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Author Topic: Vampire Mansion (Ch:1 pt 2)  (Read 1319 times)

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Vampire Mansion (Ch:1 pt 2)
« on: August 09, 2017, 04:55:43 PM »
Vampire Mansion

]When a 100 year old Vampire decides to settle down to let her family have a normal life in a normal town, in a normal school, what would happen? No one knows, especially for the youngest who has no experience with outsiders (humans). But, there’s no need to fret. Her two best friends are there for her and also an unexpected love may come

Mansion Residents


Maeda ‘Shimagawa’ Atsuko

  • Pure Blood
  • Fake eldest sister
  • Mother
  • Fun loving
  • Has two best friends to help with her daughters
  • Lost her husband before the youngest was born

Shimagawa Haruka

  • Pure Blood
  • The eldest
  • A salty queen
  • Ponkotsu sister
  • Known to be a nightmare to those who provoke her
  • Has a soft heart

Shimagawa Iori

  • Pure Blood
  • The middle
  • Girl Next Door/Ojousama
  • Caring sister, especially to Naanya
  • Makes people attracted to her
  • Borderline airhead/dumb

Shimagawa Nana

  • Pure Blood
  • Youngest
  • Precious cinnamon Roll
  • Wants to be strong and independent
  • Her words may hurt you but it’s the truth
  • No dimples

Other Residents

Shinoda Mariko

  • A real troll
  • Morehandsome than your oppa
  • The ‘cool’ aunt
  • Loves to tease people for her pleasure
  • 100% Sadist

Kojima Haruna

  • Kitsune
  • Releases pheromones unintentionally
  • Has another identity
  • A natural airhead
  • Fashion Icon

Kojima Mako

  • Kitsune
  • Haruna’s younger sister
  • Naanya’s Bff
  • More of an otter
  • Her smile can cure a broken heart
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Re: Vampire Mansion
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2017, 01:21:55 AM »
Waiting for the first chapter Author-san :)

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Re: Vampire Mansion
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2017, 05:39:51 PM »
Pictures of Kojimako and otters never get old  :lol: But she's cute that way

Ganbare! Will patiently wait for the first chapter

I ship many pairings at the same time - if you ask me which one is my favourite, don't hold your breath waiting for my answer.

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Re: Vampire Mansion
« Reply #3 on: August 11, 2017, 11:19:37 AM »
Kojimako is here! And the otter lol XD

Now this looks interesting.. will be waiting for the 1st chap :)

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Re: Vampire Mansion
« Reply #4 on: August 11, 2017, 02:08:18 PM »
laughing so hard at mariko-sama's "more handsome than your oppa" hahaha my 1st oshimen

it looks interesting, i will wait for the 1st chapter

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Re: Vampire Mansion
« Reply #5 on: August 12, 2017, 04:47:56 PM »
Vampire Mansion Chapter 1

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” I asked my two trusted two best friends.

I know that this is sudden but it’s for the best.They both look at each other for a long time. Mariko is in deep thought while Haruna is scratching her head. I thought that Haruna would be the most understanding since her sister, Mako is about the same age as my girls. But, right now she is the most indecisive one in the room.

Mariko opened her mouth and said “Have you talked to them yet”. I just shake my head. I didn’t have time to ask their opinion on it.

“I’m trying to make it a surprise for them” I made a jazz hand at them, with probably an awkward face that came with it. Haruna is still scratching, Mariko just sigh at my statement.

“Are you sure? They never made any contact with the human world, let alone humans” I dropped my head down. What she said was true, we only lived in a secluded area far from the human world. It’s gonna be hard to leave a peaceful place we called home to live in a place where the streets are busy and the sounds of nature are drowned out.

I hear footsteps coming closer towards me. A hand placed on my right cheek, and another came for the other cheek. The hands pull my head up to meet the warm eyes of Haruna who smiled at me.

“I’m also worried for them, but they do have Mako, she has experience with the other world before” After hearing that, I return the former’s smile. Her warm eyes never went away. It’s rare to see her like this. We both signaled each other to look at Mariko.

“I’m also not against it but you need to remember that Haruka is almost an adult. You know what happens when vampires are about to reach adulthood, bloodlust”

“Which is why moving to the other world is a good idea. Being near humans can make her bloodlust easier to control, since she is going to be surrounded by them earlier than adulthood”

“I know why you’re doing this” I know where she’s going with this.

“What you did to her was an accident…” I could feel my blood boiling, every time Mariko brings it up. I was about to lose it when someone grabbed my hand, Haruna. She knows what’s happening to me and was trying to calm me down, but I can’t. Mariko continued

“It’s in the past, you didn’t mean-”

“TO KILL HER?! Have her soul slowly get taken away?” I released all that is inside me. I could not forgive myself even after all these years, no matter how much they told me it was not my fault.

“You keep saying that but you didn’t know how I felt that day” I reminiscence that day, unable to erase that moment.

“Opening my eyes to see her lifeless body in my arms” The both of them knows how much I kept the pain inside me.

“No matter…ho-how much I …called out to her…say her name. She…she still didn’t wake up”

My legs felt weak. I was about to be on my knees when Haruna caught me. We both kneel down while she was pulling me into a hug and starts to caress my back.  Soothing me a little bit. I slowly returns her hug, unknowingly letting my tears roll down my cheeks.

“I- I don’t want to let them to feel what I felt, to condemn themselves for the sins they’ve committed…I want them to have the life they always dreamed of” I looked back and forth between them.

“Is that a bad thing to ask?” my voice was raspy from the lumps gathering in my throat. Another hand is on my back, I know it is Mariko. She kneels down and smile.

“If that is your wish, then as your trusting best friends and the most awesome aunts in the whole world, who are we to reject it” Tears starts falling like rain, not out of sadness, tears of joy mixed with a little laughter.

I started to think since a long time ago that I’m lucky to have them beside me. Other than my girls, they are my reasons to keep living my life. I can’t wait to tell them about the news.


The Girls’ Room

Iori's P.O.V

“I wonder what’s out there, in the other world?” I heard Naanya as she was touching the window. I am sitting on the edge of my bed, brushing my hair.

Other than being spoiled, she always has been curious to know about the other side. To be honest, except for Naanya we used to want to know about it too. Seeing as we might not get the answers to it, we gave up pretty early. Haruka-neechan was the earliest, she never held on to something for a long time. But after hearing stories from Mako who’ve been there before, Naanya never gave up. Instead, she holds on to the curiosity a lot more stronger now.

“There’s probably not much to see anyway” This negativeness could only come out of Haruka-neechan’s mouth. The both of us look at her as she is lying on the bed, playing with two metal balls.

“It’s the truth, if there is something, we would probably had lived there by now” She said without raising a brow. She starts to close her eyes, typically bored of the same topic everyday. It is boring but sometimes when the unexpected happens, we would never forget it. I smiled to myself, remembering some of the past memories.

I gestured at Naanya to sit next to me. She walks to me slowly in her dress. I started to brush her hair. Her hair is down past her shoulders, the same goes to Haruka-neechan. I kept mine longer, down to my waist and always in a straight manner. Naanya starts to run her fingers through her hair. Her right leg also began to fidget. I could feel that she’s nervous to ask me something. I rubbed her shoulder to make feel comfortable. She did.

“Iori-neechan, are we going to live like this forever?” I keep my silence and still brushing her hair. Can’t answer a question that even Haruka-neechan can’t answer.

It’s been 20 minutes of silence. I managed to braid her hair, tapping her shoulder to show her face to me. Disappointment, is what her face is telling me. It hurts me to see her like that, what pains me more is I can’t do anything about it. Looking at Haruka-neechan for help, it was useless. She was sleeping. Thinking about what I should do, suddenly I have an idea. I grab her right hand and wrap her pinky finger with mine, looking directly into her eyes.

“I want you to promise me that… you will wish with your whole heart to escape from this boring life and never give up on it, because even though it doesn’t work on me or Haruka-neechan, I know that it will definitely grant yours” she nodded and with our thumbs, we seal the deal. We heard a groan from Haruka-neechan.

“You better wish your hardest, because I can’t sleep forever. I’m not a cat you know” We both smiled, that means we know that Haruka-neechan trusts her.

Our bedroom door was knocked. We said ‘come in’ simultaneously. The person then opened the door, we were greeted by Haruna who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Come downstairs, there’s an important family meeting”

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Re: Vampire Mansion (Ch:1)
« Reply #6 on: August 13, 2017, 08:02:18 AM »
I like where this is going  8)

Thank you for the first chapter! Will be waiting on the next
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Re: Vampire Mansion (Ch:1)
« Reply #7 on: November 03, 2017, 02:38:47 PM »
Part 2


“Girls, I’m sure you know why I’ve called you downstairs”

They all blinked and simultaneously said no. Awkwardly, Atsuko asked them to sit down. Not knowing where to start, she enlists the help of her best friends. Eyeing them with desperate eyes. To which they did not notice, but the sisters did. Starting to feel uncomfortable, she threw a nearest ball of paper to Mariko. Surprised by the sudden attack that she stood up.

“Yes Mariko, anything you’d like to say?” Asked Atsuko.

“Well…your mother… sorta has a very special umm news”

“Mother? Since when did you call her that”

They knew something was off since it was always ‘ATSUKO’, ‘ACCHAN’ or ‘MY LOVELY ATSUKO’

“I’ll cut to the chase…I’m…marrying you mom and Haruna, also making myself a harem”

The middle said with a gasp, “I’m ashamed of you”

“Leave me out of it” replied the eldest, in a bored tone

“What’s a harem?” the youngest earnestly questioned.

Haruka whispered into her ear. The younger one’s cheek blushing pink, eyes looking back and forth between Mariko’s harem. Haruka pulls away from Naanya’s ear who puffed her cheeks.

“I want one too” was what came out of her mouth.

“You already have Iori-neechan and Haruka-neechan” replied Mariko.

“I want mommy” she stood up and went to hug her mommy.

“You can have Haruka-neechan” said Naanya while raising the girl’s right arm and waving it.

Mariko went ahead to her Atsuko. Her face was serious.
“Atsuko, would you mind giving your daughter to me?” *plak*

“Well kid, your mom’s already attracted to me” She said to Naanya

“Don’t we have a say in this? Right Haruna?”…”Haruna?”

“Am I gonna be the first wife or the mistress” she stroked her chin.

I put both of my hands behind their backs.
“Of course, both of you are my fi

Haruna was blushing pink.

“You’re not serious, are you?”

“That’s it, we’re not getting married, were mo-”

“Moving to the human world”

“Are you happy, stealing my thunder”

“Not after I marry you”

“Not a chance troll”

“I’m still single…and available” she gave me something

“Call me”

Acchan called her second daughter.“Could you come with me for a while?” She nodded.

“Iori can I entrust you with something>?”

“When we move away, your sisters…take care of them”

“Aren’t you supposed to tell neechan that?, she is the eldest”

“You know how she’s like, she may be the eldest but she’s fragile. You love your sisters don’t you?”

“I know, and yes I do love them as much as I love you”

Acchan opens her arms wide. “Give mommy a hug”

Iori refuses and said no

“Come here”. Acchan hugged her as hard as she can with her left hand. While her free hand was exploring Iori’s stomach.


“That’s an added bonus”

They stopped what they were doing when they heard the door clicks open, revealing a troll and kitsune behind it. ~Awk~ward~

“Are we interrupting something?”


“Aren’t you excited neechan?”

“It’s not gonna be permanent”

“Stop trying to act cool Haruka-neechan, I know that your heart is flipping out with joy”

Haruka told her to shut up. Naanya didn’t hear (more like didn’t care) her sister and continued to tease her. After a few minutes of teasing (2 minutes to be exact) Haruka threw her nearest pillow at her young enemy. Whooosh it went past Naanya, missing by an inch. The door started to open, revealing Iori who had came back from a tickling session and away from being Mariko’s Harem. Naanya who sees the opportunity ran behind her dumbfounded sister not wanting to be hit by the pillow of death. ‘PLAK’  The pillow that was thrown fell down, revealing the person behind it…Iori.

‘Now I know why mom entrusted my two sisters to me’ Iori thought.

Haruka started reloading her pillows.

“Iori-neechan HELP! A salty one is out to get me”

“Step away from the girl Iori, this is between us”

“You’re torturing the cute youngest” Yelled Naanya.

“Naanya what did you do to neechan and neechan aren’t you being too harsh?”

“Iori don’t spoil her anymore, or she’s gonna be a brat”

“It’s not my fault, I’m adorable

“Okay… I admit that you’re somewhat adorable”

Somewhere downstairs, someone yelled, “MARIKO-SAMA IS FA-BU-LOUS” ‘finger snaps’

“You could also say that I’m smokin…hot”

“You’re not serious are you?”asked Naanya, arching her right brow

“I am, I’m smokin hot and you can’t deny it”. The sisters look at her from top to bottom.

“Just you wait until we get there, I’m gonna show you what I’m made of” she said, baffled by their reactions.

“Naanya… I think you might’ve broken her”

Naanya hugged her sister from behind, “Haruka-neechan come back you’re scaring me”

“I’m not a salty monster anymore right?” The youngest shook her head.

“But I am a tickle monster” she added. Tickling the youngest, only to be stopped for the latter had said

“Oh I forgot, we’re a tickle tag team”

Looking at each other for a bit. The middle thought ‘I don’t like where this is going, need to GTFO’. It all happened so fast. Laughter filled the room.


They stopped tickling their ‘pitiful’ sister. They sat at the edge of their own beds.
The eldest started to yawn, telling them that she’s tired. The sisters gets ready to hit the sack.

Right before Iori turns off the lights, she sees Naanya getting comfy on the floor with her blanket. She asked her what she’s doing. The latter replied of not being nervous and wants to get used to sleeping in new places. She added that they should all sleep next too each other. Of course, one person would reject it.

“Come on Haruka-neechan it’s been forever. Pweasee?” Making sure that she did the most cutest eyes that she learned from puss in boots. You could see it sparkling.

“She’s not gonna stop unless you say yes”

With a sigh (and also giving in to the eyes) she finally said yes. The eldest in the middle, with hug attacks coming from left and right. She looked both sides observing their sleeping faces while smiling to herself thinking.

‘It’s gonna be a long day tomorrow’

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