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Author Topic: MOFUO/YANAMIN (devil/angel pairing)  (Read 514 times)

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MOFUO/YANAMIN (devil/angel pairing)
« on: November 07, 2017, 02:25:17 AM »
I thought this was just a 2-chan ha ha, but ...

Coming soon to a theater near you  XD



Miyazawa: I’m the dweller of darkness, Miyazawa Marin. Please take care of me.
Everyone: …………………………..
Okada: Sorry, she’s really hard to work with.

Miyazawa ← Mofuo, Dweller of Darkness, still experiencing chuunibyou (23 yrs old)
Yanagawa ← Yanamin, an angel descended from above (14 yrs old)

Movie title: Until Mofuo Falls in Love

(Miyazawa: There’s a bug!  There’s a bug!)

[To the clumsy]

[and lone wolf me,]

(Speech bubble: No way, is she looking at me?)

[An angel has suddenly descended!]

[This angel….]

[Will break the barrier of darkness]

[And drill into my heart]

Miyazawa ← The 23 year old who can’t stop smiling after being stared at
Yanagawa ← The 14 year old who keeps on staring

[However, destiny tears the two apart]

[In order to protect Yanamin]

[Mofuo fights, putting her life on the line]

[Yanamin awakens too!]

Until Mofuo Falls in Love - coming to a theater near you on Aug 10

Starring: Yanagawa Nanami, Miyazawa Marin
Michishige Sayumi, Tsugunaga Momoko, Yamaki Risa, Morito Chisaki

(Voiceover: MIYA THE WORLD awakens!)

A more in depth look at MOFUO/YANAMIN.

But now:

As reported by AMPED on JPLOP:

Quote from: Amped
Country Girls 3rd Anniversary event ~Minna Genki Shiteta?~ at Differ Ariake 11/6/17

it is also the 2nd Anniversary of Yanagawa and Funaki joining the group

1.VIVA!! Barairo no Jinsei
2.Uwaki na Honey Pie
3.Itooshikutte Gomen ne
MC intro
4.Hajimete no Happy Birthday!
5.Konamaiki Girl
6.Kimama na Kataomoi
7.BYE BYE Saigo no Yoru
8.Koi wa Magnet
9.Senpai ~LOVE AGAIN~
10.Dou Datte Ii no
11.Good Boy Bad Girl
12.Mousou Rehearsal
13.Koi Dorobou
MC - announcement : Yamaki announced Country Girls' next event is a Valentines Day event at Shinjuku ReNY, 2/14/2018
- Members talked about their impressions of today's event. Chii-chan started to cry.
14.Onna no Ko no Torishirabe Time



(MUFUO says in the twitter tweet that she wants to write song for Country Girls)

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