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Author Topic: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku  (Read 1273 times)

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A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« on: October 08, 2017, 11:09:27 AM »
Somehow... it feels unfamiliar to be here XD but, here's my JuriSaku fic!!


I… Miyawaki Sakura, have a little secret.
“KYAA!! I met Matsui-senpai in the corridor!” A girl screaming frantically, her voice amazingly almost shaking the entire class, even Miyawaki Sakura herself looked up from her note to take a brief look at her.
“I said; Matsui-senpai, good morning!” the girl continued to talk while waving her hand at her friend, “Then, she said, Ah, Nakai-san, good morning too! she said while smiling at me!”

Sakura merely pouted at her story, “Look look look look look!” another girl butted in, showing off her phone screen with a goofy grin, “I took Matsui-senpai’s picture when she was practicing karate!”

“I wanna see it!!”

“Oh my, she’s so hot!”

Sakura let out a sigh, resting her cheek in one one palm and propped up with her elbow, her large eyes staring out of the window and watched the tree named with her own name, her eyes fluttered close as wind blew the petals, trying to imagine the sensation if it caressing her skin.
“Guys… I’m sorry.” Sakura pleaded in her heart.

“But Matsui-senpai you really adore… is already engaged with me.”

Sakura took one last check on the mirror, school uniform, hair, her face… perfect. She picked her school bag and stepped out from their bedroom, descending the stair and small noises coming from the kitchen was drawn her to enter.
The view that presented before her was, Jurina her fiancè, already cladded with the same uniform as hers sat while busy nursing the toast she currently eat on the dining table. Sensing another human being’s presence, she looked up from her breakfast and looked at the kitchen’s entrance.

“Morning.” Jurina greeted with a calm smile.

“M-morning, Jurina.” Sakura replied softly, dragged her slender feet to approached her fiancè, pulling the chair opposite her and quietly sat on it.
“So, what are you up to today?”  Jurina asked before took a last bite on the toast, Sakura extending her tiny arm to take one and used another to grabbed the peanut butter. “Uhh… I have a biology test.”

“Is that so?, ganbatte, ne?” Jurina told calmly, pushed her plate away and grabbed her backpack which was placed on the chair next to her. “I will!”
Sakura proclaimed with a bright smile, but Jurina couldn’t see it as she busy on sorted the books and study materials inside her bag.

“What about you?” Sakura’s turn to ask, Jurina shrugged and quickly zipped up her bag, “Nothing’s special.”
Then she rose to her feet, pick her backpack along and walked to exited the room, “I’ll go first.”
Sakura caught off guard by her fiancè’s declaration, she put down her breakfast and also grabbed her bag, following Jurina’s pace. “Wait!”
Jurina turned around from the doorstep, watching the younger girl approached, “Why don’t we just go to school together?”
Jurina heaved up her chest then exhaled, took one step closer towards her and reached out her hand to pinched her fiancè’s cheek. “Don’t. It won’t look good if we’re being seen together.”

An amused smile created on her lips as she witnessed Sakura’s squinted eyes, “But-!”
She couldn’t voiced another protest if Jurina sealed her lips in a sneaky kiss. She pulled away after holding the pressure for a while, caressing Sakura’s cheek and gently smiling. Then she muttered, “See you soon… honey.”
Jurina winked then dissapear behind the door, didn’t take any responsibility of Sakura’s flushed cheeks.
Yes they’re engaged, and yes they’re living together. But there was one deal they agreed to do, and that deal was… keep their relationship as a secret at school.

It was all began since four months ago
“Married at the age of seventeen is impossible!” Sakura blurted out, huffed her cheeks angrily.
“Saku-chan, sweetie, you won’t get married right away…just engaged!” her mom told.
Sakura still put her pissed off expression on, grabbed a plate full of pasta in front of her and eat it furiously, ignoring the fact that she was wearing a formal dress and supposed to be mannered like a fine lady.
“Excuse us,”
Both Miyawakis looked up from the table, seeing two gorgeous women cladded with a similar dresses stood before them dazzlingly, Sakura’s mom gasped before spoke, “Ah, Yumiko-chan!”
“Hi, this is my daughter Jurina.” the woman said while rested her hand on her daughter’s shoulder. Sakura’s mom stood up then shake her hand with her “I’m Matsui Jurina, nice to meet you.”
She introduce herself with an impossibly, charming smile. “Please take care of me.”
“Uwaa〜 you’re so beautiful!” Jurina let out a soft giggle at the compliment, “Thank you.”
Sakura still froze on her seat, gaze fixing on the girl called Jurina with the pasta still hanging in her mouth idiotically.
“Sakura!” She heard her mom whispered, snapped back into reality, Sakura cleared her throat after swallowing the food, took the napkin and wipe her mouth with it. Jurina’s eyes still on hers when she slowly stood up, and reached out her hand nervously.
“Miyawaki Sakura, please take care of me.”
She never thought that she will engaged with her own senior at school.

“Oi.. stop making that face and eat your lunch!” Murashige Anna exclaimed, let her hand hung in the air while holding the chopsticks.
Sakura pouted her lips and huffed her cheeks even more, hugging both of her knees as they sat on the marbled stair in front of the school building. Let her bento box left untouched next to her “Jurina is stupid!”
“Hey, lower your voice!” Anna warned, nugging her by the ribs gently. “Others might hear you just called Matsui-senpai Jurina.”
“What’s with that?!” Sakura murmured, resting her chin on her folded arms. “Let every girls in the entire school know that me and Jurina are engaged so they will leave her alone!”
Murashige Anna, Sakura’s only bestfriend, and the only one who knows about the engagement sighed tiredly, she put the box and chopsticks down before gave a light pat on her shoulder, “Just be patient, okay?”
Anna removed her hand after said the
sentence, “You can’t blame her though, Matsui-senpai is just magnificent! No wonder why she keeps being surrounded by girls.”
Sakura turned to give Anna a desperate stare, “You’re not helping at all.”
Anna just shrugged it off, picking up her bento and continued to eat. “Then why don’t you just approach her?”
“Eh?” Sakura’s abnormally large ears perked up at the sudden suggestion, “You are her fiance after all, what’s so wrong about it?”
Anna let the words rolled out her tounge ever so easily, “At least you two can interact as girlfriends…?”

Sakura’s short haired head popped out from the window glass of the senior class, her eyes sharply searched for a long, dark haired girl inside between another students inside the classroom.
Her heart went doki doki when she managed to found Jurina’s figure, she stood by the window and surrounded by her friends as usual, laughing out loud and she didn’t even know what are they laughing at.

“Eh?! A first year?” a voice caused Sakura to jolt, she quickly turned around and see two girls standing before her.

Suda Akari

Takayanagi Akane

Sakura read the nametags, “Is there anything we can help with?” Suda offered with a smile.
“Err… I’m…” Sakura stuttered while scratching her cheek.

“Wait a minute, so you’re Miyawaki Sakura?!” a girl resembled to a bird suddenly exclaimed, Sakura got a little taken aback then looking at her own nametag gradually.

“…Yes? Etto, senpai, can I meet-!” Sakura couldn’t finish her sentence as someone grabbed her by the neck and tugged her away immediately. Leaving Suda and Takayanagi laughing in amusement.

“What were you doing in my class?” Jurina questioned, crossing her arms as she interrogated while leaned her back against the wall
“… I just wanted to meet you,” Sakura squeaked, fidgeting with her skirt as she sat on the desk inside this unused class.
Jurina exhaled then looking at the ceiling, “Didn’t I told you that it won’t look good if we’re being seen together?”

“Why? You seemed had so much fun with your friends,” Jurina noticed her fiance’s darkening eyes to the quick respond, “showing them the expressions I’ve never known before…”

Jurina let her hands fell on her sides at her soft murmur, looked away as she didn’t wish to see Sakura’s sad expression.
“It’s unfair.” Sakura stated weakly, stand on her feet and heading towards the exit limpingly.
Her steps caused Jurina to look at her again in alert, she briskly followed the younger girl and immediately gripped Sakura’s wrist and turned her around, capturing her lips in a deep, lingering kiss.

“I’m sorry,” Jurina stroked her hair with her fingers, “I just don’t want them to find out about us.”
Sakura avoiding Jurina’s eyes, flustered as she realize their super close proximity, Jurina’s breath and sweet perfume were nicely surrounding her.
“I’m sorry, okay?” Slowly and gradually, Sakura nodded her head at the apology. Jurina sighed in relief, looped her arms around Sakura’s waist and dive in for another lingering kiss.

“Hey, listen.” Jurina whispered when they lips parted, creating an eye contact. “I will come home late today, I have a karate club activity.”
“Okay,” Sakura nodded to the information, finally able to forming her knowing smile though a bit invisible. “Okay.” Jurina copied, suddenly brought up her hand to touch her own neck, sneaked it inside her uniform to pulled something out.“Here,”

Jurina pulled that thing off of her neck, something what appeared to be; a necklace… with a shiny silver ring as pendant.
“Can you please keep it for me? I’ll take it back when I’m home.” Sakura received the necklace with a nod of approval, “I almost tell Momoka that it was our engagement ring when we changed, I’m afraid it will lost if I put it inside the locker, so…”

“Don’t worry, it’ll be safe in my hand.” Sakura reassured with a sweet smile. “Do you wear your necklace?”
Sakura gave another nod at the question, pulled down her shirt and showing the similar necklace and ring “
Of course.”

The bell rang as if on command, signaling that the lunch break was over.
Sakura lightly nibbling on her lower lip, shifting her eyes hesitantly… but then courageously pressed a tiny kiss on Jurina’s cheek before walked away immediately, too badly didn’t see an idiotic smile and blushed cheeks painted on Jurina’s face.

Sakura stopped her walk to a crowd in front of karate club’s room, winced as those girls were literally… screaming her fiancè’s name with a suffix ‘sama’.
Clenched her bag strap on her shoulder, Sakura walked ahead them and forced herself to walk pass by them, “Coming through!”
Her eyes opened wide in disbelief as she viewed the sight presented; Jurina, in her karate costume with the black belt, doing some sparring with her partner, also the leader of the club; Kinoshita Momoka.
She looked so cool as she threw some powerful punches, her hair that tied into a ponytail swaying sparklingly as sweats were dripping from her porcelain face.

“Ouch!!” Sakura couldn’t enjoyed the view any longer as she got pushed a lot by the crazy crowd, she ended up stood behind them helpessly.
She blew her bangs out of her face then sighed, gave up and about to take her leave from the school…but a piece of paper attached on the outside wall of the club room brought a smile of hope to Sakura’s lips.

“Heee?!!” Anna shouted as she slammed both of her hands against the table of the cafeteria, “Joining the karate club?!”
Sakura grinning innocently, humming as a yes as her mouth full and chewing on her melon pan, “Sakura…seriously?!”

“I can’t be the manager, so why not be the member?” Sakura simply remarked,
“But! You are absolutely suck at sports!” Anna told matter of factly, “Do you ever heard how hard the test is?! In last year’s test, I heard someone was fainted!”

Sakura just showed her thinking expression, completely didn’t moved by the news her bestfriend just told, “If you take the test, you won’t faint… but you will be dead instead!!”
Anna’s words sounded hilarious instead of frightening, Sakura laughing. “But… I heard that Jurina loves sporty girls! So I will do my best!”
Anna raised an eyebrow, “Did you tell her you will join?”

“… No?”

“Alright! Let’s start the test!” Kinoshita Momoka declared through the amplifier she held, the voice was loud enough for every candidates who stood on the field hear it.
Sakura, cladded in her tracksuit standing at the front row gazing at the front with determination, her eyes briefly met with Jurina’s, who stood next to Momoka along with all the senior members, gazing back at her flatly. She swore she saw Jurina slightly shook her head and sighed a few times
“First, you all will run circled the field 30 times! Then push up, 50 times! squat jump 50 times, and sit up also 50 times!”
Momoka continued, “If you faint or dead, you fail the test!”
The whistle screamed, then the test began.


“Look at that Miyawaki girl!” Jurina turned to Yamamoto Sayaka’s voice, then following the direction of the finger she pointed, she was pointed a girl with an anti mainstream running style “She runs like a titan from Shingeki no Kyojin! haha.”


“10…11…12…” Sakura collapsed, “Come on everybody! you can do this!” Sakura looked up as she heard Jurina’s motivated scream and claps, she quickly back into push up position then counting loudly “45…46…47…48…!”


“Sakura, if you’re tired, don’t force yourself.” Jurina, who currently helped her secret fiancè doing the sit up told wisely. “I… can… do this!”
Sakura convincing breathlessly, sweats were bathing her skin and her cheeks were flaring red.
“Are you really okay?” Jurina asked worriedly, leaned her body downwards… Sakura lost focus instantly; because of the karate attire, a small of Jurina’s breasts were exposed.

“…I’m okay!” Sakura flusteredly exclaimed, “Let’s continue!”
Sakura did the sit up with a godly speed, “OOO!! Sugeee!!” Jurina shouted. “29…28…29…30…!”

Today… Sakura could see Jurina’s chest for 50 times.

Miyawaki Sakura… magically passed the test.

“You worked really hard.” Jurina praised, fixing Sakura’s newest costume with a proud smile.
They were happened to be alone in the karate changing room, and Jurina’s heart was fluttering when she saw Sakura cladded with the karate attire for the first time. She was utterly cute in that.
Sakura smiled back sheepishly, let her fiancè tied the white belt around her slender waist carefully. “There. You are officially, the karate club’s member now!”

Jurina proclaimed without faltering her proud smile, “Congratulations.”
Sakura’s smile got widen, “Thanks.”

“… Karate outfit suits you well.” Jurina suddenly said, her cheerful tone gone and turned softer like a murmur. “Who would have thought that such a sweet faced girl will have a strong determination to join a karate club?”
Jurina gently pushed her against the locker behind Sakura’s back, resting her forearm beside the younger girl’s head and leaned forward, half smirked-half smiled as Sakura had fallen under her irresistible charm, Jurina caught Sakura’s hand to laced their fingers, then pressed her body more against hers.
Just as expected, both girls’ eyes were slowly closed and let their lips connected in a tender kiss. Jurina held the kiss to keep innocent, but she simply couldn’t hold it; she moved her lips to feel more of her fiance’s, slightly titled her head to deepen the contact.
Sakura squeezed her eyes, suddenly petrified by Jurina’s toxiced kisses, she tighten their laced fingers as reaction, and boldly returning the kiss.
… but Jurina stopped as she realize what she was doing.
With a stressed sigh, Jurina slowly retreated. “… sorry.” Sakura bowed her head to hid her flushed face, breathless and strangely feel uneasy. Jurina fixed her clothes back to its place neatly, and Sakura still didn’t find any guts to faced her fiance.
“Don’t forget to take off your necklace.” Jurina reminded, cupped her cheek then caressing it a few times before turned around and leave.

The club’s activity had ended on 5 PM, and Sakura now could feel the effect of the karate’s previous test and also the basic moves she just learned.
She changed back to her school uniform and fetched her necklace-and engagement ring inside her locker, quickly wear it and hid the ring under her shirt as she heard the door bursted open, the club’s members entered.
Including Jurina… and the manager of the club… Kashiwagi Yuki.
Sakura half regretted that she join the club, because she found out that apparently, these two were really close
During the practice, as she sneak some peeks on Jurina, Kashiwagi Yuki was literally always be by her side, and she could tell the way Jurina looked at her was just simply different.

Well, Yuki was undeniably pretty, and she admit she got a little jealous over her. She was tall, slim, her hair was perfect, and most importantly; her breasts are big.
Nibbling on her lower lip, Sakura finished her packing to go home and bid her farewell to her senpais, except to Jurina because she got a little mad at her.

“Anna, do you think I’m sexy?”

Anna almost choked by her mentaiko at the question, she looked up at her and Sakura just staring back innocently.
It was a typical friday morning when they had a light chat before class starts, but the question came from Sakura this time wasn’t typical at all.
“…I don’t know.” Anna shrugged. “Why?”

“Just asking,” Sakura spoke weakly, laid her head against her table and wrote an absurd pattern by her finger on it. “And do you think I’m… mature?”
Anna shook her head before spoke up, “No, Sakura. You don’t look mature at all.”
She pouted, “Nobody will admit that you’re a mature woman if you still watching Doraemon and wears a Doraemon pajamas.”

“Everybody loves Doraemon!” Sakura brawled.
“Just saying the truth,” Anna replied. “Beside, what makes you bombarded me with those questions anyway?”
Sakura sat up straight on her seat and sighed, “…Jurina.”

Anna waited patiently, studied her bestfriend’s changed of emotions, “Jurina…?”
“At the club’s changing room… she kissed me.” Sakura said while lowering her voice.

“And then…?”

Sakura bit her lower lip before continued, “It was really… dangerous. But when she saw my body…she stopped.”
Anna gave a puzzled look, but didn’t voiced anything and still listening, “So I thought, maybe she doesn’t like… my body.”
“Hmm, it’s suspicious.” she nodded her head. “Maybe Matsui-senpai loves girls with sexy bodies, and mature personalities.”
Sakura frowned, “That means I’m not sexy?”

“Sakura, look,” Anna’s eyes turned serious before explained, “You’re sexy enough I admit, but… you’re childish.”

“Sou, you’re acting like a child sometimes, and maybe that’s why Matsui-senpai… stopped it,”
Sakura thinking hard, processing Anna’s words inside her brain and finally realize her mistake.

“So, what should I do?”

Anna smiled mischieviously before whispered, “I’ll tell you after school.”

“I’m hooome,” Jurina announced, wiping her wet hair with the towel due to the heavy rain outside, “Sakura?”
Footsteps were hurriedly coming to her ears, Jurina glanced at the stair as she heard the clearer footsteps, and the figure she called showed up “Ah, welcome back!”

Jurina, wide eyed and mouth partly opened when Sakura came to her sight, wore a knee length beige colored dress, the skin of her chest was could be seen and Sakura also applied a light make up on her face.
Jurina was speechless.
“Um… I changed my appearance so I can look mature for you,” Sakura chirped, fidgeting with her fingers . “What.. do you think?”
Jurina didn’t say anything and her face turned flat, but displeasant… was clearly written on her face.

“What happened to you?”


“You act very strange recently… come to my classroom, joining the club without my permission,” Jurina told coldly, her eyes kept set on her fiance sharply and intimidatingly.

“…It doesn’t suit you at all.”

Tears were dropped from Sakura’s eyes fastly, she turned her back and dashed towards the stair and climbing on it, seconds later, Jurina heard the door slammed.
The next day, Sakura woke up very early and went to school without caring of Jurina who was sleeping on the couch with her school uniform still on.

She walked through the corridor slowly, uncheerful and all gloomy. Murashige’s advice was suck.
Because she kept looking at the ground and didn’t paid any attention to her line, her forehead bumped into something quite hard.

“Un?” Sakura lifted up her head, but a familiar face was greeted her with a confused stare.

“Ah, Miyawaki-chan!”


“Eh, where’s Jurina?” The bird like girl questioned, her eyes wandering over Sakura’s shoulders to spotted the certain girl.

“I don’t know, senpai.” Sakura faked a smile.

“That’s weird, I thought she-”

“Miyawaki-chaaaan!” Suda Akari suddenly jumped in out of nowhere, “Good morning.”

“Morning,” Sakura simply replied, still faked the smile.

“Ne〜 have you heard about Jurina’s crush?”

Sakura felt like there was a lighting hitting her right at the heart, “Eh? Matsui-senpai’s crush?!”
Akari smiled and nodded enthusiastically, “C-can you please tell me?”

Sakura pleaded, her voice trembled and her legs weakened. So that’s true… Jurina doesn’t love someone like me. She thought silently, she already have someone she likes. She tried to holding back her tears, preparing her ears to listening to the story Akari would tell.


But she missed the chance, and something similar happening; someone grabbed her hand and hurriedly dragging her away, leading her to the same place as before.
Jurina slid the door close of the unused classroom behind her, immediately lunged forwards and wrapped her arms around Sakura in a super tight embrace.

“The person I love… is you, Sakura!” Jurina confessed breathlessly.
Sakura who still trying to digesting everything opened her mouth then closed it continuously, like a fish who trying to get some water to breath. But Jurina hugged her so tightly, until she could feel and heard her fast beating of her heart.
“Eh? B-but…” Sakura stuttered, Jurina pushed her shoulder and broke the embrace, staring at her eyes deeply. “I like you, no, I love you… ever since a long time ago.”

Sakura couldn’t even say a word.

“When my mom told me that I will married to someone, I refused.” Jurina told, still keeping Sakura in place. “But then she showed me your picture, so I approved the engagement.”

“Ehhh?!” Sakura palming her mouth. “Then, why did you acted as if… you don’t like me?”
Jurina rolled her eyeballs nervously, squeezing Sakura’s shoulders then clicked her tounge.
“That’s because… I was shy.”

Sakura gave no respond, staring at her fiance’s averted eyes intensely, didn’t believe her own ears at the confession.
“Seriously??” Jurina nodded immediately, “I was too nervous everytime you approach me!”

Jurina winced, swallowing her pride as she told her honest feelings, “Churi and Akarin are the only ones who know that I have a crush on you, they’ll teasing me endlessly if they saw us together.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes! Trust me.” Jurina pleaded, cupped the younger girl’s cheek with one hand.

“… But what about the kiss at the changing room?”
Jurina silenced instantly, caused Sakura to wait in anticipation with her crazy heartbeat.

“I was just… couldn’t handle myself.” She now used both arms to cradled Sakura’s head and took one step closer and continued; “That time I realize that, I wanted you so desperately.”
Her heart skipped a beat at the honest words, but she let Jurina keep going nonetheless. “But you are still very young, Sakura.”
Sakura blinked her eyes a few times, tickled as Jurina’s fingertips grazing upon neck and cheek as she saying, “I’m not sure if you’re ready to… do ‘that’ with me.”

She heard Jurina cleared her throat, “So let’s just be patient… and wait for the right time comes, okay?”
“Okay.” Sakura smiled at the thoughtful sentences, Jurina returned it with a charming grin and moved closer, united their foreheads. “Also… I’m sorry that I said those harsh words. I didn’t meant them.”

“It’s alright, I understand why now.” Sakura spoke with a slight giggle, Jurina nodded, her gentle smile was never faded even when she muttered, “But I promise I’ll make you happy.”
Jurina inching their lips closer, which was responded positively as Sakura didn’t rejected and just stay still, thrilled when Jurina said her next words;
“Please marry me.”

Sakura looped her arms around Jurina’s neck, being the one who initiated the kiss before answered a “Yes.”

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« Reply #1 on: October 08, 2017, 07:04:01 PM »
Really a cute story. Although imho better suited more as a chapter fic based on this path. It could be a challenge later on to do so but I also think it might be good to take it head on :3 A little rough around the edges however decent to consider posting here for the first time. Fill out a profile if you haven't to introduce yourself to the community
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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« Reply #2 on: October 08, 2017, 11:33:29 PM »
A precious story.

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« Reply #3 on: October 17, 2017, 01:32:35 AM »
Cute story. Looking forward for the update  :thumbsup
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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« Reply #4 on: October 19, 2017, 07:38:39 PM »
This is interesting. I'm looking forward the next chapter.  :lol:

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Re: A Secret Marriage chapter 2
« Reply #5 on: October 21, 2017, 07:58:51 AM »
A Secret Marriage : Chapter 2

Sakura ascending the stair in rush, her skirt fluttering as her milky legs moved on each stair. The young woman then opened the door of their bedroom, sighing when she saw her one and only fiancé Matsui Jurina didn’t move from their bed and instead hid under the blanket. “Jurina, it’s morning!”
Sakura told helplessly, approached the laying figure then tugged the blanket aside. Jurina frowned her forehead, squirming her body lazily while her young fiancé continued to shake her body. “Wake up! Do you want to be late for school?!”


“Ju! Wake u-!”

All of the sudden, Jurina gripped the younger girl’s hand then pulled her down. Successfully making her fall and landed on her body. Jurina holding her cheeks and inching their faces close to each other. “Sakura… I think I’m sick.” Jurina spoke, her voice hoarse and weak. Although still shocked by Jurina’s abrupt act, Sakura quickly forgot her intentions to be mad, distracted by the statement she just said. “Eh?”

“My head feels dizzy,” Jurina continued before exhaled deeply. Sakura silenced for a while then studying Jurina’s feature. “Ah …is that so?”
“Un,” Jurina nodded, staring up at Sakura’s delicate face with puppy eyes. “Don’t go to school. Just stay here with me.”

“....?” Sakura raised an eyebrow, clearly noticing the naughty gaze glinted in Jurina’s eyes. No matter how hard she tried to cover it, Sakura knew her cunning habit well by now. “Baka,” Sakura pinched Jurina’s cheek before rose to her feet, hiding her blushing cheeks cleverly. “Hurry up or you’ll be late!”

“Wait, at least give me a morning kiss!” Jurina exclaimed as she tugged Sakura by the hand then pulled her down again, cupped her cheeks and didn’t wait to plant a sweet kiss on Sakura’s lips.


Streams of water was falling down to the sink as Sakura washed the dishes, result of their breakfast this Sunday morning. She kept on working diligently, humming her favorite song. Unaware of the other girl’s presence who stood just right behind her, smiling.

 A shriek escaped Sakura’s lips when pair of hands were sneaked around her waist tightly, and chin rested on her shoulder so casually. “J- Jurina…  you shocked me.” Sakura complained with a soft voice, resumed on her work while the older one just giggled like a little kid. “Gomen,”

“Why are you still here? Aren’t you usually go to school first?” the question fell out from Sakura’s lips smoothly, distracted just a bit when Jurina pressed a light kiss on her neck. “Um… let’s go together?”

Jurina suggested afterwards, her arms refused to let go of her fiancé’s slender body and keeping her in place, clung onto her lazily.
“Together…?” Sakura tilted her head, thinking while drying the dishes. “I thought you said it won’t look good if we’re being seen together?”

“It’s okay,” Jurina uttered in a reassuring tone, “Just tell our friends that we’re accidentally met on the way to school.”
Sakura chuckled in her heart, amused by how easy Jurina said the words. “Churi and Akarin only knew that I like you after all...” she continued. “They haven’t know that we’re actually engage.”

“Hmm, if that’s what you want.” As Sakura finished, she turned her body around and Jurina quickly took advantage of her move. She placed her hands on the sink, trapped the younger woman’s body before leaned in and kissed her on the lips.


“He~ did I miss something?” Murashige Anna whistled when Sakura entered the classroom, a playful smirk spread across her European’s face.
“What are you talking about?” Sakura respond with a lazy sigh, soon settle down to her seat and ignoring Murashige’s teasing gaze.

“You walked together with Matsui-senpai, right?” Anna continued to tease, drawing her face closer towards Sakura’s, which made her feel uncomfortable immediately. “You’re annoying!” Sakura exclaimed while pushed her friend’s face away, “it’s still early yet you make me upset already!”

“It’s a huge progress, Sakura!” Anna shouted out though Sakura kept on pushing her face away. “I think Matsui-senpai thinks it’s time to reveal-!”

“Shige!!” Sakura quickly covered Murashige’s mouth, throwing her a deathly glare. The girl only grinned innocently, slowly removed Sakura’s palm off of her mouth. “Sorry.”

“Watch your words and stop being so random!” Sakura hissed, her sharp gaze looked cute instead of frightening for Murashige. “Tehehe... but seriously, I think Matsui-senpai doesn’t really care ‘bout your ‘secret’ anymore.” Anna said while pulled a chair in front of Sakura’s desk then sat on it, “She has been so clingy towards you lately."

Sakura put on a questioning look, pondering over the statement her best friend just told. “Ah, seems so.” She nodded, palming her chin in curiosity. “She’s also…. Really want to be spoiled by me.”

“Eh?! On bed?!”

“S-s- Stupid!” Sakura’s pale face now turned deep red at Anna‘s utterance, she even slamming down her table that caused a few of their classmates looking at their direction. Sakura was about to hit Anna in the head but sounds of their classroom door slid open stopped her intention.

“Excuse me, is Miyawaki-san here?”

It was Sayanee, or Yamamoto Sayaka the vice leader of the karate club. The cool girl from Osaka, also famous for her ability in playing guitar. “Ha- hai?” Sakura raised her hand, puzzled. Sayaka’s lighten up, a smile quickly plastered her face when Sakura left her seat then walked over her.

“Yamamoto-senpai, is there… something?” Sakura asked with a sweet smile, noticing Sayanee’s hesitant -almost apologetic- look across her face. She wondered what will coming out from her senpai’s thin lips.

“Ano… can you please help me?” Sayaka requested while winced her eyes, “I usually do this alone but I have other thing to be finished immediately so um...”

Murashige watched the two from a far, observing their moving lips. Trying to catch their conversation in between the other people’s voices inside the room, which she still couldn’t hear them of course. After a while, Sakura seemed to replied the bow Sayanee had done before waved her hand then left
“What is it??” Anna hastily voiced out her curiosity when Sakura came back to their seats. Sakura shrugged her shoulders, sitting back to her chair with a sigh. “Yamamoto-senpai asked me to cleaning the karate training room,” Sakura told. “What a tiring job~”

“Ganbare~” Anna patted her shoulder, sneakily smiling. “By the way, isn’t she Yamamoto Sayaka… Watanabe Miyuki’s ex?”
Sakura rolled eyes, clicked her tongue in annoyance. “Stop gossiping Murashige.”


“Oi, Sayanee.” Jurina called out as she glanced up at her classmate who was just re-entered their classroom, “Where have you been?”

“From our kouhai’s class.” Sayanee simply answered, widely grinning. “Why?”

“Nothing, just wanna ask who’s going to do the duty when school’s over.” Jurina shrugged. “Since you said you can’t...”
“Oh, it’s Miyawaki-chan.” Sayanee replied with a smile, caused Jurina to squinted her eyes in suspicious. “She’s really kind ain’t she.”

“Aw, you’re just taking an advantage!” out of nowhere, the true leader Kinoshita Momoka butted in the convo, took a seat in the middle of them casually. “You like her, aren’t you Sayanee?” Momoka chuckled, “That’s why you asked her to help you out so you can talk more with her~”

“Cut it off,” Sayaka rolled her eyes, “I don’t like her.

“You lied~”

“I’m not!”

“Oh shut up!” Jurina suddenly shouted out, her aura changed immediately. “Sakura is mine!”

There was a brief silence once Jurina stated the bold words. Sayaka and Momoka were looking at her with a raised brows, while Jurina just realized that she was almost shouted loudly.

“He, don’t mind her.” Momoka said while eyeing Sayanee, taking the words as a joke. “You can take Sakura as long as there’s no ring in her finger, haha!”
Momoka laughed while Sayanee just blushed, unaware of Jurina’s fake laughing.
And unaware that Jurina was not joking. At all.


Inside an empty classroom, where two teenage girls secretly exchanging kisses...

“J- Jurina-“ Sakura sharply gasped, her small hands holding onto Jurina’s reliable shoulders as she received her passionate kisses helplessly. Sitting down on the desk, Sakura could only shutted her eyes close and prayed that nobody will find them out; using an unused classroom for making out. While Jurina stood between her legs, arms secured her waist and lips smashing against hers. But the fear of being busted strangely only made Jurina felt more excited that her kisses were so rushed and burning...

“It’s enough,” The younger girl squealed as she pushed Jurina’s face away. “Somebody might see us.”
Jurina obeyed with a small grunt, breathless. As the sounds of their disorder breathes linger in the air, Jurina used her fingers to unbuttoned Sakura’s uniform slowly, taking a silvery lace around her white neck then pulled it out. Gazing at the engagement ring in between her fingers.

“You… only love me, right?”  Jurina asked in whisper, her eyes darkened and Sakura of course noticed it. However, her question got her taken aback.

“Of course,” Sakura answered firmly, clenched her hands onto the older girl’s shoulders. “I only love Jurina.”

“Yokatta,” Jurina smiled tenderly, “And nobody can steal you away from me, right?”

A sigh escaped Sakura’s lips at the question, she grabbed Jurina’s neck then pressed their foreheads together. “No one would, Juri-baby.”
To Be Continued

Spoiler for the next chapter....

Ah, a trip field?!”
“Un, we’ll be going to a village where we can take a bath in a hot spring and such.”


“You must take this opportunity, Sakura! I’m sure Matsui-senpai will thinking of ‘those things’ during the trip so I suggest you to get prepared!”

“p- prepared?!”

“Right! Go buy some cute set of underwears!”


“… M- Miru?”

“Hi, It’s been a while, Jurina. You still looked hot.”

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
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Maybe you should label the posts as chapters so it would be easier to show the reader
Random Thought:


R.I.P. Jab!  Dad/friend

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
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it seems that Jurina is having a hard time keeping her secret ...

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
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A Secret Marriage, Chapter 3

“I’m home~”

Jurina announced exhaustedly, taking off her shoes before stepped onto the wooden floor of the house. And as expected, a haste footsteps immediately approached as sweet voice replied her afterwards.

“Welcome back~”

Sakura appeared from the kitchen, welcoming her fiancé with sweet smile and nice appearance. Well, short jeans and a cropped white t-shirt was cute in Jurina’s eyes.

“What do you want to do first?” Sakura asked as she taking Jurina’s bag pack and school blazer from her hands, “Eat or shower?”

“… sleep.” Jurina replied weakly, formed a lazy grin. She then leaned towards the younger girl to placed a kiss on Sakura’s tough lips before ascending the stairs led her to the bedroom.

“Eh?” Sakura widen her eyes, moved her slender feet to tailed her fiance’s traits. “Chotto, go get some meal first, Jurina!”
“No, I’m okay.” Jurina shrugged, opened their bedroom door. “I’m really tired.”

Sakura wanted to argue but Jurina really was tired, she watched the older one loosening her necktie before slammed her own body down onto the bed...
“… so you’re exhausted,” Sakura concluded in small giggle, closing the door and neatly placed the bag and blazer to their places. “I’ll just leave you to take a nap then.”

“Wait don’t leave,” Jurina prevented, a little whined in a spoiled manner. And she also looked at Sakura with a tired, puppy pleaded eyes. There she goes again Sakura sighed in her heart.

“Come over here.” Jurina’s soft demand rang in her ear, and Sakura couldn’t contain an amused smile to form on her lips. Jurina smiled back lazily, signalling her to come over with her hand.

“What?” Sakura laughed a little, approached the laying figure on bed. “I spent hours in the club room so I was unable to meet you,”
Jurina complained with a pout, welcoming Sakura into her arms. “I missed you.”

“Ju...” Sakura chuckled, helpless as Jurina snuggling her nose into the crook of her neck while kissed it gently, arms trapped Sakura’s slim figure nicely. “It was only for a couple of hours since we parted at school.”

“Hmm...” Jurina just grumbled randomly, continued to snuggle like a little puppy who seek Sakura’s attention and affection.
Seconds passed and both girls fell silence in each other’s arms, savoring their simple -yet comfortable- moment of intimacy while they got a chance to do it. Jurina closed her eyes, but did not sleep as her fingers now busy on playing Sakura’s hair, gently twirling the silky dark locks quietly.
“So what were you talking about at the club meeting?” Sakura voiced a question, knowing that Jurina was cancelled her nap. “Hmm? We were… planning on to do a field trip.”

“Really?!” Sakura gasped, parted herself from Jurina’s embrace. “Where?!”

“Wow, easy there honey...” Jurina giggled at her young fiance’s spirit. But it was cute, actually. “Well, it can’t be called as ‘field trip’ cause we won’t go there for vacation but training though...”

Sakura was grinning like a happy little kid who just received a present from parents, her large eyes were sparkling. “Training? Then...”
“Uh huh,” Jurina nodded. “We’ll go to a mountain where fresh air there~”

“Yay!” Sakura exclaimed happily, and Jurina couldn’t help but grin.
“It sounds fun, right?” Jurina uttered, “We can eat together, sleep together...” Jurina’s voice turned hoarse strangely, she slowly catching Sakura’s hand then inching her face closer as she crawled on top of her. “… bath together.”


It happens naturally; their lips found themselves latched on each other. Kissing and touching innocently...


“Ehhh… a field trip?!” Murashige shouted out, staring at Sakura’s face as if she told a lie. “Mou, how can you leave me like that?!”

“Shige, it’s still early in the morning,” Sakura hissed, elbowing her friend’s rib lightly she realizes some of students in the school front yard were looking at their direction. “Don’t get too loud!”

“But I envy you,” She pouted. “You can see a natural, beautiful scenery! Even maybe some alone time with your fiance Jurina-senpai.”

“I’ve told you it’s not a field trip. We won’t go there for a picnic!” Sakura rolled her eyes, “It’s for training.”

“Yeah but still, you can at least go see some different backgrounds while I’m here stuck at school.”
The two friends were on their way to the class, and Murashige didn’t seem so happy when Sakura told that the karate club was going for a trip
“By the way, Sakura.” Anna spoke with a playful tone.
“What?” Sakura responded lazily, even too lazy to look at her friend’s idiotic, smiling face.

“You gotta make a good use of this chance!” Anna exclaimed, eyes glinted with a cunning intentions. “You know… since you’ll be sleeping together, you can do ‘it’ as much as you want!”

“?!” Sakura turned red, even her ears. “W- what’s with that...” She stammered.

“Right? Riiight?!” Anna teased as she kneaded her friend’s waist playfully.
“S- shut up!” Sakura hissed, still blushing like crazy. “Beside… we haven’t done it yet.”

Came an awkward silence between the two...

“What?!” Murashige said  disbelief, stopping her footsteps which also made Sakura did the same. “Seriously?!”

“We’re just… kissing and cuddling,” Sakura told softly, puffed her cheeks then continued to walk. “Jurina doesn’t dare to go further than that.”

“Ehh?!” Murashige followed, “You guys are like, live together for months yet you haven’t done it even once?!”
Sakura clicked tongue, annoyed. “Cut it out...”

“Haah, it’s no wonder why you still look like child, Sakura.” Murashige complained, patted her best friend’s shoulder. “But don’t worry! Matsui-senpai will thinking of ‘those things’ during the trip, so get prepared!”

"Prepared?” Sakura arched a brow, suddenly feel something bad was about to come.

“Right! I suggest you to buy a set of cute underwears for her!”

“A- Anna...”

As they walked through the corridor, students were whispering in curiosity when an unfamiliar girl with a different uniform walked past by along with a man in a suit and sunglasses.
The pair stopped automatically, their interests were drawn in to the mysterious girl, who currently walking over her with a stoic expression. Ignoring the intimidating surrounding.

“Who… is that girl?” Sakura whispered to Anna, squinted her eyes to take a better look at the girl.
“Dunno, a new kid?” Anna answered with an equal whisper, “Darn, she’s pretty!”

Sakura observed the girl’s appearance; tall, has long dark hair that passed her… big chest. An unfamiliar school uniform; red blazer with brown, squares-pattern skirt. She must be from outside town...

The stranger suddenly looking back at Sakura as she passed by her and Anna, and Sakura somehow could feel that… this girl is a bad news.


“You… will join today’s training, right?” Jurina asked, her voice sounded a little a trembling.

“Sure…?” Sakura replied, looking down at Jurina’s face on her thighs.

They just finished lunch on the quiet school rooftop, and after convincing Sakura that the place was quiet and nobody around, Sakura could only accept when Jurina laid down on her thighs as spoiled as she always do when they’re alone.

“Why?” Sakura asked back, but Jurina only averted her eyes away as if trying to find a proper words to utter.
“N- nothing..” she spoke with a smile, taking Sakura’s delicate hand with her own then brought it down  her lips, kissing the knuckles lovingly.

“Ah! Have you heard about the new stu-“

The bell rang. Signalling that the lunch break has over..

Faintly smiled, Jurina slowly standing up then reach her hand out, assisted the younger girl to stand.
“See you later… honey.” Jurina said in a low voice, pulled Sakura’s head closer to give a kiss on her nose.

“Bye,” Sakura replied shyly, still couldn’t get used to their little ritual of separation; when Jurina would call her in such an intimate way before shared a kiss once or twice. “I… love you, Jurina.”

Jurina smiled. Half happy half amused, but however, Sakura’s courage to say those words need to be appreciated. She leaned in once again and this time kissed her young fiancé’s lips, a little passionately...

“Love you too, Sakura.” They parted, exchanging smiles before left Sakura alone at the rooftop.


“Anoo… today, we got a new kid joining our club.”  The leader, Kinoshita Momoka announced the girls in the dojo. Somehow looked troubled as she spoke to the members, and annoyance spread upon her firm feature. “… please introduce yourself.”

Hee, that girl?! Sakura widened her eyes in disbelief, she turned to find Jurina’s face, and reading the shock even she put a stoic face on.

“Shiroma Miru,” The girl next to Momoka said with a smile, “I just moved from another school in Osaka, please take care of me.”

“And just for your information, Shiroma-san was Jurina’s partner last year..” Momoka added lazily.

Heeh?!! Partner?! Sakura turned stiff on her spot, she sneak a peak to Jurina’s face but find nothing but her still stoic expression.

“A-ano, Sayanee-senpai,” Sakura whispered to vice leader beside her, “W- what partner means?”

“Hm?” Sayanee tilted her head, looking back at Sakura’s puzzled face. “Oh.. you know, a karate tournament. When Jurina still a freshman, she was sent to it along with Mirurun as team.”


“Her nickname.” Sayanee giggled.

“O- oh,” Sakura sweat dropped, “That’s a cute nickname.”

“Hehe, but she’s actually reaally strong! That’s why she was chosen to be Jurina’s partner.”

“Ehhh, so you guys already know each other?” Sakura asked.

“Un,” Sayanee nodded her head, “We’re good friends since in third year of middle school even she’s from another school, we got even closer since she’s chosen and training together with us. Then years later, due to her father’s job, here she is now...”


“Alright then,” Momoka yelled, clapped her hands. “Let’s start our training!”

“Jurina, it’s been a while.” Miru spoke with a smile, approached the mentioned girl who was about to stretch. Jurina then turned at the voice, startled.

“M- Miru...?” Jurina replied awkwardly, a nervous smile spread across her face.

Secretly stole a glance or two, Sakura do the stretch. She couldn’t say that she wasn’t worry; Shiroma Miru was beautiful. Even a little tempting, she admit...

“Not change a lot are you? You still looked… hot,” Miru told in a joking tone, then giggled afterwards, which Jurina quickly flustered as reaction. “A- ahaha...”

Jurina wanted to add: “You’re not change either,” but swallowing it back and try to keep cool. Miru really was not changed, her appearance and personality weren't.

“You look… pretty, too.” Jurina said, her smile cracked. However, not wanting to feel awkward cause they haven’t meet for a while, Jurina decided to lighten up. “H- hey, let’s stretching together.”

“… sure,” Miru respond with a sweet smile that caused her eyes to squinted, which is cute but also looked sensual at the same time?!
“Just like the old times?” Miru asked, positioned herself to stretch while Jurina formed a grin and followed.

“Just like the old times...”


Miyawaki Sakura was not blind.

She saw everything. How close Miru to her fiancé Jurina. They looked having so much fun during practice, like when Miru threw a punch towards Jurina but then she couldn’t dodge it, Jurina pretend to get hurt for real and whine. Miru looked shock then cover her mouth with her palms, apologize while patted her shoulder but that was just Jurina’s trick to locked her wrist and teckled her down, both fell and laughing stupidly.
A few times, Jurina seemed to want to approach her young fiancé. But Miru was always on her way, prevented her to leave and talk to Sakura. Sakura herself did not really mind it, convincing herself that they were just old friends who finally reunited. So she practicing with Sayanee instead, who thankfully and cleverly, distracting her from Jurina.


Sakura exhaled a breath heavily, as she closed her locker door, how frightened she was when Jurina’s face appeared right next to her left.
“Ju- Matsui-senpai...” Sakura let out a helpless sigh, hefted her bag pack more firmly on her back. “You shocked me.”

“… I gotta stay longer here. We’re going to discuss about the trip.” Jurina, still in her karate attire whispered, stepped closer towards the younger girl. “You go home first, like usual and... be careful.”

Sakura gave a silent nod, a little disappointed. They were alone, in the changing room. Just for Jurina to tell her to go home...

“Sakura,” Jurina called in a small giggle while glanced down at the floor, then unexpectedly bended her body down to Sakura’s feet. “You haven’t tie your shoe lace.”

“Ah,” Sakura could only stayed still and watched Jurina tied her shoe lace. “I ....”

“What if you fall..?” She joked, still tying the lace diligently, making sure that they won’t be the cause of Sakura to fall and injured. Seconds later, Jurina was back to her standing form, pinched her secret fiancé ‘s cheek lovingly. “You’re not a kid anymore, stop being reckless.”

Sakura couldn’t help but puffed her cheeks then blush.
“Oh, by the way...” Jurina spoke lowly, glanced side to side as if making sure that they were completely alone. “I… haven’t kiss you during practice.”

“?!” Sakura regretted her own action for looking up at Jurina’s face because she quickly cupped her cheek and leaned closer. But before it happens, the changing room door clicked open, made Jurina immediately distanced herself and tensed. Sakura looked at the door direction… and seeing Miru there, shocked.

“J- Jurina,” Miru merely grinned, “I was looking for you, the discussion will starting soon.”

“Oh, alright.” Jurina replied, stole a glance at Sakura’s flushed face then smile. When Jurina about to walk away, she felt a hand clenched the back of her sleeve gently.

Sakura prevented her to go...

Though a little afraid, the girl forced to looked up at Jurina’s face. Jurina got it, the silent sign received well. And she could only staring back at her, while Sakura now staring at Miru blankly.

She did not care, she needs to keep Jurina away from her. Because she knew, the aura was all over her body… Miru was a fatal temptress.

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
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Mirurun seems like a real danger ..

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
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Miru hands off of Jurina!  :angry:

She's Sakura's fiance now.   :lol:

I wonder what kind of drama Miru will cause. :P

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Re: A Secret Marriage / JuriSaku
« Reply #11 on: January 13, 2018, 05:42:13 PM »
Oooooh danger danger XD

I wonder what Mirurun was thinking after witnessing all that.

Anyway, field trip’s gonna be lit haha

Will JuriSaku survive the trip without getting caught?

Or will they have to reveal it?

Can’t wait!

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