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Author Topic: Tell Me | WMatsui OS (Update)  (Read 37075 times)

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Tell Me | WMatsui OS (Update)
« on: July 14, 2014, 06:27:44 AM »
well, hello .-.

it's a oneshot fanfic, a long one i think, since it's the longest os i ever made  :hee:

sorry for bad grammars or anything that wrong in this fic :bow:
i dont know what to say anymore, well, douzo!


“W-Wait, a little more… We finally here!” the taller girl said while the shorter girl still trying to reach the top of the hill.

“Yuki-chan, wait a second, I’m tired.” The shorter girl said while she trying to took a breath. No wonder why she’s doing that, the taller girl seems really excited to reach the top of the hill on this winter and that’s make her doesn’t want to stop until they reach the top. The shorter girl never know the reason why the taller girl really want to go here.

“Anyway, Yuki-chan, you never told me why you really wanted to going here. What is the reason actually?” the shorter girl said to the taller girl. The taller girl smiled,

“I don’t know too. Like I said to you before, just the adults that need a reason about what we do.” The taller girl said then again, smiled to the shorter girl. That smiled, maybe was the most beautiful smile that the shorter girl had ever seen.

“Eh, wait a second, Mayu-chan, you’re not bring your gloves, aren’t you?” the taller girl suddenly moved from her place then went to the shorter girl side. She took of one of her gloves and hold the shorter girl hands.

“I-I lost it on the bus, hehe. It’s okay, Yuki-chan. I’m fine.” The shorter girl said while the taller girl still trying to make the shorter girl hand a little bit warm. But of course, on this cold place, hard to make ourself warmer if we’re not using a proper stuff.

“Here, take my gloves, your hands shaking, and it’s really cold you know. You need it.” The taller girl gave the shorter girl her gloves. The shorter girl actually a bit refusing it but in the end she took it.

“A-Arigatou, Yuki-chan..” the shorter girl said while faced the ground, hiding her blushed cheeks. But then, the taller girl hat was blown off by gust of wind.

The shorter girl ran to catch the hat, followed by the taller girl behind. While laughing, they chase the hat with joyful. But when the shorter girl catch the hat, the taller girl suddenly slipped and fell to the shorter girl right after the shorter girl turn around.

“Yuki-chan I got… eh?!” the shorter girl immediately blushed when she saw that the gap between their face just a few centimeters away. She can feel the warmth of the taller’s breath. To hide her blush, she took the taller’s girl hat and put it to the taller’s head.

The taller girl stood after awake from her dreamland because the shorter girl put her hat to her head. Both of them still blushed, hiding each other face with their hand. But when they realized that the sun began to sink, they forget what just happened and looked at the sky that began redder, dying the hill.

“Mayu-chan, can I be honest to you?” the taller girl faced the shorter girl,

“I love you..”


“Watanabe-san?” Mayu woke up from her imagination. That was 2 years ago, when her bestfriend who now has become her girlfriend, Yuki, suddenly confess to her.

“Ah, h-hai!” the entire class that looking at her returned to their respective positions. Mayu just can sighed for herself. ‘not again…’  she thought.

“Please focus to our lesson even if you’re the smartest student in our school. Okay class, lets…”


“Yeeahh!!!” all the student in the class scrambled out, leaving Mayu and their teacher, Shinoda-sensei in the class. Mayu still sat there, not even pack her stuff. She just sat there, on the back seat, near the window, looking out from it. That’s the usual routine for her after the school ended.

“Still doing the same, huh, Mayu-chan?”

“Do I ever told you that the garden really looks beautiful from here, Nee-chan?” that was the same sentence that Yuki always said to Mayu 2 years ago.

Yes, they’re siblings. Mariko’s mom married with Mayu’s dad 10 years ago, when Mayu still a 5 years old girl, and Mariko 12 years old. But they wanted to hide their relationship, so that’s why Mariko still use ‘Shinoda’ for herself.

“She’ll come back here. Don’t worry.” Mariko said while tapped her sister shoulder.

“But it’s already 2 years after she’s going back to her hometown. 2 years is a long time you know.” Mayu said while pouted.

2 years ago, Yuki must go back to her hometown because her dad already finish his job here, in Tokyo. That time, their relationship just begun. It’s hard for Yuki to make Mayu believe to her, Mayu is a stubborn child. But at last, Mayu can believe her.


“Yuki-chan.. You can stay at my house. You don’t need to go.” Mayu said to Yuki while shaking Yuki’s body.

“Mayu-chan, I told you I can’t. I ‘must’ go.”

“But I don’t want you to go..” Mayu pouted, seeing her girlfriend acted like that, Yuki just smiled and look to her girlfriend then kissed her gently.

“Wait for me, okay?” Yuki said as the dumbfounded girl just keep silent, trying to proccess what just happened.

“Every year, at our anniversary, please always came to that hill when the sunset will come, although I will not be there, I hope you will keep coming.”

“I’ll try..”

“Don’t be late, okay?”


“Promise me?”


Flasback end

“But you two still contact each other, right? You always mail her all the time, sometimes she will call you. It’s better than lost contact.” Mariko said

“But it still better if she’s here…” Mayu put her head to the desk.

“Don’t worry, she’ll come.”

“Eh, what do you mean?”

“Nothing, just pack your stuff now and go somewhere you need to, today is your anniversary with her, right?” Mariko pat Mayu’s head and exited the room, left the dumbfounded Mayu alone.

Mayu trying to get what her older sister talking about. And then she reliezed, “I must go to that hill!” then she put on her jacket and her gloves, it’s the same gloves that Yuki gave to her 2 years ago.

The sky become redder, and she’s still running, running and running, until her lungs has reaches it’s limit. Then she stop at the bus stop, waiting for the bus, “Ugh, where’s the bus?!” she growled. But then the bus came, she immediatelly got in.

“Don’t be late, okay?”

That words keep repeating in Mayu’s mind. ‘just a little more, I’ll be there.’

“Huh… Huh… Huh…”

On the other side, a girl with raven hair panting like Mayu, her hair covered her face that become red because of the weather.

“Hey, looks like we’re almost late, huh?”

Mayu ran to that grl that actually her girlfriend, Yuki. She throw her arms to Yuki and hug her tightly, crying in her arms.

“Mayu,where’s you’re cute twin tail?” Yuki asked whe chuckled, seeing her girlfriend with loosen hair is new to her.

“I’m growing up, Yuki.” Mayu said to her.

“Ah, so my cute little girl is growing up now~” Yuki said.

“I’m your girlfriend, not your child.” Mayu said. Yuki really caring about her, so Mayu often called her ‘oka-san’ back there. Then, they both laughing together.

Yuki tried to pulled of the hug, but Mayu suddenly hold her waist.

“No, let me hug you. I miss you’re warm hug, please stay a little bit longer.”

Yuki just smiled seeing her girlfriend acted like that. Mayu is a cold girl who rarely showed her own self to others. So she thought a little bit longer is okay for her, since it’s their first meeting after 2 years live apart.

“You shocked me, tell me if you want to go here again.” Mayu said to Yuki. But Yuki just remain silent.



“Hey, don’t tell me that you’re never go back here.” Mayu released her hug, Yuki looks a little bit surprised but she let her beloved girlfriend do that. Yuki keep faced the ground. She can’t faced Mayu, with her teary eyes.

Mayu realized that there’s something flows on her girlfriend cheeks. So she hold Yuki’s chin and make Yuki faced her. Yuki’s eyes become red because crying. Mayu gently wipe Yuki’s tears with her thumbs.

“I’m sorry.” Yuki said while wiped her eyes, but then Mayu kissed her gently. Yuki reply her kiss and they keep that for a minutes. Then they attach their forheads together. Mayu put Yuki’s hair behind her ears and then she smiled.

“If you can’t go here, I’ll go there for you.” Mayu said, holding Yuki’s hands.

“But, Mayu, it’s better for you to just stay here. I-I’ll…”


Yuki released Mayu’s hand, “I-I must go now.” So then she’s running with full power. She doesn’t want Mayu to know about this. She wanted Mayu to be happy, without her.


Mayu already arrived at her home. But she still put that questioning face, ‘Is there something that Yuki keep hide from me?’ she thought. But suddenly she bumped to her big sister.

“Hey, watch out your step. Ah, how was it?” Mariko said then walked to the couch, sit there, and turn on the tv.

“Hey, you know it! You know she’s coming here… Why are you not telling me about it?” Mayu said while pouted,

“She tell me to do it, so I do just like what she said to me. So how was it? Is she propose to you or what?” Mariko said

“It seems like she’s hiding something from me. She doesn’t want me to go visit her in Tokyo.” Mayu said then doing the same thing as Mariko; but of course she doesn’t turn on the tv, that thing already on.

Mariko seems not surprised from her sister words, she just smiled and pat her sister head.

“She will tell you, soon or not.” Mariko said.

“I hope so.”


A Couple Months Later,

Graduation Day

“Congratulation, senpai.” Said a kouhai who’s just finish put a graduation flower to Mayu.

“Thank you.” Mayu said.

The graduation day came. It’s an important day for a highschooler like Mayu, but not for her. The thing that’s really important for her just to meet Yuki soon. Since that day, Yuki never contact Mayu anymore. Even Mayu’s mail never get replied. It just made Mayu think that Yuki already had a new boyfriend or girlfriend.

“It’s your graduation day, put your smile on. You’ve look down lately. Is there something happen between you and Yuki?” mariko said while driving car. Yes, they already finished the graduation.

“It’s nothing.” Mayu replied shortly.

“There’s something, come on, tell me.” Mariko said.

Mayu looked to Mariko, then she sighed, “Yuki keep away from me. I send her a mail or more, but she never replied it. I called her, but she’s never pick it up. It’s bothering me!  I mean, is she tired of me already?”

“She’s there not just because her father job here is finish.” Mariko said then faced Mayu.

“What do you mean?”

“I think I must tell it to you, right? She has some disease that made her can’t live longer. And, she doesn’t want you to know it. She’s afraid you will sad because of it.”

Then Mayu realized something. That day, Yuki’s body was actually looked more skinnier and paler than her old body.

“Baka Yuki.”

She’s trying not to cry. Holding back her tears that actually can’t be hold anymore. But, that’s fail. How can she’s not cry? Her girlfriend who’s just came back to her for 2 years had a disease, and will die soon. And she never told to Mayu about it. And now, she’s aviod her. How can she’s not cry?

Mariko stop the car, then looking to Mayu.

“She told me to keep it as a secret. But now her condition make her can’t go anywhere, that’s a lucky one that she can came here for you a couple months ago. You must go there, I’ll accompany you there tomorrow.” Mariko said while stroking her little sister hair gently. ‘Yuki loves you a lot, Mayu.’


The next day,

Mayu still stood there, in front of the door of a room, at a hospital in Tokyo. She really want to opened it, but she afraid maybe Yuki will told her to just go away. She’s afraid she can’t seeing her lover, on her condition right now. Her hand still hold a bouquet of flower that she brought with Mariko on her way to the hospital. It’s Yuki’s favorite flower, pink rose.

“You don’t want to come in, Mayu?” Mariko asked Mayu. Mariko now with her girlfriend, Haruna, sit on the chair beside the door. Well, she doesn’t want to disturbed their private time together, so they wait there.

“A-Ah. Hai.” Mayu said then she knocked the door.

“Just came in.” Someone inside the room said with a low voice. Then Mayu came in to that room. Seeing Yuki on the bed, with the IV attached to her hand.

“Mayu? How can you…”

“Mariko Nee-chan told me about it.” Mayu said then put the bouquet of flower that she bought to the desk beside the bed, and took a chair then sit there.

“You should tell me about this. We can do it together.” Mayu said while holding Yuki’s hand. Her eyes become really heavy. Tears starts flowing down to her cheeks. But she tried to keep smile.

Yuki wipe Mayu’s tears, then she patting her girlfriend head.

“I’m sorry. I know I’m stupid. I should told you about it 2 years ago.” Yuki said then hugging her tightly.

Since that, Mayu will always be there for Yuki. Even she’s often sleep there. And now Yuki become better than one month ago when she’s coma.

Mayu was having a chitchat with Yuki. Yuki felt a little bothered looking at Mayu who is really busy with her pocket. So she’s asking it to Mayu.

“Mayu, is there something bothering you on your pocket?” Yuki asked Mayu while trying to reach Mayu’s pocket. But Mayu still keep it away from Yuki.

“N-No, nothing bothered me, I’m fine.” Mayu said while smiled, but Yuki know there’s something Mayu hide from her.

Yuki keep trying to get ‘something’ on Mayu’s pocket, but eventually Mayu take it out. It’s a red box, with a ring inside of it. It just a simple ring, simple but looks beautiful.

“Yuki, let’s get married.” Mayu said to Yuki while smiled. Yuki can’t believe what she saw today. Her hand keep covered her mouth, her tears continued flowing down.

“We’ve been together for almost 3 years, and my feelings for you keep grow bigger and bigger. I don’t care who you are, I don’t care what people said to me, I don’t care if your sickness can’t be recover. All I want is you, and we will be together until the death separating us. So, Yuki, will you marry me?” Mayu said.

“Un…” Mayu put the ring to Yuki’s ring finger, and so, they kissed.

A week after Mayu’s proposal, they held a wedding at a church near the hospital, a small wedding with just friends and family as their guest. Mayu was the groom and Yuki is the bride.

“Watanabe Mayu, will you have Kashiwagi Yuki, to be your wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

“Kashiwagi Yuki, will you have Watanabe Mayu, to be your wife, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish as long as you both shall live?”

“I do.”

So then the closing prayer readed,

“You may now kiss your bride.”


Soon after the wedding held, they rushed back to the hospital because Yuki’s illness suddenly coming.

“I’m sorry, it’s just happen suddenly.” Yuki said while smiled to Mayu.

“You don’t need to be sorry, there’s nothing wrong, we’ve married, that’s it. Don’t worried about me and others, worried about yourself first.” Mayu said to her bride while gently hold her hand.

“Thank you.” Yuki said while holding back Mayu’s hand, “Anytime.”

“Hey, do I’ve already told you that you look handsome with that white suit?” Yuki said while chuckled,

Mayu replied her, “You looks beautiful too with that white long dress, like an angel.”

“Mayu?” Yuki called Mayu,

“Hmm?” Mayu said then looking to Yuki, seeing Yuki smiled softly, even with that IV on her hand, and a breathing aids on her nose.

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”


It’s been one year since Mayu and Yuki wedding. Now Mayu was working as an IT programmer in a company in Tokyo. Sometimes, Yuki can back to her home that she bought with Mayu, but sometimes she must back to the hospital.

“Yuki, do you think that we need a child?” Mayu bluntly asked Yuki. Yuki’s pale cheeks become red because of it, and Mayu chuckled,

“No, that’s not what I mean, well we’ve do it but that’s not it, do you think we should adopt a child? This house feels empty without some laugh of a child, and I really wanted to heard they running all over this house, I want to felt how to be a mother.” Mayu said while smiled,

“Mother? You’re the ‘father’ here, Mayu.” Yuki said while laughing, “Well, even if I’m the groom back there, but I’m still a woman.” Mayu said while pouted.

“Hai~ hai~. You’re right, maybe we need a child, let’s go to the orphanage tomorrow.” Yuki said.

Today they’re going to the orphanage that located a few blocks from their house. Not a big one thought, but maybe they’ll find what they wanted.

“Watanabe-san, please come here.”

They’re going to a room, it’s a playroom, since it’s still morning, all the kids will playing here.

Yuki found a kid that draw her attention, that was a girl, maybe around 4-5 years old. That girl just playing alone with her toys. She seemed don’t like to associate with her friends.

“Ne, Mayu, the one over there really looks like you when you’re still on elementary school.” Yuki said while pointing at the girl on the corner, and then she chuckled.

“Eh, really?” Mayu said,

“Yeah, I think she will suits our family.” Yuki said then smiled.

“Okay then. Ano, we want the girl over there.”

 So then the head of the orphanage called her, that girl stood up and approach them,

“Sakura, introduce yourself to them.”

“Ano, Sakura desu. I’m 4 years old.” That girl named Sakura said then bowed to them.

Yuki and Mayu both smiled while seeing their new adopted child, a 4 years old girl named Sakura. Her hair unraveled down to her shoulders. Yuki approached her and then patting Sakura’s head. Then, Sakura faced her.

“We will be your parents now. Don’t be ashamed to say what do you want, okay?” Yuki said to Sakura, she just replied her with a smiled.

“Okay, Sakura, let’s prepare your clothes now, Watanabe-san, please wait.”


Sakura is a quiet and shy girl. She’s rarely talked to others, that’s made she doesn’t had a friend in the orphanage. But deep inside, she’s a cheerful girl and wanted to befriend with others, she just can’t showed it. As yuki said, her personality really looks like Mayu’s.

Back home, Yuki and Mayu accompany Sakura right to her room. It’s quite big room, with a small bed, a desk, a cupboard, and a dressing table.

“It will be your new room, keep it well, okay?” Yuki said while stroking Sakura’s hair, “Un.”

“Okay then, let’s decorate it~~”

They starts decorating Sakura’s new room. They paint it with pink, a warm pink, just like Sakura’s loved. Well sometimes Mayu will played with Sakura and Yuki just looked at them while smiling. Sakura who’s actually a shy girl some hours ago, now become a cheerful girl.

“Mayu, don’t just played around with Sakura-chan, I thought you’re the one who told us to decorate her room.” Yuki said while sighed, looking at her wife running all over the room with her new adopt child. ‘They get along really fast…’ she thought, then she smiled.

“Hai~ Hai~, come on Sakura-chan, let’s help your Mama.” Mayu said then she carried Sakura on her back. “Nah, let’s paint the wall, paint it here.” She pick a brush and gave it to Sakura. The little girl starts painting, but unfortunately, it brushed to Mayu.

“Ehh, paint the walls, not me.”  Mayu said, “Gomen, Papa..” Sakura-chan said while laughing.

“Sakura-chan, call me Mama instead of that~. It’s embarassing.” Mayu said

“But Mama Yuki told me to called Mama Mayu Papa.” Sakura said


“I told you, you’re the ‘husband’ here instead of me, even on our wedding, your the groom.” Yuki said while chuckled. Mayu just sighed.

“Okay okay, you can call me whatever Yuki said.” Mayu said then she drop Sakura down.

Sakura smiled then she kissed Mayu’s cheek, “yey! I love you Papa~” she said to Mayu then she running to Yuki, “ I love you too Mama~” she kissed Yuki’s cheek then hug her.

“I love you too Sakura-chan, then let’s continued our job here. I’ll go to cook lunch for us, okay?” Yuki said, Sakura replied her with a smiled.

Mayu approach to Yuki then kissed her cheek, “Okay, but don’t make your body too tired, you remember what doctor said to you, right?”

“Haii~, don’t do much activity, keep take a rest. I’ll keep remember it.”

So then Yuki going to the downstairs, cooking for them. Mayu and Sakura continued the decorate. Soon after they finished it, they sit on the bed.

“Papa?” Sakura called Mayu, “Yeah?” Mayu replied Sakura then smiled.

“Mama looks a little bit paler than us, is mama sick?”

Mayu looks a little confused about what will she said, but then she sighed and smiled. The little girl looks really curios about her ‘Mama’, she still looking straight to Mayu.

Mayu stroked her little girl hair and replied, “Well, she has an illness. Back then, your Mama always hospitalized. But yeah, even when she’s really sick, she always cared for everyone else. A stubborn girl. She suffered so much because of her illness. And I can’t do nothing about it, all I can do is to cheer her up while she’s fighting against her illness. I thought, why I must crying all day, but Yuki always smiling even know she’s between life and death.”

“So, keep smiling in front of her, okay?” Mayu said. Sakura replied her with a smile and said, “Un! I will always smiled in front of Mama!”

“Mayu, Sakura-chan, the lunch is ready~” Yuki shouted from the downstair. Mayu and Sakura immediately running to the downstair. Yuki shouted them ‘again’ to stop running, but they still running until arrived at the dining room and sit down to the chair.

“Hmm, Yuki, it smells good~~” Mayu said

Yuki chuckled and said, “It’s good to heard,then, let’s eat. Itadakimasu!”



2 years later~

“Papa! Let’s visit Mama in the hospital!!” a little girl said t while running to her ‘Papa’, the woman that just called ‘Papa’ by the little girl just smiled. Well, the little girl is Sakura and obviously, the woman that she called ‘Papa’ is Mayu. She’s 6 years old now and she had just returned from kindergarten.

“Sure, but let’s buy a bouquet of flower for Mama.”


Soon after they bought the flower, they headed to the hosptal. Yuki’s condition become worst from about 4 months ago. So since that day, Sakura will always be there while Mayu will go there on the lunch break. Sometimes, Mayu will bring her work to the hospital. Since the one that she need is just her laptop, she doesn’t have to thinked about her stuff. And sometimes Mayu will took a day off and being in the hospital to take care of Yuki. But, as we know, Yuki is a stubborn woman. She told Mayu to just took a day off when she needed, and Mayu can’t do anything. She just said “Hai~~” to Yuki. Because if not, Yuki will keep blabberig that.

“Mama~” Sakura said while running to Yuki. She climbed the chair and throw her arms to Yuki.

”Sakura, what did I told you in the car just now?” Mayu said to Sakura while put the flower to the vase.

Sakura pouted, “Don’t running and don’t climbed the chair just because I want to hug Mama.”

“Mayu, just let her be, she’s just a kid.” Yuki said to Mayu. “But Yuki…”


“Okay-okay, I got it.” Mayu took a chair then sit beside Yuki. She took 3 boxes of bento then gave 2 of them to Yuki and Sakura

“Let’s eat. You haven’t eat you lunch right? I’ve made it before I pick Sakura on her kindergarten.”Mayu said.

“I haven’t eat my lunch. It’s rare to see you become like this. Usually you just go buy food on your favorite restaurant.” Yuki said.

Somehow Yuki’s words made Mayu blushed.,”Mou, just eat already. And even I really like the karaage, there’s nothing in ths world to compare with your cooking.” Mayu tried to hide her red cheeks, but Yuki can see her face, even Sakura can see it.

“Papa’s face looks so funny, it’s red.” Sakura said while laughing.

“Okay-okay, let’s eat. Itadakimasuu.”

“Mayu, it’s really good!” Yuki said. Mayu replied her, “Seriously?”

“Un! But I love Mama’s cooking the most.” Sakura said, “I know you will say that.” They laughed together.

They continued to eating, after that, Mayu took a sit on the couch and watch the tv. On the other side, Sakura was studying with Yuki as her teacher.

“Mayu, you’re not go back to your office?” Yuki asked Mayu.

“Nope, the company gave me a day off.” Mayu said.

“I see. So, Sakura-chan, let’s start. What is it?” Yuki said while her finger pointing at a picture in Sakura’s book.

“It’s the tomato! The color of it just like Papa’s blushing face!” Sakura replied her. then Yuki smiled, “Right, now how to spell it.” She asked Sakura again.

“It’s T-O-M-A-T-O!” Sakura said.

“That’s great Sakura-chan. let’s continue it tomorrow, okay?” Yuki said then looked at the couch. She find that her beloved wife was sleeping there. She smiled and then look back to Sakura.

“How’s home without Mama?”

“Really boring. Papa really busy with her work. Sometimes papa can stay all-night long to finish her work. I really miss when Mama at home.” Sakura said. ‘She’s forced herself to become really busy, that’s her way to forget things.’ Yuki thought.

“I think Papa doesn’t sleep last night. When I woke up, Papa still in front of her pc.” Added Sakura.

“I see. Papa is a hardworking, right” Yuki said, “Un. But Papa too forcing herself. I don’t want Papa sick like Mama.” Sakura said.

“So let’s make a promise. When Mama is not at home, you must take care of Papa, okay? She’s really careless about herself.” Yuki said to Sakura. Then Sakura replied her, “I will!” She added smile while saying it.

The night comes, Sakura already slept on the couch. Yes, Mayu and Sakura decided to slept at the hospital to accompany Yuki. Mayu, somehow can’t sleep, just like the previous day. So she opened her laptop and just continued her works even know she has a day off.

Yuki suddenly awake when heard Mayu’s voice. She looked at Mayu and sighed.

“Mayu?” Yuki called her.

Mayu immediately look at Yuki and replied her, “Yes?”

“Come here, let’s talk.” Mayu approach Yuki and took a sit.

“Can’t sleep?” Yuki asked Mayu. She just nodded, “Yeah.”

“But Yuki, you should sleep too. Your condition…”

Yuki cut her words, “I can’t sleep while my wife overworking herself like this.” Yuki smiled then took Mayu’s hand, “Is there something bothering you?” Mayu looks confused how to tell Yuki about it.

“I-I don’t know, I’m afraid…” Mayu said while put her head to the bed. Yuki stroked her hair gently. “Afraid of what?”

“I, Yuki… Since the doctor said that your condition become worst, I-I don’t know what to do anymore. If you’re not here anymore, what should I do? I’m afraid of losing you, your beautiful smile, your beautiful voice, your tender heart, your gentle and warm hug, your sweet kiss, I’m afraid losing everything about you. I-I can’t hold it anymore. Everytime, when you’re not at home, all I can think is you. It’s hard Yuki, I don’t want you to die…” Mayu’s tears start to flowing down. Just like she said, she can’t hold it anymore. She can’t hold all the pains that she feel for these years because afraid of losing the one she loved the most.


“I’ll go crazy without you, Yuki. I prefer die, if I must be seperated with you.” Mayu raised her head, facing Yuki with her red and teary eyes. Yuki eyes become teary when she heard and seeing Mayu suffered because of her.

“You can’t die, Sakura always needed you. She can’t be alone again.” Yuki said while wiped Mayu’s tears with her thumb. “She need you too, Yuki. She need two of us!” Mayu suddenly shouted, but then she realized that she’s shouting to Yuki, “I’m sorry…”

“I’m sorry, Mayu. I’m sorry, to make you worried about me. But, I can’t do anything. The fate already be writen, and all I can is just following the path that God already make for me. I’m happy that your the one god choose to be with me, until this time. You always be my courage in fighting against this illness. So, for me, and for Sakura, please, keep alive.”

“I’ll try..”

Again, Yuki stroked Mayu’s hair gently. And then kissed Mayu’s forhead,

“Let’s sleep, you must be tiring.” Yuki said, Mayu just nodded.

“Ano, Yuki?” , “Hmm?”, “Can you sing for me? I miss your beautiful voice when I can’t sleep.”

“Sure, let me sing for you.” Yuki said and then she’s singing,

me wo sotto tojireba ukande kuru
yasashii anata no egao
konna ni itoshii no ni
te ni todokanai
sono kyori ga setsunakute…
I close my eyes softly and drift away in my thoughts
even though your gentle smile
is very dear to me
I can’t reach it with my hands
this distance is painful…

GURASU no naka no SOODA sui wo hora
kaki mazete
chiisana awa wo nigazu you ni
kono mune no katasumi ni tokekonda
omoide no hitotsu hitotsu wo nigashitai
I stir
the fizzy water in the glass
just like I let the little bubbles escape
I want to set free one by one
the feelings that dissolved in the corner of my heart

jikan no suna ga sarasara ochite
hi ga kurete hitokage sukunai kono basho
ano koro ni yoku kita
kouen no KAFE TERASU
tada soba ni iru dake de shiawase de…
the sands of time fall smoothly
in this place where not a single shade can be seen when darkness falls
back then we went often
to the terrace cafe
just by being with you I was happy…

anata ga inai sono genjitsu ni
tomadotta jibun ga GARASU ni utsuru
mou dareka no koto wo koko made wa aisenai
kokoro wa utsuita mama
the reality that you aren’t here anymore
my puzzled self is reflected in the glass
I can’t love anyone else
with my heart still looking down
I remain silent

Soon after that, they both fall asleep.


The next day, suddenly Yuki’s condition become worst and she’s on the operation now. Mariko and all of their family coming to see what happen. It’s been 1 hour since the operation began, but there’s no information about what’s going on inside the room.

Mayu can’t stop crying, same like Sakura. Then, the doctor came out.

“I’m sorry, we’ve doing our best.”

The words just make Mayu’s heart ache. She just spend her night with Yuki, and now, she’s gone. Mariko approached Mayu then comforting her, while Sakura with Haruna.

“We got this from her pocket, it’s written ‘For Mayu’.” The doctor said then take out a piece of letter from his pocket. Mayu took it from the doctor and hold it tightly.

“So, excuse me.” The doctor leave them.


“Mayu, the funeral ceremony almost finished, you should give her your last tribute.” Mariko said to her little sister while Mayu was looking to the outside from window.

“Un.” Mayu said. She was holding the letter that the doctor took from Yuki’s pocket. She didn’t read it, she’s afraid that she can’t hold it anymore when she read the letter.

Mayu came down to the downstairs and gave Yuki her last tribute. She can see Sakura still crying in Haruna’s arms.

‘Yuki, thank you for your time with me. Thank you for being the best wife I ever had. Thank you for always worriying me, even in your last night. I love you, and always. I hope god give you the best place in heaven.’

Mayu finished her last tribute, and then approached her little girl, giving her a little pat and then hug her.

“Don’t cry again, okay? Mama will sad when she find that you’re crying.” Mayu said to Sakura.

“But *hiks* Mama…”

“She’s fine up there, she always with us.” Mayu said while stroking Sakura’s hair.

“I miss Mama already…”

“I miss her too, Sakura…”


4 years have passed since the death of Yuki. Sakura already become a smart girl, just like Yuki said. She become the smartest among all of her friends. And Mayu already quit from her job. That time, she’s really depressed because of losing Yuki. All things that she do just locked herself from everyone. Her big sister, Mariko and her ‘soon to be wife’ Haruna decided to lived with Mayu, and to take care Sakura for a while. But then, when Mayu decided to opened and read the letter that Yuki gave to her, she realized, she must keep living on, to be a great father to Sakura, to keep the family that Yuki and her build,just like Yuki wanted.

Now she become a writer. She make a book from her story with Yuki. About how she meet her, how she patiently being on Yuki side, being her courage. Yuki, even know she’s no longer here, she gave Mayu strength, to continued living, to keep moving forward, for herself, Sakura, and Yuki.The book now become one of best seller in Japan.

It was night when Mayu wondering about Yuki today, she always at her backyard when she felt she wanted to be alone.

‘I still can’t reach you, Yuki.’ Mayu thought as she raised her hand to the sky while she was lie down on the pasture in her backyard. ‘I miss you, Yuki.’ she thought again as her hand took the letter from her pocket.

She change her position to sit, then she look at the letter, and opened it.

Dear Mayu,

Mayu, when you read it, maybe I already died. Since you can call this letter as a Will from me to you.

That night, I had a dream, that dream told me, that I will die soon, so when I woke up, I made this letter for you.

I know you’re a girl that thinked to much. But please, don’t thinking to much about me. Keep living on, and take care of Sakura. When I choose Sakura to be our adopted child, I know she will happy to be with you, with us. So I choose her to be with you, to replacing me, to take care of her careless Papa.

Don’t coming to my side too fast, Sakura still needed you. Don’t worry about me, I’m happy. I’ll waiting for you, patiently.

And Mayu, keep smiling for me, okay?

I love you now, tomorrow, and forever.


Her eyes become teary, but a happy tears. She wiped it fast since she doesn’t want Sakura to see it.

“Papa, we don’t make diner?” Sakura shouted from the house. Mayu stood up then replied her , “Okay, wait a second!”

She looked the night sky then smiled,

“Please wait for me a little longer, Yuki.”
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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2014, 12:58:08 PM »
UGH I WANT TO CRY NOW. This story is so bitter sweet but I love it still  :heart: please keep writing more mayuki!! Thankuu!!  :cathappy:

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2014, 01:09:04 PM »
That was epic  :wub:  :inlove:

I love it very eventhough its sad and I cried  :cry:  :cry:

But its a touching story, THANKS  :twothumbs  :D
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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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Replies :

A-Ah, i don't think that it will touching you actually..

chotei_sha : thank you very much for read it !! if i had another vacation day, i'll write another, i think, but now i'm still working for my long fic, once again thankyou!
Siren : ahaha, thankyou for read it!! i never thought that you will cry while read it .-. thankyou!!

thanks for reading it! 

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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I have two things to say:

Why did it have to end this way!?

Thanks for commenting and thanking my Fanfics :)

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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 :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:  The feels man! The feels!

This is so sad!  :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:  It's a long os (in a good way)

The background story and the overall is awesome! Good job chocholate-san!  :twothumbs

(Crawls on the corner and proceeds to cry) YUKI!!!!  :cry:

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #6 on: July 14, 2014, 06:52:02 PM »
im having felling trip now  :cry:
i loves ur story   :cry:

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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Another Replies :

MayukiIsLife : gomenasai!! thankyou for reading it!! your one of my favorite writer actually,  :shy2:
alexsher99 : thank you so much! sorry for the sad ending.. :bow:
mikaellitsa : thankyou for liking my fic!!

sorry for making yuki die in this fic  :kneelbow:

i'm going again~

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #8 on: July 14, 2014, 07:38:52 PM »
Another Replies :

MayukiIsLife : gomenasai!! thankyou for reading it!! your one of my favorite writer actually,  :shy2:

Thanks for reading~ <3 I have two new fanfics~

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #9 on: July 15, 2014, 01:15:16 AM »

Thanks for reading~ <3 I have two new fanfics~

Aaahh, i'll read it~~

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #10 on: July 15, 2014, 03:37:37 AM »
Love your story

It so sad that made me cry whike reading it

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #11 on: July 15, 2014, 05:02:24 AM »
i touched with the story...  :cry:
live your life mayu, yuki waiting for you patiently there and you have sakura to take care

but i also smiling when i read your story chocolate,
Yo, i'm sastio! i like to read fanfics! :)
a silent reader :grin:

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Kashiwagi Yuki, Matsui Rena, Yagami Kumi, Okada Nana, Shinobu Mogi, Thalia, etc.
overall, i like all members hehe

every pairing is fine, as long as i enjoy :)

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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And, Another replies :

kirozoro : thank you very much! thanks for liking this fic!
sastio13 : she will~~
               YEY! YOU'RE RIGHT!
               and the project~~ don't forget about it~~

*dissapear again  :mon rush:

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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Urgh... I need tissue right now. It's so sad that Yuki must leave Mayu so fast. But I'm glad because Sakura is there to take care of her papa.

Thank you for this wonderful fic Chocolate-san :)
Kaze no you na sonzai sa~
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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
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seira10048: thank you for read this fanfic!
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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #15 on: July 28, 2014, 10:46:47 AM »
Ugh, such a beautifu story..sobs

Yukirin us so thoughtful

You're awesome! :deco:

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #16 on: July 28, 2014, 12:01:27 PM »
kairi65 : yeah, she's great!  :mon waterworks:
             thank you so much for reading this!!

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #17 on: July 28, 2014, 08:59:37 PM »
Yuki  :cry: you're the best mama!

Papa mayu! Hahaha  :lol:

Nice~ ( ‘-^ )b
please make more 1 shot ヽ(´▽`)/
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Mayuki OS~ (Again)|| Did I Love You, Again?
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fath107 : thank you! well, you can read this~~

hello minna!
i'm back with this new OS, and again, it's mayuki~~
ahh i love them so much~

well, some of the part of this story was my love story, thehehehe~  :nervous
sorry if there's any wrong grammars or typing, i'm not that good with english
no need to add more chitchat, douzo!


Do you ever feel, suddenly fall in love with your ex again?

For me, it’s yes.


It’s start from her sudden confession to me, on mail.That time, I was on my first year of high school and her third year. Uh, I know, that’s not a greatest confession I ever saw in my life. So I think that I need some time to think about it, and she said yes. She’s not a popular girl in school, just an ordinary girl, but somehow I find that she’s really cute. What can I say? She attracted my attention. Her beauty appearance and her kind personality slowly made me fall for her, so 1 week after her conffesion, I said yes, and we become a couple.

We never had a time just for a date. She always busy with school and her part-time job, while me, never mind, I always busy with anime and manga. We both think that a relationship without need a date is doesn’t matter. But, we rarely talked each other at school. Whenever we saw each other we just looked at each other, and smiled. As simple as that. She’s doesn’t like to emailing each other. So we just mailing for 2 or 3 times a week. This relationship is weird, right? Even know how much I wanted to hear her sweet voice calling my name, or reading her mail saying ‘I love you’, I can’t.

I’m thinking to broke up with her, but just thinking of that make me wanna cry. I can’t do that, I love her, and she’s an important person for me. I know she never told me she loved me, I know she never properly talked to me, I know she is just an ordinary girl that I can replace with another boy/girl in this world, but I love her so much that make me never want to be alone without her. It’s stupid. Maybe she never cared about me, but why I must feel all this because of her? I’m broken inside because of her, but I still persistent to be on her side. I’m thinking, are we ‘really’ a couple? Or this thing is just a title for us? I think, the words ‘you’re mine and I’m only yours’ is just a dream for us. These thing never happened. We could say that.

“I’m sorry, let’s just be friends.”

And then, my biggest fear comes.

After 1 year and 7 months, we broke up. Just, what the heck is you’re relationship mean, right? Maybe that’s what you all trying to say right now. I don't know either. These whole thing made me confuse. We never had a date, kissing, hugging, holding hands, and even we never talked properly. Like, man, this is not a relationship. We looks like strangers each other. You just know my name, my face, and some things about me. Same to me, maybe I really just know your name, your face, and some of usual things about you. We can talk happily with our friends, but why we can’t talk to each other like a couple? These whole things really confusing.

I tell you that I’m fine. Like, “Okay then, let’s break up, just like what you say. I’m okay.” But I’m hurt, deep inside, I never want us to break up. Even that made me crying the whole day. I know I don't have to crying about it, we never being like the real couple, so it’s not a problem. But for me, it’s make me wanna die right now. I have a big feeling for her, but I can’t tell it to her. I have love, but I don't have courage. This thing is sucks. I don't know how many times I beefing about it, but it’s really heat me up!

Some months after our break up, I tried to move on to find her replacement. And I dated a girl at the same grade as me. We make a great relationship. She’s a kind person, always caring, but sometimes act childish. That time, finally I can removed her from my head and start moving on with her. But suddenly, she’s contact me back, right after I think I’ve removed her from all of my memories.

That time I finally realized, I’ve removed her from my head, but my heart saying that I can’t. Deep inside, my heart still feel the same for her.

Thinking not to break her heart, we broke up, because of stupid me who can’t forget her ex. She’s a good girl, but somehow I can’t be with her. My heart told me the different things. But we still became friends after that. A ‘great’ friends. So back to my ‘I can’t forget about’ ex. She’s with rare became really sweet to me. She keep send me mail for a month, every week. She’s really not a girl who loved to mail someone, and we’ve broke up. So I tought that just a friendly mail. But you know, since her graduation, I really miss her. This sound stupid, but I really wanted to see her face again.

And then, we lost contact again. She’s really came into my life and going away just as she liked. Leaving me who suffered because of her. At least, if she doesn’t had any feelings for me at all, just go away from me, never contact me again. But all the things she does to me just make me suffer. I know can’t have her, so the one I think is just for her is just, please leave me for the rest of my life.

Until someday, my school make a reunion for all generation, the oldest until her generation. So of course, she’ll be there. And again, even know deep inside I really want to see her again, I think it’s better to just not seeing each other. For me and her, for the best of our sake.

That day came, our school became really crowd, full of our senpai, even know it’s rainy. Of course I tried my best to keep my self far from the crowd. It’s for me, and for her. We can’t face each other again.

But like they said in the film, I can’t hide forever. I must attend the ceremony. So there I am, sit in the crowd of the kouhais. And she’s sit between the senpais. She looks really happy with Rena-senpai, her friend from her high school day. Maybe she’s still contact her, and befriend with her, I don't know. And then, the ceremony closed. I try my best to quickly  exited the room.But unfortunately, right after I stood up, her eyes and mine look in to each other. Shit. I immediately running towards the exit door, and she followed me behind. The heck, just go away! I keep running until I reach my limit. And she’s keep following me, soaking in this heavy rain.

She took my hand, make me stop running. I tossed away your hand and then you took it back. My eyes red because crying while running just now. She pulled me for a hug, I tried to let go off her hands from me but she just stengthen her hold.

“I’m sorry, it’s all stupid. I’m sorry.”

That’s all she said for me. She keep saying sorry while I just crying in her arms. She’s keep saying it over and over until I stop cying. I pulled of from our hug and then,


I slapped her,

“Stop being nice in front of me! Stop this stupid thing! You easily coming in to my life, and then just go away at your pleasure. You make me feeling this over and over, Yuki! Just stop it already, I’m tired of all this bullshit.”

My knee weakening and I fall. I start crying again. She does the same thing I do, sitting under the rain. I saw her tears start falling down. She’s crying too,

“I know it’s my fault. I’m really sorry. It just, I think that’s the best for us. And maybe, our feeling to each other just ‘in a moment’. We never talk properly like a couple. And...”

I ran away from her, again. I’m tired. She’s always playing with me. She doesn’t need to be here, talking to me, chased me, she doesn’t need to do this. She can just leaving me alone in the rain, and then go to her friend. As simple as that. But why she’s really want to be with me? What is she want?  I...

“Mayu, watch out!!”



Holy shit. Am I die now? Guh, it’s hurt!! I think a car smashed me just now. My eyes blured, is there somebody? The driver of the car that hit me exited his car and then running to me. Yuki? Is she cry right now? My eyes can’t see anything clearly right now. Uh, I think my body already crashed right now. Yuki, is she telling me something? I can’t see her, and I heard some murmur, but it’s not clear,,

“Don’t leave me...”

And then, I fainted, I think.


White, it’s all white. Am I in heaven now? Or, is it hell? No way, I do many good things on earth, umm, maybe not that much.


This voice, I know it, but, if it’s true, no-no, it can’t be...


I turned around and seeing my mom there, no way. Mom already died when I was 10 years old. So, if she’s here, Am I already in heaven?

“Come here, let’s talk.”

I approached her, and then hug her. This warm hug, the same warm like Yuki’s warm. Uh, forget it, maybe she’s happy right now because I’m die.

“Am I die right now, Mom?”

“No, not yet, you’re just in coma right now.”

“I see...”

“Ah, I want to show you something.”

She doing something and then I think we came to a place, is it my room? I can see me in there, with Yuki beside me. She’s crying a lot, and keep saying “I’m sorry.” Although all she know is I’m in coma right now and I can’t heard anything that she’s keep trying to say to me. No, don’t cry, Yuki, you hate me, right? Just let me be alone, like the old of you.

“That girl, is her name Yuki?”

“How did you know?”

“I’m watching you from up there, Mayu-chan. It seems like you’re really in love with her, and she’s kinda don’t know what to do with you two relationship. She keep trying to do something for you. She bought you flowers, but she can’t gave it to you directly. So she put it in your locker. Then you think that flowers was not for you, you think the flowers sender put it in wrong locker. She do overtime-work in the cafe that she’s working at so she can save the money to give you something, but then she decided to break with you, right when she want to give you the necklace that she bought from her overtime-working.”

Did she do that, just for me? And I stupidly never thinking that she’s doing all of that things for me? If you said it before, Yuki. We’re not gonna be like this. You’re mine, and I’m yours. But maybe, it’s too late.

“Fortunately it’s never too late for fixing it, you can choose, being with me here, or with her. But if you choose to keep living on earth, promise to me to take care of that tsundere, and, you two look good being together.”

I smiled after hearing what Mom said to me. Then, I replied her,

“Give me another chance, mom, I want to live.”

And then, all I see was black.


I opened my eyes. It’s all white again, but I heard sniffing, am I in my room? Yuki, is she still  crying? But then she look at me with her teary eyes and then hug me thightly. Urgh, my body still hurt as hell! Her hug really thight, I’ll die because of this.

“Y-Yuki, it’s... Hurt.”

“A-Ah, I’m sorry.”

She wiped her eyes, sniffing and then look at me,

“I thought you’ll die, and I...”

I kissed her gently, uh, my lips injured. But, I don't care anymore. This time, I’m not run away from her, from her love, I don't want to losing it again, losing her again, from my side.

We parted, and she’s opened her eyes. That orbs, the most beautiful orbs I ever saw in my life.

“I even never said that I love you and... I don't know what to do anymore, cause... cause you’re the reason why I life, now, and forever.”

She continued her words that I cut with my kiss to her. I caressed my thumb to her cheek, and she’s holding my hand that caressed her cheek while smile. Yuki, I never know that your smiles really beautiful. Why am I took a long time to realized it? S-She’s really beautiful. Her eyes, her nose, her lips... But, maybe I could say that her nose is kind of cute.



“Do you mind, if I ask you, eto...”

“About what?”

She hold my hand,

“Would you be my girlfriend, again?”

“I’d love to.”

4 years later

“Hey, congratulation! Time flew so fast! But I always know that you two will ended up together.”

“Thank you, thank you so much.”

It’s been 4 years after our start over. And yeah, we’re really start over this relationship. She’s more open-ended to me, and we start talking to each other much. And since 1 year ago, we’ve been lived together at my apartement. She’s actually a fun person, but sometimes she’s really shy. Actually, I found it cute when she’s acting shy like that. Her face became red and that’s looks really cute~

Today, the most important day for us, our wedding day. W-Well, I’m the one who purpose to her. I’m really happy that she said yes and, I can’t say anything about this but I’m really happy! And, since I’m the ‘man’ in this relationship, Rena, Yuki’s friend, and Jurina, my friend and... my ex, told me to wearing a suit. E-eto, actually I don’t like that idea, but I don't like to used a dress. And obviously Yuki can’t wear a suit. She’s really beautiful with a dress, and of course I don't want to waste it! Well, when can I see her beauty appearance with a wedding dress except in this wedding?

For Yuki, she’s wear a white dress. And you know what, I told you about this a couple times already but I can’t stop saying that she’s really beautiful! When she came to the altar, I can’t stop looking at her and that’s make me nervous. Uwahh~~

And for Jurina, my ‘ex’, she’s with Yuki’s friend now. Yeah, the one that told me to wear a suit for my wedding, Rena. I never know that actually they know each other for a long time, and actually Jurina had a feeling for Rena, and Rena feel the same too.

Jurina waved her hand then running to me while Rena followed her behind. I believe she will jump to me and then...

“Ugh! What the... I almost fall just now!”

“Let her be, Mayu. She want to congrats you, right Jurina?”

“Yeah, even your wife know it!”

Jurina pouted while looked at another side. Fortunately there’s Rena here, to save me from the crazy puppy that always clingy to everyone.

“Hey, come on. You can’t be like that on their wedding.”

With just that word, Jurina stop pouting and then hugging Rena. Well, it looks like Rena really like it. I’m really confuse when seeing Jurina around Rena. She will do whatever Rena said to her and happily do it, tought it’s not all of them, but she will do it. I’m always thinking, is Rena had ‘that’ power to do it so Jurina always obey her? I don’t know. And this couple really looks like an old couple that already married for 40 years. Just look at them, hugging and kissing everywhere, especially because Jurina is a ‘hardcore’ kissing monster. Share sweetness all over the place. Or sometimes they look like sisters. Rena really caring about Jurina like a big sister, while Jurina is a spoiled kid like a little sister. Just, I don't know what actually they are.


What a tiring day. It’s a memorable one, but really tiring. I must greet all of the guest, wearing my danso outfit. Actually that’s not really a problem, but yeah, it’s tiring.

After the wedding finished, me and Yuki immediately going home with my car. Yeah, going home. I’ve told you that we’re already living together, right? I’m really tired so when we arrived, I immediately rushed to our room then lie down on the bed. I even not changing my suit, yet. And Yuki, of course she’s already changed and took a bath, that one is heavy, and hot, and looks good on her. Huh, now I’m talking about that again.

“Mayu? You’re not gonna take a bath?”

Yuki asked me while she’s drying her hair,

“Later, okay? I’m tired. I want to sleep now~”

She put the towel to a desk than approach me. She pulled me so I’m sitting now then kissed my cheek.

“Don’t be like that, come on, now time to bath~”

I lazily walked to the bathroom, take a bath and then put on my clothes.

“Come on let me dry your hair.”

She reach her hand to my hand, pulled me down to sit in front of her slowly. Then, she dried my hair slowly with the towel that just a minute ago was on my hair. I enjoyed it, really. It make me felt sleepy.

“it’s all done.”

I put my head to her shoulders, her way to dried my hair really made me sleepy. She caressing my hair gently, if it continued like this, I’ll sleep soon, I believe it.

“It’s a tiring day, ne?”
“Yeah, and your way to caress my hair make me feel sleepy, you know.”

She chuckled,

“Really? You must sleep now, we still had a big day tomorrow.”
“But now I want to talk with you more~”
“Ahh, so now the great cyborg Mayu already affected by clingy kissing monster Jurina. You’ve become really clingy to me these past few months, Mayu.”

We both laughed. She laid down to the bed with me on top of her. I slide down my body so I can heard her heart beats. It’s sounds like a melody in my ears, such a beautiful melody.

I lift up my head to see her face. She’s turning her face to the right side, pouting like a kid. She’s cute when doing that.

“Why are you pouting? It’s not like you.”

I sit beside her and then pinched her cheeks, and then she’s turning her head to see my face and then smiled,

“I love you.”

“I love you too.”

I can’t say anything again about this. But I believe, from this day, until tomorrow, and forever, we’ll be together forever, until the death separated us.

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Re: The Snow Falls [Mayuki OS]~
« Reply #19 on: August 19, 2014, 06:21:46 AM »
The 1st os  :pleeease: :gyaaah: Yuki died :fainted:

The 2nd os Mayu accident :frustrated: :on blackhole:
glad that she just coma and she finally married with her ex Yuki :on woohoo:
yeah...happy ending for MaYuki :farofflook:

thanks for the os chocholate-san :kneelbow:

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