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Author Topic: RenshuChan's OS Collection (WMatsui, JuriAnnin, JuriMilky & others)  (Read 105595 times)

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
« Reply #20 on: November 25, 2013, 07:19:33 AM »
How can I be your favorite writer... It must be a mistake :cathappy:
don't be sad chana-chan~~ -patpat- :lol:

Jurina is my oshi forever!! (>w<)/
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Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : We Are Different (Mayuki Oneshot)
« Reply #21 on: November 25, 2013, 03:36:51 PM »
@Chanaline : I might can't mention one by one of your fics (I read too many fics actually) but I'm sure I have read yours (∩_∩)
@mo-chan : good friends, please assure chana-chan that I'm being honest (∩_∩)


Everyone, I'm trying to make a story again. It's SayaMilky now. I hope you like it and keep give me some advice in writing (∩_∩)

Enjoy !

May I ?

It's just another typical day for the NMB48 girls. A really long day for them, especially to the captain and the ace, Sayanee and Milky.

As the 'top-member', they surely have more tight schedule than the others. Dance practice, photo shoot, interview and many other things.


The day for the 2 top members finally end. And the ending was Sayanee's visit to Aki-P office. It was their private talk, so Milky just wait outside.


Sayanee was invited by Milky to stay over in her house, since tomorrow morning they will have another photo shoot together again so it's one of best way for them.

Milky slightly concern about Sayanee. She seems a little quiet than usual.
Is it any relation of her visit to Aki-P's office? I wonder, Sayanee ...

Milky's thought become bolder since she found Sayanee daydreaming on the couch of her bedroom.

"Sayanee..." Milky call her, but there's no respon.

"Sayanee !" Louder, but still no answer.

"YA-MA-MO-TO-SA-YA-KA !!!" This time, Milky turn on her devil side to wake her up from daydreaming.

"Hai! What is it Milky ? You're too loud. What if your neighboor complain ?" Sayanee rub her ears due to the loud voice Milky just made.

Milky's face turn into concern and she sees through Sayanee's eyes. "I called you twice but you ignored them, Sayanee,"

"Really? Sorry then," Sayanee averted her gaze outside the window.

The moon is noticeable in the night sky of Osaka. The lights of every corner of the city make the landscape looks great in Sayanee's eyes.

She let out a sigh.

"Hey, Milky. Can you tell me what the moon is feeling up there ?" Sayanee makes a question.

"Hm?" Milky doesn't get what she tried to say. She turn her head to Sayanee's eyes direction.

"Don't you think that the moon is tired?" Sayanee looks at Milky and smile bitterly.

No respon from Milky.

"The moon looks tired, Milky. It might wanna have a rest."She looks at the scenery again.

"Moreover, people already use the lamp to lighten their night. They don't need the moon, right?" She continue.

Milky smells something from Sayanee. She can't do other thing than ask.

"What do you mean ? Is there something happen back in Aki-P's office ?" Her curiousity urges her to spit it out.

"May I rest, Milky ? It's normal, isn't it ? I'm tired of being the person who have to standing the most,"her voice is trembling. She can't hold it any longer. She might look strong in front of other members. But in front of Milky, she can act normal and even fragile. Her true self.

"There's nothing wrong, Sayanee. You're a human too, same as the other. You don't need to act like you're okay if you think you're not." Milky come closer to Sayanee and lend her shoulder to Sayanee.

"Here, you don't need to say what happened between you and Aki-P. But whenever you need me, I'll be by your side," Milky say while patting her head and soothing her back.

Sayanee let out a sigh and a low-tone sniff.

"Anyway, Sayanee. You're wrong about the moon," Milky continue her sentence.

"People might have lamps everywhere, but they need the moon too. As the sign of night..." She said.

Sayanee just smiles at Milky's words. You're right, Milky.

A sweet and soothing silence fall to the both of them. Until finally one of them dare to speak.

"Hey, Milky. Can I sleep with you like this all night long ?" Sayanee ask while closing her eyes which begged her to sleep.

"Un..." Easy, short, simple answer Milky gives to her. And finally they sleep with the comfortable position for Sayanee that night.


Yeaaay, another oneshot ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : May I ? (SayaMilky Oneshot)
« Reply #22 on: November 25, 2013, 04:40:50 PM »
Yeaaaaaaaah I love Sayamiruki!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo cute

And no I think you don't read my fanfic..( I only write one). I didn't finish it and no one want to read it so it's impossible what you had say. (Look at the bottom of my comment! Only one! And it is no complete...)
How can you break my heart when my heart is already break? You're so mean  :cry: (joking)

Mo-chan... Why would I be sad?? I think that's really funny :lol:
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame Masterpiece : May I ? (SayaMilky Oneshot)
« Reply #23 on: November 25, 2013, 10:51:49 PM »
SayaMilky's bond  :wub:

Hey! When are you updating your fanfic?! I have been waiting for so long!

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Renshu-Chan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #24 on: January 03, 2014, 01:10:07 PM »
Haaaa, being so long not writing some. My fics has no progress too  :smhid But I"ll definetely update it... later  :D I was just really happy that the certain someone asked me to join a fun group. I met my new family there  :love:

I gues this one is surprisingly long and not surprisingly lame from me.
Those who read mine, thanks a lot  :oops:

This one, I wrote just 2 hours ago. I have no idea what came into my mind and it's become like this.
I hope you guys enjoy it.  :jphip:

Will You Realize My Feeling ?

Here I am, enjoying the nice wind combing my hair kindly and softly. I spread my hands beside my body. I don’t hear anything but the sounds of crowded people, vehicles’ horn and birds chirping happily together on a tree.


I was just a normal girl, living in a crowd city. Everyday I went to national university. I was lucky because I got a full scholarship so I didn’t need to worrying the cost. Yes, I’m a college student, in the day. I lived with my mother and step-father, but I had to earn money by myself for my stuffs. Why? Simple. Because my mother was a bitch who roaring at my ear, blaming me of many things that’s not my fault. Step-father? I even didn’t wanna call him father. He was just a loser, a gambler, and just reach home after drunk. They, giving me money? Never.

“You little bitch! What the hell are you doing? You go early and come late! What the hell you think my house is? A hotel ?” she yelled at me.

I didn’t have any energy to went against her. It was not that I wanted to beat her, but a simple act like trying to explain everything to her is useless. She was too angry that she forgot every morning I went to college and after that working to bought my stuff and hers. She only would stop yelling if I gave her much money from my pocket I earn from my job.

“Here,” I gave her some money then I walked inside my room closing the door hardly that maybe it could be broke. And then, silent.

In other day the old man that use “step-father” as his tittle, came home in totally bad condition. He was drunk and got many bruises. I bet he was too drunk and had no money to pay the bills. What a useless man.

“You...come *hic* here and *hic* sleep with me *hic* sweetie...” he said between hiccups and glancing at me. What the hell ? He was asking me to sleep with him ? Until the world ends, I will NEVER going to sleep with this brat ! He was trying to cought me but I managed to kicked him hardly on the certain place.

“Damn! You little bitch! Oouuch .... !!!” he cursing me while rolling on the floor. He even couldn’t stand up anymore.
But then my mother came in a rush and slapped me right away in my face. I glare at her.

“Get out of my house! How dare you kick your father ?! You son of bitch!” she said in angry tone. Leaving my jaw drop with her statement.

“Well, old lady. First of all, I WILL get out from here, it’s an honor. Second, he NOT my father. And last, yeah right ! I AM son of a bitch, I am the SON and YOU are the BITCH !” finally I said everything inside my head. Instead of feeling guilty, I was more felt like all the weight feeling inside my chest gone.

I rushed to my room, packing my stuffs and went away from the place called house. Forever !

“Thank you for asking me out from this place, ma’am. And don’t come to find me if you need money,” I said my last sentence I really wanted to say then run away achieving my liberty.


As I enjoying the scenery, you came and sat next to me under this sakura tree.

“Wanna drink something, Rena-chan ?” you asked in your deep calm voice I really love. I nod my head as agreement, then you go again.


I knocked the door waiting for the owner of this appartment opening the door for me. I was checking on my outfit, combing my hair with my fingers and clearing my throat. Not forgetting to plastering my best smile.

Then the door openned, showing a tall figure middle-aged man standing behind the door on his pajama. He has this ‘usual’ smile. I mean, the smile which all the bad man always have.

He signaling me to come in then inviting me to ate dinner with him. God, this man. Then we ate dinner calmly. Well, the food was actually delicious but somehow, something was growing inside my head making it not tasty anymore. I wanted it to be faster, I wanted the time to jump faster.

“So, your name is?” he said as he cutting the steak.

“Rena...” I said softly and shortly.

“Well, Rena. Hmm, beautiful name, beautiful face, I hope you can play beautifully too there,” he used his fork to show where the bed was. As a professional, I just gave him a chuckle and a small smile only to gained his smile became wider than before.

The dinner went really slow, making me shifting uncomfortably on the seat. He saw me then quickly put down the fork and spoon, drank the water and cleaned his mouth.

“So, shall we start now?” He asked me kindly.

And the night flowing as I was giving my best serve to my client. Yeah, I was a normal student on the day, but on the night you would see me as a gorgeous bitch you can pay for a night. Everything I did, just for my needs, the needs of money and the needs of I didn’t remember since when, but I just know that I have this needs more than anyone. Beside the fact that my mother never gave me money, why not give it a try to earn much money and, you know what it is.

He was a good man. And he played nicely. Some of my client were kind and some of them were hard to deal with and making me going through the hard time and hard play with them. But, as long as I reach my goal and reach my needs, everything would be okay for me.

But then, suddenly the door openned and standing in front of our bed a cute boy, n-no no, I guess it was a girl with a sort-cut hair. She crosses her hand in front of her chest. Then my client stopped in his track and quickly stood up and came to the girl. I still on the bed, confused about the scene.

“Who the hell you bring this time, Dad?” the girl yelled.
Dad ? So, it was his daughter who came and broke the atmosphere.

“Jurina, listen. I need friend. It’s been 5 years since your mother dead, I’m lonely,” my client said to his daughter.

“Not with the girl who is the same as my age, Dad !” She yelled back.

I silently put my dress on. There was no way I’m going to continue where we left of. Iwas standing beside the bed, taking my bag and ready to leave whenever one of them asks me to. But, they still arguing each other and moved to another place. Because my client already give me the money before, I went out from the appartment silently without any of them know it.

I closed the door and walked slowly. When I reached the elevator, a hand came faster and pressed the button. When I see who the culprit was, it was my client’s daughter earlier.

“Argh, it’s you. What a chance. Follow me, I need to talk to you.” She said to me.

Not wanting anymore fight, I followed the girl. She took me with her fancy car to a garden.

“He is my father, you know,” she started not long after she turned off the machine and parked the car. We sat on a seat under a sakura tree.

The night wind is surely cold. I kept my best to keep my body warm because I left my coat in his house and this sleeve-less dress was killing me. She sees me shifting uncomfortably then she give her jacket to me “Here,” she said in a deep voice.

“It’s okay,” I try to reject her offer.

“Don’t be stupid, just wear it, baka!” shit, she became impatient.

“How about you?”

“Stop asking and just wear it!” I hesitantly took her jacket and wore it. Ahh, so warm, her perfume smell really good.

“T-thank you,” I managed to show my gratitude to her nice action.

Then I didn’t know why this girl told me everything about her father and their current situation after her mother died. Her father already bring many girls inside their house, just to have sex. She said that she never prohibitting her father to get married, but her father just simply wants to have sex without relationship.

“And I never thought that you, the smartest girl in university and get the full scholarship, is a ... umm, you know, prostitute,” she stated and making me jump from my seat.

“Eh? know me?” I widen my eyes. I ask her and observing her face closely. Shit....! She was from the same university as I am, and worst, this girl was in the same class as me.

She chuckled a bit then continue,”Of course, Matsui Rena-san,” She grinned widely at me.

I died, busted, shameful. God, I felt like I want the ground brought me down right then!

“Why are you doing this?” she asked me firmly.

“Money,” I said softly, the shame still mocking me, there was no way I would tell her my other reason on doing this job, and I didn’t want to meet her eyes.

“You should have choose another job rather than this, you’re too beautiful to this kind of job,” she smiled to me.

Wait, she didn’t mad at me ? She just mad at her father ? Well, what can I say? She was being all kind to me while we were talking right then.

Time went on since that day. Now, Jurina and me were closer than before. She even helped me to find this cheap appartment to stayed. She sometimes asking for my company to just simply drinking coffee, or walking around, or eating, or anything she wanted to do.

“Not again, Jurina...” I whinned to her. She came knocking my cheap appartment’s door right before I was going to meet my client. I knew she did this thing just to keep me away from doing my job.

“Come on, I feel bore,” she said as she pouting her lips. Acting all cute beyond her handsome look.

“I need to meet my client, Jurina,” I whinned more. But she was not listening. She simply sat on the couch and crossed her legs.

“How much did he pay you ?” she asked.

“Come on-“

“How MUCH did he pay you?” she asked and emphasized the word.

“A hundred-thousand yen,” I answered hesitantly.

“I’ll give you two hundred-thousand if you come with me,” she said proudly.

“What now? You want to rent me for a night?” I walked to her direction in a seductive manner tried to tease her and her arrogant attitude just now. I lowered my head near her face and looked at her eyes.

“Well, you can say that,” after saying that, she kissed my left cheek and stood up to reach the door and left me dumbfounded. I felt my face hot. Shit !

“What are you waiting for Rena-chan ? Come on ! I’m hungry !” She yelled from outside the door.

I quickly slapped my cheek to gain my conciousness. She’s playing on me again. It’s not the first time she kissed my cheek, the last time, she almost kissed my lips. She and her surprising act is always make me stiff.


She come back to sit beside me and hand me a bottle of drinking water. She sit and then without any sign she kiss my left cheek.

“Hey!” I yelled at her usual childish act.

“What?” she act like nothing happen, like she wasn’t just kiss my cheeks in a crowd.

“What if someone sees us?” I playfully slapped her shoulder.

“Who will it be?” she raised her eyebrow at me.

“You-know-who” I said whisperly to her ear.

We laughed and we chatted under this sakura tree where she always brought me whenever she wanted to freshen her mind.

Then someone waving at our direction. A beautiful girl with long hair, wearing a knee-length dress and a wide smile on her face came to our direction with a half running manner.

“Hey baby, sorry for the waiting,” she said to the certain someone beside me while sitting beside her.

“It’s okay,” Jurina said then kissing her left cheek. “Shall we go now?”

Then the three of us going to the cinema. More like, me, companying them to their date today. I couldn’t say no, since Jurina is my best friend and very kind to me.

Jurina, why you make me suffer like this? You know you have Annin now as your girlfriend, why the hell are you keeping me close to you? I don’t know why, but it’s hurt right here, in my heart, Jurina it is really hurt. Don’t you hear me ? Will you realize my feeling ?


Sooo... how?  :wth
Errr, I'm sorry to make Rena-chan hurt.  :banghead:

Please give me some reply  :roll:

See you next time  :yep:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #25 on: January 03, 2014, 01:54:06 PM »
rena as prostitute is nice idea  :ding:
poor rena  :smhid
i hope jurina will realise it soon  :cry:
it's end? no continuation?  :?
nice fic :thumbsup

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #26 on: January 03, 2014, 02:20:17 PM »
yeah i want happay rena together with jurina chan

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #27 on: January 03, 2014, 02:39:38 PM »
no no no no! please don't end it as an OS!! I really like LOVE IT  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:!!! please make it a happy ending for WMatsui

Thanks for the JuriAnnin....I love that LOVE TRIANGLE

Milky: “With Sayaka… I’ve been wondering what she thinks of me.“It’s not that type of relationship, but I wanted to figure out what she thought of me so… I kind of tried to seduce her. And she blushed.”

Sayanee: “I did not!” || Milky: “You did.”

Sayaka: “I actually wasn’t though! I didn’t know what she was trying to convey with that in the first place.” || Milky: “She was kind of shifting around in her seat and looking really puzzled so it was fun.”

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #28 on: January 03, 2014, 03:42:33 PM »



WMATSUI  :cow:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #29 on: January 03, 2014, 05:18:03 PM »

Please update soon

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #30 on: January 03, 2014, 09:46:50 PM »
Please continue :cry:

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Re: RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Realize My Feeling ? (WMatsui?)
« Reply #31 on: January 04, 2014, 02:12:24 AM »
no no no no! please don't end it as an OS!! I really like LOVE IT  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:!!! please make it a happy ending for WMatsui

Thanks for the JuriAnnin....I love that LOVE TRIANGLE

Yeah i want too happy wmatsui ending

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RenshuChan's Lame OS : Will You Regret Your Decision? (Continuation, WMatsui)
« Reply #32 on: January 05, 2014, 06:54:16 AM »
 XD I see many people like this OS. I'm really glad (∩_∩)
Well, to fulfill your wishes, I made this OS as the continuation. I never know why I always made the tittle as a question. :sweatdrop:

But anyway, hope you enjoy it guys. Forgive my crappy English. Those who give comment, I really thank you guys  :twothumbs

Will You Regret Your Decision ?

I just wake up, I’m still on the bed covering with this warm blanket.


Jurina was very happy being in a good relationship with Annin. She smiled, she laughed, she enjoyed her life. Everything they surpassed together was obviously great. And people around them, including me, are certainly jealous over their nice and great relationship. But there was something bothering me and urged me to say this to Jurina.

“Jurina,” I called her out while we were watching tv programe that night in my appartment. She looked so handsome from this side. Screw it up !

“What is it, Rena-chan?” She answered me with her boyish, warm voice while smiling and turned her head towards my direction.

“A-ano... Umm... Are you... are you okay if Annin know you’re spending your time here with me ?” I said, I heard Jurina chuckled lighly at my words. “I-I mean, well, you know, umm... she’s your girlfriend an-“ right before I was going to continue my sentence, Jurina cut it.

“So what? What if she’s my girlfriend and I’m spending my time with my best friend ? Is it wrong?” She asked me in her calm but I could sense that she was a little pissed.

“I... I don’t know Jurina, it felt wrong sometimes...” I wasn’t sure if it was right or wrong for Jurina, but I guess it was for me.

“Wait. Does Annin ask you to say it ? Does she want you to stay away from me?” she said.

“What? No, never. She is a good person and very kind. She’ll never do that. She knew since the beginning that we’re best friend,” I assured her. No way in hell the Princess-like Annin would have done something like that. “She just don’t know that I’m a bitch,” I said mumbling.


Jurina really slapped me in the face hardly. She looked angry, but her eyes were showing her worry towards me. I didn’t understand.

“What the hell are you saying ?! You ARE NOT a bitch Rena ! You ARE MY BEST FRIEND ! Don’t you call yourself like that again, ever !” she yelled at me. I could never win against her.

Jurina really changed me. Since the first time I met her in her appartment when I was doing my job until now, a lot of things happenned. As always, she always knew everytime I had an appointment with my “clients”. I never told her, she just knew it. She always came to my appartment like she was living beside my appartment and she made me not doing the job for the night. I sometimes free from her trap, but it was hard. I now understand, she didn’t want me to call myself a bitch, because I wasn’t the old me after all. I wasn’t doing the job oftenly anymore.

“Sorry...” she mumbled she then pulled me into her hug. It was the warm feeling I always had everytime Jurina hugged me. I was really weak in her hug, I didn’t want her to loose her hug, I wanna hug her forever. Bu then I realize, she’s not mine. So I decided to loosen the hug.

“No, it’s okay Jurina, I deserve it,” I smile at her. She carress my cheek that she was just giving a hard slap and then kissed it.

“Hey.... !” I smiled and slapped her shoulder playfully. “You are my best friend, but you have your girlfriend now, so you better behave and control this kissing habitual of yours,” I crossed my hands in front of my chest. She just shrugged her shoulder and mocking me with making such a fool face to me.

“Will Annin be jealous towards me, Jurina?” I asked her in serious tone.

“I guess, she won’t ....” Jurina said unsurely.

“You weren’t sure, Jurina.”

“Huh, we’re in the hard time now Rena-chan,” her smile turned into sad expression which showed in her face.

“You could tell me,” I hold her shoulder, giving her assurance that I could help her.

“No, it’s our relationship, so both of us will find the way out somehow,” she said still locking her gaze to her hands.

“Everytime you need me, remember that I’m here, always here to hear you, okay ?” I smiled lighly at her. She just nodded her head. “Come on, big boy, where is your stupid smile before?”

We laughed and she spent the night with me in my appartment.


I feel the sunlight coming through the window, making my eyes slightly hurt. I rubbed my eyes, but still ... I’ll stay a bit longer on the bed.


*Knock knock*

“I’m coming !” I heard the door knocked while I was cooking dinner for myself in the kitchen, so I rushed to see who was coming that evening.

I was a bit shocked by the sudden tight embrace I recieved by the time I openned the door. It was Jurina who was sobbing on my shoulder now.

“She dumped me,” Jurina said between her sobs.

“Come in first, then you can tell me everything,” I dragged her inside.

Jurina still sobbing on my bed, I let her had her own time to cry, pouring all her tears and all her dissappoint feeling alone while I continued making my dinner.

After some times, I finished my cooking and brought her down to eat some. I’m glad she still wanted to eat, even the amount of the food was decreasing extremely than usual.

After eat the dinner, she said that she was ready to tell me the whole story by how she was being dumped by the Princess-like, Annin.

“She betrayed me, since last month she dated Yamamoto Sayaka, her ... her ex. She ... said that... she still love that Sayaka and she accepted Sayaka’s confession to come back together as a couple like they used to be,” Jurina cried, I soothed her back as if asking her to stop crying, even if my tears were flowing nonstop right then.

“She hide it from me, because she said that she didn’t want me to get hurt. That stupid girl, I even more hurt than she thought I would be if she told me before !” Jurina became slightly angry as she yelled while telling me the story.

I felt bad for her. How come this kind, nice, handsome, cute, Jurina betrayed by the came back of her ex ? That was worst ! How I wish I was being Annin who can have Jurina, not only her physical, but her whole heart. Even Jurina looked childish, her caring and gentle personality always appear anytime.

I wish I was her.

That night, Jurina said she didn’t want to go home, so she asked me if she could sleep in my appartment. I knew how she felt right then. She slept on my bed, beside me. Hearing her still sobbing that night, I moved closer to her and wrapped my hand around her body, embracing her, to make her felt comfort.

I wish I could do it everyday.


I’m really sleepy. I don’t even remember why my body feeling like very weak. I glanced at the alarm which ringing loudly inside the room. My ear hurt ! I wtill need some sleep ! But I can’t because of this stupid alarm ! I sighed and go to the bathroom then get down to make some breakfast.


A week later after her broken-heart state, she decide something I never expected before.

“Rena-chan, my father already decided to move abroad with his new wife. They will be hold there, in England,” Jurina stated while we were sitting on my couch.

“So ? What are you trying to say ?” I was sad, guessing that my love would fly far away leaving me behind. My smile almost faded, but I shouldn’t. I didn’t want to make her sad if she really had to go soon.

“I don’t wanna come with him. I wanna stay here in Japan,” She smiled. Hearing this, my smile that almost faded grew bigger and brighter leaving the heavy burden I felt just now. “Well, my appartment is just too big if I have to stay there alone, so ... “

I was eagerly waiting for her next word while my smile still plastered on my face, still happy that my love one wouldn’t go anywhere.

“So, do you mind to stay with me in my appartment ?”

“YES !” I stupidly answer at her question loudly right after she finished it. “Yes,I to,”

She looked so happy hearing my answer. She asked me to packed all my belonging. She helped me with packing and asked for a moving service to move my belongings to her appartment.


3 months have passed since I moved to Jurina’s appartment. I didn’t know what was her father doing, but I was really sure that they were rich. Everyday we spent the time just to play, shopping, and sometimes we went outside the town in our holiday. Of course we still study in college. Nothing much changed except, I never did my old job anymore. Jurina already begged me to totally stop from the job because she promised me to had a better life without that dirty job.

This holiday, Jurina asked me to go to the beach. I knew it was summer and it was a good time to go there.

“Have you done packing your stuffs, Rena-chan ?!” Jurina yelled from the living room. She already waited for me since 10 minutes ago. I really find hard time to choose which swimsuit I would bring. Would it be good or not. Would Jurina like it or not... wait... why should I worrying about what Jurina would say ?

“Can you help me, Jurina ?!” I yelled back at her, asking for help.

She openned the door and stood there with her cool looks, I mean jeans, leather jacket and white T-shirt. Handsome to the MAX !

“Which one is better Jurina?” I showed her the red swimsuit on my left hand and black swimsuit on my right hand.

She made a thinking pose, rubbing her chin like an old man buying clothes to her wife. “Hmm, I guess the red one is cute. But the black one is cool, too. Why don’t you bring both of them ? You can decide there,” I guess she couldn’t decide too, since she scratched her neck while saying it.

“I wanna decide it now Jurina. Come on, which one ?” I urged her to say it.

“Err.... okay, I prefer the red one. Come on, we’re running out of time, Rena-chan.” She whinned.

“Okay, I will bring the black one,” I said to her.

“Eh? I prefer the red one, why do you bring the black one ?” Jurina stated her confuse mind.

“Come on, we’re running out of time,” I said with a wink to her leaving her dumbfounded as I passed her.


Jurina stopped in a villa not far from the beach to put our belongings since we had a plan to stay there that night and came back on the next day. After that, Jurina asked me to change into swimsuit so when we reach the beach we could directly enjoying the water.

I change into the red swimsuit Jurina have choosen before. She didn’t know that I actually put the red one instead of the black one into my luggage. I was just teasing her and it made me happy looking at her reaction back then.

“Rena-chan I-“ Jurina openned the door and became a statue when she was looking at me with my red swimsuit. Shit, I felt really embarassing. It was the first time Jurina saw me in swimsuit. Urgh, I wanna drop myself down to the ground.

“I’m going to change, too.” She continue without looking at me. I wtill stood there, not moving even a bit and almost not breathing while I see Jurina changed into her swimsuit too and wore a short pants and a T-shirt.

“Rena-chan, you better wore a pants and shirt too,” She said firmly.


After changing clothes and put our belongings in her villa, we head to the beach. I still felt uncomfortable by the previous scene, so I decided to keep silent along the way.

“Well, I’m sorry about barging into the room without knocking before. But would please don’t be silent ? I feel bad now,” Jurina said.

God, I was feeling worse. Jurina felt really bad about earlier.

“I just don’t know, it was the first time you saw me in swimsuit, so it’s kinda embarass me, you know,” I said to her.

She grabbed my hand and took it closer to her mouth then she kissed my palm.

“Sorry,” she said with a sad expression.

I blushed really hard as she still hold my hand and put it on her cheek as if it was me who caress her cheek. I have no other choices than to accepted what she was doing. Strangely, she kept holding my hands along the way to the beach.

I guess she was too comfortable because she kept holding my hand everywhere we went to. And I had to kept my face from blushing to hard if I didn’t want her to caught me.

Feeling tired of fooling around we sat on the sand. Still, Jurina held my hand like there wasn’t tomorrow.

“Nee, Rena-chan,” Jurina stated. That deep and calm voice was surely something.

“Hm?” I hummed while turned to see her. She was looking at the sea.

“I... I don’t know where should I start it. But I guess, I need to, have to, say it before it’s too late,” she stated. She still looking at the never-end sea ahead, and I was still looking at her in confusion. Feeling something strange from Jurina. I guess she had been weird since the night she told me we were going to the beach.

“Don’t scared me, Jurina. Tell me, what’s wrong ? Are you sick ? Are you going to go abroad with your father ? Are you gonna work far away from here ?” Shit ! I stupidly barking her many questions like a dog.

Jurina laughed, she really laughed, I could feel she was very happy right then. But still, I didn’t know what she was trying to say.

“Hey, don’t play on me ! Don’t laugh at me !” I crossed my hand and turned my head away from her. I didn’t mad, I was just simply embarassed at my own reaction before.

She stopped rolling on the sand and sat back again. “My God, Rena-chan, where did you find that kind of thoughts ? Are you reading some fictions ?”

I still wasn’t going to meet her face.

“Okay, okay, here,” She turned my body so I was facing her, her hands were on my shoulder. She looked at me right in the eyes. Her beautiful eyes looked so georgeus I could faint there.

“I don’t know since when, but I have this strange feeling towards you. I realize when I was being with Annin, I actually see you in my eyes instead of her. When I said we were having a hard time, it was when I was mistaking in calling her with your name. Since then, Annin getting farther than we used to.

I was being selfish when she decided to come back with Sayaka. I knew it was my fault. I then realize I maybe ... just maybe, already falling in love with you long before I met Annin.”

My eyes blinked at her statement. What was that mean ? Was she really saying the she had fallen for me ?

“The time I asked my father if you could live with me and paid for everything you need, that was the first time I was thinking that maybe I could confess my feeling towards you easier since we live together.

But it wasn’t. It wasn’t as easy as I thought. I tried to show my love for you, I make your breakfast every morning, I take you everywhere I go, I sleep with you everynight, but it seems you never realize it. You just see me as your best friend.

But last night, I reassure my mind, I will completely confess my love to you, today, here ...”

Jurina finished her speech. I couldn’t say anything, my tears flowing, I never knew that Jurina really had a hard time too.

“Jurina,” I called her softly. “You know the hardest time of my life ? It was the time when I know that you and Annin were being in a relationship. I was broken since that day. But I had to keep strong. I was really jealous, you know. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to have a bitch like me as your girlfriend back then.

I also wondering if you would realize my feeling towards you. Would there be a day when you will choose me over Annin,” I stated my whole mind since she already being honest about her feelings.

Jurina took my right hand to her chest, right in her heart. “Rena, you see, my heart beating so fast everytime I come near you. My heart would never stop beating for you. It will stop beating if God take my life someday, until that day comes, I will always love you,” her words made me fly too high, I was sure my face was burning red that time.

“Matsui Rena, will you be mine forever ?”

I couldn’t hold my tears. I couldn’t say anything. I just nodding like crazy, hoping Jurina would understand that I would love to be hers forever.

“I take that as a ‘yes’ ...” Jurina smiled widely and pulling me into her tight hug. Even we were only in our swimsuit, it was really warm right here, inside my heart. I was really happy, that finally my love one love me back and from then on, she would be mine forever.


I back to the room upstair and finding Jurina still in under her blanket. “Wakey wakey ... come on wake up honey ....” I jump on the bed, only to wake up my love one.

“Hmmm.... 10 more minutes, honey. I’m tired ...” there she is, grumbling and mumbling.

“Wake up now, or I will .....” I put my hands around her waist and get ready, “ I will tickle you until you wake up! Jaaaa.....” I yelled and tickle her belly. She laughed out loud at the ticklish sensation.

“Hahaha.... stop it Rena-chan.... hahaha ... I’m awake now, I’m awake !” she’s rolling on the bed until ...


“Ugh... itai ...” she sighed. I rush to the other side and help her to stand up. I’m sure it is hurt. But when I was lend my hand for her to stand, she pull me and make me fall onto her body. How sneaky.

“Gotcha...” She hug me tightly and kiss my cheek.

“Jurina, I’m not dreaming, aren’t I ? We really are dating, right ? Yesterday was real, wasn’t it ?” I’m asking her, assuring that it is really happen.

“Mhmm...” Jurina humming and caressing my hair. It felt so good, I wanna stay still like this more.

“Will you regret your decision about dating me, Jurina?” I asked her, still curious. I lean my head near her heart. I can hear it beats fast.

“Are you doubting me ? Of course, I will NEVER regret any decision I take. It is you that I love, it is you that I want, it is you, only you, the one and only in my heart, forever,” Jurina said in serious tone.

I don’t know how to describe it. If there is a better word than happy, I will use it to express my feeling now. I will be by her side from now on. I will make her feel comfort. I will give her all my love for her. Jurina, my one and only love.


I hope you will never regret with your decision in reading my OS.

I don't even know why the hell I give Sayanee to Annin, but maybe because I have seen some photo of them plus Yuihan, I guess they looked good together
ƪ(° ̯˚ ʃ)

Leave some comments please (∩_∩)

See you in toher story ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

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thanx a lot!... it weird for me about sayaka x annin but if this keep my wmatsui together its ok..

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sayanee x annin?  :?
i think that slap surely hurt  :err:
ah finally jurina realized rena's feeling  :D
yay wmatsui together  :on woohoo:
nice fic  :twothumbs
i'm waiting your other fic  :on GJ:

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  • WMatsui, Atsumina, Mayuki couple forever!!
Finally they are together


I want to see Mayuki

Please updatesoon

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I am so happy that you decided to continue.
This story is so awesome.  :grin:

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RenshuChan's Lame OS : Another Story (JuriAnnin)
« Reply #37 on: January 08, 2014, 02:31:41 PM »
I'm happy people like it  :luvluv1:
About Mayuki ... I'll try to write some, later ... I'll give my number 1 priority to Jurina-sama  :doh:

Actually I made a long fic and it was the flashback story with some modification. But then, I don’t know how to continue the story. So, I just wanna share this flashback as a one-shot story.  :rofl: It’s lame as usual. But I hope you’ll manage not to puke while reading it.  :bow:

I *hopelessly* hope you'll enjoy it.  :sweatdrop:

Another Story

   Every after school, Iriyama Anna always go home alone by walking to the nearest bus stop and waited patiently there until the bus which would take her home arrived. It was after the rain. Annin walked slowly to avoid any contact of the sirt water which might splashed her if –


The thing on Annin’s head thought would happened, really happened. A motorcycle splashed her and made her uniform wet.

“Hey ! You crazy rider! You dirt my uniform!” Annin yelled at the top of her lungs. She really pissed off. And then the rider stopped and came approaching Annin.

The rider opened the helmet that caused Annin to got shocked because the rider was a girl, but somehow Annin thought that the girl was very handsome with her dimples showed everytime she talked.

“Are you okay, miss? I’m sorry, really sorry. Um, where’s your house? I’ll ride you home,” She said
Annin was dumbfounded looking at the girl’s face,”We’re just met in an unpleasant situation, I don’t know who you are and I don’t know if you’re a bad person,” Annin glared at the girl irritatingly.

“Wow, that was harsh, young lady. You know, it’s rude to treat someone who were going to help you like that,” the girl smiled but got pissed off too, she put both her hands in her own waist. “Well, I’m Matsui Jurina, just call me Jurina. Now you know who I am and honestly I’m not a bad person,” the girl called Jurina offering a handshake but got ignored by Annin, but she shook it anyway. “Now, please let me ride you home to pay my fault. Um, what’s your name by the way ?”

“Iriyama Anna,” she said coldly. “Okay, you can ride me home, but don’t think I already forgive you,”
Jurina then asked Annin to ride her motorcycle and use the helmet Jurina gave her.

“Hold on tight,” Jurina said. Then Annin hold Jurina’s shoulder. Jurina let out a chuckle. “You know, it’s better to put your hands here,” Jurina said as she led Annin’s hand to her waist.

“Too much asking! I won’t! Just ride!” Annin yelled.

“I’m starting to like you,” Jurina said. Without her knowing, Annin slightly smile at her sentence. Jurina ride her motorcycle with Annin who led the way to her home.


“Nice house, Iriyama-san. Well, I guess we’ll meet again someday and I’ll ride you home again someday,” Jurina winked to Annin.

“We’re just met yet you said those kind of things? You’re over confident,”  she said irritatingly. Actually Annin was shocked and somehow she felt happy at this newbie’s sentence. “Thanks for the ride, anyway,” Annin didn’t bother to mention Jurina’s name.

“It’s okay, my princess,” Jurina said as she ride her motorcycle Annin didn’t know.

Annin was slightly faint by the way Jurina called her. Annin thought that she liked Jurina and wished to be able to meet her again someday. But she shook her head. She couldn’t let her mind thought about this stupid and nonsense thing. Moreover, Jurina already made her uniform wet and dirty.


Next week...

Annin just got out from her class because the lesson was over that day. She ready to go home that day. She passed the headmaster office. The door opened and someone walk outside the room.

“You?!” Annin never thought it would be a yell and made the certain someone turned towards her direction. “What are you doing here? You stalker!”

“Hi, princess, you still act rude towards me. Give me a smile first then I’ll answer,” she said dreamily. But Annin’s face didn’t change even a bit, her eyebrows twitched and it creep her out. “Wow, okay, I’ll tell you even you’re bothered to smile. Well, I’m a new student here. And for your information, I’m not a stalker. I guess we talked about fate,” She grinned widely.

“Fate?” Annin thought. Her heart were overwhelming but she refuse to smile, she won’t let her pride away. But she couldn’t hide it forever from Jurina, her face blushed.

“But in two weeks more, because I have to clear things at my former school,” Jurina smirked realizing that Annin’s face got redden. “Let’s go home!” without waiting any answer from Annin, Jurina dragged Annin by her wrist. Many other students were looking at Annin walking hand in hand with someone who wore different uniform and those charming aura.

They reached the park area where Jurina’s motorcycle were. Annin sat behind Jurina and this time, she put her hands around Jurina’s waist.

“Nice movement, princess,” Jurina said.

“Just shut up and ride,” Annin who never let her pride down said.


“Here we are,” Jurina announced as Annin got down from it. “Iriyama-san, I’m new here, so I’ll pick you up at 7 tonight. I need accompany to show me many places here. I won’t take no for answer. So, see you tonight, please wear something nice,” with just a wink, Jurina left Annin behind.

“What a nice way to asking someone’s company,” she snapped out. Wanting it or not, she had no choice other than accompany Jurina that night.


When the time came, Annin showed many important places in the town just like hospital, stores, restaurant and many others. Feeling enough of it, both of them went home.

In front of Annin’s house...

“Thank’s for today, My princess,” Jurina said smilingly which made Annin slightly blushed.

“Umm, no problem. By the way, pleas stop calling me Princess, I’m not a princess,” Annin answered while facing the ground. She has not enough braveness to see those sparkling eyes of Jurina. She afraid that she would be too atracted to it. She did her best to hide her blushed cheeks from Jurina. But then Jurina hold up her chin. Annin bot busted. Her red cheeks was kissed by Jurina.

“I won’t, because you’re as beautiful as a Princess. So, would you like to be mine, my Princess?” Jurina’s confession was so flawless as Annin thought it was childish. However, Annin felt her knees got weak and her face really hot due to the confession. But she didn’t give any response. She couldn’t move her tongue.

“Hmm, it seems you still hate me. Maybe I should go now,” Jurina frowned. After saying it she was about to use her helmet before Annin’s hand stopped her and gave Jurina a kiss on her cheek instead. Jurina’s eyes grew wider. She never thought it would happened. Annin too, never know exactly why she accept Jurina’s feeling. Jurina was just like a magnet to Annin, she kept atracting to her even she said she didn’t like her before. Even it’s kinda weird to accept someone she just knew in a short time, anyway she did it.

“We’ll go out again tomorrow at the same time, my Princess,” Jurina said then kissed the girl’s forehead,”Good night, have a nice rest,” Jurina almost started her engine before Annin called her again.

“Hey, wait!”

“What else, my Princess?” Jurina asked without dropping her smile.

“At least you can leave me your phone number or your mail address. Ju...just in case if...” Annin’s word was cut by Jurina.

“If you miss me in the middle of the night so badly after I go home, no problem,” Jurina said proudly. Annin was still being all shy just to asked her ‘freshly’ girlfriend’s number and mail address.

“I thought you won’t asked my number. You’re really cute! I can’t handle it,” Jurina said while she pinched Annin’s cheek lovingly.

“M..mou, stop it, just go home, my ....” Annin said whisperly. Jurina almost didn’t catched it.

“What did you say? I can’t hear you,” Jurina teased her girlfriend with her sarcastic look.

“I said just go home!”

“Not that part, the last part,”

“My ...nce”


“My Prince!” she said loudly which made Jurina laughed at her cute girlfriend.

“Okay then, my Princess,” one last wink sent Annin to the cloud.


Annin who used to be cold towards Jurina had changed. Now, she became really warm and spoiled towards Jurina. She always felt this kind of heavy feeling in her stomach whenever Jurina called her name or called her ‘Princess’. Everytime she saw Jurina’s smile, she felt like a mindless person, she only thought how lucky she was to have Jurina by her side.

Jurina really spoiling Annin. They looked like a magnet. Everytime they went through the school’s area, the other students would envy towards the two.

Until ...

“Okay students, today we have a new student, please get along with her,”

A beautiful girl walked inside the class. All the students were stunned by the beauty. Her flawless face, her twin-tailed hair and those cute expression were totally stunning.

“Good morning, everyone, my name is Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you” the new student introducing herself in front of the class. She averted her gaze towards all the student and locked her gaze to Jurina’s direction. She smiled mischievously. Annin then grabbed Jurina by her shoulder. Jurina just smiling back to Annin, reassuring that everything was okay. Annin was just worrying about this new girl. Somehow she felt intimidated by her existence.

“Well then Watanabe-san, you can sit beside Iriyama-san,”

“Thank you, sensei,”

Then she walked to the seat beside Annin, she felt more uncomfortable. She tightened her fist when she saw that the new girl looking at Jurina almost seductively.


“You won’t cheating on me, will you?” Annin said sadly. She didn’t know what got into her, but she had a bad feeling since the new student appeared.

“Why would I ? Of course, I won’t,” Jurina said, cupped Annin’s face with both of her hands. “Annin, listen here, if you have your trust in me, I will be really honest to you that at this time I only see you, I only love you, my Princess,” Then she kissed Annin’s cheek.

Annin who felt really weak then pulled Jurina closer into her tight hug. “I’m sorry for doubting you, it’s just, I’m afraid of loosing you Jurina, I love you too much,” she said between her sob.

Jurina loosen the hug and face Annin,”Trust me, I love you too,” Jurina leaned in closer to Annin’s face and kissed her lips softly.

“I trust in you, Jurina,”


Jurina and Annin were chatting happily inside the class. They didn’t go to the cafetaria to eat since Annin brought extra bento so then both of them could eat it on lunch break. Jurina told many joke to Annin. Well, actually it was not a really funny joke, but Annin still laugh respecting her girlfriend and her lame joke. But Annin really love how Jurina giving her best to make Annin smile everyday.

“Ahem...” a fake cough could be heard behind them. Both of them turned their head and found a smiling devil. “Ano, Jurina-san, I have a trouble on my English subject, Sensei said that you’re good at English. So, would you like to help me study this Sunday in my appartment?” She said cutely.

“Of course Mayu-san,” Jurina said easily with a bright smile on her face. Jurina and her over-kind-hearted character this time made Annin glared at her with the deadly fire burning in her eyes. Jurina realized it and continued her sentence,”But I’ll only come if you invite my girlfriend here too,” The fire on Annin’s eyes suddenly gone.

“Err, umm, y..yeaa...yeah of course, why not ? Hehee...” an unpleasant laugh escaped from her lips then she went outside the class.

“Why do you asked me to join ?” Annin asked with full of curiousity.

“I knew what you were thinking when I said yes, my Princess. Moreover, trust me, just come with me. I have a bad feeling about it,” Jurina said holding Annin’s hand with hers. She was really sure that there was something suspicious about this ‘study together’ thing.

Annin just nodding as her respon. She too, won’t let this fresh monster messing up with her girlfriend when she wasn’t around.


Sunday came sooner than usual. Finally, it was the day Jurina would come to Mayu’s appartment to study together. Jurina already in front of her motorcycle when Annin mailed her.

“Prince, I’m sorry I can’t come with you, my mother needs my help to cook, because my siblings will come tonight  :(

“It’s okay Princess, then I’m not going too since you’re not coming,  :)

“No, it’s okay, you can still help her. I trust you. Sorry, I’m in a rush. See you tomorrow, Prince. I love you  :love:

“Well, if you say so. Thank you, Princess. I love you too  :-*

Jurina closed her phone. I’m going to her appartment alone, I hope there will nothing bad happen.

Jurina really had a bad feeling.


“Ah, finally you came,” Mayu said inviting Jurina to came inside her appartment.

It was a quite expensive appartment in town. Mayu lived there alone because her parents were working outside Japan and just visited her rarely once a month. At least, that’s the information Jurina got when she was asking about Mayu’s reason of living alone in the appartment.

“Why are you alone? Didn’t you say that your girlfriend will come along?” Mayu asked while serving soda and some cookies on the table.

“She has something to do, so she asked me to come alone here,”

A smirk appeared on her face,”Shall we start now ?”

And the lesson start. Jurina helped Mayu with her English problem. And actually it wasn’t hard as she thought before. Or should she say, she’s actually no need any help. She’s smart after all.

Why she needs my help if she can learn this fast. Was it just her excuse to study with me ?

“Ano, Mayu-san, you seems not having serious trouble in English. Why do you need my help?” Jurina asked as her curiousity eat her brain.

“Uh? Really? Hahaha ... well,” Mayu rose up from her seat and walked behind Jurina. “You got me, huh? Actually, I just need you, Jurina,” she said as she hug Jurina on her neck from behind. She smell Jurina’s perfume,”You smell good,” she licked Jurina’s earlobe and whispered,”You taste good, too,”


END ?!

Haaah, it stopped there. I told you I lost words on how to continue this story. :banghead:
Anyway, if you want to create your own continuation, I would be happy.  :yep:

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aaah it's sweet  :inlove:
annin became tsundere it's cute  :lol:
no jurina don't let lust consume you  :(
it's great!! :thumbsup
but it's better when you continued it  :D :twothumbs
please update soon  :bow:

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please kindly visit this too ...

School's Lunch Break


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