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Author Topic: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)  (Read 35076 times)

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
« Reply #380 on: December 26, 2017, 01:19:56 PM »
Have been waiting for a long time for an update. And I'm not disappointed even a little bit.  :cow:

Yeah those jerks deserved to go to jail and  rot in hell. And as always tsundere Maru  :inlove:

Happy belated birthday to Maru  :jphip:

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Re: Things That Mix - AKB48 Group Fanfic (COMPLETED) | LAST SP (?)
« Reply #381 on: December 29, 2017, 03:24:45 PM »

@Shinoki-san, Thank you. :) I thought it will be a little weird to post this because the idols were mentioned only a few times but I hope it gave more color to Maru's character. Please look forward to WISH. (although I'm getting tired writing lately. Don't worry. I won't drop it.) You've got a good story going too. I'm always looking forward to every chapter. Sorry if I gave my first comment here. :)

@yuuri14-san, Ohh.. Nice! Thanks to the one who helped me with it. :) Happy holidays~ It's nice to see you back in the comments~ :)

@FZA02-san, Thank you for liking this sp chapter but please don't hurt yourself whenever you feel kind of depressed or something. Try to do something else.. Find a hobby--drawing, sports, or writing a fic.  ;)

@Goto24-san, Calm down. But I understand you. Those kinds of offenders are the worst.  :smhid
Thank you~ :)

@porkofdoom-san, Hahaha. You got them all right. :)
I guess a lot of people will really be triggered by that scene.
Sorry for all the typos and grammar errors. I tried my best to proofread but I'm still lacking with my skills. Sorry about that..
Ohh~~ I'll be waiting for that. :)

@Genkikid-san, I'm sorry.. I'm trying my best to update WISH tomorrow. Still checking it.. I'm getting frustrated of my mistakes because however I re-read it I still see grammar errors and stuff. Lack of sleep, bruh...
I think a lot of people really love Tsundere Maru. :)

WISH will be updated tomorrow (hopefully). For now, this chapter is the last entry for the TTM thread. (sorry if I keep reviving it.) It will stay quiet for some while or permanently.. Who knows? Haha.. See you tomorrow at WISH's thread. Thanks again for reading~ :)
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