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Author Topic: Nature's good!  (Read 917 times)

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Nature's good!
« on: July 11, 2005, 09:52:47 PM »
Anyone else interested in nature trips, hiking, trekking, climbing and so on? I use to go to the mountain every two or three weeks and, since I've been spamming the forum and the irc with some of my adventures lately, I htought, why not open a new thread about it?

So, I'll inaugurate this thread with my latest trip this sunday. I take my phone camera with me all the time but the pictures aren't very good.. though this time I got the aid of my boy's not-so-crappy digital camera.

We went to Andorra, a small country in the Pyrenees, and decided to climb a peak called "Puig negre d'En Valira". It's very easy, actually the route is very short and it doesn't need much ability. But we had a really bad weather: there was a thick fog and a wet and cold wind. We just had some minutes of sunshine and most of the time we culdn't see 5 metres beyond.

It's the triangular one.. beautiful :P

Awww horses  :oops: there were cows too, and some sheeps and.. prairie dogs :lol: they were very scandalous, squeaking here and there :D

We're in midsummer, but the temperatures weren't higher than 3 or 4ยบ C... it was C O L D. Still, passing through the snow is a lot of fun.

The thick fog hides one of the two tops of the peak. The other one wasn't better tho.

The valley circus. There's a small cute lake down there.

That's me!  :w00t:

In our way back to the mountain base, I felt my hands freezing. Really. Not only a feel of cold; they were really frozen and I even feared for their integrity. I mean, I couldn't barely move them and the only thing that assured me there was still hope was the fact that they hurt like hell. I cried because of the pain. I won't ever, ever go back to the mountain without a good pair of gloves, no matter whether it's going to be the hottest day in the year.

And well, besides the cold and the fog and the prairie dogs :lol: , there's nothing more to tell... Next week it'll be, either the Carlit (2.920 m!!! almost 3.000!!!  :w00t: ) , either the circus of mountains surrounding the Puigmal ("only" 2.913 m  :roll: )

R.I.P. Jabronisaur

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