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Author Topic: Love is blind (UPDATED) [03/29 I'm sorry guys...]  (Read 53911 times)

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [09/28 Chapter 7 - Revealing the truth]
« Reply #80 on: October 19, 2009, 10:18:09 PM »
Wahh awwwwz:shy1: :mon lovelaff:
I gotta admit that when i started reading this and i read that Eri was blind, i tought this was gonna be angsty and not so great but kyaaaa that just makes the fic so cute! :shy2: :inlove: Can't help but love the story just the way it is. X) :heart:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [09/28 Chapter 7 - Revealing the truth]
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I wish I had a mom like Reina's!
Fushigidane basically said what I wanted to say and I really like Eri here, even with her being blind and all she's still being strong and independent :heart:

GanbaReina!! Go get the girl! :on woohoo:

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [09/28 Chapter 7 - Revealing the truth]
« Reply #82 on: December 22, 2009, 02:46:35 AM »
Updated please T_T
I wanna read more about this fic :S

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/18 INFORMATION UPDATE! I'm so sorry ><]
« Reply #83 on: April 18, 2010, 08:15:59 PM »
Hey everyone

No, sadly this is no update for Love is blind. I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates, I'm awfully sorry for that.

The past few month (and with past few I mean all the month after I've stopped updating) had been very hard for me and I had to worry about a lot more than another chapter for one of my fanfics, especially Love is blind. I've spent nights sitting in front of my laptop to try and finish at least one chapter or another one-shot. But yeah... nothing came out. And I probably disappointed some of you since the first few chapters went up pretty fast >< I'm really, really sorry for that!

Now everyhing's going back to normal and my life slowly goes its usual way :thumbsup

Alright, about Love is blind... I can tell you that I know what will happen in chapter 8 I only have to find the right words to put it into proper sentences  :nervous

But... for chapter 8 you will see Aiko again who suddenly shows up at Reina's house and Reina will have another date with Eri  What Aiko wants from Reina and how the date with Eri turns out... you will find out in chapter 8 ;D

So... stay tuned and... once again, I apologize to all of you!

Thank you for still supporting me!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [04/18 INFORMATION UPDATE! I'm so sorry ><]
« Reply #84 on: April 18, 2010, 10:06:52 PM »
 :)  It's okay take your time, I'll be waiting.

Ganbatte ne!  ;)

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [06/03 Chapter 8 - An unexpected change]
« Reply #85 on: June 03, 2010, 03:20:43 AM »
Minna-san, domo~~

YES, FINALLY!! After making you guys wait for soooooo long, I finally did it! Chapter 8 is finished!! YAY YAY!! I hope you enjoy this chapter and it makes up a little bit for the long waiting time.

Once again, I really apologize for the lack of updates *bows*

And now, without any further ado... here's chapter 8~


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 8 – An unexpected change

„Mmm... shut up...“, I silently cursed as a loudly barking dog woke me up.

When did I fall asleep? I couldn't even remember the slightest hint of weariness before. Maybe the suffocating heat that had been building up in the last few hours had caused me to get all sleepy. I yawned and stretched but as soon as I started stretching, I stopped and felt my face heating up as I blushed deeply. My eyes slowly wandered down only to see Eri who was still sound asleep. I smiled and brushed a strand of hair out of her face. The girl in my arms moved a little, making cute sleeping sounds and I held my breath. I remained in the position I was, not daring to make a move until I was sure that Eri was still asleep. A smile formed on my lips as I watched her sleep so peacefully. I don't think that I've saw her that relaxed before. At least in her sleep she seemed to be safe from her horrible past.

Suddenly Eri twitched in my arms. I blinked a few times and watched her closely, wanting to make sure she was alright. A few moments passed and Eri remained laying still, causing me to sigh in relief. For some reason Eri's sudden movement had been startling me. But now it seemed that I wouldn't have to expect her moving again. Hm... maybe it was just the same twitching I had sometimes when I was dreaming. I leant back against the tree and closed my eyes, taking a deep breath, enjoying the warm rays of sunlight shining onto my face. God, this felt so... nice. A warm summer day and I was here in the park... with an amazingly beautiful girl sleeping in my arms. I could feel a silly grin growing on my face, thinking about how lucky I was. For one moment I gave in to the feeling of pride. Yes, I was proud. Proud to know such a wonderful person like Eri... proud to have a girl like her resting in my arms. Yet the pride I felt was still kept within a limit, since I knew that I would never be with Eri... that I would never be able to call her my girlfriend.

Be happy that you're at least friends with her, Reina! Don't be so ungrateful! You can't always have everything you want! Even... if it's what you wish for the most...

Eri broke my chain of thoughts as she twitched again. This time more forceful. Suddenly her breathing quickened, tears ran down her cheeks and heart-wrenching sobs reached my ears. Okay, now I was totally alarmed and my heart was pounding against my chest. What the hell was going on? Was she having a nightmare? Whatever it was, it seemed to be enough to put her into such a state.

„N-no...“, Eri whimpered.


„Please... don't... mom... dad... no...“

„Eri! Shhh... it's okay!“, I said, rubbing her arm.

„N-nii-chan... imouto-chan... d-don't leave me... I-I'm scared to be all alone... i-it's so... d-dark...“, Eri cried, sobbing harder.

„Eri! Wake up!“

I gently shook her in order to wake her up, but this was harder than it seemed. Soon Eri was tossing and turning in my arms and I was having a very hard time to keep her still. I've tried to calm her down, saying her name over and over again, hoping she would react to my voice. But still nothing. Seriously, I've never felt so helpless like I did now as I watched Eri moving around wildly, her cheeks wet from her tears. I bit my lip and took a deep breath, deciding to do the only thing that came to my mind. I slowly wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly, rubbing her back.

„Shhh... it's okay... I'm here, Eri...“, I softly whispered into her ear, „you're not alone... I'm here with you...“

As soon as I've finished my sentence, Eri suddenly stopped moving and I could feel her tensed muscles relaxing in my arms. Her breathing slowly went back to normal and her sobbing stopped in an instant. I kept on stroking her back with my heart still pounding. But wait... this pounding was different... it was not the one I've felt before when I started to panic about the situation... this heartthrobbing was... kinda pleasant. Suddenly my cheeks started to burn with heat and I could feel my stomach tingling. What the...?!

Calm down, Reina... you're just holding her... nothing special... god, the closeness is killing me... wait... REINA!!

„Your heart is racing...“



„Y-you're... awake...“



„Why is your heart pounding?“

„Uh... I...“, I stammered, „you... you really scared me...“

„Eh? W-what did I do?“, Eri asked.

„You... were tossing and turning all of a sudden.“

„O-oh... s-sorry about that...“

„No, it's fine... I just... got worried about you.“


„You were... crying in your sleep... calling out for your family... asking your brother and sister not to go...“

„. . .“

„Eri... I...“

„Thank you, Reina.“

„F-for what?“

„For... holding me...“

„O-oh! S-sorry!“

„No... no, don't be sorry, Reina...“

„B-but I shouldn't... have... touched you without your permission!“

„Reina! It's fine... really.“

„If you say so...“

„It... soothed me...“



„Are you okay?“


„Sure? You know... you can talk to me about everything...“

„Actually... I wanna go home now...“

„Oh... sure... should I take you back home?“

„If you want to.“

„Of course, Eri“, I replied and smiled.

„Sorry for... ruining the picnic.“

„It's okay. At least we got to eat together.“


„Don't worry, Eri“, I said and got up, carefully taking Eri's hand into mine to pull her up to her feet.

„Thanks“, she said, gently squeezing my hand, sending sparks through my body.

„Y-you're welcome...“

~~~ ~~~

We quietly walked next to each other, Eri's arm linked with mine. None of us had been saying a single word since we've left the park. My mind was still filled with the images of Eri crying in her sleep. She must've had a horrible dream about her family. The more I thought about it, the more I felt sadness taking me over. So I was wrong with thinking that she was safe in her sleep. No, even in her sleep she was haunted by the cruel incidents that happened to her family members. And if Eri was dreaming things like that often... then she was all alone at night... with no one by her side to comfort her when she was crying. This thought was like a stab with a knife right into my heart. How much I wished I could do something for her.



„Where do you want to go?“

„W-what? Oh...“, I replied, snapping back to reality only to see that we already arrived at Eri's house.

„Thank you for taking me home.“

„Don't mention it.“

„Take care, okay? And... sorry again.“

„Eri~ I told you it's okay.“

„W-well then...“

„Yeah... I hope we'll meet again soon“, I said, already taking a few steps backwards.

„Reina! Wait!“


„What... are you doing tonight?“

„I didn't plan anything yet... why?“

„W-would you...“, Eri began, biting her lip.


„W-would you... Reina, would you visit me tonight? H-here...?“

„A-at your house?“

„No, at the well behind my house.“


„Of course at my house, silly“, she giggled.


„O-only if you're free... if not then... maybe some other time.“

„No... no, tonight is fine“, I said, smiling.

„A-around 7 o'clock?“

„I'll be there, Eri.“

„G-great! Then... we'll meet tonight.“

„Yeah... tonight!“, I happily repeated and looked after her until she disappeared inside the house, „tonight, Eri... you won't be alone...“

~~~ ~~~

I had been smiling like an idiot on the whole way back home. The people I've been passing by were looking at me as if I was someone who just escaped from a mental hospital. But this time it didn't bother me in the slightest. People could think about me whatever the hell they wanted. I mean... haven't they ever seen a very happy girl being in a good mood? I giggled to myself as I roamed through my purse, looking for my keys. God, today was such a damn good day! There was nothing that could influence my good mood, not even the nosy questions my mom always asked whenever I came back from seeing Eri.

„Mom, I'm home~“, I called out as I closed the door and took my shoes off, slipping into my slippers.

„Ah, hello Reina“, she greeted me, stepping out from the kitchen, „you're home already?“

„Yeah, Eri didn't feel well, so I took her back home.“

„Oh... I'm sorry that your date didn't last longer.“

„Mom~“, I whined and blushed, „it wasn't a date...“

„Eh? How do you call seeing a girl you like then?“

„It was not a date! We were just hanging out with each other...“

„I see~ 'Hanging out with each other'... is that how a date is called nowadays?“, my mom said and giggled.

„Oh you...“

„But it's good that you're back now.“

„Eh? Why?“

„You have a guest.“

„What? But... I didn't expect anyone to be over...“

„She's waiting for you in the living room.“

A guest? Now? How was this possible? I didn't invite anyone, especially since I was supposed to be still out with Eri. I slowly walked into the living room and my eyes widened. This... was a bad joke, wasn't it? What the hell was going on? Why was she here?


„H-hey, Reina...“, Aiko greeted, her voice quiet.

„What do YOU want here?“

„Reina, please... listen to me first...“

„I don't know why I should!“, I snapped at her.

„Please...“, Aiko beseeched, biting her lip.


„Can I say something to that?“, my mom interfered, „I don't know what happened between the two of you but you should at least give her a chance, Reina.“

I sighed deeply. Out of all people Aiko was the last one – besides Hanako – I wanted to talk to or see right now. I looked at my classmate who was nervously playing with the hem of her shirt, her expression blank.

„Fine... I'll give you fifteen minutes... I'm short on time...“

„Oh~ Why?“, my mom asked, grinning.

„I'll tell you later, mom“, I replied and turned to look at Aiko, „come with me.“

Aiko got up and slowly followed me as I climbed up the stairs to my room. Seriously, I so wasn't in the mood to listen to her. Guess I was a little overhasty when I thought that nothing could change my mood. It had been dropping as soon as I've seen Aiko sitting on the couch. There was nothing to talk about! At least for me.
I opened the door to my room and walked in, sitting down on my bed. Aiko didn't enter, she was still standing in the doorway, her gaze lowered onto the floor.

„Come in already! The clock is ticking“, I said, the tone of my voice cold.

„Okay, okay...“, Aiko replied and slowly, almost shyly entered my room.

„Close the door, please.“

„Okay...“, she said and did as I told her.

„Now... what is it?“


„What? You don't have to repeat my name every two minutes, I know very well what my name is.“


„Would you just tell me already why you're here?“

„I... just wanted to talk to you...“


„About... what happened... in the park...“

„Oh~ I see~ You mean... you stalking me... kissing me out of the blue... throwing your words of love at me, leaving me all confused?“, I growled, my voice thick with sarcasm, „I really have no idea what's left to say about that!“

Aiko remained quiet, biting her lip and I could see her gulping. I felt anger rising inside me with each passing second as I thought about the whole scenario again. One thing was for sure, that girl had guts to appear at my house after what had happened. I was still mad at her. Not only because of her actions but also for her saying bad things about Eri, making up the reason why I was spending time with her.

„Reina...“ Aiko suddenly said, breaking my chain of thoughts, „I... are you still mad at me?“

„Are you kidding me?!“ I asked, flashing her one of my death glares.

„So you are...“

„Of course I am! What the hell did you think? That I would forget about it that easily? What was going on in your brain anyway?“

„I... I guess... nothing...“

„Yeah! I've noticed!“

„Reina, please... listen to me...“

„Tell me one good reason why I should!“

„Because... I... wanna apologize...“

„Apologize?“, I repeated and frowned.


„You really think it's so easy?“

„Reina... I know it was wrong... to throw you off your guard...“

„That's not all! On top of that you were making up that stupid reason why I spend so much time with Eri! You made fun of her!“

„. . .“

„Do you even have the slightest idea what Eri had to go through already?“


„See?! So what the hell gives you the right to crack such stupid jokes about her?“

„I... I didn't think about it... I didn't know it would affect you that much...“

„Aiko, you know very well... that she's important to me!“

„Yes, I know that! And exactly that's what's bothering me!“


„S-she got so much of your attention!“


„I... I was jealous... I was trying to figure out how to catch your attention...“

„By simply not annoying me!“

„But no matter what I did... everything seemed to annoy you! Suddenly she came into your life and within a short span of time she got all of your attention! Attention that I wanted for so long!“

She has a name! Her name is Eri!“

„Fine, Eri then! Tell me, Reina! What do I have to do to get the same attention as her? Really, sometimes I was wondering if I only could get your attention if I was like her! Blind and helpless!“

My jaw dropped at her last remark. She couldn't be serious. Gee, that woman didn't learn anything from the whole thing, did she?

„Aiko! Do you even know what you're saying?“, I asked, staring at her in bewilderment.

„Yes, Reina! I do!“

„No, you don't... you have no damn idea what you're talking about!“

„. . .“

„Aiko, Eri isn't blind because she wanted it... she's blind because a horrible accident took her eyesight!“

„And that's why you like her so much?“

„No! It has nothing to do with her being blind!“, I snapped.

„What then? Explain it to me, Reina! I want to understand why this woman fascinates you so much!“

„Because... Eri is one hell of a fighter! She got blinded when she was fourteen... two years later she lost her parents in a fire and on her seventeenth birthday, her brother and sister went out to get some food for them... but never came back again...“

„W-what... happened?“

„They died in a car accident...“

Aiko gasped and clasped her hand over her mouth. A look of shock crossed her face at the same time it went all pale.

„Oh my god...“, she quietly said, „that's... horrible...“

„Do you understand now, Aiko? It's not because Eri is blind... it's because I'm fascinated by her strength... even though she already had to face so many bad things in those twenty years of her life... she's still able to live happily through the days.“

„Reina, I...“

„That's why I got mad... because you didn't ask for the real reasons why I...“

I trailed off and blushed deeply, my heart beat quickened.

„Why you fell for her... right?“, my classmate asked, finishing my sentence.

„I... I...“, I stammered, feeling my cheeks flush even more.

„You... really... like her a lot, huh?“

„Yeah... I do... she's just... wow!“

„Wow, that's rare~“, Aiko giggled.


„Speechless Reina~ I've never thought I'd get to see this!“




„A-are we... okay now?“

„Promise me... you'll never crack jokes about Eri...“

„I promise, Reina... I'm really sorry... about what I've said...“

„Come here, you!“, I said as I pulled her into my arms, hugging her tightly.

„Thank you...“

„Don't mention it... I... I'm sorry too...“

„Eh? For what?“

„For... hurting your feelings...“

„No... I should've stopped after realizing that there's no chance for me...“


„Let's not talk about that anymore, okay?“

„Okay“, I said and smiled at her, „what do you wanna talk about?“

„Hmmm... let's see... about... how you can confess to Eri~“, she said, her voice sounded... cheerful.


„I assume you still didn't tell her.“

„N-no...“, I replied and slightly lowered my head to hide the blush that crept into my cheeks.

„I can't believe it...“


„You have to tell her, damn it!“

„I... I can't!“

„Why not?“

„She...“, I started and sighed, „she probably is totally straight.“

„Do you know that for sure? Or is this just one of your wild assumptions?“

„Eh?! That's not a wild assumption!“

„As long as you don't know for sure, I'm going to call it like that.“


„No buts, Reina~“

„Mou, Aiko~“

„Tell me then... what makes you think she's straight? Did she every say anything about it?“

„N-no... but... she's just... too beautiful and smart to be... like me...“

„That's not a reason! Sure... I... have to admit that she's beautiful... but you're beautiful too and you like girls so... where's the difference?“

„Eri is different from me. She's... just the type to be straight.“

„You said that about me as well...“

„Oh... yeah...“, I replied, knowing she was absolutely right.

Yeah, Aiko might was right about that. I didn't think that she could like girls either since she never showed me any signs of liking her own gender... but with Eri it was a whole different story.

„Let's start with the most simplest thing... did she ever mention a guy while you two were talking to each other?“

„No... the only male persons she had been talking about... were... her dad and her brother...“

„Ah, I see... but she never said anything about... liking someone?“

„No... and even if she would like someone, I'm sure she wouldn't tell me, Aiko.“

„Why not? From what you've been telling me about her, she seems to trust you a lot.“


„So~ It would be normal if she told you about that.“

„But she didn't... and also that's not a good proof either. Just because she's not talking about guys doesn't mean she likes women.“

„You're thinking too complicated, Reina.“

„Not complicated... I'm just careful...“

Aiko shook her head and sighed, crossing her arms, a cold shiver ran down my spine as she glared at me.

„Uwah... don't do that, Aiko... you remind me of my mom when she's mad at me.“

Instead of doing how I told her, she just intensified her glare by narrowing her eyes to slits. God, I never knew Aiko could look so freaking creepy.

„Stop that already!“, I whined, turning my head away from her.

„I'm going to keep on glaring at you until you tell me that you confess to her.“

„I told you I can't! If I confess to her... she might freaks out and then I can forget about our friendship as well! I... I just don't wanna lose her...“

„But if you're not making a move soon, then maybe someone else will do so and you'll regret it till the end of your life whenever you see her with anyone but you by her side.“

I bit my lip as I thought about it. The image of Eri being with someone else caused my heart to sink painfully and another shiver ran down my spine. But this time it was an unpleasant one. I sighed and let myself fall back onto my bed, staring up at the ceiling. Now I was even more unsure about what to do. If I confessed to Eri... and she'd get scared by me having feelings for her... then I'd lose her. If I didn't confess to her and kept going on the base of a friendship... then maybe Aiko was right and someone else would be able to be with her and... I'd lose her as well. Ahhh, this was so... confusing and frustrating! Maybe I should really try and see if I could find out a little more about her private life. Tonight was probably the best chance to do so... wait... tonight...

„TONIGHT!“, I suddenly exclaimed, sitting straight up, causing Aiko to jump in shock, „DAMN, I HAVE TO TAKE A SHOWER!“

„W-what?“, my classmate asked, blinking in confusion.

„Eri... she invited me to her place tonight...“

„Oh~ She wants to be alone with you~?“, she teased, nudging my arm with her elbow.

„There's nothing to 'oh~' about, Aiko... She probably just wants to make up for the picnic today...“

„Duh, Reina!“


„Why are you always denying it?“

„I'm not denying anything...“, I grumbled and got up, walking over to my closet, opening it.

„You do! Why don't you accept the possibility of her wanting to be alone with you and that's why she invited you to come over?“

„Because... I just know it's not like that.“

„Another one of your wild assumptions?“

I didn't reply to Aiko's remark. I've had no idea what to say about that. Of course, for a brief moment a part of me thought about the possibility of Eri wanting to be alone with me... but I've pushed that thought aside as soon as it came to my mind. Even the thought was just ridiculous! Why in the world would Eri want to be alone with me? Ah! I know! Maybe she just wants to talk to me without the noises around us and her house should be a nice quiet place. That must be the reason.

„Didn't you say you wanna take a shower?“, Aiko suddenly asked, causing me to jump a little.

„Yes... I did...“

„Then why are you standing in front of your closet and stare at your clothes?“

„I... actually don't know...“, I admitted.

„You're nervous~“

„Am not!“

„Reina... I'm going to tell you something now“, my classmate began, getting up from my bed and walked over to me, putting her hand onto my shoulder, „you should really start with... allowing yourself to trust someone. I know you've had a hard time with your ex-girlfriend... but just because she was a bitch... doesn't mean other girls are like her as well. You should Eri give a chance.“

„I-I do!“

„Yes, you do... but only halfheartedly.“

„It's just...“

„No, Reina!“, Aiko scolded, „stop being so damn doubtful about everything! Don't you see that you're standing in your own way? Break free from the shackles you've chained yourself into after the incidents with Hanako and start a new chapter of your life!“

„Aiko, it's not that easy...“

„I know that it isn't... but you need to live again! And... maybe Eri can help you with that... but only if you let her... that means... you have to tell her how you feel about her.“

I sighed and looked at my classmate. She smiled warmly at me and for the first time I didn't see the girl that had been annoying me like hell lately. Now she looked more like... a caring sister to me and the gentle squeeze she gave my shoulder was obviously a gesture to encourage me. I smiled back at her and took a step forward to wrap my arms around her neck, hugging her tightly.

„Thank you...“, I whispered.

„What will you do now?“

„First... I'll take a shower“, I said and giggled, letting go of my friend to look at her, „and then... I'll think about how I can tell Eri about my feelings... without going like a bull at a gate.“

„That sounds like a good plan“, she replied and grinned, „well I'm going to leave now so you're able to think about it without me interrupting you. Good luck tonight.“


„We'll see each other... whenever you have time“, Aiko said and winked, „but keep me updated about how the things are going with the woman of your dreams~“

I blushed deeply at her remark and simply nodded, watching Aiko walking towards the door. She was about to push down the doorhandle when she turned her head to look at me.



„Don't worry... no matter how it will turn out after you told her about your feelings... I'm sure she'll never turn her back on you.“

Aiko gave me another smile before she opened the door and left my room. I was still standing at the same spot like before, not making a single move. All the things Aiko had said were echoing in my ears and filled me with a rush of confidence. Aiko was right! I had to shake off the past along with the bad experiences I've made and start all over new. Maybe even... with Eri by my side.

To be continued...

Alright, another chapter down! I can't promise you that I'll update again soon since work keeps me very occupied and most of the times I just fall into my bed and sleep when I come back home... but I'm going to write whenever I can!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [06/03 Chapter 8 - An unexpected change]
« Reply #86 on: June 03, 2010, 12:45:05 PM »
YES! An update!   :cow:  :D

I'll be back later with proper comment.

Eri’s nightmare was quite unexpected, I thought they’re gonna have a nice peaceful picnic.

„Your heart is racing...“

XD  almost got caught but Reina gave a good answer.

„I see~ 'Hanging out with each other'... is that how a date is called nowadays?“
LOL nice mom

Reina so protective of Eri  :wub:

„Do you understand now, Aiko? It's not because Eri is blind... it's because I'm fascinated by her strength... even though she already had to face so many bad things in those twenty years of her life... she's still able to live happily through the days.“
:yep:  she’s strong, she’s one amazing girl  :luvluv2:

Yay! Reina and Aiko made up and Aiko even helping her with Eri, but that was fast.

I had to shake off the past along with the bad experiences I've made and start all over new. Maybe even... with Eri by my side.
That’s the spirit!  :k-great:

I hope the good vibes I think I’ve seen (read) from Eri are signs that she’s actually developing some feelings for Reina. Can’t wait to see what happen next!

Anyway thanks for the update, I’ve been feeling TanaKame deprived so this is awesome  :twothumbs
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [06/03 Chapter 8 - An unexpected change]
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Oooh... thank you!!! :bow:  That was worth waiting. :thumbsup

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [06/03 Chapter 8 - An unexpected change]
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Oooooh yay~ an update! :D

I'm loving the mama with every update. So cool :lol: Waaaaaaahhhhh I want to know what will happen when Reina goes to the turtle's lair :inlove: Oh please update soon :wub:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Minna-san, konban wa~  ^_^

O-hisashiburi ne~?  ^^;

Well yeah, I'm back now... and I have something for you guys :D YES!! I FINALLY FINISHED CHAPTER 9!!! YAAAAAAAY!!!

I'm very, very sorry about the lack of updates and the huge gap in between chapter 8 and 9. First of all I had tons of work, so that means I was working overtime a lot and when I came back home, I ate and fell into my bed just to get up and work again XD And second... something visited me... yes, the writer's worst enemy... WRITER'S BLOCK!! >.> It took AGES until I was able to write again! I bet lots of you know as well how it is to sit there and write something, re-read it... and delete it just to type something new, re-reading that and deleting it AGAIN XD

But yeah, now I'm done with chapter 9 and I hope it was worth waiting for it~

Also I wanna announce that I'm going to open up my own fanfiction blog soon :D As the name says... you'll find all my fanfictions there once I'm done with an "Opening-Oneshot" for this page!

Alright... that's it from me! Once again I really wanna apologize for disappointing the readers with the lack of updates! Please enjoy this chapter ;D


NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 9 - One step forward

I nervously straightened my skirt and fixed my hair as I stood in front of Eri's door. Yeah, I know... it's not like she could see my appearance since she was blind... but I still wanted to look alright. In cases like that I could be as girly as hell. My brother really loved to tease me about how I took like ages in the bathroom. Just like before when I was getting ready for visiting Eri. He had been knocking onto the bathroom door constantly, asking me what the hell I was doing in there and if I fell asleep under the shower. Seriously, in moments like this I really wished he was a little baby again, sleeping all day long not even bothering with the thoughts of how he could annoy his sister to hell. Also, I really appreciated Eri's invitation to her house. In that way, we would be able to talk to each other with no interruptions... like my mom banging loudly against the door with the vacuum cleaner or knocking every five minutes to ask if we'd need something. That's what she did whenever I was in my room with another girl. The most funniest thing about it was... that on the days I had a female visitor, she used the vacuum cleaner like eight times.

I sighed and shook off those thoughts of my mom and the annoying little monster that my family and other people used to call my brother. Now I had to concentrate on something... no... on someone else...


I took one last deep breath before I rang the doorbell with a shaking hand. My heart was pounding wildly and my mind was reeling. What if I did something wrong? Like... something I didn't intend to do but still did it? God, please... let this evening be alright with no embarrassing or imprudent incidents. Don't make me let myself look like a fool and regret Eri that she invited me.

Suddenly the door opened, causing me to jump a little. Seriously, I needed to stop getting lost in my own thoughts and concentrate!

„H-hey, Eri...“, I greeted and gulped.

„Hello, Reina~ Sorry for making you wait.“

„N-no, it's fine, don't worry about it.“

„Please, come in“, she said and smiled, stepping aside.

„T-thank you“, I shyly replied and slowly entered her house, „wow, Eri!“


„Your house is... huge!“

„I think it's the average size for a house in that five persons used to live in...“

„O-oh... s-sorry... I didn't mean to...“, I stammered, silently cursing myself.

„Reina~ Don't worry, I've told you it's okay.“

An awkward silence emerged between the two of us. I fiddled with the hem of my shirt, biting my lip. I felt like an idiot! Why couldn't I just keep my mouth shut and stop saying the wrong things all the time?



„Are you okay?“

„Y-yeah... why?“

„You just... became so quiet all of a sudden.“

„Don't worry, Eri“, I said, „I'm just overwhelmed by how beautiful your house looks.“


„Yeah, it gives me a very comfortable feeling.“

„I'm glad you like it“, Eri said and smiled.

„Did you... change anything in here? I mean... s-since...“

Stop it, Reina! Don't bring this topic up!

„Oh... no, I left it in the way my parents arranged it. I'm used to it and I know exactly where the things I need are. It makes living here a lot easier for me.“

„I understand... so you don't feel lost in here all by yourself?“


„No, not at all. I lived in here with my parents and siblings... w-well... until...“

Eri stopped and bit her lip. It broke my heart to see this sad expression on her again. And it's all my fault! Why was it always like this? Whenever we were spending time together, talking to each other, I unintentionally brought up something that reminded her of her dead parents and siblings or that horrible accident that caused her to become blind. Great... just great! If it started out like this how would turn out the rest of the evening? Would it be a disaster? God... please no! I wanted her to enjoy this evening. I quickly had to change the topic!

„Would you... like to see the house?“, Eri suddenly asked, tearing me out of my thoughts.

„Yeah, sure... if it's okay for you.“


„Okay, okay... sorry... I mean... yes, Eri! It would be a pleasure if you'd show me around.“

„Way better“, the girl giggled, „follow me, please.“

I slowly walked behind Eri, amazed by how secure she was moving through the corridor. She didn't even walk in a slow pace. It was just like mine.
While I followed Eri, I couldn't help but peek into the rooms we passed by. But one room caught my eye more than anything else and I immediately stopped in mid-step.

„Reina? Why did you stop?, Eri asked, turning around.

„Eri... this room here...“

„Oh... this is... the music room. At least that's what I'm calling it.“

„I see...“

I stared into the room that was flooded with the lights from outside. The black paint of the piano that was standing near the windows was sparkling in the gentle yet pale light. This instrument was what had been catching my attention.

„That's a beautiful piano, Eri.“

„My parents bought it after the accident.“

„Did your parents play the piano as well?“

„No... they said that after I was born I used to fall asleep whenever my mom held me in her arms while listening to piano music... in this room.“

„Wait... so you're the only one who is able to play it?“

„At least I was the only one who kept practicing everyday.“

„Wow! That's what I'm calling talent!“

„Reina~“, Eri whined as a blush crept into her cheeks... and made her look even cuter.

„No, really! Being able to play such an instrument with no one showing you how it works... is a talent.“

„I-if you say so...“

„I'm sure about it.“

„W-well... thank you then, Reina.“



„Can I ask you something?“


„Could you... play something on the piano?“

„You... you want to hear it?“

„Yes... i-if that's not too much to ask for... if you don't want it, it's fine.“

„I... don't mind“, the blinded girl said and smiled, „do you have a certain song on your mind?“

„I... want to hear one of the songs that you've been composing by yourself.“

„O-okay...“, Eri replied and slowly walked into the music room, sitting down in front of the instrument, „please, take a seat next to me.“

„A-alright“, I stammered, trying to control my pounding heart as I slowly walked over and shyly sat down next to her.

„This is a song... that I've composed for my mom... it reflects how she was towards me...“

I just sat there, excited about what I was going to hear any second. Soon the soft sound of piano notes filled the room, playing a very calming song.
I was amazed by how Eri moved her fingers over the white and black keys, so secure that she never missed a single note. The song itself was emotional, yet it sent out a message of happiness. I shyly glanced at Eri who had her eyes closed. She looked like an angel and the devotion with that she was playing the piano was clearly reflecting in the song as well. I closed my eyes and listened to the soothing song, swaying my head from left to right to the melody. I was concentrated on it until Eri had been playing the last note.

„Wow, Eri! That was... I don't know how to describe it... I'm... I'm speechless.“

„I-it's... nothing special and very repetitive...“

„Are you kidding me?! You composed that by yourself and it sounded as if it would belong to a soundtrack of a movie or something! Really... I like it a lot!“

„Reina... y-you're making me blush...“

„It's fine... the blush suits you...“, I mumbled.


„EH?! I... uh... nothing...“

Damn, I really needed to remind myself that Eri's ears were finely tuned and that she was able to hear even the most lowest sound. No matter how quietly I was speaking, Eri would hear it anyway.

Be careful with what you say, Reina!

~~~ ~~~

The evening had been going very well. Eri and I had been talking a lot and laughed about this and that together. It really felt good to just talk and listen to Eri's voice, hearing her laugh. It was nice to see her being so carefree, no bad memories seemed to invade her mind this time. Seeing her smile really warmed my heart. Yet I was kinda having a hard time to remain calm and ease my still tensed nerves. But that turned out harder than I hoped it would be. Eri's voice sounded so damn soothing and her beautiful face distracted me.


„Y-yes?“, I stammered, my heart pounding against my chest.

„Can I... ask you something... personal?“


„O-only if it's really okay for you.“

„Eri“, I giggled, „it's fine, you can ask me anything you want.“

„H-how... how did you...“, she began but stopped and bit her lip.

„Really... it's fine... go on“, I assured her, hesitatingly putting my hand onto hers, squeezing it gently to emphasize what I've said just now.

„How did you... realize that you... like girls?“

„W-well“, I said, gulping a little, „I guess I kinda already knew it...“

„But... how are you able to tell that you're really attracted to your own gender?“

„With me it was... that I didn't pay much attention to my male classmates or friends. I didn't feel attracted to them... not in the slightest. They were just there and I couldn't imagine to date anyone of those guys. It gave me... a weird feeling.“

„You knew for sure only because of that?“

„No... not only because of that... I started to develope an interest into the female side of classmates and friends... they easily caught my attention and I often found myself admiring them for being how they were... and then... I fell in love with Hanako.“

„Oh... her... the one who likes to lie and play with other people's hearts...“

„Yeah...“, I said, „ that one... when I fell in love with her back then, she appeared to be a kind person... someone who really cared about others. But yeah... as you know it turned out that she was a liar...“

„I'm still kinda shocked about how one single person is able to disappoint someone like this“, Eri quietly said.

„W-well... you've been getting disappointed as well... and I'd say that the disappointment you had to experience is worse than mine...“

„I kinda expected it... so it's not as bad as you think... but you... you've been loving someone and she broke your heart... those wounds are deeper and take lots of time to heal.“


„O-oh... sorry... I didn't mean to remind you of that...“

„No, it's fine. I got over her a long time ago. I just became cautious.“

„What do you mean?“

„I'm not trusting anyone that easily anymore... it takes a lot of time until I really start to put trust into someone.“

„That's understandable.“

„I guess...“



„How did you feel when you... realized that you fell in love with a girl? I mean... how was it for you whenever she was around?“

„I got really nervous... my heart started to pound and I felt my stomach tingling whenever she smiled at me... or when she briefly touched my hand. I couldn't stop thinking about her and whenever I got a text from her I was grinning like an idiot“, I explained and giggled, „I probably looked very stupid with that grin.“

„D-do you... trust me?“


„Do you trust me?“

„Eri... I...“, I stammered and took a deep breath, „yes, I trust you.“

„That's good to hear“, Eri said and smiled.

„I've trusted you... right from the start...“



„Now I feel really honored.“


„After what you've been experiencing with Hanako... I can imagine that it's hard to trust anyone else... so... thank you, Reina.“

„W-well...“, I said, blushing, „I didn't have a bad feeling about you...“

„As in?“

„As in... that you could lie to me or something...“

„You felt the same way for Hanako. What tells you that I'm not the same?“

„Because you're not that type of girl...“

„You mean I'm not daring?“

„T-that's not what I said!“, I blurted out.

„Reina“, Eri giggled and moved in to gently push my shoulder with her own, „I'm just teasing you.“

„Mou, Eri~ Don't do that!“

„Sorry, sorry! But it's kinda cute how you're always reacting to certain things I say.“


„Do you regret your relationship with Hanako?“

„I don't know... I mean there had been some good memories too... but thinking back I really have to say that the bad memories outweigh the good ones. I guess I was too naive to see what was going on... or I just didn't want to see it.“

„You only wanted to believe in the good in Hanako.“

„You think so?“

„Yes, I do.“

„Hmmm... seeing it in that way... makes me look less foolish“, I said and giggled.

„A-and now?“

„What do you mean?“

„I-is there... s-someone special for you?“

„S-someone special?“

„S-someone you... ah, n-never mind... forget it...“

„No! I-it's okay...“

„It's inappropriate to ask you this... it's none of my business...“

„Eri... you know you can ask me anything you want.“

„I-is there... someone you... like?“

„U-uh...“, I stammered, feeling myself getting nervous.

Calm down, Reina... she didn't ask you about who the person you like is...

„Y-you don't have to answer, Reina... it's okay.“

„W-well... I can say that... there's someone I can't get off of my mind...“

„Thinking about her that much?“


„That's... great!“

„I... I guess.“

„See? I told you that someday you'll find someone you can open up to“, Eri said and smiled.

Should I take this opportunity? Should I tell her how I felt and that the person I was talking about was her? Maybe this was the perfect moment to do so!

Pull all your courage together, Reina! You can do it! Just tell her how you feel!

„E-Eri...“, I began and took her hands into mine, the contact sent sparkles through my body.


„T-there's something I... want to tell you...“

„And... that is?“

„Eri...“, I said with a slightly shaking voice, my heart was hammering against my chest, „Eri... I...“

Suddenly a loud crash of thunder cut the air, causing the two of us to jump. Within seconds the clouds broke and we could hear the pouring rain falling down onto the ground with a smacking sound. Another flash of lightning enlightened the sky, followed by an angry growl of the rolling thunder. I blinked a few times in confusion as Eri suddenly moved closer to me, pressing herself against my body, her hands were tightly clinging onto my shirt.


„. . .“

„Eri... are you okay?“, I asked, my voice clearly concerned, Eri was trembling in my arms.

„I... I hate thunder...“, she whispered.


„C-can you... stay a little longer? O-only until the thunder is gone... please, Reina...“


„You... shouldn't walk home in the pouring rain anyway...“

„I don't mind walking around in the rain...“

„But you could catch a cold and...“

Eri yelped as another crash of thunder filled the air, pressing even closer to me. A wave of heat rushed through my body as I could feel a blush creeping into my cheeks. Right now I was sure that my face was glowing red and that I could've competed to a traffic light easily. My heart skipped a few beats and I tried my best to control my wild running emotions. I gulped and hesitatingly wrapped my arms around her, rubbing her back.

„Shhh, it's okay... you don't have to be scared...“, I whispered, keeping on rubbing her back.

„B-but I am... I can't... estimate w-when... the next thunder crash comes since I can't see the flash of lightning...“

„Relax, Eri... I'm... I'm here with you.“

With each passing second I could feel Eri's body slowly relaxing, the grip of her hands loosened  and soon her trembling stopped. I smiled and watched her, making sure she was comfortable. I looked outside the window, watching the rain dancing in the cone of light that the street lights were giving. A few flashes of lightning appeared on the sky, causing the black silhouettes of the trees and bushes to turn grey but there was no more thunder.

„See, Eri? The thunder's gone“, I solemnly declared.

No response.


Still no response.

„Eri?“, I said and leaned back a little bit only to see that... she fell asleep.

I gulped and felt my heart pounding again. A strong, tingling feeling rose inside of my stomach as I watched the young woman sleeping in my arms. I could feel my face heatening up, caused by the blush that crept into my cheeks. Shyly I peeked down at Eri, trying to calm my nerves what turned out to be harder than I've thought. Her alluring lips were curved to small, cute pout and her beautiful face was framed by her long hair. Eri looked just like an angel. I carefully brushed a strand of hair out of her face, smiling as I was able to get a better view onto the sleeping beauty. Gently I wrapped my arms around her, holding her tightly as I stroked her back. God... everything just felt so right at the moment. How much I wished I could stay with her like that forever.

~~~ ~~~

I slowly opened my eyes and groaned at the sharp pain that shot into my neck as soon as I moved my head. I hissed and rubbed the back of my neck with my hand. God, on what the hell did I sleep? Rocks?
I couldn't remember that my bed was that uncomfortable. I yawned as I looked around... and blinked a few times. This wasn't my room! It wasn't even my house! What the...?!

I felt a slight tug on my shirt and I looked down, blushing deeply. Eri was sound asleep, her hands clinged onto my shirt while her head was resting on my chest. Slowly I started to remember what had been happening the evening before. Thunder and rain... Eri told me that she was scared of thunder and while I held her in my arms, she fell asleep. The warmth of her body and the sound of her even breathing had been soothing me like nothing else and... I must've fallen asleep as well. I carefully reached for my purse and got my cellphone out, flipping it open.

WHAT?! It's 9.30 am already!!

Holy mother of yakiniku! I'm more than just late! My mom was probably worried like hell... well yes, I knew she was according to the countless texts and missed phone calls I've got from her throughout the night. Then again... she knew that I was with Eri so it should be fine, right?
I sighed and dialed my mom's phone number, waiting for her to pick up. Hopefully I wouldn't wake up Eri with my talking.

„Reina?!“, my mom asked as she answered the phone, sounding exhausted.

„Mom, shhh... yeah, it's me“, I whispered.

„Where the hell are you?! And why are you whispering?“

„You remember where I went to yesterday, right?“

„Yeah... to Eri's place...“

„Exactly... don't worry, I'm still there.“

„Thank god! I was worried like hell about you, Reina!“

„I'm a big girl, you know... I can handle being on my own... plus Eri is with me, so I'm not alone at all.“



„So you've been spending the night with Eri?“, she asked, the tone of her voice gave away the smirk that was now plastered on her face.

„Mom, I can't talk much now... Eri is still asleep.“

„Ohhh~ Reina~~ So that's why you're whispering~“

„Shhh! I'm going to hang up now!“

„What? Why?!“

„Because I'm going to wake up Eri if I keep on talking!“

„But I want details when you're back home!“


Eri moved in my arms and I quickly clasped my hand over my mouth. So much about not waking her... awesome work, Reina! I looked down at her and sighed in relief as I saw that she was still asleep.


„I'm hanging up now... I'll be home soon, okay? Bye~“, I said and closed the phone before my mom was even able to respond.

Carefully I pulled Eri a little closer and gently stroked her back just like I did the evening before. Smiling contentedly, I leant back onto the couch and closed my eyes. I felt so damn comfortable right now. Could it be any better?
Actually... yes. It could be better but what I was imagining for that was way too unrealistic. I was pretty sure that I'd never get to hear those three little words, spoken by Eri's gentle voice. Well, maybe I would hear them... but the words would never be directed towards me.

Face it, Reina... Eri and you never will be... in love with each other...

With a sigh I opened my eyes, staring up at the ceiling. I just had to admit that the thoughts I've had almost every day about Eri and me being in love, doing the things couples were doing were nothing but... daydreams. Simple daydreams. A slight trace of sadness hit me as the bitter truth closed in on me. There was... no chance for the two of us to be more than just friends.

„Mmmm... R-Reina?“

„Y-yes?“, I replied, trying to hide that she startled me with her sudden talking.

„N-nothing... just wanted to make sure you're still here“, she said with her eyes still closed as she snuggled closer to me, causing my heart to jump, „what time is it?“

„Uh... 9.40 am...“

„EH?!“, Eri exclaimed and sat straight up.

„Yeah... we fell asleep.“

„Oh god... I'm... I'm sorry! I... I didn't mean to...“

„Eri“, I giggled, „don't worry, everything's fine.“

„No... it's not! I've been inviting you to my place so we could get back the time we've lost in the park because of me and then I have nothing better to do than to fall asleep!“

„Really, it's alright.“


„No buts, Eri!“, I said and paused for a moment before I went on, „to be honest... this was the first night since ages I've been sleeping really well.“


„Yes... I... felt really comfortable... w-with... with you in my arms...“, I admitted, blushing deeply.



„I... I felt the same way...“

„That's good to hear“, I replied and smiled, knowing she was able to recognize it due to the tone of my voice.

„Mmmm... good...“, she mumbled and laid back down into my arms, wrapping her arms around me as she buried her face in my chest.

I took a deep breath and tried to remain calm... but it was way harder to do so. In an instant I could feel my heart skipping a beat and a very pleasant shudder ran through my body. My thoughts were running wild, I didn't expect Eri doing something like this. Yet I couldn't deny that I liked the position in that we were right now even more since the warmth of her body felt so damn nice.



„Do you have any plans for today?“

„No... not yet... why?“

„W-well... I thought maybe... we could spend another day together...“

„Yeah, sure! Sounds great!“



„Only if you... really want it... I don't want you to... feel like it's your duty to spend your time with me.“

„Eri... I love spending time with you!“

„Really?“, Eri asked and moved her head up into my direction.

„Y-yes“, I stammered as I looked down into the girl's blinded eyes, „I really... enjoy every single minute.“

„So do I... it feels... good to be with you.“

I smiled and gently rubbed her back, watching a content smile grow on her face. To be honest, seeing her smile because of something I did kinda made me feel... proud. Not to speak about the happiness I've felt since she didn't seem to dislike my touch at all. I've been experiencing lots of other reactions whenever I put my hand onto another girl's shoulder. It didn't matter if it was an accident when I tried to stop myself from falling after I stumbled or a friendly gesture, they always looked at me as if I just infected them with a deadly disease or they were taking it as a sign of liking her in a romantic way. Seriously, I'll never understand why people were like this. I mean... why would they think I'm trying to hit on every single girl I see?

„What are you thinking about?“, Eri asked, causing me to jump a little.

„About... you...“


„I... I mean... uh... n-nothing!“, I stammered.

Eri giggled.

„And I thought I'm the weird one...“

„H-hey! I'm not weird!“

„Sometimes you are, Reina~ But... it's a cute weird“, Eri said and tilted her head up towards me.

My eyes widened and my breath got caught in my throat. Our faces were only a few inches away from each other. I could feel my whole body heating up as I stared down onto the other girl's beautiful face. I was caught in the moment, not able to form a clear thought. My mind was reeling and I was able to hear the blood in my ears sweeping, accompanied by the sound of my racing heart. As if an invisible hand would push me I slowly lowered my head towards Eri, overwhelmed by the moment. Just a little closer...


I jumped and quickly jolted my head back, hissing as a sting of pain shot through the back of my neck. Damn, I shouldn't have moved so fast.

„Ow, ow, ow...“, I silently cursed, holding the back of my neck.

„A-are you okay?“

„Y-yes... I... I should go now...“, I said and gently pushed Eri aside, getting up.

„Oh... but I thought we'll spend the day together...“

„We will... I just... want to take a shower and change my clothes.“

Yes, a cold shower! That should help to drop my current body temperature!

„So... we'll meet up later?“

„Yes... once I'm done I'll come back here, okay?“

„Alright“, Eri replied and smiled.

„I'll hurry, I promise.“

„No, take your time. I don't want you to slip in the shower“, she giggled.

„Oh, Eri...“, I replied, grinning as I grabbed my bag, „don't worry, I'm a well trained person when it comes to showers.“

„Oh? There's a training program for that?“

„Yes, the Tanaka Reina don't-slip-in-the-shower-training.“

„You dork“, the older girl laughed.



„Eri, I...“


I took a deep breath and leaned down, placing a gentle kiss onto her cheek.

„I'll meet you later“, I whispered into her ear and straightened up, walking over to the door.

„Y-yeah... later...“, Eri replied.

„Take care, okay?“

Eri simply nodded and I left with a smile.

While I was walking back home I was lost in my thoughts. My mind was still reeling from the events that had been happening. What in the world has gotten into me?! First I tried to steal a kiss from her lips... and then I simply leaned down to kiss her cheek. God! What if I freaked Eri out with that action? What if she knew I tried to kiss her? What if she'd lecturing me about kissing her onto the cheek? What if she... didn't want to spend time with me anymore because of all this? All these thoughts were driving me crazy. I didn't want to lose Eri. Then again... was I worrying to much? The image of Eri sitting on the couch after I kissed her cheek sneaked into my mind. A smile pulled on the corners of my lips as I could clearly see her before my inner eye with her hand on her cheek... and a slight blush coloring both of them.

To be continued...

Okay, that's it for chapter 9! I hope you guys liked it X3 Also, as you read in the chapter, Eri had been playing the piano. I have the piano piece Eri composed for her mom for you to listen to as well ^_^

You can listen to it here:
NOTE: The song is originally composed by Yasunori Matsuda for the Xenosaga series, all the credits for the song go to him! But while I was listening to this song, the idea of Eri actually playing the piano sneaked into my mind. I chose the song Warmth because I wanted to reflect Eri's bond to her mom.
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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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The simple fact that you updated this story made my day :thumbsup  Thaaaaanks.

(...and I'm running to read it.)

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Woohoo! I thought this story would be forever unfinished! I'm so glad to see you're still thinking about it. Another wonderful chapter with Tanakame getting closer and closer together. Literally!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Woohoo. Happy to see this fic updated. I think Eri wanted to be sure of something when she asked if Reina had found someone she likes right now ;)
Maybe Reina shan't be so nervous about confessing to Eri..... :P

Also happy to hear about your fanfic blog. More stories from you :D

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Love is Blind is back ~  :cow:
Gaah... I was so happy reading this chapter.
Obviously Eri is feeling something for Reina, she was so curious about Reina's feelings  :roll:
They were so cute sleeping together  :roll: and I loved the piano song, very relaxing  :D
I want read more ><  , now, waiting for more n_n

Peace~~  :peace:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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said it before, but I really like ur fanfics :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

and my first comment on ur fic :P

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Yay~you finally updated. I don't know how long I've waited for this fanfic, but I really like it.
Tanakamei is such a cute couple. :wub:
It seems like Eri is rather interested about Reina
Please update faster, all right?

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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 :thumbsup Welcome back.

Hope the next chapter doesn't take too long! It's time for Reina to confess!!!

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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To be continued...
I WANT MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :inlove: :D

Let's see umm. (:shy2:) Thanks for updating! XD :) Makes me very happy to read a new Tanakame chapter :w00t:
Actually... yes. It could be better but what I was imagining for that was way too unrealistic. I was pretty sure that I'd never get to hear those three little words, spoken by Eri's gentle voice. Well, maybe I would hear them... but the words would never be directed towards me.

Face it, Reina... Eri and you never will be... in love with each other...
:bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes: :bleed eyes:

Not to speak about the happiness I've felt since she didn't seem to dislike my touch at all. I've been experiencing lots of other reactions whenever I put my hand onto another girl's shoulder. It didn't matter if it was an accident when I tried to stop myself from falling after I stumbled or a friendly gesture, they always looked at me as if I just infected them with a deadly disease or they were taking it as a sign of liking her in a romantic way.
Reina is so going through a nice crush XD Ups and downs there they are, umm but Eri definitely must like her back so go for it all out Reina! :lol: :heart:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [11/02 Chapter 9 - One step forward]
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Took me a while but finally got the time to read this in peace.
that on the days I had a female visitor, she used the vacuum cleaner like eight times.
That’s just  :lol:
It’s fun to see the yankii turned into a stuttering mess because of Eri  XD
Your Eri here is  :heart:
I like the “Holy mother of yakiniku!”
Darn, Reina’s mother is one hell of a mom LOL
Yay for TanaKame sweet moments, more please!  :P
Though, I’m curious whether Eri could hear Reina’s heartbeat or not since she was real close...

TakaSemaru  :heart:

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Re: Love is blind (UPDATED) [02/14 Chapter 10 - Oblivious to the obvious]
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Minna-san, domo~~~

First of all... I'M SO SO SORRY!!! Really I am... you guys can't imagine how many times I've felt bad about not updating... but yeah, either I didn't get to write or that evil little thing called writer's block got me again -.- It loves to hit me, huh? *punches writer's block* HOW DARE YOU?! *clears throat* Anyway... I'm happy to finally update another chapter of my story! This chapter is the longest I've written so far! Honestly, I was surprised myself XD

I've tried my best to make it easy for you guys to read it so I hope you don't mind a long chapter!

So now... thanks for all your patience!! Take this as my valentine's gift to all of you~


SPECIAL NOTE: I want to thank my beloved imouto-chan strawb3rrykream for all of her help! Without her I wouldn't have been able to work out some problems and writing blockades I've had with this chapter!! strawb3rry, you're the best friend I can wish for! I'm so proud of you and I'm really happy to have you as a friend! Thank you so much for everything!!! Love you a lot <3

NOTE: Sorry for possible grammar/spelling mistakes

Chapter 10 – Oblivious to the obvious

„Mom, I'm home~“, I called into the hallway as I closed the door behind me and took off my shoes.

„Reina~“, my mom greeted and approached me with a huge grin.

„Oh god... not that again...“


„I know that grin, mom... forget it, I won't tell you anything about what happened at Eri's place.“

„Ehh~? Why would you think I'd ask you something like that?“

„As I said... I know you“, I replied and passed her by, heading straight for the stairs.

„Can't a mom be happy that her child's back?“

„Sure you can... but that won't help you to get any informations.“

„Aww, come on, Reina! Tell me at least how she lives.“

„Like every normal person does?“, I said, already taking the first steps upstairs.

„Yeah but... how does it look like?“

„Four walls, a bunch of windows and doors, stairs... a house. I'm going to take a shower.“

„Okay... would you like to eat anything?“

„No, thanks... Eri and I will go out and eat together.“

„Really now?“, my mom asked, obviously smirking, I could hear it in the tone of her voice.

„Oh, mom...“, I sighed, „why are you always making such a big deal out of it?“

„Because it's obvious that Eri wants to get to know you better and it shows that she's interested in you~“

„We're friends, mom... that's normal...“

„It starts with being friends and ends up with being lovers~“, my mom giggled.

„Yeah... as if that would happen... sometimes you're just way too optimistic“, I said and disappeared in the bathroom.

I sighed and leaned back against the door. God, sometimes I wished I was... as optimistic as mom was. She always saw the best in everything. No matter how bad things looked, she would always find something to make everyone else cheer up. Just like how it was back then when I had my coming-out and my dad didn't talk to or look at me at all. It really had been hurting me and I began to doubt my decision of telling them about my preferences. That was when mom was talking to me, saying that dad would just need a little time to progress my coming out and assured me that he still loved me. Hearing my mom saying that helped a lot. It made my heart ache less and in the end it turned out the way she told me.

Maybe I should listen to mom more often... especially when it came to Eri. What if mom was right? I mean... Eri said that she enjoyed sleeping in my arms and snuggled even closer to me. I could feel a smile pulling at the corners of my mouth as I thought about what happened just a few hours ago. It was such a good feeling to wake up with Eri in my arms... to feel her warmth, to listen to her even breathing. I could wake up like that every day! Just looking into Eri's face while she's still asleep... would already make my day. I let my mind wander a little, thinking about Eri, feeling my heart beating faster.

You just can't deny it anymore, Reina... you're head over heels in love with her...

I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. There wasn't a single moment I didn't think about Eri. My thoughts were revolving around her, even when I was asleep I was dreaming about her. For example the dream I had last night... it was about us... and we've been sharing our first kiss. God, I still remember how my stomach was tingling after I woke up... but that was destroyed by the time I looked onto my cellphone to check the time. If I was thinking about it... I had been actually very close to make the dream become reality. I've been so close... so close to taste her more than alluring lips. As if something bit me I quickly threw off my clothes and jumped into the shower, turning it on. I seriously needed to cool down!


~~~ ~~~

A few days had passed and I've been enjoying every single one. Eri and I spent every day together. Most of the time we've been in the park, eating ice cream, playing shiritori or simply laid in the shade of a tree, enjoying the nice breeze that carried the typical summery scent. Long story short... the two of us had been having a very good time. I also really liked how much Eri had been laughing these days. Her laugh was... beautiful. Whenever I heard her laughing, I could feel a wave of happiness washing over me. Not to mention that it was very contagious.

I smiled at the memories I've made the recent days in the park as I sat in the kitchen, drinking a cup of tea. I looked over at the clock hanging on the wall and sighed when I saw that Eri was supposed to call me fifteen minutes ago. We've been exchanging phone numbers so Eri could call me whenever she was about to leave her place so I knew when I had to go as well. Eri's cellphone was another device that fascinated me. It was specially made for people who had lost their eyesight. It reacted to her voice so whenever she wanted to call someone, she just had to say the name and the cellphone automatically dialed the number of the person in her contacts list. The same thing went for her text messages. Whenever she received one, the cellphone was reading it to her and if she wanted to reply, the cellphone typed down everything she said and sent the message on her command.

„Are you waiting for something?“, my mom asked as she walked into the kitchen.

„God, MOM! Stop sneaking up on me like that!“

„I didn't sneak up onto you, Reina... it's not my fault that you're constantly in thoughts~“, she said and giggled.

„I'm not constantly in thoughts...“

„But most of the times~ So... what are you waiting for?“

„I'm waiting for Eri to call me... she was supposed to call me a little while ago.“

„Oh~ Are you going out again?“


„Where will you go today?“

„I don't know, that's why I'm waiting for Eri's call.“

„I see... so you two always decide where to go before you meet?“


Suddenly my cellphone vibrated on the table, causing me to jump a little. I quickly grabbed it and a grin formed on my lips.

„It's Eri!“, I solemnly said and picked up the phone, „hello?“

„Reina~ Hi~ S-sorry I'm calling a little late...“

„It's okay... don't worry about it.“

„Reina, listen... I don't think today would be a good day to be outside...“

„What? Why?“

„I've been listening to the radio and the weather forecast said that it's going to rain soon.“

„O-oh... yeah, it wouldn't be good to be in the park then...“

„D-do you... have any other ideas? I really... want to meet you...“

„W-well... how about we... MOM! Stop poking me!“

„Your mom's poking you?“, Eri giggled.


„Why is she doing that?“

„I have no idea... hold on a second, Eri.“


I lowered my cellphone and put my hand over it, so Eri couldn't hear me talking.

„Mom, what the hell?!“, I hissed.

„Sorry but... I couldn't help to overhear your conversation.“

„More like eavesdropping...“

„Well... why don't you ask Eri... if she wants to visit us? Then I'd... finally get to know her too.“

„Mom... I don't think it's a good idea...“

„Why not? In that way you two could meet anyway.“

„You know how it is whenever I have another girl with me! Either it's you bumping constantly against my door with the vacuum cleaner or my brother knocking every five minutes.“

„I promise I'm done with vacuum cleaning for today and your brother's not at home! He's at his friend's place.“

„And what if she doesn't want it?“

„You didn't even ask her yet!“

„Fine...“, I sighed and removed my hand, putting my phone back onto my ear, „Eri?“


„Sorry about that...“

„It's okay.“

„Eri... h-how about... you coming to my place?“

„W-would it be okay?“

„Of course... that means... if you want to come here.“

„I would love to, Reina“, she said, the tone of her voice gave away that she was smiling.

„G-great! I'm going to pick you up in about... let's say an hour, okay?“

„Alright, but don't get into a rush.“

„Don't worry, I won't.“

„Good... I'm waiting for you, Reina.“

„Bye, Eri.“


I hung up and stared at my phone.

„See, Reina? Didn't that go well?“


„Awwww, come on! Let me hug you!“, mom squealed and immediately pulled me into a bear hug.

„M-mom! T-too tight!“

„Oh, sorry“, she giggled.

„What the hell was that for?“, I asked and straigthened my shirt.

„I'm just soooo happy!“

„Uh... o...kay...“

„My little daughter has a date~“

„First of all... I'm not so little anymore, mom and second... please... please... don't do anything stupid, okay?“

„Who do you think I am? The world's biggest idiot? Don't forget that you're coming after me, Reina.“

„I'm just saying... that I don't want any interruptions...“

„It's not like you're going to make out with her...“

„M-MOM!“, I exclaimed, blushing deeply, „y-you know what I mean!“

„Yeah, yeah I got it... I'm not going to say or do anything that'll embarrass you.“

„Thank you!“

„But... I do get to know her, right? Or is it too embarrassing for you that I'm your mom?“

„Mom... you know it's not like that! Just sometimes you're making... things worse by doing silly things...“


„Like intimidating people by the amount of your questions you ask them.“

„But I wanna know who the people are my daughter is hanging out with.“

„Don't worry, mom... Eri is... you'll like her, I'm sure about that“, I said and smiled.

„I'm really excited now... I wonder how she looks like.“

„There are no words to describe how amazing she looks.“

„Reina~ You should hear yourself talking. You really are head over heels in love with her, aren't you?“

„W-well, I should get ready now...“, I said and got up, obviously avoiding a reply.

„I think what you wear right now is fine. Besides... I think Eri will like everything you're wearing~ All that counts for her is that she'll see you.“

I stopped in mid-step and gulped. God, I totally forgot to tell mom about that... I've never mentioned anything about Eri's blindness. I guess now was the right time to tell her the last thing my mom didn't know about Eri.

„Mom...“, I quietly said, turning around to face her, „there's something I gotta tell you...“

„What is it? Eri and you are already a couple and you didn't tell me?“

„N-no... it's something... serious.“

„Okay, Reina... what did you do?“

„I did nothing! It has nothing to do with me at all!“

„What is it then?“

„Mom, Eri...“

„What's with her?“

„I think... it's the best if you know about it... before I'm coming back here with her...“

„Damn, Reina! Don't build up the suspense!“

„Mom... Eri is... blind.“


„Yes... she lost her eyesight when she was fourteen due to a car accident.“

„Oh my... that's... oh god, I'm so sorry...“

„That's the reason... why she fascinates me even more. She's been living six years all alone with that... and she still can smile and enjoy her life.“

„Ahhh~ You like strong girls with willpower, don't you~?“

„Mom... please...“


„When Eri is here... act normal, okay? She gets uncomfortable if she senses you're tensed or try too hard to not talk about her eyesight. Eri wants to be treated like every other person... and most importantly... don't feel sorry for her, she doesn't like that. She learned how to handle and live with the loss of her eyesight.“

„Alright... got it.“

I smiled and looked at the clock.

„Okay, I should really get ready... I gotta leave soon.“

My mom simply nodded, obviously still trying to take in what I've said just now. As I took the stairs up to my room, I suddenly started to wonder if it was okay to have Eri coming here right after I told mom about Eri being blind. She probably felt the same now like I did when I first met Eri. Awkward and maybe even insecure. Well, I've been very insecure how to act when I got to spend time with her for the first time. Then again... mom was different. She always knew what to do and how to handle things better than me. Maybe it turned out better than I was expecting right now.

~~~ ~~~

Eri and I already had been talking a lot on the way to my place. Even though we've been spending each day together ever since my summer vacation started, we still didn't run out of topics we could talk about. With each conversation we shared, I got to know Eri more and more and the more I knew about her... the more interesting she became to me. She even told me about the dream she had ever since she started playing the piano. One day, she wanted to play in front of an audience just to let the people enjoy her music. I didn't understand why Eri called it a silly dream. To me it sounded... kinda cute. It was something possible. It wasn't like Eri was dreaming about becoming a famous pianist. Though I had to say that I could even imagine something like that since she was an exceptionally gifted pianist.

All the way to my place, I hadn't been feeling the slightest hint of uneasiness. But now as we stood in front of the door, I suddenly became nervous again. My hand was shaking a little as I roamed around in my purse, searching for the keys. God, hopefully this hadn't been a stupid idea to invite Eri. I just could hope that everything would turn out well and that my mom remembered what I've told her about the things she shouldn't do when Eri was around.

Relax, Reina... you're worrying too much!

I took a deep breath and unlocked the door, carefully pushing it open.

„W-well... come in, Eri...“, I shyly said.

„Could you... take my hand and guide me?“

„Yeah, sure...“, I replied and gently took her hand into mine.

My stomach tingled as I could feel Eri lacing her fingers through mine, tightly holding onto my hand. I slowly guided her through the hallway, carefully watching every step she took. I didn't want her to bump into anything but Eri surprised me again. Even though she didn't know the house yet, she moved in a smooth way just like she did in her own house. That girl never failed to fascinate me over and over again. She seemed to get used to the new environment quickly.

„Uh... okay, here we are...“

„This is the hallway, right?“


„So I'm guessing... the kitchen is to the left.“

„Yes... that's right... h-how did you know?“

„Well~“, Eri giggled, „the scent of tea and freshly baked cake is lingering in the air... it's almost gone if I turn my head right so... it's obvious that the kitchen must be on the left.“

„Eri, you're simply amazing.“

„I should think about a career as a tracking dog, shouldn't I?“, she said and giggled.

„I'm happy that you're a human, Eri.“

„I am too... in that way I'm able to talk to you...“


I could feel myself blushing at Eri's remark. God, why did she have to be so... cute?

„Reina? Is that you?“

„Y-yes, mom... it's me...“

„Oh~ I thought your brother just came back home.“

„No, luckily he didn't.“

„Reina~ That's not a nice thing to say about your brother“, my mom said and slowly approached us, stopping in mid-step as she saw Eri, „oh~ You brought someone with you~“

„Mom... stop that! You knew I was going to pick her up...“

„Ah, right... now I remember“, she said and laughed, „now, don't you want to introduce that lovely young woman to me?“

„I-I'm Kamei Eri... nice to meet you, Tanaka-san“, Eri greeted and turned into my mom's direction, bowing politely.

„Nice to meet you too, Eri-chan. Finally I get to meet the girl my daughter kept telling me about.“

„S-she did?“, Eri asked, blinking a few times.

„Yes, she did~“

„Mom...“, I growled, shooting her a warning gaze.

„U-uh... Eri-chan, would you like to have tea? I just prepared some.“

„I-if it's not troubling you too much, I'd love to.“

„No, it's fine~ Don't worry. Reina, would you like some too?“

„Yes, please...“

„Alright! Why don't you join me into the kitchen?“

„Sure...“, I replied, „come on, Eri.“

I slowly guided Eri into the kitchen, keeping her as close as possible. Carefully I pulled out a chair and helped Eri to sit down, slightly pushing the chair closer to the table.

„Thank you, Reina.“

„Don't mention it“, I replied and sat down next to her.

„There you go~“, mom chirped and set down two cups of tea.

„Thanks, mom... would you like to have some sugar or honey, Eri?“, I asked the girl next to me.

„Sugar is just fine, thank you.“

„Alright,“ I said and added two cubes of sugar into Eri's tea, knowing from the times we've been drinking tea together that Eri liked her tea in that way.

„Awww, you two are so cute together~“, my mom noted, grinning.

„MOM! Be quiet!“

„You were totally right, Reina. Eri is a cutie~“


„Mom! Not now!“

„But you said that! I remember how you told me about the dream you had about...“

„MOM!“, I exclaimed and instantly jumped up, covering my mom's mouth with my hand.

„W-what's going on here?“, Eri asked, confusion crossed her face.

„N-nothing, Eri... don't worry... e-enjoy your tea, I... gotta do something real quick, okay?“


„I promise I'll be back in a minute.“

„Take your time, Reina.“

„It won't take too long“, I said and grabbed my mom's wrist, dragging her into the living room, glaring at her.

„What? Don't look at me like that.“

„Oh yes, I will! Mom, are you crazy?!“

„Eh?! Why?!“

„You can't tell Eri about things like that!“

„Why not? I thought it would be good to see how she reacts to that. You know... to find out if she gets interested.“

„Interested?“, I repeated and frowned.

„Yeah! We'd be able to read the signs due to her reaction...“

„The only sign that Eri will be able to read is how I feel about her!“

„Isn't that what you want?“

„No! I don't want to go on her like a bull on a gate! I want to be careful! And the last thing I want is scaring her like hell... in the end she'll break the friendship and everything's over!“


„Also you promised me to not say or do anything that would embarrass me!“

„S-sorry... I guess I got carried away... maybe I should just leave the two of you alone.“

„Mom... it's fine you're staying with us... but please... be more careful with what you say, okay?“

„Okay, I will.“

„Thank you...“, I replied.



„Eri really is... a very beautiful girl. I totally understand why you fell for her.“

„Come on, Eri is waiting“, I said, trying to hide the blush as I walked back into the kitchen.

~~~ ~~~

A few hours already had passed and we were still sitting in the kitchen. After plenty cups of tea and a few pieces of mom's delicious cake, I was happy to just lean back against the chair, listening to the conversation my mom and Eri had. Mom had been telling Eri about the one time she met that famous pianist and how she went to one of his concerts because he asked her to come. Eri obviously knew that pianist as well since she got all excited ever since mom had been mentioning him. Eri's behavior made me smile and it also made me wonder how a single person could be so damn cute. To be honest, I wasn't really interested in the story. The only thing I really payed attention to was Eri's voice whenever she replied to something mom asked her or if she agreed. Also I was really proud of my mom. Till now she hadn't been asking Eri any embarrassing questions or made silly remarks.

Seems like she finally gave up... thank god!

„Wow, Tanaka-san... you're so lucky you got to listen to him live“, Eri said.

„It really was something! Though I had a hard time to convince Reina's father to go with me“, mom replied and giggled.

„You kept annoying him for a week, mom...“, I noted.

„So? I just wanted him to be with me, that's all. Even though he didn't want to join me first, he was happy that he did go in the end.“

„Thanks to your persuasion.“

„So~ Eri-chan~“


„Can I ask you something?“

„Sure, Tanaka-san.“

„The first song you've ever played on the piano... what was it?“

„Hmmm... I can't remember anymore... sorry.“

„Don't worry. It's okay. Ah~ I'm so envious~“

„Eh? Why?“, Eri asked.

„According to Reina, you're playing the piano very well.“

„N-not that well... I just... love to play it.“

„I'm sure your boyfriend gets to listen to you playing the piano very often... he's so lucky.“

„I...“, Eri stammered and blushed.

Now I wasn't so relaxed anymore. I literally jumped at my mom for this remark. Seemed like she completely forgot about her promise and what I've been telling her before. God... MOM!!

„Is he a good listener?“

„Mom! Stop it!“, I growled, „you're making her feel embarrassed!“

„What? It's just something I wanted to point out.“

„A pretty personal thing to point out!“, I snapped and glared at her.

„Are you playing for him often, Eri-chan?“


„It's okay, Reina...“, Eri quietly said, her cheeks flushed.

„See? Eri is fine with it“, mom said and flashed me a triumphant smile.

„Fine...“, I grumbled and leaned back onto the chair.

„So... how is your boyfriend?“, mom asked the girl next to me.

„I... I don't have a boyfriend...“

„Oh... really?“, mom said and looked at me, wiggling her eyebrows.

I gestured my mom to be quiet, holding my index finger over my lips and shot her a warning gaze. Of course... I was kinda curious about what Eri had to say to that topic... but then again, it was so not good how my mom was asking her all those personal questions straight away.

„Yes, really... I don't have a boyfriend, Tanaka-san.“

„How come? I mean... you're a very attractive young woman. How can guys resist you?“, mom asked, completely ignoring me.

„AH, ERI!“, I exclaimed, causing the girl to jump.


„Uhhh... didn't we... think about taking a walk?“

„Did we?“, she asked, frowning as she turned her head into my direction.

„I... uh... actually... I just thought about it. It would be nice to get some fresh air.“

„But you two just arrived!“, my mom whined, obviously not wanting to give in and continue with her interrogation of Eri's private life, „and also it's still raining.“

„It's been hours since we arrived, mom! And the rain stopped an hour ago! So... would you like to go, Eri?“

„I'd love to take a walk with you, Reina. Just let me finish the tea“, Eri said and took a sip.

„Okay, sure“, I replied and sat back down.

„But...“, Eri began.

„But what?“

„To reply to your question, Tanaka-san... till now there wasn't anyone who caught my attention.“

„I see...“, my mom said.

„Things changed though... and someone stepped into my life... someone who is very important to me... and... w-well... currently I'm in love...“, Eri quietly said and blushed.

I looked at her and for some reason I suddenly felt something break inside me. Eri was in love? With who? She never had been mentioning someone. Okay, it's not said that she would tell me everything but still...

Great! That's it! Reina, you've failed once again!

Why did I always have to choose the ones I could never have? A flash of anger rushed through me and my body trembled as I clenched my hands to fists, realizing my foolishness. I've put my hopes up too high and that was what I got for that. Disappointment.

I'm just not made for love...

~~~ ~~~

It was already dark as Eri and I walked through the park. Since we left my place, none of us had been saying a single word. I really had no idea about what I could talk about. My mind was clouded, Eri's words were still ringing clearly in my ears. The more I thought about it, the more I could feel that painful sting in my heart. My stomach cramped and a slight hint of sadness took me over. I should've known... of course a girl like Eri would have lots of admirers. I couldn't blame the guys for liking her though... yet I was envious of the guy that received that kind of affection from Eri. I sighed deeply, staring onto the ground.

„Reina?“, Eri said, her soft voice pulled me back to reality.


„Is everything okay?“

„Y-yeah... why?“

„You didn't say a single thing since a while...“

„It's nothing“, I lied.


„Yeah... what gives you the idea that something's wrong?“

„W-well... I just have a feeling...“

„Then... your feeling deceives you.“


„Really, Eri. I'm okay.“

„If you say so...“

„I do... and now come on“, I said and started to walk... in a much faster pace than usual.

„R-Reina... not so fast!“, Eri begged.

I didn't really listen to her. I just kept dragging that poor blind girl along. For some reason her asking me if everything's alright caused anger and frustration to well up inside me again.

„Reina, please... slow down!“

„. . .“

„REINA!!“, Eri yelled and abruptly stopped in mid-step, her hands wrapped firmly around my wrist as she used strength to make me stop walking.

„WHAT?!“, I snapped back at her... regretting it right in the next moment, „E-Eri, I...“

„I... I think I should go home now... I'll be fine from here... t-thanks, Reina“, she said and let go of my wrist.


„N-no, really... it's okay... h-have a nice evening“, Eri quietly said and bowed, slowly walking away.

„ERI, WAIT!!“, I yelled, „ERI!! I... I'M SORRY!!“

Eri didn't reply, she simply kept walking away from me.

Damn, Reina! Do something!!

I quickly ran after her, calling her name but Eri didn't even seem to think about stopping. Damn, for someone who's blind she was pretty fast. I sped up, running as fast as I could. Finally I was close enough and managed to grab her wrist. She stopped.


„W-what?“, she asked, keeping her head turned away from me.

I blinked. Her voice was trembling and sounded throaty. Was she...?

„Eri, I'm sorry... I...“

„You didn't have to yell at me! I'm blind, Reina! Not deaf!“

„I... I know... it just happened... I didn't mean it like that...“

„What was the reason then?!“

„W-well... it's just...“, I stammered and sighed, „there are too many thing revolving around inside my head... And I don't know what to do... it... occupies me a lot...“

„You know you can talk to me about everything.“

„That's... the problem...“


„I... can't talk to you in that case.“

„W-what? Why?“

„Eri, please... stop asking. It's better if you don't know anything about that.“

„You're confusing me, Reina... I thought you'd trust me...“

„I do... but... you confuse me...“

„But I'm not doing anything!“, Eri declared.

„You're doing... more than you know...“

„. . .“

„It's not meant in a bad way... I...“

„No... no, I understand. I... I should really go now... thanks for having me over at your place...“


„I think it's the best if we... stop spending time with each other for a while.“

„W-what? No!“

„You're obviously in a huge conflict with yourself, Reina... you should work it out first... you can send me a text... whenever you're ready to talk to me... good night, Reina“, Eri said and walked away.

I was just standing there, unable to move. I wanted to call after her but my voice refused to work.

~~~ ~~~

In that night I wasn't able to fall asleep. No matter how hard I tried, I kept on tossing and turning in my bed. The weariness I longed for so badly didn't come. I sat up and sighed, looking over at the orange glowing numbers of my alarm clock. 2.16 am.
I got up and quietly walked out of my room, slowly going downstairs. Maybe a cup of tea could help me. Switching on the lights in the kitchen I walked over to the cabinet, got a cup out and a bag of my favorite tea. I was totally in thoughts as I filled water into the kettle and switched it on, leaning back against the kitchen counter, rubbing my hands over my face.


„W-what the... mom?!“, I gasped, „god, you startled me!“

„Sorry“, she said and approached me, „are you okay?“

„Yeah... just having a hard time falling asleep“, I replied.

„Is something bothering you?“

„No... why would it?“

„Do you think I didn't notice that you've been having a weird mood ever since you came back home?“

„. . .“

„Did something happen?“

„I...“, I said and bit my lip, „d-do you want some tea too? It's... a long story.“

„Sure“, my mom replied and sat down, smiling warmly at me, „what's wrong?“

„I... guess I've made a mistake.“

„How so?“

„I was kinda harsh to Eri so... she just left me standing in the park...“, I started as I prepared another cup for my mom.

„Is there a reason why you were so harsh?“

„I guess it was because of what she said when she was here...“

„Was it really that bad? I can't remember Eri saying anything that could've made you that upset.“

„Mom, I was... upset... mad at myself for falling in love with someone I can't have.“

„Wait... what? What gives you that idea?!“

„You even had been asking her, mom“, I said and frowned, pouring the hot water into the cups.

My mom looked extremely confused and lost right now. But okay, it was in the middle of the night and she just woke up. Maybe it was better to just talk about it straight away.

„It was because Eri said that... she's in love with someone...“

„Oh... that... but who says that you're not the one she meant?“

„Mom, it's not me! I just know it“, I quietly said and set the cups of tea down onto the table, sitting down across my mom.

„And you really think that...“

„There's no other option, mom... god, how could I've been so stupid?“, I sighed and buried my face in my hands.

„You're not stupid, Reina.“

„I am! I've let my emotions win over rationality and got disappointed again.“

„You'll... find someone.“


„But... you don't want anyone else besides Eri, right?“

„It might sound ridiculous but... yeah, I guess so... she's just... wow!“

„I know, Reina. I know... I've met her today“, my mom said as she put her hand onto mine, „did Eri say anything else?“

„Just that... I can text her as soon as I've... fought out my personal conflicts.“

My mom giggled.

„What's so amusing?“

„Even Eri notices it and she doesn't know you as long as I do.“

„That's... different. You've known me since I was born!“

„Yeah and exactly that is what makes it kinda amusing. I as your mother still try to understand how you think and why you do certain things the way you do and Eri... she seems to already understand what's going on in your mind. Quite remarkable.“

I couldn't help but blush as I realized how right mom was. Eri always had been sensing if something was wrong or if I became nervous all of a sudden. She also never had been questioning the decisions I've made. It really was like... as if Eri already knew how I'd decide before I even did so. It felt like as if Eri had known me forever. She might even knew me better already than I knew myself.

„You know what, Reina?“

„No... what?“

„I think that is... proof enough that she's interested in you.“

„How should that be a proof?!“

„She's occupying herself with you. That's why she knows how you're ticking.“

„Maybe she just understands people easily...“

„Reina... why do you keep it up like that?“

„Like what?“

„You always see everything in a negative way when it comes to Eri. Why can't you just accept the possibility of her liking you as well? In that way.“

„It's impossible! The whole idea is... absurd! Also I don't think it's a good idea to hold onto possibilities.“

„Okay, fine... you know what?“


„You can keep this up forever and might miss your chance with her... or you can finally make a move and tell her how you feel. Who knows, maybe Eri already figured out your feelings and just waits for you to finally confess to her.“


„And if you really think it won't work out then leave it but...“, my mom paused and sighed, „I'm sorry to say it... if you leave it then stop whining about it. That doesn't make things better.“

„. . .“

„Reina... usually you're not that shy. I know that's a whole different thing now since this involves your feelings but just do it like you always do. Tell her straight away and if... if she doesn't feel the same then give her some time to process your confession.“

What mom just had said was like a slap into my face. Yet it kinda... helped. She was right! If I kept on hiding, Eri could be gone faster than I could say her name. And I'd be the one to blame because I've had been too much of a coward to tell her the truth about my feelings.

~~~ ~~~

It's been two days since the incident in the park and till now I didn't hear anything from Eri. I even went to the park to see if she was there but all I found was an empty bench. I sighed and stared at the blank text message display of my cellphone. I don't know how many times I've been trying to send a text to Eri. I've been spending the last two hours with trying to find the right words but whenever I read the text again, I deleted it. Everything sounded so forced and strange to me.

Reina, come on! It can't be that hard! Just tell her you'd like to meet up with her and talk about what happened...

I jumped a little as the phone buzzed in my hand. Who the hell sent me a text now? If it was Aiko, asking me to hang out... I totally wasn't in the mood. I opened the message and in an instant my heart skipped a beat.

Reina... I need to talk to you... I guess there's a lot of things between us we should work out... Please meet me in the park. Love, Eri

Immediately I jumped out of my bed, ran out of my room and downstairs nearly knocking over my brother.

„HEY! Be careful, you idiot!“, he ranted.

„Ta-kun, I don't have time for you now!“, I replied and put on my shoes.

„Reina? Where are you going?“, my mom asked as she peeked out of the kitchen.

„I've got a text from Eri... she wants to meet me in the park right now.“

„Well then“, mom said and smiled, „good luck!“

„Yeah! And don't knock people over!“, Ta-kun teased.

„Ta-kun! Be quiet! Your sister has something important to do!“

„But she...“

„Ta-kun!!“, she hissed and glared at him.

„I'm off, mom“, I announced, opening the door.



„I know you can do it... just be honest.“

„I will...“, I replied and smiled at her, „thanks, mom... for everything.“

„Now go... Eri waits for you.“

„Yes! Don't wait for me, okay? Bye~“, I said and rushed off.

~~~ ~~~

My heart was pounding as I reached the entrance of the park. I had no idea what to expect and a strange uneasy feeling spread throughout my body. Was Eri still mad at me? Did she want to come together to tell me we shouldn't meet each other anymore? Or was it...

Stop it, Reina! No negative thoughts!!

I took a deep breath and slowly walked down the path towards the place Eri and I were supposed to meet. With each step I took, I could feel myself getting more and more nervous, my hands began to shake and my thoughts were running wild. I gulped as I saw Eri sitting on the bench, holding her cellphone in her hands. I slowly approached her and right in that moment I knew there was no turning back. Quietly I sat down next to her, not daring to break the silence.

„Hi, Reina...“

„H-hi, Eri...“

„I'm glad you came...“

„I... Eri...“

„You don't have to say anything... it's okay...“

„I... thought you wanted to talk to me.“

„Yes, I do... Reina... in the past days I was thinking a lot...“

„So did I...“

„I've tried to understand what's going on between the two of us...“


„Things between you and me seem a little... complicated.“


„Please, Reina... let me finish...“

„S-sorry... go on.“

„I've thought about every little thing I've said when I was talking to your mom... I've tried to remember when it started...“

„What do you mean, Eri?“

„Your... weird behavior that evening.“

„O-oh... Eri... I can explain it!“

„You can?“


„If you're able to explain it... why didn't you do it right when I've asked you to?“

„It's... not easy for me... in fact it could destroy everything between...“, I stopped and gulped.


„Between... us...“

There! I said it!


„I... I know, Eri! There's no us... i-it's meant in... a friendship way...“

„Why are you always reacting in such a way?“


„You're always... panicking. You keep on explaining yourself for everything you say... is there a reason for that?“

„I just... don't want to... scare you...“

Eri laughed. What the hell was so funny?

„Ever thought about that you're not scaring me at all?“, the blinded girl asked.

„Eri, I...“

„You're thinking too much, Reina.“

„I don't want to... lose you...“, I quietly said, feeling a blush creep into my cheeks.

„You won't, Reina... I promise.“

That caused my heart to jump. How could she be so sure about that? She didn't even know what kind of secret I was carrying around with me. And then she simply promised me I wouldn't lose her? Yet it was calming me to hear her saying something like that.

„I know I was a little... too persistent and literally pushed you into a corner“, Eri said and lowered her head.

„No, you... well... a little maybe. But that was more because I couldn't find any words... I had no idea what to say and... I kinda felt... caught.“

„How so?“

Okay, that was the right moment. No more hiding, no more lies. If I wanted all this to work out then I had to be honest.

„Eri... you were right... my weird behavior... it had something to do with a certain thing you've said.“

„And... that was?“

Now Reina! Just do it!

„It was... because you've said you're...“, I stopped and took a deep breath, „because you've said you're in love...“

I watched Eri's face and clearly saw confusion in her expression. Not a sign of anger... yet.

„Reina... why is that the reason for you being so rude?“

„I... there's a reason for it...“

„Will you... tell me about it?“, Eri cautiously asked.

Go on, Reina! Don't retract now!

„Eri, I...“, I began, hesitatingly taking her hand into mine, „the reason why is... that...“

I struggled for words but no matter how hard I've tried, there was just no single word coming out of my mouth. Courage had left me and suddenly all the doubts came back with full force. Was it really right to tell her the truth? Should I really jeopardize our friendship for a love that might be only partial? But then again... was I really okay with just being friends with Eri? God, so many questions, so many things that made me so insecure.
I blinked a few times in confusion as I felt Eri lacing her fingers through mine, gently squeezing my hand. I looked at her and my heart started pounding again. Eri smiled at me in the most sweetest way I've ever seen. A pleasant shiver ran through me as I looked into the girl's blinded eyes. Even though I knew Eri wasn't able to see, I felt like as if she was looking right through me... yet her eyes had something... reassuring.

„It's okay, Reina“, Eri softly said, her thumb gently stroked my hand, „take your time... I'm not gonna push you.“

I knew Eri would never push me. But I owed her an answer... it was her right to know why I acted so damn rude two days ago.

„Eri... I... I fell in love with you...“

Right in the moment I've finished the sentence I could feel how some kind of relief took me over... followed by a slight panic-attack. Eri didn't seem to react to what I've told her just now and I had no idea if that was a good or bad sign. I gulped and tried to control my now shaking body. The silence killed me.

God, Eri! Please... please say something! Even if you say that you hate me and never want to spend time with me again but please... just say something!

„W-wow...“, Eri quietly said, making me feel a little better.

„I... I know it's crazy but... I couldn't help but falling in love with you. You're just... I... I can't explain it with words...“

„S-since when?“

„Since... a while now... actually... I started to feel something for you after the first few times we've been hanging out together... I've tried to convince myself that I'm just imagining things... I've tried to deny it but... my feelings were growing stronger and stronger... until... until I wasn't able to control them anymore... and I gave in...“

„So... hearing about me being in love... shattered your hopes...“

„Y-yeah... I... I know I shouldn't have put them up too high... i-it's just ridiculous to even think about you could feel the same...“

„Reina... Reina, stop!“


„I... right now I'm trying to understand something...“

„And what?“

„Why... do you think like that, Reina?“

„Like what?“

„Like... it's ridiculous to think about... me feeling the same for you?“

„I... Eri... a woman like you...“

„What? A woman like me can't be in love?“

„No... t-that's not what I meant... of course you can be in love and... I-I'm happy for you that you found someone... w-what I meant was... that a woman like you would never be in love with someone like me... a... girl.“

„Reina... you don't really see it, do you?“

„Well... sorry I didn't see your boyfriend sneaking about you...“

„You don't understand me...“

„I do... no, I don't... I... ahhhh! Eri, you're confusing me!“

„You're confusing yourself because you're thinking way too much!“

„I can't do anything against it! I'm a very thoughtful person by nature!“

„Too thoughtful! You're drowning in your own thoughts... so deep that you can't see the obvious!“

Obvious? I couldn't really follow her. What the hell did Eri try to tell me? Was there really something I didn't see because I've been so occupied with my own thoughts and worries? God, I've never been so confused like I was now.

„Reina...“, Eri softly said and squeezed my hand, „I'm not saying it's a bad thing to be thoughtful... but sometimes... simply asking or... letting it happen is the better option.“

„W-what do you mean?“

„You've always kept apologizing if you brushed my hand with yours, when you were standing close to me or when you realized I've noticed you looking at me...“

„T-that was... because...“

„You've thought it'd freak me out, right?“


Eri sighed deeply.

„What's wrong, Eri?“

„You're way more complicated that I've thought...“


„Reina... you've never thought about the possibility that... I could like the things you do?“


„I don't mind when you're close me! I don't mind when you touch my hand, I don't mind if you look at me! I... I'm happy if you do...“


„I feel so comfortable when you're near me, Reina! You're giving me the feeling of security... something I wasn't able to feel for a long time... I trust you and... and...“, Eri stammered, her voice was getting quiet.


„Reina... I... I miss you... whenever you're not with me...“

„You...“, I gasped, totally surprised about what Eri had said just now.

„I miss you and... there's not a single day passing by... I'm not thinking of you... wondering what you're doing...“

By now my heart was hammering against my chest, I felt like as if it would burst any moment. I was listening to Eri intently, watching her face. A soft blush colored her cheeks, her fingers played with the hem of her shirt while her other hand still held tightly onto mine.

„Eri... what are you trying to tell me?“

„I'm trying to make you see!“

„S-see what?“

„That I'm in love!“

„I know that... you already told me...“

„Do I have to make it even more obvious?!“

„Stop talking in riddles, Eri!“

„The person I was talking about... is sitting right next to me!“

I blinked a few times, Eri's words totally caught me off-guard.


„It's you, Reina! The person I fell in love with is you!“


„Yes, you! Why do you think... I had been asking you so much about... how you found out that you're in love with a girl? I... wanted to... be sure about my own feelings towards you... if I... read the signs right...“

I was way to stunned to say anything. Did Eri just really... tell me she loved me? Was this what she had been hinting towards? Now I slowly started to understand what Eri had meant when she said I was thinking too much and that I didn't see the obvious because I was letting my thoughts taking me over. God I've been... such an idiot!
I looked at Eri. Her cheeks were bright red, she had her head lowered a little bit while she was chewing on her bottom lip.

„Eri...“, I softly said, gently putting my index finger under her chin, moving her head up so she was facing me, „don't do that... I don't want you to damage those beautiful lips of yours.“

With these words I slowly leaned in until my lips were touching hers. It was like an explosion of emotions. What I've been dreaming of ever since I fell in love with Eri finally became reality. Her lips were even softer than they looked and tasted like heaven to me. My heart beat quickened when Eri let go of my hand just to wrap her arms around my neck, pulling me closer as she returned the kiss ever so gently. We were lost in this enchanting moment.

I wish the kiss could've lasted longer but eventually the two of us ran out of breath. I pulled back a little bit, looking at Eri who still had her eyes closed, a soft smile on her lips. Gently I leaned my forehead onto hers, stroking her cheek. Eri put her hand on top of mine, leaning into the touch.

„I love you, Eri“, I whispered.

„I love you too, Reina“, Eri quietly replied, placing another kiss onto my lips.

„H-how about... we stay here for a little while? It's a pretty nice and warm night.“

„Hmmm... I think I got a better idea...“

„Really? What is it?“

„How about we... go to my place and talk?“

„Sure, sounds good.“

„And maybe... I can... snuggle into your arms then...“

„That really is a better idea“, I said, all excited.

„Let's go then.“


I got up and took Eri's hands, pulling her up and right against me, wrapping my arms around her waist. The girl in my arms giggled. Once again I kissed her, holding Eri as close her possible. That probably was how heaven felt like. I pulled away from the kiss and took Eri's hand, lacing my fingers through hers. She gave me a gentle squeeze and held tightly onto my hand as we walked through the park. Yeah... that truly was heaven. And Eri was the one and only angel.

To be continued...

Okay, that's it for chapter 10... sorry again it took so long! But I hope you liked it anyway~
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