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Author Topic: I'd Do Anything[Chapter 18 part 2](KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna + OTHERS) 04/26/14  (Read 44805 times)

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Heya! . . . I’m back!!  :wave:

I’ve got a new fic and just so you know. . . the main pairing will be KaixAcchan . . .  :D :D

Here’s the prologue!  :)

I’m just an ordinary high school student and I’ve absolutely got nothing to brag about. I’m just average looking with a pleasing personality. I’ve got many friends but there are only some who I call as my ‘best friends’ .  I’ve got a guy who I liked for a long time but I haven’t got the courage to confess to him. Well, he’s the smartest one in our class and I’m like . . . . A little below average if I may say. What’s more he’s got someone he likes but that certain person doesn’t like him back . . . .

A complex relationship between friends and lovers plus school and my personal life . . . . How am I supposed to handle that?!

Well . . . What do you guys think? . . . . 
 :? :?



*Kashiwagi Yuki
Class 1- C
        A silent, secretive and free-lanced photographer. She stalks her very own childhood friend Watanabe Mayu of Class 2- A. Despite their year levels, they are of the same age. She usually hangs out with him, along with 'another person'. She refuses to let Mayu know her hidden feelings.

*Watanabe Mayu
Class 2- A
         Cool and composed president of the football club. Too smart for his own age causing him to skip a year. Literally grew up with his childhood friend, Kashiwagi Yuki. The 3 of them, Mayu, Yuki and 'another person' would always go out every weekend. He likes Yuki to the point of not telling he what he really feels, in order to save their friendship.

*Minegishi Kuu
Class 1- C
         Glutton, funny, energetic and a prankster. His and Mariko's parents are rivals in business causing them to have a forbidden- relationship. Mariko broke up with him, but he still loves her dearly even if he doesn't show it.

Maeda Atsuko
Class 1- A
   Describes herself as plain and average- looking. Quite stubborn and shy but she cares for others more than herself. Has a sister named Maeda Ami and their parents are working abroad, leaving the two to live on their own. Cousins with Akimoto Subaro and goes to Akihabara High School. She is secretly in love with her cousin’s classmate, Takahashi Kai.

Takahashi Kai
Class 1-B
   Always called a ‘midget’ because of his short stature, he gets upset but gets over it after some time. Cute, smart, cool and kind-hearted guy, but he usually cold whenever he is texting ‘someone’ on the phone.

Kojima Haruna
Class 1- A
   Acchan’s first and best friend in high school. Quite popular because of her model-like looks and is known for her air headedness. She like to impress people but afraid of criticisms. She secretly has feelings for Oshima Yuu, whom she met on Yahoo Messenger but is unable to express them well because of the restrictions her parents gave her.

Oshima Yuu
Class 1- C
   The outgoing, playful, sports-loving, hentai  guy who’s good friends with Acchan’s cousin, Akimoto Saburo. He is usually cool and cheerful but knows when to act serious. He is obviously in love with Kojima Haruna, whom he chatted for 3 months on Yahoo Messenger before they officially met. The ace player of the football team.

Akimoto Saburo
Class 1- B
   Acchan’s cousin who is the same age as her. Son of a police causing him to be fit and energetic often has the urge to strip when he is in his house and admire his muscles.   The word ‘gorilla’ is taboo whenever he is near because it is one of the causes of his rampages. Plays football with Oshima Yuu.

Shinoda Mariko
Class 1- A
        Daughter of the best friend of Acchan and Ami's mother. Rich and prideful also quite sadistic. Her blank face usually hides her true feelings. She lives with the Maeda's due to personal reasons. Has a boyfriend named Minegishi Kuu

Sato Takeru

Class 1- C
   Is responsible for the chills and goose bumps of Acchan. He is a son of a doctor and is black belt in Karate. Seems to be interested in Acchan.

Maeda Ami
2nd year, Middle school
   Acchan’s little sister who is 2 years younger than her. She mostly does the chores at home because both of their parents are working abroad, responsible and caring sister. Plays the bass in their school band.
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Re: I'd Do Anything [Prologue] KaixAcchan
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Nice prologue ^^

Looking forward to the story

Pls. Continue

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Prologue] KaixAcchan
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Yeyyy.  :w00t:

Please update soon! Thank youuu.  :)

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Prologue] KaixAcchan
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Yeah... Kai x atsuko story...

Lovely prologue there....

Can't wait to see the start of the story

Thank you

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Prologue] KaixAcchan
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I wont lay my eyes from this fics as long as there is kai x acchan

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter One] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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Chapter One

(Acchan’s POV)

“First years, please proceed to the gymnasium for your orientation” a teacher shouted amidst the crowd.

Wah . . . doushiyo? I don’t know anybody here . . . I murmured to myself while looking at the ground.

For the mean time . . . I’ll just follow were the crowd is going. . .

*beep *beep

Someone mailed me . . .
I took out my phone to see who mailed me.

Fr: Akimoto Saburo

   Hiya cuz! . . . Where are you? . . I am already at the gym, hurry up!

A vein popped on my head and I clenched my fist.
T-That guy! I’m gonna beat him into a pulp when I see him!

Akimoto Saburo is my 2nd cousin. We grew up together but he is 6 months older than me. He acts as my ‘Onii-san’ that’s why he is a little over protective. He is very smart and athletic, he is fierce and cool but some say he looks like a gorilla. He is also an exhibitionist that’s why I am wary of him when I go to their house because he only wears his boxers. . . . ONLY HIS BOXERS!

Yesterday when he went into my house, he told me that we would go to school together . . . . But he went ahead of me, the nerve!

I sighed in defeat; I just need to go to the gym to find my cousin.

“You’re Maeda Atsuko right? . . . “ someone’s voice stopped me on my tracks.

I looked behind me and saw a kind-of-familiar guy. He’s short but muscular, I think he works out , messy dark-brown hair and dark-brown bulging eyes. He also has this cool- aura surrounding him.

“Y-Yes” I replied. “And who might you be? . . . “

“Yuu, Oshima Yuu . . . We were schoolmates in grade school!”  he grinned cheekily.

Heh, he’s cute when smiling . . .  His dimple really suits him . . .  Come to think of it, he’s the popular guy of class C in grade school

“A-Ah . . . I see . . . Do you already know on what class you’re in?”
“No . . . Not yet . . . How about let’s go to the gym together?” he asked
“Sure. . . “

I sighed in relief. At least now I know somebody

@ the Gymnasium

“Acchan! . . . I’m here” I saw my cousin Saburo pushing his way in the crowd of students towards us.
“Mou~ Sakkun . . . You said we’d go in together!” I pouted at my cousin
“Gomen, gomen . . . . I was just excited! I am looking forward to the sports festival here!” he patted my head
“It’s just the first day of school and that’s what you’re thinking?!”
“You can’t blame me . . . I was born to play sports!” he said as he huffed his chest. “And who might this guy be?” he pointed at Oshima Yuu

“Ah . . . He’s Oshima Yuu . . . A school mate in grade school . . . Oshima-kun he’s my cousin, Akimoto Saburo” I said

“So you’re a sporty one, eh? . . . I’m looking forward to play with you . . . “ Yuu smirked as they shake hands.

“You’re one to huh? . . . What game?”
“Well . . . Not to brag but I’m always the ace of every sport back in grade school . . . But football is MY game . . . . “ he said as he gripped his Saburo’s harder

“Oh . . . The ace huh?. . . Well, I was the ace in my school too . . . . And also I was the captain of our football team and we won EVERY SINGLE GAME . . . “ he gripped tighter too

I can see sparks of electricity between their glares; I need to stop this before it becomes dangerous. I’ve seen my cousin enraged and it was not a pretty scene.

“Maa~ Maa~ . . . . It seems that you both are good in sports, so let’s leave that aside . . . . Let’s just be friends okay?”

They didn’t move and inch and I just sweat-dropped. Drastic times call for drastic measures . . . Even though I didn’t want to do this I have to, for the sake of the other students inside this gym. I took out my stun gun and zapped the neck of my cousin. He fainted and I lifted his body.

“I’m sorry for the trouble Oshima-kun. . . . My cousin’s just like that whenever it comes to sports; he just didn’t want to lose to anyone. . . . See you later” I said as I dragged my cousin’s body towards the bleachers.

(End of Acchan’s POV]

Tbc . . .

Chapter one's up! . . . I'll upload chapter 2 later  :D :D
Please feel free to comment! :)

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter One] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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Ah! Didn't notice this!!~ I was so looking forward it!!~
-I mean your fic!!~ I envy it!!~ Heheh...
-Man...Sakkun and Yuu-kun will be rivals from now on...
-In sports i think...Lol...Totally gonna be interesting!!~
-Eh?! Seriously, Atsuko?? A stun gun??~ That's...
-N-Nevermind~ Looking forward for the next one!!~

>Plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for it!!~

PS: Ne..Ne...Tell me plz?? Is this a 'drama'??
okay, okay, i'll find it for myself if you don't
wanna tell me bout' it!!~ Lol...Nice chapter btw~

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
« Reply #7 on: August 25, 2013, 09:51:33 AM »
@Kochiki: Yes . . . It will be a drama  :) but after several chapters . . . . Tnx for reading!  :D

Here's chapter 2!

Chapter Two

(Acchan’s POV)

Wah, I’m alone again! . . . Sakkun is in Class 1-C while I am in Class 1-A!!  Also, Oshima-kun is in Class 1-B . .  . . Well it’s a good thing that those two were separated. Who knows what will happen if those two were in the same class? *sigh it’s just the first day of school and I suddenly became tired. . . . We introduced ourselves and also said from what school we are from. Actually I’m from Akihabara Grade School and it was one of the most prestigious schools in our neighborhood. It was already lunch time, I already finished my bento and was planning to take a nap.

I sit at the very back row of the room beside the window. I just focused my attention outside refusing to meet the eyes of my new classmates. I hid the stun gun in the innermost section of my bag; it would be bad if someone will see it. Actually Sakkun’s father who is a police gave it to me to prevent his rampages.

I still haven’t got a friend in this class because I’m the type of person who wants to be approached; I don’t want to approach people who I don’t know. I took out my iPod and earphones and turned the volume to its maximum to listen to Avril Lavigne’s latest song.
I closed my eyes to enjoy the music but then I felt somebody poke me. I opened my eyes to see a girl smiling at me.

Tall, long brown hair, white smooth skin, pouty lips, cute face.

A model? . . . One of these days she’s gonna be popular. . .

“Ummm . . .excuse me Maeda Atsuko- san . . .” she fidgeted

“Yes? . . . “ I took off my earphones

“My name is Kojima Haruna . . . You said you’re from Akihabara Grade School, right?”

“Yes, I came from Akihabara Grade School . . . Why, is there a problem?” I asked

“Ah . . . no, I just want to ask if you know someone who is named Oshima Yuu? . . . He also went to Akihabara Grade School”

“Ah . . . Yeah, I know him . . . We’re school mates” I replied

“Hontou ni? . . . Do you know what class is he in? . . . “ she asked excitingly

“He’s in Class 1-B”

“Really? . . . Then let’s go!” she grabbed my hand and dragged me outside the room.

“W-Wait a minute! . . . Where are you taking me?” I struggled myself away from her grip. But I can’t, she’s too damn strong, I didn’t expect this from a model-like person.

“Where? . . . Of course to Class 1- B! . . . I want to see Oshima Yuu . . “ she replied still dragging me.

“C-Chotto Kojima-sa- !”

“Haruna is fine. . . . “ she cut me off

“Well then Haruna. . . Why do I have to go with you?!”

She suddenly stopped causing me to trip.

“Itai . . . “

“Ummm . . . actually I met him online . . .”

“Say what?. . . “

“I met him online in an application called Yahoo Messenger . . . and we chatted for like 3 months now, I didn’t know what he looked like because his profile picture is blank but he said that he will go to Akihabara High School . . . I’m nervous of meeting him for the first time . . . Please help me Maeda-san!” she begged me with puppy eyes.

“Ugh . . . It seems like I don’t have a choice. . . “ I sighed

“Yehey! . . . Arigatou Maeda-san!” she hugged me.

I was taken aback but I replied her hug.

“No problem . . . By the way, just drop the formality . . You can call me Acchan . . .” I smiled

“Okay, Acchan!” she giggled as we proceeded to Class 1-B’s room.

Finally . . . I made my very first friend.

(End of Acchan's POV)

Tbc . . .
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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
« Reply #8 on: August 25, 2013, 09:59:20 AM »
Yeah... 2 updates already...You're great...

Eh... haruna already like Yuu...?

What about Atsuko?

Can't wait to see the next

Thank you for the updates

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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yayy kaiacchan fanfic  :grin:

hmm, there will be a lot of drama huh?  :huhuh
well, as long as acchan will be with kai that will be fine  :D

looking forward for next update shiruba-san :3

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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Wow. That was fast.

Thanks for the update.   :)

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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Wah...So fast?! T-That's a good thing though~~
-Drama, huh?? I wonder...sad or what but!!
-Save it, i'll eventually find it our later~~ Heheh~
-Oh...Haruna was on the chat with Yuu about 3 month already~
-Then it'll be a perfect couple!!~ Handsome and Pretty~~
-How will it goes??~ But yeay!! For Atsuko who made a friend already~~

>Plz update soon?? xD I mean, not tooo soon and not tooo long..Lol..Anyway, nice chapter!!~

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
« Reply #12 on: August 25, 2013, 11:28:22 AM »
Fast update...

Nice story..

When will Acchan meet Kai??

Can't wait for the next chapter...

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Two] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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yeah kai x acchan

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Three] (KaixAcchan) 08/25/13
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Minna, I might not update tomorrow because I'll finish my school works  :panic: :panic:. That's why I uploaded 3 chapters today  :D :D . . .

There are gonna be many pairings in this fic and as I said, Kai and Acchan are going to be the main pairs. . . Little by little, new characters are going to be introduced . . . So look forward to it! :D

Chapter 3

(Acchan’s POV)

@ Class 1-B’s Room

Haruna and I peeked inside the room to look for Oshima Yuu.

“It seems like he is not here . . . . “ I whispered to Haruna

“Really? . . . Let’s just ask his classmates . . . “ she said

“J-Just wait a minute! . . . You’re just gonna go straight inside and ask?!”

“Yeah, that’s right . . . ” she pouted

I face-palmed. . . . Really, does this girl have guts or is she just an airhead?

“But seriously . . . We can’t just waltz in so casually . . . “

( . . .)
No response.

I looked at my side to see that Haruna has gone missing.

“Sumimasen~ . . . Does anyone know where Oshima Yuu went? . . . “ she shouted inside Class 1- B’s classroom.

Gah! . . She really went inside!!

“If you’re looking for Yuu . . . He might be in the football field, I saw him wearing his Soccer Cleats just a while ago . . . “ a guy

“Ah . . . Souka, souka . . . Arigatou, uh. . . eh to . . . What’s your name again?” she asked

“Ah . . . I’m Sato Takeru . . .” the guy replied

“Arigatou Sato-kun . . . “

She finally went outside and waved at me while smiling. She is such an easy- going person.

“To the football field we go~” she pumped her fist in the air and marched towards her destination.

I sighed and just followed her.

(End of Acchan’s POV)

(Haruna’s POV)

I’m just actually putting up a front, I’m really nervous on meeting Oshima Yuu . . . In the chat he is a nice and funny guy, though a little perverted. I am wondering if that is his real self . . . I’m worried that he might be pretending just to hook up with me. It’s a good thing that Acchan accompanied me she is so kind but quiet , she is also beautiful. . . Seriously beautiful but she has very, very low self- confidence . . . Maybe that’s why she’s so shy? . . .

@ Football Field

We arrived at the field and I saw guys playing football. So who among them is Oshima Yuu? . . .

“Ne~ Acchan . . . Let’s go nearer . . “ I pulled her towards the field

“E-Eh? . . . Why? . . I could just point at him . . .”  she refused

“C’mon Acchan . . . “ I pulled harder and dashed towards the field

“A-Ah . . . Slow down!!”

When our feet stand above the fields’ grass,  we were both panting.

“Never. Do. That. Again” she panted heavily while giving me a deadly glare

I shuddered . . . Who knew that this shy girl would look so scary?

“Atsuko-san? . . . . “ a midget guy approached us.

He was drenched in sweat and has dirt on his face, he gave us a toothy grin with his dimples showing, his eyes sparkled, and it really shows that he was having fun.

“Are you looking for the gorilla? . . . .” He smirked

Gorilla? . . . Is there a zoo in this school?

“Oshima-kun . . . Calling my cousin gorilla is a bit rude you know? . . . “

“Hahaha . . . . Of course I was just joking! . . . But seriously, next time put him on a leash!” he winked

“*ahem . . . Okay jokes aside, this person was looking for you . . .” Acchan pushed me towards him. I lost my footing and he caught me in his arms.

“Careful there, babe . . . “ he said as he held me tight.

Quite strong despite being small . . . I can smell his scent, his sweat sliding on his neck, he is breathing heavily and I can hear his heart thumping. . . . I took a closer look at his face . . . He really is handsome I blushed

“Allow me to introduce . . . . Haruna, this is Oshima Yuu . . . Oshima-kun, that person you’re hugging is Kojima Haruna . . . “ Acchan said

“Really?! . . . You’re THE Kojima Haruna? . . . “ he let go from the hug and inspected every part of my body

“Hehehe . . . “ I heard him chuckle. “Well it’s nice to finally see you Haruna!” he grinned

“Nice to see you too” I blushed

“Ne~ Atsuko-san . . . “ he turned his attention to Acchan. “Could you tell your cousin to meet me after class? . . . We’ve got a score to settle. . “ he said seriously

“E-Eh? . . . Acchan! Yuu is going to fight your cousin!” I panicked

“Okay . . . I’ll tell him . . “ she replied

“Really? . . . Thanks! Just tell him to go to the football field . . . .” he said as he ran back to his friends who were playing. “Also . . . Haruna, be sure to be online today! “ he shouted as he waved at me.

I waved back.

“Let’s head back . . . “ Acchan said as she walked towards the school building.

“Wait Acchan! . . . “ I ran to her side “Are you seriously okay with Yuu fighting your cousin? . . . “ I ask her worriedly

“Relax Haruna. . . They are just gonna play football” she assured me

“Okay . . . Whatever you say . . . “ I replied

Maybe I’ll stay after school so that I can watch Yuu play I giggled at this thought

(End of Haruna’s POV)

(Acchan’s POV)

“Acchan . . . I thought we’re going back to our room . . “ Haruna said

“Could you accompany me to Class 1-C’s room? . . . I’ve got to tell my cousin about his match with Oshima-kun . . .” I pleaded

“Of course. . . A little detour won’t hurt. . . “ she smiled

@ Class 1- C’s room

“Acchan. . . just go inside. . . it’s not like they’re gonna eat you . . .” Haruna teased me as we stand by the door.

“But Haruna . . . I’m shy, could you go in for me? . . . “ I asked her

“Sorry . . . but I don’t know your cousin . . . “ 

“Please. . . Please Haruna!” I pleaded

“Umm. . . . excuse me, you’re blocking the door” a midget guy told us
“Ah! Gomennasai . . .gomennasai! . . . “ I apologized to him
“Iie . . . It’s ok . . “ he replied. “I’ve noticed that you were standing by the door for quite some time now. . . Are you looking for someone in this class?” He smiled kindly and his voice is so gentle.
“Umm . . . A-Actually I’m looking for Akimoto Saburo” I nervously answered
“Saburo huh? . . . Wait a sec. . . “ he went inside their classroom.

“Well what do you know? . . . . He was actually a nice guy. . . “ Haruna nudged me.

It was the first time in my life that I blushed.

“Acchan . . . You were looking for me? . . . “ Saburo appeared at the door

“Sakkun . . . Oshima-kun just told me that you meet him after class in the football field. . . It seems like he wants to challenge you” I said

“I see, I see. . . . Well, thank you for that information. . . “ he said. “Kai! . . . could you come here for a minute?” he shouted inside the room

That midget guy appeared again.

“ ‘sup? . . . “ he asked

“Kai . . . I want to introduce you to my cousin, Maeda Atsuko . . . Acchan this is my pal, Takahashi Kai” Saburo ruffled both of our hair.

“tsk. Hands off Saburo!” Kai shouted

“My, my . . . It seems like our midget is on a bad mood today” Saburo teased him

“No I’m not!” he slapped my cousin’s hand and turned his attention towards me. “Nice to meet you Maeda-san . . . I hope we
would get along” he smiled.

Wah, his voice is so gentle! . . . Also he’s cute when smiling I blushed

“Unn . . . I’m Maeda Atsuko . . . I hope that we would be friends!” I smiled back

Tbc. . .
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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Three] (KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna) 08/25/13
« Reply #15 on: August 26, 2013, 11:33:13 AM »
They finally meet. Yayy.   :yep:

Thanks for the update. I'll wait till the next one  :)

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Three] (KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna) 08/25/13
« Reply #16 on: August 26, 2013, 12:09:12 PM »
Wow, wow...What's up with that Takeru guy??
-For real?? Well, don't wanna think about it yet...
-Iyeay!!~ They've meet each other!!~ KojiYuu!!~
-And another iyeay!!~ Coz Kai appeared!!~
-Garh!!~ A-Atsuko is falling on love with his voice!!~
-Gehe...How will this go on later?? Must wait though!!~

>Plz update soon!!~ Pretty plz cuz' this is getting interesting!!~

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter Three] (KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna) 08/25/13
« Reply #17 on: August 26, 2013, 02:36:29 PM »
Yeah... atsuko attracted to Kai already....

What's would happen in the match between Saburo and yuu?

What's going to happen to KojiYuu and Atsumina next?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter 4] (KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna) 08/28/13
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School works are piling up but I managed to finish this chapter. . . Enjoy!  :D

Chapter 4

(Acchan’s POV)

When class ended, I mailed Sakkun that I’d be going home first and wished him good luck with his game with Oshima-kun.

“Haruna, you’re not going home yet?”

 I glanced at the girl who was busy staring outside the window. Being curious, I approached her and stared at the scene. I saw two guys playing football; one is much taller than the other but both of are good.

“So you’re just okay admiring from afar?. . . . “ I asked her

“Not really . . . I might distract him if I was there” she murmured

“Or, you might be his inspiration . . . “ I teased
“Jaa~ I’ll be going on ahead”

“Okay . . . Bye, bye. . . See you tomorrow!” she waved at me and focused her attention on the outside again.

 I packed my things and walked out of the classroom. I was going down the stairs when-

“Maeda-san! . . . You dropped something . . . “ someone called out to me

I recognize that voice. . . . Gentle, soothing and melodious . . . it would only belong to-

“Ah . . Takahashi-san! Gomen ne~ ” I blushed

“You know . . . this is a very dangerous thing, why do you even bring this to school?” he asked


I was shocked to see the ‘thing’ that he was holding. He took my hand and placed ‘it’ on top of my palm.

No way! . . . He might think that I’m dangerous person for bringing a stun gun in school! . . . Why, oh why?!

“H-How did it even? . . . “ I raised my bag and found out that there was a hole, it must’ve fell off from there.

“A-Ah . . . I-I could explain!”

“Hahaha . . . You look really flustered . . . “ he chuckled

“A-Actually, Sakkun’s father gave it to me to prevent his rampages . . . *sigh He really can’t control his self once he gets angry” I explained

 “Ah . . . Souka . . . . How did his father even have a stun gun?”

“You see, his father is a police in Chiba prefecture . . . “

“Heh~ . . . no wonder Saburo is such a muscle-head, he was trained since childhood” he chuckled

“Well . . . Yes”

“I’m sorry for holding you up . . . . See you tomorrow! . . . “ he was about to go but I held his hand

“Please don’t tell anyone about this. . . . they might report it to the teachers and the teachers might confiscate it” I pleaded

“Don’t worry . . . . It’ll be our little secret” he smiled showing his dimples and then dashed off

Doki, doki, doki . . . . Wah, what a heart-melting smile!” I blushed

I put the stun gun in my pocket and I went to the bus stop.

I was waiting for the bus to come so I was day-dreaming about Takahashi-san when . . .

“Are~ . . . You’re that girl!” a guy pointed at me

“Excuse me?” I looked at him questionably and he just chuckled

“Sorry . . I didn’t mean to startle you but aren’t you with that girl who asked about Oshima Yuu’s whereabouts?”

“Y-Yes . . . “

Who is this person?

“Ah! I forgot to introduce myself again . . . I’m Sato Takeru, yoroshiku~” he winked at me

What a guy! . . . . Acting like a hot-stuff . . . He’s kind of the same with Oshima-kun but somehow. . . this guy is giving me chills

I furrowed my eyebrows and was about to retort when the bus suddenly came. I quickly went inside and took my seat, put my earphones on and played the music on its maximum volume. That Takeru-guy climbed on the bus too and he kept looking at me while smirking. . . . . Really! Guys like him disgust me.

Thankfully it was already my stop so when down the bus and walked towards my house. But even though I the bus wheeled away, I could still feel his gaze on me. I shuddered and ran towards home.

(End of Acchan’s POV)

(Haruna’s POV)

After Acchan left, I was contemplating on her statements.

“ *sigh Maybe it’s better for me to watch closer”

@ somewhere near the Foot ball field behind a tree   

Sugoi . . . those two are really serious in playing football. . . .

Both of them were panting and were full of sweat and dirt. Yuu was dribbling the ball with his feet while Acchan’s cousin . . umm. . .What was his name again?. . . ugh I forgot . . . But Yuu called him Gorilla, so for the meantime I’ll call him ‘Gori-kun’. So Gori-kun desperately tried to get the ball. Yuu kicked it upwards and Gori-kun jumped and used a header. The ball is now in Gori-kun’s possession.

“You know. . . you’re not bad” Gori-kun smirked as he wiped his sweat on his forhead

“Heh, you too . . . . At first I thought you were just bluffing” Yuu said as he combed his hair

*clap *clap *clap

A guy with a cute face approached them while clapping his hands.

“Now that’s what the football club needs” he smiled

Yuu and Gori-kun stopped playing and stared at the clapping person.

“I am Watanabe Mayu, even though I don’t look like it I’m a 2nd year student of this school”

“EEEEHH?!” both of them shouted

“I am also the captain of Akihabara High School’s football club, so that’s why I’m recruiting the two of you. . . . This school needs players like you, so are you in?” he asked

“Yes! This the very reason why I enrolled in this school . . . .Although sports is not it’s specialty but I heard it’s sports festival is
really awesome!” Gori-kun said excitingly

“Sure, why not?. . . I like playing football” Yuu replied

“Great! . . . but our club activities will not start until next week so just be ready until I post an announcement on the school’s bulletin board” he said. “See you around” he waved good bye and walked away.

Wow, that was fast

Both of them got tired and sat on the bench. Gori-kun offered Yuu a bottle of water, which he gladly took. They both drank and wiped the sweat of their faces.

“You’ve got great stamina” Yuu said

“You also, but you’re dribbling skills are amazing! . . . “ Gori-kun replied

“Heh. . . . Just practicin’ when I’ve got free time. . . . “

*ring *ring

Gori-kun took out his phone.

“Moshi- moshi. . . Otou-san?  . . . Yeah, I’m still in school. . . . and yeah, I was about to go home . . . what time will you arrive home?. . . 7:26? . . . What?! You’re chasing a criminal right now?!!  Then why the hell did you call me!!. . . . I’ll prepare dinner before you get home so finish your case NOW!” he screamed at his phone

“Really . . . that man is giving me headaches” he sighed

“Your dad?. . . “ Yuu asked

“Yeah . . . I need to go home now. . . See you tomorrow Oshima”

“Mata ne . . . Akimoto”

Gori-kun dashed off. Yuu took his water bottle and spilled the remaining water on his head.

“Ah~ Feels good!” he exclaimed

I decided to go out from my hiding place and approach him.

“. . . Yuu . . . “

“Oh, Haruna! . . . Were you watching?” he smiled

“. . . Un. . . “ I nod my head,  blushing because I could see his some parts of his chest because of his slightly wet shirt.

“You should’ve come closer you know . . . . So I could at least show off in front of you” he pouted

Really, this guy . . .  Even though we just officially met each other, I’m really comfortable with him . . . is it because we talked online for 3 months? . . .

Suddenly he took off his shirt revealing his muscle-toned body, I quickly turned around and held my reddened face.

“Haruna. . . what’s wrong?” he asked

“Eh. . . A-Ah . . . nothing’s wrong. . . “ I turned my head to the right and I was face-to-face with a wet-haired, beady-eyed, handsome-faced guy.

He chuckled. “You’re so red you know?. . . . “

He distanced his self, much to my dismay, and sat on the bench and wiped his body and hair with his wet shirt.

“How about if I take you home?. . . . “ he suddenly said as he wear his extra shirt.

“Sure. . . “

“You told your mom about me right?. . . . “ he asked

“. . . Un . . . So it’s a good time to finally meet you I guess”

“I see. . . . Well then. . . “ he took my bag from my hand and carried his own bag on another hand

“It’s okay . .  I can carry my stuffs by my sel-“

“Nah. . . I don’t mind . . . “ he smiled

We walked together side by side until we reached my house.

(End of Haruna’s POV)

Tbc. . . .
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Re: I'd Do Anything [Chapter 4] (KaixAcchan&YuuxHaruna) 08/28/13
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Pftt...Kai just found out that she have a stun gun~
-Well anyway, obviously, Acchan is falling for Kai...
-Damn...I'm so curious about Takeru guy...Hrm...
-Giving her the smirk somehow...I feel like he planned something...
-But whatever it is, what will happen after that side by side walking??
-Lol...I should stop it right now!!~ Kya~ Something will happen right??

>Right?! Lol...Anyway, plz update soon...I can't wait for the next one!!~

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