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Author Topic: MaYuki OS collection  (Read 1116 times)

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MaYuki OS collection
« on: October 23, 2017, 04:26:02 AM »
hey guys! I haven't posted here for a while, sorry about that   :mon sweat: I hope you guys welcome me again as much as you welcomed me back then  :mon pray2: This is a thread where I can post one shot stories about MaYuki :mon lovelaff: I'm so excited to write again it's going to be so fun~! :mon fyeah:

Just one kiss

"Ahahahaha" Yuki laugh, clutching her stomach.

 Her phone goes off, she wipe her tears away and pause the show.

"Hey Mayu, what's up?"

"Yuki, come over RIGHT NOW. PLEASE."



"I'm watching my show-"


Yuki sighs, " fine.This better be important"


"This kid I swear..." Yuki mumble


Before Yuki could ever knock on the door, Mayu opens it and pulls her inside quickly 


"I'm SO sorry" Yuki roll her eyes "So... why did you want me to come over?"

"Do you mind helping me take care of my neighbor's daughter? Please?"


" she's a freaking pain in the butt. I had to pick up pieces of paper earlier" Mayu sighs, running a hand through her hair

" fine. But you have to buy me snacks in return!"

" do you. She's upstairs in my room right now. Ugh... I never should've accepted Takahashi's request. But I just couldn't say no to her

" you're lucky to have a neighbor like her" Yuki grins, heading upstairs with Mayu following behind. "She's awesome."

Yuki opens the bedroom door and smiles, "Hi..."

 The little girl looks up and walks over to her, smiling. "Hi! Are you Mayu's girlfriend?"

Yuki blush "N-No! We're just friends. ANYWAYS, what would you like to do?"

" I want to play family!"

"Oh no..Please no.." Mayu groans.

" what's wrong with it?" Yuki ask


Yuki shrug, "it won't be bad"

"Ehhh~ why do I have to be the dad..?"


"EH, WHAT?!" Yuki's eyes widen



She begins to cry loudly. Yuki sighs, " FINE I WILL KISS HER."

"Yay~!  I also want you both to call each other cute nicknames!"  She immediately stops crying and cheers.

"W-What?!" Yuki's face flushes.

"Isn't that what mommy and daddy always do? Kiss and stuff like that?" She smiles innocently


"Honey, she's right."


She caresse Yuki's cheek and smiles, "darling, it's just one kiss."

"O-On the cheek, right..?" Yuki avert her eyes

"NO! ON THE LIPS!"  She demands, making both Yuki and Mayu blush even more

"WHAT! I REFUSE! YOU CAN'T MAKE ME- MMPFH!" Yuki's eyes widen at the sudden contact of a pair of lips.

Yuki grab onto her shirt, her heart beating rapidly. Mayu breaks the kiss, panting a bit. Yuki stares at her in a daze, subconsciously touching her lips

Mayu clears her throat, "I think I heard the doorbell, your mom is probably here."

"Heheh, that was great dad! You and mom should kiss more often~" she waves goodbye to Yuki and follows Mayu downstairs.

Yuki touch her lips once more, "Why is it that I feel slightly disappointed? OH SHUT UP ME!" She groans, slapping herself.


well that's it for now  :on cigar:
I have a lot of oneshot ideas that I want to try so I'll be posting a lot from now on  :on GJ:
Any feed back would be really appreciated!  :kneelbow:
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Re: Just one kiss (MaYuki) (OneShot)
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2017, 11:15:43 AM »
 :wub: i like it so much :) it's been awhile since I have read a fanfic. hoping for more  :wub: :twothumbs

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Re: MaYuki OS collection
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Well here's the second OS! Enjoy!  :mon thumb:



"Hey Yuki"

"Hey Hikaru!" Yuki greets her friend, "excited for the test today?"

He grins, "of course~ I'm going to ace that test!"

Yuki turns around and waves at Mayu, he stares at her for a few seconds and then proceeds to talk to the girl he has been talking to. Yuki turns turns back to Hikaru, "well then.."

"What's up with him?"

"No clue." Yuki shrugs, sighing.

Yuki and Mayu have been best friends ever since first grade. Both of them tell each other everything. He always teases Yuki about how she's never going to have a boyfriend. Well, she's never dated before and nobody has ever asked her out. He knows this, which is why he teases her about it even more.

"So.. this may be I don't know.."

Yuki snaps out of her thoughts and look at Hikaru."Yeah?"

"I-Its fine if you say no, b-but.." his face reddens. "Would you like to go out with me?"

Yuki's eyes widen slightly, she blushes and look down, "I-I.."

"It's alright if you don't have an answer right now. You can think about it."

Yuki smiles gratefully, "thanks.."


Yuki couldn't stop smiling, she kept replaying the words in her head. She felt... happy. Somebody actually asked her out. She never knew Hikaru had feelings for her, so she was rather surprised.

"Why are you smiling..?" Mayu glances at her and raises an eyebrow

"O-Oh. Uh, nothing." She kept smiling and started walking faster

Mayu catches up to her, "I think you're hiding something from me.."

She sighs, "fine, it's just... I'm feeling really happy. Hikaru asked me out today and.. yeah"

"Oh." He replies back boredly

"Eh? That's it? Oh?" She mumbles, glancing at him


 For some reason, Yuki felt slightly upset. Perhaps because it seems as if he doesn't care. She thought his response would've been something along the lines of, "I'm happy for you!"
"Well.. what should I do-"

"Do whatever. I don't care."

"Tch, what's your problem? I don't know what I did, but I know you're mad at me. Why? Why are you acting like this?"

 He glances at her and shrugs. She narrows her eyes, I smile appears on her lips as she spots Hikaru at the park. "Well, there's Hikaru. I'm going to talk to him, see you later."

Mayu grabs her hand and yanks her toward him. "Don't even think about it."

"Let me go." She's yanks her hand out of his grip, only to get pulled into a hug. "M-Mayu..?"

"Don't talk to him. I'm better than him anyway."

She blushes and mumbles into his shoulder, "Mayu.. people are looking at us.."

"I don't care let them."

"You.. aren't jealous. Are you?"

"Yes, I am." He mutters, making her chuckle.

"That's adorable~"

"Shut up."

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Re: MaYuki OS collection
« Reply #3 on: October 28, 2017, 03:25:03 AM »
I'm so sorry I'm bad at coming up with titles  :mon sweat:


I've found you

It's just another ordinary day. Yuki is watching her favorite show. Then her best friend Takamina calls.

“What's up?” Yuki answers


“Who?” Yuki ask boredly


“NO WAY!!”

Yuki and Mayu were in elementary school together. Both of them played together all the time. One day he even asked her to marry him and they had a pretend wedding. But then he suddenly stopped coming to school. Later on Yuki heard that he moved away to live with his dad. Yuki was so sad thinking that she'll never see him again.

“Girl, he's right in front of me, and he's way hotter than he used to be!”

Yuki jump off the couch in a rush, “where are you?”

“The mall”

“Okay be there in a few.”

Then they hung up.


Yuki just got to the mall. She start looking for Takamina. She spotted her sitting down at the food section.

Yuki chuckles, ‘of course I should've know she would be there.’

She sits down in front of her. All she can think about is seeing Mayu again. She's a little bit nervous since they haven't seen each other for a long time.

“So~.. where is he?” She asks impatiently

“Look at 3 o'clock your side” Takamina said smirking

Yuki slowly turn to her right and there he was. She knew it was him the moment she saw him, he still had the same dreamy eyes that she loves. Then all of the sudden those eyes met her own. Both of them stare at each other for a few seconds, then Yuki blush and quickly turn around.

“W-Why is your face becoming a tomato? A-Are you okay?” Takamina asked worried

“He saw me…”

“Huh?” Takamina couldn't hear her


“U-Umm okay just calm down You're over reacting” Takamina said turning to look at him, “okay you really need to calm down now because I think he's coming to talk to you..”

“E-Eh?” Yuki is so nervous, she doesn't know what to say to him

“Are you..” Yuki hears a male voice talking. She looks at him and he continues, “are you by any chance Yuki..?”

She stands up in front of him.

“H-Hey, Mayu” she's says smiling nervously

“I knew it!”

He grabs her arm and pulls her into a hug


“I missed you so much! I'm so happy I've found you… I thought I was never going to see you again.”

Yuki's tears couldn't help but fall down her cheeks.

“Why did you leave without even saying goodbye?” She cries, “do you know how long I waited for you?”

“I'm so sorry..” he hugs her even tighter

Yuki finally wrap her arms around him.

“I missed you too.”

“I-I'm here too you know...” Takamina said which made both of them laugh


Thank you for reading! :mon love:

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Re: MaYuki OS collection
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Movie Date

It's finally Yuki's day off. She's been so busy with school and work that she didn't have time for herself. Her parents are out and she have the whole house to herself, which is perfect because all she wants to do today is relax.


She hears her phone so she gets it. She got a message from Mayu.

Mayu: hey :)
Yuki: what's up?
Mayu: what are you doing today?
Yuki: I don't really have anything planned
Mayu: well I was wondering if you want to go watch a movie with me?

'Omg is he really asking me on a date?!' Yuki never thought that the day he'll ask her out would actually come

Mayu: Yuki?

'Oh dang I forgot to reply'

Yuki: yeah that sounds fun :)
Mayu: great! I'll come pick you up around 8?
Yuki: no it's okay, I'll meet you at the theatre.
Mayu: sounds good


----Time Skip----

Yuki just got to the theatre. She's at the lobby looking for Mayu.

She spot him waving at her so she walks towards him

"I bought the tickets" he says smiling, handing over her ticket.

"T-Thanks" she says, she's a little bit nervous, it's her first time going out with her crush after all

"Do you want some popcorn too?" He asks

"You bought the tickets so I'll buy the popcorn" she says smiling

"No way~" he objects "there's no way I'll ever let you spend your money when we're on a date"

She blush and look down, 'he said date!!'

"Wait here I'll be right back" he says

He comes back holding a huge popcorn

"Whoa that's a lot!" Yuki says looking at him

"I thought we could share" he says smiling, "but if you don't want to-"

"I-I don't mind"

"Great! Let's go in before the movie starts" he says walking in

----After the movie----


"Stop laughing at me~" Yuki cries


"I couldn't help it, the movie was scary~" she says hoping he would stop 'I'm so stupid why did I scream like that!'

"Were you really scared?" He finally stops laughing

"A-A little.."

He walks closer to her and holds her hand.


"I'm sorry I laughed.." he says quietly, she can feel him breathing against her skin

"I-It's okay.." she says, her face is turning redder by the second

"You don't have to be scared when you're with me I'll always protect you."

"Mhmm" Yuki nods, her mind is going blank

She can feel his hands holding her cheeks. She close her eyes, then she feel his lips on hers. She opens her eyes when he breaks the kiss.

"Will you be my girlfriend?" he asks blushing

She hugs him, "you're so cute~"


Thank you for reading! It means so much to me that you are here!

It'll make me so happy if you comment telling me what you think. I always love hearing from you guys.  :mon thumb:

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Re: MaYuki OS collection
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Yuki just moved to a new school and she's kinda having trouble making friends.

She sighs while walking to school, “maybe it's going to be better today..” she mumbles

She looks up and there was Mayu walking with his friends, she stops walking and just look at him with admiration

Mayu turns around, “Morning, Yuki.”

‘Eh? He knows my name?’ She blushes

Before she can say “morning” back, he runs back to his friends.

---Time skip to school---

Yuki and Mayu are in the same Math class. But they don't talk to each other at all. In fact their seats are in the opposite sides of the room. From time to time she can't help but take little glances at him, one time he caught her and he just smiled. She gave him a nervous smile back and quickly turn around. ‘Damn he caught me..’

Yuki have Math class first period so she went to your locker to get your book

“Yuki?” Somebody calls her from behind the open locker door, she closes her locker to see who it is, and to her surprise it was Mayu.

“Y-Yeah?” She answers trying to stay calm

“I was wondering if you can help me in class...I mean math is really not my subject…and you seem pretty good at it...umm” he says blushing

Is he nervous?’

He looks down, “b-but if you don't wan-”

“I'll be happy to help you!” She cut him off, this is the chance she have been waiting for to talk to him more.

Yay~! We're going to talk more!’

“Really?” He looks at her happily


“Awesome!” He gives her the cutest smile she have ever seen which makes her blush.

“W-We're going to be late for class..” she says looking away, she doesn't want him to see her face.

“Oh yeah.” He says walking next to her to class

In class, she sit in her usual spot. Mayu look at her and then look at his far away seat and then he looks at her heartbroken.

Yuki chuckles, ‘what's with that look? Can he get any cuter?’

He walks to the boy seated next to her, “do you mind if we switch spots?”

“Where do you sit?”

“Over there..”Mayu points to his seat

The boy shrugs, “sure. I don't care.”

“Great!” Mayu says. His heartbroken look changes to happy playful face.

Yuki stares at him, ‘Are you that happy to sit next to me?’

He looks at her and blushes, "W-What?”

“N-Nothing…” she says turning to face the board. Then She hears whispers around her, so she looks at her classmates. “H-Hey… don't you think everybody is looking at us?” She whispers confused to Mayu

“Huh? Really?” He looks around him and everybody quickly turns their heads away, “nah I don't think so..” he looks at you confused

‘What the hell?’
---Time skip---

Class finally ended. It was horrible everybody kept looking at Yuki for some reason and then hiding it from Mayu, making her looking crazy when she tells him.

‘What's their problem?!’

“Well my next class is this way..” Mayu says pointing to the right hallway

“My class is this way…” Yuki says  pointing to the other direction. She look at him and he stops walking and sighs

“A-Are you okay?” She asks him worried

“Yeah I'm fine… i guess I'll see you around…” he says sadly and turns around and walk away

‘Did I do something wrong..?’

She turns around and start walking to her next class. But then she spots three girls waiting for her.

‘Those girls were the ones who were looking at me in math class…”

Yuki is going to be late to class and she doesn't want any troubles especially that she's new to the school, so she tries to ignore them and pass by them but, unfortunately, they have other plans for her and cut her off.

“What?” Yuki asks annoyed

“What's your relationship with Mayu?” The girl standing in the middle asks angry. Yuki doesn't like her tone.

“Are you serious?” Yuki asks trying to control her temper

‘Is this a scene out of a movie or something… how stupid.’

“Why did he sit next to-”

“I don't have time for this, I have to go to class.” Yuki cut her off and start walking past her but then she grabs her arm.

“Let me g-”

“What's going on here?” She was interrupted by a familiar male voice. The girl holding Yuki's arm let go instantly. Yuki look at the boy with the brown eyes, he was panting.

‘Did he run all the way here?’

“I-I…” the girl was so nervous she couldn't speak. Yuki look at the girl and grin, she's enjoying this too much

‘This really turned to a movie’

Mayu was glaring at the girl waiting for her answer, “well?”

“...D-Do you like Yuki?” The girl asked nervously.

Yuki chuckles, ‘no way~’

Yuki looks at Mayu, he's blushing.


“Y-Yeah…” he answers

“What?!” All the girls including Yuki says in shock she look at the three girls faces thinking she heard him wrong but there expressions tells her otherwise.

Mayu walks toward Yuki and grabs her hand, “if you bother her again I'll really get mad.” He tell the other girls and walk away pulling Yuki with him.

“U-Umm… Mayu..?”

‘What the hell is going on?’

Mayu finally stops and look at her, “Yuki, I know this is so sudden, but it's true I really like you.” He pauses, “I always watched you in class and wanted to talk to you… I didn't have the courage to until today…”

Yuki can't believe what she's hearing, ‘Eh? H-He likes me..?’

“S-So will you go out with me?” He asks nervously, but she doesn't respond

‘He likes me too~!’

He shakes her a little bit which made her finally come back to reality, “Yuki..?”

“S-Sorry I-”

“Oh…” he says, giving that heartbroken expression, “I'm the one that's sor-”

“No no no I didn't mean that!!” She quickly says, he looks up at her, “ I mean I'm sorry I didn't respond… it's just I was shocked..” she laughs nervously, “I didn't expect you to feel the same way about me” she pauses blushing, “I-I like you too..” she says. She looks down, she can't face him right now.

He suddenly hugs her, “I'm so happy! I swear to make try my best to make you happy”

‘He's so cute~’

She hugs him back and smile, "I'll try my best too”


Well that was longer than I thought!  :mon sweat:
Thank you so much for reading!  :mon lovelaff:
Dont forget to tell me what you think  :mon misch:
I was thinking of trying something new, from now on requests are open, my readers can request any MaYuki OS plot or ideas and I'll write a story based on your idea, and giving you a credit for it!
I thought this would be a fun way to interact with my readers!  :mon fyeah:

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