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Author Topic: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars  (Read 2766 times)

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Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
« on: September 13, 2014, 06:57:12 PM »
Yuu (ko) who came from the stars

Chapter One

It was a good day.

The sun was shining brightly, the birds were chirping merrily–

As if.

Kojima Haruna scowled as she trudged up the hill.

I’d swear that someone’s out to get me if it wasn’t for the fact that I don’t know what anyone would want to single me out for…

She shuffled her backpack slightly so that it would be more comfortable.

Oh who am I kidding, my boss is trying to get me to quit, I can’t even step out of my apartment without being armed with a taser and I keep getting sent on dumb assignments like these…

“Are we there yet, Mii-chan?” Haruna asked her partner for the nth time when her sore legs started protesting against the continued exercise. “It’s been hours!”

“I know,” Minegishi Minami called out to the guide, spotting a rest station nearby. “Excuse me; can we take a short break?”

Thankfully, the guide agreed and the two of them settled down on some large rocks nearby, a distance away from the larger group made up of mostly tourists.

“I know that things haven’t been so good lately, but hang in there alright?” Mii-chan comforted. “We’ll get through it like we always do; soon it’ll be nothing but a distant bad memory!”

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done up that article,” Haruna fanned herself while looking at Mii-chan apologetically. “Then we wouldn’t have to do stuff like this…”

A simple expedition to the restaurant downtown to satiate Mii-chan’s sudden gyoza craving had somehow blown up into uncovering a money laundering operation that naturally resulted in Haruna pissing off someone big.

Mii-chan sighed.

It had been a tough couple of weeks for the both of them, even more so for Haruna with the editor giving her a hard time trying to get her to quit. All because of the stomachache I got from those gyoza… I will never know how an article blasting the possible cleanliness of the place will cause the police to uncover a money laundering operation…  I swear Harunyan has the strangest tendencies to stumble on good stories… “I’ll get drinks, just stay here okay?”

When she finally fought her way out of the throng of tourists, the hard won drinks slipped from her hands.


Mii-chan looked around.

She wasn’t anywhere to be seen.



Haruna winced as she took stock of her injuries.

One minute she had been admiring the scenery; the next thing she knew, she was tumbling down the slope before she blacked out.

Thankfully though, she had just gotten a couple of bruises and she had definitely hit her head somewhere, but overall she seemed fine.

She could have sworn that she felt a hand on her back at that instance though…

I’ll worry more about that later; but for now…

Looking up at the darkening sky, she surmised that she must have been unconscious for at least a couple of hours.

I can’t stay here forever… Haruna looked around. There was nothing but trees. If I don’t move fast I won’t be able to see where I’m going once the sun sets; and it’s cold up in the mountains, I might freeze…

“I’ve got no choice but to try and make my way down, don’t I?”

After walking for what seemed like hours, Haruna squinted, spotting a faint light shining through the trees.

There seems to be a clearing up ahead… She increased her speed. Maybe it’s people out camping!

She stopped short.

“Oh my god…”

It wasn’t a clearing.

It was a crater.

Haruna felt her knees wobble as she stared at what had formed the large crater in the ground.

It was a foreign looking metallic pod, and a little voice inside Haruna screamed “Aliens!” and “That’s a frickin’ spaceship!!!”


She froze, having heard a twig crack.

I definitely didn’t move! Haruna was ready to panic anytime now as she found herself moving. There’s something else out there!

Memories of nasty aliens from the movies flooded her mind, fueling her to move faster. She subconsciously rubbed her wrists. Gah! Even if it’s government officials I’m still in deep shit! I was just in handcuffs a week ago!

In her haste to escape she didn’t notice how she was moving towards the edge until it was too late; stepping on air.

I can’t believe I’m dying like this.

She could see the headlines now. “Unfortunate incident up in the mountains results in death of magazine reporter.”

That old man will be pleased that I’m finally out of the way, but Mii-chan… Mii-chan will be so pissed off, sad and then not as pissed off as before but still pissed off, in that order.

“I’m sorry Mii-chan…”

The last thing she saw was large, unblinking eyes gazing at her.

Haruna shifted, feeling the familiar sheets of her bed tickle her cheek.

She turned to lie on her back.

“I had this really weird dream…”

Haruna opened her eyes only to scream.

“KYAAA!!!!!” Haruna’s first instinct was to kick out, sending the shadowed figure that had been standing over her tumbling to the ground.

Switching on her bedside lamp, she froze.

I wasn’t dreaming! She though back to the otherworldly sight that she had chanced upon. That must have been a spaceship… then that means that it’s really… an alien… an alien that crash landed on Earth…

She took a deep breath.

Okay… I guess I should try to make contact. Haruna nodded to herself. Wait, why aren’t I freaking out? I should freak out! There’s an alien in my room! A real alien!

Looking over at the alien again, she calmed down. Maybe I should pinch its cheeks. Make sure that it isn’t someone wearing a suit or something.

She frowned.

Wait, why aren’t I freaking out about having an alien in the room? Why am I freaking out about not freaking out about having an alien in the room?!

“Enough Kojima Haruna,” She said to herself sternly. “You’re just confusing yourself! Go talk to the alien first!”

“Hey,” Haruna cautiously approached the strange being that had retreated to the corner of her room. “You don’t have anywhere else to go, do you? I saw your… spaceship, or the wreckage of what used to be your spaceship…”

Haruna could swear that she just saw the alien flash her a sad look.

“You can’t chase the alien out; what kind of host are you? It’ll probably only get locked up by some weird agency and then it’ll never get home.” Her conscience argued. “Set an example and show that Earth people are friendly people! Besides, you know firsthand how it’s like to be in all helpless and alone in a foreign place…”

She sighed, knowing what she was about to do. I must be going nuts; either that or I’ve hit my head really hard somewhere, somehow… Oh wait I really DID hit my head.

“Ah well,” She crouched down next to the alien and held a shaky hand out. “You can stay here if you want, until you figure a way back; I live alone and the security here is pretty tight, as long as you stay indoors and don’t wander about I don’t think we’ll have to worry about you being caught for study or something. And I promise that I won’t report you to the authorities, I swear!”

The alien stared at her for a long while with those unblinking eyes and Haruna kept the eye contact apprehensively, trying to convey her sincerity through her gaze.

After a long while of the two of them staring at each other, when Haruna was about to draw back, the alien took her hand and gripped it firmly.

It’s warm…

Haruna felt reassured by that simple touch.

Maybe this won’t be as bad as I think it will be…

“I’m going to take a bath now,” Haruna switched on the large flat screen television mounted on the wall. “Here, you can watch some cable tv.”

The alien observed Haruna’s actions closely and when Haruna passed the remote control over, studied the remote control curiously, testing out the buttons and humming in contentment as it (?) stopped at a channel showing baby bunnies.

Riiiiight… Shrugging, Haruna went back to her room to get a change of clothes before entering the bathroom. At least it’s occupied.

She quickly washed herself before going over to the bathtub; as she slowly lowered herself into the warm water, mindful of her aching muscles, she frowned.

I keep having the feeling that I’m forgetting something… oh right, speaking about my fall… Haruna sat up in the bathtub suddenly, glancing at herself. My injuries… have all healed?

She sank back under the water, closing her eyes. Obaa-chan always said that when things get confusing, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Not noticing that there was a pair of eyes staring at her.


Satisfied after her long soak, Haruna stood up from the bathtub and felt a sudden wave of dizziness.

Oh boy… She fround herself falling and braced for impact with the floor; shutting her eyes she waited but the pain never came.

Belatedly she registered the fact that there were arms around her body; opening her eyes she found out that the alien had caught her.

Time seemed to stand still as Haruna stared into the alien’s unfathomable eyes.

“Thanks for catching–achoo!” Wow it’s cold.

Wait… I’m still!



After calming down, Haruna had given the alien a bath, even helping to scrub its back as an apology.

I shouldn’t jump to conclusions! She had argued with herself. It probably wanted to take a bath, that’s why it was in the bathroom.

Watching me...

Yep, aliens probably also need to take baths too!

Do they?

She had been wondering that all the while as she scrubbed the alien’s back.

Now, Haruna stared at the alien sitting pitifully in the corner of her room.

(Ignore the surroundings, just the "alien" sitting on the floor)

Do aliens need to sleep?

That was the latest in a long line of questions that have been harassing her for a while now; Haruna had provided the alien with pillows and a blanket, settling the alien on the sofa in the living room but for some reason, the alien had followed her back into her bedroom and going over to the corner.

This is... Haruna felt bad as she looked at herself sitting on her spacious bed while the alien was sitting in the corner.

Well… I was saved by it at least twice now… She reasoned with herself as she once again crouched down before the alien. It’s a nice alien! Besides, it likes to watch baby bunnies! It can’t be that bad.

“Ano… if you don’t mind sharing, my bed is pretty big for the both of us…”

Holding out her hand once more, this time it took lesser time for the alien to return the gesture; Haruna took hold of the alien’s had and led it to her bed, lying down as the alien mirrored her actions.

“Hmm…” She stared up at the ceiling. This is weird…

Haruna turned over and found the alien staring at her.

Does it need pajamas? But the aliens in the movies didn’t wear pajamas; they were wearing spacesuits… this alien isn’t wearing a spacesuit…

“There!” Haruna beamed in satisfaction as she tucked the alien in and ensured that the covers were properly covering it. “I always get cold during the night, so I have a habit of curling up in a blanket before I sleep.”

Settling back down, Haruna snuggled into the covers. “Good night, alien.”

Wait, if this alien isn’t wearing a spacesuit, does this mean that it’s naked?!

…Well. It’s an alien so… it’s okay?

And I STILL have that feeling like I’ve forgotten something important…

There were still a lot of things that she had to think about, but right now Haruna was more concerned about sleeping.

Ah heck, I’ll just leave it for tomorrow.

Up in the mountains, at the rangers station

“You have to find my friend, like right now!” Mii-chan tried her best to convince the mountain ranger. “She’s useless outdoors, she’ll die!”

The grizzled mountain ranger gave the same reply. “We are currently doing the best that we can to locate your friend Miss, but I hope that you can understand it’s difficult up in the mountains at night.”

Gah! Useless rangers! Mii-chan swallowed down a retort as she went back to the chair and sat down.

“In future I promise that I’ll pull gyoza making all-nighters without a single complaint! We can even do it all day!” Unable to stand the wait, Mii-chan pulled out her phone and said to a photograph of Haruna. “No more going to gyoza restaurants with shady promotional offers!”

“Calm down Minegishi-san,” Sitting beside her, Matsui Rena said with a gleam in her eye. “I have an idea. I propose that we burn down all the trees to get them out of the way! Then we’ll be able to find Kojima-san easily!”

“You need to relax and get some sleep, I know that you’ve been up since last night staking out that celeb’s place for a scoop,” Kashiwagi Yuki laid a hand on Rena’s shoulder. “If we do burn down all the trees then Kojiharu-san will definitely be dead; please wait for Nakamura-san to organize the fleet of helicopters to search for Kojiharu-san. We’ll flood the mountains with light!”

Haruna! Come control the other members of your Blood Inducing group! Mii-chan begged mentally. I can’t control a wannabe arsonist and an ojou-sama who keeps flaunting her wealth on my own!

Kashiwagi Yuki, Kojima Haruna, Matsui Rena.

To the males of their workplace (and some females) they were known as the Nosebleed Trio; to their mentor Akimoto Yasushi they were also a blood inducing trio, however for him they were the Vomit Blood Trio with how Rena kept getting arrested for her occasional violent tendencies, Haruna getting arrested for no reason, and Yuki almost getting arrested for always illegally parking.

I need to call Harunyan before we get ourselves arrested again… Mii-chan thought absently before she gasped, realizing something. “Haruna would have contacted me by now; this means that she’s most likely unconscious– omigosh what if she’s dead in a ditch somewhere?!”

Back at Haruna’s place

Yuko stared at the Earthling that had kicked off all the covers and was now curled up into her side, nearly lying on her.

It’s probably because I’m the only source of warmth nearby. Yuko reasoned; strangely alright with having the human so close to her. Although I can see why she gets cold in her sleep…



“I have a right to know why you are sending me on this mission!” Yuko burst into the room, not caring about protocol. “For winning the battle I should have finally been promoted, but instead you’re doing this?! I demand to know why! I’m the best there is; why should I be sent on such a simple mission?!”

“You have already stated the reason; you are the best there is.”

Yuko scoffed. “I think we all know that it isn’t as simple as this.”

“You want the truth?” A harried looking councilor spoke up. “You may have the qualifications to assume the post of Supreme Military Commander, but as a whole you’re still lacking something.”

“Lacking something?” Yuko gestured at her highly decorated uniform. “Tell me how many others can command an army that engages in combat with another outnumbered by thousands and win, without a single fatal casualty?”

“… That is not the point.”

“That’s not the point?” How can they just send me on this sort of mission like I’m a space cadet?! “I’ve been working my whole life for this!”

“Your whole life? Very well; tell us then, what will you do?” The councilor said. “When you have assumed the post of Supreme Military Commander?”

“I’ll end this dumb civil war once and for all!”

“And what after that?”

“And… and…” Yuko realized that she didn’t think about anything beyond ending the war.

“There will be no more battles. No more fighting.”

“You were thrust into the role of a soldier since you were little and that has hampered your normal development. Tell me, can you adapt to a life with no war, no battles to be fought?”

Yuko couldn’t answer.

She kept a strict line between work and her personal life; choosing to avoid any interaction with others unless necessary, not out of scorn or whatnot but because she simply didn't know how to deal with other people.

With normal civilians, discussing military tactics was apparently a big no-no that killed off any conversation and while members of her fan club didn't mind, she had a feeling that they were more preoccupied with staring at her than listening to her speak.

“The war has consumed your entire life that you do not have any idea of what to do when it’s over,” Another councilor gently cut in. “Take this trip as a break and reflect. Are there any things that you want to do?”

Reflect about what I want to do?

She was raised with the aim of being a soldier, to be the very best; the notion had been drilled into her head countless times over the years. She didn’t know how to live life without being a soldier.

They think I’m stupid? They just want me out of the way so that I won’t ruin their precious peace!


“Don’t leave me alone…” The Earthling suddenly started crying out, snapping Yuko out of her recollection. “Papa… Mama…”

Yuko awkwardly put an arm around the Earthling, gently patting her on the back in an attempt to calm her down.

“Don’t leave Haruna alone…”

“Don’t worry, I’m right here…” Yuko mimed the actions of the Earthlings she had seen earlier on the television. “I’ll always be by your side, I promise. Don’t worry.”

To her surprise, the Earthling calmed down and her breathing slowly evened out, as if the earlier episode had never happened.

Yuko had a strange feeling in her gut though, whenever she looked at this one.

She seems… lonely, somehow.

Like me.

Yuko thought back to how the Earthling had fussed over the covers before tucking her in carefully.

She stroked the Earthling’s hair.

What did she say her name was again?

Oh yes.


Figures. Haruna shook her head with a smile. Hell’s Kitchen is able to fascinate even aliens.

Turning her attention back to her houseguest, Haruna had to admit that while undoubtedly weird, there was something cute about seeing the alien wear a striped apron and cooking.

If it wasn’t for the whole “I’m an alien” appearance it’ll blend in nicely. Haruna continued to space out for a while before she realized what the alien was doing. She rushed up to the alien. “You know how to cook?!”

“Ah, you’re awake.”

“You can speak?!” Haruna caught herself, realizing how rude that sounded. It didn’t do that yesterday! “I mean speak like erm, Earthling language?”

“I apologize for not introducing myself yesterday,” The alien said in a feminine voice. “It took me a while to get a grasp on the languages of this planet; though the television is a marvelous tool of learning that you humans have invented!”

Taking Haruna’s hand, the alien led her to the dining table. “You can call me Yuko.”

Haruna stared at the spread on the table. Normally due to  time constraints and general laziness she patronized the convenience store for her meals, the last time she had a proper home cooked breakfast was when she last stayed over at Mariko’s, and that was ages ago.

“I hope you don’t mind me looking through your purse for your driver’s license, I had to get your address to be able to teleport and you were unconscious.”

“Don’t mind~” Haruna said absently, her attention caught by something far more important.

The floor!

She could finally see the floor!

The alien had also tidied up the apartment and now Haruna could see the floor!

“Your eggs.” The alien – Yuko, not alien! Haruna reminded herself– set down a plate before Haruna. “I hope I got them right, Earthlings seem to be able to debate endlessly about how an egg should be cooked.”

Oooh look she got the eggs right! Haruna thought excitedly. It’s so useful to have an alien at home!

“How long can you stay?” Haruna blurted out. “I mean, I meant what I said yesterday; you can stay as long as you want.”

“It is very kind of you to offer me refuge,” Yuko said. “I insist that you allow me to help you with these… household chores; it’s only right that I make myself useful while I’m here, seeing as I am essentially a freeloader.”

“That’s fine.” She agreed quickly. Please stay forever and help me cook and clean!

As she dug into her breakfast happily, Haruna thought to herself, It looks like my unexpected houseguest will be staying a little longer than I expected…

She then frowned.

I just hope that the FBI or whatever doesn’t break down the door when they bust in to catch Yuko…

-Chapter One End-

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
« Reply #1 on: September 13, 2014, 07:09:30 PM »
HOMAYGAHD!After the long wait, the awesome fic is here! \(>o<\)

Another KojiYuu fic awwwww~! :luvluv1:

GAH! Triple nosebleed and Miichan :mon thumb:

Lol, Haruna wants to keep Yuko because her house is too tidy. Just you wait Haruna, just you wait. :mon determined:

Thank you for the fic fishey_cakes-san! :on gay:


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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
« Reply #2 on: September 13, 2014, 08:18:23 PM »

It's an unique storyline as far as I have read, and I like it so much, this is sooooooo good. Marvelous I'd say! The trio is funny xD

Haruna is keeping the alien, nee~ things will get interesting :shy2:

Please update soon! Pleaaaasee pretty please!

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
« Reply #3 on: September 14, 2014, 04:47:14 AM »
its been a while since ive commented on any story but i just had to come back and comment on this one!
its really well written and the plot is interesting and it does have my otp in it :P so i do hope you will continue with this story and do complete it :D
im looking forward to the next update!

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
« Reply #4 on: September 14, 2014, 09:55:59 AM »
A very good start I can say   :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs
I love it~ tho its different than that Korean drama.. this Kojiyuu version is..nnggghhhh!!!  :inlove:
can't wait to see more if it~

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
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Waaahhh this fic seems interesting and I want to read more ~ Hope you update soon  :nya:

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
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When there's KojiYuu, I'll be around! Lol

Alien Yuko XD I'm curious, what does she looks like? What does she wearing? :?

Little cuddling scene~ woah >w<

Thankyou for this story, author-san.. I'm loving it!
Expecting the next~ :twothumbs

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Re: Yuu (ko) who came from the stars
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I want one alien Yuko at home too! So that I can see more of my floors  XD
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