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Author Topic: Love is blind (UPDATED) [03/29 I'm sorry guys...]  (Read 53909 times)

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Love is blind (UPDATED) [03/29 I'm sorry guys...]
« on: April 26, 2009, 11:08:14 PM »
Minna-san, domo~

I can't believe it... finally I'm back and I'm even coming up with... A NEW STORY!!! YAAAAAY!!!

First off, I wanna apologize for the lack of updates, I feel totally ashamed that I couldn't come up with anything!

Hontou ni... gomen nasai  :kneelbow:

Now, a short summary:

Tanaka Reina is a normal student who is in her final year at senior high school. With her rebellious and perty attitude she lives through her day. But no one knows that Reina is actually hiding her wounded heart, left by her ex-girlfriend back in Fukuoka. Due to that incident, the yankii stopped believing in love and never trusted another girl again.

One day, Reina meets a girl and suddenly her life changes completely.

Without any further ado, here is my new story! Enjoy~

NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Love is blind


*beep beep beep*

Oh, how much I hated my alarm clock. It was always waking me in the middle of a nice dream where the best part was just about to come up. Lazily I reached over to the bedside table, turning off the alarm. Luckily there was only one more week before break. One more week in that I had to force myself to stay awake while sitting in the last row of the classroom, listening to the teachers dry lectures with trivial details. I threw back the blanket and got up, stretching my arms over my head. Yawning, I made my way to the bathroom.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Tanaka Reina, I'm nineteen years old and I moved from Fukuoka to Arakawa, Tokyo. I'm in my final year at senior high school, which is because I had to repeat the class after I moved here. The principal said that I might not be able to catch up with the other students, since I've missed a lot of subject matter due to the move. I querulously accepted, knowing I would bore myself to death in the beginning of the year, since I already knew about all the stuff they taught us.

I didn't have much friends at school, most of the students there avoided me. The guys because they heard about one of the reasons why I had to move to Tokyo, attending to that school and the girls because they knew that I was... different. I was not that kind of girl who was squealing over a handsome guy or dressed up like a cute little doll just to catch the attention of a male student. Since I was sixteen I realized that my male fellow men were so not interesting me. It always had been a girl who caught my attention and when I had my first girlfriend back then, it was official that I liked girls. So when the girls at school found out about my sexuality, they were kinda backing away from me as if I had some kind of a lethal, contagious disease. I was still wondering how they found out about that though, I never told anybody except for my family.

When I had my coming-out my mom was completely fine with it, much to my surprise. I've always thought she'd freak out if I told her that she could never expect grandchildren from me. My brother... well as much as I love him, he's still a guy after all. He just said that it's cool and asked me if he could watch me and my future-girlfriend being intimate. I guess he'll never forget the bump on his forehead after it made aquaintance with my fist.
My dad was way tougher. He didn't even talk to me for about two weeks. One day, I could hear him talk to my mom about the whole situation. He said that he's disappointed and that he wished for me to be with a nice guy, getting married and have children. I still can remember the talk my dad and me had and as I told him that he couldn't force me into something I don't wanted and from what I knew I'd be unlucky with, he finally accepted it.

A knock on my door interrupted my thoughts and my mom stuck her head into my room.

„Reina, hurry up! You're going to be late for school!“

„I'm almost finished, mom. Don't worry I'll make it just in time.“

„You know exactly that you can't be late.“

„Yeah, I know. Damn, you don't need to remind me every day. I'm a grown up girl, you know.“

„Watch your language, Reina! No---“

„No swearing in this house, I know. Now would you please leave?“

„Hurry up.“


„Don't be late.“



That's it for now... sorry for the prologue being that short but... aren't prologues supposed to be short? XD More is coming soon~ Stay tuned!
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Re: Love is blind [04/26 Prologue]
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2009, 11:25:25 PM »
OMFG KAME!!!! :w00t:
I like your new story so far. :P Hmm, may I predict that Reina meets Eri and she helps mend the yankii's broken heart? :D

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Re: Love is blind [04/26 Prologue]
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2009, 11:30:41 PM »
OMFG KAME!!!! :w00t:
I like your new story so far. :P Hmm, may I predict that Reina meets Eri and she helps mend the yankii's broken heart? :D


Guess whose birthday is tomorrow?? Hehe... I know everything XD

Well~ You'll see... Eri will be in that story for sure but... she will be way different from how we know her right now... that's all I say... the answer comes in chapter 1

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Re: Love is blind [04/26 Prologue]
« Reply #3 on: April 27, 2009, 12:44:38 AM »
Love is blind

Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo...want backstory on Reina's old GF. :yep:

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Love is blind [(UPDATED) 04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
« Reply #4 on: April 27, 2009, 05:26:41 AM »

Good news, everyone~

I just finished writing chapter 1 and I'm happy to be able to make an update already! I hope I can make up for the time I really lacked on updating...

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the first chapter of Love is blind
@JFC: In this chapter you will have some backstory about Reina's ex-girlfriend. But I don't have a name for that girl, since the whole story around it is relevant for the rest of the story. Hope you enjoy it though  ;)

NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 1 – Shadows of the past

I slumped onto my seat, totally out of breath. I ran all the way to school and luckily made it into the classroom right as the bell announced the beginning of the class. Trying to catch my breath I rested my head on my arms. Damn, I really needed to get up slightly earlier and stop thinking so much in the morning. A giggle caught my attention and I raised my head to look at the girl sitting on the seat next to me.

„Oh, Reina-chan... when will you be able to not enter the classroom in the last second?“

„Hey, I'm here when the bell is ringing.“

„Yeah... but out of breath and tired from all the running.“

„I'll work on it.“

„Yeah, sure...“

„I really will.“

„You said that about your essay too... did you finish it already?“


„See? I told you~“

„Shut it, Aiko-chan~ I'm really working on it but... everytime I'm sitting in front of that essay, I'm just staring at the paper with a blank mind. I can't think of anything.“

„You mean... you're not interested and distract yourself easily with other stuff that's lying around in your room?“

„Mou~ Aiko-chan!“

„I'm right~“

„No, you're not~“

„So why can't you finish it then?“

„I already told you, I can't think of anything to write. Now can we stop this discussion please?“

„Okay, okay... but I won again~“, she said triumphantly and quietly laughed.

„Whatever“, I replied and weakly smiled.

Aiko Minazuki was like the only friend I had in school. She was honest and had no problem with the fact that I liked girls. She wasn't like the other girls who got scared if I touched them, afraid of that I might come too close. Aiko took care of me since the first day I came to that school. She showed me around, told me about the teachers and lessons and also about which guys and girls I should avoid. Many students at school credited us to have a love affair because we were always around each other. I didn't know if Aiko was uncomfortable with that but until now she hadn't said anything. Probably she just ignored those stupid remarks other students made.
I really had to admit that Aiko was a very cute and adorable person, with beautiful long black hair and hazel eyes but she was younger than me and also a little bit too childish from time to time. Spending time with her could be very straining sometimes, so I was just happy about her being my friend.

I remember one of the conversations Aiko and me had. She had been asking me about what kind of girl would be my type. Well, I easily get drawn in by a mesmerizing smile and intense eyes. If that girl also had a mindblowing personality and a great sense of humor, then I would fall for her for sure. I was aware of the fact that I demanded a great deal of my future-girlfriend but to tell the truth, I was very picky in that case. A girl could be the most beautiful I've ever seen but if she was vain or as thick as two short planks – in the worst case even both – I'd rather remain single than having such a girl on my side. I still had my pride after all.

~~~ ~~~

School had been boring as hell. I yawned and stretched my arms over my head as I walked down the street. My thighs were still slightly hurting, since I kept pinching them during classes in order to stay awake. Geez, I really needed to find another way to keep myself awake... one that wouldn't be that painful and that not caused my thighs to get all red.

„Excuse me, young lady.“

A strong male voice tore me out of my thoughts. I looked at him, recognizing that he was a construction worker.

„What is it?“, I asked him politely.

„The street is closed, you can't pass this way.“


„If you want to go to the middle of the town, you can go through the park.“

„Okay, thank you.“

„Have a nice day, young lady“, the construction worker said and winked.

I forced a smile and turned to make my way towards the park. God, his wink nauseated me somehow. I shivered as I thought about it. Somehow I couldn't stand those men who were winking at each woman they see. It looked so... well, I don't know... as if they could get every woman they want with that weak gesture. It's not like a woman's day would turn out better, if a man winks at her. Maybe for some women but definitely not for me. Even if it's meant in a friendly way.

~~~ ~~~

The soft breeze felt just amazing. I took a deep breath and relished the silence. It was like I escaped from all the noisyness around me. No traffic noises, no annoying child's voices, no dog barking... nothing. That was just the way I liked it. Sometimes I wished I had these moments of complete silence more often. It was just perfect to sort out my thoughts. Believe it or not, I was a very thoughtful person. Lately I had been thinking a lot about what time would bring, always asking myself those obligatory questions that started with 'what if'.

What if I'm not able to get used to my new hometown?

What if I'm not able to make friends due to my sexuality?

What if I fall back into my old patterns of behavior?

What if I... can't fall in love anymore?

This question was the only one that I asked myself over and over again. My last relationship ended in– to transcribe it – a disaster. The girl I fell in love with back then had everything I had been dreaming of. When we met each other, she was kind and loyal, her personality was amazing and she made me laugh. The way she had been treating me had always caused my heart to beat faster and my feelings for her grew stronger with each passing day. After a month of a lovey dovey relationship, her behavior changed rapidly and suddenly she was out of all recognition. She neither answered my text messages nor my calls. Soon I couldn't take it anymore so I decided to talk to her about it. I still remembered the painful sting in my heart as I watched her kissing the guy from our school, who had been – what I found out later – also her ex-boyfriend. As I took her to task, she only said that she never really loved me and that she had been only using me to make her ex-boyfriend jealous. With these words, our relationship ended and she left me bleeding after she tore my heart into millions of pieces.

Since that day I stopped believing in love and wasn't able to trust other girls. No matter how much the girls who wanted to be by my side – or at least said that they wanted to be – tried to convince me that they were really meaning it, I always refused. My fear to get hurt again got the best of me and I kinda built up a wall around my heart and also myself. No other girl ever managed to make break down these walls.

„Please... stop it...“

What was that? I could've sworn I've just heard a female voice. I scanned the surroundings with my eyes, but I couldn't see anybody. Hm... maybe I just imagined that I heard something. I shrugged and continued my way back home.

„Leave me alone... please, I just... want to sit here in peace...“

There it was again! So I didn't imagine it. The voice sounded scared and from what I had been hearing, it was trembling slightly. I started to walk faster, determined to find out what happened to that girl who was obviously in trouble. The voice grew louder with each step I was taking. She had to be right behind the bushes next to me. As I reached the end of the plants, I carefully peeked around them and I discovered a girl, standing in the middle of three guys. She looked like she was about my age, dressed in a grey skirt and a light blue t-shirt, sunglasses hid her eyes. But what caught my attention was, that she visibly trembled and tightly pressed her books against her chest. Suddenly one of the guys took a few steps closer to her.

„Come on... you'll have a date with the most wanted guy in Tokyo.“

The most wanted guy in Tokyo? Don't make me laugh, he looked like a complete retard. The fact that he was wearing some good designer clothes didn't make him to the most wanted guy of the town. I was actually wondering why he was that self-confident.

„I... I don't want to...“, the girl said, slightly backing away from him.

„Can you repeat that? I didn't catch that“, the guy remarked, a self-pleased smile on his lips.

„I... said... I don't want to date you“, the girl repeated slightly louder and a look of shock appeared on her face as her back hit the other two guys who were standing right behind her.

„You don't want to date me?“, he stupidly asked, „well, if that's so...“

He snapped his fingers and his minions grabbed her wrists and upper arms, pulling them behind her back causing her books to thud onto the ground. The poor girl tried free herself from their grip but with each try they only held tighter onto her arms. The other guy took another step forward, his face only a few inches away from hers.

„One last time, girl... will you date me?“


„DAMN, HOW DARE YOU?! NO ONE SAYS NO TO ME!“, he yelled, raising his hand.


The girls sunglasses landed on the ground with a clattering sound as he slapped her across the face. Okay, that was enough. I had to do something, I just couldn't stand there watching that idiot slapping an innocent girl just because she rejected him.

„Will you date me now?“

„N-no... I won't...“, the girl replied, her voice trembled as she spoke.


„HEY!“ I yelled, coming out of my hiding.

The three guys jumped slightly, looking into my direction.

„Who the heck are you?“, the guy with the designer clothes asked, giving me a deprecative look.

„My name doesn't matter“, I said as I approached them, „say... don't you think it's amazingly weak to bother a girl in a threesome?“

„That's none of your business.“

„I don't care if it's something of my business or not! How dare you to raise your hand against a woman?“

„So what??“

„The most wanted guy of Tokyo?? You? Oh, please! The most wanted guy of Tokyo wouldn't slap a girl just to force her to date him!“


He made his way over, stopping in front of me, our bodies a few inches away from each other. I suppressed a laugh, the guy wasn't much taller than me. He shot me a glare, obviously trying to intimidate me but I held his gaze. I could see confusion crossing his face as I didn't made any attempts to back away from him. I crossed my arms and sighed loudly, showing him that he didn't scare me at all. He leaned closer to me, so close that I could feel his disgusting breath on my face.

„This is your last chance to get away without any injuries... stop playing the hero and walk away, pretending you haven't seen anything...“

„Tsk...“, I sneered.

„Don't cry afterwards and say I haven't warned you bef---“

Before he could end his sentence, my forehead hit his with a loud thumping sound. He stumbled backwards, holding his forehead as a look of surprise and pain appeared on his face. A mischievous smile formed on my lips while I watched him to collect himself. He seemed to be a man of huge words but in the end there was nothing behind them.

„You filthy, little bitch!“

With these words leaped towards me, ready to punch me into my face with his fist. I've already seen this coming and briskly ducked, ramming my fist into the pit of his stomach. The guy gasped and coughed as I shoved him away from me, watching him fall onto his knees. I glanced over at his minions who just stood there as if they were frozen.

„You... this was just... luck...“, the guy on the ground gasped, clasping his stomach.

„Oh really? How about this?“, I said as I walked over to him, grabbing his wrist and twisted his arm on his back, causing him to fall over.

„YOU...“, I twisted his arm even more and my knee dug into his back, „OW, DAMN! LET GO!! THAT HURTS!!“

„This is only a taste of your own medicine, you moron!“


„And what if? What you've done to that girl is probably even more pain than you feel right now!“

„P-please... let go...“

„If I let go now, you're going to run as fast as you can! Leave this girl alone and if I ever see you around her again... I'll rip you into pieces!“

„You... you wouldn't do that...“

„Oh, trust me... I would!“, I replied, my voice trembled in anger.

„Okay, okay... you've won... just... please... let me go...“

I slowly released my grip on his wrist and carefully watched him as he got up, rubbing his shoulder. Each muscle in my body was tensed, ready to fend off a possible attack. His right leg twitched and our eyes met as if we started an unuttered staring contest. The guy even lost in this one as he looked away.

„Out... of my sight.“, I said, the tone of my voice threatening.

The guy glanced at me once again before... he suddenly started to run. His companions looked at me and as I made a step towards them, they released the girl and ran off like scared little bunnies. After I made sure they were gone, I quickly made my way over to the girl who was sitting on the ground.

„Hey... are you okay?“, I asked, kneeling down next to her.

„Yeah... thank you...“, she replied quietly, staring onto the ground.

„Don't mention it... I'm happy that you're fine“, I said as I got up, offering her my hand.

The girl didn't react to my offer so I cleared my throat to call her attention to my hand, but she remained motionless. Maybe she was still in shock and had to calm down first. I gave her the time she needed while I collected her books and picked up her sunglasses, carefully cleaning them with my shirt.

„Did you see his face as you said no? It was hilarious“, I said, trying to start a conversation to ease the tension.

„No, I didn't...“

„Does your cheek still hurt?“

„A little...“

„I hope this was the first and last time you had to experience something like this.“

„I hope so, too... and I'm really thankful that you helped me, uh...“

„Reina... Tanaka Reina.“

„Well... thank you, Tanaka-san.“

„As I already said, don't mention it... and just call me Reina, okay? No need to be so formal.“

„Okay... Reina... my name is Eri... Kamei Eri.“

„Kamei Eri... a very sonorous name“, I remarked and smiled.

„Thank you.“

„Well, Kamei-san---“


„Eri...“, I repeated and got up, „give me your hand.“

„Eh? Why?“

„Do you want to sit there on the ground forever?“

„No... sorry...“

„It's okay. Here, take my hand.“

„Is... your hand left or right from me?“

Left or right from her? What kind of question was that? My hand was right in front of her face, why didn't she see it? And also... why didn't she look at me for once since we started to talk to each other? Somehow this girl was... strange.



„Where exactly is your hand?“

„It's right in front of you! Geez, are you---“

Suddenly Eri lifted her head and looked at me.

„Blind? Yes...“

I quietly gasped and clapsed my hand over my mouth as I looked into her eyes. Her eyes were hazy and posessed a shade of gray, mixed with a faint white. For a few moments I just stared into her eyes before I realized something... even though her eyes were like this, obviously marked by her blindness... they still had something intense and expressive in it.

To be continued...

Well, that's it for chapter 1. I hope you guys enjoyed reading. Chapter 2 is on its way... don't worry, I was so into my writing I didn't even realize that I already started chapter 2 XD
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
« Reply #5 on: April 27, 2009, 07:17:56 AM »
Good to see you back with more stories. TANAKAME FTFW!! Blind Eri? Hrm, interesting.
Keep the updates coming. :D

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
« Reply #6 on: April 27, 2009, 06:28:00 PM »
That bitch hurt Reina! :angry:

GO REINA!! :rockon:



„Where exactly is your hand?“

„It's right in front of you! Geez, are you---“

Suddenly Eri lifted her head and looked at me.

„Blind? Yes...“

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
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Oh man... Blind Eri. Reina probably wants to slap herself now for what she said... But goooo Reina for kickin' those guys' butts!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
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good job! Reina  :grin:
they're so pathetic  :bleed eyes: ... well
Blind Eri? :shocked  Your fanfic is amazing, continued it . Please  :D

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/27 Chapter 1 - Shadows of the past]
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OMG Blind Eri  :w00t:

This is NEW *o*

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/29 Chapter 2 - Wrong turn?]
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I'm back with the 2nd chapter! Thanks to my lovely honey bunny for choosing the title <3

Without any further ado... I proudly present you chapter 2!


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 2 – Wrong turn?

„Oh god, Eri... I-I'm so sorry... I... I didn't mean to be rude...“

„It's okay. You didn't know about it.“

„But... damn, now I'm embarrassed...“

„There's no reason why you should be. Really, it's okay. This happens very often to me.“

Amazing, Reina! You just shot yourself into your foot. Now of all times where you just met a nice girl. Very well done, Tanaka. God, how I wished to just disappear right now or at least... that I could rewind the time. Now everything made sense... the sunglasses, the reason why she didn't look at me as we started to talk to each other and her answer from before... that she didn't see his face when she refused him. Oh, Reina you stupid...
I snapped back to reality as I heard Eri moving next to me.

„Oh, sorry... take my hand“, I said, taking her hand into mine. Damn her skin was so soft...

„Thanks“, Eri replied, letting me pull her up onto her feet.

„No... prob...lem...“

I gulped as she stood in front of me. Eri looked... amazing. She had beautiful, long brown hair, that was lying over her shoulders, her skin was flawless and had a slight tan. Her face literally radiated sympathy and her lips were sensual and alluring. If I wouldn't be aware of the fact that I wasn't dreaming, I would have said that she was an angel sent from above. I've seen a lot of girls in my life but no one ever looked as beautiful as Eri did.

„I... should go home now...“, she said, feeling around on the bench for something.

„What are you looking for?“

„There has to be my white cane somewhere... I know I've putted it down next to me.“

I looked around and spotted a white staff lying in the bushes next to the bench. It must've dropped down as those disgusting guys bothered her and she got up in a hurry as panic took her over.

„I found it“, I said and handed it to her.

„Thank you.“

„In which direction do you have to go?“

„From where we are standing... to the right.“

„Oh... me too... do you... mind me to accompany you?“

„I don't mind... I'd be happy about some company“, Eri replied and smiled. Damn, this had to be one of the most mesmerizing smiles I've ever seen.

„Okay, then... I'll carry your books.“

„That would be nice.“

As I picked up her books, I noticed the small bumps underneath the black and white printed title. I ran my finger over it and realized that it was braille. But then the titles of the books caught my attention. Music and harmony apprenticeship, melodic symphonies, music as educational methods. These books weren't the ones a senior high school student would carry around.

~~~ ~~~

We quietly walked next to each other, Eri's arm hooked with mine. To be honest, I had been panicking slightly as she asked me to lead her. I've never led someone who was... well... blind. I was afraid of making her bump into things or that I couldn't stop her early enough on a street. Even though she had told me that she would be fine, I was still nervous. It took a lot of trust on her side to allow me to lead her. I wondered why she actually putted trust in me, since we've just met. And also the silence was killing me. I was still embarrassed from my mistake earlier.

„Do I have something on my face?“, Eri suddenly asked, causing me to jump slightly.


„You're looking at me since a while now.“

Damn, how did she know? I didn't even realize that I was looking at her. It was like my eyes were drawn to her by an invisible force. Sure she was an amazingly beautiful girl and somehow a mysterious aura lingered around her. The more I was looking at her, the more I realized just how amazing she looked. The soft breeze that blew through her hair made her look even more stunning.

Reina, what the heck are you doing? Stop staring at her, you might offend her with that.

That's what I said to myself but I just couldn't take my eyes off of her. I was very confident that she had lots of admirers. Hopefully it weren't such morons like the guys from earlier. I don't wanted to imagine what might have happened if I hadn't been around and what those bastards could've done to her. Would it have been possible for her to defend herself?

„Say, Reina... where are you from?“


„When you were talking before, I could hear that you don't have a Tokyo accent.“

„Oh... well, actually I'm from Fukuoka.“

„Fukuoka? That's not really the next town from here... what are you doing in Tokyo?“

„I just moved here.“

„Any reasons why you had to move from Fukuoka?“

„Let's just say... I had some problems back in my hometown.“

„Well... welcome in Tokyo, Reina“, Eri said and smiled. God, that smile...

„Thanks, Eri“, I replied, smiling as well even though I felt kinda stupid since I knew Eri wasn't able to see my smile.

An awkward silence emerged between us and the tension started to rise. I needed pick up the conversation again. If I was honest to myself, I really wanted to know more about that mysterious girl walking by my side.

„So how about you? Are you from Tokyo?“

„Yes, I was born here.“


„December 23rd, 1988.“

„So you were born in the showa era and you're also a child of winter.“


„Do you like the season?“

„Not as much as spring. I like the soft breezes and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. It's so soothing. That's why I'm always sitting on that bench after classes every day.“

„Every day? All on your own?“


„But... isn't that kinda... lonley? What about your friends?“

Eri forced a smile and suddenly I had a feeling that my question hadn't been a good one. Damn, I needed to stop to drop one brick after another.

„I don't have much friends.“

„Do you know why?“, I asked, really surprised about her answer.

„Most of the people I meet start to avoid me after they found out that I'm blind.“

„Why's that?“

„Because they think they have lots of responsibility if they are friends with me.“

„Only because... you're...“ Geez, I still couldn't say it.


„But that's moronic.“

„What do you mean?“ Eri asked, slightly turning her head into my direction.

„What I want to say is that... I don't understand why people avoid you.“

„I already told you why.“

„Eri, just because you're...“, I stopped, trying to find another word for her state, „not able to see... doesn't mean you're not a nice person.“

„Thank you, Reina...“, the girl next to me replied, smiling as she stopped.

„What's wrong?“

„I have to go to the left now“, she said.

„How... did you...“

„I memorized the way from the park to my house, counting each step, orienting myself on the sounds in that area. The traffic light is my indication for going left from here“, Eri explained, her hand gently touched the steel pillar of the traffic light.

„Oh... should I take you back home?“

„No, I'll be fine from here. Thank you for accompanying me, Reina. I really enjoyed talking to you.“

„I enjoyed it too... maybe... we... will meet someday again.“

„We probably won't...“, Eri said, lowering her head.

„Uh... well...“, I stammered, slightly taken aback about her answer, „it was... nice to meet you.“

„Thanks... likewise.“

„Oh... your books.“

„Yeah, right. Thank you for carrying them“, the girl said, taking her books.

„Don't mention it... well... have a nice evening, Eri.“

„You too, Reina.“

With that she walked away from me, moving her white cane from left to right and I watched her disappear as she turned around the next corner. I sighed and leaned against the traffic light, trying to figure out the meaning of what she had said. Why was it so obvious to her, that we wouldn't meet again? Because... I really wanted to.

~~~ ~~~

I kept staring out of the window while I was sitting in the classroom, not even bothering to listen to the teachers lectures. I wasn't able to concentrate anyways, my mind was always drifting off to... her. The sound of her voice, so soft and soothing still echoed in my ears and the way she had been smiling was an image I just couldn't get out of my head. And yet I felt a slight heaviness in my chest as her other words sneaked into my mind. I must've offended her really bad with what I've said and that was probably the reason why she didn't wanted to see... well meet me again. If that was the case, I had to accept it but at least... I wanted to apologize to her for my rude words, even though she said it was okay. Somehow it didn't feel like it. But how should I find her again?

„Hey... Reina“, Aiko whispered, poking my shoulder.


„You should stop staring out of that window and listen to the teacher.“

„Why should I?“

„Because it looks like you don't care about what he says.“

„Well, news for you, Aiko-chan. I do not care about what he's talking about.“

„Oh, Reina... we'll have a test about that topic, you know. Don't forget that.“

„And you don't forget about the fact that I'm repeating the class and I already know about the stuff he's blabbing about.“

„Okay, okay... no need to react that peevishly.“

„Whatever“, I replied and turned my head towards the window again.

I watched the wind grazing through the green leaves of the trees, gently rocking the small  branches up and down. I could feel a smile growing on my face as I thought about what Eri had said.

'I like the soft breezes and the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. It's so soothing. That's why I'm always sitting on that bench after classes every day.'

„THAT'S IT!“ I blurted out, slamming my hands onto my desk.

„Tanaka-san... do you have something you want to share with the class?“, the teacher asked.

„Eh?“ I blinked a few times in confusion.

„If there's nothing you want to share with the class about the topic, then please sit down again.“

„H-hai...“, I whispered in embarrassment, sitting back down. I hadn't even noticed that I had been jumping out of my seat.

„Damn, Reina... you shocked the whole class with your exclamation.“

„I don't care...“

„What made you that happy that you had to raise your voice like that?“

„Uh... nothing.“

„Yeah, sure... because of nothing you jumped out of your seat in excitement.“

„Geez, Aiko-chan... it's none of your business, okay?“


„Don't 'eh' me... you don't need to know everything.“

„Okay, sorry... I just wanted to participate on your life.“

„I'm sorry but... not this time.“

„Fine“, she said, remaining silent for a brief moment, „do you wanna go to have a coffee after school?“

„Tanaka-san! Minazuki-san! Stop talking in private and pay attention to the lesson!“, the teacher said, causing us to cringe slightly.

Somehow I was happy that he interrupted our small conversation. Aiko could be very persistent sometimes and way too curious. I know that some friends shared everything that happened in their lives but I wasn't that kind of girl. There were still some things I wanted to keep just for myself and the meeting with Eri was one of those things.

~~~ ~~~

„That's it for today, class is dismissed.“

God, how I've longed for that sentence. I jumped up from my seat, grabbing my books and ran out of the classroom, down the hallway to my locker. I quickly entered my combination and unlocked my locker, throwing the books inside and slammed it shut again. I started to jog towards the exit and Aiko flashed me a confused glance as I rushed past her.

„Reina, where are you going?“, she called after me.

„No time, gotta hurry!“, I replied, jogging backwards.

„What about the coffee?“

„Maybe another time, sorry!“

I waved at her and turned around, speeding up. I didn't care about the people who were staring at me as if I was insane, running like I wanted to win a marathon. All what mattered to me right now, was that I was might be able to see her again. If my train of thoughts had been right, then I would find Eri in the park sitting on the bench where we met yesterday.

To be continued...

That was chapter 2! Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Stay tuned for chapter 3
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/29 Chapter 2 - Wrong turn?]
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I think of that bench too xD

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/29 Chapter 2 - Wrong turn?]
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 :wub:  lol ur writing is soo good that it deserves to comments x3

i can't wait for chapter 3~ and really happy that u got bak into writing~ ^^ don't worry i'll stay updated on ur stories lol i'll make time to read them cuz they are soo good~ ^^

well bak to school work :(

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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Domo, domo~

First of all, I want to thank everyone who read my story and commented! I'll do my best to keep up with my updates!

Well then... ready for chapter 3?

Okay, here comes chapter 3!! Enjoy~

NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 3 – Tough life

I was totally out of breath as I finally reached the park. I took a few moments to catch my breath before I started to walk down the same way like yesterday. My stomach tingled in anticipation with each step I was taking. I sent silent prayers towards the heavens to see the person again, sitting on the same bench we've met each other the day before. My heart pounded against my chest as I finally reached the end of the bushes and peeked around them.

A happy smile grew on my face as I spotted Eri sitting on the bench with a book on her lap, her fingers briskly wandered over the pages. Judging from her expression, she seemed to be very concentrated. Once again I caught myself staring at her. She wore a white pullover combined with a light blue shirt underneath it and dark blue jeans which revealed the delicate shape of her legs. I took a deep breath and slowly walked over to her. I was only a few inches away from her as Eri suddenly turned her head into my direction, her lips formed one of those absolutely stunning smiles.

„Hello, Reina.“

„Hi, Eri...“, I shyly replied.

„It's good to hear you again.“

„I... wait... how did you know it was me?“

„I could tell from the sound of your footsteps.“


„You have this special way to walk, I've realized it yesterday.“


„What brings you here?“, Eri asked, putting her book aside.

„Well... Eri, I... w-would you mind me... sitting down next to you?“

„No, I don't mind.“

„Thank you“, I said as I sat down next to her.

I fiddled with my fingers, staring onto the ground. Why was I so nervous all of a sudden? Usually I wasn't like this. I had been talking to a lot of girls but I never had been so nervous like I was now. Probably it was because I don't wanted to mess up this conversation by stupid remarks again. I took a deep breath and thought about how I should start. First of all, I needed to apologize to her.

„Eri... I... wanted to apologize again...“

„For what?“

„For... what I've said yesterday.“

„Oh, Reina... I already told you that it's okay. You weren't aware of it.“

„I know but still... I feel like I've offended you and also... I couldn't stop thinking about what you've said before our paths went seperate ways...“

„That we probably won't meet again?“

„Yeah...“, I replied, pausing for a few seconds, „Eri, I can understand if you don't want to meet me again after I was acting so rude and... I came here to apologize once again and...“

Eri's quiet laugh caused me to stop in mid-sentence. Why was she laughing? What was so funny about what I've said just now? Okay, Eri's reaction was so not what I've had expected and I scratched the back of my head in confusion while I was looking at her.

„You're so cute, Reina“, Eri said, still laughing.

„Wha... Eh?“

„You were really thinking I said that because of your words yesterday?“

„Well... yeah...“

„You totally misinterpreted that.“

„I did?“


„So... what was the meaning of your words then?“

„As I told you... I don't have much friends because of my blindness. I've met a lot of people who said that we would meet again... but we never did, even though they promised.“


„One day, I've met some of those persons again and I asked them why they hadn't kept their promise. They only said that they couldn't handle my blindness and that spending time with me was getting straining after a while.“

„Why's that?“

„Because they always asked me if I've seen this or that... well, of course I didn't and soon they were getting tired me. They said they don't know what they could talk about with me.“

„So... you thought I'd be the same and were afraid of getting disappointed again?“

„Kind of, yes.“

„I see...“

„You know... I'm not that kind of person who keeps up whining because I lost my ability to see. It's just the way it is and that's why I'm not blaming you for saying something like you did yesterday,“ she explained, biting her lip, „but I am the one who needs to apologize.“


„Because I should've not thought the same about you, so... I'm sorry, Reina.“

„No, it's okay. I can understand why you had been thinking like this. You've experienced so much disappoinment and you just couldn't take it anymore.“

Eri smiled but remained silent. I needed to ease the tension between us. I had to find a topic that wouldn't drop the mood even more.

„So... what kind of book were you into before I interrupted you?“

„Oh, it's just a book from the university.“

„You're studying?“



„I don't think that's interesting for you.“

„No, please tell me. I... wanna know more about you.“

„I'm studying music at the Tokyo Geijutsu Daigaku university.“

„Wow... how is it?“

„Interesting. I love music.“

„What kind of music?“

„I listen to every kind of music but mostly to classical piano pieces.“

„I've only heard one piano piece before...“

„Did you like it?“

„It gave me a soothing feeling, so... I'd say yes.“

„The piano is an amazing instrument. I often play the piano to relax or when I need to find a way to solve my problems.“

„Wait... you can play the piano?“

„Yes, I taught it myself after I got blinded.“

„But wasn't that hard?“

„Not as much as I thought that it would be,“ Eri said and got up.

„What are you doing?“

„Do you want to join me for a walk, Reina?“

„Yeah, of course.“

~~~ ~~~

„And you already composed some songs?“, I asked her, carefully holding onto her arm while we walked along a small stream.

„Just a few and they're not that great.“

„I bet they are.“

„What makes you believe that they are?“

„Well, you're studying music, you're in your second semester and you've been playing the piano over years now.“

„That doesn't make a good composer out of you“, Eri said and giggled.

God, the more I was talking to her, the more interested I got in her life. What caused me to get clairaudient was the fact that she had said 'after she got blinded'. Did that actually mean, she hadn't been blind since she was born? Had she been able to see before? This question was bothering me and I thought about asking her, but each time I opended my mouth to do so, I lost my courage.

Damn, Reina... she knows that she's blind you don't have to remind her of that.

„What is bothering you, Reina?“

„Uh... n-nothing.“

„I know there is something.“


„Because you keep pulling the sleeve of my shirt.“

„Wha... OH! SORRY!“, I apologized as I saw that I really was pulling on her sleeve constantly.

„You want to talk about it?“

„Uhm... actually...“

„What is it, Reina?“

„Eri... can I... ask you something?“


„It... has something to do with... your... eyes. Is that... okay for you?“

„It is, you can ask me whatever you want to.“

„Were you... always blind?“


„How did it happen then?“

„That's a long story.“

„I've got time“, I shot back but then reminded myself to not force her into anything, „i-if you want to tell me, that is.“

I looked at her, watching her biting her lip. Oh no, it had been a bad idea to ask her something like that. My mind was racing as I feverishly thought about another topic. Eri cleared her throat  and licked her lips. God, why did that look so amazingly alluring if she was the one who did that?

„Let's sit down somewhere“, she said.

„Okay“, I replied, leading her to the nearest bench.

„When I was fourteen, my parents and me had an appointment at my school. As we reached the highway, we were driving behind a truck which carried toxic substances. I remember because I had been asking my mom about the meaning of the sign on the back of the truck.“

„I see.“

„Suddenly the driver of the truck lost control of his car, he probably fell asleep for a few seconds. The truck-trailer slid across the highway and my dad wasn't able to hit the brake in time, so we directly crashed into the trailer. After that... I don't know what happened, everything around me went black.“

„You passed out?“

„Yeah... I still remember how I started to panic when I woke up in the hospital, hearing those buzzing and beeping sounds of the cardiogram. I was calling for my parents as I realized that everything around me remained black.“

„What happened then?“

„The doctor talked to me. He told me that there's no need to worry, since I've only had a bandage around my eyes and that I would be able to see again when they're taking it off. I was really happy about what he had said and I barely couldn't wait to get rid of these bandages. Finally the day I had been longing for was there and I was eager to look into my parents faces. The nurse took off my bandages and I could see... nothing. I've only heard my mom gasping and my dad was mumbling something. Then the sound of a door opening reached my ears and I realized the familiar voice of my attending doctor. He apologized to my parents for giving them a wrong diagnosis and... told them that I would never be able to see again, since acid got into my eyes and destroyed my visual nerve.“

„Oh...“, I weakly said and gulped.

How hard must it have been for her to hear those terrible news. Somehow the image of a fourteen-year-old Eri sneaked into my mind, sitting in the hospital bed with an expression of pure shock and confusion. I had been always wondering why the world had to be that unfair to let happen such tragic incidents to those people who just didn't deserve it.

„Eri, that's... oh, god I'm so sorry...“

„It's okay, Reina... it's okay.“

„So you've been... blind since six years now...“


„Any memory about what you've lastly seen... something you'll never forget about?“

„Yes, there is.“

„And that's what?“

„My mom's gentle face“, Eri replied, a smile appeared on her lips.

I couldn't help but smile too. Just as Eri had mentioned her mom, her whole face lit up with pride. While I was looking at her, I really had to admit that her expression looked amazingly cute just now. I've never seen such a proud expression before. Her and her mom seemed to have a very good mother-daughter relationship.

„Your family seems to be the most treasured possesion you've got... I'm sure you're always looking forward to come back home.“

Eri's lips formed an agonized smile as she lowered her head. Suddenly all the pride that had shown in her face gave way to a sad and upset expression.

„Eri, what's wrong?“ I asked her as concern awoke inside of me.

„Reina, I...“

„Do you have problems at home?“


„What is it, Eri?“

„Reina, I'm... all alone...“


„My parents...“, she started, her voice began to tremble, „my parents are... dead.“

I gasped and clasped my hand over my mouth. Her parents were dead? Wasn't it already enough that she lost her ability to see? I silently execrated the cruelness of this world.

„They... they both died in a fire when I was sixteen...“, the girl next to me quietly said, choking back tears, „my older brother took care of me and my younger sister after our parents died.“

„So you still have siblings?“

Eri shook her head, fighting against the tears that shimmered in her hazy eyes. Her whole body trembled at the force in that her sadness washed over her, her hands that she had been resting on her knees tightly clenched into fists.

„Where are they?“

„They were... both killed by an car accident...“

„Oh, Eri... I'm... awfully sorry. When...?“

„It happened on... my seventeenth birthday... the two of them went out to buy some food but... never came back again... the police... told me about... what had happened and I...“

The twenty-year-old girl bursted out in tears after she had reeled up the whole painful memories again. Tears dropped onto the back of her hands as she let her emotions run free, her heartrending sobs filled the air. I slowly wrapped my arm around her shoulders, carefully pulling her into my arms. Eri's hands clutched my shirt as she buried her face in my chest and soon her hot tears soaked the upper area of my chest. I tightened my grip around her, gently stroking the back of her head, slightly rocking her back and forth in order to comfort her. I gulped to get rid of the lump in my throat that seemed to grow with each passing second Eri was lying in my arms, crying.

A girl who lost her ability to see.

A girl who lost her family.

A girl who had nothing but herself.

That sounded like a drama movie. A movie that someone would watch after preparing lots of tissues on the sofa. But sadly this wasn't a movie. This was the cold and harsh reality. This was Eri's life.

To be continued...

Chapter 3 finished~ Thanks for reading *bows* So then, everyone... what do you think? Chapter 4 is already on its way~
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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Awww. D: Hopefully Reina can bring a bit of luck and happiness into Kame's life. :3
Kudos for the speedy updates. :D

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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Reina's got it bad~  :yep: Guess she'll end up straying from the yankii path due to a certain blind turtle.  :oops:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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Ack, I missed commenting on chapter 2!!! Anyway, aw man... Eri!!! :cry: I feel so bad for her... I hope Reina can make her life a little better with some time... <33

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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It's quite understandable why Eri's built up a bit of a proverbial shell (no pun intended). Given her past experience it would only be natural for her to do that to keep herself from always getting emotionally hurt.

Hopefully it hasn't gotten to the point where she'll actually start to push Reina away. :O

JPH!P :heart:'s kuro808, Fushigidane, ChrNo, Jab & marimari. Always.

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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an, you couldn't make it more tragic! and you dare to think about it xD

That was enough .... my god poor Eri T_T... little blind turtle alone in the ocean...

u_u... Come on Cat, time for work =D

God!! She knows she's HOT!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/30 Chapter 3 - Tough life]
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Ch. 1
God, Aiko’s annoying. XD But she does seem to be a good friend. Poor Reina, broken-hearted and worried out of her mind~ :( Oh god, the girl is Eri, isn’t it? :shocked: OUCH at the headbutt! :doh: Wow, Reina is kakkoii~~ 8)
Eri’s blind?! Foreal?! :shocked:

Ch. 2
While I admit Reina was kinda rude and stuff, she really didn’t know and Eri’s so forgiving~ Wow, how does Eri know Reina was staring at her?! :w00t: Well, I guess ppl can feel that kind of stuff, whether they can see or not, so I just answered my own question. :oops: I love how they talk about the weather, so Japanese. :lol: Wait…why won’t they meet again?! :huhuh I died at Reina making a scene in her class!!! :rofl: I hope she finds Eri~

She knew it was Reina! :w00t: Eri’s other senses are definitely super sharp! Aww, I misinterpreted Eri’s words too. :cry: But it’s so sad to think that ppl have done that to her. :cry: I know it’s possible, but hard to imagine playing the piano when blind. I’m still amazed that Eri’s so nonchalant about her blindness but I guess you just get used to it. Oh my…so that’s how Eri became blind….*starts crying* And now she’s all alone… :cry:

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