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Author Topic: [RikuYuu] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 10 05/05/15  (Read 45741 times)

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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OMG! Riku needs an army against that crazy fangirls

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 2.5 12/09/13
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Very interesting development there...

Oh... Mayu is such a bad cousin...

Using such a news to save his club

What kind of troubles would they come across

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the updates so far

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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@yuyu: Yup, their break-up is postpone at the moment. :P

@Chichay12: I tried my best to finish this chapter. :D

@ifzhaa: One of the reasons why he has fan girls. :yep:

@atsukojiyuu_c: I will make use of those fan girls to create a little drama. :twisted:

@shiruba_rein: Riku only feels that way at first. Let's see when he will fall. :D

@Haruko: He is handsome so it can't be helped if he has crazy fan girls :P

@cisda83: I made a greedy Mayuboy here. 8)

A/N: I made this chapter light to relieve myself at Yuko's announcement. :cry:

Chapter 3

Today Riku invited Yuko out to treat her for the hard work they had been doing at school. He was waiting for Yuko at a certain waiting shed near Yuko's house. While waiting for Yuko, Riku felt that someone is watching him. Just to make sure he is right he acted like he is anxiously waiting for someone, looking at his watch from time to time while scanning the area. At the same time a truck with an aluminum body passed by. The image reflected by the truck was not in high definition but it was enough for Riku to see that there are 2 girls hiding beside the vending machine and the other one at the tree.

'Tsk. The face of one girl looks familiar probably my fangirl.' Riku immediately emailed Yuko of what he saw. Both don't have a choice but to act rabu-rabu again even if this day is supposed to be a hangout of friends.

Yuko arrived shortly after reading Riku’s message. Seeing Riku’s frown, Yuko tiptoed slowly making sure Riku won't feel or see her. She covered Riku's eyes with her hands.

“Guess who~” Yuko said playfully.

“Eh? Hmm... Etou.. Who are you?” Riku acted dumb so Yuko removed her hands from Riku's eyes and slapped his right arm.

“Aw!” Riku said dramatically and faced a pouting Yuko with her arms crossed.

“Oh Honey! It’s you.” Riku said. He was about to hug Yuko but she avoided it. "Honey I was just joking. Your voice is permanently saved in my mind and especially in my heart."

“Hmph.” Yuko looked away pretending to be mad. Riku successfully hugged Yuko this time from her back and kissed her cheeks.

“I'm sorry I was just kidding.” Riku said while trying to make Yuko face him and was kissing Yuko's face except her lips. Riku noticed that Yuko is blushing. 'She must be still shy.' He thought. The two smirked when they felt an intimidating aura emitting from the vending machine. Getting used to the dating and doing what couples do. Being intimate in front of others is something they are not embarrassed of doing anymore.

“Fine. I forgive you this time but don't do it again.”

“I promise. Let's go.” The two held hands and chatted happily which made the intimidating aura grew worse.

“By the way, your acting is getting better, Yuu-chan.” Riku whispered. Yuko only smiled back.


The two arrived in the theater and decided to watch a romantic comedy film. Yuko is waiting near to the entrance of the movie they will watch because Riku said he'll buy the tickets and food by himself. Wishing that Riku would arrive sooner because she noticed a guy has been staring at her since she stayed there. Yuko started to get nervous as the guy heads his way to her.

“Hi. You've been standing there for 15 minutes. Did your boyfriend ditch you? Want to come with me instead?” The guy said. “Oh! I'm Taketatsu Kyosuke by the way.” He added while extending his arm for a handshake. Yuko ignored his hand.

“My boyfriend will be here soon so I don't need your company.” Yuko replied coldly. But the guy was unaffected.

“Why so cold Miss? I was just being friendly.” Mario said.

“Yuu-chan I'm sorry for being late. The line for the food was dragged by an old couple who can't decide what to eat.” Riku said while giving Yuko's drinks and food. “Taketatsu?” Riku said when he noticed the figure beside him.

“Kojima, this is your girlfriend?”

“Yeah. Oshima Yuko. Yuu-chan he is a classmate from my previous school, Taketatsu Kyosuke.”

“Is that so.. Riku the movie will start soon. Let's go.” Yuko locked her arms with Riku showing the way to the entrance of the movie they will watch.

Fortunately for them the stalkers from that morning were not able to get inside the cinema. They probably didn't bring much money. They sat in the middle part of the cinema. Yuko felt that she is being watched again. Just to be sure she looked around and found Riku's former classmate stealing glances at them.

“What's wrong?” Riku asked.

“Your friend is here.”

“Just ignore him.”

“His look is really annoying you know.”

Hearing that, Riku wrap his arm in Yuko's shoulder and made her head lean on his chest.

“Just focus on watching the movie or do you want me to kiss you on the lips to distract you.” Riku said. Yuko rolled her eyes.

“This is coming from the guy who ran away from me like I'm a monster when I tried to kiss him.”

“I'm a lot more comfortable to you now so I'm sure I can kiss you this time.”

“Yeah, right.” Yuko said completely not believing Riku's words. Riku moved closer to Yuko and the two watched the whole movie in that position.

*After the Watching the Movie*

“Hahaha! The girl is so funny.” Yuko said.

“Yeah! I don't think any normal person would sparkly clean the whole office of the company she's working at midnight till dawn just because her boyfriend broke up with her.”

“And her expression while cleaning is priceless!”

“Ah. That was a fun movie.” Riku said. Both are starting to calm down. “It's still 3pm. Want to go somewhere?”

“Hmm... Well.. It’s been quite a while since I went to the arcade.” Yuko said.

“Okay! Arcade it is. Let's go!”


*At the Arcade*

“Hey, it’s Kai.” Yuko pointed to a certain someone playing Initial D.

“Yo Kai, why are you alone?” Yuko asked.

“Eh?! Yuko? And Riku? Ah! Woah. That was close. I almost crash.” Kai said. After a few seconds Kai finished the game.

“Guys, what's up?” Kai asked

“Are you alone?” Riku asked.

“Yeah... Are you two on a date?”

“Un.” Riku and Yuko replied at the same time.

“I see.. Must be nice.” Kai looked so sad.

“Where is Acchan?” This time Yuko asked.

“She got student council stuff to do. Some meeting about financial.”


“For the school festival I think... That's what I heard from her.” Kai's cellphone suddenly rang.

“It’s Atsuko!” Kai's happiness was very evident and the 'couple' can't help but think Kai looks like a child who just received a present.

“*clears throat* Moshi moshi... Really?! You're free tomorrow!.......Okay.... Got it! Bye~” Kai excitedly answered.

“Uwah! Too bright.” Yuko said and pretended to protect her eyes from Kai's glow.

“Hehe. I got a date with her tomorrow. I got to go guys. I need to prepare.” Kai said and immediately vanished from their eyes.

“It's amazing how Atsuko can affect Kai.” Riku said.

“That's what love can do to you Honey.” Yuko approached the Silent Hill shooting game.

“Let's play.” Yuko smiled at Riku.

Riku smirked. “I won't lose to you.”

The two played almost all the games in the arcade center. Yuko won mostly in their matches. They were having so much fun but the fan girls that were stalking them earlier were back. Yuko didn’t mind them but Riku was slightly uncomfortable.

Yuko finally knew what was really bothering Riku when she noticed that Riku has been staring at a certain UFO catcher. ‘It has cute squirrel plushies… He wants to get one for himself but his fan girls will see it.’ Yuko deduced.

“Ne Riku! Get a squirrel for me from that UFO catcher!” Yuko dragged the clueless Riku to the catcher. Riku was unaware of Yuko’s actions and just obliged to his girlfriend’s request.

Riku got the plushy and handed it to Yuko. “Thanks.” Yuko said and hugged the small squirrel.

“That’s all?” Riku said feeling unsatisfied to the way Yuko expressed her gratitude.

“What do you mean?” The clueless Yuko asked.

“Don’t I get a reward?” Riku said.

“Like what?” Yuko asked.

“I don’t know. Something.” Riku went closer to Yuko until there was only 3 inches gap of their faces. “Like a kiss.” That made Yuko’s face turned to the reddest shade. Despite Yuko feeling embarrassed to Riku’s statement, she still kissed him but only in the cheek.

“That’s not what I was expecting.” Riku pouted.

“You asked for a kiss and I gave it.”

“But I want it to be on my lips!” Riku whined. ‘Riku please don’t make those girls kill me.’ Yuko thought when she felt Goosebumps from the intense glares that were stabbing her that came from Riku’s stalkers. 

“We are at a public place and it’s embarrassing because there are too many people here.” Yuko said shyly.   

“Fine. I won’t force but promise to me that you will kiss me later.”

“Okay, I promise.” Riku’s stalkers were more fueled up hearing that.

*After half an hour*

“Yuu-chan I ran out of coins.”

“Me too.” Yuko replied.

“Let's go.” Riku said and held Yuko’s free hand. The stalkers seemed to have something to do because they finally stopped stalking and left the couple. While walking, the conversation of the two suddenly shifted to love.

*Yuko's POV*

“Yuu-chan, have you ever fallen in love?” I was surprised when he threw that question to me. Love huh... I admit at first I had a crush on him but spending too much time with him I think I started to like him more.

“......No. Why?”

“Are you sure? It took you quite a while to respond.”

“Okay fine. I'm not sure its love. But I definitely like him.”

“I am in the way, right? You can't confess to him because the school believes we're dating.” 'Riku you had no idea how happy I am to date you even if it’s fake.' I thought.

“Don't worry about that.” 'It’s you.'

“When the chance comes that we can break up I will help you get him.” 'Ouch. This just confirms that Riku only thinks of me as a friend.'

“But for now, enjoy dating me okay.” Riku said and held my hand tighter. I can only nod in response because I feel that my face is heating up. It’s because he do things like this I started to like him even more. He is too good at acting as a boyfriend. We never let go of our hands until we reached my house.

“Today was really fun. Thanks for the treat and here.” I smiled gratefully to him and handed the squirrel plushy.

“Are you giving that to me?” Riku asked me.

“Yeah.” I said as I kept my smile.

“Why?” I was confused at what he said.

“You were looking at it a lot before you caught it. You must have wanted to get it.”

“I do want it for myself at first but seeing you hugged this cutie…” Riku gave the squirrel back to me. “I was thinking about how that squirrel resembles you and that it suits you more. It looks like you two will get along.”

“Oh. Thank you.” So it’s for me. Riku should really stop doing things that would make me feel that I’m special to him. Also, he called the plushie ‘cutie’ and it resembles me. Does that mean he thinks I’m cute?

“No problem.” He has been staring at me for a while.

“Is there something on my face?”

“No. Nothing.” He wants to say something to me but he is stopping himself. To make him say what's on his mind I also stare back at him without saying anything.

“What?” He is asking me this time.

“Nothing.” I replied back. I am determined to know what's on his mind right now.

“You should go inside already its getting darker.” I can see that he is trying to avoid so I intensify my stare.

“You're really not giving up.”

“No.” He sighed. Looks like my staring is working since he is giving up.

“Close your eyes.” I raised my eyebrow at him.

“And you'll run away?”

“No. You can hold me if you want.” That's weird. What is he planning?

“Never mind.” I heard him saying that. I froze as I felt something warm on my lips. Riku is kissing me! The kiss did not last long. Just when I felt his lips he pulled back right away.

“I'm sorry I suddenly got the urge to kiss you and besides… you promised.” I didn’t say anything and was still shock of what he did.

“Yuu-chan?” He looked at me worriedly. “Please don't get mad at me.”

“That was my first kiss...” As soon as I said that guilt spread on Riku's face.

“I'm really sorry. You can slap me if that makes you feel better. Oh god, I'm so selfish. I shoul-“

I kissed him this time. And this kiss lasted longer than the first one. He was stiff at first but relaxed after a while. Shortly after that I pulled away.

“You talk too much.” I said. 'Kawaii! He's blushing.' I thought.

“I'm not mad. I was just surprised. And.. I'm actually glad my first kiss with you.” I gave him my best smile.

“I'm glad my first is with you too.” He smiled back. We were exchanging glances until someone interrupted our cute moment.

“Ahem!” Somebody is right behind us. We turned our eyes to the person who disturbed us.

“Da-dad?!” Why is he here early?! He usually goes home around 10 pm! This is bad.

“Who is this guy Yuko?” My father asked in an emotionless tone while eyeing at Riku.

“He is Kojima Riku.” I'm really nervous right now. I don't know what I should say. Is Riku a friend or boyfriend? Should I lie or not?

“Good evening sir.” Riku bowed.

“What is your relationship with my daughter?” Straight forward as always. Riku, what will your answer be?

“I am you daughter’s boyfriend.” He said it! My father's face became stern.

“I see. Why don't you join dinner with us tonight?” Riku please say no.

“It’s a pleasure.” What?!

We went inside the house and my father started to cook for dinner. Both of us are waiting at the living room watching TV.

“Why did you lie?” I asked him.

“He caught us being sweet at each other, of course he won't believe that I am not a suitor or a boyfriend.”

“But still...” I tried to think of something to counter him.

“Besides if ever your father went to our school and ask around he will know that we're 'dating'. His impression of me will become bad. Things are better this way.” I didn't respond anymore and went to the kitchen to help my father.

“Time flew so fast.” I looked at my father. “My daughter is already at the age of having a boyfriend.”

“Dad, are you happy for me?”

“Yes although I'm a bit sad but the feeling of happiness is stronger.”

“You scared me back then. I thought you would kill Riku.”

“I will kill him if he hurt you.” I giggled.

“Don't worry. He is a very nice guy.” I assured him.

“Hm. We will see later if he deserves you.”

Dinner came, Riku and Dad talked a lot. Surprisingly they get along well. Dad's uneasiness must have been removed by now.

“Come here sometimes for a visit Riku-kun. Just make sure I'm here and not alone with Yuko.” Dad said as he is saying his goodbye to Riku.

“No sex yet. You kids understand?” I stepped on my father foot from the embarrassment. Riku is blushing too.


“Ow.. I'm serious dear.”

“I know but don't say it so bluntly like that!”

“Ahem! Anyway, see you around boy.” Dad said and finally left us.

“Sorry about that.” I'm still embarrassed from what Dad said. Geez, that old man.

“Nah, it's okay. It's normal for a father to be protective to their child.”

“You're right.”

“See you on Monday. Don't miss me too much Honey.” I rolled my eyes.

“In your dreams.” What a lie. I will definitely miss him.

“Bye. *chu*” He sent me a flying kiss and went away. That guy is always successful in making my heart beat faster.

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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KOJIYUU !!! KOJIYUU!! KOJIYUU!! :banana: :pepper: :leek: :taco: :muffin: :strawberry: :lock:  :cow:
ME GUSTA~  :shy2:
Riku really does have a weird hobby ehh..  :dunno:
A girly boyfriend and a boyish girlfriend~  :lol:
I think they already have a feeling for each other~  :inlove:
just confess already!!!  :on lol:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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 i really enjoy this update  :wub:
just confess already!!!  :on lol:

update soon :on gay:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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hope riku also have feelings for yuko! update soon please  :bow: :bow:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Awww shucks. . . They are just so cute! . . . .

I just love the way how they interact with each other  :heart: :heart: , they didn't have to tell the other what to do . . . they just acted based on their feelings  :wub:

That Taketatsu Kyousuke . . . some how, I don't like him  :smhid also, Riku's stalkers . . . . I wonder who they are  :?

But the good thing is. . . . they finally kissed!! . . . what's more is Yuko's dad got along with Riku  :D :D

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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I love This story!!!! Continue it.

I like Riku's character. It make the story really fun. :D
Mayuki = Cutest couple

Married?!-Mayuki fanfic (maybe it will have another pair)

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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thanx for the updated!

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Looking forward to the next chapter! <3

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Make it official already!!! There's no way out anyway (unless some twisted plot will happen).
I'm still rooting for them!! Just keep acting KojiYuu. XD

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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UUWAAAAAHH. This is awesome! It's so rare to find a Riku x Yuko that it's focused on them and not in AtsuMina pair. I'm loving it so much.
Also,I like your writing a lot. Please continue it soon!
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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Ah Yuko is getting more and more attracted to Riku

How about Riku?

I think Riku is getting more comfortable in Yuko's presence.

Ah... Kai is so cute when he was excite about something to do with Atsuko.

What's going to happen to Yuko next?

Would Riku's fans do something to Yuko?

What about Atsuko and Kai date?

Can't wait to find out

Thank you for the update

  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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kai x acchan and riku x yuko it's my fav fict  :D


update soon  :bow:

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Omg Kojiyu is so cute and so sweet

Hope the fans girl not bully Yuko

Please update soon

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Re: [RikuxYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 3 01/06/14
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Oh my Gosh awesome fic
please continue the kojiyuu sweetness
looking forward  :bow:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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@chiqinna: Confess. Hehehe. Not now. :kekeke:

@Chichay12: I will them kiss but the confession will be.... :mon evillaff:

@Tam_atsu: Is Riku a little hard to read? :D

@shiruba_rein: They act naturally right. :yep: That Taketatsu will not bother them for now. :twisted: LOL Both of them get along with the parents. Isn't that nice. :lol:

@Chanaline: I still have my plans for this fic so I will really continue this. I always wanted to make Riku like that. I'm glad you like his character. :w00t:

@Haruko: Thank you for reading. :w00t:

@haruhi16: Hehe. Thanks. :heart:

@kiruchi: I still want them to pretend. :P

@Suicchin: The world needs more RikuYuko!!! :cow:

@cisda83: Yup, Riku is getting way too comfortable with Yuko. :wub: Stay tune if you want to know what will happen to Yuko. ;) I'm sorry if I didn't put Atsumina in this chapter. :(

@Akira ryusen sora: I'm flattered. :shy1:

@Kirozoro: I tried to make it fluffy as possible but Yuko is being bullied. It's part of my plan. :P

@miayaka: I'm really honored. :shy1: Thank you. :heart:

Chapter 4

Yuko was patiently waiting for Riku at the classroom for more than an hour. Riku received an invitation to go to the Art Club and he is now there while she was alone another classmate inside the room. Her train of thoughts was interrupted by that cute classmate.

“Oshima-chan, can you please pass these papers to Itou-sensei? I need to start my cleaning duties at the rooftop right now and my partner has been waiting.” The cute classmate placed the papers on Yuko's desk without asking the other girl's consent and then dash out from the classroom.

“Eh?...” Yuko slowly looked at the papers and remembered that the teacher whom she was going to pass the papers wanted those right away after dismissal. Not to mention, that sensei is hot headed too. Yuko will surely be reprimanded if she passes those papers now.

“Why did she ask me to do it now? It's way past dismissal!” Yuko whined. Even though it's against her will, as a good person she didn't want the cute classmate to get in trouble for that cute girl has always been a great and diligent student.

Yuko slowly opened the classroom and scanned the hallway carefully. Lately Yuko noticed that whenever she is alone, there is always something bad that will happen to her. When she went to the restroom alone yesterday she slipped on spilled water after she got out from the cubicle. The other day early in the morning, a bubble gum got stuck in her skirt from her chair. There was also an incident that a pot fell down from the sky and it almost hit her. Yuko herself knew that those were not made by destiny but are probably done by Riku's admirers. She didn't want Riku to worry about her so she kept quiet about it.

Her journey towards the faculty room was surprisingly peaceful. There were no attacks at all and that made Yuko more nervous of what those girls are up to this time. Yuko got Goosebumps as she opened the faculty room. The first person she saw was the hot headed teacher with a scowl on her face. Yuko gulped hard before heading to the scary teacher.

“Uh. Good afternoon Itou-sensei. Here are the papers from 2-C.” Yuko tried to make her voice sound normal but her fear overpowered her determination to be strong at the teacher's incoming harsh remarks.

The teacher's right eyebrow was at its highest peak. “Good afternoon? Hah! My afternoon would have been good only if no stupid student passed the papers an hour after the time I set!” Itou-sensei said harshly that it caught the attention of the other teachers.

“But I'm not the one who wa-“ Yuko was cut off by the teacher.

“Excuses! You are just lazy. I'll remember you at deliberation Oshima. Now get out of here. I don't want to see your face.”

“I'm sorry.” Yuko timidly said and bowed before going out from the faculty room.

“That old woman. She didn't even let me explain.” Yuko pouted and headed back to the classroom.

“Kyaa!” Yuko let out a small scream when she felt that her waist was hugged by someone from behind and she was given a peck on her cheek. Feeling the lips familiar, Yuko looked at the culprit and found a smiling Riku.

“Hey.” Riku slowly let go of Yuko to let her face him.

“Riku don't surprise me like that.” Yuko puffed to show her irritation in Riku's reaction. But Riku noticed that Yuko's cheeks were flushing so he decided to tease her a little.

“Are you blushing because you're mad or maybe...” Riku went closer to Yuko's face and Yuko tried not to react from the sudden closeness but her cheeks were against her as it was becoming red. “You like it deep in your heart.” That did it. Yuko's face became redder at being discovered.

“I don't like it at all. Hmph!” Yuko folded her arms and looked away from Riku.

Riku caressed Yuko's cheeks that made Yuko look at Riku. “I'm sorry for teasing you. You are just too cute that I can't help it.” Riku said while smiling.

Yuko's heart has been beating crazily from Riku's actions. “Mou! When will you stop teasing me?” Yuko thought that what Riku just said was still a joke because he has been smiling non-stop.

“I'm serious here.” Riku's smile never left his face making Yuko think that he was still joking.

“As if I believe you. Let's go already.” Yuko walked ahead fast.

“Why don't you believe it?” Riku asked and caught up with Yuko's pace.

“You are smiling like you are expecting those reactions from me.”

“Oh, actually the art club asked me to be their model today and I have been smiling for more than an hour without taking a break. I can't seem to take the smile off and my face feels numb.”

Yuko looked at Riku's face intently if he was really telling the truth. His smile was too dazzling that instead of inspecting his face Yuko ended up staring at him. Riku knew that Yuko finds him handsome but he didn't know until to what extent. Instead of snapping Yuko back to earth, Riku just let Yuko stare at him as he stared back at her.

They have been staring for almost 5 minutes so Riku decided to cut it off by giving Yuko a fast surprise peck on the lips.


“Don't stare at me like that or else I will melt Yuu-chan.” Riku didn't give Yuko a chance to retort back. To hide his embarrassment from his bold move, he immediately got hold of Yuko's wrist and dragged her to the classroom. It's not like Yuko can say anything anyway. It was quite a while since their first kiss so Yuko was shocked with the sudden kiss.

Yuko was still in daze when they got into the classroom. “Um... This is a problem.” Riku said.

“Hm?” Yuko finally snapped out.

“My handsomeness powers up whenever I smile. I might attract more girls along the way and they might chase me. We have to do something about this.” Riku said with a smile but with a hint of a problematic tone. Yuko started to laugh at Riku's situation.

“Why are you laughing? I don't see anything amusing from this.”

“Your tone is totally different from your expression. This is very interesting.” Yuko's laugh had gotten louder.

‘Geez, just a while ago you where mesmerized by me but now you're laughing at me.’ Riku thought.

Yuko's loud laugh finally mellowed out and she coughed a little. Although Riku was smiling, he was too silent. “Okay, I'm finish.” Yuko said. “Try not to move with me, alright?” Riku nodded and wondered what Yuko was planning. Yuko touched Riku's cheeks, pinched them very hard, and stretched it as long as it can.
 “OooOww! YuuKoo stooop iiittt! Aaahh!”

Yuko let of Riku's cheeks. “Hey it actually worked! You're not smiling anymore.”

Riku touched his face and went to the window to look at his face. “Wow. Thanks Yuu-chan.”

“I'm amazing, aren't I?” Yuko proudly said and winked.

“Yes you are! I will treat you for some sweets later to show my gratitude.” Riku said and placed his arm at Yuko's shoulder.

“You just wanted me to accompany you in going to a pastry shop where guys are ashamed to go.”

“I'm sorry but I really want to eat there. The foods displayed were too cute that I want to taste them now! Their interior design is very cute too. I really want to go there Yuu-chan.” Riku's aura was too girly for Yuko to take. She can't say no though, she loves seeing Riku extremely happy and she is about to see it once again if she says yes to him.

“As long as it's your treat.”

“Yes! What are we standing here for? Let's go!” Both got their bags and then Riku happily took Yuko's free hand.


Yuko was amaze by the shop in front of her. It was more girly than the previous pastry shops they've been too. It was totally covered with pink and the pictures of dishes displayed outside looks ridiculous to her eyes. No normal designs of cakes were found. Meanwhile, Riku was totally overjoyed. His eyes were sparkling to the max.

“Finally! I can now come here without embarrassing myself. Let's get inside now!” Riku's grip on Yuko's hand got tighter as he dragged her inside the shop.

“Welcome to A Girl's Sweet Desire.” The waitress greeted the two elegantly. Riku caught the eyes of the other customers. It was very rare to see a guy customer in these kinds of shops unless it was a gay. The chatters of the girls became whispers as they debated if the handsome guy was gay.

“Table for two please.” Riku immediately said and ignored the other customers' stare at him.

“Right this way Sir.” The waitress led them to their table which was next to the glass wall. The waitress gave the menu to let the two decide what to order.

Yuko was shocked of how super expensive the sweets were. “Riku? Aren't these cakes too expensive?”

“As I said it's my treat so don't worry about it.”

“But you’re always treating me. I think you are too generous.”

“Yuko, just think this is my way to repay you for pretending to be my girlfriend. And didn't you say before that I'm using you to get inside girly shops? Think of that as another thing I need to pay but at the same time something I enjoy.”

“But still. I feel you should not pay me this much.”

“If you feel that way then let's do PDA in school.” Riku calmly said.

Yuko instantly blushed and hid her face behind the menu. Just the thought of getting more intimate with Riku in public made her imagine hot scenes with him. “What kind of suggestion is that? That's too embarrassing.”

“I can't think of anything else to make your job heavier. But isn't that a great idea?”

Yuko placed the menu down and pointed at Riku. “It's a very bad idea. Never mention that anymore.”

Since Yuko was still blushing heavily so Riku decided to tease her. “Are imagining us making-out without shame in public Yuu-chan?” Yuko flinched and Riku was surprised that he got it right but he continued. “I'm not against it. Feel free to eat my lips in front of everyone whenever you want.” Riku said happily.

“Where did the guy who was afraid to get kissed by me went off to?” Yuko then sighed.

“He found out that you are the safest girl than the other disgusting girls out there and he had become fond to the taste of your lips.” Riku ended it with a wink.

Being alone with Riku was always bad for Yuko's heart. There are times when she can't tell if he was joking or not, if his flirting was real or just a pretend. The guy can always make Yuko's heart flutter without fail and Yuko will always ended up blushing hard. Their pretend was starting make Yuko crazy with Riku being a sweet boyfriend. This always happens whenever they are on a date, Riku forever making Yuko blush without limits.

The waitress came back to the two and saved Yuko from further getting teased by Riku. “Are you ready to take your orders?” The waitress asked.

“Yes, I will have one slice of Waltz Paradise and another one slice of Twinkle Little Cake. My drinks will be Flowing Stream Tea.” Yuko felt that Riku must have prepared what he will order even before they came inside.

“What about you Miss?” The waitress turned her attention to Yuko who was completely lost on what to order. The names of their cake gave her no idea on what's its flavor so she looked at Riku for help.

“She will have one slice of Hide and Seek Princess and A Princess’ Afternoon Tea.” Riku said to the waitress. The waitress repeated the order and went to the counter.

Yuko scanned the menu again and found out that Riku ordered the most expensive cake and tea for her. “Riku why did you ordered those for me?”

“Maybe because I wanted to make your job as my fake girlfriend become heavier.”

“Why?” Yuko was sighed as she prepared her heart. She recognized where this conversation is going.

“I want to level up our pretend by doing more acting. Let's boldly display our affections in public.” Riku said in a serious tone.

“Not again with this.”

“Hey, you knew where that question will lead you yet you still asked.”

“I had a small hope that you will answer me sincerely.” Yuko didn't receive a reply but she knew Riku was about to respond but the waitress arrived with their orders.

The cakes don’t look edible to Yuko. It looked more like scrapbook accessories pasted in the triangular cake. She still doesn't understand where the cakes got its names. She judged the weird naming sense of the owner of this shop. Yuko was not impressed with the shop's product but Riku was totally shinning when their cakes arrived. He was obviously enjoying looking at the cute designs of the cakes. Even though Yuko is a girl she can't understand why girls loves these kind of things especially Riku.

Riku took a bite on his two cakes. “This is heaven. It's very delicious. Try yours now Yuu-chan.”

Yuko hesitantly munched the weird looking cake and was surprised with its taste. “It is delicious. The sweetness is just right.”

“It should be. It's the most expensive in their menu. Here, try mine too.” Riku took a slice from his cake and use his fork to feed it to Yuko.

Yuko shyly bite the cake from his fork. ‘An indirect kiss. Not to mention the customers has started to watch us again. This is really embarrassing. Since when can he do this so casually with a big audience?’

“It's delicious too, right?” Riku said. Yuko nodded. She can't concentrate much on what she was eating because Riku just fed and it was occupying her mind. How she wish he would do that again.

“Give me some of yours too.” Riku said. Yuko was startled by that but she obliged. She wouldn't miss this opportunity to feed him too. Riku was excited, either it's because he was going to taste the specialty of that shop or maybe because Yuko was about to feed him but Yuko hoped it was the latter.

“Mm! It's the best! Wait, you haven't tasted the other cake I ordered. Here.” Riku lifted his fork again near Yuko's mouth and fed her. Yuko didn't expect her wish to be granted very soon. She munched the cake but she can't focus on knowing its taste. Her heart was pounding so fast and her eyes won't go away from Riku. The experience was too much for her to take. The other customers were also looking at them with amusement. At least the stares Yuko got with the girls inside the shop were not life threatening unlike in school. If ever one of Riku's fan girls saw this then those bad incidents might escalate.

Yuko was unfortunately right...


I decided to let Yuko meet her bullies in the next chapter. The date in this chapter was supposed to be very short but I got carried away. :nervous I'm very sleepy now so if there are any grammatical mistakes please let it slide for now. 
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Very interesting development here....

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Dang I really love this fic. It's funny and the same time so romantic. I can't wait for the next chapter!!! Lovey dovey level up!!!! Woohoo~

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