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Author Topic: You and I (Intro) (08/19/16)  (Read 3442 times)

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You and I (Intro) (08/19/16)
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Yukirin walks in Acchan’s room and plops down on the bed beside her

“Hey, Acchan.”

“Hey.” Acchan was busy filing her fingernails, she blew on it every now and then to remove the dust from the nails.

“Hey, I’ve been wondering for a while now…” Yukirin started “Yeah?” Acchan said without looking at her.

“Why don’t you ever tan or get a sunburn?” As soon as Yukirin finished her sentence, Acchan turned to glare at her, but Yukirin being a close friend, wasn’t intimidated

“Because I’m fabulous, fabulous people don’t burn. We set people on fire.” She said smirking at Yukirin, then swaying her hair to her so called ‘fabulousness’

Yukirin sighs “I’m sorry I even thought to ask you.”

Haruna suddenly bursts in the room, kicking the door down. Her dog Mei-chan following behind her.

“Fix the door, or I’ll make sure you regret it.” Acchan glared at her but Haruna, who was also a close friend, wasn’t intimidated.

“No.” She said also plopping down on the bed between Acchan and Yukirin.
“Uhm, you two want to do something?” Haruna asks

“No.” Yukirin and Acchan both said at the same time.

“Okay then…”
Haruna’s face lights up as she thinks of an idea, she ran to the kitchen and took a frying pan.

What do you think she will do with it? Make eggs and bacon? Well, that’d be tasty but…



The sound of the frying pan hitting the back of Acchan’s head echoed throughout the room.

Haruna’s dog started howling with fear, Yukirin was frozen, looking at Acchan with extreme fear and Acchan just sat there. Like how she was before Haruna hit her with the pan.
“Wow, what a mean frying pan. Let me scold it for you Acchan.” Haruna giggles, she picks the pan which was lying on the floor and glares at it

“Bad boy, bad!” She shakes her head at it

Haruna is definitely not stupid, she will not hit Acchan with a pan like that, but sometimes Haruna can be childish and cheeky when she’s bored.

“Haruna…” Acchan said, Yukirin was still frozen in her spot and Haruna’s dogs disappeared back to their homes.

“What’s wrong, Acchan?” She tilts her head innocently

“Did you just…. did you just-”

“Hit the back of your head with a pan? Yes!” She beams at Acchan

Yukirin who finally came back to Earth took her phone out and dialed a number

“Oh, Rena-chan? Can you come over quick please? It’s an emergency.” Yukirin presses the end call button and in that instant, Rena opened the door to their room.

“That was fast.”

“You called me.”

“I did.”

“What’s wrong with Acchan-san? And why is Kojiharu-san looking at Acchan-san with a huge smile?” Rena asks

Yukirin leans over and whispers to Rena

“Oh, so you want me tie her up before she kills someone?”

“That’s right.”

“Okay, I can do that.”

Rena walks over to Acchan and puts a hand on her shoulder

“Let’s go to the beach.” Rena said, pulling along a still frozen Acchan to the beach which was within walking distance to their house.

(At the beach)

“HAAARUUUNAAAA!!!!” Acchan tries to wiggle free from her ropes. She demanded Rena to release her with a killing glare and oh boy, Rena almost crapped her pants.

“Um, I’ll leave you here Acchan-san.” Rena runs off to somewhere else, where she can forget about the scary Acchan. She went to go to a melon pan shop to forget about crying.

“I swear. I will kill you!” Acchan yelled.

(Back at the girls’ house)

“I think Acchan is going to kill me.” Haruna said, half laughing and half afraid.

“What’s up with you? Suddenly hitting her with a frying pan.” Yuki asks raising an eyebrow at Haruna.

“I was bored.” Haruna said, leaving Acchan’s room to go to the living room

‘Scary! Air-heads are scary!’ Yuki thought as she watches Haruna leave.

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