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Title: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 3: Performance & Date
Post by: Miniju on December 25, 2017, 05:16:14 PM
I'm here with a new long story with my favortie couple, YuriAnnin ! :)
I hope you will like it ^^

Chapters :

Chapter 1: Neighbour & Work (
Chapter 2: Meal & Fail (
Chapter 3: Performance & Date (


Another sigh, another thought. Another day, another time. The same work, the same life, the same friends. Tomorrow will look like yesterday. Nothing happens, it’s just a normal lifestyle. I know it will not change. Life can be hard. Nobody can control it. Feelings are the same. We can’t control them either. What if someone comes to disturb my peaceful life? Will I be able to stand it?
Title: Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Prologue
Post by: four4four on December 30, 2017, 12:37:03 AM
Hmmm... Interesting start. Who is speaking though? Seems like they have a negative outlook on life.

Would love to see where you take this.
Title: Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 1: Neighbour & Work
Post by: Miniju on January 13, 2018, 02:34:40 PM
@four4four: Well, you will discover who is speaking soon, don't worry :P Thank you :)

The first chapter is here!
Thank you for reading the prologue, I hope you will like the story :)
Well, have a nice reading!

Chapter 1: Neighbour & Work

The hot sun started disappearing in front of my eyes, replaced by the cold moon. Time passed. I couldn't do anything. I should have come back inside. But I didn't want. I felt free here. No pressure, no stress. Only me and the time.

“You shouldn't stay here. It's getting cold.” I heard an unfamiliar voice not far from me.

I slowly turned my head, leaving the sky to look at her. She was standing up on the balcony. Who was she? Wait. My neighbor, as she was just in the flat next to me.

“What about you?” I only snapped.

She disturbed me. I was annoyed, I was fine peacefully in my world. I turned my gaze to the sky again without really waiting for her answer. I didn't care if she was cold or not. I couldn't believe this girl just disturbed me. I was no longer focused on the sky anymore. I released a light sigh and went back to my house, glancing toward the nearby balcony. She wasn't here. Did I just dream? Well, she must have left. I closed my eyes, lying on my bed. I hoped nobody will bother me for my sleep.

The sun dazzled me. I groaned, still tired. I forgot to close the curtain yesterday. I reached my kitchen, taking a cup in the white cupboard. The noisy sound of the coffee maker as usual. I stayed leaning against the table, listening to the hot liquid which was pouring. Once it was over, I grabbed it, taking care of not burn myself. I sat in front of the TV with a cookie as breakfast. I wasn't the type of person who eats a lot in the morning. I drank a light mouthful. I could feel the hot coffee, warming my throat. I took a piece of cookie in my mouth before looking at my phone. I still had a bit of time. Putting the cup in the sink, I will clean it later. I went into the bathroom. I undressed my clothes before going to the shower. I turned the water on, feeling the heat on my skin. I liked it. I could stay for long minutes here, thinking about nothing. But I couldn't right now, so I made it quick. I put a towel on my body, leaving my bathroom. It was a good day to run. I grabbed my sports clothes and wore it. I quickly took another towel and went to my balcony. I started drying my hair. It wasn't too hot or too cold. I felt fine here. I heard a light sound next to me and quickly looked at it, my towel playing with my wet hair. The young girl didn't look at me. Her gaze was toward the city. She was only sitting here, drinking coffee, I guess. She was wearing a… what was that? A dress maybe. I couldn't really see, but she looked stylish and girlish, definitively more than me.  I finished to dry my hair which was less wet, and I tied it to make a ponytail. Putting my favorite sneakers, I was ready to leave. No, I forgot something important. I put my phone in my pocket and took my earphones. I didn't turn the music on yet. I grabbed my keys and left my flat. I closed the door carefully, locking it. I turned around but hit someone. I heard something falling on the ground. It was a box full of books.

“Sorry.” I mumbled, looking at the person.

I stayed a bit stunned for some seconds. Anna was on the balcony a few minutes ago. Maybe I just took too much time.

“It's okay.”

“Let me help you.” I told her, putting the books which fell from the boxes before taking it to hand her.

“Thank you.” She spoke in a light tone.

I turned on the music and started running once I reached outside. I thought about the girl. She must have been my new neighbor. It was a long time there was no one. I should put something on my balcony. I wasn’t used to having someone here, and I wanted to have my privacy. It wasn't as if a lot of things happened, but I was okay in my own world.
I came back home after running. I was tired and completely sweaty. I wanted to remove my t-shirt, but a light knock at the door stopped me. I released an annoyed sigh. I opened the door with a cold expression.

“Hello. We couldn't properly introduce each other. I'm Iriyama Anna. Your new neighbor.”

I stared at her without answering. I must have looked so creepy right now. I didn't know what to say.

“Kizaki Yuria.” I managed to answer after some seconds.

She smiled quickly before stepping back.

“I'm sorry for disturbing you.”

I looked at her, leaving.

“Iriyama-san wait.” I called her suddenly. “Do you need some help with your boxes?”

“Oh, yes.”

“I take a shower, and I come to help you then.” I finally showed a smile.

She nodded and went into her flat. I closed my door and removed my t-shirt, feeling the cold on my skin. I shivered, I really needed to take a shower. Why did I say that? I even didn't know her. I wasn't really friendly. Anyway, it was too late. I knocked at her home, waiting.

“You're quick Kizaki-san. May I offer you a coffee?” Anna asked kindly.

Another? Well, we should starting moving these boxes.

“No thanks.” I answered, hoping to not be mean.

“Let's go then.”

I followed her to the truck. There were a lot of boxes here. It will be a long day. I started helping her. I didn't really know how long we moved her boxes, but I couldn't feel my arms anymore, and I was starving.

“We should take a break.” She told me, looking at the messy living room.

I wanted to answer, but my stomach decided to do it for me and grumbled. I didn't speak while I heard Anna giggling at me.

“Here.” She handed me a sandwich. “Let's eat.”

She had another one in her hands. I wondered why she had two of it but not for long. I was too hungry. We started eating, sitting on the floor. It was quiet. I usually liked it, but right now it felt uncomfortable.

“My friend should have come to help me, but finally she was busy.” She spoke in a light tone.

“I see.” I only answered.

I had an answer to my question.

“Where are you from?” I asked, curious.

I wasn’t used to talking, but I felt curious about Anna.


So she didn't move too far, as we were in Tokyo. I wondered why but I didn't want to be too annoying. We finished to eat and started moving the boxes again.
The end of the day came quickly. Finally, I was glad to help her. We could talk together for a time. Well, even though it was mostly about her new flat but anyway, it changed from my everyday life. I looked at all the boxes in front of me. We were over. A light smile was drawing on my lips without really knowing why.

“Next time, I should give you a real meat.” She laughed putting the last box.

Wait, what? She wanted me to come over, right? Well, I spent a good time, why not. I couldn't help, but I accepted before leaving her. What an exhausting day. I relaxed, sitting on my couch. I thought about my day and couldn't help to smile. I cast a quick glance to the window. The sky became red, and the sun started disappearing. I reached my balcony, as I always did. I stayed standing her alone for some time, looking at the night sky, the shiny stars. Alone. I suddenly felt terribly alone. I didn't like to have that kind of thought. It made me feel sad. I lowered my head, staring at the city under me.

“Is everything okay Kizaki-san?”

I quickly raised my head and looked at the voice. I showed a bitter smile.

“Yes.” I only spoke.

“Are you living in Tokyo for a long time?” She asked in a soft tone, gazing at the sky.

“It's been three years now.” I answered, still my head toward her.

“I see, so, where are you from?”

Her warm tone made me feel better. I felt less alone. I had someone to speak. Well, she was only my neighbor, but I didn't know why I liked it.

“Aichi.” I finally looked up at the sky again.

“It's far.”

Yes, it was. I could miss my friends, my family, and my hometown. But I was here, in Tokyo, for work. And I loved it. The dance was all my life. I suddenly thought about the new dance of tomorrow. I was in a hurry to learn something new.

“Good night, Kizaki-san.”

I didn't answer, still daydreaming. Well, I should do the same. I cast a quick glance to the empty balcony before going back inside. The heat literally jumped on me. Next time, I must bring a cardigan or something like that.

I turned off my alarm and quickly reached my kitchen. The sun was shining, it will definitively be a good day. I was in a good mood. I didn't walk around in my house as I usually did. After my morning coffee, I changed my clothes and left my flat. Sitting on the metro, I put my earphones and turned the music on. Everyone was moody, people didn't talk or look at each other. Their gazes were locked on the floor. I reached my work's place. I opened the door, greeting the choreographer before going to the changing room. Here, I could see my co-worker, Matsui Jurina. She impressed me.

“Hello, Yuria.” Jurina pulled me into a quick hug.

“Hi.” I smiled, putting my bag on the bench.

We reached the main room where a few dancers were waiting. We talked for a few minutes until everybody was here. Our choreographer came, and we quickly stopped talking.

“Good morning. So, today we will do a new choreography.” She paused for a few seconds. “By the way, we have a new designer for your costumes.”

That was true, the previous one left a few weeks ago, and we had nobody. I hoped the designer could make great things like the other one. Costumes were essential for us, it gave another meaning to the dance.

“She is here today to see the new dance.” She stopped talking, looking at the door. “If she comes…”

“I'm sorry, I'm late!” A young figure shouted, breathless before bowing quickly in front of us

I must have dreamed, right? It couldn't be her. She looked at me, it seemed that she was looking at me. I turned my eyes away, feeling uncomfortable.

“It's okay, Iriyama-san.”

My neighbor was the new designer. I couldn't really believe it. She asked me to come over the last time. I didn't really like to mix work and private life. Anyway, it wasn't as if we were friends. I already made an exception for Jurina.

“So, the center for that dance will be Matsui Jurina…” The choreographer told us.

As almost usual, Jurina was one of our best dancers.
“… and Kizaki Yuria.”

My brain suddenly stopped working. Me? Really? Was I that good to dance center with Jurina? I cast a worried glance at my friend who only showed me a warm smile. Then, it started. Knowing Anna here stressed me a bit more than usual. I felt more careful about each of my moves. Or maybe, it was just a feeling. But anyway, she was here, standing up, taking notes, looking at us.
I felt a significant pressure on me now. Should I be able to do it? I needed to train a lot.

“Yuria?” Jurina called me, pulling me from my thoughts.  “You can do it, don't worry.” She reassured me before leaving the changing room.

I only smiled at her words. Could I? Jurina was the best, I trusted her, but this time it was about me. Did she say it because she was my friend? No, it was not Jurina's style. I will do my best. At least, I'll try…
“Are you going home Kizaki-san?”

I turned around, looking at the tall woman in front of me. I showed her a slight smile before answering.

“Yes, and you?”

She only nodded, glancing at the floor. She seemed a bit uncomfortable. I wondered why. Was something wrong?

“Well… Can we go home together?” She spoke in a quiet tone.

I wanted to answer no. I wanted to go home alone. But, my mind didn't think the same.

“Of course.”

Why? I wasn't able to say what I wanted or what? Well, I should stop trying to ignore her, she just decided to be kind…? Or friendly. I took my bag, and we left.

“I was lost this morning.” She told me in a shy tone.

I tried to hold back my laugh, but I let out a soft chuckle.

“Really? That's why you were late.” I added in a teasing tone.   

“Y-Yeah...” She lowered a bit her head.

We took the metro, walked to home. We didn't talk a lot. Well, we didn't talk at all. It was completely quiet. I felt so uncomfortable right now. We reached the building. The time seemed so long suddenly.
“Thank you a lot, Kizaki-san.” She told me with her warm voice.

“You're welcome.” I only smiled, going into my flat.

To Be Continued…
Title: Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 1: Neighbour & Work
Post by: four4four on January 15, 2018, 05:13:52 AM
So it was Yuria speaking in the prologue. :lol:

Of course you can't resist being friendly with her, Yuria. It's called love at first sight. :wub:

I get this feeling that Annin is planning something. :?
I don't know why.

Looking forward to the next update.
Title: Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 2: Meal & Fail
Post by: Miniju on January 27, 2018, 11:17:41 AM
@four4four: Ahah ^^ You may be right about Anna... Or not :P Thank you, hope you will enjoy this chapter :D

Heeey! Yuria will show you her cooking's skill today :D Well, she will try at least ^^

Have a nice reading :D

Chapter 2: Meal & Fail

Time passed. Training, eating, learning, sleeping. My life was boring. I needed something new. I didn't know what, I couldn't know what. I didn't really see Anna, expect at work, but that was all. Somehow, I felt frustrated. Maybe I just wanted to have a new friend. It will not be Anna anyway. A knock on the door pulled me from my thoughts. I lazy stood up and opened it.

“Hello, Kizaki-san… I wanted to know if you were free this evening. I know, I ask you a bit-”

“I am.” I quickly interrupted her ramblings.

She turned her eyes away from me. I didn't know what to say or to do, so I just kept quiet, staring at her.

“Would you come over? Like the last time, I said-”

“I gladly accept.” I cut her sentence again.

I blushed badly. But, Anna looked nervous. I should have stopped interrupting her.

“Then, in two hours?” She asked, looking at me again.

I nodded, showing her a slight smile. She left while I closed the door. I felt so happy. I was waiting for it since she told me a few weeks ago, if I remembered well. I will take a shower and change my clothes. Should I change myself? Well, I guessed. I undressed my clothes and went into the shower. I stayed under the hot water for a few minutes. My mind was blank. I didn't know what to think, I didn't understand why I was almost nervous. I chose better clothes. I hoped it was.  I didn't know what to do anymore. One hour. I needed to wait for another hour. I walked to my balcony. I really wanted to look next to me, but I didn't.

“Still daydreaming?” An amused voice asked me.

“I'm just waiting.” I honestly answered, finally daring to cast a glance to Anna.

“You can come if you want but the dinner isn't over yet.” She warmly smiled at me.

Could I? I really wanted. Really.

“I could help you…?” I spoke in a light tone.

I didn't really know if it sounded like a question, but I wasn't sure anyway. Should I? She told me that I could so, I left my balcony, my flat, walking to the next door. Anna opened with a smile on her lips.


I looked around me. It was modern and less messy than the first time I came. On the living room's table, a lot of documents were putting. It was drawings and sketches. I wondered if it was for her work. But anyway, I quickly followed her to the kitchen.

“What can I do?” I asked in a light tone.

“Well, can you peel the carrot?”

I was really clumsy, but I couldn't say no. So I accepted and started doing it carefully. It was quiet for a few seconds until Anna broke the heavy silence.

“Why did you move to Tokyo?”

“For work- That's hurt!” I suddenly yelled, releasing the knife.

“Are you okay?” She asked in a concerned tone.

She quickly reached me. She took my hand and looked at the little wound on my finger. It made me uncomfortable, my cheeks flushed quickly. It was only a tiny wound, she didn't need to be worried like this.

“I'm fine.” I spoke in a quiet voice.

“You afraid me, be careful.” I looked at her, quiet and a bit ashamed. “Take a dressing in the bathroom's drawer.”

I nodded and went here. I hoped Anna wasn't angry with me. Maybe she thought I was a clumsy idiot. I just embarrassed myself in front of my neighbor and co-worker.

“Is everything okay?” A light voice surprised me a bit.

“I'm sorry.” I only answered, looking away from her eyes.

She giggled a bit. It sounded cute.

“It's fine. Come on, we haven't finished yet.” She smiled, and I stood up to follow her.

After the little accident, we finally could eat. It seemed I didn't bother Anna with my clumsiness.

“Thanks for your help.”

“Well, I'm not sure that I really helped you.” I admitted while she chuckled at me.

“So, you moved because of work, right?”

“Yes, Tokyo was a big opportunity for us.”

“When did you start dancing?” She asked in a curious tone.

I paused myself, thinking. Well, I didn't exactly remember.

“I was still a kid.” I answered, smiling at her.

We continued talking for- I don't know. Time passed, but I couldn't see it. It was funny. I spent a good time. I helped her to clean the dishes. She told me it was okay, I could go home. But I wanted to stay.

“You really didn't need.” She told me again while I put a clean dish on the table.

“But I want.”

I grabbed the dish she handed me. Our hands touched for a few seconds. I suddenly felt my heart beating faster. I quickly took it and put in next to the other. I wanted to run away.

“W-Well, it's getting late, and I have work tomorrow. S-So, I'll go.” I mumbled before leaving.

I quickly reached my flat, letting out a sigh. Anna will hate me. I was just coward. I put my hand on my chest, feeling my crazy heart. Seriously, what was wrong with me?   Wait. Tomorrow, we will be Saturday. We both didn't work. I was so stupid. I laid down on my bed, closing my eyes. I wanted to go to the balcony, I would have liked to look at the sky. I needed to think about something else. But she- She could be here too. I should just go to sleep then.
It was already Monday. It will be hard to avoid Anna today. We need to try the costumes for the next show. I really didn't want to see her, I felt so uncomfortable and idiot.

“You're daydreaming again, Yuria.” Jurina told me in her usual teasing tone.

“I just wondered about the costumes.” I lied with a fake smile.

I couldn't tell her. Well, I had nothing to say anyway. I mean… Yeah, there was nothing.

“Kizaki-san, come here.” The choreographer called me to the costume.

I nodded and reached the room. A lot of costumes were hanged on the wall. I looked at the woman standing in front of me. I didn't move until she smiled at me.

“So, this is your costume.” She told me, handing it. “Try it.”

I took it and started undressing my clothes, removing my pants and my t-shirt. I blushed. It didn't bother me, but I felt uncomfortable, again. It was probably because of what happened, right? 
“Wait.” She stopped me, the dress half on me.

I passed my arms in, feeling her cold hand against my skin. She helped me with the zipper, behind.


I didn't know, I couldn't think. What was wrong with me? I did it often, why was it suddenly making me feel uncomfortable?

“I-It's okay…” I managed to say.

“Fine, you can go.” Anna told me while I removed my clothes.

I started leaving, walking toward the door. I couldn't let it like this. I turned around and looked at her.

“Iriyama-san, I'm sorry for the last time.” I apologized, avoiding her eyes.

She showed me her usual soft smile before answering.

“Don't worry.”

Was I worried? Perhaps. I would like to spend time with her again. But I didn't think she will accept me.

“Can I invite you to come over? Even though I'm not a good cook as you.” I finally dared to ask.

She giggled softly. Was she making fun of me? I was so stupid, why did I say that?

“Let's make a meal together then. Same day, same time?”

Her tone sounds serious. I smiled a bit and nodded. I left the room, seeing Jurina on my way.

“Why are you so glad?” She asked in a teasing tone.

I forgot to stop smiling. I quickly showed an annoyed gaze.

“I'm not.”

I was. I was so in a hurry to be next Friday. I hoped to be better than the last time.
It will be tomorrow, days passed quickly. It was already the night. I was on my balcony, as usual. The light wind blowing against my skin. I shivered a bit. I turned around, looking inside my home. I slight smile was drawing on my lips. I went in and grabbed a jacket before going back outside.

“You're finally listening to me.” A teasing voice told me.

My heart turned wild, I quickly looked at her. I felt relieved, seeing my neighbor.

“Ah, Iriyama-san...” I only spoke in a light tone.

“Is something wrong?” She asked with a worried voice.

“N-No! You just afraid me...”

She smiled a bit before looking at the sky again.

“Kizaki-san, let's do something easy tomorrow...”

She was totally making fun of me.

“W-What?” I muttered, still gazing at her.

She bit her lips, trying to hold back her laugh.

“You're totally making fun of me.” I pouted.

She turned around toward me while I tried hard to avoid her eyes.

“Don't pout…” She paused for a few seconds. “You're cute.” She added as a whisper.

I felt my cheeks flushing. Did Anna really say that? I was glad she couldn't really see how red I was after her sentence. I must have been dreaming.

“What did you say?” I asked, still looking away.

“I said that you shouldn't pout.” She told me again before giggling a bit.

“That's all?” I asked, disbelief.

“Yes.” she answered in a calm tone.

I must have become crazy. I felt relieved that Anna didn't say stuff like that. Well, I didn’t really know. But why was I suddenly acting clumsy next to her?

“But anyway, let’s do something easy tomorrow.” She told me in the same teasing tone.

I looked at her, leaving her balcony and letting out a soft giggle. I hoped she didn’t see my blushing cheeks. Something easy could be better in fact. I didn’t want to embarrass myself in front of her again.

To Be Continued…

Title: Re: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 2: Meal & Fail
Post by: four4four on January 27, 2018, 04:09:48 PM
Of course Yuria can't cook. XD
I'm guessing this is her first time falling in love.
It's okay Yuria, Iriyama-san like you too. :)

I am now convinced that Annin is planning something.
Since she knows that Yuria can't cook, they will get into an "accident" and then... Wahhh. :wub:

Can't wait to see how wrong I am about the next chapter. :P
Title: Lie (YuriAnnin) - Chapter 3: Performance & Date
Post by: Miniju on February 10, 2018, 07:27:48 PM
@four4four: Who said you were wrong...? :P Thank you for commenting :)

Hello~ Yuria is Yuria after all, right?  She's just doing her best :roll:

Have a nice reading :)

Chapter 3: Performance & Date

The day passed quickly, I wanted to be the evening. I wanted to see Anna. I was sitting on the couch, waiting for my friend to come. I felt strangely nervous. I knew I was terrible at cooking. Well, it was mostly because I was clumsy. I hoped that I wasn’t going mess everything up. I heard a light knock on the door.

"Hey." I smiled at Anna who was standing up in front of me.

"Hello, Kizaki-san." She answered back.

I let her go inside.

"So, what are we going to cook?" I asked, in a hurry.

She turned around, a cute smile on her lips.

“Curry rice.”

Okay, I was that bad at cooking. I wasn’t even sure to be able to do it. I only nodded and took what we needed. And then, we began to cook. I tried to help Anna as I could. I was really focused on my job.
“Are you okay?” She suddenly asked me.

“Yeah, why?”

“You don’t speak a lot.”

I giggled, stopping what I was doing.

“I’m fine. I’m just trying to cook correctly.” I answered, looking at her.

She smiled, trying to not laugh. I noticed it, and my cheeks flushed.

“Do you think it’s done?”

“Try it.” She told me without our eyes meet.

I looked at the food, wondering. I heard another chuckle from Anna. She reached me, taking a spoon before plunge it into the rice.

“Open your mouth.”

W-What? I looked straight into Anna’s eyes, feeling the heat reach my cheeks. She titled a bit her head, a stunned expression on her face. I opened my mouth, knowing my face was becoming redder than before. She put the spoon full of rice in my mouth.

“It’s good!” I answered, putting my hand in front of my mouth to talk.

I enjoyed this time with her. We talked a lot, discovering each other personalities. Once the food was over, we ate. Nothing happened this time. I mean, nothing fascinating. Then, she went home.
I walked on the balcony, casting a quick glance next to me. Anna wasn’t here. Well, she couldn’t spend all her time outside anyway. I went to sleep, closing my eyes and thinking about today. Tomorrow will be another stressful day. It will be my first performance as center.

The alarm rang loudly in my ears. I groaned and stopped it. I looked at the hour, I couldn’t stay more in my bed. I stood up and took my usual breakfast. The sun was already high in the sky. I wondered if I wasn’t late. I cast a quick glance at the clock, sipping my coffee. I was late. I quickly grabbed my clothes and rushed to the bathroom. I took my stuff and left my house, almost running.

I let out a light sound of surprise, dropping my keys. I turned around, looking at the person.

“Anna? What are you doing here?” I asked, confused and nervous at the same time.

“I’m going to buy food, why?”

“Wait…” It took a few seconds for my mind to understand. “We only work this evening, for the concert, right?”

She nodded, pressing her lips together to not laugh. I rest my head on my door.

“I’m so stupid.”

How couldn’t I remember this?

“Do you want to come with me?” I looked at her again. “At least, you didn’t move from your bed for nothing.”

I smiled, she was right. I nodded and followed her. This little errand was pretty nice. Once we were over, we left to our respective homes. I spent some time on my balcony, looking at the view. I just needed to stay alive until the evening.

I was deadly nervous. It was my first performance as center. Jurina was next to me, smiling as usual. I took a deep breath. It will be soon.

“Are you okay?” She asked, in a worried tone.

“Just nervous.” I answered, turning away my eyes from her.

I distinguished Anna coming to me. She showed me a concerned face. Was she also worried? I really needed to be perfect. Anna will be watching at me. It made me more nervous.

“You will be fine.” She told me.

I didn’t answer and made a weak smile.

“Yuria, Jurina! Are you ready?” Aoi, one of our teammates, asked us.

I reached all the girl before the performance. Everyone was here. I never spoke about them. So, Fujita Nana, Motomura Aoi, Yokoyama Yui, Yamamoto Sayaka, Takahashi Juri, Tano Yuka and Okada Nana. We were a group of nine girls. We all were kind of friends. These girls were really kind, but we talked about our work mainly. I didn’t really see them outside. I was fine alone anyway. They all danced perfectly. At least, it was my point of view. I still felt a bit bad about being part of the center. Sayaka was an excellent dancer too. She was used to be center a lot, as Jurina. I took another deep breath.

“Stop being stressed.” Yui smiled at me.

Yui was a kind of mother for all of us. She was kind and careful. She took care of us. This girl had all my respect. She also worked hard. Anyway, it was the time to go on the stage. I saw the people in front of me. It was my first time performing as center. Jurina cast me a reassuring glance and the music was turned on.

“Yuria, you were so cool.” Yuka almost yelled at me after the performance.

I stared at her, stunned. She showed me a warm smile.

“Seriously. You really deserve to be center.”

“T-Thank you.” I answered before she leaves.

“Yuria?” Someone called me in a soft tone.

I turned around, looking at the girl. I immediately felt my cheeks flushed.

“I’ll wait for you outside.”

I nodded and quickly reached the changing room.

“See? It wasn’t complicated.” Jurina made fun of me, sticking her tongue as a kid.

“I’m so happy.”

“Please, continue to do your best.” She winked while I looked at her before leaving.

I smiled and met Anna outside.

“I’m sure everybody already told you, but you were good Yuria.” She paused a few seconds. “Do you sing?”

“W-What?” I only could mutter.

“Let’s go to the karaoke for our day off.”


She couldn’t see how my cheeks were red in the dark. I didn’t sing a lot but spending time with Anna was nice. Next day off. Day off? It was tomorrow.

Nervous stuff was too much regular lately. I spent my day walking around in my house, looking at the TV. I was nervous. I was really anxious. I didn’t really understand what was wrong with me lately. It was just a date with friends, right…? I left my home, coming to Anna’s one. I knocked, waiting for her.

“Are you ready?” She nodded, and we left the building.

It was just karaoke, right? I didn’t need to be nervous. But it will be awkward. My voice was horrible. Why did I accept it? I was such an idiot.

“Yuria? You’re spacing out since we’re here.”

I blushed, looking away from her eyes.

“Do you want to sing first?” I asked quickly.

This question came out of nowhere. I needed to calm myself. Anna took the mic and began to sing. Her voice was soft and sweet. It was perfect. I stayed looking at her, amazed. This girl was too perfect for being real.

“So?” She turned around after the song.

“Your… your voice is damn good Anna.” The words spilled out of my mouth without any control.

She chuckled, handing me the mic.

“Your turn.”
I took a deep breath and chose a song. It will be okay, it will be okay. I kept saying it in my mind. I started singing, unable to think of something else than not being ridiculous. Once it was over, I shyly looked at Anna who was smiling at me.

“Your voice is so cute.” I felt my cheeks turning red again, but I managed to smile.

It wasn’t that horrible finally. After a lot of songs and drinks, our time was going to be over.

“I want to sing one last song.” She told me in an almost serious way.

It was a duet. “Omoide no hotondo.” This song was so beautiful and powerful.  My heart squeezed in my chest, thinking about the duet.

“Let’s sing it.”

Anna stared at me a bit surprised for a few seconds before nodding with a warm smile. My heart was going to explode. It was great but terrifying at the same time.
“Thank you a lot for today Yuria.” She told me with a soft voice when we left the place.

“I had fun.” I answered back, looking at her.

“I need to buy some stuff. See you later?”

I nodded while she stepped to me. She leaned slowly, putting a light kiss on my cheek. I was in heaven.

A few days passed until the next performance. I was less nervous, I knew I could do it. Anna and I spent our time together, again. So, we came back late. We were walking, talking in the quiet and dark street. I was a bit nervous about being in the dark night with Anna. Shadows were always scary. You couldn’t see everything around us. I tried to forget what I just thought and enjoyed my time with her. She started crossing the road. I wanted to stop her but I couldn’t. We both hadn’t seen the car which was coming. I couldn’t tell her to stop. The car braked quickly, but it was too late. Anna was lying on the floor. There was no blood. Just her, unconscious or dead on the floor. I couldn’t move, my body was frozen. I wanted to scream her name. I only remained quiet.

“I’m calling an ambulance.” The driver yelled, pulling me from my thoughts.

I ran to Anna.

“Hey! Anna…!”

She didn’t move or even answer. I touched her hair, I shook her shoulder. The tears started running along my cheeks. Why? Why?! Everything was perfect. She couldn’t leave me. She couldn’t die.

“Anna, please… Talk to me…” I paused myself. “Say something… Anna…” I added with a cracked voice. 

To Be Continued…
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I was the one who said I was wrong. :P

When I said "accident", I didn't mean this kind. :(
This better not be a bad end. :cry: