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Author Topic: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "It's a Love-Hate Business! pt 3" (WMatsui & Mayuki)  (Read 76341 times)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #120 on: May 25, 2014, 08:29:56 PM »
SECOND PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAART PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE  :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy: :cathappy:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
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OMG!! lovely wmatsui

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #122 on: May 26, 2014, 03:43:08 AM »
Ankoruu! We want more! Part 2 pleaseee :twothumbs  XD
All hail wmatsui..

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #123 on: May 26, 2014, 09:02:38 AM »
Heeeeey!!! Second paaaaaaart !!! I want the second paaaaaaart !!!

Pleeeeeeaaassseeeee (˘̩ʃƪ˘̩)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #124 on: May 26, 2014, 10:47:33 AM »
You have to pay for my hurting jaw!!!
(Due to ever smiling because of this overly kyaaing!!! fic!!!)

please make a part two~
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #125 on: May 26, 2014, 11:00:47 AM »

You remembered me of Annin and Ricchan TAT

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #126 on: May 26, 2014, 11:04:18 AM »
A/N: To the person that had been denying my love for her :rofl: who had requested for a WMatsui OS for her and the WMatsui shippers out here~ Here you gooo~ How was it? Should I make a second part? :w00t:

Who is that, I wonder?  XD IS DAMN AWESOME!!!! YES! PLS CONTINUE IT~ :D


HEHE~  :deco: :cathappy:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #127 on: May 27, 2014, 06:17:00 PM »

@atsukojiyuu_C: Of course I remember you! One of the kojiyuu pervies :roll: XD Ah, i think it's bcoz kojiyuu have their own real moment so there's no need for imaginations on them being together ahaha :wub: Thanks for reading the WMatsui one~ Ah yeah it's great to see Ricchan and Annin being good and all. I'm so glaaad with the news :cry:

@River1721: Hey! Where's your emo stickers? lol I really like it when you use them in every sentence XD Thanks for reading :grin:

@Koneki:  XD XD XD :P :P XD XD

@Haruko: :cow: :cathappy:

@gilangfajri: LOL u think this is a concert asking for encore? XD WMatsui FTW!!! :w00t:

@RenshuChan: Heeeey!!! Be patiiiiiiient!!! Wait for iiiiiit!!! :P

@xsilentreader: Should I call for an appointment with a dentist? Coz u might have dental caries from too much sweetness too XD

@48matama: I'm sorrry!!! I didn't mean toooo :( Here :deco: to take ur sadness away :cathappy:

@Zhen: Eeeeh... deny all you want~ :P U really don't have to write the wish that big!!! :catglare: Makes me all shy... :shy1:
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #128 on: May 27, 2014, 06:48:50 PM »

The next few days were rather awkward for the both of us. Thankfully on that most unfortunate day after I had accidently revealed my feelings to Rena-san, the producer and Nishishi-san came. I quickly zoomed past both of them out of the door and never came back… Well, on that day only. I still have a contract with the recording company so no way I’m gonna leave this place forever. I ran to the girl’s toilet to regain back the breath I was holding and calm the rapid pounding of my chest. I can't help to feel a slight disappointment and sadness of leaving without hearing Rena-san’s response. What if she feels the same way? What a loss, Jurina you idiot! But… what if she never felt anything for me? I mean, we just met not more than two weeks. By the look of Rena-san’s way of treating me, it shows that she sees me not more than a co-worker. She must have been so freaked out with my unexpected confession; she wouldn’t stand seeing my face at the studio. Who knows if she's actually a really straight girl who only has eyes for guys like Nishishi? Wait, Nishishi's not that manly enough for Rena-san's taste. That guy likes too much girly and cute stuff, it's a wonder if he's actually a gay or not. Perhaps that’s why Rena-san's been staring at me with her glaring, piercing eyes when our eyes met. And that’s why I’ve been doing countless attempts of running and hiding from her. Like running from the Predator in that scary movie… I mean, what would you expect me to do after I’ve embarrassed myself like a dumb idiot in front of a famous seiyuu? Ah… How embarrassing! I wish I can be invisible so that I can make myself disappear whenever Rena-san is near…

Nee, Kami-sama… what should I do now?

- - - - - - - - - -

I was supposed to have lunch together with the producer and Rena-san along with her manager to go through the script of Rena-san’s role for the last time. I should have just agreed to their invitation but knowing Rena-san would probably be grossed out with me eating on the same table as her, I decided to refuse the offer. It’s not like I’m needed in the discussion. They just need someone to fill in the empty spot of the buffet table at the restaurant. Well, I’m tempted of course, after remembering I had actually left my mother’s spaghetti at home but no… I can’t handle anymore embarrassment in front of Rena-san. I’d rather die from hunger than die from embarrassment! Sheesh, that sounds stupid… I glance on the clock hanging on the wall. Yosh! They should be out of the studio by now. I stepped into the room, only to hear the telephone on Nishishi-san’s table ringing.


“Oy, kiddo! Where are you right now?”

This guy is not serious, is he? I stare at the mouthpiece for a good 3 seconds before shrugging.

“I’m driving right now so could you please call me back later?”

“Ah, sorry! I’ll call you later.”

I put the receiver back after the line ended. With a smirk, I counted to three in my head…







“It’s your own fault for falling for the prank, Nishishi-san.”

“Shut up! I’m in no mood for playing here…”

“Geez, sorry… What’s up?”

“I need some favors from you, Jurina. Do you see some bags on the couch?”

I glance at the pretty looking bags with polka dots and pink-colored patterns. A brow raised automatically in a judging way of the owner’s taste of his bags…

“Yeah… They’re yours? Too girly for a guy, dude…”

“*sigh* Of course, not! Those are Rena’s… can you please take a good look on them?”


Oh? Rena-san's things? Well, it's not like I need to do anything to her dislike. Just have a watch on her things... and perhaps take a peek or two with the contents. Wait... what am I thinking?

“Yeah, sure…”

“Great. Another thing… Go to Makiko’s room right now and get my guitar back from him. He’s been keeping my baby like he owns it.”

“Uhhh… can’t you do it yourself when you’re back here?”

“Don’t make me go gay on you, kid…”

Yikes! A gay Nishishi going gay on me sounds so awful, I can never imagine that…

“Like I care…”

“I still have that Romeo and Juliet play samples you did on your own, Jurina… Don’t make me send them to boss…”

Urk! No way! He’s not handing over my own work of recording a play of Romeo and Juliet with my own script… Over my dead body! Ugh… I’m at loss for this one.

“Fine! Alright, I will!”

“Thanks… Bye.”

And the line goes dead. Sheesh… what is he rushing about anyway? Not wanting to waste time, I walk out the hallway towards Makiko’s room… only to find the door is locked. Oh, great… You’re just wasting my time and energy, you bishoujo looking guy!!! I grumble as I paced back to the room with only one bar of energy left. Wait, I think it’s blinking red right now cause I can feel my eyes drooping low from hunger and tiredness.

“Aaaahh… I’m tired... Hungry… Sleepy... Just why do I have to leave my lunch at home?! I even skipped breakfast to catch the train… Ah, mou!”

I trudged along the hallway like a half-zombie without a soul in my body. Mama must be enjoying my delicious bento right now… Seriously, I should have never rejected the lunch offer. Ahhhh! What a bad day… I guess a short nap might recharge my body for the day. With a loud grumbling of my stomach, I push the door of the studio… only to stare at the eyes of the person I’ve been hiding from.


My body froze on the door as Rena-san and I exchange glances with each other. As always, her glaring eyes stared right through me, as if saying why I am meeting this idiot here… I quickly avert my eyes to the ground, disappointment clearly shown on my face. I was about to turn around to leave the place but a hold on the door halted my action. I look up to her timidly, half scared and half flustered from her piercing gaze.

“Ummm… I thought you’re having lunch outside?”

“I forgot my script. I was just about to leave…” She raised the script up to my face, my eyes glancing at the papers before looking back at her.

“Ah… Is that so…”

I scratch my cheek as I avert my eyes to the side, trying to avoid her stare but then a giggle sounded from her. She leans her head closer to my face, her sweet and wonderful scent fills my senses from the close proximity. J-just what she is trying to do here?!

“I’m looking forward to get to know you more, Jurina-san… So don’t ever think you can avoid me after this.”

She said with a hint of authority with a playful smile before walking past me and the door. I stand there dumbfounded with wide eyes and flushed face. My brain couldn’t register the meaning of every word Rena-san just said to me...

Just what the hell happened?!

- - - - - - - - - -

“Aaaah… This melon pan is really good, but I’m still hungry!!!”

I whined on the couch with bits and crumbs of melon pan on my lap and the sides of my mouth. No… I did not steal it. Someone had kindheartedly left the bread with a post-it note saying…

If you think you’re cool and cute,
you should really eat me.
Cause I can only be eaten
by a cool and cute person like you! *wink*

Hahaha! Yeah… I know I’m cool, cute, funny, adorable, cheesy… uh, what else? Well, it will take all the adjectives available in the dictionary to describe me. Oh my, I’m so full of myself, it makes me all energized and happy! I was about to close my eyes for a short nap when the door burst open by Nishishi-san, all sweating and panting with a guitar on one hand.

“Good gracious! It was really hard to escape from that Makiko…”

“What happened?”

“She got attacked by some fangirls downstairs…”


I nod my head indifferently, not understanding the situation at all. Taking a deep breath, I try closing my eyes for the second attempt of getting a good nap when once again the door slammed open.

“Oh geez… Can’t I have some peace in here?!”

I shouted at the person without opening my eyes but the smell of Bolognese sauce with a hint of garlic and basil leaf wafts into my nose. I open an eye to take a peek of the source of the smell, only to have my view block with a white plastic bag. My eye glanced upwards, my breath hitching in shock from seeing Rena-san holding the plastic with a smile right in front of my eyes.

“Hey, you hungry?”


- - - - - - - - - -

Right now, I am scarfing down the spaghetti without a care of the world. Even with my most admired seiyuu sitting in front of me, her eyes not leaving my face since I started my first bite. She has this kind of amusing expression on her face as she watches me… What? Is it that fascinating and interesting to watch me eat like a pig? I bet she is badmouthing me in her thoughts right now…


“What?” I said flatly.

“Are you really that hungry?”

“I am… I skipped breakfast today.”

“What about the melon pan?”

I look up at her in confusion. How did she know about that melon pan…?

“What about it?”

“Did you eat it?”

“Well, yeah… I did.”

She had that wonderful smile again on her face as I admitted that I did eat the bread.

“Was it good?”

Wait… hold on a minute. What’s with her eagerness with the melon pan? Does this girl have some sort of complex with that type of bread?

“It’s really good…”

Again, she smiles brightly as she claps her hands together in a giddy way. I stare at her weirdly while scooping another mouthful of spaghetti into my mouth.


“It’s nothing.”

I raise a brow with her statement but shrugs it, not wanting to waste anymore time of eating these delicious and heavenly spaghetti, but nothing beats my mom’s cooking. I shove another serving into my mouth when Rena-san’s hand appears in front of my face with a tissue. Without waiting for my consent, she reaches out her hand to touch my face with the tissue, wiping the remnants of tomato sauce on the side of my lips.

“You should eat slowly… The food is going nowhere, Jurina.”


I could feel my face heating up slowly, turning crimson red from her thoughtful action. Perhaps she had just realized what she had done when her face too turns a deep blush as our eyes meet with her hand still on my face. I let out a cough while pulling my head away from her. What are you doing, Jurina? Not cool there! Not cool at all!

“Ummm… Rena-san-“

“I’m willing to try.”

“… eh?”

She takes a deep breath before looking at me straight in the eyes.

“I’m willing to try this out, Jurina.”

“Try… what?”

“I want to try to fall in love with you too, Jurina. I’ve been having this weird feeling from the moment my eyes fall on you.”


She averts her eyes to the side, a hand pushing back the locks of hair behind her ear. I almost squeal from seeing her flustered and shy face as she did that but thank goodness I had bit my lips beforehand to prevent this mouth from doing another embarrassing moment for me.

“It was a shock for me to hear your confession the other day. I want to tell you my feelings too, Jurina but it seems like you were avoiding me for the past few days. It makes me feel sad and… lonely.”

What have I done? I just made this girl sad because of my own insecurities with my unresolved feelings. You are a selfish person, Jurina… If only you are brave enough to confront your fears.

“I’m sorry, Rena-san… but I don’t think that’s gonna work.”

“Eh…? W-what are you saying?”

I let out a deep sigh, my face showing a frown. I stood up from my chair before walking to her side. Her eyes never left my face as I reach for her hand, her eyes showing anxiety for what I’m about to do next.


Biting my lips, I lean my head closer to hers. I could feel her shaky and warm breath tickling my lips as the distance of our face gets closer. With only an inch left, I look into her eyes to find any sort of hesitation or refusal from her but instead I can see a twinkling of anticipation from her beautiful light hazel-colored eyes. I close my eyes as our lips meet in a soft kiss. There was no movement, just savoring the feeling of her soft and sweet lips on mine. I pull away right after, her eyes still close as if wanting for more.

“There’s no need for a try in love, Rena-san… because love comes naturally for those who waits for it.”

We stare at each other with smiles on our faces, one of us is probably glad that things had actually worked out between us. I have never been in love before, but this time, I know for sure that this is love I am feeling with Rena-san… Nothing can describe the wonderful feeling of being in love than your own heart that beats for the person’s name.

“Uh-oh... did I miss something?”

Our eyes quickly snapped to the door to find Nishishi-san watching us with wide eyes and a big grin etched on her face.

“None of your business, Nishishi-san!”

“Well, I think I have an idea on who’s going to be the Romeo for our next radio play…”

Oh no…I know that devilish smirk on his face. It means trouble and I think I’m a part of it. He’s not talking about that Romeo and Juliette play I have been recording on my own for my past time, is he? No, no… There’s no way he’s going to publish my work!

“So, Rena-san… would you like to play Romeo to our Jurinatto here?”



I collapsed on the floor from too much surprise, not to mention the low level of my energy that shows just how worn out I was. Ah… Just when I thought my life would be simple, Nishishi just decided to ruin it for me. Help me, Kami-sama!!!

A/N: Ah! I think the Seiyuu part had finally come! But... I don't think I want to add another part after this. :roll: :P What do you guys think? Seriously, I love writing this kind of story XD Experience does play a major role here~ 8)

p/s: sorry if the BA-DUMP thingy annoys you hahaha!!! I really like that word... BA-DUMP!!! :D
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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #129 on: May 27, 2014, 10:30:00 PM »
i can feel the perfect sweetness (even tho this is a short ff) after reading part 2 haha. I am a sucker for happy ending. Thanks for the sweet treat :)

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #130 on: May 27, 2014, 10:45:41 PM »
Yaah~ Kawaii!! and Sweet!! :shy2: :shy1: :luvluv1: :tama-bigheart: :mon crazyinlove: :mon inluv:
Just like  DC2805 - san, I'm also a sucker for happy endings :mon angel: :mon sweat:
This is so adorable! :mon lovelaff: Words can barely describe what I'm feeling right now! :mon speechless: :k-inlove: :k-wink:
I can't take my wide smile and blushing face off! :on cny2: :wriggly: :nya:
Thanks for the Short Shots!! :gmon love2: :mon loveflower:
Another Amazing work created!!   :mon thumb: :onioncheer:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #131 on: May 28, 2014, 03:24:02 AM »
its a lovely fic.. love it thanx

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I" (WMatsui)
« Reply #132 on: May 28, 2014, 07:24:48 AM »
@atsukojiyuu_C: Of course I remember you! One of the kojiyuu pervies :roll: XD Ah, i think it's bcoz kojiyuu have their own real moment so there's no need for imaginations on them being together ahaha :wub: Thanks for reading the WMatsui one~ Ah yeah it's great to see Ricchan and Annin being good and all. I'm so glaaad with the news :cry:

LOL it can't be helped ne, since my kami-oshi is the one and only Yuko-sama  :D guessed her personality is rubbing off me  :lol:  :lol: so, the next kojiyuu is coming? Lol just kidding, not offend  XD
Well, if you said so hhahaha but that squirrel is gonna leave soon, so kojiyuu lacking is just too much for me   :err:
Your welcome, i found it funny and enjoyable  :twothumbs
Yeah the incident made a big impact for the group, but afterall i'm glad the girls is okay by now  :bath:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "THE SEIYUU AND I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #133 on: May 28, 2014, 05:57:44 PM »
Ohh Yes finally they become couple!!!

I want to see the play Romeo and Juliet

Update soon

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Seiyuu and I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #134 on: June 23, 2014, 03:42:35 AM »
Wmatsui is :heart:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Seiyuu and I - Part 2" (WMatsui)
« Reply #135 on: June 23, 2014, 01:29:10 PM »
It so lovely  :cathappy:

I almost scream when they kissed  :grin:

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Re: Short Shots of Lame Plots - "The Battle of Temptations" (WMatsui)
« Reply #136 on: January 07, 2015, 12:38:29 PM »
THE BATTLE OF TEMPTATIONS (weird and lame. yes I know :P)

Rena’s POV

“Good morning.”

“Good morning to you too.”

I give a slight bow, greeting the staffs as I make my way tiredly to the dressing room. I stifled a yawn, afraid if my unladylike manners might be caught by someone before realizing I am actually wearing a facemask. Smirking, I let out the yawn I was holding, opening my mouth wide like a hippo.

Sniff sniff…

Ugh! What’s that smell? It’s familiar but I can’t put my head into it… Hold on. Is that my morning breath?

“Need a mint?”

I turned my head in shocked, finding a smiling Jurina holding a mint candy container just like an advert should be. Her white, smiling teeth is blinding my sight, I just had to squint my eyes while turning around.

“No, thanks.”

“Well… how about a kiss then?”

I snap my head back to her furiously, “What did you say?!”

I glared at her, but it seems like she’s already immune with it. Still with that same charming smile, she pulls me closer. My eyes widen with a warning, signalling her this is no time for playing around. But as usual, Jurina pays no heed to my warning as she wiggles her eyebrows, our eyes met in a heated staring contest. Well, when I mean heated, it means I’m really glaring like I’m Gekikara. Jurina pops a mint candy into her mouth before pulling my facemask lower to reveal my pale lips. Without warning, she pulled my chin and crashed her lips with mine. I don’t know how she did it, but the next thing I know there was this minty taste in my mouth before the candy met with my tongue. She pulls away with a satisfied smirk, giving a wink as she wipes my lips with her thumb.

“You really need that. Your breath stinks.”

I forced a smile, drawing my face closer to her in an intimidating way. “Do that again, and you’re dead.”

Jurina lets out a chuckle before walking away. “You're welcome!”

I keep on glaring my eyes on her retreating back, hoping I could blast away her presence into pieces or small chunks of meat. Seriously... she annoys me so much, I’m starting to wish I could only appear in Nogizaka46’s schedule only.

Uuhh. Okay that was uncalled for...

How can I think like that when SKE is the only place for me to feel alive and be me? Urgh this is all your fault, you shameless creature with the name Matsui Jurina!

God! She even shared the same surname as me… Can I die and be reborn from a different dad?! Wait, screw that… Maybe the same dad, but with a different name? Yeah… that will do... Oh! Maybe I can ask dad to change his name into another cooler name.

“Good morning, Rena-chan."

“Morning, Mei.” I greeted back as I place my bags on the table, my eyes falling everywhere but the laughing Jurina who’s chatting (probably flirting) with the juniors.

“Nee, nee… Rena-chan. Have you seen this?” Kanon, who’s currently sitting beside the bored-looking Mei, points at her phone while jumping excitedly.

“What is it?”

“The recent EbiCalcio show! It was really good!” Kanon chirped, before Mei interrupts her.

“It’s not really THAT good…” She said with crossed arms and a frown, before muttering in a small voice. “I still think the first episode is the best.”

Hearing what Mei said, Kanon rolled her eyes. “Oh, just ignore her. She’s jealous she’s not in this episode.”

"Heh... am not..."

"You are."

"I'm not."

"Yes you are."

"No I'm not!"

"Just admit it. No one cares anyway."

“I’m not jealous!” Mei retorts back, her eyes asking me to take her side in this trivial love fight. “She’s been replaying the same scene since we’ve arrived here, I’m getting sick of it!”

I decided to stop their love quarrel as I step in to the conversation. “What’s so great about it?”

Getting excited once again (and ignoring the pouting Mei), Kanon quickly shoves her phone back to the front, playing the video with a touch of her finger.

After 10 minutes…


That was the one thing I felt at the moment. I can feel my face heating in anger after I watched the video. Why? Because… apparently Matsui JURIO appeared again in the show.

“She is so cool! Right, Rena-chan?”

I turn to Kanon in disbelief, “Ehh? W-what are you saying? Just what are you watching, Non-chan?! This is… t-this is...”

“Ah! Is that me?”

Oh, darn.

I can see from the corner of my eyes Jurina hanging her hand around Kanon’s shoulder as she peeks at the latter’s phone.

“No… It’s Jurio, of course!” Kanon starts fangirling, nudging Jurina on her waist.

“Oh, geez… you guys are still watching this? It’s embarrassing!”

Jurina squealed like the girly 17 years old girl she is, hiding her face behind her hands as Kanon teased her. Yeah… this scene is too cute, I’m gonna puke rainbows. Wait. Put some unicorns in the background with fluffy pink clouds too.

How dare that Jurina?!

How dare she…

How dare she did that to my AzumaRion?! My only Rion…?! I’ve been taking great care of her, keeping her safe from these girls-eating-wolves, only to see her precious innocence being scarfed down by that Jurina player!

How dare she did that!

Now I deeply regret letting my Rion transferred to team S. I should get some words across this flirt before she infects my other girls with her smooth talk.

"Jurina, do you have a second?" I put on my poker face as I call her, which she responded with a nod. "Sure."

We walk into an empty hallway with no presence of a human being except for me. Yes, Jurina is a cross-breed between a puppy and a wolf. Barely a human.


"Umm me?" She points to herself, her face screaming innocent all over it.

"Who permits you to do that to Rion?"

"Huh?" Jurina raised a brow, "Uhh what?"

"That thing you do to her!"

"What thing...?"

"Oh don't act dumb in front of me. You know what I'm talking about."

"No I don't. Seriously, what are you talking about?"

"Ugh! That thing you did to Rion in EbiCalcio! That... backhug thing..."

I need to say that F word right now if not for the presence of an underage in front of me cause I just caught myself mumbling in a low voice while ducking my head down. Where did all the confidence go??

"Ah! Now I get it... Wait, hold on!"

I raise my head to look at Jurina, only to find her annoyingly smirking at me.

"You watch that, huh?"

I cursed mentally, thinking of an excuse of why would I watch that show!

"It was Kanon who forced me to watch it." I said indifferently, my eyes trying to pretend I'm the least affected by it.

"Uh-huh... but you could have just excuse yourself instead of watching it till the end."

Is that a hole I see on the floor? Cause Imma need to bury me head in there! Hmm... on second thought, I think it fits Jurina's head better than me. Maybe I could strangle her in a slow way...

"So..." Jurina got closer, whispering dangerously closer to my sensitive ear. "Do you like what you see?"

I tried to contain my anger, gulping my spit as I push her away.

"Yeah, right. In your dreams!"

I turn around with a glorified smirk, leaving her alone probably shocked or surprised with my reaction. You can cry or bawl from your defeat, Jurina... cause there's no way I'm gonna-...

"Aack! What the..."

"How about now?"

I tried to gain my stature, gathering my strength from not elbowing the girl on her gut when she suddenly pulled me back to crashed into her body. I froze on the spot when I feel her hands snaking around my waist, wrapping me in her embrace. She pulls me closer, her arms squeezing me slightly as she leans her head on my right shoulder.

"You like this?"

I close my eyes from her low voice, her breath tickling the sensitive spot on my neck. If I wasn't on my right mind, I would have already fall for her smooth way like all the other girls that had raised their white flags on Jurina's feet.

Excuse me but this is Matsui Rena, ladies and gentlemen. And of course there's no way she's gonna admit defeat. Not to this girl, at least.

"Get off."

I said from my gritted teeth, my voice filled with annoyance. I can hear Jurina sighing in defeat as she released her arms. I was about to shout in glory when all of a sudden, her lips met my cheek.




Can I strangle her? I thought I saw a rope hanging here somewhere… Whoa, hold on there, Rena. Keep your calm and just play along. I gasped, holding my cheek in a defensive stance as if she had just did something inappropriate to me.

“You…” I bit my lips, trying to act like I was hurt by her. But Jurina was having none of it. She makes a surprised gesture, her mouth open wide with a hand on top. She was shocked. Well… more like acting like she was shocked before grinning and shrugging at me. She left me with her hand raised, pointing at her watch to warn me about the time. I take a deep breath to calm my anger. This girl… she might be messing with me but there’s no way I’m gonna admit defeat.

Nuh uh.

Over my beautiful angelic body!





“Wow… I’m good. Maybe another one.”


“Hmm… okay just one more and I’m re-”


Oh darn. Who dare disturb my alone selfie time…? I huffed in annoyance before putting my bored face and turn around to face the intruder.

“Oh. Yuka-chan.” Remind me to burn all of Nishishi’s shoujo manga collection before she graduates. “What is it?”

“C’mon! We’ve been waiting for you!”

“Wait, eh? What? Where are we going?”

I aimlessly followed Nishishi as she drags me along with her to who knows where.

“Didn’t Jurina told you?”

“About what…?”

“The group picture! We’re taking a group picture of the first gen together. Seriously, Rena… don’t be such a loner all the time.”

What does being a loner have to do with this? Nothing! Because from my observant and brilliant point of view, it is definitely Jurina’s fault for not informing me about this. Oh yeah… How can she told me about it if I’ve been running away from her for the past few days?

“There you are! Hurry up, Rena!”

Mieko, who is weirdly clad in a pink shirt over her normal clothes, approached me with her granny-like smile. She holds out a light green shirt to me.

“Here, Rena.”

“Ah! This is…”

“Yes, yes! Now hurry and wear this! Everyone is already waiting for you.”

I stood there dumbfounded, my eyes caught the sadness in Mieko’s voice as she turns around to let me wear the shirt. How can I forget… it’s only a few months left for those two to be together with us. To be together as the remaining 1st generation of SKE48. Soon, it will only be us three. A frown appeared on my face as the feelings of loneliness suddenly gush into my heart.

“Is it that hard to wear the shirt… or you're actually waiting for me to help you with it?”

I rolled my eyes annoyingly as the most unwanted person suddenly appeared in my view, flashing her puppy-like smile that happens to be cute for other people’s taste. What an eyesore.


I ignored her, bumping our shoulders together as I walk passed her to the group. I could hear the faint giggle on my back as she gets into place for the picture.

“Alright, everyone’s in position? Good.”


“Ah! I think the arrangement is a bit weird. Oya-san, could you move to the center?” The staff said as he arranged our positions based on our heights.

“Sure!” Masana replied as she stayed beside me. “But I think it’s better if Nishishi and Nee-san stand at the end.”

We all agreed and make different poses, just like the robot we are as we followed staff-san’s orders. However, this one after just made my blood raised to a dangerous level when he suddenly gave another opinion.

“Hold on… Jurina-san is the tallest one, isn’t she? Besides, she’s the center so of course she should be the center! How awful of me!”

Yes. You are so awful for that dumb idea of yours. You should really keep that suggestion to yourself, staff-san. I should take note of his name and make sure he’ll be transferred to work with the other groups. I keep silent as Jurina cheerfully prolong her “Haaait~!” and stood beside me. I tried to make her presence invisible, but knowing this girl is usually noisy and giddy, I can’t help to give a short side glare to her to stop her from humming that weird sound.

“What?” She gave me the same innocent smile that I hate so much.

“Nothing.” I said indifferently as I tried to make myself as far away from her as possible. I mean, who knows if she might have a transmittable disease. She did hang out with all the girls, so it's not possible if she got infected...

“Ummm, Matsui-san… could you get a little closer with the others?”

Huh? What kind of a question is that? Of course I could not! Can’t you see the other Matsui is annoying the hell out of me, I sho-


What the…

Instead of me moving to her side, the other Matsui decided to do it for me… which I’m not exactly thankful or happy about it! Can’t she just mind her own business and let me be by myself?

“Smile to the camera, Rena-chan.”


I think the picture turns out pretty weird since I was barely smiling while trying to distance myself awkwardly from the happy but mischievous Jurina. It’s like a tight smile where you just farted and someone noticed it. How painfully awkward is that?

“Now that’s better! Okay turn around so we can take the back view of the shirt.”

“Oh, oh! Let’s hold hands or something!”

I was about to protest but the others had already agreed to it, leaving me out from stating what I want. Is this what we call teamwork, guys? I can barely voice out my opinion here!


Out of reflex, I snapped my head away when Jurina whispered in my ear.

“What?” I retorted with a glare, but she just motioned at the loop of her right hand, telling me to cling on to her. I acted dumb, trying to get on her nerves as I ignored her. Oh, bad move Rena! It seems Jurina has an idea of her own because as soon as she attached our arms together, she decided to play her games. Knowing how much I hated skinship in an open space with many spectators, Jurina begins to pull me a tiny bit more closer as I can feel the pressure of her chest on my arm. I glance at the corner of my eyes, noticing the small smirk on her face.

Oh, fine. Two can play the game too, Jurina. Just you wait.

I pull our tangled arm in my directions, just to pull her body closer to mine. I can see her smirks growing wider, perhaps expecting me to be so turn on by her actions. Oh, smirk all you want Jurina... Let see if you can still smile after I did… THIS!


“Yossha.” I whispered in a small, low voice with a satisfied smile before acting like I was in my own world.

“Jurina? You okay?” Masana whispered after hearing Jurina’s small outcry of being hit by the oblivious me.

I can hear Jurina hissing in pain after I just elbowed her on the side of her ribs. Ha! Take that for messing with me!

“I’m f-fine, Masanya. My stomach suddenly growled. It was nothing~” She tried to cover the pain on her right ribs with a smile. She turns to me with wide eyes, which I only responded with the same act only innocent is plastered all over my fake emotion. She lets out a frown before facing to the front. I think I see disappointment in her eyes, but who cares? Now she knows there’s no way I’ll be defeated that easily. No one can make Matsui Rena fall on her knees, I tell ya...

No one.


“What’s wrong with you?”

I asked her with a bit of anger in my voice. Wait… not a bit. I AM DEFINITELY ANGRY! I slammed the door of my house after we got in.

“What?” Jurina gave me a look of that stuck-up attitude of a common teenage girl that screams ‘the hell is wrong with you?’. I really hate that side of her.

“Hey, look at me when I’m talking to you!”

“Tsk. Fine…” She turns around with crossed arms while rolling her eyes as she leans on the side wall. “What?”

Oh she did not just asked me back…

“What’s the matter with you? Why are you doing this?”

“Ummm… I don’t understand a thing of what you’re asking me. Unless I’m a telepathy user, which I am definitely not!”

“Really, Jurina? You’re playing this dirty just for that?”

“Look, Rena. I’ve got a train to catch tomorrow so can we talk this later? I need to get some sleep...”

Jurina was about to leave but I managed to stop her. I turn her around, showing my phone directly on her face. She squints a bit, her eyes trying to adjust to the blaring light of my phone in that somewhat dark house. Well… what do you expect? I got no time for lights when this girl is picking a fight with me. Besides, it’s an advantage for me since she’s like obviously afraid of the dark.

“How could you… How could you take a two-shot picture with Tani?!”

“Haaaah?” Jurina turns around with a disbelief look before she lets out a chuckle. “Seriously, Rena? Just because of-”


Jurina’s eyes widen in fright as I do the kabedon move on her. Oh my… that scaredy look really excites me, I feel like lurching myself at her right now. But wanting to tease her a bit more, I keep my straight face on with a glare.

“Yes. I am serious.” I can hear her gulp, my heart throbbing from her adorable frightened face. “Not just Tani… You even dare do that move on Rion. Oh, what about the dokkiri you do with Yuka-chan and Mieko? You’re really enjoying that, aren’t you? Not to mention you haven’t delete the contact number of that stranger girl you met on the street when you were disguised as a man.”

Jurina tried to get out from my hold as she looked left and right for an escape. Heh… like a trapped bunny about to get devoured by a wolf.

“So, yeah. I am INDEED serious.”

“N-nee, Rena-chan… Just h-hold it…”

“What…” I draw my face closer, our nose touching. I can see the deep red hue on her face despite we’re in a dark room. “I’m not doing anything.”

Her breathing is getting heavier as I brush our lips together. I make a deliberate slow move, nuzzling my nose on her red cheek while blowing air on her sensitive ear.

“R-Rena-chan… Please, sto-” She whimpered. Just like a puppy… How cute.

“Really? You want me to stop?” I stop my ministration, looking deep into her brown orbs. I know she wants it. I can see it…

“U-umm… N-no but… Uhh…” She stuttered. I can’t with this adorableness of her… A smirk appeared on my face, but it soon turn into a straight line after she said it. “I… I don’t want t-to lose to a... melonp-pan.”


Pffft… I would have laugh on the floor if not for her cute but fearful face.

What the heck, Jurina? She’s still thinking about that bet at this time? Arrrghh just how naive and innocent can this kid be? I can’t help but to chuckle, gaining her attention as she looked at me confusingly.

“Why are you laughing?” She pouted, ducking her head low. I put a hand on her chin, pulling her face upwards to make her face me. Her eyes are darting everywhere, perhaps trying to escape my gaze. I give her a small peck which managed to keep her stare on me. I can feel her trembling as I lick her lips, biting her lower lip teasingly. I can see she wants more, expecting me to kiss her as she juts her chin out. I smirk at her as I try to control my inner self from kissing her senselessly. I am seriously going to be in prison for seducing a minor in my place.

“Screw melonpan.” I breathed out, “I’m craving for you now.”

The next day…

Jurina’s POV

“Yo! Good morning, guys~!”

I greeted everyone in the dressing room with a wide smile, waving to them cutely as I make my way to a lone chair. I put my things on the table, but a small movement of my shoulder had made me winced in pain.


I rub the place slowly to ease the pain when someone appeared beside me.

“Need a hand with that?”

Oh, shoot.

“N-no I’m good!” I give Rena a quick smile, when Nishishi suddenly calls my name. My saviour!

“Jurina, can I see you for a minute?”

“Y-yeah sure!”

I was about to run… errr escape? No! I mean… walk away from Rena when she steps in front of me.

“This won’t do.”

“E-eh? Wh-what is not?”

“Your clothes. Let me fix it for you.” Rena let out a sweet smile, which I know was actually filled with hidden intention. She fix my turtle neck sweater with care, carefully pulling the collar over my neck and tucking it. I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but it seems like Rena was taking her sweet time, her cold fingers brushing and stroking my neck in a gentle but teasing way. I winced slightly when her fingers graze some of the red marks.

“There.” She pats my shoulder, satisfied with her work but not before whispering into my ears. “Don’t want others to see your exposed neck. It might start some rumours, you know?”

I give her a forced smile (Rena too, I presume) as I try to keep my desire from taking over my body. It was a great choice to be wearing this sweater since my neck is currently being decorated with countless of red spots and marks made by the one and only Rena. I guess I was a bit careless there. I quickly turn around and walk towards Nishishi who’s eyeing someone from her spot. I did some rolling of my shoulder to ease the pain.

“Hey, you don’t look so good.”

Blame Rena for that.

“It’s nothing, just some sore muscles.”

“You really need to rest more, Jurina. I don’t want to see you collapsing when I’m gone.”

Nishishi smiled at me, the same smile that shows how truly concerned she is with the members. But I can see through her walls. She’s trying so hard to pull herself together despite knowing she’ll soon leave us.

“Don’t worry. That won’t happen.”

Nishishi nods with a relieved look. I gave the leader a weird look when once again Nishishi looks around, perhaps searching of a particular person before whispering close to me.

“Nee, nee… Ummm. How are you and Rena doing?”


“I can see it, Jurina. You guys are fighting… right?”

Oh, man… Nishishi is really the greatest and coolest leader ever. She can even notice something’s wrong with the both of us. I rub my neck embarrassingly as I avert my stare to the floor.

“Well… it’s not really a fight.” I gave her a forced smile, “It was just a stupid bet I made.”

“Ehh, really? What bet?”

“Uhhh… it’s…”

“Renaaa-… HMPH!”

I was about to cuddle with her when my face met with her palm. I huffed, blowing my bangs out of my face as she pulled her hand away and continue typing on her phone.

“Mou… is that phone really important than me?”

“What’s the matter with you?” Rena raised a brow at me. I pouted, trying to get her attention but as always, she ignored it.

“It’s one of the staff. She’s asking a favour from me.”

“Oh… you can give your attention to her but not me, huh? That is sooo Rena.”

“What are you trying to say?”

“Not to mention the oh so cutesy members you’re spending sooo much time with, you can’t even look at me.”

“Wait a minute… You! What about you?!”


“Don’t even make me start with the AKB girls you’ve been flirting since… oh, I don’t know. Forever!”

“Don’t tell me you’re jealous?”

“Oh why would I be, huh?”

“Yeah, right… you are jealous.”

“No I’m no-… what are you doing?!”

Rena slapped my hands away as I tried to reach her face for a kiss.

“You can’t resist me, Rena. I know.” I smirk but Rena was so furious, she started to get up from our bed.

“What makes you so sure about that?” She crossed her arms, challenging me with a glare.

“How about a bet, then?” I waited for Rena to object or say anything, but she kept quiet, prompting me to continue. “The first one to fall for the other’s advances, lose the bet.”

“What will the loser do?”

“What do you want?”

Rena makes a pondering face before a smirk appeared on her face. “A treat of the special and most exclusive, limited edition of my favourite melonpan!”

“Melonpan…? Again? Really Rena?” I gave her a disbelief look.

“Well… take it or leave it.” Rena shrugs, acting like she was about to walk away.

“Wait! Okay, okay… fine! Melonpan it is.” I rolled my eyes. There’s no way I can separate Rena and her secret, unanimated lover with the name of melonpan.

“What about you?”
“Hmmm… Ah, I know!” I clap my hand excitedly, “You’ll have to stop ignoring me in public!”

“Ugh… do I have to?”

“Eh…? Is that the sound of a loser I heard?” I teased Rena which got her glaring at me again.

“It’s a deal.”

“Great! Can’t wait to have all of your attention later, Rena-chaaan~”

“Uh huh… and I’m sleeping outside.” Rena quickly gathered her pillow and blanket, catching me in surprise.

“Eh? Wai-... Hold-... Rena-chan!”

“Good night!” She stuck out her tongue before disappearing in the dark hallway, knowing I can’t follow her since it’s too dark for me. I hit the bed in frustration.

“Are you freaking serious?!”

I shook my head from the flashback, quickly regaining my attention back.

“So? What’s the bet?”

“Ah! It’s nothing... Really!” I let out a desperate laugh. There’s no way I’m gonna tell Nishishi of the embarrassing and childish bet. She would probably laugh her ass out and tease me to no end with it.

“If you say so… Oh, one more thing!”

“What is it?”

“I didn’t get to say it at that time but I’m sorry for making you uncomfortable during the dokkiri the other day. You know… for suddenly pushing you on the bed like that.”

Nishishi rubs her neck in a flustered way. If only my crush for Nishishi hadn’t fade away, I would have definitely ask her to be my girlfriend. Suddenly, I saw Rena walking with Nao towards my way. Of course, she’s ignoring me since I lost the bet. However, I didn’t say I’m gonna stop teasing her.

“Nah, it’s fine…” My eyes followed Rena as she gets closer, my mind counting for the perfect time to say it.

Just as she was about to walk pass me, our eyes met for a second.

“Besides, I like kabedon better than anything.” I said directly to her face as I sent a wink her way before walking away in the opposite way and leaving Nishishi standing there like an idiot. I don’t care if I’m going to get a spank or bitten… Or get left in our room to sleep alone. All I care about is the deep blush appearing on Rena’s face despite she’s trying to cover it with her straight face.

Well… It might be my loss this time, but there’s no way I’m backing down. It’s me, Matsui Jurina.

Who can ever resist me?

A/N: 'Sup, guys? How long has it been since I've posted anything here? I feel really bad for ignoring this place :sweatdrop:  I was pretty much engrossed with college the past few months, I haven't had time to write anything or even catch up with AKB stuff coz seriously the internet is really bad there, there's so many times I've been thinking to myself "Why the heck am I taking a degree here?!" :catglare: But oh well.. Que sera, sera! LOL XD

I think some of you might have heard from Zhen that I've fallen sick. Weeelll... I'm still recovering atm but the urge for writing is too high and there's no way I'm gonna ignore my readers! So... after a lot of thinking, I've decided to put Wait For Me on hiatus until I'm fully well. Sorry for those waiting for an update.  :bow: :bow:

For Beats of Love readers, good news! There's no way I'm gonna put that on hold since it's a collab fic and if I do that Zhen would surely torture me to death :bleed eyes: So yeah the next chapter is still under some major editing and I think we might update by this week (don't take my words seriously, please :bow:) if nothing happen to me... I hope. :sweatdrop:

So, enjoy the crazy OS above peeps! I'm writing it like a zombiiiieee  :panic: :deco:
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Hey embee! Get well soon!! Being sick sucks. >.< that was a really nice os!! I realy enjoyed it!! Especially how they argue. Hahaa. Thank you for the os!

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What was that bet actually xd

I love your fics

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The Battle of Temptations = A-MA-ZING.

Totally reminded me why JuriRena were a thing before I slowly gave up on them ;_; You rekindled that extinguishing WMatsui heart of mine, as expected of embee-san  :bow: I'm so thankful for this!  :twothumbs

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