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Author Topic: RenshuChan's OS Collection (WMatsui, JuriAnnin, JuriMilky & others)  (Read 105432 times)

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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Awww Wmatsui is so sweet

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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Do you have facebook account or tumblr or WordPress

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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@DC2805 : Ara, thank you  :wub:

@Zhen : You surprised? LOL me too  :lol: Nah, there are many better stories than mine  :P

@Kirozoro : Thank you  :love:

@wmatsui fanfic : facebook? tumblr? wordpress? I have them. but I'm not update anything from tumblr and wordpress for a long time  :lol: and I only check updates about Jurina from facebook  :P

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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Hahahalol OK thats good

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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Sweet! Nice story  :)

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Re: #13 Forever This Way (wMatsui)
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I'm Just too lazy to continue my Goosebump fic,  :lol:
But this idea just came out, and I can't just ignore it.

The After Event

Finally I’m coming back to my hometown after spending years exploring to another side of world. It’s about my dream, when I was a child I had been dreaming about going around the world and finally I made it. I’ve been stepped my feet to many countries in America, Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. It’s not that I have a lot of money to spend, I’m just lucky enough to have an ability to speak in front of people about peace, and bring this mission to the entire world. In other words, I went for free.

I left many things behind when I started the journey. My parents, my friends, and of course the one I’ve been liking all this years. My parents were sending me with full of tears and tons of advices. My friends, well they didn’t all dramatic about my departure, they just reminded me to come back safe and sound. The girl that I love, well it’s complicated. And after 3 years, I’m coming back to my hometown, to my house and find many things has changed. Like my parents who are getting older, their gray-hair could easily noticed by just a split second when I see them. My friends, some of them already married and even got their child.

And about that girl, I don’t have any idea. Besides, I don’t even bother to ask my friends about her. Nobody knew about my feeling toward her at that time, and maybe until this very time. Our relationship back then was a secret which only the two of us who knew, not even our parents knew about it.

Back then...

Our relationship started to bloom when we were in highschool. At the last year of our highschool, I confessed to her and she gladly accept it. But because we were already close to each other as best friends, our friends didn’t notice it. We already clinged to each other since we were getting closer, so there would be no one knew whether it was our ‘friendly act’ or ‘more than friendly act’.

Until one time...

“We better end this relationship, Rena,” I said to her.

She flinched and looked up at me, I was sure I made her lost her appetite. She put down the chopstick, almost angrily as the sound of it rang on the entire house.

“What the hell are you talking about, Jurina?”

“I mean... I’ll go to another side of the world for who knows how long. I can’t do a long distance relationship. It would be so hard for the both of us,” I explained to her.

“You’ll never know until you try. Why decide it so sudden? No, I don’t want it,” she snap back at me.

“Because I know that I can’t, so we better end it,” I tried to reassure you.

“I don’t want it! And we’re never gonna end this relationship. You know that we love each other, right? It’s not like we’re still a kid. We’re adult, Jurina. I believe we can make it no matter how long and how far you will go,” Her eyes got teary when she said that. But I was still standing on my opinion.

“Whether you like it or not, I will consider that our relationship ends tonight.” I stood up and gathered my things inside my bag. “Goodbye Rena, I hope you’ll be alright and find someone else who is much better than me.” I smiled and left her on the dining table with our unfinished food.

I could hear her yelling at me, calling my name over and over with her hoarse voice, she was crying for sure. Who wouldn’t? Even I was crying at that night. But I would keep on my decision.

A week later I left Japan with the team I was joining in for the mission. I was sent by my parents and some of my friends. But Rena wasn’t there. Maybe she was still angry. I don’t mind it, the more she angry at me, the more she would easily forget me. That was right... right?

A few months later, I was a bit surprised. When I checked on my email, I found one from Rena. She hadn’t deleted my email address after all this time. And the most shocking part was her to the point message.

-Can’t we be together again, Jurina. I miss you so badly that I can’t forget you since that day. I keep dreaming about you every single night. Jurina, please, let’s rebuild our relationship.-

She said that through her message. I didn’t know what to respond. But I decided on replying her message.

+We can’t Rena. I know I’m the one who is wrong all this time. But I can’t. Maybe I will fix everything if God give me the chance.+

Not long after a vibration coming from my phone.

-God gave you the chance since months ago, it’s just you who didn’t take the chance and didn’t fix anything! You also don’t fix it this time. I’m really disappointed at you, Jurina. I hate you, I do really hate you. I wish for your happiness. Goodbye.-

She was angry. But it was alright.

+I’m sorry Rena. I wish for your happiness as well. Goodbye.+

With that I closed my phone. No other mail came from her. Maybe she really stopped mailing me? Maybe.

But I was wrong. A few months later right on my 24th birthday, I wasn’t expecting recieving a mail from her. It was surprising as well.

-Happy birthday Jurina. I wish you all the best.-

It was short. But it was enough to brought a smile for me. On my 25th and 26th birthday, I didn’t get any mail from her. actually after that birhtday email, she never sent me any mail. Maybe that was the real goodbye from her.

Back to present...

Maybe I’m the worst person ever. After all this years I’ve been trying to forget her, but I fail it so bad. The first thing that popped up in my mind on the time when I know I would coming back to Nagoya, is to meet Rena again. Even if I would recieve a slap or a punch from her, or worst she wouldn’t even open the door for me.

I excuse myself to my parents. Try to bring back the memories and nostalgic things from this hometown, that’s what I tell them. While in fact, I’m heading to Rena’s house. It’s not far from my house. Since we knew each other in highschool, we always went to school and came home together.

Finally I reach her house. Though some part is renovated, it’s still here and it’s right here. I inhale and exhale deeply a few times. Making myself ready for anything I would face behind that door. I step forward, walking to the door and try to keep my heartbeat on steady. I press the bell near the door and I could hear sound of steps getting closer to the door. I breathe deeply again to prepare myself meeting Rena.

“Welcome,” the voice said after opening the door.

But it’s surprising me to see that it is not Rena who opens the door. I don’t remember she live with anyone. She lived alone back in high school, that was why I could easily come to her house and do whatever we wanted in her house. But this  person, who is she?

“Can I help you, Miss?” the woman asks.

“Oh, um, can I meet Matsui Rena-san?”

“Matsui Rena? Hm, I never hear that name, I’m sorry, maybe you got a wrong address.” The woman bowed.

Before I leave, a man coming out from the house and asks the woman,”What’s the matter, honey?” oh, I presume that he’s her husband.

“This person is looking for Matsui Rena-san,” the woman answers.

“Yes, sir. My friend named Matsui Rena used to live here 3 years ago,” I explain.

“Oh, I’m really sorry. I don’t know about that name. But I bought this house 2 years ago from someone named Nakanishi Yuka. Maybe she knew about the previous owner of this house,” the kind man answers. So she have moved from here. I thought this seeking thing would be short, but I guess it will be longer than I expected. And Nishishi, she sold this house?

“Thank you for your information, sir. It really helps me,” I bow then decide to go.

It’s 4 in the afternoon. I sit on a bench of a park where we usually played and met up for our date back then. It was full of memories. The scenery, the wind and even the bench. Nothing change except I’m alone this time, unlike the past.

At that time...

“I don’t get it why you like this place so much, Rena.” I said while looking at her feature from the side. She was glistenning in the twilight here in this bench.

“Because I can see the sun sets from here since this place is higher, it’s beautiful,” she said dreamily. She turned her head to me and said,”Don’t you think it’s beautiful?”

“No,” I shook my head.

“Eh? Why?” she turned sadly.

“Because you’re far more beautiful than whatever you think it’s beautiful,” I grinned widely at her.

“You and your cheesy line. But yeah, I know I’m beautiful,” both of us laugh. The most beautiful memory I could remember.

Back to present...

Maybe I have to ask Nishishi about it. I can’t keep it forever. I scroll down the contacts on my phone to find Nishishi’s number and called her.


“Nishishi, it’s me, Jurina,”

“Jurina? Oh my God. It’s been a long time! How are you?” Nishishi sounds cheerful in the other line.

“I’m doing good. I’m in Nagoya right now, I arrived yesterday,” I answer her.

“What? You’re already in Nagoya? Wow, finally huh? Anyway, what’s up?” she asks.

“Um, do you know where is Rena right now? I visited her house but the new owner said that they bought the house two years ago from you.”

“Yeah, right. Rena asked for my help to sell her house. But I’m really sorry Jurina. I don’t know anything about her after that. I heard that she came back to her parents house. Some of our friends said that she’s still in Nagoya. But I don’t know since I moved to Tokyo not long after selling her house,” Nishishi says.

“Oh, is that so? I guess it can’t be helped then.” I sigh in defeat. “Thanks Nishishi,” after saying goodbye I hang up the call.

I sigh again. I don’t know how would I meet her again. I actually want to give her a surprise by appear suddenly in front of her. But I guess I can’t do that because she’s nowhere to be found right now. I lost of her track. The only and the last way is to mail her and ask her to meet up. Will she reply my message? Now that’s the problem.  I won’t give her a call as well. It would be super awkward for me. I can’t!

I flip my phone on my hand. Mail her, don’t mail her, call her, don’t call her? What should I really do at this very moment? Now I wish I never ask for a break up with her that time. I bet she’s already move on with her life. Maybe she doesn’t want to meet me anymore, and if I meet her she would become really angry, or whatever she would do to me.

The sky turns dark. It’s getting late. I guess I should go back home and I guess I would looking for her tomorrow. I’ll searching for her everywhere, every corner of this town. If she is really still in Nagoya, I’m sure I will find her however.


It has been 2 weeks and I still don’t have a glimpse of clue about Rena and her whereabout. Should I finally give up? I shouldn’t , right? Maybe this is the way she take a revenge on me. Yeah, I’m sure I do deserve that. After all this years she must be suffering because of my stupid action. If only she knew that I still love her until this moment. But I guess she doesn’t, she only knows that I’m a selfish and stubborn bastard who left her 3 years ago for an unclear reason.

I take a train to go home. My searching is ended today. I’m tired and lost much of energy today. But I can’t just leave it like that, I have to find her no matter what. Even if it’s just for a minute, I want to apologize to her about my stupidity that time. And if she let me, I would us to make it up and rebuild our relationship. Silly, huh? She was begging for it that time, and now I’m the one who want it so badly. I can’t be more ridiculous than this.

The announcer tell us about the next station. It’s still 2 stations away to my destination, home. It’s a bit crowd today and I’m struggling to keep my balance standing between many people. The train stop in the station and some people coming in. Heck, it’s getting a bit too tight here, but at least I can keep on standing on my feet.

“Ouch, you step on my foot!” I yelled in pain.

“Ow, I’m so sor..ry, Ju-Jurina?” the well-known voice is greeting me. Oh my God, this can’t be!

“Rena? Rena is that you?” I blurt uncontrolably. Too much happiness that I’m overwhelming.

She smiles kindly at me, the action I’ve never imagined she would throw at me after all this years. I was expecting to get a slap or a punch or maybe she would spit on my face. But no, she’s just too kind to do that thing, isn’t she?

“It’s been a while,” she says.

“Yeah, it’s been ages,” I say and she laugh at my words.

“You come back to Nagoya, since when?” she asks.

“2 weeks ago, I visited your old house but found out that you have moved.” I say to her. Honestly I’m sad to say that. It was the hurtful moment when I found that she have moved from that house.

“Yeah, I have moved,” she smiles.

“Hey, let’s eat. I’m hungry actually. Come on, my treat,” I assure her.

She nodded and finally stop at my destination station. We enter a small ramen shop and order two bowls of ramen. It’s fun to have a meal with someone you love, right? Even if you’re not together with her anymore. But still you’ll still remember about her favorite.

“You never change after all. The spicy things would always be your favorite beside melon pan, am I right?” I tease her. Trying to lighten the situation.

She chuckles,”Are you playing ‘I know about you’ game, now?”

“No, it’s just...remind me about many things,” I say.

The ramen come in front of our face and we happily eat it till the last bit. Indeed, it’s the most delicious ramen I have ever eaten. Or maybe because I’m eating it with Rena and it’s our sa called reunion meal? I don’t know, it’s just taste special.

“I’m full. Thanks for the meal, Jurina.” She says.

“Don’t mention it,” I smile back at her.

We sit for a little bit longer and because of my aim finally come true and I meet her flesh and blood here, I will utter the most important part about this searching thing.

“Rena, I want to be honest with you,” I start. I get her attention as she look up at me with her curious eyes. “I...actually have been searching for you all this time since I step my feet in Nagoya. I’ve been in almost every corner of this town to look for you. Now that I meet you in person, I want to say sorry,” I look down on my feet. I’m not brave enough to meet her eyes.

“If it’s about 3 years ago, don’t worry, I have forgiven you even without you ask for it,” she says. I look up at her and find her smiling at me. Is she really mean what she said?

“Really? Wow, I never expect that. I also thought that you would slap me, kick me or spit on my face if I meet you.” I say.

“Am I that mean? No, it’s okay. Let’s just forget about the past. We can still be friends, right?” she say it nonchalantly.

Huh? Friends? Did she just say friends? I was about to ask her to be my girlfriend again, but...

“Yeah, right. We can still be friends,” I smile bitterly, maybe she knows it really well that I want to be more than friends.

“I’m sorry Jurina, we can’t be more than friends anymore,” she holds my hand, caressing it in a soothing way.

I can’t hold my tears anymore, unconsciously my tears fall freely on my cheeks, down to the table and makes it wet. I don’t know why, but it is worst than being kicked or slapped by her. It’s truly hurt right inside my heart, it is stabbed by her simple word.

“I know it, I shouldn’t ask for a break up back then. I was so stupid to not believe in you. I was so stupid letting the chance slipped away from my grip that time. You’re right, I got the chance but I didn’t fix anything. Damn it, you were so damn right! And I feel horrible right now,” I cry. I don’t care if people turn their heads to look at me and laugh at me, but I just want my words reach Rena’s heart.

Rena pats my head. Very comfortable that I want her to pats my head forever. After 3 years, this little action even feels precious, maybe this will be the last time she would do this to me.

“It’s okay, don’t blame yourself,” she says comforting me. How can I not blame myself? Everything is my fault after all.

After remorsing about everything in front of Rena, the cry finally subsiding. After feeling better, Rena asks us to go home. I send her to the station by walking there. Along the way, we involve in some conversation.

“Why are you moving, by the way?” I ask.

She takes her time to think about it before answering my question. “My parents died 2 years ago. I had to go back to their house and accompanied my sister, Non-chan,” she trails as she drinks the lemon juice. Because she raises her hand, I notice something in her ring finger.

“That ring...” I mutter under my breathe, but she notices and hears me.

“I’m married,” she says without laying her eyes on me. “If only we meet a little earlier,” she sighs.

I gasp at the fact that Rena, the girl beside me, the girl that I always think about, the girl that I love, now is a married woman. It’s like a thunder hit me right inside mmy heart. Everything is so full of surprise, isn’t it. I stop my track, as well as she,“Wh-when?”

“Last year, I married-“

“No, don’t tell me anything about him, I’m sure I can’t stand it,” I laugh wryly while she only smiles at me. We continue to walk. I almost shed my tears for the second time tonight, but I have to hold it as strong as I can. I can’t let her sees my tears again.

“You’re funny, but you have to know that he’s a good man. You don’t need to worry about me,” she taps my shoulder.

Finally we reach the station. It’s hard to step on this station.

“We still have 30 minutes untill the next train arrived, we should have been a little longer on the way and walk slowly like a snail,” she jokes. I laugh at her joke. She’s really doesn’t mind and being freely talk with me after everything I have done to her.

We decide to wait by sitting on the waiting room. We chat about many things, reminiscing about our high school time and high school friends. Remember about our silliness while skipping school just to go to a game center and played there all day until the night came.

“That was stupid. And we got scolded the day after,” I laugh at the memory along with her.

I glance at my phone, it’s 15 minutes left. The sadness come again. I don’t know since when I become a cry-baby like this.

“Hey,Jurina, do you remember Airin and Churi?” she asks.

“Of course, that otaku girl and bird girl from our class, why do you ask?”

“They are married,” I choked on my drink. “Hey, easy there,” she laugh at me.

“Like, seriously? When?” I ask.

“Umm, I guess it was 2 years ago,” she answers.

I become dumbstruck by that statement. They married, but I don’t know that they have those romantic intention back in highschool. Rena tells me that they even dated on each other far more earlier than us. Maybe it’s just me that didn’t notice it at all, since Rena looks all happy and smiling while she was telling this story to me.

10 minutes left.

“Umm, Rena, please accompany me to the toilet, I’ve got to pee,” I stand up and soon followed by her. I walk faster, I really have to go to toilet and pee.


By the time we reach the toilet, I drag Rena inside one of the cubicles and locked the door. I launched myself to Rena and trap her in a tight embrace.

“Jurina, you startled me,” she chuckles and hugs me back. I cry again, sobbing right on her shoulder.

“Let me be selfish and have you for this last 10 minutes Rena, after the time’s over, you can go forever with your husband. I won’t disturb your life again, I promise,” I say as I tighten my embrace. She soothes my back and hugs me tight as well. I have to remind this warm from her body, since it would be the first after 3 years and the last forever.

Without letting her go, I pull out my phone and see the time. Less than 3 minutes left.

I put my phone back to my pocket before let go of her from my embrace,“Rena, I’m sorry.”

After warn her, I pull Rena’s face closer to mine and steal a kiss from her. A deep kiss. A desperate kiss I share with her. It usde to be lovely when we were together, but it feels hurtfully sweet, if that’s even possible. I tilt my head to deepen the kiss, holding the back of her head with one hand and another hand holding her waist. Meaning to keep her not pull out the kiss, trapping her with my strength.

But then again, I’m surprise that she doesn’t stop the kiss. She clutches tightly on my body and I could even feel her tongue invaded into my mouth. Hurtfully sweet, kissing the girl that I love who’s already married with another man. Tasting the cherry taste of her lips collided with mine couldn’t be more sweet than this.

We pull out from the kiss, her face is red. But she isn’t angry, she smiles at me. “Silly, you can ask for a kiss if you really want to, I would give it to you sincerely from the bottom of my heart,” she states as it was the most common thing to do.

“But I guess it’s almost the time I have to go home,” she says.

I glance at my phone for the last time. Right, 1 minute left. I grab her hand and hold it tightly heading to the train.

“I can’t lie that I still love you, but we can’t be together. I have a super kind man who willingly to do anything for me to keep my smile and protect me. He’s just too perfect to be leave just like that,” she trails as we keep on walking.

The train is coming closer, the sound could be heard now. A few seconds more.

“I do love you too, and I never can let you go just like this. I’m sure I will mess up your life and your family if I’m still near you.” She laugh as I saythat and carressing her hand with mine. “I guess this is a forever goodbye, but I will still remember you forever. Because you’re special,” I look at her eyes.

“I know that,” she responds. She hugs me again, for the very last time. The train came and stop in front of us.

“Goodbye Rena, send my regards to your husband,” I kiss her forehead.

“Goodbye Jurina. I will make sure Yuki-kun accept your regards.” She smiles. “Oh, this baby inside my tummy too,” again she gives me a heart attack.

I carress her tummy and says a goodbye to the baby. “I hope you live a good life with my lovely Rena, you lucky baby,” Rena laughs. Her laughs. This will be the last laugh I hear from her, too.

She waves her hand and walks to to the train. The door of the train closes. She keep waving on me and mouthed a ‘Goodbye’ and ‘I love you’ through the transparent glass. I reply by mouthing the same words. I could see she cries but keep on smiling. I sighs again. Today is surprisingly short isn’t it? But I will cheerish this time to the entire of my life. The memories about me and my lovely girl.

I never thought before that 3 years will change many things. Rena moved from her old house because her parents died, she got married last year, and now she’s pregnant. Just how many surprises will appear if I go longer? Rena gave birth a child? I chuckle on my own thought.

But I guess, it can’t be helped. If only I never travel around the world, or never dumped her that day, or say yes when she ask me to come back. If only... But the time will never walk back, it’s too late. I just have to face the truth and the future.

I hope that Yuki guy will protect my Rena and makes her happy. If she’s not happy, I’m gonna be the one who will kill him. I’m serious about it!

10 years later...

“Hahaha, I know it, she’s already a stubborn girl since our highschool time. Didn’t know that she will be like that after this while. Aren’t you just too old already?”

“Who do you call old, old woman? Look! You already have a daughter and a son, while I just have a daughter,” I said irritatingly hearing the comment of my ex.

The two other people just smiling sheepishly looking at our behavior. And the kids look boring looking at their parents debating over silly things. This is the very first time we meet after that memorable night. Surprisingly, my wife is Yuki’s cousin and after persuade me to finally meet Rena and her familiy, here we are reuniting. But it isn’t the same situation like 10 years ago. It’s warmer and the feeling isn’t tense, it’s carefree and familiar.

“Ren-kun, Juri-chan, go play with Aeri-chan on the backyard, becareful okay,” the tall man shoves the kids to the backyard to play. And they nod happily and run right away after his command.

“Yes, papa!” the two older kids yelled and bring my little angel along with them. “Come on, Aeri-chan, let’s play!”

And the kids go playing whatever they can play. My wife and Rena walk to the kitchen and say that they would cook for us. I come near Yuki-san.

“Hey, Yuki-san, right?” I call him. He turns his head and looks at me with a wide smile.

“Yes, Jurina-san,”

I look at the happy kids. “Are you and Rena happy all this years?”

He stands beside me and looking at the kids as well,”I’m always happy to be with her, and I always try to make her happy as well,” he turns to see me and look at me. “I have tried my best.”

“Have you made her cry? Have you disapointed her?” I blurt more wuestions at him. Being the protective I am.

“Not even once, Jurina-san,” he looks at me with his kind eyes.

“Good,” I avert my gaze from him but he’s still looking at me with his creepy smile. “Stop looking at me, and you’re looking down at me, you tall, handsome, lucky guy!” I snap at him and he laughs hard at me.

“What about my lovely cousin? You never hurt her, right? I will kill you if you make her cry even once,” he clenches his fist near his face while keep on smiling with his creepy smile. I told you, he’s creepy!

“No! I love her with all my heart, I will never have a glimpse of mind to hurt her. Mayu is the mother of our daughter, Aeri. She already give me many things, happiness, love, she’s just so great,” I dreamily say that.

“Good,” he lands his right hand on my shoulder. “I guess we could be good brothers, don’t you think?” he glances at me and wiggling his eyebrow. His eyes makes me shivering

“Let me go!” I snatch his hand. “I’m a girl! I can’t be your brother!” I slap his arms.

“Hey,hey, stop arguing, guys. Come on, let’s eat!” My wife call us.

“Kids, let’s eat,” Yuki-san and I call them in unison.

“Yes, Papa!” “Yes, Daddy!” the kids answer and come inside the house.

“See, you’re the guy! We can be brothers,” he opens his arms like he’s going to hug me.

I ignore him and stick out my tongue at him.

We eat the food our wives have cooked. Never been this delicious, maybe because of the family atmosphere. It’s really great. I see everyone chitchatting and eat togehter happily.

I can’t deny my love for Rena never change, but maybe it turn out to be more sisterly way since I love Mayu after all. The one who brought me out from the darkness that I couldn’t move on from Rena at that time. But she patiently and sincerely help me to forget about Rena. Because of her, I can have the feeling to be loved after a long time. I open my heart for her and finally married. And this Aeri-chan is our adopted daughter. We love her like our own daughter. She’s the complement of our relationship.

Thank you Rena, for being in my past. Thank you Yuki-san, for protecting my Rena. And thank you Mayu and Aeri, two people who delightfully be by my side all this time. Thank you for mom and dad who give me the chance to live in this wonderful life.


Thank you... See you in another world  :thumbsup :jphip:

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Re: #14 The After Event (wMatsui+) Jan 27th
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Is so sad but happy at the same

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Re: The After Event (wMatsui+Yuki+Mayu OS)
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Mid term test ahead, but there's no courage for me to study.
In the end I write this short story.
Sorry if it's not good....

A Courage

Next week is mid term test week. Matsui Jurina, our new college student will experience it for the very first time since it is her first year. But, one of the problem is she lost her will to study. She feels tired. This whole week is the worst, there are lots of task she needs to finish so she will be able to join the mid term test, and it is not easy at all.

“Aah... Public relation is hard. Why the hell did I choose this major to study...” she mumbles by herself.

Remember it, she smiles, of course it is because this certain someone is studying in the same major. She remembers how silly she was when begging to study there.

“I wonder how she could manage it. She was a quite person and studying in Public Relation major is a bit... Aaaah.... I need to study!”

Right, Matsui Rena was a total quite person when Jurina met her in highschool. A charming senior who succesfully steals her heart since the very first time their eyes meet up until now. Cliche, but that’s how it is.

Jurina starts to open her note (she copied from her friend), she needs to re-read everything since she often fall asleep or just simply doesn’t really pay attention of anything even if she never skip any class.

She starts to read... First page, second page, third page....

“Aaah... What the hell is this?! I don’t understand!” she throws the note to the floor. She rolls on her bed, covers her face with a pillow and yells. She’s helpless.

“This is bad!” she looks for her phone and makes a call.

“Rena-chan! This is an emergency, come to my house now, I need your help!”

That is the quickest call she has ever made with Rena. Not even a single word spoke by Rena. She’s waiting in her room, hoping for Rena to come quickly. About 10 minutes, her door is banging by Rena. She runs to the front door.

“Rena-chan!” she launches herself to Rena. Some sniffing sounds coming out from her.

“Wh-what’s wrong Jurina? You make me worry, is there a thief?” Rena hugs Jurina while looks around Jurina’s house.

Jurina shakes her head.

“So what? Your mom? Something happen with your mom?” Rena asks.

Jurina shakes her head again.

“Tell me, Jurina,” Rena pushes Jurina’s body.

“I can’t understand anything when I will have mid term test,” Jurina cries.

Rena smacks Jurina’s head.

“Emergency you said?!” hot... anger flame emits from Rena.

Jurina cries again.

“Of course it is, what if I can’t pass the test and have to drop out from the college because my grades are bad?”

The anger flame suddenly stop emits from Rena. After some arguments, Rena agrees to help Jurina study.
Rena then helping Jurina study. She explains everything slowly so Jurina can understand it.


“Time out, time out...” Jurina said before scratching her own head.

“T-time out?”

“I need to- *growl*”

Rena laughs, “What do you want to eat?”

“I have some instant ramen, let’s take a break,” Jurina smiles.

Rena looks at the clock, it’s already two hours so she agrees to take a break. They go to the kitchen. Jurina pulls out two cups of instant ramen, Rena helps to pour the hot water inside the cup. It will be ready after three minutes, so...

“Rena-chan...” Jurina hugs Rena from behind, her hands circling around Rena’s waist. “Thanks for coming,” she rests her head on Rena’s shoulder.

Rena pats Jurina’s heads and ruffles her hair before turns to face Jurina. She smiles lovingly, caressing Jurina’s cheek. Jurina smiles back as she leans closer to take a sneaky kiss from Rena, but Rena pinches Jurina’s cheek.

“Ouch ouch... Rena-chan, let go!” Jurina cries

“You stupid monster, don’t kiss me after what you did to me today. You made me rush, what if something happen to me?!”

“I’m sorry, okay? I swear I would never do it to you again,” Jurina says while rubbing her cheek. She looks down on her feet.

Rena makes Jurina looks at her and swiftly kisses her lips for a second. Then she sits down to eat her ramen.

“Not gonna eat?” Rena asks to the stiffen Jurina.

“I’m gonna eat you,” Jurina teases.

“Not before you understand all subjects," Rena sticks her tongue out to Jurina.

"Oh, you know I will, Rena-chan...."

And they live happily ever after, LOL.

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Re: A Courage (WMatsui)
« Reply #88 on: October 25, 2015, 03:29:35 PM »
Yeaaay Renshucan's backk with os wmatsui
More wmatsui or more pair with jurina


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Re: A Courage (WMatsui)
« Reply #89 on: October 25, 2015, 06:16:30 PM »
Such a great sempai

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Re: A Courage (WMatsui)
« Reply #90 on: January 23, 2016, 08:20:44 AM »
i just read kokoro no chalkboard. its first time i read jurimilky fanfic  :lol: and its fun author san  :twothumbs :cow: waiting for more jurimilky fanfic  XD
i'm sorry for my poor english~
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Re: A Courage (WMatsui)
« Reply #91 on: January 31, 2016, 04:07:03 AM »
I write a short fic in the end, this morning, I don't know... The pair that catches my interest lately :lol:


It was one fine day for Mukaichi Mion have a walk around the capital city of Japan. Mion, that was how she prefered to be called, wasn't a loner or an introvert like some people might conclude.

Well, she enjoyed being with herself a lot. Going around the city, enjoying sight seeing, exploring new places all by herself. With a digital camera, she took pictures of every rare moment she caught. Either it was flowers, old buildings, animals, and also human interactions.

Yup. She really enjoyed watching people around her. Parents and their kids, schoolmates, work collgues, old people and lovers. Lovers were the most interesting view for Mion. How they walked hand in hand and being all clingy with each other made her stomach flutter. Maybe because she never felt how love really was, she didn't have any idea.

While walking around, she caught a glimpse of a guy who was leaning his back against the wall in front of a shop. He looked like he was waiting for someone as he played with her phone and once in a while he looked to the left and right. He looked nice with his blonde hair. And that face feature. Also that nice clothing. Mion shook her thought of that guy.


Mion didn't understand why suddenly she raised her camera and took his photo. Suddenly the guy looked at her direction.

"Crap! I forgot to shut the flash off,"

Mion saw the guy walked to her direction. She cursed her feet for not moving. She was stood there like a statue.

"That's rude, taking pictures without a permission," the guy said.

Without talking, he took Mion's camera, looking what she took just now. And as he expected, it was his picture.

"T-taking someone's camera without asking their permission is rude, too," Mion retorted.

The guy laughed at her. He gave back the camera to her,"You're a good photographer. Well, I don't mind it, you can save it," he smiled at Mion.

Mion felt her stomach made some weird motion as her face felt hot. She averted her eyes from the guy while muttering a low thanks.


"My name's Mogi Shinobu, what's yours?"

So blunt. It was the first time someone introduced themselves and asking for her name after a rude moment of hers. The guy still offer his hand in front of her, waiting for a handshake. Mion grabbed his hand and introduced herself.

"Mukaichi Mion,"

They smiled at each other without letting go their hands. No one dared. No one wanted to let go of it. It was too fast to let go. It was too warm to let it slip off of their hands.

"Buu-chan..." The guy turned his head and smile.

The warmth disapppeared from Mion's hand. Someone waved at Mogi as he waved back.

"It's nice to meet you, Mukaichi-san. But, I guess I have the clue to go," Mogi with a bit of disappointed face said.

"Un," Mion nodded. Mogi walked to the girl who called his name. But Mion stopped his steps.

"A-ano... Can we... Can we meet again?!" Mion half yelled at him because of the distance.

Mogi smiled as he nodded his head and waved at Mion. Somehow, Mion felt happy. She would really waiting for the time they meet again. Mion saw Mogi walked with the girl. The girl looked clingy to him as he circled her arms around Mogi's arms, clutching onto it real tight. 

"Maybe they're lovers,"


Mion's thought followed by a rolling liquid on her cheeks.


Sooo... How was it? Hope you enjoy my first time writing Mogion XD

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Re: First Time (Mogi x Mion)
« Reply #92 on: January 31, 2016, 05:48:52 AM »

but.....renshuchan san.....
will they meet again??
continuee pleasee...
Live in the land of mist..nahh just kidding..
Live in the land of Wmatsui and Mayuki...
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Re: First Time (Mogi x Mion)
« Reply #93 on: January 31, 2016, 07:12:26 AM »
What a fic!-,-
What the... Why you hang up the story?>O<
You should make Mogi dating Mion, then they married, have many kids, and life happily ever after-,-
What kind of ending is this? T^T
Poor Mion T^T
Now I demand a sequel, continuation, or whatever is it called-,-

But I love your first MogiMion fic~
Thanks for kindly make this fic despite your 'tight schedule', Ren-chaaaaaan~
Gonna wait your another work, patiently^^
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Re: First Time (Mogi x Mion)
« Reply #94 on: February 01, 2016, 11:16:55 PM »
Oiiii! This is my first time reading MogiMion. And it's sad. :(

Please add another part! :depressed:


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