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Author Topic: To the moon (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot) - COMPLETED  (Read 4279 times)

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To the moon (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot) - COMPLETED
« on: August 26, 2016, 02:37:51 AM »
hey there,

if you familiar with the title, yes, this is based on the game with the same title

and for the game hard core fans, sorry, of course its modified

im not sure if making this kind of fic-adaptation things are okay or not but well... someone tells me once, theres no rules for making fanfic (please don't hate me)


"can you take me to the moon?"


its a nice and warm day of June, and miyawaki sakura couldn't feel more lucky able to spend such good day on a beautiful mountain, surrounded by pure nature.

Miyawaki sakura looking at her surroundings, so green, and peaceful, she then proceed fill her lungs with the sweet fresh mountain air. sakura close her eyes...try to seep more of the magnificent peaceful nature that--

"GOSH! Sakura!!! look at that tree sakura!!!! theres a weird looking bird there!!!"

Sakura gritted her teeth, almost forget other person are there with her

"Sakura!!! look!!!  look a king beetle!!!!  "

sakura release a weak sigh, turn around and look at her partner. Matsui Jurina looks far from peaceful and calm, she is running and jumping around, try to catch some bugs. sakura pierced her eyes "Jurina, focus will you? we here for a job remember?" the one being called just keep running jumping around energetically. "Jurina? hello??" sakura called again, and again being ignored. sakura let out another sigh, just when sakura trying to ease her energetic partner a bit, Jurina abruptly stop her puppy like act, startled sakura a bit by the surprise halt

"our destination!" the puppy- I mean Jurina said, pointing a mansion that emerge from behind the thick tree canopy

sakura look at the mansion in the middle of mountain "yes...our destination"


Sakura knock the big wooden door assertively, not long after, the door swing open, revealed an old lady behind the door

"Hi, im Dr. Miyawaki and this is my partner..."

"Hey there! Dr. matsui here"

the lady look at them both indecisively, before slowly nodded and smile " this way please, she's been waiting for you"

sakura and jurina following the lady entering the house, sakura eyes  catch a shiny grand piano, centering the living room, her eyes then unconsciously shifted to Jurina, and stay there a bit longer than she intends to

" it true?" the  lady voice snap sakura back from her wondrous mind

"u-um... excuse me?"

"that you could granted any wishes?"


"Yup we could! and we never fail!" Jurina cut Sakura sentence off. sakura pierced her eyes to Jurina, only to returned by Jurina charming innocent smile.

they followed the lady to a room in the far corner of the house

"she is here" the lady said, and open the  door

a strong  medicine stench  invading sakura nose right away, the room filled with  monitors, cables  and medical appliances, all of that connected to the middle of the room, to a single bed with someone lays on  it.

"... how long she have left?"

"the doctor just said we are lucky if she could make it for another 24 hours"

"thats enough... we gonna start now, right Jurina? Jurina?" sakura look around to find her partner, find Jurina has made her way to the white bed

"jurina, c'mon, we have  job to do"

but Jurina eyes fixed to the person on the bed "Kahiwagi Yuki, 80 years old" Jurina whisper. sakura not sure why  Jurina  murmuring their client name. but the name soon resounding in Sakura head too

'Kashiwagi Yuki'

"Jurina...shall we start?" Jurina give one quick nod. "is our equipment here already??" Jurina asked  "yes, they arrived this morning, i put them in there" the lady pointing a pile of box in the corner. Jurina start arranged the complicated devices in the box , while sakura settled the paper work

"so, miss... um?"

"Mrs Sashihara, sashihara rino" said the lady

"so mrs Sashihara, are you a family?"

"no. i'm Yuki personal nurse, she hired me two years ago, she don't have any living family left"

"both of you  living together for this two years? "


just at that time, a sound of Piano played hit the room

"I'm sorry, thats my kids, my kids and I live with Yuki san for the past two years"

"what song is that?" Jurina said from right beside Sakura, Makes Sakura heart almost stop beating, since who knows when, Jurina has standing beside her.

"ah, its the song Yuki always played, my daughters then start playing it too "

"your daughter plays very beautifully" Jurina said, smiling to the lady. sakura stole a glance to Jurina face, try to read whats in there, and a second late to avert her eyes away when Jurina looking back at her

"s-so,um i need you to sign our contract here,  we also need to gather as much data and look around a bit before we start"

"sure, ask me anything you need"

"thanks Mrs.sashihara"

"and um...dr. miyawaki"


"Are you sure you could granted her wish? yuki last wish?"


"could you really, make her go to the moon?"

Sakura look into Sashihara eyes, she must be really fond to her employer.

"yes, we can"


Jurina and sakura lurking around the house

"Kashiwagi Yuki, what make her want to go to the moon? theres no sign of astronomical admiration any where in this house " Jurina stating, while keep busy flipping piled books on the  table

"it'll be nice if we could find a diary or something"

"*sigh* there is nothing in this study room, neither in her room. where should we look  next?"

Sakura start thinking, but soon  her focus diverted by Piano sound "those kids again?"

"hey, sakura, lets  talk to them"

"to those kids?"

"kids are the greatest explorer you know" Jurina said while winked playfully, then  drag Sakura with her to the living room

two little girl sit side by side in front of  big grand piano, playing happily

"wow, you two really good with the piano"

The two girl look back, found Jurina smiling at them

"yes yes!  we love playing the Piano" the smaller one answered cheerfully

"sssshhhh ! mommy said we shouldn't talk to stranger!" said the older

"well, I'm not a stranger, my name is Jurina, i am your mother friend"

the two girls look at each other, then examining Jurina. well,  Jurina has this one extremely lovable smile, more than enough to assured two suspicious girl

"hi Jurina nee chan! im Ikuchan"

"im Maiyan, i'm the oldest!"

"hehe, nice to meet you two,  this is Sakura" sakura then smile to the girls

"hoo such a beautiful nee chan"

" Jurina nee san girl friend?"

"NO! I AM NOT!!!"

"lol relax, sakura they are just children....beside.... is it that bad to be my girl friend?" Sakura glaring at Jurina,  who only laugh at her.

"so girls, i wonder, is there a place that you guys should not enter, but you know, full of fun stuffs?"

the two girls look at each other

"n-no !!"

"y-yeah, we..we always listen to what mom said...w-we never go to the basement!"

Maiyan stab her sister waist with her elbow, and Jurina didn't miss that

"hoo... basement? what basement"

"n-nope, nothing"

"hmm okay" Jurina  take out two chocolate bar from her pocket and swing it slowly in front of the girls "i really love basement, if only theres a kind girl somewhere who could take me there, i don't mind giving them some chocolates" the girls eyes following the chocolate in Jurina hand

"w-well, if you really like basement"

"y-yeah, mom said its good to help people "

Jurina grin widely  "good girls, so...where is this basement?"


they followed the girls to  a sturdy looking door.

"we will wait here but don't mess up in there will you Jurina nee san! " said the oldest girl

"trust me girls, i wont" Jurina winked  and slowly open the door, sakura following right behind her

once they entered, the door slammed behind them, left the room pitch black

"I...HATE...DARK" Jurina said, and she really mean it

"lets turn on the light" sakura hand brushing the wall and find what she is looking , she flicked the switch, and the room lit bright immediately. in reverse of what they hope, what the light reveal in the room only deliver more shiver than the previous dark

"what in the world--" jurina  looking around, startled

sakura carefully take a closer look "is this all ... paper?" she then pick one of the object in the floor

"origami...its a rabbit made from  paper"

the room are flooded with countless white paper rabbit , to the point its impossible to walk around. all  the white paper rabbit only make the lone object in the middle of the room stood up more, the only thing in the room that is not white

"is that? another paper rabbit" Jurina piercing her eyes

"i is, only, its made by golden yellow and dark blue paper, unlike plain white paper like the others"

the paper rabbit indeed are different, her head, arms and legs are dark blue, while her tummy are golden yellow. its pretty cute, if its not stood in the middle masses of other White paper rabbit

"lets put it on our note"

Jurina and Sakura left the room, find the two girls waiting for them

"so, Jurina nee chan do you see it ?" the younger asked

"do you see the rabbits jurina nee san?" said the oldest

"are you girls  know what all the rabbits are for" sakura asked

"nope! but mother said stay away from them since Yuki san really treasured those rabbits"

"theres  more of them in the lighthouse"

Sakura and Jurina : "what lighthouse???"


sakura and Jurina followed the girls direction to the cliff down behind the mansion. Its covered by the mansion before, but now they could clearly see. indeed, theres an old lighthouse there, Jurina went straight to enter the lighthouse, but sakura stop her

"wait ! Jurina! ...theres a grave there"

and she is right, right in front of the light house entrance.  sakura cheek the Tomb stone and read  whats  written in there

"to my beloved wife, Watanabe Mayu"

"huh? Yuki  wife?? she is married??"

"yes, her data are in our files *sigh* read them for once will you Ju"

"hehe,  busted! now...shall we check whats inside ?" Jurina reach out her hands to sakura, sakura look at it for awhile, before take it, and following Jurina inside the lighthouse

sakura brushing her finger to the spiral staircase they ascend, the paint are quiet new, contrasting the old structure. Sakura pretty sure the lighthouse are not functioning anymore. someone has take a good care of it.

they keep ascending, and when they  reach the top, sakura and Jurina welcomed by another mountain of white paper rabbit

"euh not this again" Jurina  brushing some of the rabbits to make  way for them. Sakura find another oddity in the middle of the white paper rabbit. sakura scratch her way and take the object

"uwaaah what is that sakura?? a very ugly duck doll??"

"no...this is ... a ...platypus doll"

"paper rabbit army, platypus doll, this Yuki has a weird taste"

"...lets put that into our notes. and.... i think.... its about time to begin our job"


Jurina  operating a complicated looking machine she set earlier, a weird looking helmet that connected to the machine now set on Yuki head.

" are you guys works actually?" Sashi asked sakura, while watch Jurina skillfully programming the machine

"well... to put it in a simple way...with that machine, we gonna 'travel' to client memory as far as we could, to implement a desire to go to the moon"

"thats it? thats could make her go to the moon?"

"dont underestimate the power of desire Mrs. sashihara, imagine have only one desire since a very early age, and obsessed with it for the rest of your life, its a very powerful things"

"...i see"

"it just that, we need to understand why she want to go to the moon, to implement the most suitable motivation, then, we would able to reconstruct Yuki Memory, to  a new memory of a life that get her to the moon"

"the machines are ready, lets go " said Jurina butting in, throwing one of the weird looking helmet to sakura, and putting one to her self. sakura nod and smile to sashihara, before put the helmet on herself

'here we go'


the scenery around Sakura are blurred a bit at start, Jurina right beside her.

"ugh...i always hate the sensation in my stomach every time we do this... sakura what time are we now?"

"6 months ago"

they both stood not far from the lighthouse, find their client looking longingly to the grave there

"Kashiwagi Yuki san"

Yuki look to the source of the voice, a bit surprised "  a bit rare to have visitors around here, are you guys lost?"

"no...we are invited, by you kashiwagi san"


"are you familiar with 48 org?"

"yes, I'm thinking to contact them today"

"well...actually you have... we are here for your request Kashiwagi san"

Yuki look at them both with a clear awareness. a minute passed when finally  her face relaxed

"so...its already time for me in the other end... please spare me the detail" she smile " could you guys make me go to the moon?"

"yup! but we need to know why you want to go to the moon, we asked, but not one of your acquaintance said they know " said Jurina

"Kashiwagi san, why do you want to go to the moon?" Sakura asked

Yuki look at sakura and Jurina "i...dont know"

"err? excuse me Kashiwagi san, it is your wish" Jurina stretch the your part

"i....i just wanna go to the moon"

"well...thats not how we work kashiwagi san, try to remember.. anything??"

Yuki tilted her head "I'm sorry...i really don't know...but.. i really want to go to the moon"

"look kashiwagi san---"

sakura stopping Jurina "its okay ju, looks like she really don't know, all we need is go deeper to her memory to know why. lets go. have a good day Kashiwagi san"

"You don't need to be so polite sakura, once we reset her memory, she won't even remember we exist"

"it cost me nothing to be polite, now lets go"


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Re: To the moon_first part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2016, 05:31:35 AM »
Don't know how I end up shiping Jurisaku  (Jurina can have a ship with everyone I guess XD)
This is interesting,  so looking forward the next part.

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Re: To the moon_first part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #2 on: August 26, 2016, 05:29:04 PM »
@firebird123 hey thanks! i was so afraid no one gonna read it. but post it anyway while munching my pillow.
and Ikr?! Jurina is exclusive pimp, totally shippable with anything... and jurisaku did it to me badl. btw, if you still wanna read the rest 2 chapter, don't worry it'll won't be as long as this first chapter

have fun!
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Re: To the moon_first part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2016, 02:37:35 AM »
I'm here too...  :)
I don't know the game since I'm not a gamer but I'm still interested to this fic.
Can't help imagining an 80 y.o Yukirin and little Ikuchan and Maiyan  :P

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Re: To the moon_first part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #4 on: August 27, 2016, 03:41:42 PM »
@genki kid
its so nice to see you!! :'D huhu
the game just some old game i really like, and yukirin... not even aging could cease such beauty  :grin:

thank you for read

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Re: To The Moon_second part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #5 on: August 28, 2016, 03:10:44 AM »


"ugh..i really hope this is settled soon" said Jurina, cramping her stomach  and checking the controller "so... we are 3 years back from present"

"lets put invisible mode from now on, a waste of time trying to explain our existence every  single time" sakura sets the controller in Jurina hands

again, they find yuki on the same spot, in front of Mayu grave

"she really love her wife huh" Jurina said

"the data said her wife died 4 years ago, so... a year before now"

Yuki only stood at her spot, looking at the grave "...mayu...dont worry, I'm taking a good care of her, just like you do"

"huh?? huh?? sakura who is Yuki talking about??"


"i won't ever let Mako feel lonely, just as you wish, even thou i would never understand why. i love her as much as i love you, and i would always taking care of her"

Jurina scratching her head "is...Yuki and Mayu have a daughter?"

"no, not in our data"

"but...mayu..who would taking care of you when i am gone? i still don't have to die... you could just..." yuki stopped, covering her mouth, and drown in her tears


"euh...nothing here are helpful for our mission, lets go further" before sakura could say anything, Jurina has click the controller in her hand

---- --- ---

this time, jurina and Sakura drifted in an unfamiliar room. sakura almost jump on her spot, as she  stood less than a meter from their client "fhuhh ...lucky we put the invisible mode on earlier" said sakura while take a step back, and her avatar feet hit something in the floor ... paper rabbit ...white paper rabbits  surrounding the whole room

"uwaaaah the rabbit  army are back!!! " Jurina scream to the view

Yuki sit beside a bed, holding a hand of a woman who lay weakly on it, beside the woman, lay an old looking platypus doll

Jurina : "the platypus!!"
Sakura : "so its Mayu's"

"Mayu...i really think...i really think you should not do this...we could saving up again for the house in the cliff...lets use the money for your treatment first"

"Yuki,  we are not young anymore, you know we would never able to saving up to that amount again, we done talking about this"


"don't you love Mako Yuki?"

"i... i do... but your health---"

"yuki,  promise me... promise me you would take care of Mako,  promise me you would built that house no matter what"


"...when the medication form arrive...i would not signed it"

Yuki take mayu hands to her, and gently kiss it, her eyes closed, Sakura never see anyone looks more in pain then how Yuki looks

"yuki, i made this one today" Mayu said, pulled out a dark blue and golden yellow rabbit from beside the bed

Jurina : "the rabbit!!!"
Sakura : "so Mayu made all these rabbits"
Jurina : "but...why?"

"tell me what you see Yuki?"

"...its a rabbit"

"what else?"

"its...made of paper"

"what else?"

"...mayu...looks....its only a paper rabbit ..."




"...hey listen! today, i wrote a song for you Mayu"

Mayu look at Yuki for a while, its hard to understand her expression " that why you brought the piano all the way to our bed room? i could hear it clearly even if you play it in the living room" but Yuki shake her head "no...i want you to hear it closely"

"what is the name of the song yuki?"

" Mayu"


Sakura  suddenly felt a little kick on her stomach, Jurina has made them looping again


now they are on the mountain they familiar with, the lighthouse right behind them, only the house that supposed to be there, are still in the form of piled woods and stones. Yuki are leaning to the light house, looking at the half-build house,  lost in her own mind.

a lady walk towards her

"yuki, i brought your lunch"

"thanks milky"

Jurina pulling sakura sleeves "nee...nee..who is that?"

"its watanabe miyuki, watanabe mayu sister... seriously Jurina, pay more attention to the document"

"yeah yeah" said Jurina, clearly not feel any guilty

" is my sister?"

"... her cancer getting worse....and she is keep her mind of not take the treatment"

"... what will you do?"

"i...i...would lie to her and said that we have enough money to built this house and the treatment"

" do aware with my sister other condition do know how important mako for her"

"for heaven sake milky i do! and Mako important for me too! but she would die if she do not get that treatment! she..she don't have to sacrifice herself"

"and so what if she die?"


"is my sister you seriously think she would happy if you betrayed her wish"

"i...I.." Yuki could not continue her words, she know milky is right


Sakura once again feel the sensation on her stomach, and the next thing she know, she is in the middle of a bar, a younger version of Mayu and Yuki are there, and so is milky, another person sit beside milky.

"nee..nee sakura---"

"that is Yamamoto Sayaka, Milky significant other, and yuki best friend since in Junior high school"

"Sakura, you could read my mind!?  is it the power of Love???!"

"yeah right *sigh* just read those data next time please"

they  jumped 8 years back from present

"so...we finally saving enough, Mayu and I gonna start building that house in the cliff " Yuki said proudly  "to our dream house!" she proposed a toast, and everyone following up. they are chatting happily for quite some time, Mayu then  excuse herself to the rest room

"wow yuki, Mayu cut her hair short? i tough she love her long hair"

"i...tough so too"

"is something happen?"

"well...a few weeks ago, she asked if I remember the first time we met"

"and...? don't tell me you forgot, even i remember it clearly  that one day in junior high"

"i do, and i told her..but she cut her hair the day after "


"and..and ..she start to make this paper rabbit... she making it day and night that our house are filled with it now...milky, i hope you could help this have something to do with her condition? "

"...hmm..." milky tilted her head

"...she keep making the rabbit paper...ask me about it...and looks sad whatever my answer are"

"...Mayu nee chan, like most of people with her condition, would find it hard to speak their mind directly...please pay  close attention to her Yuki san"

and a familiar sensation kick sakura stomach again, draw them to somewhere not so far from the previous scene


"Mayu, i am home"

"welcome home"

"?? Mayu ? you cut your hair short??"


" i tough you said you love your long hair"


"mayu, are you mad about anything i told you last night?"


"are you mad that I told you the truth why I talk to you for the first time?"

"... yuki..look what I've made"

"a paper... rabbit?"

"tell me what you see Yuki?"

" have pointy ears"

"what else?"


"what else?"


--- ------- -------- ---------- ----------- -----------------

"arghhhhh!!!  all of Yuki memories are filled with Mayu!! why is this person even have a desire to go to the moon at all !!?"

"lets just keep going Jurina"

"*sigh* lets go further back"

---- ------------- ------------ ---------- ---------- --------

55 years from present

Sakura and Jurina landed in  the cliff, they could see the lighthouse not too far from behind the trees, but the mansion aren't there, instead, tables full of foods and drinks are. music played and everyone looks happy, in the center of it, Mayu and Yuki are dancing. they look so young, and happy. its their wedding day

"wow...Yuki...she is kinda hot"

"jurina...Focus "

"and Mayu...she looks great with long black hair...she is actually my type"



the night start to fall, and only few  guest are left. Yuki look araound, and take Mayu with her, sneak away from their own party, giggle to each other all the way until they reach a familiar lighthouse.

its a beautiful starry night, the sound of people from their party could be heard in the distance, Yuki look into Mayu, and take her into her arm.

"mayu...i love you"

and Yuki lean to kiss her bride, under the lighthouse

"ugh...all of their sweetness would gave me diabetes"

sakura throw a deathly glare to Jurina, signaling her to be quiet

"I'm really happy right now Yuki, and I'm very very happy that mako are here to celebrate this special day with us too"

"me too mayu, me too" Yuki smile brightly, and they share another sweet kiss  " mayu...about Mako...ive been thinking"

"yes yuki?"

"...well...not now...but when we are already...i don't know ...retired...what do you think if we built our retirement house  here?"

Mayu eyes are widen immediately "here?"

" know...its not cheap to build a house in a place like this but...if you interested---"

Mayu throw herself to Yuki and  kiss her, and another kiss, and another kiss

"that way!! that way Mako would never be alone anymore!!" and another kiss, this time ... longer and full of passion

Jurina just really like to butting in again, if only she didn't catch how threatening sakura eyes on her, Jurina start to think sakura really could read her mind

"yeah...we can visit her every day" finally Yukirin said after their long kiss

"Yukirin, i would love to!!  i would love to! mako must be really happy too...inst it right? mako?" Said Mayu, while looking at the old lighthouse


"wow wait?! Mako is the lighthouse!!???" Jurina could not hold herself anymore to stay in silence


"but-- but-- she died for a lighthouse!!!??"

sakura push the remote in Jurina hand, and the sensations are back to their stomach


they landed on a place that looks like a clinic, In front of the doctor, Mayu and Yuki sit side by side

"we've got Mayu test result ...are you  two married?" Yuki look at Mayu, who only look straight to the doctor "no...we are not"

"i see, but i still need you to read all of this book, so you aware how to handle her condition, the most important is no over stimulation, don't forced her to speak  her mind, or do anything she don't want to do"

Yuki look at the doctor "...i see"


" that...why?"

"don't tell me you didn't see its coming Jurina..."

"mayu had...autism ...."


they rolling again...this time... they  arrived at some school

Junior High  Yukirin sit on a table with junior high school Sayanee

"yuki you surprised me Yesterday, why you suddenly left me to go  and talk to Mayu watanabe? i mean, okay... she is very cute... but she is a bit weird, she always stays alone in the corner of the class, play with her monstrous duck doll"

"its platypus doll sayanee, and its not like i just get a wimp to talk to her yesterday...i always wanna talk to her"

"but why her? you are quiet popular among girls yuki, and you know it"

"i...i don't know... i like how she is different , and i think...i want to be a person that is different from everyone else...with her"

"you talk like you are ready to marry her!  you just talk to her yesterday"

"ehehe, is it that weird?"


" enough with this talk, lets get further" Jurina push the controller and ready for the push in her stomach... she waited... one second..two second... a minute passed

"whats wrong Jurina? push that button already"

"i did !" Jurina push the button again "its not worked!!"

"let me check it" sakura take the controller  "um?? yuki memory from before junior high are blocked"

"huh??? is she in a medication or something that probably effected her brain ?"

"regarding to our data, no..but well..our data submitted by client, not official "

"well..i think we go further enough already, lets planted the motivation in this stage"

sakura thingking for a while " i guess you right" sakura aimed the controller to Young Yuki "planted...begin"




"...something...something is wrong"

---- tbc-------

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Re: To the moon_second part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #6 on: August 28, 2016, 06:25:40 AM »
You really summarize Mayuki's history in one chapter wow...
Now what happen before Yuki's highschool that make her want to go to the moon

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Re: To the moon_second part (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #7 on: August 30, 2016, 11:11:03 PM »
yup, i intend to finish this as soon as possible
this fic keep bugging me, demand to be written :nervous

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Re: To the moon_end (mayuki, jurisaku, 3 shot)
« Reply #8 on: August 31, 2016, 12:21:17 AM »
---- ------- ---------- -------------- --------

"...this is weird" sakura pointed the controller to Yuki again "planted! planted!!"

"whats wrong Sakura?"

Sakura check the monitor  "there's a large distraction, its impossible to plant a motivation that made Yuki want to go to the moon from this stage"

Jurina : "well, i still don't see why she even ever dream to go to the moon at all"

Sakura : " this is weird...its usually worked already at this deep stage"

Jurina : "*sigh*....lets back to real world...we've been working for hours, lets have some coffee"

sakura looking at Jurina for a while, she knows staying there won't make any more progress either " sounds nice"

-- --- ---

Jurina and Sakura remove the helmet from their head, took a while too adjust their eyes to their surrounding

"ill make you some coffee and sandwiches Jurina"

" sakura...Marry me!!"

"yeah yeah" sakura left to the kitchen, not long after she is back with hot coffee and some sandwiches, find Jurina receiving some fax

"you got a fax?"

"we got a fax, its Kashiwagi Yuki official Medical records"

Sakura almost drop the coffee "w-what!?? how did you get that??"

"i knew a lot of people " Jurina wink and put the sandwich into her mouth "uh-huh!! this is really delicious!! seriously sakura, marry me already!"

" so whats in the record?"

" least i hope you give me a comeback for that one"

Sakura : *super dangerous fiery glare*

"okay...okay  *sad* hmmm...yes...yes...hmmm"

"you got something?"

"well...Kashiwagi Yuki never get any serious treatment before...but..."


"before she entered junior high, her parents requested a large amount of beta blockers for her"

"you said she never got a serious treatment?"

"she is...and the only thing that beta blockers do is...its erasing some of our memories "

Jurina and Sakura look at each other

"finish your coffee, we going back right away"

but suddenly, a red light in one of Monitors in the room lit on, and sashi rushing to the room right away

"sashi whats wrong??"

"Yuki condition get worsen ! ...we...we might not have enough time!"

" !!!  we cant dive in when her condition unstable"

"is this mean...her wish..." sashi look at Sakura, the red light in the monitor flashing faster

'is her wish...arent meant to be granted?'

and just so suddenly, a gleam breeze sensation blown trough out the room in the form of Music, raging while calming in the same time "a... piano?" sakura said "this song... the song Yuki always played, are in school now" sashi throw a confuse look to Sakura . sakura only know one person who could play a piano like this, her eyes scanning the room, her partner has long gone from there


the sound of piano keep filling the room for a little while  "look Dr. Miyawaki!  yuki condition back to stable !!" the sound of piano gradually end 

sakura eyes following Jurina  re-entering the room

Jurina : "so...its works"

 Sakura : "as expected from  Music prodigy, you could play it perfectly after listen it twice?"

Jurina : "ho ho!  don underestimate me sakura! i could nailed it perfectly by listening it once!"

Sakura rolls her eyes "but...what makes you think it'll work for Yuki?"

"just a hunch ... now c'mon, lets dive in before her condition gets worsen. now we know what blocked us earlier, we could set the machine to went trough it"

Sakura look at Yuki for a while, she looks calmer now, but its a lie to said she looks okay, sakura bitting her lips

"...lets go"

sakura and Jurina put their helmet back on, and the sensation in their stomach back again

--- -- --   ------------ -------------- ------------ ---------------- -------

They landed on a peaceful looking neighbor

"this is where the memory start blocked"

they soon find little Yuki riding her bike happily in the road and following behind her

Sakura : "aww such a cute kid"

Jurina : "...i had bad feeling about this place"

Sakura :"...hey...jurina"


"why a genius pianist like you here... doing this with me?"

"I'm just taking a break from piano world a told you my reason"

" just messing up with me"

" could i mess up saying things like I love you?"

"but--" just then sakura voice cut by a maddening scream

Sakura and Jurina in reflect find the source of the sound, to find the least thing they expected

" way..."

right in front of them, little Yuki lay in the road, drenched in a pool of blood, her little body numb under a car

"NO!! YUGI!!!  SOMEONE CALL AMBULANCE !!! HELP!!! MY BABY!! MY LITTLE BABY!!!" the women who drive the car went hysteric


theres another passenger in the car, a little kid, she then step out of the car to look what happens

Sakura and Jurina frozen in their place when they see the kid face

"YUKI!! no go back inside!!  go back inside the car!!!"

"m-mom?? whats happening??  why is Yugi bleeding there??  m-mom what you do to Yugi???"

"Yuki go back!!!! don't look!!!  go back!!!"

Sakura and Jurina stand still on their spot

Jurina : "yuki has twin sibling"

Sakura : "and their mother hit her by accident"

Jurina : "...i too would want my memory erased if thats happen to me"

Sakura : "...lets go..."

--- ---- --------------------- ---- -------------

the trees are a bit different, but Jurina and sakura familiar with the mountain landscape, how could they not, after visiting it again and again this few past hours. however, this time,a lot of people are there and  large tents are build spread the area, food stands, games, clowns, a Carnaval are happening. not far from them, two identical kids arguing with each other

"Yugi its not fair!  why do i get a weird doll while you get that awesome teddy bear! we win the same game! "

"they run out of  Teddy stock Yuki"

"its not fair!!  not fair!!"

"Yuki, we are twins, everything that is mine are yours too"

"still...its not fair!!"

"Yuki cmon..."

Jurina and Sakura then following little Yuki wondering the place alone, left her twins behind, she gotten deeper into the mountain, and a familiar looking lighthouse slowly appear on her sight


little Yuki sit on the log nearby, looking at the lighthouse, she is there in a while until

"what are you doing in my spot?"

Yuki turn her head, and found a cute little girl  with a short haircut staring at her "well...i don't know this is your spot..."

the girl looking at Yuki for a while, then turn around

"wait!  don't go!  we can share the place can we?"


"my name is Yuki, whats Yours?"


the two of them sit side by side, looking at the lighthouse and the golden full moon , floating in dark blue starry night.

"so many stars!" yuki said happily

" is"

" hey, what are you think stars really are mayu chan?"

"my father said its a giants sphere of gas"

"its a lie!"

"why would my father lie to me?"

"coz thats what grown ups do, they made up stuffs"

"hehe...maybe you are right"


" you ever try made a bunny from  stars Yuki?"

"like constellation?"

"yes...wanna try to make one?"

"sure...lets start..1..2...3"



Mayu : "I'm done!"

Yuki : "wow thats fast, where?"

Mayu : "there can you see it?"


"there, think big!"

"hmm...hmmm...oh wait...wait!  i think i see it!!"

"tell me what you see Yuki?"

"there there! in the dark blue sky, those stars are the two ears!"

"what else?"

"and there! there! the two legs!"

"what else?"

"and..and the moon!!  the golden yellow moon is the round big belly "

-- --- ----- ----- --

-- ---- ---- -

--- -- -

"btw mayu, you have a very beautiful hair, do you never wanted to let them grow long?"

"...i dont know"

"i bet you'll look really beautiful with long hair too"

"..." little mayu just look away to the night sky

Yuki following Mayu and look at the sky "...what do you think the stars really are Mayu?"

" ..i ...i never told anyone... but i think...they were  lighthouses"

"the stars? like this one here?"

Little mayu nod "billions of lighthouses"

"wow, it must be really hectic up there"

"one going to befriend one of them"

Yuki look at Little Mayu "sure...why don't you  start by  befriending the one right there"

"r-right now??"

"yup, you can start by asking her name"

"like you did?"

"yes like i did"

"....hey there lighthouse...what is your name?" Mayu said shyly

"she won't hear you, louder!" Yuki  encouraging her

"what is your name?!"

"louder!! louder!!!"


"*mumble*my name is mako*mumble* look! she answered you"

"that was you Yuki..."

"no its her! now you've got a new friend mayu" yuki smile "oh and, ill give you this, as a present for making a new friend"

"what is that?"

"i don't know...some kind of duck-beaver thingy i win from the game stand"

Jurina : the platypus doll!

Sakura : and she kept it all this time...

Mayu take the platypus doll, and hold it tight

"oh crap!  i forgot the time!  my sibling  must be looking for me! gotta go now mayu" yuki stand up in Hurry, but before she could go to far, mayu voice stoping her

"will you come here again next year?"

"sure, will you?"


"its a promise then, ill be coming back here! every year i will comeback here!"

"but..but what if one of us forgot? or get lost?"

"then we can always regroup in the moon silly"

"in the moon?"

"yes, right at the rabbit tummy!"

-- -------- ----- --------------- -------- -------- ---------

--- ------------- ----------- ----------- -------------------- -------

"is this-- no--" Jurina bite her lips

Sakura : "all that Mayu for Yuki to remember"

Jurina : "thats why ...thats why Mayu cut her hair! when Yuki told her the wrong memory of their first met! and all that paper bunnies...she want Yuki to remember this day they met! "

Sakura : "and Mayu cant just saying it directly, because of her she tried hard to make Yuki remember instead... but Yuki cant, because of the medicine... thats...thats  what probably broke mayu "

Jurina : "no--this is -- no"

Sakura : "...but we still have our contract"

Jurina look into sakura eyes, a glimpse in there make Jurina understand whats is Sakura thinking

" know thats not what Yuki really want"

"our contract is to send our client to the moon, not to playing God"

"all Yuki want is to met her wife again! to the moon!  to the place of their promise! she cant remember it! but--but after Mayu gone, Yuki... Yuki just want to met her again so much it digs a piece of it!"

"it is illegal to go against our contract"


"now we know...the only thing that would make Yuki go to the to erase the number one distraction for her motivation"


"we need to erase Mayu from Yuki memory"

-- ------

Jurina try to stop sakura, but sakura already push the button, the scenery surrounds them begun to crumble

"...its work"

"Sakura...this is wrong"

their surrounding  start reconstructing

--- ---- ----

Jurina and sakura watching little Yuki sitting alone looking at the lighthouse, no one else ever come there, from a far, a rocket magically arise to the night sky, the young kid dream to be an astronaut, to go to the moon

the scenes change to the junior high school Yuki, busy reading astronomic books in the library

the time moving fast, the table full of foods and drinks with people dancing around are disappearing, instead, young Yuki running in the mountain path, train her physical to be fit and strong

not long after, Jurina and sakura walking behind Young Yuki, entering the NASA station

" gonna regret this"


a formal looking person greet Yuki "welcome abroad Kashiwagi Yuki,  you going to be trained here until your mission to the moon start"

"yes sir"

"follow me, ill introduce you to your team"

Jurina, sakura and Mayu following the figure to a room, and Jurina jaw almost fall to the floor

"i am watanabe mayu, we will be in this mission together. nice to met you Kashiwagi san"

Jurina look at sakura with disbelief "when did you--"

"well, as long as we take our client to the moon, we do not violating our contract"

the scenes around them moving fast

Yuki and Mayu train together

Yuki and Mayu watching the stars together in NASA rooftop, making up  bunny from the stars  in the dark blue sky, with the golden moon as it belly

Yuki playing piano in the Nasa hall, the tune familiar to Jurina, but when Mayu asked what  the song called, Yuki answered "to the moon"

and soon, the day Yuki and Mayu going to depart to the moon are coming

--- ---- ---- -----

"here, take the best seat" said Jurina, patting the spot beside her in the uphill

Sakura  sits beside Jurina. in front of them, quite far away, a rocket with Yuki and Mayu inside, are ready to launch

"are the witness already here?"

"sashi avatar are there, down the hills along with the crowd"

"she said, Yuki wills just arrived, Yuki give the mansion to sashi and the kids"

"thats nice..."

"it is...Sashi said they will take care of mako too"



"you know you kill me inside when you erase mayu from Yuki memories aren't you Sakura?"

"well...we don't have time to argue, what if yuki condition worsen"

"...exactly why i love you"

"stop teasing me" sakura try to look the other way, averting her eyes to anywhere but Jurina. but Jurina hand gently stopping her, turn Sakura face back to her

"sakura..." Jurina look into Sakura eyes, and whatever is that in Jurina eyes, it makes sakura always does

"Sakura, could you please stop acting like you don't love me too"


the rocket in the distant launch to the orangish twilight sky, the crowd below  cheering. and Jurina kiss sakura.

"you are a bad liar"

said Jurina,  before she kissed Sakura once again, more dearly,  with a rocket piercing into the orangish twilight sky in front of them, longing to the moon.

---- the end----

its done, now this fic would stop haunting me
thank you for reading

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