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Author Topic: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS  (Read 12090 times)

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The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« on: July 08, 2016, 10:58:17 PM »
AN: Ayyyyyyyy long time no see! I'm here to give another oneshot to celebrate everything Watanabe Miyuki! Wherever she is, I bet she looks stunning!


P.S. feel free to comment your thoughts! I love comments!

The Only Exception

The five meaningless moments Sayaka realized that she loved Miyuki (and the one time she didn’t have to realize it)...

Sayaka was not one for making a mess. She loved things straight and orderly, and she lived by the motto ‘everything has its proper place.’ All the books were lined up in alphabetical order on her bookshelf. All her clothes were neatly folded up and gingerly placed in drawers or hung in the closet. All the spices and herbs were arranged by their level of spiciness (Sayaka had Rena help for this one). All in all, everything was exactly where it was supposed to be, and that wouldn’t change. (Until it did.)

Honestly, Sayaka hadn’t been sure what to expect when she had asked Miyuki if she wanted to live with her on a complete whim. It had been in the middle of one of their university chemistry class sessions. All she remembered was that Miyuki, who had been her lab partner at the time, had been complaining about how she hated the dorm rooms, and Sayaka had opened her mouth without thinking. The next thing she knew, she was helping Miyuki bring her clothes up to her apartment.

The thing was that Sayaka liked cleanliness, but based on Miyuki’s performance in their chemistry classes, Miyuki was not the cleanly-type.

And as much as she hated to admit it, Sayaka would be lying if she had said that Miyuki was a slob in their apartment. Quite the contrary, in fact. When Miyuki first moved in with Sayaka, the slightly younger girl had surprisingly paid close attention to Sayaka’s explanation of how she she wanted to keep the place tidy, and for the most part, had actually went out of her way to keep it that way. Yes, Miyuki was far more relaxed than Sayaka and was a tad more untidy in her own room, but in the general living space and in the kitchen, Miyuki made sure to clean up for herself perfectly.

Sayaka had gotten so used to the cleanliness of her apartment, that when she came home late one rainy Friday night from band practice, she had literally no idea what to think of the big pillow fort that awaited her in her living room.

Had it been anyone else, Sayaka would’ve probably yelled out of anger and confusion. Like, seriously? What the heck is this?! A pillow fort?! Honestly! What are we, four?!

But this was Miyuki. Sweet, clumsy, Miyuki who always tried her best to hold up her end of the bargain and maintain their clean apartment. Sayaka couldn’t just yell something like that at Miyuki.

So instead, Sayaka had frowned and cocked her head in confusion.

“Miyuki?” She had called attentively.

A second later, a small head poked out from within the pillow fort, grinning.

“Yes, Sayaka?”

“You made a pillow fort?” Sayaka carefully stepped closer to the structure.

“Yup!” Miyuki giggled, “There was thunder and lightning earlier. I thought I could escape it if I hid under a pillow fort!”

Sayaka blinked.

“I-I guess that’s reasonable…”

Man, Sayaka thought to herself, I’m really getting soft…

“Mmhm,” Miyuki hummed happily, slightly pushing the fort’s blanket entrance out of the way. “It’s really nice and cozy since I took my bed comforter and brought it in here. I’m planning on staying the night and cleaning it up in the morning. Wanna join me?”

Sayaka’s first reaction was to say ‘no,’ but something about the way Miyuki’s eyes glowed forced her to say otherwise.

So she shrugged, “Sure, I guess so,” and that was that.

The next morning, Sayaka woke up, blinking as sunlight seeped through the cracks of the pillow fort and hit her eyes. She attempted to get up only to find out that Miyuki was still fast asleep, resting peacefully on her left arm.

She sighed, shaking her head before begrudgingly lying back down, choosing to let her roommate sleep a little longer.

“Man,” Sayaka muttered under her breath, a soft smile on her lips as she watched Miyuki’s gently breathing, “I really am getting soft…”

As it turned out, Sayaka let Miyuki keep the pillow fort up for the rest of the day, opting to eat their lunch within the soft walls. Their entire Saturday was spent lounging in their little safe haven, playing games, listening to music, and simply talking. They only cleaned it up Sunday morning because Sayaka’s band was coming over for breakfast, and they didn’t want the fort to be in their way.

When Miyuki had talked to Sayaka’s bandmates about their ‘fort activities’ during the meal, Jurina had insisted that they reconstruct it again.

Sayaka immediately shot down the idea.

Once was enough, Sayaka decided. She could make exceptions for Miyuki, but that was it. And only once.

The reality was that this meaningless event had been the first time.


The second time, Sayaka had been walking to her first class, but Miyuki had stayed back at the apartment, apparently having a terrible stomachache and a horrible headache.

Sayaka had frowned deeply, seeing Miyuki sprawled out on her bed like that. She’d felt helpless for her friend, and desperately wished that there was something she could help her with.

“Is there anything I can do?” Sayaka had asked hopefully.

Miyuki had chuckled, shaking her head before groaning and clutching her scalp in pain. Sayaka had flinched at the sight, but Miyuki managed a small smile from beneath her hands.

“It’s fine, Sayaka. Go to class! Maybe just stop by the convenience store for some medicine on the way back from band practice tonight? I’ll be fine by myself today, I promise.”

This only caused Sayaka’s frown to deepen. Was there really nothing that she could do?

“Are you sure?” Sayaka had probed, and Miyuki attempted to roll her eyes (‘attempt’ being the keyword here. She had never learned how to properly do it, and Sayaka had been trying to teach her the day before.)

“Yes, Sayaka. I promise I can take care of myself.” The sick girl allowed her sleepy smile to grow ever so slightly, settling down onto her pillow once more. “I’m a big girl! Now go! I don’t want to be the reason you were late to class!”

And now, Sayaka stood outside the doorframe to her classroom, biting her lip. Her thoughts during her entire walk to school had been filled with concern for her roommate. What if Miyuki was actually more sick than she let on? What if she was calling for Sayaka and forgot that Sayaka had left for school during her drowsy goodbye? Miyuki hadn’t eaten before Sayaka had left and… Shit. What would Miyuki eat for lunch and dinner? Sayaka wasn’t there to get something for her, and band practice always ran late into the night.

Sayaka groaned, stepping aside from the doorway to allow other people to enter. She shouldn’t have gone to school. She should’ve stay at home with Miyuki. Sweet, clumsy, and innocent Miyuki who Sayaka had left sick and alone in their apartment.

But then again, Sayaka had vowed to herself that she wouldn’t miss a day of university this year, let alone band practice...

But on the other hand, Miyuki…

She groaned again, grabbing two handfuls of hair in frustration before sighing. She could hear as the professor began to recite the opening of his lecture.

Well, the professor can’t count me late if I haven’t even stepped into the lecture hall, Sayaka reasoned, turning on her heels to leave the university campus.

Slipping her phone out of her pocket, she shot a quick text to Jurina, Mayu, Yuki, and Rena into the band groupchat, saying that she wouldn’t make it to band practice tonight. She paused in her actions for a moment before sending another text as an afterthought.

‘Miyuki’s more sick than she’s letting on, and I don’t want her to be alone all day today.’

A second later, Sayaka received a few quick responses.

‘No problem, dude! Hope she feels better soon!' — Jurina

'Make sure she gets plenty of rest!' — Rena

'Take good care of her!' — Yukirin

'Why did you even leave her?! Gosh you're stupid sometimes. Anyway, you should try giving her soup. It soothes the stomach.' — Mayu

Sayaka chuckled. Leave it to Mayu to be on the practical side. Really, her friends were the best.

On the way back to the apartment, she stopped by a local convenience store, picking up some medicine, and, after remembering Mayu's advice, some chicken soup as well.

An hour later, Sayaka was coaxing Miyuki awake from her nap on the couch (the slightly younger girl had hauled herself there from her bedroom after feeling the urge to bask in the warmth of sunlight).

Miyuki's eyes widened at the sight of the older girl present, but chose to hold her tongue, not questioning anything. At Miyuki's compliance, Sayaka smiled softly and gently began to spoon feed the other girl soup, the two of them regarding each other in comfortable silence, neither wanting to break the peaceful atmosphere.

Later, Sayaka watched her roommate drift off to sleep in entranced fascination, but in the end, she couldn't help but feel a bit sleepy as well. As she began to nod off to dreamland, she couldn't help but wonder, in the midst of her drowsy stupor, how many exceptions she had made for Miyuki in just one day.

And she was just about to question why when she gave up and fell into the depths of sleep, dreaming about gigantic pillow forts and a stubbornly cute girl who refused to let Sayaka help build the fort, despite how she wasn't tall enough to place the final pillow anyway.

(Later on, Sayaka would wake up to the sight of a slightly healthier Watanabe Miyuki grinning at her. "You were smiling in your sleep," she would say. "It was really cute." And Sayaka would realize that she had to make another exception for Miyuki, because almost no one calls Yamamoto Sayaka cute and gets away with it. Almost no one.)


Sayaka supposedly doesn't really remember the third time that well. All she recalls is that she somehow allowed herself to be dragged by Miyuki to the city park, where some organization was hosting a petting zoo with "lots of cute animals!" (Miyuki's words, not Sayaka's.)

The next thing she knew, Sayaka was sitting cross-legged in the park, becoming good friends with a domesticated chipmunk, feeding it raisins and whatnot and Miyuki was right next to her, giggling as Sayaka gave in to temptation and started baby-talking and cooing at it. Because let's be honest here— chipmunks are freaking adorable.

In the back of her mind, Sayaka was wondering how Miyuki had managed to break down so many of her walls. More than three exceptions for one person, and both girls had only known each other for four months

(By this point, Sayaka did know Miyuki well enough to give the other girl her own special nickname: "Milky, because despite how long we sit outside here in the sun, you're still pale as heck!" To which Miyuki countered teasingly with her own: "Then you're Sayanee, because you're so stuck up!" And Sayaka gasped mockingly, "Take that back!" "Make me!")

It was then that Sayaka came to the conclusion that Miyuki was a miracle worker— practically an angel sent down from above.


The fourth time was during a New Years party. Some of the upperclassmen were throwing it in a nearby apartment, and Sayaka, with her high social status thanks to her band activities (they were well-loved all over the campus because of their music), and Miyuki with her inherent popularity due to her being nice to virtually everyone, both were invited.

Sayaka had been hesitant ("I don't know, Milky...") while Miyuki had been all for the idea ("C'mon Sayanee! It's a privilege! Let's go and enjoy ourselves!")

Eventually, Sayaka had caved, just as she had done so many times prior when Miyuki would bust out the perfect pouty puppy-dog eyes, practically pleading with her to come to the party ("you can go on your own, Milky!" "No! It won't be as fun without you!")

And that's how Sayaka found herself at some upperclassman apartment (whom she barely even knew), three floors beneath her and Miyuki's apartment, on New Year's Eve, sipping a slightly alcoholic drink on the balcony in the fresh air as the city lights sparkled beneath her. Yet despite the beautiful view, that's not what Sayaka was looking at. Instead, she spent her time peering into the apartment from the outside, trying to spot Miyuki in the crowd. And more often than not, the other Watanabe was chatting with some person, both male and female, a flirtatious look on her face, and Sayaka would sigh.

Eventually, Jurina slipped out of the party, joining Sayaka on the balcony, drink in her right hand. The older girl didn't even resist the urge to roll her eyes at the sight. Out of all of their friends, Jurina was the only one who was still technically underage.

"Whoa there, we have a rebel in the house," she said jokingly, and Jurina barked out a laugh.

"Oh, haha," the younger one jested back in return, happily returning Sayaka's witty banter and indulging herself. Jurina took another sip of her drink. "I know how to hold my alcohol."

"I'm sure you do," Sayaka grinned, grateful that for Jurina's distraction. "How are you enjoying the party?"

"It's pretty fun," Jurina shrugged, "Rena's in the bathroom, and I'm waiting for her— she's not throwing up, if that's what you're thinking. Seriously, you'd be surprised at how well that girl can hold a drink."

"I know," Sayaka chuckled, shaking her head. She briefly thought back to her life a few years ago, back before college, when she was just finishing high school. She and Rena had gone to the same school, and the somewhat quiet, princess-like girl had completely owned Sayaka in drinking contest after drinking contest. Rena's tolerance level was ridiculous.

Back then, Sayaka was definitely more daring. Perhaps it was youth and adrenaline all in her head. Or maybe it was simply because there hadn't been any need to worry. She had still been an innocent kid trying to grow up but have a good time.

When had she have to become so mature?

But then again, when had she begun to revert back to her old self? When had she started breaking down all the barriers and rules she had set in place in order to maintain her adult life?

Yet the answer was right in her face this whole time, and even as she was continuing to talk with Jurina, Sayaka was still attempting to pick her out from the crowd.


That girl's innocence and amicable nature was definitely like doing something to her. Sayaka was making more and more exceptions for her everyday. Just yesterday alone, Sayaka allowed Miyuki to have pizza for breakfast, pancakes for lunch, and ice cream for dinner. They had neglected studying for their midterm exams (which were fast approaching and they both really needed to get on with studying), and instead spent the entirety of the day lounging in front of the TV, watching Netflix shows and playing Super Smash Bros 4  on their Nintendo Wii U. Hell, Sayaka was even considering allow Miyuki to get a dog for their apartment. An actual, real dog. And now here Sayaka was, at a New Years party full of drunk, intoxicated, yet happy idiots (including herself, but she wasn't really drunk drunk.)

And at the revelation, Sayaka did what she always did.

She sighed.

She sighed, with a soft smile gracing her features, and her eyes closing as she brought her free hand up to her temple.

She let out another chuckle.

"Aw, shit."

Jurina beamed, a knowing look on her face. She pushed herself off the balcony railing and began making her way back into the heart of the party.

"You should really tell her," Jurina said, tossing the comment over her shoulder as she paused in front of the glass sliding doors. "I'm gonna go inside now. Some of the upperclassmen challenged Rena and I to some games of beer pong and flip cup," she continued without giving Sayaka any time to respond (not that Sayaka would've been able to anyways).

"You?" Sayaka gasped in a playful manner, raising her eyebrows teasingly, "Matsui Jurina, you know how to play flip cup and beer pong?! Our sweet baby angel Matsui Jurina?!"

"Oh hush you," Jurina rolled her eyes, sticking her tongue out at her older friend, "I may be the youngest person here, but I wasn't sheltered. I can handle a few drinking games."

Sayaka laughed, shaking her head once more before following Jurina inside. They parted ways soon after though, as Jurina caught sight of Rena waving to her at the table, cups set up for beer pong, and Sayaka started searching for Miyuki.

She found the other girl chatting in a couch with some other students who Sayaka has seen around campus before, but had never formally met. Sayaka shot a small, polite smile their way before tapping Miyuki on the shoulder.

Miyuki's face immediately broke out into a smile. "Sayanee!"

"Hey Milky," Sayaka replies, her small smile growing. "I'm thinking of heading back to the apartment now. I'm getting kinda tired, and I don't think I could handle all the noise that'll be coming out of this room when midnight finally comes."

The smile on Miyuki's face doesn't even falter as she jumps off the couch, waving lightly to her new friends.

"Alright! Wait here a sec, okay, Sayanee? I have to get my sweater first."

"Huh?" The older girl cocked her head, a bit confused.

And Miyuki rolled her eyes (she'd finally gotten the hang of it). "I'm going with you, silly. To our apartment. Because, you know, we're roommates?" She giggles.

"Oh," and Sayaka felt a bit dumb, but nevertheless still a bit puzzled. "I thought you'd be staying here until midnight."

Miyuki shook her head. "Nah. I don't want you to spend midnight alone. Plus," she leaned in, smirking a bit, "I'd rather spend the first few minutes of midnight with you next to me instead. Don't tell everyone else though!"

That got another laugh out of Sayaka. "Okay, Milky. Go get your sweater. I'll be standing by the entrance waiting, 'kay?"

"'Kay!" Miyuki hummed back in return. "Don't you dare leave without me!"

"Yeah yeah!" Sayaka dismissed Miyuki's playful threat with a light wave of her hand.

And as she stood by the doorway of that unknown upperclassman's apartment, Sayaka couldn't help but wonder how often Miyuki made exceptions for her.

I suppose it's only fair, she thought to herself, thoroughly pleased, that we keep on making exceptions for each other.


That was how the fourth time transitioned into the fifth time.

Miyuki and Sayaka now stood in their living room, lounging on their couch in exhaustion.

"Y'know what, Sayanee?"

"What, Miyuki?"

"I'm so glad you decided to leave when you did!" the younger of the two groaned out, Sayaka laughing at the sudden change in tone. "I'm so tired!"

"You would've stayed until the very end, wouldn't you, Miyuki?" Sayaka grinned, shifting so that Miyuki could take up most of their sofa, with the long-haired girl's head resting in her lap.

"I usually don't like leaving until it's over," Miyuki admitted.

"Yeah?" Sayaka couldn't say that she was surprised.

"It's a bad habit, really. I should take a page out of your book, Sayanee," Miyuki mused, reaching up to grab Sayaka's chin and tugging on her face ever-so-much to make the short-haired girl look right at Miyuki.

Looking into Miyuki's eyes, Sayaka found herself become a bit breathless, her heartbeat suddenly getting louder and louder, pounding profusely in her ears.

"Yeah," she breathed out. "You really should."

Miyuki let out a quiet giggle, blinking as she held Sayaka's gaze, and the older girl had never seen someone more adorable.

It was Miyuki who broke their temporary silence.

"Hey, Sayaka?"


"Do you think you could wait until midnight?"

"What are you talking abou— oh."

Sayaka hadn't realized how close their faces had gotten. If she had closed just a little more space, she could've nuzzled their noses. She started to move back, but Miyuki quickly stopped her.

"I didn't say you have to pull away," Miyuki pouted, and dear god, she was so cute. "I only said to wait. It's been a dream of mine to get a kiss at midnight of New Years."

Sayaka chuckled, shaking her head a little and nudging Miyuki with her nose. "As much as I'd love to stay like this, there are still 30 minutes to midnight." She pointed to the clock that had 11:30 written on it. "We should probably find something to do until then."

Miyuki only pouted again. "But this'll be on my mind until midnight!"

"You're the one who wants to wait," Sayaka retorted playfully. She returned to her previous sitting position, gently motioning for Miyuki to join her. "C'mon. I'm sure I can think of something for you to do that'll take your mind off of your fairytale kiss."

Miyuki huffed, sitting up straight and crossing her arms. "Like what?"

"How about..." Sayaka trailed off, pretending to be thinking. "...we make a pillow fort?"

Miyuki's face lit up instantaneously, brighter than the sun, moon, and stars all in one.


And that's how Sayaka found herself 29 minutes later, sitting in a fortress of pillows, with Miyuki's head in her lap and her hands tangled in long locks of Miyuki's raven hair. It was warm and natural and cozy and it felt like home; like Miyuki was home, and it was the most wonderful feeling in the whole world. There was no awkwardness like Sayaka had feared— nothing but complete and utter acceptance and Sayaka wished that this moment could last forever.

"You know what, Sayaka?"

"What Miyuki?"

"I think," the other girl paused for a moment, pondering over her words. "I think that you could take over the entire world if you wanted to, all before breakfast, and you'd still have enough in you to go to the farthest reaches of the galaxy by the end of the day. That's how amazing you are, Sayaka."

"Really?" Sayaka kept her tone light, still playing with strands of Miyuki's hair.


"Then you know what, Miyuki?"


"I'd take over the entire world for you, and be home in time to make you breakfast. And you know what else?"

"What else?"

"I'd follow you anywhere. Even to the farthest reaches of the galaxy, even if it meant that we'd only make it there to watch the universe fall in on us."

"Really?" Miyuki's eyes were sparkling.

"Really." Sayaka couldn't look away.

"Only for me?"

"Only for you."

Somewhere beneath them, they could hear shouts of celebratory screaming and the hiss of champagne being opened and the boom of fireworks being rocketed into the skies.

"Do you think it's midnight?" Miyuki asked, not bothering to poke her head outside of their safe haven inside the fort.

Sayaka shrugged. "Close enough."

That's when Sayaka finally tugged Miyuki in tight and closed the distance.

Those fireworks had nothing on that kiss.


The next morning, Sayaka woke up to Miyuki sleeping on her arm again. They were still nestled in their pillow fort, resting in the safety that was Miyuki's comforter.

This time, they both woke up together, staring at each other's face with these big, dorky grins on their faces.

This time, Sayaka was the one to break the silence.



"What are we?"

"Well," Miyuki smiled, "I'm yours, and you're mine."

"That simple, right?" Sayaka couldn't stop herself from asking. "There's nothing wrong with it being that simple, right?"

"Of course not," Miyuki declared softly, and Sayaka smiled in return.

"Good. But for the record, I'm just gonna slap the label 'girlfriends' on us. That okay with you?"

"It's perfect," Miyuki replied, her smile never letting up. "It's absolutely perfect."

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2016, 06:43:18 PM »
This fic is perfect :twothumbs

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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Saya-... sayaka.. sayakaaaa...too cute! my heart~ :shy2: :shy2: :shy2:
btw, thanks for this cute-cute story author-san  :kneelbow:

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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But really, it's not 'five meaningless moments' more like 'pillow fort time~' *slapped* XD

Okay okay I'm going to calm down just a slight bit so I can actually tell you exactly what I liked starting from the top. Honestly though, when I saw you posted, I was ecstatic. Then I saw it was Sayamilky and I did a little dance in my room before I sprinted to the fridge to grab a drink and sit down to fully enjoy this brilliance.

Alright fine I'm going to try to process my thoughts now.

I love how Sayanee had a character trait of neatness, then you broke it down by adding Milk XD
And then, why da hell did Sayanee invite said Milk to live with her out of the blue (even though they only knew each other as lab partners lol) goddamn you sayanee were yeh that love-struck already? XD
Goes along with it and just joins her in the fort, oh Sayanee you ARE already too love-struck and making exceptions. But we all know she's really a big softie anyways XD
No Jurina. #shot down immediately. Didn't you read the title? No exception for you~ :P
Lol Mayu's reply XD So practical it sounds like me. 'Why did you even leave her?!' XD
Another exception for Milky cuz Sayanee actually likes it when Milky calls her cute*cough*I didn't just say that
Sayanee playing with chipmunks and Milky~ Now she's going soft for chipmunks too cuz Milk will do that to you *-*)/ I like how they gave each other their nicknames XD (I did the same thing in my sole Sayamilky fic that is unfinished and unposted lol great minds think alike XD)
New Years Party~! I honestly see Jurina being the one who parties the most even though she's the youngest. HAHA! SAYANEE REALIZES HER FEELS XD
Ah I see what you did there~ :P Milky makes exceptions for Sayanee too huh...*smirks*
The whole thing with 'midnight' was just too cute XD I was seriously worried for a second that they would miss it by like a minute silly me that would never happen haha 'Close enough' LOL
Those fireworks had NOTHING ON THAT KISS
Just that simple huh. I love it. :inlove: If Sayanee had a complex about making things difficult then that would've been even better XD
But only for Milky...ah fluff overload.

Oh no I lied to myself...

"Good. But for the record, I'm just gonna slap the label 'girlfriends' on us. That okay with you?"

"It's perfect," Miyuki replied, her smile never letting up. "It's absolutely perfect."

What a way to end this. I absolutely love that second-to-last line. You have my respects man. I consider it an honor to be able to call myself friends with a writer like you.

Alright so concluding thoughts. First of all, super happy that you wrote a SayaMilky (bc I seriously considered requesting one) cuz I know you love Milky too and add that with good writer and amazing sh*t like this happens XD What with her graduation and all I really needed this. I would say I overused this emoji XD but I really didn't because it perfectly describes my reaction and there was a lot of those XD So even if I wanted to critique you, which I actually don't critique people anyways but, I couldn't. So that says that right there.

Thanks for this great story and hope to see more soon! :thumbsup

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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There's a warm feeling in my heart reading this fic.
I really like how balanced SayaMilky's relationship in this fic.
We really do make exceptions for the one we love, aren't we  :) ? And they do that for us, too.
Thank you for this fic, Author-san.
I'm looking forward to read more from you  :)

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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Yo hello there everyone! Nezu here popping in to say hi!

Thank you everyone who has read this fic and left comments!

On another note, besides this post being shameless self-promotion :thumbsup I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fanfics to write? Like, no joke, I would write more, but I need some inspiration! Anyone want to leave a pairing or maybe a plotline for me to write about?

That's all for now!


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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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Hi nezukara! As one of my favorite authors, I believe it is my duty to help you out one way or another! You may not like my ideas despise them, spit on them, burn them, or even drown them but I hope you read them  :twothumbs

Since I have deduced that you like Sayamilky a lot, the main pairing would be them of course!

Onto the main plot! Here we goooooo!

Tiger, Fire, Cyber, Fiber, Diver, Viber, Jya Jya!!!

Continuing from that, how about Solo singer Saya and Wota Milky or maybe even the other way around? I chose Saya to be the solo singer since she's set to get the solo album but that is also up to you.

I hope you read this and maybe use it! (But you can just spit on it also)

 From Soysaucee

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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I am also for that idea Soysaucee-san posted :)
I like the idea of Milky being a solo singer or an idol and Sayanee being one of her wotas.
I don't think I've ever read a fic in which Sayanee was a wota.
It will surely be interesting.

Or, if you'd like to collect as much prompt as possible, how about a songfic?
I'm thinking about a story where Milky has graduated and moved on with a new career.
Sayanee, who's still an NMB front woman, starts to feel all sort of differences without Milky by her side.
She wants to see her, but she can't.
Contacting her out of nowhere feels awkward and so sudden since they didn't really contact each other besides for work.
So, each time she walks within the walls of the theater, she hoped to run into her at one corner or the other, but it never happen anymore.
Yes. Something like "Ima Naraba" lyrics I guess.

But, if you write anything based on any other prompt or with any other pairing, I still want to read it :)

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
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Yo hello there everyone! Nezu here popping in to say hi!

Thank you everyone who has read this fic and left comments!

On another note, besides this post being shameless self-promotion :thumbsup I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for fanfics to write? Like, no joke, I would write more, but I need some inspiration! Anyone want to leave a pairing or maybe a plotline for me to write about?

That's all for now!


I'd oddly want a ChuriMilky OS now.... Maybe an angst? Maybe one base off this prompt

Person A is the sole employee on the late shift at a coffee shop. Person B is a regular at said coffee shop; they rarely speak to person A but always tip extremely generously, usually ten or twenty dollars. One night, person B leaves a note paper clipped to their tip, something along the lines of ‘You look nice tonight.’ The next night when person B comes in for their coffee, they find a note written back on their cup.
From then on persons A and B communicate by leaving each other notes on coffee cups and in the tip jar; eventually one note reads ‘Would you like to go out with me?’

But I want ChuriMilky. 2014 BII feels there, stikes my kokoro/

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #9 on: August 28, 2016, 06:23:46 PM »
The 2 great ships that I totally miss.
Sayamilky and WMatsui.
I wish to read more fics about them.
Thank you for the wonderful OS!  :peace:
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Taeny, Atsumina and SayaMilky <3

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #10 on: August 29, 2016, 12:53:41 AM »
I practically squealed at the balcony scene! You know you're infatuated when you find yourself smiling for no reason. Kudos, nezukara!
I'm Louise.  :)

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #11 on: January 26, 2017, 08:43:58 PM »
I loved this fic since the first time I read it last year and I keep coming back to this whenever I need SayaMilky fluff.
I've been lurking on this forum for a long time, but I've only just registered onto the site to post a SayaMilky fic I just finished. Haha.

Otherwise, I would have commented earlier.
You really did amazingly on this!! This fic about exceptions is really so true and relatable.

It's like a slice-of-life styled fic. It was truly refreshing to read! Even when I reread it now!

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #12 on: July 24, 2023, 06:50:18 PM »
gotta need more of this

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #13 on: May 30, 2024, 05:17:39 AM »
This oneshot is an absolute delight, Nezu! I thoroughly enjoyed how you depicted Sayaka and Miyuki's relationship retro bowl through these "meaningless moments" that are anything but meaningless.

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Re: The Only Exception - SayaMilky OS
« Reply #14 on: June 28, 2024, 03:43:05 PM »
The pivotal moment in the text occurs when Sayaka returns home to find Miyuki has built a large pillow heardle unlimited fort in the living room to escape a thunderstorm.

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