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Author Topic: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : You're Mine Part 2 (MaYuki) 08/05  (Read 21454 times)

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Hey! This is where I'm gonna dump all of my OS   XD

Tell Her for Me

Cold Outside but Warm Inside

You're Mine Part 1 || Part 2

And the 1st one is WMatsui! Although this is the first time that I write about them I hope you guys will like it !  :) :) :)

Tell Her for Me


“Ne, Churi . . . . Could you tell Rena. “ I paused a little, gathering up my courage.

“C-Could you tell Rena that I love her? . . . “ Churi seemed to be taken aback. “ . . Why. . . ? you could’ve just tell her yourself”

I smiled sadly. “I can’t” I replied.

Churi took my hand and dragged me towards the make-up room. She took a peek inside and then pushed me and closed the door behind her.

She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked at me sternly. “Tell me what this is all about”

I began to rub my hands together and looked down on the floor. “I’m going to be in a big movie this year . . . “ I whispered.

“Really?! . . . Congratulations . . . “ Churi forgot that she was mad at me for a second; she ran towards me and gave me a big hug.

When she let go she asked “So what’s the relation of this movie with Rena? . . . “

“I’m leaving later for Europe . . . . “

“You what?! . . . Jurina, what the hell is this?! . . . “  she took my shoulders and shook me violently

“Okay calm down! . . . “ I took her hands off my shoulder and held them tightly.

“I’m leaving later . . . . “ I took a glance on my watch “ 3 hours and 13 minutes to be exact. I’m going to Europe . . . . In Italy . . . . for 8 months . . . “ I said

“Does anyone else know about this? . . . “ she asked

“Only me, my manager and Akimoto-san . . . . “ I replied.

“Why did you keep it as a secret? . . . . “ she asked with obvious hurt in her voice. “We are your friends . . . . No, we’re family Jurina . . . . why did you hide it from us? . . . “

“I didn’t want Rena to know . . . “ I looked away from Churi. ‘Why did it have to come to this point? . . . . I only asked her to tell Rena that I love her . . . . ‘ I thought bitterly

“How long did you know about this project?? . . . . “ she approached me quietly.

“For like. . . . 2 weeks ago . . . . “ I replied softly

“Why didn’t you confess to Rena then . . . “

I flinched. ‘Of course . . . . . That was the first thing that came into my mind when my manager told me about this big project . . . but’

“I can’t . . . . “ I smiled sadly. “After all . . . . . It’s already too late . . . . “

“J-Jurina . . . . You know very well that the two of them are just- “

“I saw them Churi . . . . “ I cut her off “I saw her kissing Airin in the hall after practice . . . .  “ I wiped the single tear that fell on my cheek. “She was the one who initiated it . . . . “

Churi tried to hug me but I step back. “No need to comfort me Churi . . . . I’m okay . .. “ I said, she then retracted her hands back to her side.

“I knew it from the start that the one she likes is Airin . . . not me . . . All of my kisses and hugs; she took all of it as a joke when in fact I’m very serious when I did it but I just didn’t show it . . . . Also, the so called ‘wMatsui’ . . . . It’s just fan service for her . . . .” I heaved a heavy sigh and I noticed Churi who was crying silently

“3 hours left . . . . Churi, thank you for listening to me . . . and for crying for me “ I smiled.

“Don’t you want me to accompany you to the airport?? . . . .” Churi offered while wiping her face.

“Thanks for the offer Churi but my manager is already waiting outside the building . . . . “ I gave Churi a very big hug. “Thank you . . . “ I whispered to her ear.

I separated myself from her.

“One last thing before I leave . . . . Please tell Rena that I love her, I don’t care if she’s now together with Airin. But tell her that she doesn’t have to worry . . . . “ I paused and  smiled “I’m not hoping that she would love me back . . . . I already know that it’s vague and I can’t change anything . . . . . Well, even if that’s the case; Tell her all of these . . . . For me”

I didn’t wait for her reply; I already opened the door and walked in the hallway towards the front door. I feel assured that Churi would properly convey my feelings for her, even if I know it is stupid, I have no choice. I want to leave all my feelings for Rena here in Japan so that I wouldn’t have feelings of longing when I’ll work there in Italy. I am already 16, I need to act like a professional not like a love sick puppy. I need to focus on my work as an idol.

I already saw my manager waving at me with a slick black car behind him.

“What took you so long? . . . “ he asked

“Nothing. . . .just something came up . . . “ I replied.

I was just about to get in the car but a certain voice held me back.

“Jurina? . . . .Where are you going? . . . “

I turned to face her and put on a smile, not a fake one, a genuine one.

“Rena . . . . I’m going somewhere with my manager . . . You know, work . . .” I replied

“Jurina, I’ll go first . . . . but make this quick, you have a tight schedule . . .. “ my manager said as he went inside the car.

“Oh, so you’re not going to join us for practice?? . . . “ she asked.

I shook my head. Then I looked at her straight to the eye.

“Ne~ Rena. . . . . can I hug you? “ I asked.

“Huh? . . . why d- “

I didn’t wait for her response; I approached her quickly and gave her a tight hug. After all, this will be my last hug to her not as a friend, but as someone who likes her. After I let go, I already moved on and being away from her for a very long time would definitely help.

“C-Chotto Jurina. . . . I-I can’t breathe . . . “ she wheezed.

I didn’t listen to her but I held her even tighter . . . . I then whispered “Rena . . . please believe whatever Churi has to say to you . . . . I know that you don’t understand it now but promise me. Promise me that you’ll believe what she will say“

She nodded frantically because a squeezed all the air from her lungs.

“O-Okay . . . I promise! . . . “

 I finally let go and smiled at her for the last time.

“Well then . . . . “

I turned my back on her and went inside the car. The driver sped off and from the window I could see Rena panting heavily. I combed my hair back and sighed, finally I let her go. I know that she wouldn't change her mind if Churi told her my feelings, she is not fickle; she would love Airin whole-heartedly and treat me as a good friend. I felt that I took off a large thorn from my chest and I could say that I’m happy for the two of them.

I took my phone searched the internet for famous tourist places in Italy.

 But the next thing I knew, our car was rolling and fell of the bridge. I was clutching my phone so tightly as the water entered the car. I couldn't scream and my lungs are burning. I could feel my blood gushing out from my feet and a huge scar from my forehead to my right eyebrow. I know that I couldn't make it so I gave up struggling and waited for the moment that I would lose consciousness so I began to think my regrets.

‘Only Churi knows that I am leaving for Italy today . . . . But sadly it didn’t come true . . . What else? . . Umm I regret that I haven’t kissed all the girls from the 48 family, what else? . . . . I regret that I still haven’t claimed the no. 1 spot from Yuko-san . . . . what else? . . . . hmmm . . . . . . No more? . . . What is this? I feel my consciousness fading already . . . . . Rena, I have no regrets about her, Churi will tell her everything and this accident will be on the news so I will have no regrets about Rena. ‘

I let out a bubble of air from my mouth.

‘But, don’t I really have any regrets about Rena? . . . . How could I convince myself like that. Of course I regret that I haven't told her I was leaving. I regret that I am not the one she loves. I regret that I didn’t fight for her. I regret that I haven’t told her my real feelings . . . . . Well, it’s too late anyway. I can’t do anything anymore, I can’t feel anything, my body won’t move . . . . ‘

I turn my eyes on the glowing thing on my hand and chuckled inwardly.

‘Of course . . . . My phone is waterproof . . . . Well, I better say my last wishes here rather than thinking about regrets . . . . ‘

I mustered my remaining strength on my right hand to type on my phone.

/3rd- person POV/

After Churi told Rena the things Jurina wanted to tell her, she began sobbing for some time and Churi can’t do anything but comfort her. But the two of them were stunned when flash news appeared on the TV screen.

16 yr. old Matsui Jurina was found dead on the river along with her manager and driver. It appears that the car she rode on was hit by a truck and fell off the bridge. Matsui Jurina is the center of the well known group SKE48 and she also holds a co- current position in AKB48 Team K. She was on her way to the airport for a filming of a movie in Italy. Only her phone was recovered from her belongings and the last thing that she typed is:

To Rena,

I’m sorry . . .

It’s true . . .

I love you . . .


So how was it? .. . . . It was my first time to write a fic this sad and it was the first time that I killed someone in a fic!  :panic:

I deeply apologize to all the wMatsui and Jurina fans out there  :cry: :cry: :cry: . . . . . Please don’t go plotting your revenge against me!  :OMG:
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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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nooo jurinaa you can't dead   :pleeease: :gyaaah:

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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 :fainted: you just make me cry...
but nice story

juju... :pleeease: :pleeease: :depressed:

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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You really make me Cry . :cry: Seriously make me Cry

Poor Jurina can't tell her true feelings to Rena face to face but luckily her phone is waterproof

It's a Great Story ...Love it
WMatsui lover ....JURINA & RENA

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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The story was so sad :cry:

Please update more

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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Oh No. No. No. I'm crying *tears*. You are pro Author :D
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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
« Reply #6 on: December 01, 2013, 07:20:13 PM » sad...
Jurina died....
that last message....

Reread it and still so sad...
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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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 :OMG: :OMG: :OMG:
 :mon waterworks: :mon waterworks:
:mon waterworks:

Why Jurina!! Why.... :OMG:

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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Oh the pain, nice.

Lol at jurina's last message being broadcasted live. I think her message was too personal. normally the authorities would give her belongings to family first, then they could relay the message to rena thus it could've made much more impact.

I'd like to know a bit of what happens to ske48/48 members with jurina's passing.

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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Sorry about my lack of activity... I'm kinda stuck in life...

My fics:
It started in a wedding (MariMii + usual couples) - ongoing
The fanfiction post thread (KojiYuu, WMatsui) - ongoing
The cry of a lonely star - ongoing
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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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Interesting perspective on how it was written out and to just feel that the memories were locked onto the phone :(
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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Tell Her for Me (WMatsui) 12/01
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omg i hateeeee uuu (im kidding)
but seriously i hade heartattack now -.- dont kill jurina plzzzzzzz :'(

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/shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : Cold Outside but Warm Inside (KojiYuu) 12/25
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Thank you all for the comments but unfortunately, Jurina died on 'Tell Her for Me'  :cry:

 I'm making another OS for the wMatsui and it'll be a sweet and fluffy one as a peace offering  :) . . . . well, look forward to it  :)

And because it's Christmas . . . .

 . . . . I greet you all a Merry Christmas ! . . . .  :D

Here's a gift from me on this Christmas Day!!  :D :D :D

Christmas Special

Cold Outside but Warm Inside


“Come on Nyan nyan . . . Let me explain first” Yuko followed a blank-faced Haruna to their dressing room.

“You see I was- “

“Cut the crap Oshima . . . . ” Haruna went to a chair in front of the mirror and started applying some make up.

“But Nyan nyan . . . . “ she sighed and looked at her reflection in the mirror. She has dark circles around her eyes, her nose is reddish and her hair is a mess. Her clothes are 3 layers, a t-shirt with matching skirt, a jacket and an oversized coat. She doesn’t look like the idol, Oshima Yuko, that everyone knows. She took a glance at Haruna’s reflection, she has her usual beautiful self but with a cold demeanor. Haruna is putting on some blush-on while taking a glance at Yuko’s reflection. The poor girl looks tired and weak, and she might collapse due to the heaving clothing that she wears. Haruna furrowed her eyebrows; slightly worried for the other girl but once their eyes met she had her cold façade once more.

“ . . . . . I’ll talk to you later when you’re not busy, Nyan nyan . . . . . “ Yuko left the room silently.

Haruna stopped whatever she was doing and stared at the door where her beloved passed through “Baka Yuuchan . . . . “

After their CM shooting the girls are happily talking about their Christmas day-off, except one.

“Hey Yuko-chan . . . . Are you alright? . . . You’ve been silent since the shooting ended . . . “ Jurina who was sitting beside her poked her cheek.

Yuko didn’t reply, she just grunted and sniffled.

“Ne, ne . . . . Yuko-chan . . . . “ Jurina was poking her cheek non-stop. Yuko thought of the action as annoying but she doesn’t have the strength to swat the finger pressing on her cheek.

“A-Are . . . “ Instead of a finger, Jurina placed her palm against Yuko’s cheek. Yuko smiled slightly feeling the surge of warmth that flowed towards her from the said palm.

Jurina placed her other hand against Yuko’s forehead and noticed that she was wearing a thick layer of clothing.

“Sh*t, Yuko-chan you are so -  . . . . . “  Jurina exclaimed but her mouth was covered by Yuko’s shaking hand.

“Shhhh . . . . Just be quiet . . . . “ she said as she released her hand.

“But why? . . . . You are so cold! . . . We should go to the hospital . . . “ Jurina reasoned.

“No need . . . “

“But Yuko-chan . . . . You’re sick! You shouldn’t have gone to the shooting . . . . You should’ve rest“ Jurina scolded her sempai.

“Jurina, I have my priorities and work is the first one . . . You understand it too right? You have been in this kind of situation. You sacrificed sleep, rest and time to do work because without it, we could never stand on the stage as idols. So Jurina, just respect my decision to work even though I’m not feeling well” Yuko said as she smiled slightly to her kouhai.

Jurina nodded and looked at her sempai with admiration. She took Yuko’s hands into her own, it was the least that she could do to give her warmth.

“. . . . Arigatou, Jurina . . . . “ Yuko whispered as she drifted to sleep

11 : 39 P.M.

“Arigatou gozaimashita!” the girls bowed to the staff as they finished their annual Christmas Theater performance.

Yuko waited outside the building for her beloved Haruna. She waited for minutes and it already started snowing, the cold wind passes by her and she almost lost her balance she shivered.

“I should have worn another jacket  . . . . “ she murmured as she clutched her clothes close to her body.

She heard clicking of shoes; she quickly turned around only to find Jurina and Rena holding hands. She sighed in disappointment.

“Yuko-chan . . . why are you here?” Jurina asked as they walked towards her.

“I’m waiting for Nyan nyan . . . . . How about the two of you? Going out for a date? . . . “ Yuko asked the couple.

“Un, Jurina is taking me to a dinner date . . . “ Rena answered.

“Heh~ Souka . . . Well, Merry Christmas! “ Yuko smiled

“Merry Christmas . . . . “ the couple replied.

“Saa~ Jurina. . . . Let’s go, it’s getting colder . . . .” Rena slightly pulled Jurina’s hand

“Yeah . . It is . . . “ She looked at Yuko who was rubbing her hands together. “Chotto matte Rena-chan . . . . “ Jurina took off her scarf and placed it around Yuko’s neck, next she took off her winter gloves and placed it on her hands.

“Please take these . . . “ Jurina said. “They’ll make you warmer . . . And consider them as my  Christmas gift to you “

“A-Arigatou . . . . but how about you? . . . “ Yuko asked slightly worried for the other girl.

“Daijoubu . . . I don’t get cold that easy  . . . . and Rena-chan is there to warm me up . . . “ Jurina grinned mischievously at her lover. The other Matsui blushed.

“We should get going now. . . . Merry Christmas again, Yuko-chan . . . “ Jurina smiled.

“Merry Christmas to you too . . . . “ Yuko smiled also.

The wMatsui walked towards their destination.

“AAAATTCCCCHHHOOOOO!” Jurina sneezed loudly, Rena just eyed her and sighed.

“You were bluffing earlier . . . “ Rena said.

“Rena-chan! . . . . “ she sniffled. “She needs it more than I do . . . “ she added.

Rena patted the head of her lover and smiled at her “I really love your kind side Jurina . . . “

Jurina blushed at her statement and she hugged Rena’s right arm.

“I love Rena-chan too! . . . . “ she grinned. “AAAATTTCCCHHHOOOO!!! . . . “ she released another sneeze.

Rena took her glove from her right hand and placed it on Jurina’s right hand. She then took off her scarf and placed it around on both of their necks. Her right hand held Jurina’s cold left hand.

“There. . . . are you warm now?. . . . “ Rena asked.

“Hmmm . . . . not yet . . . My lips are cold Rena-chan . . “ Jurina pouted.

“B-Baka . . . no need for that . . . “ Rena blushed.

“Ehhh? . . . . No kiss from Rena-chan this Christmas? . . . “ she pouted even more

Rena stopped walking and gave Jurina a very deep kiss.

“H-How about that? . . . “ Rena fidgeted

Jurina grinned and started walking faster while dragging Rena.

“We have to hurry Rena-chan! . . . I want another round of kisses when we get home!! . . . “

9 minutes had passed since the wMatsui left but there was no sign of Haruna.

“Nyan nyan . . please come out . . . . I’m so cold . . “ Yuko placed her hands against her cheek. She was grateful that Jurina gave her the gloves and scarf it lessened the coldness she felt.

“. . . . Yuuchan . . . . “  she heard a whisper.

“ . . . Nyan nyan . . . “ Yuko smiled at the one she was waiting for but she suddenly felt sad. She saw Haruna still wearing her cold expression.

Haruna started to walk briskly towards her house. She passed by the person who was waiting for her without hearing an explanation.

Yuko followed her silently. Haruna turn around to face her, not even once. Not even asking how she is doing or how long she waited for her outside the building. This pained Yuko greatly. The coldness from Haruna hurts more than the coldness from her surroundings.

When they arrived at Haruna’s house, Yuko stopped at the front of the gate. Haruna just went inside without even taking a glance at her.

“ . . . She must really hate me, huh . . . “ Yuko murmured against the scarf.

She placed her hands inside her pockets and stood against the gate. Yuko felt something inside her right pocket and took it out: it was a spare key to Haruna’s house. She remembered that she gave it to her on their first anniversary. She could use the key to get inside the house and talk to Haruna and have a wonderful Christmas together after they made up but she refused to do so.

Haruna might become angrier at her for barging in her house like that while they have a misunderstanding. She held the key close to her heart and closed her eyes.

“ . . . . I’ll wait Nyan nyan . . . “

The next thing she knew, she was numb all over and the coldness started to take over her body. She collapsed and the snowflakes slowly fall from the sky.

Haruna just took a bath and she sat on her bed, she glanced at her window looking for somebody.

“ . . . . Wow, it’s completely white . . . . I wonder if Yuuchan went home already . . . She couldn’t have stayed outside, it’s freezing cold“ she murmured.

She took a look at the clock that read: 1:42 AM. She turned off the lights and went to bed. She took a squirrel stuff toy that Yuko gave her on her birthday from her desk.

“Baka Yuuchan . . . . How could you forget to give me a gift on Christmas? . . . “ she hugged the squirrel tightly and talked to it as if it were her ‘Yuuchan’. “I know that you are busy with work, but you could just find some time to buy me one. . . “ she pouted.

Haruna slightly shivered and held the squirrel even more.

“Yuuchan . . . I’m cold . . . “  she whispered as she finally drifted to sleep.

*Ring ring

*Ring ring

“Hnn  . . . . *yawn  . . .Who could be calling at this hour? . . . . “ Haruna lazily got up took her cell phone from her desk.

“It’s 2:02 AM . . . geez, it’s still early! . . . “

She took a glance at the caller’s name.

“. . . Jurina? . . . What does she need during this hour? . . . “

“Moshi-moshi . . . . Jurina? . . . “

”Kojima-san!! . . . “

“What’s wrong Jurina? . . . *yawn . . .What is it? Is it urgent?  . . “

“It’s Yuko-chan!!. . .

“Yuuchan? . . . “ Haruna suddenly snapped out from her drowsiness when she heard her beloved’s name. “Why what’s wrong with Yuuchan? . . . .Did something happen? . . . “ Haruna asked worriedly

”She hasn’t been answering my calls!! . . . . I’m worried” Jurina said frantically

“Maybe she’s just asleep or something . . . . She was so tired that she didn’t answer her phone”

”I’m at her house right now and no one’s home!! . . . . She’s not at your place??. . .

“What?! . . . Yuuchan’s not there?!. . . Where in the world could she be?”

”She’s not there also?! . . . . Sh*t something might have happened to her on the way here”

“I saw her following me earlier towards my house. . . . ”

”Did you know where she went?!  . . . . . Oh God, she might’ve collapsed somewhere! . .. Oh no . . .  Wait a minute, you said she followed you right? . . . . Is she still cold?”

“Cold? . . . “

”She was ice cold when I last touched her . . . . She has Hypothermia!!”

“Hypothermia?? . . . What’s that?”

“It’s when your body drops temperature.. . . . Like you’re frozen, or something like that . . . She might die if she’s still out there!! . . . We’ve got to find her now!! . . . “

After listening to Jurina’s explanation Haruna quickly ran out the house even with her nightgown on. She ignored the cold weather and snow beneath her feet.

“Yuuchan!! . . . Yuuchan answer me!! “

“Yuuchan!! . . .. . . Yuuchan are you there?!”

Haruna dialed Yuko’s phone number.

“C’mon . . . Answer it Yuuchan!”

‘1, 2, 3, 4!

I want you! . . .

I need you! . . .

I love you! . . . ‘

“Heavy Rotation? . . . . That’s Yuuchan’s ringtone!!! . . . . “

Haruna followed the song and she stopped by the gate. She began to push the gate but it won’t budge.

“All this thick snow!! . . . “ she pushed even harder but she stopped when she saw a pice of clothing stuck in the snow.

“Could that be? . . . . . Yuuchan!!. . . “ she began digging the snow to recover the cold body underneath it.

“Yuuchan! . . . Yuuchan!! . . . “ she ignored her bleeding fingers. When Yuko’s face suddenly appeared, she felt something warm in her chest, then she began to cry and dug even faster. When she saw Yuko’s hand, she checked if Yuko’s still got a pulse.

“Thank goodness!! She’s barely alive . . . Don’t worry Yuuchan!! . . . I’ll get you out of here!!. . . . “

When the snow was already taken off from Yuko’s body, Haruna carried her inside her house.

She took off all of Yuko’s wet clothes and placed her inside the tub filled with warm water. She sent a message to Jurina that Yuko is alright and she doesn’t have to worry anymore. Haruna also took off her clothes and joined Yuko in the bath. She could feel the coldness escaped from her body when she dipped her body in the warm water. She placed Yuko on her thighs; let her head rest against her shoulder. She smiled when she felt Yuko’s back against her chest. She circled her arms around Yuko’s waist and hugged her tightly.

“ . . . . Yuuchan . . . Please wake up . . . . “ she whispered against her ear.

“ . . . Hnn . . . “ She felt her lover move. “ . . . N-Nyan? . . . “

“Yuuchan!!! . . . . “ Haruna hugged her even more.

“I-Itai . . . Nyan nyan . . . Please don’t hug me too tight” Yuko said weakly.

“Gomen. . . . I’m just glad to have you back!” Haruna smiled sweetly.

Yuko slowly stood-up, faced Haruna and sat down again.

“Nyan nyan . . . You’re not angry at me anymore? . . . . “ Yuko asked cutely

“Of course not!. . . . Not that I almost lost you!. . . . “ Haruna exclaimed, tears suddenly burst out from her eyes.

“Nyan . . . I’m here. . . . Don’t cry . . . . “ Yuko held her lover’s face and wiped her tears with her thumb.

“And don’t worry . . . I have no plan on leaving you . . . “ she smiled showing her dimples.

Haruna stared at Yuko’s brown eyes. Slowly, their faces close in and their lips met. Yuko broke the kiss and stared lovingly at Haruna. Just then, tears slid down on her face.

“Gomen Nyan nyan! . . . It’s all my fault, if I only brought a gift to you during our date, none of this would’ve happened!! . . . “ Yuko cried. “I-If I brought you one, you wouldn’t have to be so worried right now!! . . . I am so sorry Nyan nyan! . . . . “

Haruna circled her arms around Yuko’s waist and pulled her closer. Yuko buried her head on Haruna’s neck and cried silently.

“Don’t apologize Yuuchan . . . . I should’ve been more understanding, I know that you are busy but I acted so selfish . . . “ She rubbed Yuko’s back.

“ . . . . I feel so cold, Nyan nyan . . . . When you ignored me, it was worse than having Hypothermia“ Yuko whispered.

Haruna kissed Yuko’s collarbone, then her jaw and finally her lips. Haruna’s warm lips were against Yuko’s slightly cold ones. Haruna inserted her tongue and licked Yuko’s tongue. Yuko replied the act and their tongues began to battle. Yuko tilted her head slightly and pushed her tongue inside Haruna’s mouth. Haruna struggle at first but began to relax when Yuko licked her lips.

Yuko broke the kiss and sniffed Haruna’s scent from her neck and then kissed Haruna on her cheeks.

“Don’t worry Nyan nyan . . . tomorrow, I’ll buy you a Christmas present . . . . “

“No need Yuuchan . . . . “

“Are? . . . But I thought you wanted one . . . “

“I realized that I already have one . . . . The best and most important gift that was given to me“

“Really? . . . .Where? . . . . “ Yuko asked, completely dumbfounded.

“ . . . She’s right here! . . . “

Haruna kissed Yuko on the lips and Yuko replied the kiss. The two of them re-started their making out session.

On that Christmas night, the streets are frozen and everything was white and cold outside but everything was warm and full of love inside the bathroom of Kojima Haruna.


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That was dangerous! Yuko almost died! :(

Kojima-san :smhid I'm glad she got her senses back. The two had a long make-out session. :D

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uwaa that was dangerous really  :O nyan nyan can be really cold at times but super sweet too  :inlove:
im lucky my kojiyuu radar brought me to this fic lol its cute and great  :heart: :heart:

Silent reader for now

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wow good fic

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ohh.. this is so sad :gyaaah:..
Why juritan must die :cry:
I really liked Wmatsui & Mayuki :heart:

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  • Hellyeah mighty SQUIRREL! <3
Yuko almost die ː̗̀(☉,☉)ː̖́
Carefree nyannyan, you almost lose her!

But it turned to romantic warm scene, wow <3
Bathtub XD

Thankyou :3

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/shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : You're Mine (MaYuki) 06/02
« Reply #18 on: June 02, 2014, 05:39:25 PM »
I've got free time so I made a Mayuki fanfic . . . . . Enjoy!  :D

You’re Mine

Yukirin's family is not really rich, they were just an average family in the city of Tokyo. Her father died when she was five, leaving her with her mother who is sickly but is a hard worker just to let the two of them survive in this harsh world. Her mother was once a seamstress who sews beautiful gowns befitting a princess, sometimes Yuki would help sew simple dresses and shirts and they turned out pretty good despite her young age. Their business is going well until a large company decided to buy the lot where Yuki's boutique was built in for them to construct a condominium.

Of course, Yuki's mother did not agree and decided to take the matter into court but the company president would not take 'no' for an answer so he decided to use dirty methods. So in the end, Yuki and her mother were forced out in their boutique.

Due to her mother's weak body, she was unable to find a job as a seamstress  immediately so she tried to find jobs that are high-paying in a short amount of time.

Good thing she was recruited by the Watanabe family and they took her in together with Yuki, who was 8 at that time. Yuki's mother served the Watanabe family as a maid. Yuki, who wanted to decrease her mother's burdens, volunteered to help the gardener in taking care of the Watanabe’s garden. Seeing the goodwill in Yuki even though she was a child, the pleased Mr. and Mrs. Watanabe decided to give Yuki her salary, for her to use as an allowance to school.

One day when Yuki was busy sweeping the dried and fallen leaves, she can’t help but notice a pair of pigtails poking out from a bush. She giggled at the sight but she decided to ignore it and concentrated on her work. After she put the leaves in the garbage bag she decided looked again at the bush where the pigtails were poking out earlier but it was already gone.

“Ano~ Misaki-san . . . Does the Watanabe family have a daughter? . . . “ Yuki asked the maid who was working for the Watanabes for a long time.

“Yes . . . Watanabe Mayu-sama . . . I think she’s a year younger than you. . . . “ Misaki replied while she places the dried glasses on the cupboard.

“Heh~ How come I haven’t seen her? . . . “ Yuki keeps on swinging her legs on the chair as she asked the maid another question.

“Mayu-sama rarely comes out of her room; she’s always watching anime and reading manga  . . . . but everything she needs is provided. Her breakfast, lunch and dinner is served in bed, she also has her private tutor that’s why she doesn’t have to go to school. . . “ Misaki replied kindly as she lifts Yuki from her sit and places her gently to the ground

“Jaa~ Misaki-san, could you let me bring Mayu-sama’s breakfast next time? . . . I really want to meet her!” Yuki beamed at the maid.

Misaki gently pat Yuki’s head “Sure . . . but for now just help Ryu-ojiichan in taking care of the garden, okay? . . . “

“Hai!” Yuki rushed out in the kitchen to help the old gardener in trimming the bushes.


*Knock *knock

“Ohayou gozaimasu Mayu-sama! . . . I brought you your breakfast!! . . “ Yuki opened the door to the young Watanabe’s room.

Actually it was Yuki’s first time to step in the room and was astonished to see Watanabe Mayu’s room. A  64” plasma TV is hung on the wall facing the queen-sized bed with pink drapes on the side. Facing the door is a very large shelf filled with books and on the desk beside the bed is a computer with 3 monitors connecting with each other, not only that, the 64” TV is between to shelves filled with anime figurines and the ceiling is filled with posters of anime girls. There were two other doors in the room, one is for the bathroom while the other one with a sign on the door saying: ‘Strictly No Entry Except Mayu’ is for who knows what.

“Sugoi . . . . “ Yuki was awestruck as she stared at every detail that was in the room.

“Hnnn . . . “ a small movements was seen on the queen-sized bed.

Yuki approached the bed quietly while holding firmly the tray that carries the young Watanabe’s breakfast. Mayu sat up and leaned on the headboard while rubbing her right eye with her hand and pouted while looking at the other girl who was carrying her breakfast.

’Ka-Kawaii!!’ Yuki inwardly squealed as she looked at the girl who just woke up.

Mayu just gave her a long stare with an emotionless look.

“O-Ohayou gozaimasu . . . Pancakes with chocolate syrup and whipped cream, sunny side-up eggs and bacon with chamomile tea is served for breakfast . . . “

Yuki pulled out a small table under the bed and placed the tray above it.

Mayu just munched her breakfast quietly and Yuki just observed the other girl. When she was done, Yuki gathered the used utensils on the tray and returned the small table under the bed. She was about to go out of the room when she heard a soft angel-like voice.

“ . . . What’s your name? . . . “

Yuki was a bit surprised and she turned to the source of the voice.

“I’m Yuki . . . Kashiwagi Yuki.” Yuki smiled at Mayu who in return just gave her an emotionless stare.

“Ne~ Okaa-san, why is Mayu-sama not leaving her room? . . . “ Yukirin who was helping Misaki wash the dishes asked her mother who was cooking a meal for them.

“She has her own reasons Yuki . . . Mayu-sama is happy inside her room . . “ her mother replied.

“She doesn’t look happy to me when I went inside her room. . . “ Yuki murmured but it was heard by Misaki who was beside her.

“Yuki-chan, Mayu-sama doesn’t show her emotions that much because she does not know how to interact with people . . . “ Misaki took a glance at the child beside her.

“Then does that mean she doesn’t have any friends? . . . “ Yuki asked worriedly at Misaki.

The maid just patted Yuki’s head gently as she shook her head sideways.

“That’s so sad . . . . Okay, I have decided! I will be Mayu-sama’s friend!” Yuki declared as she stands on top of a chair.

“Yuki, be careful! . . . “ Yuki’s mother lifted her from the chair to the ground. “That’s not a bad idea . . . At least you can keep Mayu-sama company, it’s better than just letting her watch anime from morning ‘til noon . . .”

“How about starting today, you deliver Mayu-sama’s dinner in her room? . . . that way you could spend time together without disturbing her anime time . . . “ Misaki smiled at Yuki who was grinning from ear to ear.

“Okay, now that’s settled . . . . You should now go to the garden, Ryu-ojiichan was looking for you . . . “

Yuki rushed to the garden where she found the old gardener making topiaries.

“Ryu-ojiichan! “ Yuki waved at the gardener.

“Slow down Yuki-chan, you might trip. . . “ Ryu chuckled seeing the child running fast towards him.

“We’re making plant statues today? . . . “ Yuki asked innocently

The old gardener just chuckled at the child’s question. “Yes Yuki-chan, they are called ‘topiaries’ but I would do the cutting, Yuki chan should just sweep the fallen leaves and branches . . “ Ryu patted Yuki’s head who in turn gave him a pout.

“But I don’t want to sweep . . . “

“Yuki-chan, it still dangerous for a kid like you to do things like this . . . . but when you grow up, I’ll teach you everything I know!” Ryu exclaimed and Yuki gave him a cheerful grin.

The two of them had fun working together in the garden and it was almost noon when Ryu went back to his room to rest, leaving Yuki alone sweeping the leaves and branches that were cut off.

On a nearby bush, she heard rustling of the leaves and she noticed blonde hair poking out from the bush. She stared at the hair curiously as she began to approach the bush.

“Show yourself! . . there’s no need to hide . . . “ she began to approach the bush but the figure fled. Yuki chased after her but the other figure just kept running while looking back he didn’t see the stone on his way so he tripped.

“Watch out!” Yuki tried to catch him but the other kid was far from her reach. Thankfully, he fell on the bushes which reduced the impact of her fall but the clothes that he was wearing were torn in several parts.

“Daijoubu? . . . “ Yuki asked the other kid as she reached out her hand and helped him stand up.

The blonde boy just looked at her and nodded his head. Yuki noticed that there were several cuts on his arms and legs, and his shirt is torn.

“I’m Yuki . . . What’s your name? . . . “ Yuki asked the boy who was gaping at her.

“Ma- *ahem. . . Y-Yuuma . . . I’m Yuuma.”

“Well, Yuuma . . . Come with me, I’ll treat your wounds . . . “ Yuki dragged Yuuma to her room and took out the first aid kit and began to disinfect the wounds of the boy.

“Yuuma . . . How did you end up in the Watanabe’s garden? . . : “ Yuki asked Yuuma who kept flinching every time the wet cotton contacts with his skin.

“I-I got lost . . . “ he murmured while adverting his gaze from Yuki

“The Watanabe’s garden is really big, it’s natural for someone to get lost in there . . . “

“Y-Yeah . . . it’s pretty big. . . “

“There, I’ve already treated the wounds on your arms and legs . . . “ Yuki approached Yuuma and began to lift up his shirt.

“O-Oi! . . . what are you going to do?! . . . “ the startled boy fell backwards from his chair and his face turned crimson red.

“I’m just trying to take off your shirt” Yuki tilted her head on the side while looking at the beet red face of Yuuma. Just then, she realized something from what she said and she too turned her face into beet red.

“I-It’s not what you think! . . . I just want to sew the torn part of your shirt, that’s all! . . . “ Yuki hid her face from the boy.

“A-Ah . . . you don’t have to. I’ll just go with this . . . “ Yuuma tried to exit the room but was held back by Yuki.

“Dame~ Take off that shirt because I’m going to fix it! . . . “ Yuuma looked at Yuki’s serious eyes and gave a defeated sigh.

“Alright . . . Just turn around for bit. . . . And don’t you dare look back!” Yuuma gave Yuki an evil eye which scared the latter.

Yuki complied with his request and faced the wall but she can’t help but sneak a glance at the boy. She saw the milky white skin and flawless back she again turned her attention to the wall blushing. The next thing she knew the shirt was thrown to the top of her head. She went to her drawer and took out her sewing kit and began to fix the shirt of the boy. Without facing the boy, she threw the shirt towards the back after a few seconds she heard him say “You can turn back now. . . “

Yuki faced the blonde boy checking his repaired shirt.

“Sugoii . . . .it doesn’t look like it was torn . . “ Yuuma said while looking the sewn part of his shirt. “You’re good at this! . . . “ he smiled at Yuki who in return blushed at the compliment of the boy

“N-Not really . . . . my mother taught me.” Yuki smiled in return

Just then Yuki heard her mother calling for her.

“I should go now. . . . “ Yuuma held the doorknob when Yuki stopped her.

“Wait. . . . You’ll come back tomorrow right? . . “ A glint of hope was shown in the eyes of Yuki while Yuuma just looked away sadly.

“I really want to, but I can’t. . . . I’m sorry “ Yuuma wiped the tears of Yuki who managed to fall from her eyes. “Even it’s just a short amount of time, it was nice knowing you, Yuki . . “

“Before you go. . . I’ll give this to you . . . “ Yuki took something out from her pocket. it was a white handkerchief with a stylish letter ‘Y’ was embroidered on the bottom right corner.

“You need this more than I do . . . “ Yuuma just chuckled at the crying girl.

“Just take it . . . I made this myself . . . “ Yuki pushed the handkerchief to Yuuma’s chest.

“Why is it letter ‘Y’? . . . “ Yuuma asked as he touched the embroidered letter sewn with black thread.

“The ‘Y’ there means ‘Yuki’ but now it can also mean ‘Yuuma’ . . . “ Yuki smiled at Yuma who blushed in return.

“But I don’t have something to give to you in return. . . “ Yuuma pouted

“It’s okay . . . I don’t really ask anything for an exchange. . . “

“How about. . . . “ Yuuma suddenly pulled Yuki’s arm and gave her a chaste kiss on the lips.

“Sayonara, Yuki . . . I know we’ll meet again someday . . . “ Yuuma then exited the room without waiting for a reply from the stunned girl.

After a few minutes

“Yuki! . . . Yuki!. I was looking for you . . . “ Yuki’s mother sighed as she saw her daughter standing while facing the door with her finger on her lips.

“Hurry up now and deliver Mayu-sama’s dinner to her . . . “ Yuki’s mother dragged her out of her room and brought her to the kitchen.

Ever since that day Yuki would always go to Mayu’s room after her classes to accompany her and hoping that the young Watanabe would open up to her and become her friend. Even if she wasn’t delivering dinner to her, whenever she has spare time she would just be in Mayu’s side until she falls asleep.

Finally after months of doing this, Mayu opened up to her for a little bit and began to show some emotions to the other girl.

8 years later

“Mayuyu wake up! . . . You’ll be late for your first day in high school . . . “ Yukirin pulled the blankets exposing a girl who curled up in a ball.

“Mou~ Yukirin . . . let me sleep! . . . “ Mayu tried to cover-up herself with her blanket again but failed to do so.

“Dame~ . . . . You promised your parents that you would go to school early and graduate with flying colors. . . . “

“Tch. . . “ Mayu turned her back from Yuki

“*sigh If you don’t wake up now, I won’t make any clothes for your Akiyama Mio doll . . . . “

And with that Mayu sat up very quickly and leered at Yuki.

“Why do you always say that? . . . : Mayu groaned as she got up from her bed and got herself ready for school.


This story will have a part 2 whether you guys like it or not   :P :P

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Re: /shiruba_rein's Library of OS/ : You're Mine (MaYuki) 06/02
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The part 2 pls!!!!!!!

This is so interesting !!!

Can't wait for the update  :twothumbs

mayuyu and rena is <3

mayuki and mayurena is my fav <3

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