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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 76355 times)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Duel of The Weirdest" (Gorilla VS Katsuo)
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Hey, YO! I'm gonna be away today for some volunteer work involving flood victims in my country so no replies until.... I don't know. MONDAY? So yeah here's a preeetty weeeird laaaame shot that I don't even know why I wrote this. Must've been affected by this rescuing thingy lol.

So... Sorry if it's not what you guys expected (it's not some smexy fic! For 'you-know-who' XD)

Please enjoy till the end~  :cathappy:


Everything is fine and calm in the city of Tokyo. Everyone is doing their own routine of going to and fro works or schools, buying groceries or even going on a simple pleasant walk just to escape from the stress called life… Kids are playing in the playground with happy smiles and laughter, unaware of the damned future they are about to go through in several years to come… the same goes to those teenagers that are living life without a care just because they have adults to take responsibilities of everything… Indeed, everything is fine and calm in the city of Tokyo… Until…


Yes. A monster appears… wait, what…? Monster???

“GYAAAAH! It’s a U.M.A!”

“What even that means??!!”

“Unidentified Mysterious Animal, you idiot!”


All hell breaks loose as the U.M.A that looks like some kind of a fish materialize on top of a tall building…

“AHAHAHAHAHA!!! Run you petty humans…RUN! No one can escape from Kuwabaran-boss… I’ll turn all of you into tuna… HAHAHA!”


“What? Who goes there?”

“It’s us… the SKE Sentai, nyan!” Three girls appeared from nowhere with outfits not suitable for battles, one can say they were going for a cosplay convention…

“… who? Never heard of it… Anyways, you dare defy me, hentai?”

“It’s SENTAI, you fish-head! *ehem-ehem* With the power of love and justice, we’ll punish you, nyan!” the sentai wearing sailor uniform with cat ear speaks loudly with hand gestures swinging everywhere… only to felt a nudge on her skirt by one of the miko girl…

“Wait wait… are you guys sure we’re gonna do this? I mean, this is for REAL!”

“NO WORRIES. ALL IS WELL.” The cowgirl said with some Engrish accent... she faced Kuwabaran-boss with that short lasso of hers…


“Huh? HAHAHA you’re all some laughing stock… Wait till I get down there!” the trios were expecting Kuwabaran-boss to jump down the building, but she went the other way…


After 3 minutes…


The front sliding door opens showing Katsuo-boss in her glory pose…

“That was some tall building… Alright who’s coming first?”

“Of course it’s me, nyan… Just you wait, Katsuo-head.” Sailor moon girl pulls out her small sword while chanting some words. The sword glows brightly like some lightsaber from the Chewbacca movie…


“Heh… that’s some good magic trick you pulled there…”

"Wait till you feel the power of love from it, nyan… SHIOORIIIIN DYNAMITE!” the sword emits some green rays of light towards Katsuo-boss but she deflected every single one of them only with a mere swing of here magic staff…

“HAHAHA! Is that all you’ve got, Sailor-nyan girl?”

“Crap… she’s too powerful, nyan…”

“LET ME FINISH HER… LASER ROPE!” the Engrish cowgirl grasped her lasso while pulling it straight… the same red light emits from the rope making it looks like a short rod, if that’s possible…

“RODEOO HURRICAAANE!!!" cowgirl rode on a cow doll that appears out of nowhere, running with a speed of light while throwing loops of rays that resembles a hurricane… However, her attack makes no difference from the first one. Kuwabaran-boss wasn't even moving from her spot the whole time...


"Humph... this is a joke... what about you, miko girl?"


Sansei kawaii! (SANSEI!)
JUMP! JUMP! Aozora…

"Ah... wait a sec... Hello?" The miko girl answers her ringing phone that's been bugging her since morning…

"Yes... yes that's true... I'll be waiting... thanks to you, too..."


"Ahahaha... etto..."

Suddenly, a shadow of a gorilla looms above their head. All of them raised their heads...


"Huh? What's that?"

"It's a bird?"

"Is it a plane?"

"A flying monkey?"

"Naah... it's..."


A girl wearing tight outfit with a spandex worn outside came flying down in slow motion... only to see a cable hanging around her waist.

"Okay, that's enough... Oy, take me down. Be careful... hey, slowly!" 

They all waited for the crews to bring the super lady down safely...

"That took a while, gorilla..."

"What did you say, fish? Did you miss my fist that much?"

"Says the girl who cried river when got kicked on the face..."

"That's my pride, you fish brain!"

"Enough talking... let's see if you can defeat me again this time, old hag"

"You can kiss my sexy ass, Katsuo!"









"What's...wrong...Super spandex...?*huff huff* your age... is limiting your... strong moves...?"

"I've been... fighting crime all over...*wheeze* I need a... breather..."

"Heh...looks like luck is on my side... cause I brought your kryptonite..."


"IMPOSSIBLE!" Cowgirl exclaimed…

"Super Sayaa has a weakness? That's uncalled for..."

"Oh yes she does... look here, Gori-girl!"


Kuwabaran-boss threw the Hello Kitty plushy towards Super Sayaa who is spazzing like a little girly girl right now...


Everyone had a 'are you serious?' look while Kuwabaran-boss smirk gloriously, glad that her plan is working well...

"HAHAHAHA I knew you'd fell for that... thanks to me lurking around your screening time on tv AHAHAHA!!!"

"Oh no! What should we do now?"

"I guess we'll have to take her on our own now, nyan..."


The trios tried their best attacking Kuwabaran-boss with all their might... except for miko girl who's hiding behind a car wreck...





They punched, kicked, jumped, slide, even bit on the smelly fish but to no avail... one by one, our heroes fall to the ground...

"HAHAHAHA No one can defeat me... NO ONE HAHAHA- uhuk uhuk... blergh... damn fly getting inside my mouth... BWAHAHAHA!!!"

"This is bad... I must warn Super Sayaa with my spirit power!" Miko girl run all the way to the spandex girl who is still spazzing on the kitty doll...


"Super Sayaa! Get a hold of yourself! People are turning to tuna out there...Oh Kami-sama, THE SMELL!  You've got to save us! Save the world!"

Super Saaya became stilled as she heard the last sentence. Her mind drifted somewhere else...

In her mind...

' I? Why is there grassess all over the place?'

Suddenly the sky becomes bright with light rays emitting from the white clouds... The lights were blinding Super Saaya's vision as she tries to make out a silhouette of a squirrel head appearing from between the clouds...



"YU- I mean... KORISU-SAMA!"

"Yes... it is I, Korisu-sama..."

"What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be... training for the concert?"

"Hush, gorilla... listen to me. You have forgotten who you are…You are the mighty Super Sayaa. A petty cute thing won't stop you from saving the world. You've been training days and nights just to fulfill your destiny of protecting those people, including me... Arise, my gori... Let me lend you my squirrel power to help you defeat the smelly tuna boss. Remember who you are… You are Super Sayaa. The one true hero of ladykind…"

“Wait! Korisu-sama, don’t go!”

“Remember who you are…”

The clouds start swirling….


Then, more blinding white light emerged from the clouds. A squirrel silhouette shots down like a lightning, enveloping Super Sayaa's boo-…  chest in the process... Feeling a surge of power overwhelming her body, Super Saaya screams loudly.


"-uper Saay-"


"Super Saaya! Wake up!"

"What? What happened?"

"Why are you sleeping in the middle of the road? You'll get hit by a car!"

Super Sayaa gets up with a dizzy head. Thinking that her dream was real, she touched her huge *ehemboobsehem* and hard abs…

“Whoa… I can feel Korisu-sama's hentai power! This is it! Hey, miko girl… take care of this for me!” She throws the white kitty plushy towards miko girl…

“Now… to settle the fish…” Super Sayaa takes a great leap across the street, facing the Kuwabaran-boss…


“Huh? Oh my… you’ve awaken from the curse, aye? HAHAHA!”

“HA HA HA… that damn annoying laugh is making me seasick! Here, catch this!” Super Saaya throws a bag of oranges towards Kuwabara-boss…

“GASP! ORANGEEESS!!!” the evil fish immediately peels open the oranges one by one, eating like some homeless lady beside the street that hasn't eaten anything for days…

“This is…*munch munch* a mistake! You know how *slurp* I’ll get stronger after eating this!”

“That’s okay… There are more oranges for yooouuu~” a lorry turns around the corner filled with millions of oranges inside… Kuwabaran-boss eyes gleams with oranges in her eyes.

Super Sayaa smirks as she watches the dreadful scene of a tuna head eating those oranges. You can literally see her turn from black to those fruits colour…

“I’m… full…. *BUUUURP!*” Kuwabaran-boss lied on the street with a bulge on her stomach and orange juices covering her body… Thinking this is the time, Super Sayaa quickly prepared herself…

“Alright! I’ll finish you right now, Katsuo! Be prepared!” Super Sayaa swings her hand onto the air, doing repeated rounds like you’re swimming…







“My last ultimate move…. STATUUUE FAAACE HEADBUTT!”


A defeated song played in the background… Super Sayaa slowly walks with heavy steps towards the badly beaten Kuwabaran-boss...

“This…is not over…” Kuwabaran-boss voiced out while trying to get up from her hunched pose…

“I’ll be back… For this superb tuna, LOVE!”

An explosion erupts… the wind blew away the smokes, bringing together the remains of Kuwabaran-boss… Taking a long breath of relief, Super Sayaa turns towards miko girl who is trying to roll her friends to safety on the sidewalk.

“Hiiyargh! Man you guys are heavy... Hey, you okay?”

“Yeah… Ummm can I have that back?”

“Eh? Oh you mean this?” Miko girl hands over the white plushy towards the muscle lady…

“Thanks…ummm could you do me a favor?”


“Don’t tell anyone about…this…”

“Oh. Sure…”

“Hello Kitty… lets go home…”

After bidding farewell to miko girl with a cool pose and a dazzling smile plus a stunning wink, Super Sayaa vanished behind the corner of a building… after a few minutes, a human wearing spandex with a cute plushy strapped on her belt can be seen flying through air with a crane following, or rather supporting her from behind…

“It must be great to be a hero…” Miko girl follows Super Sayaa’s figure disappearing at the end of the street… She turns towards her collapsed friends and poke them in the face…

“Oy, you guys can wake up now… It’s already over.”

“Really? Urgh why didn’t you tell us sooner, nyan…” cat-ear sailor girl stands up without any injuries on her body…

“Ahh my back hurts from lying too long on the paved road…” the cowgirl stretches her back trying to loosen out some muscles…

“Seriously… we’re not going to do that again! I mean, WTH!”


“Jurina… are you sure this is the place?”

“She told me it was here… ”

“Are you sure?”

“YES! According to my mousou!”

“But there’s barely anyone here… just some oranges…”


Jurina brings a finger towards her head…

“Ah...! Mowa tto kita…”

“What?” Rena looks at Jurina with curious eyes…

“There will be… another lame weird OS…”




Do pray for our safety on our journey.  :peace:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Beautiful Black" (MaYuki)
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Hey, yo! I'm COMEBACK!  8) okay that's a lame pun... lol

It seems like the Gorilla VS Katsuo OS is not that good seeing as the thanks received are not that many as others... Oh well. Just when I've decided to make a Saga featuring these two epic girls...  :D Might as well continue!

Anyway, I've never done this pairing before so it's not that great as others. Do check it out and leave out comments for this poorly made OS... *sigh*  :smhid




“Aaah… what a great day!”

Mayu skips down the road to her school while merrily humming a song. She is in the freshman year in her school along with her bestfriend/puppy, Jurina. She is adored by everyone, students and teachers alike for her over the edge cuteness. One could say she is the epitome of an innocent child brought down from heaven with rays of lights shining from above.

“Ah, Mayu-san! Good morning!”

“Hello, Watanabe-san! Don’t forget the meeting after class today!”

“Hey, Mayuyu! Mornin'~”

Mayuyu bowed in gratitude while replying their greetings with a godly smile. Yes, she is indeed popular but not as Miss Popular who’s an attention whore but mostly because of the warm atmosphere she emits when people approach her. Mayu never seemed to mind the attention though. She is enjoying everything life’s been giving her before reality kicks in. Amidst the lovely birds chirping a wonderful melody, a strange voice sounded…



Mayu halted her steps. The gruesome calling of her name from behind makes her shivered to the bone. Even without turning around, she can sense darkness overshadowing her back albeit the sun is fairly bright today. Mayu wants to turn around even though she knows who the culprit is… it would be rude to turn your back when people called you, no? However, just as Mayu took a side glance of the person, she quickly turns around before speeding off towards her class in mere seconds.


The figure standing in the shadow lets out a sigh before continuing walking to the same direction as Mayu with everyone keeping a safe distance from her, just enough to not step on her shadows…

- - - - -

“So… you really think I’m that hot?”

“Ehehehe… yeah as hot as Hawaii…”

“Oh… that’s… hot, I guess?

“Ehehe… you’re cute.”

Jurina was talking… flirting to be exact, with some chick in the hallway about the meaning of the word hot, as if it will come out from a literature test even when they both can’t seem to find the real meaning of it. Suddenly, a screaming can be heard from afar.


“Ummm… who’s that? She seems retarded…”

“Huh? Oh I don’t know… Pshh… nevermind her…”


“Wait, did she just call your name?”

“What? Nooo… I don’t even know that retarded cyborg girl…”

Mayu finally arrives on Jurina’s side, clinging onto her arm desperately. The chick looked skeptically towards them both with Jurina giving out a pathetic puppy face. She lets out an irritating huff before walking out from the scene… Feeling annoyed, Jurina glares at her friend with a twitching nerve on her forehead…


“You’ve got to help me, dude! She’s out there… trying to get me! I can’t keep on living like this! It’s been 3 long hellish torturing days… I’M GOING TO DIE!!!”

“Wait wait, just hold on! You’re not going to die, CG... Not in this fic… Who are you talking about anyway?”

“That senpai… BLACK!

“Huh? Black? As in, Kashiwagi Yuki?”

Mayu nods her head desperately…

“Pfttt… AHAHAHA! Mayuyu, you’re scared of a girl? Like seriously? BWAHAHAHA!!!”

“OYY! You can laugh your ass right now! Just wait till you see her face… Oh god, the agony…”

“Yeah yeah… whatever… let’s just go to her class during lunch just to sort out if she really wants to kill you or not… in the mean time, the bell’s going to ring so LET’S GO!”

“Okay… eh, WHAT?!

- - - - -

During lunch time...

Jurina dragged the unwilling Mayu whom along the way, kept still like a cyborg out of batteries, through the hallways of the third years’ class.

“Class 3-C… ah! Here it is!” Jurina, the smooth talker she is, ask a sempai if there is anyone with the name of Kashiwagi Yuki in that class.

“You mean, Yukirin? She just went out a minute ago… I don’t know where she went but, you can talk to me though… since you’re cute and kinda handsome…” The sempai gave a wink to the player Jyu who actually enjoyed the treatment but she had other plans to be settled today in courtesy of her bestfriend Mayu who is still lifeless albeit a little relax hearing that ‘Black’ is not available right now. Besides, she doesn’t want to encounter some trouble with a president named…

“Rena-chan!” Tch. Speak of the devil. Jurina flinched as she heard the name.

“Oh? What is the player doing here? You’ve finished playing with the girls downstairs, huh?”

“Ah… if it’s not the president of the student council… or clowns. Fancy meeting you here, Moyashi.”

“What did you just call me, you sick puppy?”

“Got a problem with your hearing, Moyashi-taichou?”

Sparks of electric can be seen emitting from their eyes with auras of killing intent surrounding them both. These two had been sworn enemies since the first day Jurina enrolled inside the school. The horror of the memories when they first met… let’s just say Rena lost her first innocent kiss that day. Suddenly, Mayu jerked a little. Her radar is detecting a presence of something dark… or rather someone. Someone she doesn’t even want to face again today. She slowly turns around to be met with the eyes of the person called ‘Black’.

“Ju-Jurina… Oy, Jurina! S-she’s here….” Mayu pulled Jurina’s sleeve to gain the kid’s attention while her eyes still focused on Black’s figure.

“What? Can’t you see I’m bu-…” Jurina turns her head towards Mayu when her eyes caught of a black shadowy figure looming just a meter from them. Her eyes widen with her mouth acting similar like a fish, trying to make out a word from the sight in front. Mayu grabbed Jurina’s hands while Jurina slowly took some steps backwards.

“WaaTAnABee-SAan… FiiNAaaLlyy… WeE meEet AaaGaaIiinn…”


The both scamper away from the third floor, almost jumping down the stairs towards the first floor as they tried to frantically escape from Black. Again, the figure lets out a defeating sigh…

“Huh? What’s up with them?” Rena voiced out after seeing the scene with a dumbfounded face.

“Ah, Rena-chan! Do you know them?”

“Yes… I know one of them, not that I wanted to, though… What’s the matter, Yukirin?”

“Well, I have a favor to ask…”

- - - - -

“Oh no… I think I left my notes at the music room last Monday. This is bad…” Mayu pokes her bestfriend who is dazing out the window, still in a traumatizing state from her encounter with Black. Jurina jumps off her chair, startled with the intrusion…

“EEEP! Don’t touch me!” she keeps a defensive pose with both arms crossed in front of her head. Mayu chuckled seeing this state of her so called cool friend.

“I’ve told you she’s a devil…”

“Yeah… curse my wonderful teenage life…”

“Hey, I’ve got to go back to the music room. Left my notes there…”

“Alone? Are you insane? That room is haunted! Besides, what if Black is waiting for you in there?”

“Ummm… why would she be waiting in a haunted room?”

“Because… she is a ghost herself?”

“Should I be laughing or crying…? I’m going…”

“Wait wait! I’m going too!”

On the dark hallway…

They walk with steady steps towards the haunted music room, as told by the Jurina, the cowardly pup… Mayu was never the scaredy-cat type, although it’s a different situation when meeting Black. It’s like your insanity is at stake just by being consumed by her shadow, as everyone speaks of. Jurina however, was gripping Mayu’s waist as if she’ll lose her life once she let go. They approach the door of the music room… only to hear the sound of a trumpet being played.


“Nee… Mayu… what was that?”

“H-how do I know… I’m not inside!”

“Let’s go in…”


Mayu reaches out for the door handle. She takes a deep breath, trying to calm her nerves… As she turns the handle, Jurina suddenly shrieked, making her jumped in the process.

“What is it now?!”

“N-nothing… just my phone. Hold on a second…”  Jurina checks her phone for a message. Suddenly, she smirks. It was like all of her cowardness has been dumped to the trash, exchange with the usual confident cool façade.

“Step aside, Mayu! Let me open the door… my princess is waiting inside.” Jurina slams the door open in glory, knowing the person who’s been waiting for her inside the music room.

“Oh, my Moyashi! What business do you have in here? Are you perhaps trying to make up for the times we’ve lost since the day we’ve met?”

“Tch. In your dreams… Hey, you’re Watanabe Mayu, right?” Rena averts her attention to the cute cyborg girl who’s standing near the door. Hearing her name being called, Mayu bows her head in respect towards the president.

“Yes, it’s me.”

“Hey, why are you looking for Mayuyu? You’re not trying to give her some spicy candy, right?” Jurina wraps Mayu in a protective hug while giving glares towards the pale girl. Rena ignores the kid’s antics…

“Mayu-san, my friend wanted to meet you. She got something for you…”

“Eh? Really? Who?”

“Yukirin. She’s right behind you…” Mayu and Jurina blinks together. They looked at each other, trying to rake their brains for that familiar name…

“Yukirin… as in, Yuki?”

“You mean… Black?”

“YEeesS… WaaTAAnaAABEe-SaaANn…”

They turn their heads to the voice while shaking and trembling all over. A dark tall figure is standing just outside the door with darkness shrouding her body, only for the darkness to consume their sight as they collapsed onto the floor, losing consciousness…

- - - - -

“-nabe-san! Watanabe-san! Wake up!”

“Mmmph… what? What happen- *GASP!* Am I dead?”

“Why would you be dead?”

“Because there’s an angel watching over me right now…” the girl chuckles, amused with the still dazed Mayu that had finally woken up after countless of shaking.

“Unfortunately, I’m just a human. Here, can you sit?”

“Oh… Ummm… I guess.” Mayu frowned slightly while trying to lift her upper torso to a sitting position. The cyborg girl keeps her eyes on the girl, being hypnotized by her natural beauty…

“Have we met before?”

“Countless of times, Watanabe-san…”

“*GASP!* Why didn’t I know about that?”

“Maybe because you keep running away after seeing me? Seriously… I thought you hate me…” seeing the girl pouted makes Mayu guilty. There’s no way she would be running away from a total beauty like her…

“May I know your name, angel-san?” the girl giggled seeing the cute face of Mayu.

“It’s Yuki. Kashiwagi Yuki.”

“Oh… Yuki. What a nice name…. Wait… Yuki? BLACK?!” Mayu’s eyes widen as realization hit her hard. She puts a hand on her mouth, trying to absorb everything that had happened… never she would have thought that Black is actually this AngelYuki in front of her. Yuki lets out a laugh, knowing where this is going…

“I think the rumors had been brought up too deceiving… Yes, I am Yuki, also known as Black, although not many people call me that nowadays. You can call me Yukirin if you want.” Yuki gives out a dazzling smile. Mayu is speechless with the turns of events. She still can’t believe her eyes and mind…

“Ummm then why did you always follow me around?”

“Oh that! Before I forget, this is yours I presume?”

“Ah! My notes! Where did you get this?”

“You left it in the clubroom after someone keeps talking about a cosplay event… I was thinking of giving those back to you, but you just seemed so scared of me, you were out of reach. Thank goodness Rena-chan helped me.”

“I’m sorry…”

“That’s okay… at least we can be friends now!”

“EEEH!? F-friends?” Yuki nods gleefully, a hand reaching out for a handshake towards the blushing Mayu who in return shakes Yuki’s soft hand…

“Hi, I’m Kashiwagi Yuki. You can call me Yukirin.”

“H-hey… I’m Watanabe Mayu.”

“What a cute name… Nice to meet you, Mayu.”

“The same goes here… Yukirin.” they keep staring at each other, losing themselves in their own world with Mayu fawning over Yuki’s beauty and Yuki charmed over Mayu’s overload cuteness… However, their admirations were cut short when a shriek can be heard on the other side of the room...

“KYAAAA! What did you just do, pervert?!”

“I didn’t do anything!!! No one wants to touch that frail body of yours!”

“I don’t care! That is harassment! I’m going to file a suit on you, you hear me!”

“Whatever! At least I got to taste your lips before… MMUAHH! Hahaha!”

“That’s it! You want a kiss? I’ll give you a kiss alright!”

“Eh? Seriously?” The puppy’s tail is wagging excitedly waiting for the kiss, only to gain a punch straight on her face…



“That… is called a KISS with the FIST! Stupid!”

Mayu and Yuki burst out laughing seeing the scene of the fighting couple. Mayu decided to tease them a little bit…

“I can’t wait to see you guys together.”


A/N: Yeah right, JR... just wait till I wrote a OS about you two going all lovey dovey  :wub:... EHEHEHEHEE~
I'm really tired from the trip, I think I had to sleep for another whole day...   :yawn:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Beautiful Black" (MaYuki)
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it's always good to have a break from those heavy-intensive-terrifying plots out there and relax with this kind of fluff! surprisingly at the end... you made me smile....a lot HAHAHA I like it! please do more MaYuki stories!  XD  :bow:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Beautiful Black" (MaYuki)
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Omg Wmatsui fight qas hilarious, i cant stop laughing ><!!

Mayu run away from Yuki xD, damn Mayu find out Yuki was beautiful, and cant say anything

Mayu was so shock to find angel-san is Yuki/Black

I want to see more of them

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Beautiful Black" (MaYuki)
« Reply #44 on: December 17, 2013, 09:51:58 PM »
Lol the gorilla story was completely crazy xD!!!!!
WMatsui is so cute in the last one hehe
And your greeting in thai is right if you are a girl ^^

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Beautiful Black" (MaYuki)
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@imteedee: That's what I've been doing! :roll: Other fanfics were sooo great and intense, I just had to write some light funny fluffy OSs to relieve those stressing nerves on your brain LOL... Oh yeah your avatar, Keiko-chaaan!! I'm missing FictionJunction :cry:

@Kirozoro: Yeah been wanting the make Yukirin as the spooky Black for a while lol... Glad you like it. I'll try to make more MaYuki later :D

@kahem: Awwww you like that OS... I'm touched. XD Oh so there's a difference for male/female? What if I'm a dude, then? :P
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "A Christmas Escape" (WMatsui)
« Reply #46 on: December 21, 2013, 03:58:07 PM »
Hey, guys! Back for a WMatsui OS!!!

I was about to make J a santa but then she's too young. Perhaps a reindeer (Ju-Dolph? XD) but she's a pup!!! (in my loli eyes :w00t:)

Enjoy this humbly made Christmas present, everyone!  :twothumbs

P/S: Inspiration gotten from SKE48 Escape. For more effect of adrenalines, do put the song in loud volumes! :P

A Christmas Escape

Jingle bell~ jingle bell~ jingle all the waaay~

A man in his thirties is relaxing on the couch with a mug of hot choco on his hand. The radio is playing loops of Christmas carols and whatnots as the day is coming to its end to be greeted with the most awaited day of the year.

"Honeey, could you please take this trash outside?"

"What? But it's already late... and dark. Can't it wait until tomorrow morning?"

"Oh, be a man for once! Here!"

The man pouted trying to escape from the chore but her wife is probably immune already after being together for 5 tormenting years…

“Brrrr!!! It’s FREEZING!”

He dragged the black huge plastic while grumbling incoherent words. Once arrived to the trash can, he dumped the garbage, barely missing the opening. He brushed his hand clean, satisfied with his work. As he was about to turn around, something crashed him…

"Hey! What the-" in front of him is a figure wearing a red hooded sweater with a face covered in messy short black hair, gasping for air. Terrified, he was about to let out a shriek when footsteps of people running can be heard from the distance…

"Stop! Don't run away!"

"Damn." The figure pushed the man aside, continuing to run from whomever that was chasing the person. Then, several men in suits ran past him. He watches the scene with a shock expression. He tried to shout back to gain their attention but halted as his eyes caught something silver on one of the man's hand shining under the light of street lamps... something dangerous that he didn’t want to believe it is as what he seemed.

"What in the world... just happened?"

- - - - -

Huff huff huff…

The person, a girl to be exact, keeps running from the men chasing her closely from behind. She turns around the corner of a building, heading towards the busy streets in town. Even if it was nearly midnight with everyone already buckled up inside the comfort place called home, but this side of town is still bustling with people; locals and foreigners alike, doing random night activities in the cold winter as they prepare to celebrate the end of most holy eve of the year. The girl is not exceptional… She had made a promise with her friend that they are going to wait on the rooftop together for the bearded man with his reindeers; one of the crazy things that her friend wanted to prove to her; that Santa Claus does exist.

She slows her steps to a fast walking pace as she approaches a crowd of people singing Christmas Carols, trying to blend in with the spectators but as she turns around, the men was so close; only an arm reach that she had to take off scampering again. She was just about to take a breather but seeing as the men had finally caught up, she had to take desperate measures. After almost running for half an hour, her lungs had finally taken a toll on her. She can feel the burning sensation on her chest as she tries to inhale some short gasps of air. She barely feel her feet running as numbness starts to take over her limbs. Not to mention the thin layer of clothes she's wearing are not helping to protect her from the coldness of the season. She wants to slow down. She really wanted to… but she can’t let those men take her away. She can’t let them take her life away. Not when she had a promise to be fulfill tonight...   

Just by remembering the promise, she runs off in full speed as if her energy had already been replenished. She slithers her way through people left and right, avoiding any obstacles by vaulting over some fence and chairs, sliding underneath signs or tables of sellers advertising their products. She was glad to be born with a lean stature. She turns her head to look out for the men that are still on her tail. With her speed and agility, she’s confident she can outrun those buffoons. The girl grins in glory as none of them were to be seen anywhere on sight. However, she was celebrating her victory too soon. Just as she turns back her view to the front, she stumbled upon something… or rather someone.

“Well, well, well… Finally. I caught you, kid.” The man in black shades reached out his hand onto the girl’s hood, trying to get a good grip on her before she managed to run away. He smirks as he watches the girl struggling to break free.

“I won’t do that if I were you…” Something cold was poked on her back. She’s not that dumb to not know what that thing the man is holding down her waist. The girl racks her brain of a method to get away before the others arrive to put an end to her for good. Then, she thought of something. She moved backwards a few step, just enough to feel the man’s body on her back. Sliding her right hand on the man’s waist, she glided her fingers to find his belt. The man gulped loudly, mistaking the girl’s action as something indecent. Sensing the man’s lowering his guard, she gripped his trousers, propelling herself upwards before giving a head butt on the pervert’s chin, hard enough to make his shades thrown away. His grip was still on her hood but it’s not a problem. The girl elbowed the man on his chest, raising her leg for a round-kick on his hand that was holding the gun while giving another kick straight on his gut.


The man hunched in pain from the powerful blows. She might be a kid, but she had survived many wonders by living on the streets for 12 years. Fighting bullies and robbers were some of them… Knowing that the man still have the strength to fight back, she quickly slammed both hands on the back of his neck, knocking him out for good.

“HEY! What did you just do?! Hurry, capture her!”

Realizing the others had finally caught up, she made a dash into a dark alley. She keeps on running not even knowing where the heck she is now. She is unfamiliar with this side of this town. This is not her territory. She just wanted to give a visit to her friend, that’s why she is here... She turns another corner just to be met with a dead end. She contemplates on making her way back the alley but that would be suicidal. Her eyes wanders around the place searching for an escape plan when out of nowhere, a shrieking noise of a cat sounded. The cat jumps off from a trashcan nearby with a rusty emergency ladder can be spotted on top of it. Desperate for an escape, she runs hastily towards it. She made a jump on one of the abandoned trashcan, kicking her leg off the wall to push herself upward while reaching out her hand to grab the ladder. Reaching to the top of the building, she arrives to the rooftop. She steps onto the edge of the building. The distance between the two buildings is not that far. She can make the jump. She must make the jump…

The men’s shouting can be heard clearly just by the ladder. She takes a deep breath, gripping and releasing her fist, trying to release her nervousness. She puffs out some breath before doing a takeoff stance like a runner about to dash for a marathon. After putting all her mind into the jump, she runs forward with all her might. Just as she reaches the ledge, she pushes all her strength into her feet to propel herself for the long leap. She flies through the air, barely missing a flying raven. Landing perfectly on the other side, she blinks her eyes in disbelieves.




The girl barely dodged a bullet flying by her face. She crouches down to avoid from getting hit. However, the men aren’t made from nothing. Some of them were trained as soldiers and retired only to be hired for this job. The rewards are promising; no one wants to turn down the offer, even if it is to kill a girl. Some of them were shooting from across while the others made a dash to make the same leap as the girl. Her eyes widen. She cursed while thinking for a way to avoid both from getting shot and caught. She starts running in a zig-zag pattern, a way to avoid the fast-moving bullets. Her view showed another building in front with a longer distance. She had to make the same jump from before if she wants to make it across. Having experienced the first one, she feels confident overwhelms her mind and body to take the leap without a stop. The adrenaline pumping through her blood is pushing her limits. She steadily takes off for another leap, her hands flailing as if she was flying like some bird. Just a meter to reach the other side, she felt something hot pierced through her left shoulder…


The girl barely made it across as she falls down the 10 storey building, crashing over some makeshift roofs and clotheslines before landing on a hard surface. She tried to move but only groans and moans of pain can be heard. Her body feels like being crushed to the bone by some heavy boulder. She can’t even move her finger. Or was her hand broken? She doesn’t know... She felt numb. She can’t feel anything, except for her breathing which has started to become slow and desperate. Her eyes started to become blurry while she keeps on gazing onto the shining white moon. Suddenly, her eyes caught sight of a lone snow falling ever so gracefully onto her face with many others following right after. She smiled in content with tears slowly dripping down her cheeks. Her thoughts drifted back towards her promise before she loses consciousness…

Rena-chan… I’m sorry… Merry Christmas…


“Jurina… hey, Jurina! Where are you?!” Rena shouted in whispers while trying to desperately call out to her friend in secrecy. She looked down the balcony, searching for any movement on the ground below when a pair of arms wrapped her waist from behind. The pale girl lets out a shriek, barely managing to keep herself from falling down the ledge if not for the pair of strong arms around her waist...

“Gotcha.” The newcomer whispered, making the girl in front became red as tomato.

“MOU! JURINA! I could have fallen over you know…”she pouted, puffing out her already puffed cheeks.

“But I got you, didn’t I?” Jurina squeezed the girl a little bit, the blemish now spreads onto her ears… She chuckles delightfully.

“You’re cute.” Jurina release the girl while poking her cheeks repeatedly. Rena turns around to punch the teasing girl on her arm.

“Shut up. I know I am… you don’t need to tell me.” Rena speaks with an air of arrogant in her voice. Jurina keeps her dumb stare while raising an eyebrow. They burst out laughing from their actions. However, the laughing died down as both of them realized the trouble they are about to face if the house occupant woke up from the noise. Seeing Jurina who is the least welcome there, will unleash a new level of hell from the owner.

“It’s already the end of the year huh…”

“Yeah… I can’t wait for Christmas!”


“WHY?*SIGH* Where did you come from, Jurina… Christmas is what everyone’s been looking forward to every year!”

“Ehh… is it because of the presents?”

“Naaah… well, that’s part of it. But, there’s another thing!”

“What’s that?”

“Santa Claus! Ehehehe!” Jurina looked at the girl in disbelieves.

“Whaaat? Rena-chan, that guy doesn’t exist… it’s just some stupid Christmas myth…besides, only kids believe in that thing. You’re too old for that!” Rena pouted slightly while trying to defend herself…

“Hey! I’m still a kid in my heart… but isn’t it great? If Santa actually exists?”

“I don’t know… it is great, I guess?” Jurina scratches her head, not sure how to respond to this childish girl in front of her…

“Nee, nee… Let’s go for Santa hunting!”

“Like… shooting him down? BANG! BANG!”

“NOOO! Hunting like… waiting for him up the roof!”

“All night? We’ll be freezing up there!”

“Oh come on… it will be fun! Besides, I want to spend the night on the roof while waiting for the first fall of snow under the vast sky. We can watch the stars too! Isn’t that lovely?” Seeing the cute determined face of her friend, Jurina giggled lightly. Of course she wanted to, but…

“Hahaha… That sure is lovely…” Seeing the slightly fallen grimace on Jurina’s face, Rena linked their pinkies together.

“Promise me!”


“Promise me that you’ll be here on Christmas’ eve!” Jurina can’t help but to be mesmerized with Rena’s glowing face. There’s nothing wrong with keeping a promise… She just had to be there… right?

“I promise… but in one condition!”

“Heeey! That’s not fair!”

“Take it or leave it…”

“Fine fine… what’s the deal?”

“I want… a kiss from Rena-chan!”

“K-kiss…?” Jurina wears a puppy face while nodding her head enthusiastically. Rena blushed deeply. She is always at a loss with that cute puppy face. Makes her want to pinch those cheeks and kiss those pouty ducky lips…eh? Where did that come from? Oh, what the heck… It’s just a kiss!

“W-well… I guess t-that’s fine…”

“Ehehehe! YATTA! Kissu daatte hidariikikii~” Jurina started singing while dancing like a dork in front of the blushing Rena, resulting with an endless laughing fit from her. However, the kid-like girl had to jump down the balcony as she heard someone knocking on Rena’s bedroom asking if she’s having a nightmare or something because of the noises. Rena frantically closed the sliding door, jumping onto her bed to pretend sleeping.

After a while, Rena opened her eyes… only to muffle her mouth from laughing out loud to see a girl hanging like a monkey on the nearby branch. Jurina gave her a flying kiss before waving her hand goodbye to the widely smiling Rena. The pale girl closed her eyes for a good night sleep, still with a smile on her face. She knew it was foolish to believe in Santa, but she would do anything just to make Jurina spend the eve with her, even if she had to sacrifice her first kiss afterward. Well, it doesn't have to be a KISS kiss. Perhaps... one on the cheek. That would still count, right? It’s embarrassing, but for Jurina, she would do anything to keep the homeless girl from spending the eve alone on the streets. Looking forward to the promise, Rena whispered a little prayer before sleepiness takes over her mind, unaware that God had other plans for them on the eve of Christmas…

“And… CUT!”

The director announced after the final scene ended. Rena lets out a sigh of relieve. Finally, she can have the well deserved rest after countless of schedules that day. Not to mention Christmas is just two days away. She starts walking to the backstage while thanking everyone for their hard work. That includes Jurina too. She is seen bowing and smiling in a lively manner towards the staffs albeit exhaustion running all over her muscles. Her eyes caught sight of Rena walking hastily to the dressing room. She’s been missing the girl for the days they’ve been apart but now that they’re together, time seems to be a little bit jealous for their moment. Jurina frowned and sighed, only to be caught by her manager who’s been eyeing all her actions since the time Jurina laid her eyes on the other Matsui. Depriving for their moments as both Matsui is the Kami-Oshii, the person starts to make out a plan.

“I heard Rena-san hasn’t had her dinner yet. Might be why she is rushing right now…”

“Perhaps she has other things to do…”

“Naaah… I’ve checked with her manager. Besides, she has a day off for tomorrow…”

“Eh? Really?”

“Yup. Oh! You seem hungry, Jurina. After all that running scene, you should get yourself some well deserve late-night snacks. Why don’t you accompany Rena-san for dinner?”

“I-is that okay? I mean, I thought I have another-“

“Ohhh it’s fiiiine! Don’t worry about that. I’ll handle everything. Just go and have some lovely WMatsui time ehehehe…”

“Huh? What are yo-“

“NOTHING! Now go get your Rena before she goes out alone!” the manager puts on Jurina’s jacket and scarf on her before passing out her bag in mere seconds. Looks like everything was DEFINITELY planned beforehand. After gesturing a ‘thumbs up’, Jurina was pushed to the door leading outside the building. Just as she was about to thank her manager, the person is gone.

“Haaa… Seriously…?”

Then, a figure walk passed her from another side towards the door. Her nose sensed Rena’s perfume lingering through the hallway, prompting Jurina to call her name automatically.


“Jurina? What are you doing here?” When Rena turns her attention fully towards her, the kid was thunder stricken. Rena sure looks great tonight with her silky hair worn down, her skin complexion with rosy red cheeks from the coldness of the snowy season plus that neat long coat, not that she would mind the fashion terror of the team E leader. Then the question lingers in her head. Exactly what was she doing here again? Her mind tried to make up for some excuses… resulting in her spouting out nonsense like a machine gun firing loads of magazines from her mouth.

“Ahaha… umm you see… I’m feeling a little bit hungry so I want to go grab some late-night dinner/snack but I don’t want to go alone so I thought perhaps I should ask you to go with me but seeing you are rushing to go somewhere I don’t think it is a good idea but then again I had to try my luck as this is the only time we had a schedule together and since its going to be Christmas we might as well make some quality time together so I was-“

“Where are we eating?”

“-thinking… EH?” Jurina was taken aback as Rena cuts her mid-sentence. The older Matsui giggled from seeing Jurina’s expression.

“I’d love to have dinner with you, Jurina. So where are we eating?”

EHHH? REALLLY? YATTA! Nee, nee… let’s go to this place! I heard there’s some nice curry serving there… we should try that out! Let’s go!” the kid eagerly pulls the smiling Rena outside the door. Rena can’t help but to follow the energetic Jurina making their way to the shop on the snowy slippery pavement. However, her eyes spotted something…

“Jurina, where’s your gloves?” the kid immediately let go of Rena’s hand before hiding them behind her back like a child found guilty by her mother…

“Yeah about that… I was kind of in a hurry to catch you that I left them back in the dressing room…” Jurina cutely pouts while mentally cursing her manager. However, the pout turns upside down with Rena’s actions.

“You really are a kid, Jurina…” Rena pulls out her right glove. She then reaches out for Jurina’s right hand before putting it on. After that, she envelops Jurina’s left hand with her bare hand before shoving them inside her coat’s pocket. The warmth developed from their hands starts to spread towards their faces with both trying to form some words from their twisted tongue…


“No biggie…”

“Nee, Rena-chan…”


“This… feels nice, isn’t it?”

“Yeah… nice and lovely…”

Jurina entwines their fingers together before receiving a squeeze from Rena, a gesture to show comfort. They both have contented smiles worn on their faces while walking in comfortable silence with Christmas carols and songs echoing along the busy streets, warming their hearts with the spirit of Christmas. They don’t have to show their moments on screen or up the stage for fan services. Just relishing the presence of each other behind the scene is good enough. No controversies, no rumors, no fans, no antis… Just perfect. Perfect enough for their managers to sneak in some shots of them from behind with hearts swelling in bliss while spazzing and fangirling of the couple.


NO WAY I WOULD KILL JURINA!!! *ehem*maybe later*ehem*

:mon xmas2:MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! :mon santa2:

See y'all next year!  :byebye:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Bluffing Watch Story: Part 1" (Jurinax???)
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A crowd of people walk down the bustling pavement along the street. A girl with a brown school uniform stands out among them. She stops in front of one of the shops as she raises her head to look at the signboard.

“I think this is the place…” a smile formed on her face as she steps inside.  The aroma of ramen soup wafted through her sense, making her stomach grumbles a bit. She took a seat on one of the countertop stools…

“May I help you with anything, miss?” a lady with an apron and a scarf wrap on her head gives her attention to the school girl. Seeing as she looks much older than the rest of the workers make the girl believes she must be the owner… The girl rummages her pocket for something.
“Ano… here.” She hands out a piece of paper to the lady.

“Ah! You must be her! Please wait a moment, young girl.” She replies with a smile followed with a small bow before the lady turns around to do her thing.

Her eyes wander around the shop, just to keep her boredom at bay. She smiled as she spots a moyashi figure on the corner which reminds her of her bestfriend. Speaking of her… she’s late. They were supposed to meet after school ended as they both went to different schools. Her bestfriend suggested this moyashi ramen shop after countless of remarks about how good the ramen is. Besides, she had some free coupons for being a frequent customer as well as having a good relationship with the owner.

‘Just give this coupon to the lady. She’ll know what to do…’

That’s what she said… she keeps on looking around to find something interesting when she heard some conversation at the back.

“I’ve got this weird dream yesterday…”

“What is it?”

“I dropped my watch and it broke.”

Hearing the sentence made Jurina’s hand move involuntarily towards her watch which was kept inside one of her bag’s pockets.

“… a wristwatch signals about your lover.”

A smirk grew on her face. Even if the wristwatch did fell down and broke, her love life will be the same; even if it hasn’t even begun yet. Bearing an unrequited love after all this while had made her become cynical with these kinds of things.

Two years ago, a fortune cookie told her “someone will become yours if you’re brave enough”. Oh, she did try countless of times to confess but reality is too cruel. Who would listen to a fortune cookie anyway? A year after, a fortune-teller (who appeared out of thin air) said her happiness will come if she’s patient enough. Well, she had waited for 4 whole years and where is the sappy crappy happiness thing you said, old bald guy?

She never liked believing in those superstitious things. They were like mocking her, giving false hope for others to depend on. They seem to worked on her unrequited lover, though. She just got a guy-friend last 2 months which she had a crush on. Jurina is happy for her, IF only the guy-friend could treat her like a girl. Yeah… they argued countless of times because of the guy and it makes Jurina frustrated she felt like jumping down the sea for good. But love makes her strong. Love makes her patient. If only she can wait a little longer for her bestfriend, her long unrequited love.

She glanced on her phone with a small yet contented smile.

Yeah… maybe. Love will find a way one way or the other. She’s just so stupidly in love; she just had to keep on hoping her time will come… soon. Even if she had to wait for her in another life time. That’s what the power of love did to her.

“Thank you for waiting. Here’s your moyashi ramen.”

“Thank you very much.”

Jurina grabs a chopstick, unwilling to wait for the ramen to cool down as the aroma of the soup makes her drool. She takes a mouthful of the ramen, slurping to her heart’s content. A moaning sound produced as the taste of the ramen coated with the thick soup lingers in her mouth, waiting to be chewed.

‘This is seriously GOOD~!’ she thought. Just as she was about to devour the ramen for the second time, her phone rings. She reads the message absentmindedly; unaware of the shock it bears.

After trying to make sense of the message, she puts down her phone slowly. Her face soon takes the color of red. Her eyes brimming with tears, unknown whether if those are of pain or joy. Her nose becomes runny as she sniffed a couple of times. After making up her mind, she deliberately takes another mouthful of ramen, trying to push down all her sorrow and delight into a hole as she swallowed the strings of flour. This is for her. For Rena…

She continues to eat, only to grab a glass of water, chugging it all down in one sip. She pants as the burning feeling still lingers. This is too much, Rena-chan… TOO MUCH!!!

Jurina’s phone :

From : Rena-chan

Jurina, I’m sorry I can’t make it today. I just had a quarrel with my boyfriend and it seems like we’re over. 
Yeah… you’re happy right? I guess I am too… Weird, huh?
Oh, before I forgot! The coupon that I gave you was actually mine!
Since it would be a waste to throw it away, I hope you can finish them gladly for me.
It’s not that bad though… (laugh) It’s Super Spicy Level 15 Moyashi Ramen!!!

Next: Kitahara Rie's case...

Rena and her unpalateable taste of spicyness XD  She has no nerves on the tongue, I tell ya! :panic:

Yep, it's based on Tsuyogari Dokei MV. I don't think this one is good. IDK... others might say the opposite.

Just keep on spreading luuuuurrve on us fanfic writers if you want more!!  :inlove:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Enough" (Soukantoku/Slight AtsuMina)
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MOMENT (WMatsui)
COMPROMISE (KojiYuu/SaeYaka)


“What do you mean?”

“I’m saying we’re going to have a major reformation of all 48G.”

“What? But… it’s just been a year, heck, less than a year since the last shuffle.”

“You think I don’t know that?”

Minami keeps her glare on the producer of the world renowned girl group with massive members, Akimoto Yasushi.

“Listen, Takamina… How long since we’ve been together through all this? You knew every decision and judgments I’ve made had been proven useful for the groups. Look at the girls right now… there have been improvements and achievements gained. But that’s not enough… we still have a long way from our dream and I’m making every thing I can to achieve our goal. This is not only about me, it includes you and the girls, Takamina…”

Takamina faltered a bit as she heard the word “girls” from him. Sure, she has many objections about this reformation project with comments and arguments from the members and fans alike that are against the big shuffle coming up. But she can’t be selfish. They can’t be selfish. This is about their future and Akimoto-sensei knows what he’s doing…

“Trust me, Takamina. You’ve done that before and you can still do it again, right?”


Yeah, trust. And she’s getting sick of it. For how many years had she been in this group? 7? 8 years? She rarely lost count of every event that had occurred but her mind’s been worn out with so many things to take care of, she’s losing some edge. Being a Soukantoku has its own yoke. Going to and fro multiple regions, not to forget her own schedule to take care of, can make a girl like her lose her mind in a month. But she had endured them all. Why? Because everyone has been relying and depending on her. To make matter worse, you have to keep a strong front with cheery faces or else you’ll affect others with your depression. Things had been going good so far but with the graduations going on among the core members of all groups, everyone started to panic.

Speaking of graduations, of course she had thought about it. She’d been planning since Atsuko’s graduation and she’s been searching for a good moment to finally let go of her role. Rumors had been going on about Kojiharu’s plan to graduate this year. It’s her own choice, the Soukantoku doesn’t have a say in this. Minnegishi still has a lot of dreams to fulfill with her Team 4 so perhaps she won’t be leaving soon. Takamina however, thought that perhaps, she would…will finally announce her leave after the grand reshuffle. She had already pushed a lot of juniors, even sacrificing her own spot in Senbatsu for others to shine; she felt like there’s nothing she can do more. They’ve all matured enough to make their own decision. Think again, Takamina can’t stay in AKB48 forever. She needs a life outside this group too, not to mention her age at the moment. She had once voice out her thoughts to Akimoto-sensei. He permits but with a condition; someone must fill in her role as General Manager. Heck. If Yuko can depart without a proper leader to entrust the mighty Team K to, why can’t Minami?


“Takahashi Minami, AKB48 General Manager and Team A Captain.”

Damn. All. Of. This. Just when I thought I would quit, they just had to give me more workload?! Raise my pay too, for Kami-sama’s sake! Okay... Stay calm. You’re a cool person, Takamina. Everyone’s watching you so keep a happy face with a delightful smile. YAAAY! Enough with your rambling,  nonsense and curses. You’re the soul of AKB, Takamina… of course they’ll give you more positions to hold. For the sake of the girls! Leave the graduation thing for another time and all will be well…

Takamina keeps all smile and cheery, even supporting members that were so shocked with the reshuffle. A button was pushed inside her mind; resulting in her doing the same thing she’s been doing all this time, keep your emotions away.

Everything was happening so fast that she can’t even processed what she’s feeling right now, albeit all smiles and laughs. She wants to scream, even jump at Akimoto for deciding everything his way. But she knows her limits and she knows everything happen for a reason. She needs to keep her mentality sane and rational or else she’ll lose it; maybe a newspaper with headlines of their Soukantoku went on a killing spree during the reformation event.

Even after the event ended, she keeps on with her front, being her dorky self while taking jolly selfies with others and congratulating as well as consoling members who had their own fate to mourn with. She is the soul of AKB48. She knows that. And she is determined to keep on with her duty for the time being, even if she had to ignore her own sentiments. Just for the sake of her beloved members and their future.


Takamina walks with steady steps back to her home, not in any rush to catch up with her countless days of sleepless nights even if she had to wake up in approximately in 3 hours from now. Her mind’s numb from any thoughts. She even feels like the path she’s going through everyday was unfamiliar right now. Her eyes keep focusing to the front, not minding any occurrences happening around her. Then, her thoughts drift back to the shuffle, her roles now increasing. She is happy that she’s back to lead her old team. She is indeed grateful for everything, but all of these are too sudden for her. She’s been thinking about the members these past years; they started to suffocate her. Why everyone needs to be dependent on her? Why can’t everyone makes their own decision without the need to consult her? Why everyone keeps giving her troubles to solve? Why can’t they think of her before themselves? Why can’t she think of herself first before others?

Those thoughts made her realized one thing. She’s been locking and keeping the pain she felt all this while by herself, she had no time to think of her own well-being. Selfish had been thrown away from her life just to keep on seeing the happy faces shown on others. She had been tired of herself, of the group, of Akimoto. But life’s been acting cruel to her lately that she just had to grasp it now. ‘So this is pain...’ Takamina thought, not realizing she had already arrived to the front door of her home. Not realizing tears had been flowing down her cheeks. Not realizing a regular guest had been waiting outside her home since an hour ago with worried eyes.


Takamina almost choked on her spit as she turns her head, meeting eyes with the only one person that can see right through her dorky façade. Takamina smiles warmly albeit painful to see with the conditions of her face right now.

“Atsuko… Hey, what are you-“

But even before Takamina could finish her question, a pair of arms pulled her into a hug. The warmth emitted from Atsuko’s hug melts Takamina’s icy heart as she feels comfort and belonging inside her embrace. However, everything starts to fall apart as the comforting hug triggers a switch that destroy the walls Takamina had put up in front of others. The short girl started sobbing into her partner’s arms as every thing that had been pent up starts to surface… Atsuko could only hush and stroke Takamina’s brown locks as her midget mumbles in a painful croaking voice.

“I’ve had enough already…”

A/N: Purely my thoughts of Takamina from yesterday's shuffle. They're not accurately REAL but perhaps 30% of them are? XD

The reformation was like AKB as the main stew to be made, added with SKE/NMB/HKT spices, with a sprinkle of SNH and a dash of JKT into a big hot pot. Oh, not

to forget the NGZK46 side dish... lol   

No hard feelings, guys! XD We're ONE BIG HAPPY fandom, aye?  :deco:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Enough" (Soukantoku/Slight AtsuMina)
« Reply #49 on: February 25, 2014, 06:22:19 PM »
Hoping takamina will take care more of herself. . Aki - p really plan something huge.. takamina ganbaree!  Stay strong!

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Enough" (Soukantoku/Slight AtsuMina)
« Reply #50 on: February 25, 2014, 06:39:14 PM »
Nice oneshot!  :twothumbs
And now about the shuffle, I'm totally mad at the decision of making Takamina a captain again. Like haven't you made the poor girl tired enough already? A soukantoku AND team captain? Really Aki-p? :smhid but seriously, stop depending on Takamina. Why can't they just make a girl from the next gen as captain? I've seen some of them who are really a captain material (Haruu, Yui, Komari etc). How are you going to start a new era if you still depend on old gens? Gimme a break Aki-p. How can Takamina move forward if you hold her down like this. I think staying in AKB for too long will somehow hurt her in the near future.

Sorry for the long rant  :D I guess I was just so frustrated with the outcome of the shuffle  :bow:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Enough" (Soukantoku/Slight AtsuMina)
« Reply #51 on: February 26, 2014, 12:18:07 AM »
Oneshort "Enough" its a very good fic!!
I like IT!!  :heart:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Insecurities" (SayaMilky)
« Reply #52 on: February 26, 2014, 08:25:55 AM »
I was thinking of doing Multiple OS in regards with the BIG ReShuffle happened two days ago... perhaps MaYuki,WMatsui and Kojiyuu to be included. If you guys had any pairing that you would love to read about, don't hesitate to leave your request down on the reply's section :D

BIG REFORMATION SAGA (Multiple Pairings)

ENOUGH (Soukantoku/slight AtsuMina)
MOMENT (WMatsui)
COMPROMISE (KojiYuu/SaeYaka)


Inside a room equipped with many musical instruments, a girl with shoulder-length hair can be seen sitting on a stool while holding a guitar. She strums any chords that come to her mind while humming a song only known to her. The tune was soothing and calm, but it was the opposite for her. She can’t put her mind into it. Not after what had happened yesterday. A kennin for Team K… what was Akimoto-sensei thinking, putting her into that team? They already have members that can bring up the team to their peak in spite of Yuko-san graduating. But now, she has to compete not only with the strong and mighty members, but the aces from other group too? Yeah, she’s talking about Jurina and Haruppi. Not enough with the kennin, she’s NMB48 captain for any God’s sake! From other members’ experiences, she knew it’s going to be some tough job to carry.

Sayanee shakes her head, trying to shake off all the thoughts for now and concentrate on her favorite guitar that had long been forgotten. How easy it would be if she just continue her career with her band. Unbeknownst to her, another girl had already slipped inside the room with a bottle of cold water in her hand. Sayanee squealed as something cold was pressed on the nape of her neck, turning around to find a giggling Milky.

“Gosh… you almost shocked me to death!”

“Oh don’t be so dramatic…” Milky find another stool and drag it beside Sayanee. “That was a nice song… what was it?”

“Nothing… just some jumbled chords I made up.” Milky nods her head, knowing full well Sayanee doesn’t want to talk about it. And she actually knows why her captain is acting like this…

“Hey… are you okay?”

“Huh? What are you saying? Look! I’m still breathing and up, not sick or anything…” Sayanee received a slapped on her arm from her lame attempt of a joke.

“I can see that. But that’s not what I’m implying…”

Sayanee keeps her gaze on the floor. Of course she’s not okay, but everything will turn out fine soon… She doesn’t want others to be worried of her. They have enough hassle to deal with and she wants it to stay that way. To tell the truth, Sayanee felt both glad and annoyed with Milky presence here. Glad someone actually thought of her right now but annoyed as she knows Milky’s gonna keep digging out her worries and problems.

“Yeah… I’m fine.”

Milky lets out an exasperated sigh. Here she goes again… doing the same thing all over, keeping everything to herself. She tried to change the subject, keeping their conversation free of any stressful episode.

“It must be good to be in Team K… the members are quite fun to be with.”

“Heh, look at yourself… You can continue flirting with the cute members from Nagoya, adding up your list of guys/girls you had successfully fished…” Sayanee’s eyes widen as she grasped what she had just said in the spur of the moment. No… she doesn’t have any intention to say that out loud. It’s just her mind is in a cluttered state with what’s going on and all.

Milky chuckles with a hint of hurt, “I’ve never thought you, of all people would think of me like that too…”

“Look, Milky… I was-“

“Is this your way of pushing people?” Sayanee scrunched her forehead in confusion. She can’t make out Milky’s expression as she keeps her gaze on her feet with her hair hiding her face.

“Wha- what are you saying, Milky?”

Milky takes a deep breath before turning to face Sayanee straight to her face.

“Others had been asking me about you, Sayanee. And here I am, like a dumb girl, trying to act like some good friend we are. But you just had to act like this…”
Sayanee gulped, guilty fully shown on her face.

“We care about you, Sayanee… Yeah, we all have our own insecurities to deal with but that’s why there are friends around you. We share with each other. Even if we can’t solve your problems, at least you can share half the burden you’re carrying…”

“But I don’t want to burden others…”

“You’re not burdening anyone, Sayanee… You’re not a burden to me.”

Now this is what the captain actually afraid of… Her relationship with Milky. The mutual partner/rival relationship is getting out of hand that her counterpart had actually confessed her feelings to her before. Sure, she felt something too but it was a bit too early. She just had to resolve her feelings first and Milky was so nice she is willing to wait even if it took forever.

“Milky, I’m sorry… I don’t mean any of this. It’s just…”

“What? You don’t mean to push me away? Don’t think you can keep fooling me, Sayanee… I’ve been observing you. Your gesture, your look, your reaction when we’re together… you’re putting up some distance with me, aren’t you?”

Sayanee was silent. Everything came back to her like karma did. She’s been treating Milky like trash, to say the least. Not how a lover should be. She was scared. Not of Milky, of others, heck even the society is nothing to her, but herself. Look at what’s happening to them right now. All of them were her mistake to begin with. Milky wasn’t at fault, in fact she was so understanding and  caring that Sayanee was beginning to think she’s taking advantage of her.

“Sayanee, there’s only one thing I ask of you. Don’t shut yourself from others. If you’re keeping this front, I don’t know how much more you’ll lose… you might actually lose me too.”

Milky walks out the door, leaving Sayanee pondering to her thoughts. No… she can’t lose her, not with how things turn out. Milky’s going to be busy with her Kennin in SKE while she herself with AKB. True, she’s starting to understand her feelings for Milky and she doesn’t want any of it to be a waste. But, she’s still feeling insecure with her damn self. Why can’t life be more of a fairy tale and Disney wonderland?

“Damn it!”

Sayanee slammed her fist onto the guitar, feeling helpless on how to sort these things out. She keeps on drowning in her sorrow without a boat to save her from the mess...

A/N: First time writing SayaMilky. :D How was it????? :panic:

Next up I'm thinking of doing MaYuki... :roll:  Lets see if it's going to have a happy or sad ending XD



@noah minami: Takamina is strong but how much longer can she hold up? Let's keep on rooting for her as fans. GO TAKABEAR!!! :yossi:

@nadiyahdz16: LOL I laugh out loud with this! :lol: I don't mind, tho. You can keep on ranting a page long if you like! :P Looking forward for any of your long reply here XD

@Minami-chan: Thank you for liking IT! Awww you gave me a heart... :cry: shucks I'm tearing here lol  :deco:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Insecurities" (SayaMilky)
« Reply #53 on: February 26, 2014, 01:23:26 PM »
I'm liking the idea of multiple os regarding the big shuffle :lol:
And now about Sayanee kennin position... Yea she's got the K aura around her but what I don't like is, instead of helping team K, they just borrowed the aces from sister groups. I'm sure those kennin members wouldn't appear in theater so much, just like Jurina and Milky before. Why can't they just believe the girls in Oshima team K?? Tomu, Mariyagi, Abemaru, Hillary... They had so much high potential. :thumbdown:

And Milky kennin in S.... Are you kidding me... :smhid it was way too random. I'm sure it's just for the sake of the management's wallet. It's all about $$$$ just like Yukirin kennin position in N :banghead:

Wow I wrote so much :lol: I'm gonna wait for another oneshot! :twothumbs

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Belong" (MaYuki)
« Reply #54 on: February 27, 2014, 09:50:38 AM »
BIG REFORMATION SAGA (Multiple Pairings)

ENOUGH (Soukantoku/slight AtsuMina)
MOMENT (WMatsui)
COMPROMISE (KojiYuu/SaeYaka)


“Now where is she… I thought I saw her somewhere near…”

Mayu walks around the backstage looking for a certain someone to pounce on. Her eyes scan the dark hallways like a missile locked on her target, Kashiwagi Yuki.

“Oh! Ehehehe… Target sighted!” She saw someone’s back with a long hair talking with some members. How did she know that was her? After years of professional-level stalking for her love one, of course.

Mayu sends a signal to the other girls to keep quiet about her presence.

“I think it is a gre- KYAAAAAHH!” Yukirin jumps with a high-pitched squeal as a pair of hands landed on top of her… chest. She turns around to find the culprit; Mayu grinning like a perverted old man.

“Ehehehe… it’s gotten more-“ a hand blocks her mouth.

“Well… ahahaha… excuse us for a while…” Yuki excused herself from the girls with amused face shown from the cyborg girl’s antics. She dragged Mayu over a secluded area. She gives a glare towards the pouting Mayu.





Suddenly, both of them squealed before hugging each other the tightest they can.

“I’m back!”

“Welcome home!”

“I’ve missed you…” Mayu mumbles with sincerity in her voice. She keeps her hold on Yuki a bit longer as she indulges herself with the almost long forgotten warmth. Oh how much she had been missing the latter after her transfer to Team A. Yes, they are still in the same group but the clashing of activities makes it hard for them to spend time like this.

Yuki, on the other hand was actually enjoying her friend’s childish gesture. As the future face of AKB48, Mayu had been pushed too much by management that she had to keep an act of maturity albeit her young age in front of fans and members alike. Even to get transferred to Team A for that sole goal. Honestly, she thought Mayu can become an ace anywhere be it in Team A or B, if she have the will and effort needed. Mayu can survive anything. She knows the girl doesn’t deserve those treatments but for the sake of their dreams, they had to. That’s why she didn’t mind one bit watching Mayu acting like a spoiled kid right now.

“Aren’t you gonna miss your old team now that you’ve tansferred back?”

Mayu begins to ponder… Heck yeah she’ll miss them. There was so much they’ve done for her to keep her in track of becoming the future ace. Takamina, for example, always took care of her well-being. Always asking if there’s anything troubling here, she’s always there for her. Others too keep on giving her support whenever they can. She really enjoyed their stages together in the past few months but she can’t help but felt there’s something definitely missing when performing.

There’s not a place more perfect than being home. Someone once told her that but being in her young age, she thought it was implied towards her home where her family resides. However, now that she had experienced being away from her old Team B, she can finally grasped the real purpose she was told the sentence. And now there’s nothing holding her back to finally get to the place where she once belonged.

“Of course I’ll miss them, but I’m going to miss you more…”


“Now that you’re holding a kennin…”

“Ah… that.” Yuki smiles warmly seeing a pout appearing once again on the kid’s face. This girl is too adorable; no wonder there are thousands of fans supporting her.

“A kennin does seem like a tough job, don’t you think? But I don’t think that’s going to be a problem for us.”

“But… you’re going to be away most of the time…”

“I’ll be looking forward on going back every time, though… Now that you’re here…”

Mayu hides her face, a small smile forming with a blush reddening her cheeks.

 “We won’t be able to perform most of the time on stage…” The girl keeps on with her act, giving another pout hoping Yuki would feel troubled but the other knows her game well too much.

“That’s okay… that way, you’ll be missing me more and we’ll have another MaYuki moment like this.” Yuki smiled tenderly, further spreading the reddening blemish on Mayu’s face.

“Don’t worry. Now that we’re together, nothing can stand our way… I’ll be here for you, Mayu.”

“Me too, Yukirin… I’ll be waiting for you here.”

“AWWWW they’re shooooo cute!!!”

“Lovey-dovey mom and her child!”

“Change that into perverted underage girl…”

Laughing sounds reverberates under the dimly lit hallway from other members. Mayu and Yukirin just ignored them while shooing them away. It was a norm to be passing by girls with their own moments inside this massive group. Mayu keeps on clinging onto her Yuki. However, the innocent Mayu smirks cheekily as she said one embarrassing thing…

“Honestly, I was hoping your size would stay the same. But I like them either way…”


Ehhh... a bit short? Ahahaha guess I was rushing this... :nervous

So next should be WMatsui or Kojiyuuu???? Hmmmmm~ :huhuh



@nadiyahdz16:  :lol: You're seriously happy with this! XD  Is this a customer service center or something? LOL
IDK WTH Aki-P would shove all three ace girls into one ALREADY great team... he's wasting the others effort.
Perhaps he wanted to create somewhat of a rivalry atmosphere with the 3 knights to push the members.
But something's definitely fishy here... :catglare:
I mean, he hasn't touch Jurina yet which prone me to think J is his silent weapon of destruction. :shocked (insert dramatic BGM here :P)

IMO honestly??? He's planning something bigger. Just wait for it... :panic:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Belong" (MaYuki)
« Reply #55 on: February 27, 2014, 01:06:07 PM »
Awwww~ they are so cute~  :luvluv1:
Pls do Wmatsui NEXT!!!!!  :kneelbow: :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "MOMENT" (WMatsui)
« Reply #56 on: February 28, 2014, 06:29:02 AM »

ENOUGH (Soukantoku/slight AtsuMina)
COMPROMISE (KojiYuu/SaeYaka)



“Hey, Jurina… what is it? I’ve got to get going now.”

“Oh… it’s nothing!”

- - - -


“Hey, Rena! We need you here, hurry up!”

“Alright… I’m coming!”

- - - -

No one here? Yosh! Let’s go, Jurina!

However… two members ran towards Rena’s direction.

“Rena-san… We have something to ask of you.”

“Sure, what is it?”

SIGH… Maybe another time…

- - - - - -

Inside a practice room…

Jurina keeps her stare on the other Matsui, finding a time, just a little bit of time to slip herself between Rena and the others. She needs nothing from her actually. In fact, she doesn’t even know why she’s even putting a lot of effort to be with Rena at the moment. She missed her? Of course, everyone does. She’s been in and out of their practice session everyday, this place had actually starting to become a pit stop for the tall girl to rest and practice their dance routine. Actually, she rarely sees Rena taking a rest. The older girl would appear out of nowhere and continue to do something. Just, anything! Not even stopping to take a breathe.

Just as Jurina snapped out of her thoughts, the certain girl disappeared. Again. The kid takes a deep breath; feeling exhausted all of a sudden. Tired of all the chasing. She glanced on the clock wall. There’s still time before practice start again. She needs to get out of here for some fresh air. After all, they won’t mind if she missed a session.

- - - - - -

“HAAAAAH!!! Fresh air!”

Jurina exclaimed loudly, relieved that for once she could finally find some time to be alone on the roof top… only to sense the feeling of someone looking at her. Jurina turns around, searching for any other soul other than her on the silent roof top but she just couldn’t pin point where the person is. She begins to feel uneasy. Mizuki once told her of the horror story that had occurred to one of the staffs up here and boy how she wished that story was only a tale.


“EEK! Wh-what was that…?” Jurina whimpered, feeling her skin starting to crawl. The ghastly voice is calling her name… Her NAME, for Kami’ sake!

Suddenly, a yurei-like person/thing/creature comes out behind a wall. Her brown hair was hanging, covering her face. The thing keeps getting closer and closer, prompting Jurina to close her eyes with an arm. Her feet are itching to run away but they stay glued on place. Damn feet! Now’s not the time!


“NOOOOO!!! I don't wanna die young!!!”

The kid almost wet her pants if not for the laughing voice coming out from the creature. She took a peek to find Rena hunched on the floor, laughing her guts out from the pleasing view of a petrified Jurina.

“Mou… Rena-chan! You scared me!”

Rena keeps on giggling while shaking her head, unable to produce any words as she is too amused with her own prank. Although angered with the older’s antics, Jurina managed to put up a smile. She can’t help but to feel slightly glad seeing Rena like this. Acting like the care free adult she is.

- - - - - -

“It’s been a long time since the last time we’re here…”


They are both leaning on the rails, enjoying the colorful view of Sakae’s city lights dancing in the night. The cold breeze is blowing gently, caressing their hair and cheeks tenderly. The night was unusually calm and serene amidst the bustling traffic and people walking on the streets.



“You’re holding up fine?”

“I guess..."

The answer was short but full of questions. Jurina knows. The girl beside her had been thinking about her busy life, her dream and her future. She knows because she had once been there before. Well, she still is being in the same situation but perhaps a little different from Rena’s. Jurina was a little kid but she had so many supports from the seniors of both group. On the other hand, Rena is the senior that is always on the look out for her juniors, Jurina included. It’s hard to understand, but Jurina knows what she’s feeling right now.

“You’re scared… aren’t you?”

Rena’s face changed a little from tranquil to distress. She bits her lower lip, anxiety starts kicking in her nerves.

“A little…”

“About what?” Jurina carefully pried into the other girl’s worries, trying to release some of her pent up emotions.

“Everything… I’m scared of everything. I don’t know if I can keep up with everything. You know, SKE, my solo jobs, the film… and now the kennin. It’s like everything I wanted had actually come to me but now they’re starting to take my time bit by bit. Even just trying to spend time with you guys was… impossible.”

Jurina turns her head towards Rena, thinking she is really beautiful, especially with her long brown hair. Oh, don’t get her wrong. She preferred a black-haired Rena, but she should enjoy a brunette Rena once in a while, right? Jurina keep on watching Rena’s side feature as the other takes a deep breath as she continues conveying her feelings.

“I love my life. I do... With the jobs offering came one by one, it’s a blessing. But I can’t help to think what others think of me. They’re saying I’m greedy, that I’m just a poser trying to steal the spotlight from others… and I can’t help to think about the fans, antis mostly. They must be pretty upset as they heard the news. I don’t think they’ll accept me with what others had been saying about me… all the bad things. I was thinking of letting go the position, you know? Sure, it’ll be exciting and I’ll gain more experience but now that I think back, I don’t know anymore…”

Rena’s eyes begin to tear up but she keeps them from falling down. She gulps down her choke as she felt a sob trying to surface from her throat. However, all of them fade away as she receives a back hug from Jurina. The kid wraps her arm around Rena’s waist, resting her chin on Rena’s right shoulder.

“It’s okay to feel all this, Rena-chan… Things are so messed up, I think everyone’s been thinking the same as you. But there’s one thing I like about you, Rena-chan. That is, you always take up any challenge and you’ll finish them, never giving up until you’ve succeeded. You love the life you’re having now, right? So don’t ever let go of it. There will never be a chance like this anymore. Ignore what those fans said. You'll get them back with your own charms. The point now is not others, but you. Your happiness. I can guarantee you, Rena-chan. You’ll feel contented with all those works you’ve done. There will be times when you’ll feel tired and at a loss of your purpose, that’s the time you’ll find us here. We’ll kick some sense into you and get you back on track. We’re all behind you, Rena-chan... So, just step forward and keep on moving towards your goal. We’ll be waiting… I’ll be waiting for you anywhere you go.”

The older girl feels a drop of tear escaped from her eyes as she listened to Jurina. The kid had already grown matured enough; she can’t be called a kid anymore. Everything she said had build up some kind of a new strength Rena needs from here on. She takes a deep breath of relief, glad there’s someone that she can turn to for a source of comfort and reassurance.

“Why do I have a kid giving me advices about life?”

“Said the girl who played pranks on this innocent cute-but-cool kid…”

“You’re not that innocent, you player!” Rena slapped Jurina’s hand jokingly.

They both burst out laughing with the comebacks coming from each other. Rena leans back into Jurina’s outline after she calmed down, feeling somewhat safe inside the frail girl’s embrace. Jurina responded by squeezing her tighter, just enough to feel their bodies molded together perfectly. Rena closed her eyes as she felt a soft kiss landed on her right cheek, feeling pleased as a contented smile formed on her face…

“Let’s do our best, Rena-chan…”

A/N: Now this is long! XD Can't help it if they're my bias~ :roll:
I heard bout the petition. Truthfully, i think it'll be a waste. Of course it's a great effort and cause but you know management. They won't give a damn about this... :smhid
They should just reform the staffs, seriously :thumbdown:

Good news, next one would be a combi of KojiYuu & SaeYaka but there's gonna be a slight twist to it :P
And if I had time, might as well add YuiParu before the end of this week... but if you guys have any other pairings you want to read about, don't hesitate to ask!  8)
I won't bite!  :twisted:


@Zhen: And you're cute too for reading this  XD :P  Here's your WMatsui one! Enjoy :wub:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Moment" (WMatsui)
« Reply #57 on: February 28, 2014, 10:19:38 AM »
HEHE~   :monk gboy:
Thank you so much~ You make my day :shy2:  :on gay:
More Mayuki and Wmatsui~  :on bleed: :mon star:
Don't bite me  :mon whimper:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Moment" (WMatsui)
« Reply #58 on: February 28, 2014, 12:46:57 PM »
Sorry for not commenting on MaYuki's oneshot! Anyway, MaYuki being in the same team again is one of the things I loved in the shuffle. But I can't help but think this is a demotion for Mayu. Well whatever, I might be just being a pessimistic wreck. :lol:

Like why?????? Out of the blue????? So there's no such thing as rivals whatsoever? It's less interesting now and I can totally understand why Nogi's fans start a petition against this because it's just so random. :depressed:

Anyway, good oneshots and I'll wait for the YuiParu one! :pig madder:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "Moment" (WMatsui)
« Reply #59 on: February 28, 2014, 09:14:47 PM »
Omg Wmatsui so sweet Kyaaa~

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