the main characters. But don't worry, me, Ruka and MaYukiIsLife plan to have lots and LOTS of guest appearances from other members as this fic goes on.

Please be assured Yui fans that I don't intend to keep Yui as the bad girl forever! I like Yui in real life and plan to one day have her appear in a future chapter of this fic as a good person.

Not pointing fingers or anything, but having Yui as the mean girl in this chapter was Ruka Kikuchi's idea. No offense Ruka. :mon lurk:

BTW, did anyone noticed a certain hint I gave somewhere near the beginning about a particular member of the host club who has yet to make an appearance? Yes you heard right...there is one more person in this club. :hehehe:

I know lots of you will either be asking me questions to ease your anxious thoughts or you're probably going "Oh my gosh! It's that person isn't it?!", or some of you are probably acting like this: :tantrum:

For now until the next future chapters come, I ask is that if you've figured it out, please don't spoil it for those who have no idea yet onegai~. :whistle:

For those who don't know who is mentioned in the hint, be patient just a little longer for the next'll find out eventually. :hee:

@luvsidney: Patience fellow fanfic reader...I'm sure you'll eventually see what you ask for. Thx 4 pointing out that Miichan part. It was my bad ^^; I've edited it and included her introduction. As for your Sayaka request, know that I have taken your idea in mind and am currently cooking up a plot for it. ;)

@AshuraX: Like I told luvsidney, please be patient. I have something in mind...^^

@MYJR: Thank you again for those awesome pics you made and sent! I hope you won't mind if I use them on this story thread's main post do you?

Next time, the hosts will host their very own ball, plus more surprises! Keep an eye out!

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 2 {12/11/14}
« Reply #27 on: December 11, 2014, 09:22:45 PM »
Yee.. new update.. Thank you!  :kneelbow:

Oh.. Acchan is famous actress.. this is getting more interesting..  :ding: 
Takamina.. you are slow.. everyone already notice who she really is.. but you.. ah..  :cool2:  ..I think Takamina will get  jealous everytime , when someone approach her..  :hee:

Waiting next update!
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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 2 {12/11/14}
« Reply #28 on: December 12, 2014, 02:14:39 PM »
Yes!!! Update~~

Ahhh~ Acchan is famous actress

Haha Takamina reaction lol

Update soon

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Re: The AKB Host Club - CHAPTER 1 Part 2 -
« Reply #29 on: December 12, 2014, 02:18:34 PM »
Everyone already noticed that there are more characters in this story than the anime from which this fic is based off from. I apologize to those who expected more favorite members to appear, but the members you see here are going to be the main characters. But don't worry, me, Ruka and MaYukiIsLife plan to have lots and LOTS of guest appearances from other members as this fic goes on.

But a pretty surprising thing is... We based Nekozawa's character on someone you guys might not expect~ ;) So~ Be tuned for that~

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 2 {12/11/14}
« Reply #30 on: December 12, 2014, 07:58:12 PM »
I've prepare my heart to see more members fit into the characters in that manga

Thank u for taking my request and I will be patient!!

Sayaka take the action of mori-senpai LOL

but still little hard for me to imagine takamina like tamaki XDDDD but acchan's identity it's a surprise for me haha thanks a lot!!

I understand the setting would be a little bit different from manga, make me more looking forward to this new story!!! ^^

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 2 {12/11/14}
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oh... the beginning is similar to the Ouran host club manga...

But the twist when the president finds out something about Haruhi... in this case Atsuko...

Such a great twist... an idol in disguise...

Very Clever...

Can't wait to see the next chapter

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 1 Part 2 {12/11/14}
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I love this! Everyone is so perfect. Who will Nekozawa be I wonder?

I need more! Please!

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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Whew! So sorry for the long delay in updating this fic!

Rather than saying excuses, let's move onto the next chapter!


Chapter 2 - Teach Me How To Dance Part 1

“I’m going to be late!”

Atsuko was running a bit late one day. She knew she’s going to get a lecture from the others if she arrives tardy before the host club opens for business.

Finally at last she reached the doors to the music room where the host club is located and went inside. When she did, she was hit by surprise.

“Welcome,” voices from inside the room spoke.

Acchan could’ve sworn that they are still in the middle of spring last she looked outside. Yet somehow after coming into the host club that day, she was instantly standing in the middle of a tropical island paradise.

There was actually palm trees and other greenery plants scattered around the large music room.
And what makes it more confusing is that while it’s freezing chilly outside, the host club’s room was at a nice heated temperature, thanks to the school’s excellent heating system.

“Oh it’s just Acchan,” said Miichan after they realized that it was Atsuko instead of their guests that walked inside just now. From that, everyone dropped the group pose and sighed.

“Eh? We thought it was a guest,” said Yuko, “We even posed for the moment as well.”

Today the hosts were dressed up in clothes you’d wear in the tropics. Flowers were in the girls’ long hair and around their necks like leis.

“...What’s going on here?” Atsuko dared to ask, “We are still in Japan are we?”

“Why it’s just my brilliant plan for today’s theme of course!” Takamina boldly announced, “Think of it, what better way to please our guests than to let them experience the warming atmosphere of the tropics when it is currently chilly outside?”

Atsuko eyed the plants and other props that were brought to decorate the clubroom into a mini jungle.

“...I much prefer the plain ordinary host club style…” she muttered under her breath.

This is the kind of club she was forced to join as a person under debt to these girls...


The host club’s guests eventually arrived at their usual business hours and most were astonished with the club’s current theme.

“My dear supportive guests, nothing brings me much warmth and happiness but your presence here today,” Takamina said to her customers.

“Uwaa~ thank you, Takamina-san!” boys enthusiastically shouted.

Then it was here that Takamina decided to make an announcement. “Oh and before I forget, I would like to take this chance to announce to every guest that next week the host club is sponsoring a party,” she stated.

Hearing this while she was walking past Takamina’s table to serve some drinks, which she wasn’t told before, Atsuko curiously said, “A party? We’re hosting a party?”

“Yes. It’s an annual thing we usually do. Once in a while we hold such grand events for our guests in order to liven up the mood,” said Takamina, who heard Atsuko's question. Then to their guests she included,  "And I am pleased to say that everyone in the entire school is invited to come."


At Yuki and Mayu’s table, they had just told their customers about the host club’s party as well.

“Is it going to be a formal party?” one of their guests asked.

“Oh yes it will,” Yukirin confirmed.

“We even rented the school’s ballroom just for that night,” Mayu mentioned.

“Please be sure to come,” Yukirin then requested their customers with an eager smile, “It’ll be a spectacular night.”

By Yuki and Mayu’s charming and cute expressions, the boys swooned over them.

“Of course we will!” they chorused enthusiastically.


At this time, Sae's voice was heard from another part of the room. She was showing off the flower necklaces she wears around her neck to her girl guests.

“Ta-dah! What do you think of the flowers ladies?” she said to her customers, “They were flown all the way here from the Philippines, courtesy of Sayaka's family.”

“Oh they look beautiful Sae-chan.”

“Especially when you’re wearing them.”

Now at this moment, Sayaka is passing by so she can serve some drinks to some guests and was noticed by Sae.

“Oh hey, Sayaka!”

Sae ran over to Sayaka and then she took one of the flower necklaces she has with her and placed it around Sayaka’s neck.


She took a step back to look at her then beamed with delight before looping an arm around Sayaka's shoulder so they’d be close to each other and leaned her head against Sayaka's. "See? Don't we look pretty with these on?"

In return, Sayaka smiled. “Thank you Sae,” she said.

Their girl customers were filled with excitement at this sight.

“Oh they’re adorable together!”

“Wearing the same flower necklaces…!”

"As expected of the Twin Towers!"

From a close distance, Atsuko said in a low voice, “I’m still confused figuring out the relationship between those two. They have quite a close bond for friends.”

Now after watching the Twin Towers work their charming magic on the girls, Atsuko pondered over a question she had in her head for quite a while. “I have a question though...why is it that everytime the host club dresses up for a theme Sayaka-senpai and Sae are dressed like guys?”

Like Atsuko said, today the Twin Towers were dressed in male clothing like all the other times they dress up for a theme. Unlike the other girls, who were wearing tube tops that has their stomachs exposed and long skirts and grass skirts, the Twin Towers were wearing sleeveless tops and baggy trousers with wraps worn around their waists.

“It’s part of their job,” Mariko explained, “Those two are our best hosts for our female customers that like danso. And since today’s theme involves the tropics, their guests seem to enjoy how they can show off some skin. In fact, I can say that this theme seems to affect the others’ customers as well.”

Now that Mariko mentioned it, their customers do seem lively today than ever due to the fact that not only for just the Twin Towers, but they can see all the hosts dress in tropical island wear that does reveal parts of their skin.

That led Atsuko to wonder one particular thing. “By the way...was today’s theme thought up by you Mariko-senpai?” she asked the vice-president.

“All of the club’s decisions are made only by our president Takamina,” Mariko clarified, “However to be honest...I guess it’s fair to say that after Sayaka and Sae suggested doing this tropics theme to me, I might’ve casually slipped a photobook of Guam and the Philippines in Takamina’s bag without her noticing perhaps?”

Atsuko saw the mischievous grin on Mariko’s face when the 3rd year revealed the hidden truth.

So she really is the brains behind the operation...” she thought.


Elsewhere at another table, Kojiharu and Yuko were talking to their guests about the party coming up as well.

“Will you be at the party Kojiharu-chan?” one boy asked.

“Hai,” Kojiharu replied, “I love parties. I enjoy the dancing and dressing up for the occasion.”

“I love parties too,” Yuko enthusiastically remarked, “Only because it’s where I get to see Nyan-Nyan dress up so beautifully.”

“Oh Yuu-chan stop it,” Kojiharu playfully shoved Yuko.

“But really, if I could, I would want to spend every minute at the party with you Nyan-Nyan,” Yuko said with a longing voice as she held Kojiharu's hands in her own. Her one-sided love for Kojiharu is plainly shown.

"Aw, well that's sweet of you Yuu-chan."

"Really? Then in that case, how about a kiss as a present?"

Yuko put on her kissing face and leaned forward in order to steal a kiss from Kojiharu. But her chance was ruined when Kojiharu pulled back and pushed Yuko back by pushing against her brow with a hand.

"Yuu-chan, we are in the middle of host club duties," Kojiharu reminded, "Right now our main focus is our guests. You can save that stuff for after club hours."

Though she lost a chance to have her kiss, Yuko still had a positive, mischievous grin on her face. "Heh...I'll wait till then Nyan-Nyan~"

Now it was at that moment that Atsuko heard the doors to the music room open and a voice spoke.


Walking into the room is a girl with pale skin, long black hair and bangs over her forehead. She was very thin and looked like a porcelain doll.

Atsuko, who has never seen the girl before, thought she might be another guest.

But then Jurina gave a look of excitement and cheered, “Hey look everyone, Rena-chan’s back!”

The other hosts heard Jurina’s announcement and lit up with smiles as well and went to welcome the girl that just entered.

“Hey Rena! When’d you get back?”

“We miss having our last host around.”

“How’s your trip?”

Being greeted by the host members, the pale faced girl replied, “I just came back to Tokyo a few hours ago. I thought I’d get the chance to stop by and see everyone during the club hours before heading home.”

Matsui Rena
2nd Year
The host club’s innocent, shy character

Seeing how the girls were interacting well with this girl she never seen before, Atsuko came to a conclusion.

“Wait...she’s a member of the host club too?”

“Yes. She’s Jurina’s older sister, Matsui Rena,” Sayaka explained, "She's a 2nd year, just like you."

"Eh? Jurina-chan's sister?" Atsuko repeated.

“Rena-chan~!” Jurina called out as she ran and gave her sister a big hug, “How was your trip? Was the cosplay contest fun?”

Rena nodded and smiled at Jurina in return. “Un. It was a fun experience,” she said.

“Mou I wish you would’ve brought me along…” Jurina complained, “It was no fun without you around...Why did you not take me?”

“I’m sorry Jurina. I had really wanted you to come along too. For some reason, it didn’t felt fun without you there.”

“Really? Rena-chan~!”

Watching the two interact, Atsuko can see a deep and moving sisterly love going on.

Now there was something Rena is curious about. “ the way, what is this about our club having a new host that I heard about?” she asked. This was something she had recently picked up from overhearing other students upon her return.

“Oh! You haven’t met our new member yet haven’t you Rena-chan?” said an energetic Yuko.

Rena was gestured by Yuko to look at a certain girl that is standing in front of Sayaka. The 3rd year had placed Atsuko in front her herself in order for the new girl to meet Rena.

“Rena-chan, meet the rumored new host and honor student, Maeda Atsuko,” said Yuko.

Rena greeted the new member with a friendly smile. “Hajimemashite. I’m Matsui Rena. And you may have already guessed it, but I’m Jurina’s older cousin,” she introduced herself, “I’m sorry about the late introduction. I was actually away in Nagoya for some family business so I guess I didn’t get the chance to meet you sooner. Let’s get along well from here on.”

“’s nice to meet you too,” Atsuko remembered to say.

From meeting her the first time, Atsuko’s first impression of Rena is that this is a kind looking gentle girl with a nice smile.

Now it was here that Atsuko heard someone calling for her.

“Excuse me Maeda-san? But I think it’s time to change guests.”

She looked to her side and noticed a boy student who had been waiting for his time with her. “Oh I’m sorry, you must be my next customer,” said Atsuko. She looked at her waiting list to see who it was that had request for her next. “You must be…”

“Minami Kou,” her next customer said for her, “And you are the host club’s newest member I’ve heard about. Oh are prettier than I thought you'd be.”

Atsuko's hand was gracefully taken by the boy called Minami and he gave her a pleased smile. He then stated, “I’ve decided, from now on, you’ll be my new favorite host.”

The instant she heard this, Takamina had to force herself not to yell out loud in shock.

"EEEH?! MAJISUKA!?!?!?" she shouted in her mind.


Later that day...

After club hours are done and the guests have left for the day, Takamina has now slipped into a sulking mood. As she sulked, she was gorging down a bowl of to-go katsudon that you would find in a convenience store.

Ever since Atsuko introduced the katsudon to her and the club one day (after finding Acchan eating the katsudon one day before club hours started and curiosity led the president to try it out), Takamina finds herself craving to eat more of the commoner’s bowl meal nearly everyday, or also to help tide her through the stresses of being club president.

However in today’s case, it was because she was depressed over the fact that one of their guests has made Acchan their regular host.

“Hey Takamina, will you stop endorsing yourself over that commoner’s katsudon and come over here already?” Miichan called out to the depressed Takamina.

“Yeah we still have to make plans for the party," Kojiharu reminded.

Everyone else are gathered at a table away from where Takamina is and are in the middle of their meeting for discussing about their upcoming party, though they didn’t get much discussion done with their president not participating in the talk.

“Takamina-san sure is acting down isn’t she?” said Jurina, her stuffed doll companion held in her arms.

“She’s been like that ever since we’ve closed today,” Yukirin mentioned.

“She’s that surprised about Minami requesting for Atsuko is she?” said Sayaka.

"I see no reason why she should be surprised," Mariko stated while busy typing in her laptop, "Minami-sama does have that disease after all."

A puzzled Acchan then asked, "What disease?"

"We call it the Host Hopping Disease," Mayuyu explained while drawing something in her sketchbook.

"Or in other words, he doesn't stay with one host all the time," Miichan included.

Mariko further explained, "Our guests would usually pick a host depending on his or her liking and sees that one regularly. However in Minami-sama’s case, he has continued to switch his favorite host often ever since he became one of our regular guests."

"Yeah. Because Takamina was his host before he switched to you Acchan," said Yuko.

Now this fact gave Acchan a presumption to the reason behind Takamina’s sulking. She spoke, "'re saying she's upset because I stole her customer?"

Takamina was instantly brought out of her sulking and she ran straight to where everyone else is. "That's not the point at all!" she shouted, “Right now we have an even bigger matter here!”

“Huh?” was Atsuko's response.

To Atsuko, Takamina spoke, “I just don’t see why you can be so popular with our guests when you say you’re not wanting everyone to realize you’re already a popular person!”

It was here that Takamina decided to bring up a complaint she has been carrying for a long while since Atsuko became a member of their club. She spoke, “Listen to me Acchan, it’s time you start acting like the idol you’re supposed to be! No one else in this school knows about your secret except for us in the host club!”

Since it came to this, Takamina went and pulled out a special framed portrait of Atsuko she secretly had made and keeps in a box that contains her personal, private possessions. “Now you listen Atsuko, I want you to go back to being this pretty, cute idol girl!” the short president demanded.

Atsuko was shocked when she saw that the portrait Takamina had taken out was a photo of her when she just debuted as Ashiya Mizuki, which she had enlarged and displayed in a large frame.

“Oi! Don’t go showing my photos without my permission!” Atsuko had to retort the instant she saw that Takamina is keeping something like that personal in her possession.

The other hosts took a moment to gaze at the photo of Acchan back when she first debuted as Ashiya Mizuki. No matter how much they look at it, there was something that bugs them when they compared the photo to Acchan’s appearance when they first met her in glasses and cheap uniform.

“It’s confusing. You just don’t see Acchan in this photo.”

“I still can’t see the resemblance…”

“How did this turn into that?”

Then Takamina faced Atsuko and spoke in a serious voice, "Hold it! The main big question here is...just why is Ashiya Mizuki attending this school as Maeda Atsuko? As everyone knows, Ashiya Mizuki was set to become one of Japan's next top actresses, until she suddenly disappeared from the media and public 2 years ago and the shocking news was out that Ashiya Mizuki was going to be on hiatus from her career. So tell us the truth Acchan...just why exactly did you disappear from the entertainment world?"

Seeing as there's no other way to talk herself out of not telling them, Atsuko gave a deep sigh and began explaining. “Even though I was an actress, I really wanted to go back to school like all other girls do. But I didn’t want to go as Ashiya Mizuki otherwise the entire school would be crowding around me nonstop. That was why I decided to attend school as myself and as an honor student in order for no one to recognize me. I knew that I’d be easily recognizable if I came looking the way I was so I had my hair cut short and wore something average. I didn't care how I looked if it meant that I can get the heck away from fans."

“Idols don’t use such casual words like that!” Takamina yelled. Then she cried out to a certain person across the room. “Aaah! Mama!!! Acchan’s using naughty words she’s not supposed to say…!” she cried like a crybaby.

The others who were watching Takamina had a question on their minds.

“Um...who is ‘mama’ here?” asked Kojiharu.

“I’m guessing going by club positions, that would be me,” Mariko regrettably spoke with a sigh. As she’s the vice-president of the club, that would make her the mother figure role as how Takamina the president is the father figure.

While Takamina continued to cry, Atsuko sighed, "Look there's no way I can go around school as my alter ego. And I'd rather work as a host to pay off my debt as who I am rather than Ashiya Mizuki."

“A-ano,” Rena spoke up again. “Are you really Ashiya Mizuki-chan?”

It was only just a short while ago that Rena first learns about Atsuko’s secret that is being kept within the host club.

“Uh, yes...”

Rena showed a look of amazement. “Sugoi.”

Acchan then noticed something she was holding in her hands.

“What is that?”

Rena held up what seems to be a biscuit...however it was covered with a thick layer of spice. “Ah, it’s spicy biscuit. Looks good, huh?”


Rena bit into it and giggled as she did so. Acchan was rather amazed how this girl can withstand eating such a spicy snack. To be honest, she herself is not a big fan of spicy food, so to see Rena able to eat it is amazing to her.

However here she noticed some of the members already started backing away as Rena ate the snack. Some even gulped.


Rena then started to give this creepy soft laugh.

“Hehehehehehe… ”

“Uh, are you okay?” Atsuko was reluctant to ask.

Rena was still smiling as she replied, “Un…hehehe…Right now.. I’m Chuukara. Hehehehehe...”

“Eh?” Acchan was about to ask what was going on, but then, Takamina pulled her back, clinging on her like a koala bear. “What’s wrong?”

“Rena gets like that sometimes when she eats spicy food,” Yukirin explained.

“What happens if she eats something TOO spicy?” Atsuko dared to ask.

“You don’t wanna know,” Sayaka said, simply.

It was here that Yuko decided to change the subject and bring up a new topic.

“By the way Acchan, you do know any formal dancing right? You’re going to be doing that a lot at the party next week,” she suggested.

At once the new host became speechless. “D-Dance?” she stuttered.

“You didn’t know?” said Yukirin, “All of us hosts are going to be dancing with every guest at the party that wants to dance with each of us. It’s going to be the main event for that night.”

After dancing was brought up, Atsuko began to show some signs of nervousness. “Um...actually, do you mind if I ask to be excused from attending the party?” she anxiously requested, “After all I don’t think the party has anything to do with my quota right?”

To be honest, Atsuko really didn't feel like attending any sort of event if it's held at this school.

But behind her back, Takamina saw this kind of response as an opportunity. A new plan was created in her mind that brought her back to her leader mode. "Oh no you don't. A proper host must always attend fancy social events to please her guests. If you want to remain being a host that badly, then you'll have to show it to us," she declared, “You’ll have to show us that you can become like a princess at a grand ball. Like Cinderella!”

It was after hearing something Takamina said just now, Rena then showed a curious look on her face. “Cinderella?” she repeated.

That was when Rena showed a look as if she was hit by a sudden inspiration. Before you knew it, the room darkened and a single spotlight appeared out of nowhere and shone on Rena.

“Eh? What?” said a confused Atsuko.

When she looked at the others, they didn’t seemed to be confused as she is. More rather, some are calmly shaking their heads.

“Oh boy…”

“Here she goes again…”

“Huh? What do you mean again?” said Acchan, who again is utterly confused. On the other hand though, she noticed Jurina looked excited as though she is eager to see what Rena will do.

Rena now began to speak in a rather dramatic voice, as if she suddenly became an entirely different Rena who is now bold and a professional actress performing a monologue on stage.

“As I arrived at the grand ball from my pumpkin carriage, the very first thing that caught my eye was the handsome prince!

His eyes looked only at me; my eyes looked only at him.

‘How beautiful…’ he would say, walking through the crowd to approach me. ‘You are too beautiful! You must be a true princess! Please, may I have this dance?’

‘Of course, my prince.’

That night would be magical. Wrapped in his arms as we danced, I could just stay forever. Until…

‘Dong! Dong!’

‘No! This can’t be! It can’t be over!’

‘My princess? Please, do not leave me. Wasn’t tonight meant to last forever?!’

‘I’m sorry, my prince… Goodbye!’

Even though I run and run, I trip and lose my glass slipper. I looked up and saw the prince still standing there.

‘Don’t go, my princess! Stay and we can dance forever!’

‘My prince… Yes, our night cannot end here! My prince--!’”

“You’re overdoing it Rena.”

Rena’s dramatic monologue was interrupted when Miichan had personally gone to stand right next to Rena and spoke up to stop her.

A startled Rena jumped when Miichan’s voice was heard right next to her as the lights came back on. Realizing what she was doing just now, Rena gave an embarrassed face as she rubbed the back of her neck. “Ah--! S-Sorry...” she apologized with a guilty expression, returning to her shy self again.

But Jurina gave a moan. “Aw man, but I wanted to hear the rest of that Miichan-senpai...” she complained. Out of the hosts, it would seem that she was the only one who was eagerly listening to Rena’s monologue.

“...Is this normal?” Atsuko said with an awkward feeling.

Once again she finds herself appalled by the strange personalities of this club’s members.

Putting aside Rena’s monologue, Takamina cleared her throat and returned to the main subject and decided to add more pressure to the order she is giving Atsuko. She then proclaimed, "With that in mind Acchan, I’m assigning you with the task to learn to dance the waltz within one week. And you'll be showing it to everybody at the party. If you don't complete this, I’ll tell the whole school your secret, and in addition, you'll be knocked back down to errand girl again!"

Takamina's order was declared official in that minute, leaving Atsuko dumbfounded.

"Uso..." she groaned.

How will Atsuko survive this impossible order?

To be continued...


Well there you have it!

So now all the host club members are finally present and accounted for!

How many of you guys figured out it was Rena from the last chapter?  :hee:

In other 48G related topics, I know everyone is getting psyched and pumped up for the Sousenkyo coming up next month. To be honest, I'm getting quite anxious myself.

I mean things are getting quite climatic what with this being Takamina's final Sousenkyo before graduating, several members like Rena have decided not to participate, and for some members this could be their last sousenkyo.

I'm really REALLY hoping that Sae-chan will be able to get into the Kami 7 this year, as I have heard hints that this may be her...last...time. :err:
All the more reason I'm crossing my fingers for her!  :prayers:

Oh BTW, I've added character bios in the first entry to this forum. Be sure to check it out! They will be changed and updated as the story progresses.

But anyways! Hope everyone enjoys this update! Stay tuned for more updates later! ;)
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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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..... and Takamina already sulking about losing her customer.. to Acchan..  :lol:
Oh.. upcoming party..  :hehehe: ..and Acchan need to learn how to dance.. hehe.. but who will teaching it to her?
Acchan's school time with every day getting more and more  'interesting' for her..  :D

Can't wait to read next chapter!  :)
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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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Still similar with the manga and anime....

But the guest is a male Minami Kou

What's going to happen next?

Would Atsuko accidentally kiss Kou?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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Yay update!!!!

Ahahha Atsuko u cant escape the dane party

Mariko is a mother xD

Yare yare...Rena has turn into Chuukara and get the other one is Gekikara?

Update soon

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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wahhhhhhh!! another one with all of them here
kinda did this after reading the fic....
takamina = Souh Tamaki
Mariko = Ootori Kyoya
Sae and Sayaka = Hitaru and Kaoru Hitachiin
Jurina = Haninozuka Mitsukuni (honey)
Acchan = Fujioka Haruhi

sae and sayaka portrays them well haha lol did I just compare them *faceplam* well I like the anime and the live action so I'm looking forward for your update 😀

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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OMG! I love you story so far! I really do!

thx u for the update and I hope to see u soon for the next chapter ;)

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Re: The AKB Host Club - Chapter 2 {5/28/15}
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Omfg, I love AKB48 and Ouran High School Host Club so this fic is basically heaven for me.

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