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Author Topic: [RikuYuu] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 10 05/05/15  (Read 45739 times)

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
« Reply #40 on: January 25, 2014, 12:45:42 PM »
wow.. I like this fic very much.. :twothumbs
I like the story their character (*^ω^*)

can't wait for the next chapter  XD

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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My Girly Boyfriend

Chapter 1

“Do not underestimate the power of the fangirls Yuko-chan.” I saw fear in Acchan's eye which is quite rare to see from the strict Kaicho.

KaixAtsuko is just a cameo... I think. :P I'll see if I can make something for them.

Yeah, fangirls are scary.. :cry:
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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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make out ! make out! make out!
feel free to eat riku-san's lips on public, what a great opportunity!
take it yuko-san  :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile: :hip smile:
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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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Riku....what a tease!!!  XD you made yuko blushed so much!  :nya:

riku's fans become yuko's haters ckckckck  :sweat:
come on my squirrel, show them who's the boss!!!  :ding:

great progress, waiting for the next xD m(_ _)m

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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i miss this story  :banghead:
please update  :bow: :bow:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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Wow what a teacher they have there

And Riku face numb i bet they didn't even concertrate drawing

Please update soon

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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hmmm :on drink:  i wonder when can i read the next chapter  :frustrated: *teehee*
konoe-san please update soon :on gay:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 4 01/25/14
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please please update~ :bow: :bow: :bow: :bleed eyes:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
« Reply #48 on: February 26, 2014, 05:00:33 PM »

@cisda83: Riku will now know what her fangirls has been doing to Yuko.

@Chichay12: You really love this  :on gay: do you? You always use it here. XD I want to read about RikuYuko too that's why I guess I give fanservices as I can. :sweatdrop:

@yuu9: Thanks. I tried my best making it funny and romantic and I'll try to keep it up.  :shy1:

@prof.j: Hehe. Thank you.  :shy1: I'm glad you like it.

@imintoyou128: Lol :on lol:

@atsukojiyuu_C: I want to write a Riku who teases Yuko a lot. A little change from the Riku in other fanfics I had read. Rather than Yuko, Riku will show his awesomeness in the future chaps. :P

@mgxx: I already PMed you so I'm sorry for the wait. It's finally here. :D

@Kirozoro: Yuko was unfortunate. She is sometimes outsmarted by Riku's fangirls.

Chapter 5

It was another beautiful day with the birds chirping, the sakura petals falling, and the gentle wind flowing. Despite the relaxing morning Yuko felt that Riku's fangirls will do more dangerous stunts on her later. She wanted to talk to them but every time she fell or almost fell from their tricks they always vanish like a ninja giving Yuko no clue about who these girls are.

As Yuko opened her shoe locker she found a black paper. “A letter?” Yuko opened the black letter with white chiller font.

Greetings Oshima Yuko, you must have had an idea of who could send this letter to you. Yes, you are right. It is us who love Riku. We couldn't take your closeness to him anymore you stubborn girl who couldn't take a hint! So meet us at the stockroom located behind the gym after school! Do not be a coward and come here alone, you understand?! Don't you dare tell Riku-sama about this.

With love,
The Riku-sama Fanclub

“These girls... They are obsessed already.” Yuko said while reading the letter again that can be mistaken to have been made by the occult club. “This is a great opportunity to tell them to stop all of this.”

“An opportunity to tell what?” A voice sneaked behind Yuko.

“Acchan?! Why are you here so early?” Yuko crumpled the paper in panic.

“What do you mean? I'm always early. And I do my student council works every morning so that I will have less work in the afternoon.”

“Oh... Uh. Being the Kaicho is hassle huh?” Yuko said nervously while Atsuko was looking at her intensely.

“Not really. By the way Yuko, what is that letter all about?” Atsuko shifted her gaze towards the crumbled paper.

“This is nothing. Hahaha.” ‘I got to distract her.’ God was at Yuko's side as he saw Kai's figure outside. “Hey it's Kai! You must have planned another date early in the morning, didn't you? I don't want to be in the way so see you guys later.”

Yuko placed the letter in her pocket for safe keeping preventing Riku from seeing it and ran away from Atsuko. She would rather face the girls alone or else Riku might cease their pretending if he finds out she is being bullied because of him. She wants to stay as his even if she is just a fake girlfriend.


Atsuko was not able to pester Yuko about the letter because the student council had an emergency meeting. At the lunch it was only Riku and Yuko. Kai won't eat together with them if Atsuko is not around.

“Class as you all know summer break is coming.” The students yelled with joy with the adviser's reminders. “But it also means more homework. So please before enjoying your vacation kindly finish your homeworks first. That's all. Class dismissed.” All the students rushed outside to officially feel freedom from lectures. Only Riku and Yuko were left at the classroom.

“Ne Yuu-chan, I'll walk you home.” Riku said.

“Thanks Riku but I have something to do.” Yuko politely refused Riku's invitation.

“I can always wait for you.”

“But it might really take me long. Wait. You're planning on taking me to another pastry shop, aren't you?”

“Uh yeah.” Riku laughed nervously at being caught.

“No way. I will not eat sweets this summer so don't expect me to accompany you near those shops. My goal this summer is to lose weight and not the opposite.”

“But you have a fast metabolism and you didn't get fat at all. You are still slim.”

“Don't fool me. I'm sure I'm getting fatter and heavier. I'm growing wider and not taller!” Yuko touched her cheeks and arms to feel the parts that had been growing wider lately.

“Trust me, you are not fat at all. And your weight? Let me see then.” Riku carried Yuko like a princess in his arms with ease.

“Wha-?! Riku put me down. If someone sees us.” Yuko blushed and tried to push Riku to let her down.

“What are you embarrassed about? It's only us in here. Everybody went home to spend their vacation. It's not like we're doing something indecent here.”

“Not that! I just... don't want you to know how heavy I am...” Yuko voice gets tinier in every word she said which was cute in Riku's eyes.

“Nah. You're super light. See.” Riku threw Yuko in the air which made Yuko scream.

“Kyaa!” Yuko fell back to Riku's arms safely. “Baka Riku! That was dangerous! What if you couldn't catch my fall because I'm heavy.” Yuko smacked Riku's head.

“Ow! Ugh. I told you are light so I'm confident I can catch you. I'll do it again.” Hearing Riku's last statement made Yuko afraid and hugged Riku tightly while shutting her eyes. Riku was not able to continue throwing Yuko in the air because he got distracted to the closeness in their faces and Yuko's scared expression made him stop.

Yuko felt the time went slower. She dreaded waiting to be lifted in the air again but nothing was happening in the past few seconds. It must be her imagination or Riku was trolling on her.

Yuko opened her eyes upon feeling those warms lips in her forehead. “Riku?” Yuko wondered why Riku suddenly kissed her forehead.

“I will catch you in your every fall. I will save even if you don't ask me to.” Their eyes locked for a few seconds. Both had been blushing and don’t know what to say next.

‘Why is he saying this?’ Yuko thought.

“Maybe I should carry you like this until we reach your house.” Riku said and completely changed the awkward atmosphere.

“Wh-what?” Yuko blushed at the thought. She wouldn't mind that but that's another embarrassing thing to do. Just imagine the faces of the people they come across staring at them for being too lovey-dovey. “I have something to do now so please put me down.”

“Can't you just do that after vacation is over?”

“No. I need to settle it now.”

“Okay then I will go with you.” 

“No. I want to go there alone. You go home alone ahead. Please.” It seems that Riku will be stubborn in this case so Yuko let out here secret weapon that had always worked on Riku. Yuko's puppy eyes made its work and destroyed the strong mindset Riku had a while ago of not giving up in trying to make Yuko walk home with him.   

Riku let out a heavy sigh and put Yuko down. “Fine. I will walk home alone but you owe me a date.” Yuko rolled her eyes. She was sure Riku was upset because he didn't get the chance to go to another pastry shop and used 'date' as an alibi.

“I told you I'm going nowhere those fattening foods. Mou, I'm going already. Stay safe.” Yuko intended to give Riku a peck on the cheek but she wanted to give herself an encouragement in meeting Riku's fangirls later so she gave him a kiss on the lips. What Riku thinks of what she had done doesn't matter for now. Besides, Riku usually steal kisses from her be it on the lips or not so why should she not do the same? Before Riku can react Yuko instantly took her bag and dashed outside.

Yuko slowed down her pace as she was nearing at the back of the gym where her enemies await for her arrival. “You can fight against them Yuko. You can.” Yuko said to herself and took a deep breath before sliding the heavy door. It was the kind of door that can only be locked from the outside with the use of a wood. Yuko went inside and didn't close the door.

Yuko carefully observed her surroundings. The stockroom was big, dark, and stuffy. She looked for the switcher of the lights but she found none so the light from the door was the only source of light. There were tons of shelves lined up and some had spider webs on it. Boxes were scattered along the way as Yuko looked where her enemies are. As she reached the furthest part of the room she saw a big black empty cartolina and an ultraviolet flash light. Yuko flash the light at the cartolina and a message addressed to her was revealed.

We warned you many times Oshima Yuko. We will be frank this time. You and Riku-sama must break up and if summer vacation finishes with you two still together we will show no mercy to you anymore. Just to make sure this message will register in your small stubborn brain we will lock you up here. Who knows when you'll get outta there since we are going home after we lock you up. Enjoy your stay. ψ(`∇´)ψ

“Lock me up here?!” Yuko said but the fangirls heard this from the outside and took this as a cue that Yuko had finished reading their message. Yuko heard the door sliding and tried to run to it but she was too late. The girls had already locked it with a wood.

“Damnit! You are the ones who are the coward! You guys didn't face me and only gave paper!” Yuko slammed the door with all her might.

“Whatever!” The girls from the other side replied mockingly. “You deserve this! Hah!” This time the girls left Yuko.

“Oi! Come back here!” Yuko repeatedly slammed the door with her bare hand but she didn't get any respond. She rummaged in her bag to look for her phone but...

“Where is my phone?” Yuko then remembered she probably left it at her desk.

“I will catch you in your every fall. I will save even if you don't ask me to.”

“Riku. Ha, he can't save me. I told him to go home alone after all.. but maybe.” Yuko shook her head for creating herself hope. She looked around the stockroom to find anything that can be useful to set free from the stockroom.

Meanwhile with Riku, he stared off to space after receiving a kiss from Yuko. “Is this what she feels whenever I steal a kiss from her?” Riku touched his lips and the placed the other hand on his chest to feel his rapid heartbeat. He stayed at the classroom to think more.

“1 2 3 4! ♪♪♪ I want you~ I need you~ I love you~♪” A ringtone disturbed Riku's self-reflection.

“Huh? Isn't that Yuu-chan's ringtone?” Riku went closer to sound and found himself closer to Yuko's desk. Ducking down Riku saw Yuko's phone vibrating throughout the song inside the desk.

Riku answered the phone. “Moshi moshi.”

“Riku? Why are you ans- What am I asking? You are Yuko's boyfriend. Can you pass the phone to Yuko?” Atsuko asked.

“She's not here.”

“Where is she?” Atsuko asked worryingly.

“I don't know and she told me to go home ahead. But she left her phone at her desk.”

“Riku, Yuko received a suspicious letter this morning and I have a bad feeling about it. Can you look for her just to be sure she didn't run into trouble? I want to do it myself but I'm going to be stuck in the meeting for next hour.”

“A suspicious letter?” Riku became nervous. Something bad must be happening to Yuko right now.

“Search the whole school, okay?”

“Yes, I won't stop until I found her. Do you really have no idea what that letter could be?”

“Your fangirls must be connected to it, I think? I'm not hundred percent sure though. I'm hanging up already. Bye.” Riku got worried for Yuko. He admitted to himself that Yuko has been occupying his mind that he forgot that he had fangirls and what they can do to Yuko.

Riku went out of the classroom and searched every room in the building for Yuko. He even went to the girl's restroom to be sure. He spent half an hour in going around the building but he never found Yuko.

“Where is she? She's nowhere to be found.” Riku opened a window to get some fresh air and saw the gym. “The gym. I haven't searched there!” Riku went downstairs as fast as he can. He searched the whole gym but Yuko was not there either. Getting outside Riku walked around the gym and found the stockroom.

“No way. It's locked so she can't be. But to be sure.” Riku slid away the wood and unlocked the door.

“Ah! Finally!” A familiar happy voice greeted him as he walked inside.

“Yuko!” Riku ran towards Yuko and gave her a bear hug. “You idiot I was really worried about you!”

“R-riku how did you know that I was..?” Yuko asked in a weak voice while in Riku's embrace.

“Atsuko told me you received a suspicious letter this morning.” Riku broke the hug to see Yuko clearly. “Yuko, tell me the truth. Are you being bullied by my fangirls behind my back?” Yuko was fidgeting and it was an enough answer for Riku. “Those girls.” Riku said in despise.

“But I'm fine.” Yuko said but that made Riku frustrated.

“You're fine? How can you be fine?! What if Atsuko didn't saw the letter and never told me about it?! What would happen if nobody saved you today?! What if you stayed a month here with no food and water? That's not fine at all!” Riku can't help but raise his voice. Many bad things could happen to Yuko here.

“But you came. You were true to your words even if you said it not long ago.” Yuko's voice was back in being weak as if she didn't want Riku to hear her. She was looking down and her hands were trembling too. Seeing Yuko like this Riku soften.

“As much as possible I want to prevent you to be in danger. Next time tell me when they disturb or do anything to you, okay?” Riku gently cupped Yuko's cheeks with his warm hands. Yuko nodded. “Promise?” Riku said.

‘It doesn't seem like he wants to break up after what happened to me.’ Yuko thought. “Promise.”

“Good. Let's get out of here before we got locked in.” Riku held Yuko's hand and led her to the exit.

“Yuko do you have any idea who these girls are?”

“Uh, your fangirls?”

“I know that. What I meant is do you personally know them?”

“No, they didn't even show themselves to me. I only heard two voices of the girls but they were not familiar to me.” Riku’s fangirls are quite many and since he doesn't have any much interest in them he immediately forgot their faces.

“I will surely...” Riku grip on Yuko's hand got tighter.

Yuko asked a question which has been bugging her. “Do you want to call it quits?”

Riku stopped in his tracks and faced Yuko. “What?”

“Do you want to stop what we're doing? Pretend that we're dating in front of everyone.”

“Do you want to?”

“Hey I asked you first.”

“But I dragged you in doing this with me so your feelings are prioritized. Do you want to quit?”

“No.” Yuko said in monotone. She doesn't want to be figured out that she totally enjoys being Riku's girlfriend but Riku thought otherwise.

“You can always tell me when you can't take it anymore. I can't bother you forever after all.” Riku looked at the ground with sad eyes.


The atmosphere then became awkward. No one spoke another word to each other not until a certain short guy thankfully broke it.

“What are you guys doing here?” Kai asked.

Riku and Yuko turned their attention to Kai. “We were just exploring the school to find something uh.. Unusual.” Yuko said and received a confusing stare from Riku. Riku wondered why Yuko didn't told Kai about the unfortunate thing that had happened to her despite their closeness.

“Oh.” Kai said completely not believing the two.

“What are you doing here yourself Kai?” Yuko asked.

“Just killing time before Atsuko finishes her meeting.”

“Are you two on a date after her meeting?” Yuko asked another question.

“It's not a date. Besides I just want to walk her home to make sure she reaches her home safe.” Kai said while his face turned to shades of red. Both the pretending couple smiled at Kai's change in facial color.

"Are you sure you two are not going out?" Riku asked. Of course, Kai's face became redder.

“That's right. You two are behaving more couple-like ever since we became second years. It's really suspicious.” Yuko eyed Kai and he started to sweat. Being childhood friends with Kai, Yuko knew what it means. “Why are you two keeping it a secret?” Yuko hit the bull’s-eye.

Kai sighed sadly. “We are not keeping it a secret. We just don't know how to say it. Nobody asked about us too.”

“Because it’s looks normal. You two acted the same but with a little difference. You two are really dating? When?” Yuko asked. She did noticed that the two are frequently going out alone but she thought that it was their usual outing that was starting to become often. Yuko also thought that Kai might not be able to confess until they graduate from college.

“Just this June.”

“Not that long.” Riku commented.

“You guys are also already together that time.” Kai chimed. Actually Riku and Yuko didn't tell anyone that they were just pretending being lovers just to be sure their secret is safe.

“I'm leaving you guys. I know you two wanted to be alone. We all loved to be alone with our lovers.” Kai said while eyeing at the joint hands of the two lovers before turning his back against them and walked away. Both realized that they actually didn't let go of one another since they went out from the stockroom. Not to mention that both are holding each other tightly.

Yuko, who was feeling shy, loosen her grip but Riku tighten it more. “Let's go.” Riku said. Yuko was encouraged to hold his hand tight again and gave Riku a cheerful smile.

Good thing for Yuko that Riku walked her home straight. She's safe from foods with high calories that day.

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
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that bitches!! agh...

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
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Riku is a hero ^^

Damn i want to kick those girl butt

Update soon~

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
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Damn it, Riku, why you gotta be so cute with Yuko?

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[RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
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かわいい!!(≧∇≦)update pleeeease!!

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 5 02/27/14
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@Chichay12: You really love this  :on gay: do you? You always use it here. XD I want to read about RikuYuko too that's why I guess I give fanservices as I can. :sweatdrop:
u ask me if i love :on gay: emoji? oh god, just look at my other comment,u can see that im always using that XD
gayness overload  :hiakhiakhiak:

i was about u comment here after i read it( 2 days ago) but my lappy suddenly die when i was about to comment *Sigh worst day ever *sigh and im kinda busy in the fast few days (excuses excuses XD )
but to day is friday so im FREE  :on gay: :on gay: :on gay:

ok, back to your update,i love riku, the sweetness is to much, but damn that fangirls..scary as usual  :on voodoo:
poor yuko thank god riku is there  :on woohoo:

kyaaa cant wait to read your next update  :wriggly:
have a nice day konoe-chan(can i call u that? *teehee) :on gay:

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[RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PLS READ!
« Reply #54 on: March 07, 2014, 02:47:22 PM »
Hello readers. :sweat:

As I stated in ISWAB I will not be updating any of my fanfics this month because I need to work hard for my finals. There are some subjects that I'm worried with and I want to pass all with satisfying grades. I want to become a second year(I hope I will be a second year next semester) without regrets from my first year grades.

Please do wait for the next update patiently. This fanfic will not be updated until I updated my first fanfic ISWAB twice. That fanfic is my first priority for it is about my lovely kame OTP so I have more inspiration in there. Please understand and as much as possible please refrain from bumping in my threads and ask me to update.

I hope you guys are still here once I got back from my battles with the mountain of texts to study, difficult projects, bothersome teachers, and headaching test papers. :cry: Wish me luck. :prayers:

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PLS READ!
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good luck for your exam..
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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PLS READ!
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Good Luck!!

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Re: [RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend ANNOUNCEMENT!!! PLS READ!
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Wow! Ganbatte^^
I will wait noprob hehe  :rofl:

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[RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 6 04/14/14
« Reply #58 on: April 14, 2014, 08:13:12 AM »

@Haruko: Those bitches! :angry: I warn you you will see them again in the incoming chapters.

@Kirozoro: Their butts will be kicked in the right time but not now. :P

@yuuyu: Fufufu.  :bigdeal:

@ainivel: I present to you the new chapter. (I'm looking forward to your updates too. :twothumbs )

@Chichay12: Wow you had such a bad day. No wonder you took a little longer to comment since you're usually the first ones to comment. I always wanted to write Kojiharu like that, sweet, to Yuko. I got tired reading of Yuko always doing those. Fangirls are essential to my story. I need villains to make things interesting!

To those who wished me luck for my exams, THANK YOU VERY MUCH. :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

Chapter 6

Yuko's POV

It's been more than a week since I last saw Riku. He calls me every day to go out but I always refuse. Why? Because I was serious when I said I'll stay away from those pastry shops. I checked my weight only to find out that I really did gain weight. I have to make up for all the eating I did. Surprisingly Riku stopped asking me out since yesterday. I wonder what happened to him.

Since I have been staying in the house I decided to go out by myself. It's nice to go out alone once in a while. In the past few months I have always been with Riku. It's time for me to have time by myself and my destination is Shibuya. I plan to look for an awesome sneaker that would fit me. I just love sneakers. If ever I would earn my own money then I will surely spent it on a personalized sneaker. I'm even wearing a sneaker right now rather than the heels or wedge that teenagers use nowadays.

As I walk around Shibuya, I found a lot of sneakers that caught my eyes. Sadly, I don't have enough money yet to buy the one that I like the most. I should look for a part time job now if I still want to that sneaker. But I'm in the wrong place right now. I should just look for a job tomorrow near my home.


Time flew so fast that I forgot about lunch. “Okay buddy I will look for a place to eat just be patie-.” I find myself falling down from bumping to a person.

“Ow..” That was kinda painful. I heard the person I bumped to gasp loudly. I turned my attention towards the girl, who was wearing a summer dress with an unseasonal jacket under the hot season, I bumped into. She immediately stood up and apologized then ran away. She's sort of rude. She did apologized but she covered her face with her long brown hair. She didn't even help me to stand up and left me right away.

When I tried to stand I noticed a phone lying on the ground. It was the same spot where the girl was. Being a good citizen, I took the phone and called out for the girl. Unfortunately, with the sea of people she didn't hear me and also our distance was too big since she was fast walking.

“Is she in hurry or something?” I ran towards the girl. Almost nearing her I called her out. “Miss!”

Surprisingly recognizing my voice with her stopping in her tracks as a sign, she then started to run away from me.

“Eh!? Wait! Miss you left your phone!” I shouted but she continued to run.

Not giving up, I ran as fast as I can in the sea of people muttering apologies as I occasionally bump to people. It didn't take me long to catch up with her since she was wearing heels. I didn't call her out anymore because she might just speed up. I grabbed her arm instead and the chase was over.

“Miss, your phone.” I said while catching my breath. “You left it- EH!?”

I was astounded when I saw the face of the girl. She looks exactly like Riku! I just noticed that her phone is also the same model and color of Riku's phone. What a coincidence! I know that at that moment my mouth was open wide from the shock and because of the beauty of the being in front of me. Riku is handsome and his girl version is inhumanly beautiful.

“Th-thank you.” The girl said but I noticed something suspicious in her voice. Her voice was way too far to my impression from her overall appearance. It was sort of trying hard to sound like a girl. To be more accurate, it was like a guy trying to high pitch his low voice.

Oh no.. Don't tell me. This can't be! But I saw his closet once and it was full of-

The girl took her phone from my hand and was about to break my hold on her arm but I held on it tighter. I just noticed that her arm feels hard for a girl. Before I let her go I need to ask her.

“Riku? Is that you?” The girl widens her eyes and this time she successfully got away from my grasp.

It is him. “You're not getting away Mister.”

Round 2 of chasing began. It seems that Riku has started to get used in wearing heels by running. He ran faster than a while ago making the chase lengthier. But I'm sure he won't last long unless he has been wearing heels since he was born. Damnit. Why is Shibuya so crowded!? This is not good. I’m losing my sight on him. I bumped into a lot of people slowing me down and I happen to bump into someone I don't like.

“Whoa there.” The guy said and grabbed my arm making me unable to escape him. Ugh! Why now!?

“I'm sorry for bumping at you but can you let go now? I'm chasing someone.” I said.

“It hurts you know and a simple apology won't do.” He smirked. This guy. I knew he was trouble ever since I saw him at the cinema.

“How about a date like right now Yuko-chan?” The arrogant guy pulled me closer to him with his smirk never leaving him face. I seriously want to punch his face right now. How dare of him to call me Yuko-chan when this is just the second time we met!

“Excuse me Taketatsu-san but I have a boyfriend so a date is a big no and I'm in the middle of chasing somebody right now.” I replied and removed his hold on me but he was fast and captured my arm once again.

“So cold Yuko-chan and call me Kyousuke.”

“I'm more comfortable calling you by your family name Taketatsu-san.” I gave a fake sweet smile.

“Then let's spend more time together so that you will be more comfortable to me.” He winked while I cringed. The playboy type indeed. “So let's go out on a date. Who knows we might be perfect for each other.” He added. Is he stubborn or just plain stupid? I have a boyfriend even though it's only a pretend but I still have a boyfriend.

“I have a boyfriend.” I said once again.

“Just keep it a secret to Kojima. I promise I'm much more fun to be with than that guy.” He said seductively and his gaze was filled with mischievousness. I don't like where this is going. He is definitely planning something bad to me.

“My type of boys is exactly Riku's type and not like yours so I'm sure we won't match.” I said coldly but his smirk only grew bigger.

“They said that your partner for life is usually someone you never expected to be with you in the future.”

“That is true to some people but it definitely does not apply to me.”

He laughed a little. “The more we talk the more I like you Yuko-chan.”

“The irony. The more we talk the more I dislike you.”

“Hm? I'm sure with just one kiss that will change.” He swiftly put his hands on my cheeks and pulled me closer to his face while closing his eyes.

You won't be getting what you want you bastard. Get ready for my-



In a split of second, I heard a loud thud and found Taketatsu lying on the ground while rubbing his about to swell right cheek. My view on that arrogant guy was blocked by a familiar back.

“Back off Taketatsu. She's my girl.” My pretend boyfriend said in a menacing tone. So this is how it feels to be saved by a guy you like. I felt that I'm very important to him. I must be blushing by now.

“I was just kidding man.” Taketatsu got up. “I'm not planning on making a move to your girl, seriously.”

“That was not funny and don't go around touching girls so closely like that especially when they have a boyfriend. You will get in trouble Taketatsu.” Riku said maintaining his menacing voice. This is the first time I saw Riku mad. This is worthwhile to see since he rarely gets angry.

“I'll remember that. Jeez, you get jealous easily Kojima. You shouldn't be afraid if your girl is close to another guy unless you doubt that she loves you.” I swear I felt Riku's angry aura got bad.

“Only I can touch Yuko like that. Know your limits Taketatsu.” Riku is starting to scare me.

“Hai hai. I'm sorry for the trouble. I'll go now or else Kojima-chan will kill me.” I know that apology was not sincere at all and he even joked before walking away. What a bad guy. I wish I will never see his face ever again.

“Chan!?” Riku angrily said.

“Thank you Riku.”

Riku faced me and gave a weary smiled. “Don't mention it.”

“You were so cool acting the hero.” I saw Riku's cheeks began to turn pink but he then frowned.

“Eh? Acting? But I was...”

“Hm? What?” I know he did that to save me as a friend but said I'm his girl to convince more that we're dating.

“Nevermind.” He shrugged it off. It must not be important. I intertwined our hands. I need to get hold of him or else he will run away again because of what I will say.

“Since you saved me I forgive you for running away from me twice today.” I watched him in amusement as his face turned pale.

“Whatareyoutalkingabout?IonlysawyoujustnowIwasnotthegirlwhomyouweretryingtocatchuptoreturnthephonethatwasnotme.” Riku said without pausing in panic. He is exposing himself.

But despite how fast he said it I still caught the important bits of what he said. “I didn't say anything about a girl and a phone.”

“.......” Riku gulped.

“Riku, it's alright. You can tell me that you're really a gay.” I said gently to make him admit although it hurts I need to do it because he is my friend. I don't want him to keep his feelings to himself all the time especially when it comes to this kind of topic.

“Wait. All this time you were thinking I'm gay?” Riku asked.

“Um.. Yeah?” Riku shook his head and firmly grabbed my shoulders.

“Believe me Yuko I'm not gay. I just like cute things and some other you know... Girl stuff but I assure you that I don't see boys that way. I don't look at them romantically.”

“Hah.” I don't believe him.

“You don't believe me, don't you?”


“Then why are you answering me like that? And your face is telling me you don't believe it.”

“You find majority of the girls disgusting, right?”

“Yeah but of course I don't think of you that way.”

“I know that already or else you wouldn't have the guts to act like you're stealing kisses and holding me too easily.” Riku loosen his hold on my shoulders and let his hands fall back beside him.

“You're the only girl I'm most comfortable to be with.” Riku's eyes were mesmerizing. I unconsciously find myself staring back at those eyes. Why do I always end up attracted to him in many ways? Is it not a crush anymore? Am I falling deeper? That's not good. I will only end up hurting myself. Make it stop Yuko, your feelings. Don't let it spread.

“Yuko, I.. I actually.. Um... I have someone I like.. and it's a girl.”

Eh? He likes someone?

“That's why please erase your impression of me that I'm a gay because I really really really like her. No. I love her.” Riku proudly said the last three words to me with a big smile.

“You do have...” My chest hurts. Suddenly saying that to me it really hurts. Also, you looked so happy when you told me you have someone you love. I really don't have a chance in your heart, huh Riku? For your revelation to hurt this much it seems that it was not just a crush after all.

“You're not gay?”

“Yeah, I'm not.”

Building up the courage to say something against my heart, I challenged Riku. “If you lik- I mean if you love her then confess to her.” I almost choked my words.

“Eh?” Riku gave me a dumbfounded look.

“Why eh? Don't you have any plan to confess to her in the first place?”

“I do have...” Riku hesitantly said. “But I'm satisfied with my relationship to her now and I'm not sure if she feels the same or maybe she doesn't look me the way I look at her.” They talk? I never exactly saw Riku with another girl aside me in school or maybe I missed her?

“Who.. Is she?” Forget it Riku! I don't want to know!

Riku stared at me around 10 seconds before answering. “Secret.” He smiled bitterly.

I felt relieved but at the same time hurt. I'm not yet ready to know who she is but I'm sure she's someone in Riku's league. A popular good girl. It hurts to know that I can't compete with such type of girl. I'm quite tomboyish. My outfit today reflects that. I'm wearing a short that is just until exactly above my knees, a simple printed t-shirt with a vest, and lastly my precious sneakers. I don't have a single dress bought by me. The only dress I have was the one Riku bought for me when she introduced me to her mother.

“Would you be happy if I confess to her?” Riku asked.

No, definitely no but I can't tell him the truth. “Yes, I'm sure you won't be rejected and this way you wouldn't lie to your mother that you're dating someone you truly like.”

“Are saying all of this because you are tired pretending as mine?”

“I guess I'm starting to get tired.” If we stayed too long pretending and I ended up falling harder the pain will be doubled once he hook up with the one he truly loves.

“I see...” Riku said sadly. “Confess, huh...”

It must be going to be his first time asking out a girl he loves. I gave a small smack at his shoulder. “You can do it.” I then curled my fist showing my support.

“Fine. I will do it when I gathered enough courage.” Riku forced a smile.

“Great.” My days as his pretend girlfriend are now counted.


“Uh..... Ehehe..” I scratched my not-scratchy-head in embarrassment. I forgot about my hunger because of what happened minutes ago. This is embarrassing. Riku is laughing loudly at me.

“Hahaha! You really know to change the subject Yuu-chan.”

“Ugh. That was unintentional.”

After a while Riku stopped laughing. “I haven't eaten yet too. Let's eat together?”

"Okay but take me somewhere that sells rice and not cake."

“Roger that.” Riku linked our hands and began to walk but I didn't bother to budge in my place which made Riku stop walking. “What's wrong?” Riku asked.

I stared at our linked hands. “I don't think we will cross path with someone we know any more so can you let go?”

Riku's face became blank for a second but then it became determined. “I don't wanna.  Come on.”


“Resistance is futile. I don't plan to let you go now. Come on before your stomach growls even louder.”

“Mou. Fine.” We ended up holding hands walking around looking for a good place to eat.

*At a fast food chain*

“So Riku, care to tell me how you became a cross dresser?” Surprised by my sudden curiosity, Riku spit out the water he was drinking.

“Guh.. Maybe next time?” Riku said while wiping the remnants of water around his mouth.

“I want to hear it now. We have a lot of time. Let me tell you in advance that I'm not giving up knowing why.” Riku knows what terrifying things I can do just to get what I want. I'm sure he wouldn't want to experience those again.

“Stubborn.” Riku whispered.

“You're saying something?” I fake a sweet tone and held my steak knife dangerously.

A bit scared, Riku answered weakly. “Nothing. It’s a long story.”

“It's alright. Can you start already?”

“Okay.” Riku took a deep breath before starting. “It started when I was still a third year middle school student in Mendol. Summer came and we were allowed to go back home. Mom was very busy that time so I was always alone but because of that my interest in cute and sweet things made me spend my summer by sewing and learning how to bake. I enjoyed summer because of those activities but I wanted to see more. I wanted to see other cute things and cakes made by others.” Riku paused and drank a little water.

“So... I walked around shops in Japan and went to those shops but I was always the only guy customer in there. Well aside from gays... Girls are also staring at me and I heard whispers from my back. I couldn't take those embarrassments so I figured that if I cross-dress they wouldn't mind me.”

“I see so that's how you ended up developing such hobby.”

“Hold on. Cross-dressing is not my hobby. I swear!” Riku said in denial but he was starting to sweat which means he is lying.

“Don't try to kid me. You sure have a lot of girly clothes for a guy.”

“Guh.. Fine. I admit it felt good that's why they became many but I haven't gotten the chance to wear them when we began our fake dating.”

“Eh? Really? Why?”

“Because there was no need to. I started cross-dressing to avoid the suspicious eyes of the society but then you came. I didn't need the disguise anymore because I can just pretend as the sweet boyfriend.”

“This whole dating thing really benefited you, huh?” I commented.

Riku looked at me apologetically. “I'm sorry. After this I will do anything you will ask me to.”

“I will remember your words. But Riku why did you cross-dress again?”

“You kept on refusing my invitations and I really want to go to this certain accessory shop so I went back to cross-dressing. And here I thought my feelings on it fade away. When I wore them again yesterday the feeling was the same when I cross-dress for the first time. It felt great.”

“The more reason you need to confess to your crush to stop cross-dressing and take her to your favorite girly places.”

“You are right...” Riku looked away from me and melancholically watched the passers by outside through the glass window beside him.

“Why do you sound so unconfident? She doesn't like you?” Whenever I mention about her he always wears this sad face.

“Probably. She's making me feel like that just recently.”

“Don't let that pull you down. I'll help if you want.” Why am I saying this?

“Nah, just watch Yuu-chan.” Great. I don't need to help but watching is also painful.


“Eh? Wh-what?” That surprised me. He rarely calls me by my name unless it's serious.

He smiled. “Nothing.” I looked back at him dumbfounded. It seems that he uses my name only when he feels to. I got worked up on that. I sighed and went back to eating.

My heart will undergo a lot of pain in the future. Be strong ne, heart-chan.


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[RikuYuko] My Girly Boyfriend Chapter 6 04/14/14
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