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Author Topic: Android She - Chapter 02 [ 02/07/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]  (Read 4175 times)

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Android She - Chapter 02 [ 02/07/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
« on: June 27, 2016, 04:22:31 PM »
Aaah, I did not expect to make a new fanfic so soon and even more when I'm writing another fanfic ... But this idea just came up and I really needed to write  :sweatdrop: :sweatdrop:

This time, it's not a conventional romance! Very things will happen and really ahahah it can be sad for some, bcs it was to me.

I hope you support me in this new project also ~~

`` Before I realized my yearning

We grew  afraid of perfection and kept our distance

Now, from this monochromatic stage, we watch an electronic dream

Praying for a resurrection. ``

Chapter 01 - We did it?

The two women watched with attention and curiosity the android front they.

" We… did it?"

The whisper of one of them made the whole environment in the laboratory tense. One of the women took a piece of cloth and poured a little of oil, she slid the cloth for artificial human skin of android, she panted as she ran the oil for android and her heart seemed to speed up more and more every passing second. The project of her life was finally completed after 7 long years, her dream seemed only a few minutes away.

"The android 178 seems to have been successfully completed, only lack the energy charge"

The other woman said as she read the android data folder. she turned and headed to a some distant room, she removed her glasses and shoved her hand through a small opening in the door, her hands were covered by two gloves that were attached at the base of the opening, but even with gloves it I could perfectly feel the thermal cold room. She reached her hand up a small metallic box and opened it carefully, a large mass of steam out the box edges so it was opened. She sighed as she held the tube was filled with powerful chemical energy enough to make a nuclear bomb. "That's crazy. " She closed her eyes and thought about what she was doing, even though it has come this far because she still felt so reluctant to complete the project?

"Yuki. "

She opened her eyes surprise as she heard her name being called by her friend, she put her hand on the shoulder of Yuki and smiled, a calm and reckless smile that made Yuki heart  soften, that was the same smile that her  gave when she invited Yuki to participate in research at her side, shit, because she had to be so selfish?

After catching the android power core, both returned to the laboratory, Yuki hands still shaking, but the look of her friend remained shining brightly. Yuki knew it is wrong, after all they had not received authorization from their superiors for the construction of a new android, but her friend was insistent during those long seven years she did not even give up once the project .Yuki thought it was becoming an obsession until her friend  called her this morning and it seemed that the project had taken half of their lives ...  Was finally ready.

Yuki`s friend held the android by the waist and turned the android was as heavy as a human girl of truth and even this SMALL detail made her be proud. She laid the android on the metal table and opened the compartment behind her back, it was the turn of Yuki into action, her knowledge of human anatomy made her the perfect person for this job. She installed energy core in the android system and made sure to take every care so that the core was compatible with the advanced android system.
"We can probably be arrested for that, you ... Have you considered the consequences? " Yuki looked at her friend who still had eyes glued to the body system android.

"She .. She's beautiful, Yuki. Your work was perfect. "

Yuki sighed on hearing the words of her friend, she really did not want to hear anything that Yuki say about how dangerous it was, after all they were messing with nuclear energy and using prohibited projects as the basis for android creation. "I know this perfect, after all it is also my creation. " Yuki gave a nervous laugh to close the android , she held android shoulders making it sit carefully, Yuki watched all the details of android.

Long black hair that reached half her waist, a perfectly smooth white skin, her height was someone who had the age of seventeen years and her eyes ... Closed eyes android was the most frightened Yuki, so these eyes observe the world for the first time, what could happen? Yuki shook her head trying to forget such thoughts, yes, even though she felt reluctant she had also agreed to participate in this project, the consequences were further details. "I'll connect it now, but before I need to warn you of something" Yuki looked at her friend . "The android just answered our voices, that means just me and you can connect it and turn it off if anyone else to force it automatically entered safe mode"

" Why are you telling me this? It's not like I was showing her around like a pendant. "Yuki friend crossed her arms and looked at the other side. "Have more confidence in me."

"I'm not saying that, but if this thing work-"

"SHE will work! "

Yuki looked at her friend who was still looking at the other side, her gaze was low and seemed a thousand things went through her head, but of course what else stood out for these thoughts was the reason for the creation of android. Yuki finally decided to give up, after all there was no turning back anyway for them now. "All right, but one last thing" Yuki took a step to the side and opened android's legs and lifted her dress, this attitude made her friend startle. "Come here and see this. "

Her friend around the table and stood facing the android, she can not help but feel her face flush to see such a thing, even if it was only an android. " What is it? "She asked nervously.

"If the android security system active, even our voices don’t will be able to connect it again, that's why I introduced this button on system, if you press it all the memories and information of android  will be erased and your system will be restarted. " Yuki said as she pointed to  the android.

"I have only two questions" her friend knocked on hand Yuki and lowered the android dress with her face still flushed. "Because you created this button and because the put ... Argh, why put it there?"

Yuki thought for a moment and returned to put her glasses "had come a point that I do not know if we will have control over the android, so I thought that such a thing was necessary and ... The reason for the button is here seems obvious, right? " Yuki looked at the face of the android and ran her hand around the android `s face. "This android near perfection, people may want to take advantage of their lack of knowledge and beauty, so if anyone try something indecent with android ... Well, you already know. "

Yuki`s friend looked at the android and then looked back to Yuki,  such risks actually existed and her chest was filled with indecision only to think of the things that could happen if she did not pay attention to android. "We will isolate it from the world, we will make sure that in addition to us did not exist anyone who knows of its existence. "

"You'll have to teach her some things, perhaps several things. After all we have not enough resources to install an information system on it "Yuki said at last before closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. " You are ready? "

"But of course" she smiled and gave a positive signal with her finger, she put her hands inside her coat and looked at the overhead window. " Mayu-chan ... Look at us now! "

Yuki  opened her eyes and pulled her friend to her side, the two looked at each other for a moment and reflect on the way they had done so far, the memories and difficulties they have to get to this point, the sense of accomplishment would win the uncertainty in their hearts? "The key word to connect it is something I chose ... I hope you do not mind that. "Yuki whispered and held the hand of her friend.

Her friend laced her fingers and nodded. "You can say, Yuki. "

Yuki opened her eyes and took another deep breath, her eyes stared at the android's face off and her heart began to accelerate, the smile that girl was returning to her mind and all she could think about now was just one thing. You never took her place.

"Pink. "

Her friend gave a slight laugh and closed her eyes. "So predictable. " The whisper of her friend  did Yuki lower the embarrassed face and also turn a blind eye.

A  strange noise similar glass shattering began to sound the laboratory, the ground beneath their feet seemed to tremble in a similar way to an earthquake, even if they were in a laboratory. Some glass tubes began to fall on the floor and one of the cupboards started to rock. Yuki and her friend were scared, what was happening? They were wrong on something? The chemical energy had collapsed?

Then suddenly everything stopped.

They breathing was weak, yet she plucked up the courage to open her eyes slowly, she looked at all sides, the laboratory was destroyed completely and Yuki still had with eyes closed, Yuki's face was red and she was sweating, her friend you can not help but laugh. She touched the shoulder of Yuki made her open her eyes quickly, Yuki was frightened to see the state of the laboratory "That's bad. "She looked at her friend who just shrugged. "Aaah, I knew this was a big mistake, we're screwed! "Yuki covered her head with her hands and stamped her feet firmly on the ground.

"Yuki, see. "Her friend pointed forward and Yuki followed the pointed direction. " You are a genius. "

" Good afternoon. "

The sweet and thin voice of the android made Yuki's eyes widen, she took her hands away from her head and looked stunned for android's face. "It ... It's on."

"No," her friend rang one last time on her shoulder and walked slowly toward the android. "She was alive, Yuki. "

The android smiled and pointed to Yuki. "Yuki. "

"A-Ah, yes… My name is  Kashiwagi Yuki, but for now just call me Kashiwagi-san." Yuki said still feeling her whole body shaking, she approached with trepidation of her friend and android.

"Kashiwagi Yuki, but for now is only Kashiwagi-san. "The android smiled again and nodded, she turned toward to Yuki friend and turned her head slightly to one side. "The Kashiwagi-san's friend. "

"Yes, that's right, I'm Kashiwagi-san's friend" Yuki's friend gave a slight laugh and patted the head of the android fondly. "My name is Matsui Jurina ... But you can call me Jurina. "

"A friend of Kashiwagi-san gave me permission to call her Jurina" the android whispered to herself and Jurina nodded. "Jurina! " The android threw herself against the body of Jurina and wrapped her arms around her neck.

"Apparently it reacts to any friendly feeling" Yuki shifted her eyes and watched the android that  hugged Jurina tightly. "This is bad, it seems that it still needs some adjustments. It would be complicated if it reacted to anyone like that. "

"I'm" it "? "The android turned to face Yuki and pointed to herself, she let the neck Jurina and immediately it fell to the ground.

Jurina's eyes widened and quickly bent down to hold her and help her raise her. "Are you okay? This hurt? "

"Hun .. The balance system seems flawed as well. Jurina, we - "

"No, it was your fault! "Jurina glowered at Yuki so that helped android to sit on the metallic table. "Stop calling she" it ", now she's alive and--" words Jurina were stopped as soon as the android held her face with both hands and made Jurina looks her in the eyes.

"Jurina is a friend of Kashiwagi-san. Friends should not fight. "

Jurina and Yuki opened they mouth at same time, both were surprised at this unexpected reaction android "S-Sorry. "Jurina away the hands of android and walked toward Yuki, she held the hand of Yuki and smiled. "Me and Kashiwagi-san will not fight anymore, right? "

"H-Han .. Yes, let's not. "Yuki gave a nervous laugh and nodded." Okay, I will not call her of  "it" or "android", so what do you want me to do? "

Jurina dropped the hand of Yuki and thought for a moment, she walked over to the table where the android was and tore a piece of paper . "The name of our project is" Recreating Natural Energy of Anatomy " right? and if we just ..." Jurina wrote on paper and so finished, smiled and showed what was written for Yuki. " What do you think?. "

"R.E.N.A? " Yuki repeated what was written on paper.

"My name will be .. Rena? "The android looked Jurina and asked confused, Jurina just nodded." Jurina ... You like "Rena"? "

Jurina gave a slight laugh and patted the head of Rena again. "Yes, Rena is a very beautiful name."

Rena smiled broadly and turned to embrace Jurina hard, such a gesture made Jurina start laughing. Yuki can not help but feel uncomfortable with what ahe was seeing, Jurina was more involved with the android than Yuki expected, but it was all right so far, right? After all Jurina was very intelligent and she would not forget why they built the android. "Rena seems to get used to and environments, I was afraid of it, but it seems that there will be no problem to leave she here for today. "

"What? No no no "Jurina shook her head several times. "We can not leave Rena-chan alone here until morning, the laboratory is cold and dangerous. "

" " Re-Rena-chan "? Damn, you already scaring me, Jurina. "Yuki walked toward Jurina and separated her from Rena " What can be dangerous for her here, anyway? She's just android, do not forget "

Jurina looked at Yuki for a moment and looked away, she shook hands and sighed. "How could I with you always reminding  ..."

Yuki looked at her friend and also sighed, more than anyone she knew why Jurina be so happy Rena be "alive", but she could not help worrying about this happiness, after all fake human`s  feelings of a android  can never be bought to feelings a real human being. "Hunf .. All right. Why do not you take her to you home? She had been better near you, right? She has clung to you anyway. "

Jurina looked back at Yuki and her smile could not be higher "Thank you, Yuki!" She hugged her friend tightly, but released quickly just to go towards Rena and hold her hand. "You hear that, Rena-chan? You go home with me! "

"House ... House is a residence with size variations where people live alone, with your family or with the person they love. "Rena looked to Jurina and spoke as if she were pulling information from your mind.

Jurina nodded and smiled "In theory, that's it. "

"That means I'm the who Jurina`s love? "

"H-Han !?" Jurina opened her mouth and arched eyebrows, suddenly Rena returned to play against her and held Jurina  tightly. "W-Wait, Rena-chan ..."

"Bu Bu ~ ~ It seems that you are in trouble." Yuki got her glasses and gave a slight laugh to see the frightened and embarrassed expression of Jurina.

Yuki was smiling as she watched Jurina scratching neck and watching the joy in Rena's face. The artificial creation project had been a success and the android was running even with some minor problems. The satisfaction of Jurina and Yuki breast could not be higher, from now new several things will happen, but ... What the future would book for these two friends and they little creation?   

So, what do you think of my new fic? Feel free to critic all you want!! I would appreciate all your comments  :hiakhiakhiak:~
see ya  :on slopkiss:
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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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Wow... this is good actually (o^^o)♪

i thought the android was mayuyu (/ω\*) but when I read it... yeah~ it was rena hahaha ( ´ ▽ ` )

so, you already made a wmatsui moment here~ (´△`) kinda curious about mayuki... (don't tell me, yuki had made mayu?!)

hahahaha you're so clever author-san about the reset button (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

please update soon, 'kay? ( ‘-^ )b
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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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R.E.N.A is a Synth!

*calls the Brotherhood*

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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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R.E.N.A is a Synth!

*calls the Brotherhood*

Gogogogo  :cow: :cow: :cow:

Wow... this is good actually (o^^o)♪

i thought the android was mayuyu (/ω\*) but when I read it... yeah~ it was rena hahaha ( ´ ▽ ` )

so, you already made a wmatsui moment here~ (´△`) kinda curious about mayuki... (don't tell me, yuki had made mayu?!)

hahahaha you're so clever author-san about the reset button (╭☞´ิ∀´ิ)╭☞

please update soon, 'kay? ( ‘-^ )b


 for some reason my friends who read it think is mayu too ahahahah And about Mayuki i still will take a while to write about them , but I think it will be the climax of the fanfic ! And Mayu is.... Oh forget  :bigdeal: :bigdeal:

Yes hahaha I thought there would be the last place anyone would look for the button :hehehe:

Yeap, leave it to me ~~

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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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I have to say, I did not have an account on jphip and i was well just read fanfic, but my god, I needed to comment as I found your fanfic amazing!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

frankly I thought Yuki and Mayu were building Jurina, was a big surprise when in fact it was Rena  :mon nyah:

I'm excited to see how Mayuki will fit in this story! After all, when Mayu will appear ??  :mon huh2:

Keep good work, author-san  :mon thumb: :mon thumb:

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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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I have to say, I did not have an account on jphip and i was well just read fanfic, but my god, I needed to comment as I found your fanfic amazing!  :mon lovelaff: :mon lovelaff:

frankly I thought Yuki and Mayu were building Jurina, was a big surprise when in fact it was Rena  :mon nyah:

I'm excited to see how Mayuki will fit in this story! After all, when Mayu will appear ??  :mon huh2:

Keep good work, author-san  :mon thumb: :mon thumb:

Hahahah why everyone dont think that android is Rena?? Her screen time is disappearing after all...

Oh, mayu will appear soon! look for it!

I will hehe ~~

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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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I thought the android is Mayu.
Btw, this fic reminds me the anime series Chobits.
Waiting for the next update Author-san.
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Re: Android She - Chapter 01 [ 27/06/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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Chapter 02 - The word for this is....

"This will be your new home from today, Rena-chan!"

Once Jurina opened the door, the small apartment seemed to be made of gold to Rena's eyes, she opened her mouth surprise and ran toward the inside where Jurina lived. Rena looked at each location of the apartment, from the living room to the bathroom and the laundry room, she still looked so surprised and happy as a child who received a gift at Christmas. "Jurina-san, this place is so great !! It's all me well to stay with you here?"

"Oh, no no! You know, here's kind of lonely sometimes also hehe" Jurina scratched her cheek and gave a slight laugh. "Thanks to its basic information system you are already able to identify most things but still things that Yuki and I could not add, so we'll teach you!"

"Teaching ... Teaching is the act of explaining about something, make it clear and understandable."

"O-Oh, yes, indeed, you do not have to keep repeating all the new things you learn, it's a little .. weird." Jurina murmured trying to say it in a way that does not upset  Rena, so Rena finished think of something, she nodded. "Yoashaaaa, the first lesson is that more than your new house ... THIS IS YOUR HOME!" Jurina ran toward the middle of the room and stretched her arms as if presenting something.

"Home?" Rena sat on the sofa and made an expression that showed that she looked a little confused.

"Yes, home is one of the most important things for anyone! Home is the place you will grow and make sad and happy memories, in addition, home is also the place where you will always be able to return, Rena-chan. "Jurina smiled broadly and gave a positive signal with her hand.

"I see ... Jurina-san, I'm not sure I want to live with you."

The Jurina's lips quivered and she lowered her arms as if she had discouraged. "E-Eh, why are you saying this now after all that I faced with Yuki?"

"That's because Jurina-san is really dumb" Innocent laughter of Rena was Jurina feel increasingly depressed. "Such human feelings, such as happy or sad memories, Kashiwagi-san explained that it is impossible for an android how I feel, right? So I do not think necessary that you teach me things like that and ---"


A faint white light made the sensitive eyes of Rena are closed for a brief moment, as soon as she opened her eyes she saw that there was a photographic camera right in front, a few seconds after a photo emerged from the camera and fell on top Rena's lap. She looked surprised at the picture for a few seconds and soon after she took the photo, Rena was left with an open mouth and closed eyes in the photo. "That's funny, is not it? Take a sudden picture of someone" Jurina sat next to Rena and smiled at the picture. "Oh this what Yuki said it's impossible for you."

"A picture?" Rena looked at Jurina and then looked back at the photo.

"Yuki is not wrong, feel real human feelings .. It is impossible for you, Rena-chan, but everything you do will be recorded here, right?" Jurina reached out and touched the head of Rena. "Your memories and information system, but other than that your system, this picture I just took it a happy memory because I took this picture in the place where will be their new home, even if you do not understand this feeling, just look at this photo is to think that this is what it means  a happy memory. "

 "This is a happy memory ..." Rena whispered to herself as she looked at the picture, Jurina was right, this was something that Rena was still not able to understand, but if this picture means happiness then mean that Rena was closest those unreachable feelings for her, right? Rena could not help thinking how nice Jurina was to do so, even if her were a person a little silly.

"Here it is" Jurina took her hand and Rena handed  the camera. "Every time you want you can shoot some time with it, be it sad, happy, funny ... So, you felt a little closer to me and Yuki, right?"

"That's a great idea, Jurina-san. Thank you." Rena smiled at Jurina in gratitude.

"Yeah Yeah" Jurina stroked the head of Rena and then immediately yawned, rubbed her eyes and got up from the sofa. "Well, I'll sleep, so I think now I should turn off--" Jurina stopped talking for a moment and thought about it, Rena still faced the photographic camera like her are really curious to see how many times she could take pictures and Jurina really did not want to ruin this moment. "Good night, Rena-chan."

Jurina walked toward her room and changed clothes before lying in bed, but she was not able to close my eyes because if she closed her eyes now she probably would remember seven years ago when she invited Yuki for construction a android similar to a human. Jurina sighed and turned to the other side of the bed, her heart was empty as the Rena's body was also empty. The reason she had built the android ... What was the reason she had built the android?

Ah yes, now she remembers why.

"Ooh, it seems that I failed, Mayu-chan .." Jurina whispered to herself as she finally closed her eyes.


The endless noise of photos made Jurina frown, of course, she did not imagine that Rena begin to put into practice the right to take pictures, after all it was night, that memory Rena could be having alone in an apartment like these? Jurina got curious and opened the door.


"Hey, Rena-chan what you ----"

The voice Jurina disappeared as soon as she saw that Rena was only bra and panties while taking photos lying on the couch, Rena was different poses while the pictures were falling to the ground one by one.

"W-Wuuuaah, what - what are you doing Rena-chan !? T-These are not memories !!" Jurina ran towards Rena and took the hand of her camera, her face was completely red, even this not being the first time she saw Rena that way. "A-Ah if someone see it, or worse, to see Yuki it..."

"Jurina-san, is something wrong?" Rena sat on the sofa and smiled innocently.

"Everything is wrong! Rena-chan you can not take this kind of photo! It's really weird, you know!" Jurina took the pictures one by one on the floor and her face was getting redder and redder. "She is a android, she is a android, she is a android ..."

"I was making memories as you said, Jurina-san!" Rena leaned against the edge of the sofa and leaned down to pick up something from the floor.

"Oh god" Jurina covered her face with both hands and started to shake her head, trying to ward off any kind of thinking. In the end, Jurina ended up regretting not having turned off the Rena.

"See!" Rena smiled and showed a magazine, Jurina pulled her hands slowly and soon regretted it. "These women are doing
these poses and smiling! They seem happy about it, so I tried to do too."

"Wuuah, I do not believe the pervert Yamamoto made it here !!!" Jurina took the magazine fo Rena`s hand an began to tear the magazine in several picies until turned mincemeat. 'I certainly will kill him! "

"Yamamoto? He's a friend of Jurina-san?" Rena asked curious to hear a strange name suddenly.

"There's no such a person to be my friend !!" Jurina said surely anger and frowned, aah, why this was happening just this time of night? Jurina had no choice but to relax and take a deep breath. "Listen Rena-chan, this kind of memory you were doing is ... Well, it's not exactly wrong, but .. Oh, how can I explain it? Maybe ... These memories are very sexy ... I- I- .. I do not know how to explain it. "Jurina hit her hand against her face and sighed again.

"Sexy memories? This kind of memory exist?" Rena leaned forward to listen more carefully and then Jurina realized that Rena was still using only two pieces of clothing.

"A-Ah yes, this kind of memory there, but ... Hummm." Jurina tried to think of how to explain it the best way, but it seems it was more difficult to say to a child where babys come. "Rena-chan, you want me to teach you what kinds of memories are there?" Jurina scratched her neck still a little bland.

Rena opened a big smile and pounced on Jurina causing both would fall on the floor, Jurina's face returned to redden as she saw the reindeer on top of her body. "Yes, please teach me, Jurina-san!" Rena gave a slight laugh and leaned down to see the Jurina's face. "Jurina-san?" Rena patted on Jurina's face to see that she seemed unconscious.

"Rena-chan is an android .. Rena-chan is an android ... Yuki will kill me ... Mayu-chan, I'm sorry for being a shame ... This is the fault of Yamamoto ..." Jurina whispered to herself while still keep her eyes closed.

"Jurina-san, are you okay?"

------- ##### -------

"Jurina-san, I feel very good about it."
"Sorry, do not forget to say something if it hurt you, Rena-chan ..."

Rena smiled "Can you harder if you want to, if it makes  Jurina-san feel good, so I do not care."

"Rena-chan ..." Jurina looked into the dark eyes of Rena and nodded. "All right, just a little harder."

"U-ugh .. You do not know how this scene is strange." Yuki slammed her hand against her face and sighed, Yuki still did not understand why Jurina decided to do it for herself. "We're just testing the amount of force that Rena has and how her can support, BUT YOU TURNED IT IN A SCENE OF A EROGE GAME, JURINA !!"

Jurina and Rena looked at Yuki at the same time, at the moment Rena was lying on the floor while raising five bags of cement with her hands, Jurina was at her side writing down all the results in a form. Jurina and Rena looked at each other and a second later they went back to what they were doing. Yuki leaned against the table and took off her glasses, was being more complicated than she thought, actually Jurina was making all that complicated.

"Tell me, how Rena spent the night at your house? Was there a problem?" Yuki rested her chin in her hand and looked at Jurina who was smiling as she placed hard a sixth bag of cement on the hands of Rena. "I feel strange to think that, but I'm wondering what you did while you were alone with her..."

Jurina clapped her hands together to clean the dust, she gave back around Rena and walked toward her friend, she was next to Yuki and scratched her cheek as if ashamed of something. "In fact, yesterday I did not sleep one bit, I spent all night teaching some things for Rena-chan hehe ..."

"I hope I do not have to worry, Jurina."

Jurina looked at Yuki and shook hands several times in denial signal as if trying to forget all the shameful things that happened yesterday. "It's all right, Yuki! I'll be sure to sleep well tonight! I do not want you to be mad, but ... Rena-chan wanted to know a few things and ... Well, I just could not resist when she spoke "Jurina-san, please teach me", so I just --- "

"AAAHH AGAIN YOU TURNING THIS SCENE IN A EROGE, JURINA !!" Yuki grabbed Jurina with both hands on her shirt shirt and swung from one side to the other, Jurina's face was starting to turn green while the eyes of Yuki burned in flames.

Rena stopped doing push-ups with cement bags when she saw the scene between Yuki and Jurina, she put the cement bags aside and sat down, she watched the two friends with atenttion while trying to understand the strange feeling, Yuki and Jurina were fighting, but because they still seemed to be having fun with it? Rena did not understand how they could have fun fighting that way. She slowly got up and walked towards Yuki and Jurina, she stopped in front of the two friends and looked more closely.

Yuki continued to swing Jurina angry, but she began to stop her movements as she saw the terrifying presence of Rena "U-Ugh, she is terribly frightening time, we can turn her off for a while?" Yuki looked at her friend, Jurina frowned and pulled back the hands of Yuki.

"Kashiwagi-san ... Are you afraid of me?"

Yuki stepped back as she heard the comment Rena, Rena was a android but why every time Yuki looked to her, she feels was talking to someone? That was scary. "N-No, I'm sorry, I was just kidding, Rena .."

"Bu Bu ~~ ~~ seems Yuki this softening." Jurina gave a provocative laugh and raised her eyebrows.

Yuki rolled her eyes and walked away, it is true, the presence of Rena was Yuki be cautious about certain things, not that she cared for "hurt" an android but because of Jurina, in just one day Jurina had attached the android more than Yuki expected. "Jurina, we better hurry before they come late in college."

"Ooh, you're right" Jurina nodded and ran toward the closet of the lab to pick up her briefcase. "Today I will stay until the period of the night, we have to compensate for the lack we had in these last few weeks .."

Yuki sighed and opened the lab door "Unfortunately I can not say it's your fault, after all I also wanted to finish building  Rena." Yuki turned and walked out the door quickly.

Jurina gave a slight laugh and shook her head "she really can not be honest" Jurina walked towards Rena and patted her head. "Rena-chan, I'll leave now,  we are going to work."

"In Kashiwagi-san and Jurina-san work?" Rena  turned her head as she asked curiously.

" Yuki are teacher of biology and medicine, basically teach in her area to search for other people who want to work in an area related to medicine and I teach mechanical engineering and physics. This does not seem fun, Rena-chan?"

"So Jurina-san teaches to others aim to do to me ..." Rena repeated the phrase to herself as if her were recording an information, she looked Jurina and took in her hands. "I want to go to college, Jurina-san!"

"E-Eh,  wait-Rena-chan, I do not think it's a good idea" Jurina away the hand of Rena and looked around as if Yuki still around.

"Yuki would be angry with that and it's not enough what I teach to you at home?"

"But I still want to learn more things."

Jurina looked surprised to Rena for a few seconds and soon after she sighed and gave a half smile. "Rena-chan, you really committed this, right? Or maybe it's because ... Of Yuki?"

Rena opened her mouth when she heard her creative "Jurina-san, did you realize that? I'm sorry."

"Hey, there to apologize, Yuki could be someone severely a few times and I understand your point, after Yuki is always ignoring your existence and - Hahahah I mean, Yuki is always busy then--"

"No, you're right, but Kashiwagi-san is also my creator actually her role in my upbringing was more important than yours, Jurina" Rena gave a slight laugh and put her hand against her chest, Jurina can not avoid lean against the wall to listen to Rena, she felt as if a bomb had fallen on it. "So if I can leave the proud Kashiwagi-san to have built, I feel ... I feel ..." Rena blinked a few times and looked at the ground, what the word she was looking to express? Within its information system did not exist a word to show that feeling. No, it was not a feeling, as Kashiwagi-san said Rena was just a adroid, then what was it? What she really meant?

"You would feel exclusive."

Rena returned to look at Jurina that moment was smiling. "Exclusive? I do not know that word."

"Rena-chan, sensations and experiences that will have from now may be equal to any human being, but the feelings be different, after all Rena-chan is .... Well, explaining this in a better way when someone buys something like a new cell phone for example, that person will feel happy and fulfilled for purchasing such a thing, but over time the cell that person will not be so new, so the feeling of that person will be incomplete again until she buy a new one, it is clear only if that person is satisfied with the cell phone was purchased. this is unique when we have something unique and that even we exchange for something better, will not be the same "Jurina leaned slightly forward and rested her hand against her chest Rena. "You want to be exclusive to the Kashiwagi-san who built you, right? For it to recognize you."

Rena looked admired for Jurina, all the words she had said seemed soupy information for Rena, feel exclusive was like Rena wanted to feel for Kashiwagi-san? Yes, of course she did not want Kashiwagi had regret for having  built her, but still ... ``Exclusive" was not the word Rena looking for, yet she smiled. "Thank you for explaining this to me, Jurina-san."

Jurina looked a moment to Rena and then looked back, thinking a bit now and it would not be so bad if she took Rena to college, after all, what could go wrong? And if something showed worrying, she just need to turn Rena, but what Jurina explain to Yuki about it? Well, that's a detail that she might think then, right? "Ne, Rena-chan ... If you promise to be quiet, I'll take you to my job, what do you think?"

Again Rena's eyes sparkled, as if Jurina was a genius of the lamp for her. Rena agreed several times with her head and made a positive signal.

"Aaah, not tell Yuki, she'll get mad!"

Rena nodded.

"I'll look for a place held for you to stay, so do not worry."

Rena nodded.

"H-Hey, why you are not answering?" Jurina sighed at being "ignored" and looked around the Rena body checking if there was any defect. "She seems fine, so why .. Oh yes!" Jurina gave a slight laugh to finally realize why Rena be silent. "Rena-chan, when someone says" be quiet "does not mean that you necessarily need not say anything literally."

"Ooh, sorry, Jurina-san."

Jurina covered her mouth with one hand and can not help laughing again, the innocence of Rena was really something catchy. " Let's go? "


"And remember, if someone asks you call Matsui Rena and is my cousin, you know? Oh, at least if Yuki, in which case you should run ..." Jurina scratched her beard invisible as she walked next to Rena towards the college gate, Jurina was thinking about what were the chances of Yuki stop talking to her if she found out that Rena was in college too. "Well, let's just pray for the best hohoho"

Rena could not help but think how Jurina was carefree for certain things, yes, if someone asked Rena surely say "Kashiwagi-san and Jurina-san are completely different people." Even now Rena could not understand friendship between Jurina and Yuki, what may have happened to them were so friends like that? Rena wanted to know. "Ne, Jurina-san--"

"Rena-chan, I'll leave it here for the rest of the day, do not worry, I will see how you are sometimes" When Rena realized where they were Jurina had stopped beside an old door at the end of the second floor hallway. "Nobody comes in this room for some time, so I think you had been right here."

Rena looked at the room inside so Jurina opened the door, she stepped forward and looked dirty and forgotten room, the tables and chairs be out of place, the slate this split in half, the windows were covered by curtains dark and there were some cabinets with the door open, it really was a scary room, but it was the only place that Jurina could think that no one would come, so it was better than nothing.

"I brought some books for you too, you can read them to spend time and do whatever you want provided they do not leave the room or make too much noise" Jurina said as she placed some books on top of an old table. "I will come and see you as soon as I can, so do not worry."

"Thank you, Jurina-san" Rena thanked to her and sat on the table in front of the books.

"Again, what will you do if someone asks who you are?" Jurina leaned forward and raised an eyebrow.

"If someone asks who I am I will say that I am the cousin of Jurina-san, Matsui Rena!"

"Yoshaa, high five!" Jurina smiled stood with her hand raised for a long time while Rena watched confused, Jurina sighed and held the wrist of Rena "High five!" Jurina hit the hand of Rena against their, but android still looked a little confused. "Ne Rena-chan, that's a touch between friends when we want to celebrate something."

"High five is a touch between friends to celebrate something .." Rena muttered to herself and looked at her hand.

"Well, I'm now going , try to learn a lot, okay?" Jurina waved Rena and left the room, closing the door behind her.

Rena looked at the room door for a while and then looked around the room, Jurina had asked Rena learn so she would have to start right now and that way Rena could also leave Yuki happy, after all Rena would learn all alone and it would be a source of pride, right? Also, maybe Rena finally thought the word to describe what she wanted to feel about Yuki.

"Yoshaa, high five!"

"High five!"

Rena smiled and slapped her hand against the girl who was with raised hand, she looked at her own hand again and felt glad to have done it right this time. "I learned one more thing .. I will show to the Kashiwagi-san later." Rena nodded several times and sat back down on the table, she looked at the stack of books in front of her and took one of them.

"Hey hey, this book is good?"

"I started to read it now." Rena whispered as she continued to read faster line by line than any human could.

"When you finish reading, tell me the resume!"

"According" Rena nodded her head and so turned the last three pages she had finished the book. "Angels and Demons is a detective novel written by Dan Brown and tells the first adventure of Robert Langdon."

"Wuah, it was really a summary ... And who the hell are you to could read it so fast !?"

"Oh, my name is Matsui Rena and I am the cousin of Jurina-san, I'm not an android built by her and Kashiwagi-san haha" Rena looked at the girl in front of her and laughed.

 "Ppff Hahahahaha .. damn you're really bad at it," the girl began to laugh out loud and sat on the table as she wiped a tear in
her eye. "Humm then that's it, I do not remember that idiot Jurina have a cousin ... Humm hey Rena, you can get these two closets and put in the corner please?" The girl pointed to the two cabinets that were fallen on the floor, Rena nodded getting up and took the two cabinets like two pillows and put them in the corner as the girl had asked. "Ah, well! High five!"

"High five!"

"You're an android sure hahaha" the girl laughed again wildly and Rena can not do anything but be silent, oh, now that that girl knew the truth it would become a big problem.

"What I'm going to tell Jurina-san, I could not do what she had asked me" Rena sat on the floor and hugged her knees. "She'll be disappointed."

"Ne ne, do not worry, I will not say anything!" The girl jumped off the table and sat on the floor next to Rena, she looked at Rena and put her finger on the lip. "It will be our secret as long as you do not tell that you saw me here too. Our promise, okay?" The girl lifted her little finger, but was confused by the delay of Rena. "Pff that idiot of Jurina taught you the high five but has not taught the pinky promise?"

"Pinky promise?"

"Yes, one promise pinky is when you make a promise to someone and interweaves your pinky finger with the person, you can never break that promise or say something really bad can happen." The girl said as she wove her little finger with the Rena. "Pinky promise."

"Pinky promise." Rena smiled slightly and nodded. "I learned something new ... Oh, by the way, who are you?"

"Humm i`m Watanabe Mayu but Mayuyu looks better since we are now friends." Mayu said as she rested her head in her hand.

"We are .. Friends?" Rena said with shining eyes.

"When you make a pinky promise with someone you are automatically connected to that person, then yes, we're friends from now, Re-na-san" Mayu gave a slight laugh and a jump  got up from the ground quickly. "That aside, it is not safe to be talking to strangers, you are lucky that you found someone as nice and gentle as I hoho"

"Mayuyu, why are you here in this dirty room anyway?" Rena stood and watched as Mayu trying to balance on one foot, Rena began to wonder if it was a kind of joke.

Mayu paused for a moment and watched the floor. "I .. I'm here on a mission" Mayu turned her body and smiled. "On a mission to resolve unfinished issue."

"unfinished issue? As an unresolved problem?" Rena noted Mayu carefully. "And what is that your unfinished issue?"

Mayu looked at Rena and closed her eyes as she gave a half smile, "This is also a secret, but I feel that you can help me, Rena-san" Mayu walked towards Rena and held in her hand. "What do you say to trust a person you just met?"

"I'm not sure how to answer that, Mayuyu" Rena looked to Mayu and looked down. "Wait, I'm confused, what should I do?"

"You do not have to answer it now" Mayu gave a slight laugh and ran towards to the table, she watched all the books and soon after she noticed something different. "Oh, photographic camera "

Rena walked toward the table and grabbed the camera photographic "Yes, Jurina-san said I should take pictures of all the memories I define as a feeling."

Rena suddenly felt her body being pulled, Mayui's arm circled her neck and she held the Rena arm to position the camera photographic. "Yoshaa, this will be our memory, the feeling of the day we met and turn friends."


Rena took the picture without even thinking about what Mayu had spoken, but Mayu walked away from Rena so that the picture came out the camera and took the picture before Rena can protest. "What are you doing?" Rena asked a little confused by this sudden attitude.

"Sorry Rena-san, but I'll save that picture with me." Mayu showed her tongue and gave a slight laugh.


The perfect listening of Rena was able to capture steps toward the room, Rena looked to Mayu and quickly caught on her wrist, they ran to hide behind the closet just in time, because the room door had been opened. Suddenly Mayu turned the Rena's face and whispered . "You need to go now, Rena-san, do not forget to come back tomorrow, okay?"

Before Rena could have any reaction, Mayu pushed her and  Rena had to balance not to fall, she turned her body quickly to look at Tamashi, she was smiling as she pressed her finger to her lips as if asking for Rena no tell that Mayu was also in the room. "Oh, you're here then.``

Rena was shocked to see Yuki stop in front of the door with her arms crossed. "Kashiwagi-san." Rena did not think twice even before Yuki could say something Rena started running in circles around the room. "AAh it is bad it is bad, Jurina-san said that if I saw you I'd have to run."

Yuki rolled her eyes and stepped forward, she put her foot in front and suddenly a huge noise echoed through the room so Rena fell to the ground. "Stop acting like a child, I will not fight you" Rena looked startled for Yuki to see her anger expression. "Come on, I brought something for you." Yuki turned and left the room.

Rena got up and ran her hand over her face trying to compose herself, she took a last look around the room and wondered if Mayu was hiding or had left for another place. Rena walked toward hall and saw Yuki figure leaning against the wall and one of her hands she was holding a bag. "Kashiwagi-san, it was I who insisted Jurina-san bring me to college, do not get mad at her please." Rena walked toward Yuki and leaned against the wall beside her.

"I had forgotten something in the lab so I came looking for you in this room when I dont see  you in the laboratory" Yuki put her hand into the bag and it took something that looked like a piece of bread. "Eat this, it is something tasty, called melonpan" Yuki put the piece of melonpan in hand of Rena and took another piece from inside the sacol for her. "That's what I'm most proud of your system, its ability to transform human food into energy to of your source." Yuki whispered as she placed the piece of melonpan mouth.

Rena looked at the melonpan in her hand and sighed "melonpan .." she put the piece in her mouth and felt a sweet taste in their artificial taste buds. " Yummy."

Yuki looked at Rena eyes corner and can not help but give a slight laugh, now she understood a little better Jurina when she said that Rena was really cute. "Rena .. Is there something I recently build and would like to show you" Yuki reached into the pocket of her coat and pulled out a small metal box. "This was part of our original Android project construction, but .." Yuki stared at the small metal box for a few seconds and suddenly old memories back to her, the reason for the construction of an android turned her mind, but she could not leave such memories to consume. Yuki shook her head slightly and held the box toward Rena. "In here there is an improved information system, the hardware and software installed in this new system are ... It can give you feelings and real emotions, just like a real human being, Rena."

Rena looked at the small box in the hand of Yuki and her hand seemed to tremble slightly as she had the idea to actually install this hardware in her system. "And that's what happened to me?"

"In short, it does not turn you into a human, something is impossible, but it would give you a base, feelings, emotions, and when you remember some memory on your system you could feel something about them .. In theory, this is "Yuki sighed and grabbed the wrist of Rena, she pulled her and put the metal box in her hand. "So you want me to install it in you?"

"Kashiwagi-san was the one who built me, want to install it in me or not .. The decision is yours, right?" Rena looked at Yuki who seemed surprised by the Rena response. "My me independence system of the option to issue an opinion, but something I--"

Yuki tapped her finger against Rena's forehead before she could finish speaking. "Do not act like that when I'm trying to be nice to you, after all I value you."

Rena looked surprised to Yuki, Yuki's expression did not seem to ever change, she always seemed calm as if nothing in the world could affect it, such expression made reindeer wonder what kind of person his creator could be, but more important than that Rena I had learned one new word. Valorize. Maybe she has finally found the words to express how I wanted to feel about Yuki. "Kashiwagi-san ..  value me?``

Yuki sighed and looked away "Yourxistence is something that really bothers me" said that Rena looked down, but before she could be disappointed with something she felt something warm against her shoulder, as she looked up again she saw something Yuki first. "But you're one of the few things that I value in this world, Rena."

Yuki was smiling.

The black eyes of Rena stared at the serene eyes of Yuki, even if Yuki it were ignorant way sometimes, to know that she valued so much Yuki was Rena want to cry, but she had no way to show their tears, after all she is an android. But still there is something she can do for Yuki. "Kashiwagi-san, thank you to build me."
Thank you for being my friend, Yuki!

Yuki had to control all the muscles of her body to not react to an old memory, the voice of that girl always plagued her in her nightmares, but now it seemed even worse because she was awake.

"I'm sorry, Yukiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii !!!"

Suddenly the voice of Jurina echoed throughout the hall, Yuki and Rena looked sideways at the same time and saw Jurina running quickly toward her, Yuki sighed when shesaw the tired figure Jurina the front. "Oh, you better take a deep breath even because I have not thought of a way to kill you." She crossed her arms and cast a chiding look at Jurina.

"I'm sorry! But I just do not can--"

"Resisting, yes yes, I know, you could not resist the cuteness of Rena" Yuki shook her hand as if it mattered not and turned. "Let this creature there and lets buy more melonpan, Rena.``

"Goodbye, Jurina-san." Rena nodded to Jurina and gave polls steps toward Yuki to stay by her side.

"What-What !? Evenyou will start to treat me like this, Rena !? Do not leave me here alone !!" While Jurina ran toward them,
Yuki and Rena be smiling as if they were having fun with the whole situation.

That little metal box that Rena held now was kept in her pocket, the moment she was having was now a new memory forming in her system, Rena thought for a moment and felt that this could be a happy memory, was a shame her photographic camera has been with Mayu,tomorrow Rena would have to catch it back.

Yuki's gaze still hung over the smiling face of Rena, this conversation she had had with Rena and with memories of the voice that girl had done Yuki think of one thing. On that Rena discovered the reason for her construction .. What could happen?

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Re: Android She - Chapter 02 [ 02/07/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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Ahh, so Mayu finally appeared ~~ but I still do not see what difference of her in the story, hope you surprise me, author-san  :mon determined: :mon determined:

Hahahah I like the innocent way of Rena too, I hope she, Yuki and Jurina do many other memories from now .

next chapter plzzzz  :yossi:

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Re: Android She - Chapter 02 [ 02/07/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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Ahh, so Mayu finally appeared ~~ but I still do not see what difference of her in the story, hope you surprise me, author-san  :mon determined: :mon determined:

Hahahah I like the innocent way of Rena too, I hope she, Yuki and Jurina do many other memories from now .

next chapter plzzzz  :yossi:

in relation to Mayui I hope to do something none of you imagine ~~

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Re: Android She - Chapter 02 [ 02/07/16 - WMatsui x Mayuki ]
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Mayuyu it's here ! It's an interesting story  :inlove:

Thanks for update author-san  :bow:

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