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Author Topic: Random One Shots: |NyanNyan's Bday SP| One Cliché Story [KojiYuu OS] (04/21/15)  (Read 37328 times)

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True Love

A person makes his own choices in his life. Everyone can say things like fate, god, opportunity, circumstances were at fault at one point or another, but actually it’s the person himself, who made all decisions, who chose the path, who advanced further. And when people say they lost a job or position because they were looked down... That’s not true. They just made wrong decisions. They had to try harder, to show others what they’re capable of. Or they chose not the right path from the very beginning. If others don’t accept you, it doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. It means they can’t see your beauty, because they have their own problems and issues, right? Well, while it might be true, mostly it’s that you are not showing enough appeal, enough courage and you’re not open to all opportunities.

Women are stronger than men, and saying males can do better is as old as the world. Nowadays females are striving hard to be the perfect bosses, housewives, mothers and friends; all in one package. They show us that it’s possible to be able to do all those things and keep yourself tidy, good looking and entertaining at the same time. And also being still as sweet and loving as always. While most men say they won’t clean the house, do the dishes, go shopping or look after kids because it’s a woman’s job, females tend to do not only all house chores, but also knock a nail, patch up the roof, drive her favorite sports car, change a light bulb, chop firewood, and all other supposedly ‘manly’ jobs. They are more capable of doing things their own way, understanding the children’s and men’s needs, taking care of everyone, especially men, elders and babies. They might be afraid of spiders or rats or frogs or even bees, but usually they find snakes, fishes and other abnormal living things – like men – very much to their liking.

And they live for money and fame, which evolves into beauty and shopping. Or that’s what Oshima Ryouka used to say to her daughter Oshima Mai. Oshima Mai, while reminiscing about her diseased mother, told the story to her daughter Oshima Yuko. And said, that her grandma was an interesting person, who had her own quirks, which made her different from others, and that alone made her lovable. Oshima Yuko, being a very keen and curious child, who couldn’t stay still even for a minute, took that into her little head and never let go. When she grew up... That’s where our story begins.


“Nee nee, Yuko, come play with us basketball on Friday afternoon!”
“OKAY! Hey, Sayaka, should I bring Takamina?!”
The laughing echoes through the hall and then tall beauty with a bit masculine features smirks.
“She can’t even skip properly! But bring her anyway. I want her to meet my cousin. Well, I want you all to meet her.”
“Wakatta. Then, see you on Friday!”
“Wait! So you really won’t come to school tomorrow?” asked another tall girl, with short messy black hair.
“Nope, Sae. I have someplace to go...”
“Ah, okay. See you on Friday.”

“Jaa ne!!” shouted the short girl with brown wavy hair and flashed everyone a wide smile, something like 300 watt light bulb in a dark room, showing her cute dimples and squirrel-like teeth. Then she turned around and rushed away, waving to all the friends she met along her way, saying good-bye to all the teachers. The only place where she made a short stop, was at the library. She opened the doors and went in, scanning the area with her beautiful brown orbs. Spotting the person in need, she flashed her charming smile again, making her kouhais in the library melt only from one glance, and straddled straight to the very end of the huge room.
“Oshiriko-chan, do not shout in the library, how many times I have to tell you?” a young looking girl in black twin pigtails calmly noted, and looked up from the manga in her hands at Yuko. “Going already?”
“Hai. Nee, Mayu-chan, can you do me a favor? While I’m away, take care of Rena for me, okay?”
“And why aren’t you asking Yukirin for help?”
“She’s busy with her own problems, you know that, I don’t want to disturb her serious mode. You know what happens, when she snaps. Please, Shiriri-san..” Yuko tried her best at showing puppy eyes and 300 watt smile at the same time.
“Okay. I’ll do my best. Just don’t take too long there. I know, you forget anything else while you’re there, but still...”
“I’ll be back on Friday, I promised a basketball match for twin towers.”
“Who’s on your team?”
“Takamina.” and they both giggled, trying to keep their laughter in as much as they could. After calming down they both hugged each other.
“Inform me about the condition, when you know anything, okay?”
“OKAY. Bye bye, Shiriri-san.”
“Mata ne, Oshiriko-chan. Take care.”

They showed each other oshiri sign, shared understanding and comforting glances and then Yuko left the library. From there she made no other stops until she reached her home. Usually she would take a slow walk, enjoying the scenery around her, but today was not the right day for that.
After having lunch with her father, Yuko packed the needed things and looked at the mirror.
“There, all set. Now, do I look good enough?...” she sighed, closed her eyes, then sighed again. “You always look good, Yuuchan...” said she with a silent voice, trying to mimic someone in particular and at the same time keeping her eyes closed. Then she opened her eyes and smiled widely.
“Arigatou. Now I’m all set.” she took her bags and went downstairs. Her father was waiting outside.
“Don’t forget to call your otousan when you get there... Ah, who’s going to pour me sake, Yuko-chan?”
“You can do it yourself. I’ll make it up to you, when I comeback, I promise. And don’t worry, you’ll be the first one I’ll call when I get there.”
“Are you sure you’re okay with this decision?”
“Un. I have to move on, and this way is the only way I can do that. Daijoubu.” she tried her best to show her courageous face, but her father knew her too well.
“Your eyes show me everything, Yuko-chan. Just know, I’m always there for you.”
“Un... YOSHI, ittekimasu!” with those words she gave a small peck on her father’s forehead, then tossed her bags into the trunk. “I’m all set, Miichan.”

“Okay, let’s go then. Have a nice day, father!” shouted the bubbly black haired, and jumped into the driver’s seat of her red Toyota Camry Hybrid LE. Yuko joined her, as she sat next to the driver’s seat.
“Don’t call him father so casually!” while laughing noted she.
“But he is a father!!” protested Minegishi Minami, a childhood friend of Yuko.
“He is MY father, not yours, how many times I have to tell you that?!”
“Still, it doesn’t change the fact he is a father. Yours or someone else’s, but a father nonetheless.”
They made casual and fun jokes throughout all the journey, not forgetting to scan gorgeous bodies along the way. Their pervertedness was positive though, and just an observing one, as they each had someone else in their lives to gloat at. And not only gloat. But now they were both trying to shake away the heavy feeling, which got stronger the nearer their destination got, so they preoccupied their minds with jokes.

As the sun sat down, they reached the place. Miichan stopped her car and turned to look at Yuko.
“Are you sure about this?”
“Yes.” even though her voice was shaky, and water started to gather in the corners of her eyes, the determination  she had was felt and Minami understood things will get gloomy. But that was the right thing to do, she understood it.
“Hey, I’m staying over Mariko’s, as usual. And you?”
“No, I will stay here...”
“Do you have the keys?”
“Un...” Yuko’s voice was barely heard, and Miichan understood it’s time.
“Just...don’t forget to call your dad.”
Yuko just nodded, got out of the car, took her bags and watched Miichan driving further into the town. She carried the bags inside the house and then slumped down on the floor. Even though tears were already flowing like rain, she made no sound, and just stared in front of her. There was a small table, which had lots of flowers on it, and in the middle a photo of a very pretty girl, with long brown hair, slightly big ears, indifferent look and gorgeous smile.

While staring at the photo, Yuko absentmindedly dialed father’s phone number.
“Yuko-chan, are you there already? How are you?”
She couldn’t speak, and started crying aloud, phone fell out of her hands. Her earnest, longing and heart stabbing sobs made her dad hang up the phone and let her deal with it by herself. She crawled to the table and took the photo in her hands, fingers tracing the features in the photo she knew so well. Even though the view was blurry to her due to the waterfall of tears, she didn’t need to see the photo to know how the girl looked. She remembered everything about her. Her cute high-pitched voice, clumsiness, air-headiness, stubbornness, gorgeous body, gentle eyes, soft skin, tenderness, and, most importantly, last words. That made her cry even more, making her lie on the ground while hugging the photo and whispering the girl’s name through sobs.
“NyanNayn... NyanNyan... NyanNyan!!!”


When the morning came, Yuko got out of bed and gazed through the window with empty eyes. She cried all her tears through the night, and now all she could do was think about the certain person. She combed her messy hair with her fingers, jumped into sweatpants and put on a hoodie. Then went downstairs, ignoring the too well-known surroundings. In the kitchen she ate what she found in the fridge, then put on the shoes in the hallway and went outside. Her journey was short, just down the small path behind the house, to the beach. While sitting on the sand, she looked at the waves and tears started trickle down her cheeks again. She wiped them away, yet they kept falling down. Then Yuko felt a comforting pat on her shoulder and she knew it’s time.

“Are you going like that?” asked the tall short haired woman in fashionable black and white jumper suit.
“No, Mariko. Let me change.” she stood up, and went back to the house. Miichan and Mariko looked at her with worrisome gazes, while holding hands.
“She is determined to end this misery, so to be free, right?”
“Un. It’s hard to see her like this, but it’s for her sake.”
“And for all of us, actually.”
“Well, you’re right. Mayu mailed me, said Rena is missing. I’ll tell that to Yuko later.”
“Not good news... But maybe Yuki will find her.”
“No, I don’t think so. Yuki.... She has problems.”
“Problems like...? Why didn’t you tell me yesterday?”
“I missed you...” pouted Miichan.
“More like you missed my body... So, back to the topic?”
“She’s pregnant...”
“I know that.”
“From Mayu’s brother.”
“Say WHAT?!”
“Un. Ah, here comes Yuko.”
“You will tell me EVERYTHING later.”

Yuko came down the path back to them, wearing a simple cream-colored dress, carrying a bouquet of flowers in one hand and an urn in another. Her eyes were all swollen, hands and legs shaky, yet she had this determined aura around her, and the two just followed behind her silently.
After what looked like an eternity, they finally reached a very beautiful clearing, with lots of huge rocks by the sea. The three climbed up, and stood there silently, observing the sea, and reminiscing about the certain model-like person, who left them, and especially Yuko, too early...


“Yuuchan! Mitte! How do I look?”
“NyanNyan...” Yuko just stood there dumbstruck, drooling all over her chin, unable to move or make words.
“Hehe, Yuuchan is so cute now, so huggable.” teased her Kojima Haruna, a girlfriend of Yuko. She went nearer the squirrel-like girl and placed a kiss on the cheek, making the short girl blush dark red and close her eyes tightly.
“Is Yuuchan embarrassed?” teased her the tall girl again, and went to change from the sexy underwear into her casual clothes. She was happy she listened to Tomochin’s advice and bought this red-black lace bra and panties. She was sure Yuko is already nosebleeding in her mind. She smiled to herself and was about to unclasp her bra, when she suddenly felt warm hands embracing her into a tight hug from behind.
“NyanNyan... You tease me too much... And give me nothing at all... Am I too demanding? Am I not okay to you?”
“Yuuchan... You are fine the way you are. Yuuchan is Yuuchan. And I love Yuuchan.”
“Then why?”
“Why what?”
“Why can’t I skinship you? You know it’s my way of showing how much I love you.”
“Is it the only way you know?” asked Haruna, already hot from the warmth of Yuko’s body pressing against her back. Why, why is that damned squirrel just in her underwear too?!
“No. But I already showed you all my other ways of affection towards you. I repeat to you many times I love you, I clean your house, make you food, abandon school and friends just to come to you and spend time with you. Even my father agreed he can do nothing about my crazy endless love to you. Is it still not enough?” Haruna could feel Yuko was a bit hurt that her feelings were not appreciated.

“Yuuchan.” Haruna turned around so now she faced her dear squirrel. And then she noticed Yuko’s wide open eyes and drooling mouth, as her face was really close to Haruna’s assets. She decided Yuko deserves some service and pretended not to notice it. “I love you. And I’m thankful for all the things you do to me, especially for all the love words. I was just teasing you, silly squirrel.”
Yuko felt like in a dream. Was this happening for real? Haruna let her do anything she wanted?! Not like she voiced it, but Yuko understood it in that way.
“Can I?...” and without waiting for Haruna to answer she snuggled deeply into Haruna’s assets, making the tall girl shiver and moan a bit. Yuko grinned and with a tip of her tongue licked the place between two mounds...
Yuko jumped aback and covered her head with her hands.
All flushing red Haruna turned away.
“You could have waited for the evening.” murmured she. “It’s too bright now...”
Yuko grinned and her hands groped empty air, her perverted mind already imagining all the things she’s going to do to Haruna, when the night comes...


Friday morning was the worst morning Yuko ever had. She had to say goodbye to this house, to all the memories she had here, to the person she loved so dearly, to her dreams and hopes. She cried again, until the phone rang. It was Mayu.
“Moshi moshi.” Yuko’s shaken voice didn’t sound too good.
“I know it’s hard for you, but if you are making a decision, do it quickly. Or you will loose both, not one.”
“I asked you to look after her!”
“When I went at her place, she already was gone...”
“Thank you for calling... So she’s missing since Wednesday... And now it’s Friday... She can be anywhere!!!”
“It’s up to you now, Yuko. Can you leave past behind, forget Haruna and move on? Or can you live knowing you let an important person slip out of your life so easily, only for you to understand you’re all alone?”
“Why are you so clever, I wonder...” Yuko knew this time will come, she just needed more time. But she had no time, and it was now or never. “I’ll call you later. Check up on Yuki, okay?”
“THAT you don’t have to tell me. I always take care of my beloved one in any ways I can. Good luck...”

She needed this, this push. It was like a lighthouse for a ship in a very dark and stormy night. She felt like she was reborn. She walked through all the rooms in the house once more, shedding no tears, just smiling lightly. Then Yuko left the house, locked it, and placed a key under the doormat. She went towards the car, where Miichan was already waiting for her. But then she stopped, turned back to the house, and smiled lightly, one last tear falling down her cheek.
“Good-bye, NyanNyan.” with those words she turned around and went into the car. “Let’s go. I have to find Rena.”
“Do you have any idea where she might be?”
“No. I mean, I’m not sure... She might be at a few places, but.. She also might not be... And she had a secret place with Jurina, so... She might also be there...”
“So let’s ask her!”
“Even though they are sisters, Jurina cut all the ties with Rena a long time ago, after she find out Rena is not interested in sisterly love... Imagine you being separated from Yui.”
“IMPOSSIBLE!!! She’s my dear sister!”
“Yeah, well they are sisters too. And yet, Jurina made this decision. Rena was devastated and, … You know the latter...”
“Yeah... You think she might be doing that again?”

“I hope not... We have to hurry... I’ll call Mayuyu.” Yuko dialed Mayu’s number, but after the conversation she found out nothing knew. Yuki being in back-pain and all too sensitive, Mayu trying to soothe her pain with ‘massages’, that is, skinship. Yuko would be proud of her at any other time, but now her mind was occupied with other things. Like were to find a certain raven-haired girl. And then suddenly it hit her.
“Turn left and then all the way forward. Don’t ask.” Miichan didn’t argue and did what asked.
After two hours of driving Yuko asked to let her out.
“Now, go home and ensure everyone I’m fine. And I promise, I’ll bring her back safe and sound.” she was so determined, so strong, so convincing, Miichan immediately left, without asking more questions.
Yuko knew what she was doing., She asked Miichan to leave her here, because going alone is the best way to approach the now probably crazy girl. She listened carefully. Being in a meadow, with a few houses here and there, and a forest further ahead, she knew she will hear anything out of context. And she was right. She heard a scream and she hurried to that direction. There she was, standing in the doorway, and looking how her beloved is punching some man, while his daughter and wife shiver in the farthest corner of the room. The man was badly bleeding, he probably had many wounds, as a broken bloody pencil was lying on the ground not faraway from Yuko’s leg.

“Rena.” her voice was not the one she used with Haruna. Not the whiny, childish one. It was the serious one, the mature one. She now was twenty four, and she couldn’t be so miserable as she was these past two years. She was an adult, who had responsibilities, who was in love again. But this time, that love was very different. It was not the love who took. It was the love who gave. The love, who had no boundaries. The love she finally understood exists. And only that one word, said with such a deep feeling, only that was enough for the berserk-gone girl to stop in her actions. She fell on her knees and started crying, while apologizing, not making clear who is she apologizing to, the man she beaten, his wife and daughter, or Yuko. But Yuko knew it was Jurina she was apologizing to. Yuko went to the mother and child and calmed them , saying things will be alright. She called the medics, gave first aid to the man, and then whispered something to his wife. The woman nodded and hugged her daughter.
Yuko took Rena in her hands bridal style, and carried through the woods to the river, where she gently washed the blood away from the shivering, crying and hallucinating girl’s porcelain white skin. She then called her friend, Rino, who knew about Rena’s condition, and asked if she can bring clean clothes and melon pans. After the call, she hugged the poor girl, and started gently rocking her, while singing to her silently.

:note: sashidashita SAYONARA wo
tenohira de tsutsunde kureta
yasashisa ga myaku wo utte
atatakaku naru

kaze ni mau konayuki wa
itoshisa no you ni
tokete shimau nara
zutto kono mama de...

naki nagara hohoen de
anata wo miokuri mashou
nando mo tachidomatte
shinpai sou ni furikaeru keredo...

naki nagara hohoen de
hitori ni nareru made wa
koko kara mada ugoke nakute
sotto te wo furi
chiisaku naru omoide no chikaku ni itai

She did it. She sent her last goodbye to Haruna for herself, and to Jurina for Rena. She felt the girl calming down in her hands, and she knew what comes next. She now hugged Rena tightly, locking her firmly in her embrace, while the raven-haired started trashing, shouting, crying harder than before. It lasted about ten minutes. After that, Yuko looked with a loving gaze at peacefully sleeping angel in her hands. Things will work out somehow, she could feel that. She was going to make sure things will be alright.


“HA! We won!!! Yatta!!!”
“Takamina!!!” Yuko pretended to be mad and ran after the midget.
“What?! It’s not my fault, not my fault that we lost!!!” shouted Minami and started running faster.
“It’s so fun to watch Yuko like this.” noted Miichan. “She’s back to her old self finally. No gloomy weekends anymore.”
“Un. So, Rena, how are you?”
Three months passed since that memorable Friday. And only now they were finally able to play basketball, all together. Rena blushed a bit and bitted melon pan with closed eyes, while making a silent moan from the taste in her mouth. That didn’t go unnoticed by a certain squirrel and she stopped chasing Takamina. Instead, she came to the pale girl and kissed her forehead, making her blush in deep red and nearly choke on melon pan.

“Things are going very smoothly for us. Unlike for someone.” And everyone laughed, as another midget now was running from a certain black haired, who was shouting ‘KISSU!’ to Minami. “And Yuki is fine. She gave birth to a boy. Mayu decided to call him after her brother. Aki.”
“Ah, so sweet. So, are they going to get married? Just imagine, Takajo Mayu and Takajo Yuki. Aki would have been proud.” said Sae.
“And he is. He’s watching from up there. And...” Sayaka didn’t want to end the sentence, as she was not sure of how Yuko would react.
“And Haruna too.” sad with a simple smile Yuko and kissed gently Rena’s cheek. “I think they both are happy for all of us.”
“And for them too?” asked Miichan, while laughing and showing the shaking bushes.
“Good job, Acchan!” shouted Mariko and everyone giggled.
“Un, I think for them too.” finally spoke Rena and leaned her head onto Yuko’s shoulder.


Was the grandmother right? Who knows. But in this story girls fell in love with girls. Maybe it’s because the times changed, and Yuri is more appreciated than before. Also, maybe because they were not afraid to show they have feelings to the same gender. But the main reason is probably love. No matter how different you are from others, you are you. Like Haruna once said to Yuko, Yuuchan is Yuuchan. Yes. They are who they are. And they learned to love each other the way they are. Is it complicated? Yes, Yuko still has feelings for Haruna, and Yuki still might have feelings for Aki. And Jurina is still probably deeply in love with Rena. But now they have other important people in their lives. And they, especially Yuko, understood, that only after going through the hardships and pain you can find real happiness and tranquility. Only then you can find true love.

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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wow it's deep... good job!

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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really good job, i can't even complain about the fact that kojiharu died, it was just that good.
thankyou for the fic :bow: :bow:

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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so sad :( nyannyan died.. :( yuko.. i know you strong ! somepart of this fic made me cry T_T
am i a crybaby? :?
excelent fic b^^d

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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This is soooooo good..
And I lovee the message of the fix..forgetting someone that you love isn't easy..maybe you can't forget that person until you die..but life is way bigger than just stuck with your past..move on,and you'll find another shape of happiness. (oh no,look at my words  :sweatdrop: )

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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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 :shocked  :panic: :cry:  :thumbsup

That's my reaction...

ArígatoU! :kneelbow
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Re: True Love (A Birthday Present For My Dearest Oshimen Yuko-sama)
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Unexpected Love

The uproar in the brightly lit huge room was at its highest peak. Some were putting make-up on, some were checking their costumes, some were rehearsing dance moves or repeating lyrics to themselves. There were also many, who were carefree, chasing each other, playing pranks, chatting lively. A certain girl was trying to kiss others as many times as possible, while getting angry glares from a certain raven-haired. Another certain girl was listening to the girl who shared the same name with her, only nodding at times, or smiling, when ‘chiyuu’ sounded too cute to keep a poker face. Yet another girl was emitting black aura, so no one dared to approach her. She was tapping her slender long fingers on the make-up table surface and looking at the main entrance doors, certainly waiting for someone to open them and come inside. But when doors opened, her aura became even more black, as the ones behind the doors were the two girls, who were being pushed too many, especially recently, one from former Team 4, another from now Teams A and N, former Team K. So the girl, who emitted black aura, swiftly grabbed her phone and started to frantically type a message, only to stop halfway through, as the doors opened again, and another two girls came inside. They weren’t the ones she wanted to see the most, but they were those who all the current members missed the most, especially their closest friends.

Everyone stopped in their actions and started greeting the guests with smiling faces, a few new members crying from having an opportunity to meet those two. One of them kept her blank face, but then she smiled to her closest friends, making a wrinkle appear on her nose. And then her eyes beamed a huge amount of glitter, after noticing the General Manager, and she jumped on that short girl, who already had grown her hair long, and was able to put them in a ponytail with the bow again. The said midget murmured the name of the guest and hugged her back, trying to keep on her feet, as the taller one launched on her with her full power. Another guest made jokes with everyone, her cheery voice and bright smile making everyone at ease. Her energetic movements, funny jokes and irresistible squirrel-like features reminded everyone of old good days, when she was still a member of this group. And yet no one noticed the sadness in her eyes, when she saw two people hugging. She hid it perfectly, as she was now a number one actress. Yes, she shared the title with the other guest, so it was easy to hide boiling emotions inside. Yet painful. She suddenly shouted a certain person’s nickname and approached the girl, who was playing with her DS, like always, not paying attention to her surroundings. She of course saw the guest, but she was on the very important mission, and she just couldn’t stop playing, so she just greeted the person by simply calling her name and kept playing. The taller midget – a squirrel-look-alike one – smirked and made a swift movement, mastered by her through so many years while in this group. She carefully dived under and then between playing girl’s hands, making herself in her arms, and sat on those beautiful long legs, then hugged her and nuzzled in her neck, making sure the cat girl would be able to play the game.

Yet the short girl’s eyes were intensely staring at the view in front of her, making her annoyed and unhappy, yet all she could do was pretend she didn’t care, and keep showing her content face. It’s not like she didn’t feel good being in this girl’s arms, nuzzling in her neck as at old times, but her love for this person was always playful, as she tried to hide her feelings and real huge love for another person, the one she now was looking at. That certain person was sitting on the couch, while the short midget manager was laying on that couch, her head on the black-haired girl’s lap. The taller one was caressing the girl’s in a ponytail hair, smiling to her warmly and even affectionately. The squirrel girl gritted her teeth, making sure the girl playing a DS wouldn’t notice a thing, then closed her eyes, and nuzzled deeper in that soft neck. Suddenly the doors opened again, revealing a cute black haired, who squealed after seeing the nuzzling girl. She jumped up and down excitedly, not noticing the girl, emitting the darkest aura possible. Everyone stopped in their actions again, afraid of what’s to come, while the unsuspecting girl giggled happily, showing ‘oshiri’ sign.

And then she felt it, a tight grip on her shoulder. Then she met with cold glaring eyes, their owner glowing in such a black color no one probably ever saw. The cute girl gulped and placed a chaste kiss on the dark girl’s neck, just a bit below her ear, where her sensitive spot was, making her release the grip and blush. Yet the dark aura was still there, but the cute girl decided to do something about it later, after speaking with the long-time-no-see squirrel girl, who looked very comfortable in the tall cat girl’s arms. The black haired actress, while still gently caressing the manager’s hair, observed the scene unfolding in the huge room. She felt like at those old days, when things like crying from pressure, wanting to leave this place, not believing in yourself, or doing your best, joking with others around, traveling everywhere happened. So many memories flooded her mind, and then she glanced at a certain girl. She noticed the pain in her eyes the moment their eyes met, but that was soon changed by playfulness, and soon the girl she was looking at was playing with the other girl’s hair with her fingers, nuzzling in her neck deeper than ever, whispering something in the tall girl’s ear. Then the doors opened yet again, and two people barged in. Well, actually, one barged in, another walked normally. The energetic one was with black long hair that went in locks, and her face really reminded that of Gachapin’s. The calm one was very tall, she had short light brown hair and was dressed in a very fashionable jumper pants. She was yet another graduate, and she came with those two, but on their way she met this bubbly black haired, and was dragged to someplace. Now they came here, and the atmosphere was even more fun, as the model girl’s jokes and the Gachapin’s funny attempts were the center of attention.


“Nee, NyanNyan, wanna hang out at your room?” asked Yuko her beloved cat girl, who was preparing to leave. The concert was over, it was fun and enjoyable, especially with the three guest appearances. Not Yet was still a group, even though Yuko left AKB48 one year ago, so she appeared at concerts from time to time. And Acchan was more than happy to show up at Request Hours, also some bigger venue concerts. She sometimes even popped up in the Theater. Mariko-sama graduated half a year ago, later than Yuko, but that was expected. She was always showing everyone, that she’s capable of doing things her way. Now she was a model and TV person, but coming to the concerts was one of her priorities, especially giving advices to her kouhais. So they really had fun at this concert, maybe the most fun in a long time, meeting all of them together again. And Yuko really wanted to do something more fun, to be with her friends more; she didn’t feel like spending the evening alone. She had other friends, lots of them, but now she was too tired to go and hang out with them. But spending time with AKB members was always relaxing, that’s way she asked Kojiharu for ‘audience’.
“Gomenne, Yuuchan. I already made a deal with Mariko-sama. We’re going to dine out. Sorry about that. Maybe other time, okay, Yuuchan?” asked the model and ruffled Yuko’s hair absentmindedly. She was too focused on the mirror, looking at herself and putting make-up on.
“NyanNyan looks beautiful even without make-up...” noted Yuko and turned around. She noticed Mayu being dragged by Yukirin, as they had unfinished business. The short girl sighed and then beamed a huge smile.

“Oi, midget, do you have time?” asked she the General Manager.
“Un, chotto.... I’m going with Miichan and Yuihan to look through the today’s video material. Wanna join us?” asked Takamina. “Acchan is joining us too.”
“No... I’m too tired for that...” she replied, picked up all of her things. “Maybe Rena is available...”
“No, Rena already left with Jurina. They promised each other a week ago that they will spend this ni...time together...” answered Minami. Well, some kouhais were still here. They might know about some couples, but some things were not to their ears.
“Well, I’m not surprised, as Jurina is at the perfect age for that now.” murmured Yuko and waved to everyone. “Bye minna, see you next time. NyanNyan...” she hugged her cat friend and nuzzled in her breasts again.
“See you around, Yuuchan.” smiled Kojiharu and patted the squirrel’s head. Maybe everyone was surprised through all the evening that not even once Yuko was yanked on the had, but Haruna had her own reasons. Yuko kind of knew about them, and was happy for her cooperation. She nuzzled deeply the last time, then beamed her charming smile and left to the hotel. AKB members now had more freedom than ever and going separately after such huge concerts was now an option one was glad to have. Yet they still had to spend time in their hotel, but dinning out or playing games or anything was okay, as long as that happened within the hotel’s boundaries.


After reaching her hotel room, Yuko tossed her things on the floor and plodded to take a shower. However, her mind was too occupied with someone in particular. Maybe it was jealousy, maybe she just missed her. Though they were now both out of AKB48, and both were doing the same job, and even both sharing No.1 actress title, they still rarely met, not even talking about spending some time alone. Last time they were both eating out was one day after Yuko graduated from AKB, and after that they stopped seeing each other on other occasions except work for a specific reason. But Yuko was kind of glad. She got back the thing she wanted the most. Through all the years she was in Akimoto’s created group, she had this friendly rivalry with Acchan, and that was what kept her going further. It’s all thanks to that wrinkled-nose girl, who made squirrel’s life in AKB something enjoyable. Of course, they all were friends there, and at some point rivals, but not to the same extent as Yuko and Atsuko. Only they were worth each other, only they were always really competing and worth competing to get No.1 place. And even though Yasushi’s favorite was Acchan, even though Yuko knew her getting first place won’t make her his favorite, she did it nevertheless. Not for Aki-P, not for AKB like Acchan, not for her family members, and not even for herself as some others thought. She did it for two reasons.

One – her fans. They were her true real supporters, not letting her down even in the gloomiest moments of her life. Reading their letters, collecting their presents, giving them handshakes and chatting on G+... All that made her believe in herself. And second reason was... Maeda Atsuko. Yuko felt she had to show Acchan her strength, to show that she’s not alone struggling to keep in the top, that she’s not alone carrying the heavy weight of being an actress, singer, dancer, TV person, model and lots of other options at the same time. Yuko also had this weight on her shoulders. Maybe lesser, maybe sometimes heavier, but still, it was a weight, a cross on her shoulders she had to carry. By fighting friendly alongside, they kind of shared that cross together, making it easier to carry it for the both of them. And yet it still was heavy, and Acchan was the first one to drop it, and leave it for Yuko to carry alone. At first she was still carrying it, but after winning the election, becoming a Team K captain, then winning the election again, and winning it yet again... She felt like something was missing. Despite being pushed a lot, other members never reached higher than 2nd place, and Yuko felt a bit guilty. Of course, she was thankful to her fans and their support was really something, winning three years in a row, but... She couldn’t bear it any longer, she needed some tough competition, so she graduated, with some even fainting from her announcement. And after graduating she felt as if she was born anew. She had more free days, she did the work she loved the most. And she was finally getting her rivalry. At first she was third, and Acchan second. Then Acchan topped the list of actresses, and Yuko became second. She thought they might fight for the first position like in AKB. But sharing the first place... Now she had this huge rock dropping on her heart and weighing her down. Because while their rivalry was friendly, they became less and less close due to.... Due to what? Due to something Yuko had no idea, why and how happened. Just that it separated them for such a long time, there was probably no way they might become close again.


Lying on her bed, she thought many things over and over again. Not wanting to delve more into this slump mood, Yuko reached her phone and mailed Takamina.

>To: Bakamidget
>From: Yuuchan
>Content: Hey, midget, what are you doing?
Still looking through the video material? (^^)
How do I look there?
How many of you are there?
Sorry for asking many questions, but I’m bored... (´Д` )
Entertain me, midget! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
I demand some suberanai stories!!

>To: Perv Squirrel
>From: GM
>Content: Yap, still doing the same. ♪(^o^)v
Me, Miichan and Yuihan. ☆
Acchan is with you, right?
I won’t entertain you with my interesting stories!! (ToT)
Miichan, don’t peek over my shoulder!
Wait, why I wrote that here?.. (・・;)

Yuko thought if she should write something back, but all her mind could process at the time was where Acchan might be... She’s not with Bakamidget, not here at Yuko’s room, so where is she? On a date with some guy? In her own room? With someone else? The squirrel girl tossed the phone on the fluffy white carpet, then hugged tightly the pillow and cuddled between the sheets. Even though she loved running around naked, she somehow felt very cold and alone this evening, so she was now in pajama pants and long sleeved hoodie, that she got as a present from Atsuko on Christmas last year. Then she heard a knock on the door, and wondered who this might be. For some unknown reason her heart skipped many beats, and it didn’t stop pounding, like about to jump out of her chest. She got out of bed, still holding the pillow and went to open the door. With every step her heartbeat went faster and faster, and she stopped in her tracks a few steps from the door. She wanted to calm down and open the door calmly, in her composed cheerful manner, but that pumping thing inside her was not letting it. Its beating was loud and fast. Yuko took in a deep breath, then went last few steps and opened the door. Pillow left her hands and fell on the floor, and heart stopped beating for a second, even her breathing stopped. There stood Atsuko with a smile on her face. Not the wrinkled smile, a firm, earnest and determined smile. She went in, closed the door, picked up the pillow and tossed in onto the couch.

“Hey, alone?” asked she.
Yuko finally came back to her senses, put on a mask on her face and turned to her friend (?) with a light smile.
“Alone, like always at this time. Why are you here? I thought you’re staying with Takamina, and then she wrote me, that you and I are together. So, um, why did you tell her that?”
“Well, now we’re together, right?”
“Why? What are you doing here, Acchan?”
“You don’t know?”
“No. Care to explain?”
The taller girl went few steps closer to the short girl. Yuko’s heart started its running course again.
“Yuko... I’m sorry, okay?”
“About what?” it was harder to keep her voice steady.
“About the last time...” went a sentence, bringing back a memory from that painful day.


“Oshima-san, otsukaresama deshita. It was a pleasure, as always, working with you.”
“Ah, iie, kochira koso.”
“Yuko!! Congrats on this amazing photoshoot!” shouted someone, and the next moment that someone was squeezing the air out of Yuko’s lungs by hugging her affectionately.
“Acchan...” she hugged the black haired back and closed her eyes, all her muscles relaxing in comforting and very well known hands. “Thanks for staying with me all this time.”
Yuko was really thankful, as Atsuko came here straight away after shooting for the drama. The squirrel was against it at first, but she knew once the taller girl decides something, you won’t change her mind.
“Hehe. We should go and eat together, Yuko. Just yesterday you graduated, so you probably ate less than always.”
“Well... You know me too well...” smiled Yuko and released herself from the bear hug. “Then let me change and we can go.”

After some time they were already in their favorite restaurant, eating their dinner and chatting about various things. Yuko was so happy to be able to spend some time with Acchan, just the two of them. But then some man approached them. He was really handsome, tall, and looked at Atsuko with some emotion Yuko was not fond of.
“Let me introduce to you, Yuko. This is Nakamura Yuji, my boyfriend.” proudly announced the taller girl, and beamed her wrinkled smile at the guy. He bowed slightly to Yuko.
“Nice to meet you, Oshima-san.”
The squirrel felt her heart shattering to pieces, trying to keep her smile plastered on her face.
“Ni...ce to meet you too... Please, take care of Acchan, okay?” that was all she could muster and through all the other time while dinning with them, she just nodded or shook her head, with some un, chotto or fake giggles added. After dinner she excused herself, saying she’s very tired, and left the restaurant. She didn’t take the taxi. She just ran and ran and ran, until she reached her apartment. It was early in the morning, so she was running about three hours. After taking a quick shower, where her tears were mixed with the hot water, she lied down in her bed, while still crying and cursing the one she loved. From that time she declined meeting Acchan for other than work purposes, and stopped mailing her. Because her heart was broken, and she didn’t want to die from heart attack. Which might have happened, if she was to meet with the happy couple again.


“And what about it?” all the pain in her heart came back faster than she expected.
“I... Shouldn’t have let you two meet... And I shouldn’t have dated him in the first place...”
“Why is that? You seemed happy.” scoffed Yuko, as she couldn’t keep everything to herself anymore. “You seemed so happy, so content, you presented him to me so proudly, like he was some lost treasure that you found after millions years of searching.”
Atsuko took one step forward. Now just one step separated them, and Yuko wanted to turn away and run, but at the same time she wanted to show her braveness, so made no move.
“Because I love someone else. Not the man who charmed me like a fool, not Minami, who I’m fond of, and she’s my great friend. Not even Miichan, who calls me her wifey, and really not my friends Wtomo, as they are just my good friends.” while speaking, her gentle eyes did not look anywhere else but straight into Yuko’s eyes, making everything around disappear.
“Why are you telling me this?” asked the shorter girl, her eyes filled with tears.
“Because that person is you, silly.” Acchan wiped away the tears from the squirrel girl’s face and took the last step, then embraced the girl. “I love you. Of that I’m sure like never before. And I want to be with you. I just lack confidence in approaching people myself. But if it is for you... I came here and did something unimaginable. Yes, I can joke around, like with Takamina or Miichan, but with you it’s different, especially after the last time, when I hurt you.”
“Can I really believe in you?” her happiness was about to spread its wings, but Yuko just wanted to make sure she’s not mishearing and that she’s not one of the many affairs Acchan had.
“Well, I’m still a virgin, though many wanted to have me. I just couldn’t let them do anything, as every time they tried to grab my breasts, your sad face popped out in my head, and I pushed them away. And...another thing. I already told Minami about my feelings to you. It’s she, who nudged me to confess, because you seemed too gloomy for her. You are No.1 actress, Yuko, but you can’t fool us, your closest friends.”

“What’s with the virgin thing? It’s not like I’m going to jump on you just because you confessed...” tried to act all tsundere Yuko, but her lips were already curved into a smile, and eyes were producing tears again. She also told about her feelings to NyanNyan, and the cat girl said things will work out. But for Yuko it was hard to believe it then.
“You’re wetting my blouse.” gently noted Acchan.
“And you’re wrinkling your nose again.” said the midget, though she was not looking at the tall girl. She just knew her so well.
“Can you kiss me, you silly squirrel?”
“Well, you started confessing, not me...” smirked Yuko.
“Oh, so that’s how it is... Then, can I kiss you?”
Yuko backed up a bit and looked seriously at Maeda.
“Only, if that kiss means you really love me.”
“That kiss means my unexpected love.” smiled Acchan and with a passionate kiss claimed her girl.

Moon shinning through the window, two naked bodies, tangled in the sheets and with each other, the shorter one nuzzling in the taller one’s breasts.
“Apology accepted.” murmured she, sending shivers down the black haired girl’s spine, and making her hot down there again.
“Ready for round seven, or feeling too sleepy?” teased the perverted squirrel, while her fingers slowly teased near the entrance to the secret spot.
“To...morrow day off...” and she moaned, as after those words three fingers made her dance like she never did before.
“Good, I have a day off too.” beamed her bright smile Yuko and leaned in for a kiss from her love.


A/n: That is my second present to Yuko-sama. My OTP is YukoRena, but I also came to like AtsuYuu, so, um, yeah. Now, on to replies to your comments. Thank you for 14 'thank yous' !!!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow: And for all silent readers!!!  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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WARNING. Dark and Creepy, Not For Kids.

Let's Go Camping

Dark deep eyes pierce your body with a cold glance and you feel like dying already, but you can’t. While creepily laughing, its claws dig deep into your body, making huge painful holes inside, with your blood freely seeping out. That smirking expression, eerie voice, hungry looking eyes. And the pain, so real... It licks its lips and then licks its own hands, full of your blood. You try to scream, but you lost too much blood, and all you can do is watch through half closed eyes at it, who is savoring your blood from not only its hands but also straight from your wounds. Then it bites your flesh, and the last thing in your mind before dying is the sound of it munching on your leg.

“Yuko-chan!!! It’s scary!”
“I know, right? When I woke up, it felt so real.... I’m glad it was only a dream... Ah, I miss those happy days, when I dreamed of that tall cat-woman with huge breasts...”
“You have that perverted expression on...again...”
“Again?... It’s only second time today...”
“Well... If we don’t count you groping air or hawking at chicks... Then it’s only the second time...”
“Jurina-cha~n.. You have to comfort me, because I had this creepy dream... Why are you so cold-hearted?...”
“You don’t need my comfort, you are already thinking about your dream goddess...”
“Ah...NyanNyan... I want to dream her again...”
Jurina sighed. Really... Her sister is such a pervert... Not like she herself wasn’t one. But...

*I want you~! I need you~! I love you~!*

“Ah, I got a message!” Yuko looked at her phone and her perverted expression changed into a calm, happily smiling one.
“Girlfriend?” asked Jurina.
“Un. She asked if we want to go camping tomorrow. Her father owns a huge area in the mountains, so we can go there freely. A, I want an adventure. I need some relaxation after this kind of dream. So I’m going. And you, Jurina-chan?”
“Am I invited?”
“Are you sure? Won’t I interrupt your lovey-dovey moments in the tent at night?” chuckled the taller girl.
“Hey! I’ll tell dad that you’re teasing me!!”
“At first he has to come home... And that likely won’t happen, neechan... And second... You tease me about my girlfriend too...”
“A, but what can I do, if my love for JuriMayu is so strong? You look so cute together..” squirrel like girl winked to her younger sister and then suddenly smirked. “Considering the fact that you’re still a minor, I’m so laughing inside you can’t do those things you talk so freely about.”
“HEY!” Jurina pouted and turned her head away. “Tell her me and my girl are going too.”
“Hehe, okay.”


The next day all four girls sat in a mountain jeep and drove off to their camp. While Yuko was driving, other three were contemplating the surroundings. But very soon they all started singing songs, chatting about stuff, playing various games. At about 3 p.m. they arrived at the place higher in the mountains, where they found a nice clearing for camping. After setting up a huge tent and preparing a fireplace, the girls started exploring the area. But soon they separated into two groups of two, as they wanted some privacy time, while it’s still bright outside.

Mayu and Jurina went down a path they noticed earlier, while still being with other two. The path was hidden by bushes, yet it was still noticeable for these two. The girls talked while walking, holding hands and smiling widely. They reached the end of the path and were surprised to find a river running there. It was crystal clear, you could see miscellaneous fishes and all the rocks inside.
“Nee, mite, that little rock looks like a cross!” Mayu ran in the river, not even bothering to take of the shoes and then picked up the cross-like rock. “So beautiful... And such a deep black color... I’m going to keep it. Nee, Jurina-chan, find yourself a rock too!!”
“Mhm...” the tomboyish girl looked seriously at the task and it took a long time for her to find the rock she liked the most. After one hour and a half she finally stopped and beamed a cat-like smile.
“Found it!!” she picked a rock and showed it to Mayu. It was yet another extraordinary rock, as it was all deep red, almost like...blood red, and it was shaped like a heart. Just a slight crack went in the middle of it, but Jurina liked it nonetheless.
“Now we can go back, shall we?” asked Mayu and they happily strolicked back, while holding hands and their precious newfound rocks in their free ones.

While the two were doing scavenger hunt, the other two were going higher in the mountains.
“So, are your brothers not against the thought of only us girls having a camp?”
“You know how they are. Kai as always is the most worried one. He went through such a list of ‘to do’ and ‘not to do’ I thought I’ll die of boredom. I wonder how his girlfriend can live with him...”
“Tomochin? She’s bossing him around, of that I’m sure. But they seem happy, so why we take concern... And others?”
“Riku is away on a business trip. As a model, he was invited to the fashion week in Paris... Ah, I’m so jealous!! I envy Mariko, as she can also travel there.”
“Well, she’s not only your brother’s girlfriend, she’s a model too, don’t forget that.”
“Mm. And then Kuu... I don’t know... He didn’t worry at all. I think he was writing Annin a message. As far as I could glance, it was something about a romantic candlelit dinner...’
“Ano... Last week he had Anna aka Antan, two days ago he was still going out with Anna aka Anna, and now Anna aka Annin?... Is he having some Anna fetish or what?”
“He’s simply a player..” she giggled. “Anyway, look, it’s a cave..”
“Mhm... Now I see the resemblance between you and Kuu.” Yuko smirked and dragged her girlfriend to a cave, where she pushed her against the wall. They both started kissing each other passionately, forgetting everything around.

Two hours later they were both dressed up, yet still a bit flustered.
“Nee, Yuko-chan.”
“Look, the sun is slowly setting down. Let’s go back?”
“Okay. Wait.” Yuko went a bit to the side of the cave and looked closely at a carving on a wall.
“What is it?” asked the taller one.
“Nothing. Just some names written down... I can’t read out clearly. Let’s go back.” smiled Yuko. “Oh, before that.”
“I just feel the urge to say it.”
“What?” a wrinkle appeared on her nose, when she smiled.
“I love you, Acchan.”
“I love you too, Yuko.” Acchan kissed her squirrel’s lips passionately and hugged her. “I’m glad I have you.”
“Me too, spoiled princess.” teased Yuko. “Let’s go back?”

When they reached their camp, there was already a fire burning, Jurina with Mayu were preparing food.
“Oh, lovebirds are back!” smirked Jurina. “You found better place than tent, nee?”
But she was ignored, so decided to change the topic.
“Guess what we found? A river!!”
“And there very beautiful rocks.” added Mayu.
“But very peculiar ones.” the younger one noted and they showed the rocks to the girls.
“Mm.. Black cross and red broken heart... It reminds me of something... But I’m not sure of what...” thought aloud Yuko.
“I’m hungry~!” whined Acchan and rocks were long forgotten. But the midget had this indescribable tingling sensation in her heart, yet she hoped it’s just her being superstitious.

After eating dinner the girls were sitting around the fire, singing songs again, playing word games. The sun was already totally down. Then Mayu suggested.
“Hey, let’s talk about something scary. I, for example, a few times saw a real ghost.”
“EE~H?!” Jurina shivered and closed her eyes. “Are you joking?”
“No. At night, when I look into the mirror, I sometimes see another figure behind me in the mirror, but when I turn around... There’s no one...”
“Are you not scared at those times?” asked Acchan, while being comfortably hugged by Yuko.
“Mhm.. No. Not at all.”
“Whoaw... I never had these scary adventures, but I heard a story about some vampires roaming the streets. You know the famous writer anzai48-san?”
“Who is he? I know only epiclulz-san and seigus-san..” pouted Jurina.
“Me too, but I also read some cmze-san and Divine Vengeance-san stories.” added Mayu.
“Yeah, I mean, I read them writers like Flean-san, Rukaeru-san, miayaka-san and others, but this one, anzai48-san, is special in one way. They say, his stories become alive... Or rather, he wrote what happened in reality. So expect some vampires roaming around.” tried to scare them Acchan.
“Sweetheart.” Yuko kissed her girlfriend on the cheek and smiled. “Vampires are okay as long as they are so awesome like those good ones in anzai48-san’s story. I myself love writers like yukofan-san, haruhi16-san, sakura_drop_-san, and others. But if you want me to tell you a really scary story...”
“Neechan....” Jurina was shivering like crazy, eyes tightly closed. “Not your dream, please.”


Yuko was about to tell what her dream was like, when suddenly a strong wind blew and fire went out. Jurina and Acchan screamed, while Mayu and Yuko turned their heads to look around, but it was pitch black. And then the fire suddenly appeared again.
“Wha...t was that?” asked cyborg girl, who was now also scared.
“I’m not sure...” answered midget.
“Following the fire that leaves from my body, the light also disappears.” is what they heard being said and then the wind blew again, but not your usual normal wind. It was the wind, bringing chills, smelling like death, blood and danger.
“W..we should gggg...go to the tent.” suggested Atsuko carefully. As if her words were not even said, the girls shook their heads and motioned her to look behind her. When she turned around...

A figure dressed in black was standing near the path to the river. She had long black hair and a book in her hands. Her glare was cold, lips pressed into a thin line. If that was not enough for the girls, they heard a giggle, that made them jump and stand straight. They all were scared, but could not even move. And the giggles didn’t stop. They were so creepy, so loud, so insane, that Yuko nearly fainted, as she remembered the laughing in her dream. It was exactly the same laughing. No, giggling. And then it appeared. The it in her dream. A girl, also dressed in black, but not just black like her companion. Black leather with chains on clothes. She was dragging a broken umbrella with one hand, while bitting the nails of the other hand. What’s more, she was all bloody. Umbrella, clothes, chains, hands, nails, everything was in red. Even her face was with red spots. And her stare was making the girls weak in their legs. But that creepy person was playfully smirking, while still giggling. Then she tilted her head to the side.
“Nee...okotteru..?” and in the flash all four girls were dead. Acchan in Yuko’s arms, Jurina’s body mashed with Mayu’s.


The cold one picked up a black cross and smiled vaguely. She placed it on her necklace, where it originally belongs. At the same time the creepy one cracked fully the already cracked heart and took the necklace from inside. It had ‘Rock’ written on it.
“Now you have both, right?”
“Un.” nodded she and took from the pocket another one, which had ‘Pop’ written on it. “Nee... The job is done...Hahahaha... Kissu?” she puckered her lips and leaned into the slightly taller girl, only to be ignored.
“Nee...?.. Hahaha..” she smirked and went down the path to the river. She knew the other one followed her. She took off her clothes and put on both necklaces.
“Nee...Black...” she turned around and oggled at the naked beauty in front of her.
“Geki. Get in.”
The creepy one giggled and got into the river. Black looked at her with a small smile on her lips, but as soon as Geki turned to look at her, her face was but a mere poker face. Then she opened her book and closed her eyes.
“I’ll appear to bring you nightmares, my essence is going to haunt you forever.” and then she also got in the river, still holding the book in her hands.

As soon as the first ray of sun appeared at the horizon, the two swimming figures vanished, leaving no trail of their existence. Only black cross-like and red cracked-heart-like rocks and a carving on the cave’s wall. The only other sign that someone was there, was four dead bodies, lying in a now empty camp.


EDIT. That's the carving Yuko-sama saw:

A/n: Happy Belated Halloween!!!  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
O r i g a m i: I'm happy and glad you like AtsuYuu, as I also lately became a huge fan of them  :wub: :wub:
Tam_atsu: Thank you for reading and liking it!!! AtsuYuu rocks!!!  :deco: :deco: :deco:
yuuzu05: Thank you!!  :bow: :bow:
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Re: Let's Go Camping (Happy Belated Halloween!!!) [Various Pairings] Nov/6
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My God...  :shocked <--- that was my reaction when I found out that the four of them were dead at the end of the story.

So cool. This story was so cool. Fits perfectly with Halloween day. Sadist and horror. I love it, hehe.  :twisted:

Thank you for the update.  :thumbup

Thanks for always commenting on my fics, I really appreciate that  :bow: :bow:

I mentioned a lot of authors in this fic, but I doubt anyone noticed that  XD
"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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Re: Let's Go Camping (Happy Belated Halloween!!!) [Various Pairings] Nov/6
« Reply #11 on: November 09, 2012, 11:59:04 AM »
Wah.. This story is so beautiful!
I enjoy reading it  XD
Sad that the 4 of them are dead..
But I'm happy because there's BlackGeki XD

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Re: Hard Case Part 1 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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WARNING. Dark, contains blood, gore, violence. Not For Kids.

Hard Case Part 1

“Who are the victims, doctor Watanabe?” asked a short woman, hair in a ponytail. One could easily imagine a huge bow there.

“Ishii Ayaka, student. Time of death: 8am. Was smashed face down to the ground, her ribs were broken with something heavy.”

“Ishibe Aya, also a student. Time of death: 8am also. Eyes taken out, hands broken, right leg cut off.”

“Ishiguro Atsuki, student too. Time of death: 9am. Head hammered with the same heavy tool, feet fingers cut off.”

“Ito Ayaka, another student. Time of death: also 9am. All teeth are pulled out, and if my first glance is correct, they were pulled one by one. Also, her left hand is cut into small pieces...”

“And the last victim, Iriyama Anna...” there doctor Watanabe paused and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath, then opened his eyes and regained his poise. “A well-known actress. Time of death: 10am. She was...stabbed more than twenty times blindly, her tongue cut off.”

“I will be able to tell you more after the autopsy is done.” and he picked his tools, casted last sad glance at the now dead actress, and then motioned to take her. He took off his gloves, rubbed his tired eyes and looked around.

“A gloomy place for a murder. Not surprising, yet too gloomy for these angels...” and then he left.

“He’s a bit melancholic and too cute for a doctor, don’t you think so, Takahashi?” asked a female detective and turned to her partner.

“Try to work with these poor dead people half of your life. They are his only friends, you know. He even talks with them...” answered Takahashi Minami, the Lieutenant of Akihabara Police Squad.

Her partner detective Umeda Ayaka sighed and nodded her head.

“Yeah, not a happy life he has.”

“Mhm, on the contrary, I think he has less worries and burdens than we do, Ayaka...”

“Why so?”

“I have to deal with my girlfriend, you have to deal with constant followers, and we also have huge families to tend to, to report to, many friends to remember. And he lives for himself, having no girlfriend, no family, no friends. He does what and whatever he wants.”

“But he must feel lonely, don’t you think? And is he really alone? All alone?”

“I’m not sure, Ayaka. Well, at least I haven’t seen him writing messages, smiling happily to people. And he never mentioned any friends or family members. But I know his parents died in an accident when he was eight years old.”

“Ah... So, do you have any ideas about this murde...massacre?”

“Yap, it’s indeed a massacre. a bit lost... I mean... Why this many bodies in one place? And they died at a similar time.. But then again, four of them are students, while the last one is a famous actress...”

Ayaka thought a bit and then opened wide her eyes.

“You know what? I just now noticed... They all have name initials I.A.”

“Oh, you’re right.. But what that means?”

“I have no idea, Minami. Let’s ask others, maybe they found something.”

“Okay. Hey, Miichan, found anything?”

“Lots of blood, blood and blood again. I took samples from different places. I’ll give them to Shizuki-san, he will definitely get something out of it.”

“Mhm, Oya-san is good, so yeah, please do what you said. Erena, what can you tell us?”

“The place was chosen wisely, knowing it’s abandoned yet visited by the thugs. I asked around a bit, and they seem to have noticed...nothing. Or so they say, but their eyes give out fear. I can understand them, giving the view we found here, with dislocated bodies and so much blood... I’ll try to ask around more, but I can’t promise anything.”

“Mhm... Katayama-buchou?”

“Don’t remind me those times, Bakamina. I already told you, call me Haruki.”

“Then call me Takahashi-san, as I’m your superior.”

“... A killer scribbled some doodles on the walls with blood, but there are no fingerprints, meaning the killer used gloves. The doodles are random crosses, bibles, smileys... Basically, I have two opinions. One, it is cleverly thought of, but made to look like it’s a job of an insane person. is done by an insane person, who had a wise companion who made it look like a cleverly thought-of plan... Argh... I’m confused...”

“Yeah, a tough case...” shook her head Umeda. “Let’s go for some coffee, I can’t think clearly without some caffeine running through my veins.”

“Okay. And I need to call her...”

“Your wifey?” wiggled her eyebrows Miichan, gave a chuckle and left the crime scene before Minami opened her mouth to scold her.

“Really... This kid dares to call herself a detective?..” the short Lieutenant stomped her feet. “Let’s go, Umeda.”

~two days later~

“What’s her identity, Watanabe?”

“Iwatate Saho, 11th grader. I did an autopsy, and it revealed she was strangled before put in a bath full of water. Then a hole was made in her stomach, so the blood could mix with the water... The tool was used the same as the one Iriyama Anna was stabbed with... Kasai-san tried various items, and... We’re still not sure about the tool... No fingerprints in the place or on the body only leads me to think this was a cleverly thought massacre, as I believe the last group murder and this one are connected...”

“Thank you, Watanabe-san. Ah, I have a huge headache... If we can’t give any good news to Oshima-san and Noro-san... Their heads will be cut off not only by Oomizo-san and Sata-san, but by Togasaki-san, or even Akimoto-san himself... We have to find some leads, and fast. Let’s work harder, Umeda.”


~the same evening~

“Like, seriously, does that person sleep at all? Or is it a group of people doing this?!! Two more bodies in the same day!!!”

“Do not shout, Minami. I can hear you.” Ayaka patted lightly Lieutenant’s shoulder. “Who are the victims? And where’s the doc?”

“Watanabe-san has got himself into a traffic jam... Matsui-kun promised to get him with his motorbike.” answered Ono Erena, one of the cleverer detectives at Akihabara Police Squad.

“Ah, that Jurian and his motorbikes... Well, sometimes it’s useful, I guess, to have him work for us. Miichan, the victims.” ordered Umeda.

“Shimazaki Haruka and Shimada Haruka, waitresses at the ‘Haruka Loves You’ café. The boss found them here, in the storage room, when she checked around the café before closing. The boss, Nakagawa Haruka, said they were good girls, always gentle with customers, hiding their sometimes not that sweet character. No boyfriends, no family...” reported Minegishi and sighed. “This huge massacre case is giving me goosebumps... I’m afraid I might be the next victim...” she shivered and scooted to the corner to take some blood examples.

“Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Takahashi?”

“Yes, Ayaka. These two have initials S.H. I believe the killer is trying to say something... But what...?”

“First, it was I.A. Then lone victim, I.S. Now its S.H. IAISSH... Something is not right...”

“I think we have to look from different perspective... Yet I still can find no clue... I’m afraid to say that we might need yet another mur..mhmhp” Katayama’s mouth was shut by the hand of Erena, who apologized to the two short detectives and dragged Haruki out.

“But sadly he might be right, Minami...” shook her head Ayaka and sighed. “I’m sure our heads will be cut off, as we still have no slightest lead...”

“I have to report to MaiMai today... She said Nontii was pestering her about giving some leads on the case... I’m so depressed right now...”

“*whistle* What a view... Doc, you’re going to have lots of work... Only their heads are untouched...” a young handsome man appeared in a leather jacket and black pants and flashed a cat-like smile.

“... This is so cruel... Mashed bodies, only heads left...” Watanabe closed his eyes, opened them again. “I need some privacy, my clients should be carried to my lab immediately, and please, do not miss any part of them.” he gave orders to the coroners and went to look through the café’s window.

“Whoaw, doc, you really are a pro!” grinned the young man and turned to Lieutenant. “Good-day, Takahashi-san!”

“Jurian, have anything to us?”

“I might have... But you won’t like it AT ALL...” he grinned again and leaned closer to Minami and Ayaka. Then in whispering voice, a bit over-dramatically, he said two words.

“Mafia’s doing.”


A/n: I have many to update, but when inspiration hits... This is what you get...
O r i g a m i: Still, thank you for always commenting  :bow: :bow: :bow:
White Hawk: Thank you!!  :bow: :bow: Yes, I'm happy for BlackGeki too  ;)
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Re: Hard Case Part 1 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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This is so cool! I like it  :D

it is done by an insane person, who had a wise companion who made it look like a cleverly thought-of plan
Geki and Black?  XD

I really can't wait for the next update  XD
Please update soon :)

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Re: Hard Case Part 1 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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I should really overcome my laziness and start commenting on the stories I like. This is - obviously- one of them.
It's... "nice" does not really fit this kind of story, so I'll settle for:
I'll wait for the continuation!

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Re: Hard Case Part 2 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
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WARNING. Dark, contains blood, gore, violence. Not For Kids.

(you can find first part here:

Hard Case Part 2

A short haired woman in a baggy pants and stripped tank top was pacing back and forth in a dimly lit room, hands disheveling her own hair in frustration.

“We have to do something about this!! I can’t stand it anymore!!! We are a mafia group, not some kinky street gang!!! Let’s just go and kick their asses, what are we still waiting for?!!” she shouted, kicking a chair and then punching the wall.

“I agree with Bunker. No time we can waste. We had a leader, now she’s dead. Even her undercover as an actress didn’t stop them from killing her... We have to avenge her. But we need a new leader. I’ll prove myself to you that I’m worth being one. Just come and try to beat me, cowards!!”

“Daasu... We can’t think with only fists now. Some brains are needed. Let’s vote for the leader. Fair and square.” spoke in a teasingly manner yet with serious glint in her eyes Messi, a young woman with black done up hair and glasses on her cute nose. Despite her beautiful features, she loved violence, blackmailing, and especially scheming the most.

“Yagi, calm down.” ordered Messi and yanked a chain that she held in her hands. A woman on the other end of the chain grumbled and comforted herself on the couch, letting another black haired stroke her hair.

“You can just let that creature of yours kill them all for Annin, you know.” spitted the words out Bunker.

“I can always let her kill you, too.” smirked the woman with glasses and cooed to Yagi. “You would love to bite her neck and have a drink, now wouldn’t you, baby Yagi?”

The crazy girl growled and showed her a bit over-sized teeth, meaning serious business and then put her head back on the comfortable legs.

The short haired backed away and clenched her fist.

“Then let’s vote!” exclaimed she, pissed for the nth time today.

“Mhm, you’re too impatient. I want our underlings to vote, too.” smiled wickedly Messi and motioned for Daasu to open the door. The grumbling woman opened them and found behind a group of young women, shivering from the death glance in her eyes. She sighed and let them in, kicking the doors closed afterwards, making the women jump.

“Oi, Habu, don’t be chickens here, you are Mafia’s sidekicks after all!” shouted she and sat on a chair, her eyes casted on the red sofa, who had no one on it.

“Ah, I can finally meet the whimpering kids I heard so much about... Maybe you could help me in playing golf, huh?” the women shivered after Bunker mentioned golf. They heard too many creepy stories to not be afraid. Like head being cut of with a golf club, or people made swallow golf balls, or other hideous things.

“Shokkaku, Sudachi, Miyu, Tetsuo, Chiharu, Sanae. Team Habu, weak underlings of Mangoose. Loyal to Annin and Messi, listening to every word they say, doing everything they ask.” finally spoke in a calm tone woman, who was caressing Yagi’s hair.

“Jovijovich, who are you voting for?” asked slyly glasses woman.

“Ты. Остальные не стоят моего голоса. Я думаю, что с тобой мы могли бы выиграть войну.” in clean and clear Russian spoke the woman, making the already smirking woman shine in rainbow colors.

“Others?” asked the woman, already knowing the outcome, making her voice sound cocky.

“We’re outnumbered... You planned it, you bitch!!!” shouted Bunker. She grabbed her golf club from the corner and was about to attack Messi, but the woman with glasses only chuckled and released a hold of the chain.

A painful scream echoed in an abandoned building. Those in the room stayed in silence, shocked at the view.

“I believe I am the boss here, so please, try to behave, as my dear Yagi might not only bite off your finger like now, but also something more. I don’t think you’d want that. Now do you?”

“...” Bunker just grumbled, trying to not let tears spill, as Yagi was still munching on her finger, and it hurt like hell, with blood spilling, bone crunching and all. “I am sorry...” she finally muttered, loud enough for everyone to hear and then fainted.

“Well, now that we solved our little problem... Yagi!” and the psycho woman went back to the couch, were her face was cleaned by Jovijovich with a tissue.

Then the crazy woman placed her head back on the Russian woman’s legs, only to get her head caressed again. Messi took a hold of the chain and sat on a red sofa, her devilish smile radiating in the room.

“I have a job for you, Habu. I need you to kill someone named Itano Tomomi. Oh, don’t give me those wide stares. I know she’s a famous model and spokesperson, but what can I do? She needs to be killed.”

“Demo...Messi-sama...” whispered Sudachi but was cut by Shokkaku.

“Tsssk.” mocked her companion Shokkaku and looked apologetically at their new leader. “We’ll take care of her in no time, Messi-sama.”

“I love good kids, you know. I might reward you. Now before you go, bring here all my computers and equipment.” ordered she and smiled wickedly.

Being the boss felt good. Too good to play fair and square.

~some time later, on the way to Itano’s house~

“Ah, I hope she pays for us money, so I could by a motorbike soon. I’m tired of fishing rich guys.” whined Chiharu and looked boringly at her nails.

“I agree, I also want money. She’s hella rich, and now, that Annin-sama is dead, she gains all of her money and even the house.” voiced Sanae and looked through the window at the sleeping city.

“So shouldn’t she become a suspect?” asked Tetsuo, still confused about the whole situation. “I mean...”

“She was not the one who killed Annin-sama, and I believe, police has no idea about all the houses Annin-sama owns.” cut her Miyu and cleaned a glister in the corner of her eye. “She was a perfect leader, a very wise one. I hope Messi-sama follows her steps...”

“Fresh Lemon ni naritai no~” sang Sudachi and had a huge bite of unpeeled lemon. “Mhm, delicious!!”

“Tsssk...” mocked her again Sokkaku and concentrated on the road. Driving while listening to this group of irritating comrades was not an easy job, so she put on earphones and for an hour forgot the job that awaited them.


A/n: This might be too short for you, but I like the way it flows, and it's just the right length to leave suspension in its place XD
O r i g a m i: I wonder if you are still going to want it after finding out who is doing all the murders hehe XD but thank you for commenting, reading, liking it  :bow:
White Hawk: You might be right, but you also could be wrong. Let's wait a few more chapters to find out the culprit(s) XD Thanks for reading, liking and commenting :bow:
@fffff: Ah, I'm glad you commented and I hope I don't disappoint you with this update :bow:
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Re: Hard Case Part 2 (Dark Bloody Story) Nov/11
« Reply #16 on: November 12, 2012, 12:24:16 PM »
Thanks for the update! :D

Ahh,, the one who do the killing are Messi and Yagi?
I thought it was Geki and Black  :P *facepalm*
But I wonder who killed Annin XD

Can't wait for your next update :)

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Re: Distance Part 1 (wMatsui) Jan 31
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Distance Part 1

She glanced at the clock and smiled. She had half an hour. She situated herself in bed and started reading a book. It was a detective story and usually she got into them so much she noticed nothing around her. However this time her eyelids felt heavy and the girl didn’t even feel how she fell asleep.

She was woken up in the morning by her mother with a loud ‘Get up!’ and rubbed her eyes. The book was lying on the floor. The sun was shining outside even though it was winter. She picked up her glasses which probably fell off while she was sleeping. The girl glanced at the clock and rubbed her sleepy eyes. She stretched and then her face twisted out of sharp pain she felt just below her stomach.

“It started.” She thought to herself and took a deep breath in. The time of the month she hated the most, her period. She just hoped the sheets were not dirty yet and hopped out of bed. Her face twisted again and she took another deep breath in. Checking the sheets she sighed in relief as they were clean and pristine.

She took her panties and dragged herself to the bathroom, did what she needed to do and dragged herself back to bed. Her expression and actions told her parents more than words and she knew it will soon start. She checked the time. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6…

“Now of course you are sick and you will lie in bed all day, won’t you?! Of course, our princess knows only how to sit at computer all day long, listen to that silly music of hers and be sick all the time. Grow up!! If I were to complain about any pain I feel, we would die from not having money to buy food. I don’t go to my co-worker and don’t tell her that my period started and that I want her to work instead of me. No matter in how much pain I am I go and do my job. But this princess of course knows only how to ditch her duties and be in pain.”

She knew her mother would criticize her and go on like that at least an hour and she was right. Her mother went like that for three hours non-stop and took away her computer. The girl couldn’t even warn her friends about her problems. She had her phone but at the moment she had no strength to pick it up and inform everyone. The pain was too strong. She knew she had to take medicine but she didn’t want to leave the comfortable bed.

She fell asleep from exhaustion of too much pain in her belly and woke up when it was nearly evening. The girl checked her phone and pouted. She wanted to chat with friends badly but she knew one important thing. If parents saw her using phone they might take it away, so she placed it back on the table. The pain was still there just not as strong as before. She got up and went to take some medicine then went back to bed. The stronger pain returned and she prayed for medicine to work its wonders faster. She fell asleep again.

She woke up again for dinner and then her parents scolded her about the day before for not doing what she was told. Yes, the day before she kept laptop in her room as she badly wanted to talk to that person. Yet she fell asleep and her parents were mad at her on top of that. So they took away not only laptop but also her mobile phone.

Next day was also not a very good one. All day, while still being in pain, she had to help her parents do various chores and listen to their constant scolding. She knew she needed to find a job, she knew her grades were not A+, but she did her best and was pissed they paid no attention to her efforts. All they cared about was yelling at her. She felt shackled by invisible chains. The girl needed air to breathe.

Still, this was not the end of her misery. They meddled in her plans like always and this day was not an exception. In the evening they suddenly announced, without any warning, that she has to go and visit her grandmother for the whole four days. They wanted to hear no objections. They said this is a must and that she cannot disobey them. The girl thought she is going to suffocate.

Really, they couldn’t even think of the best torture, could they? She was in her period with pain, she just recently got up from a huge virus and her studies were going to start in five days. They did not care about it and only thought about their own wishes. They took away her laptop every evening from her, now another four days without internet?! Could this go on worse?! Her life was miserable, that’s what she thought.

The girl felt the world around her crumble in small pieces. She wanted to scream, pull hair or punch someone but all she could do was keeping silent and agreeing with everything. She had to comply and forget she’s an adult, a 21 year old. Her parents NEVER, not even once, agreed that she is right and it was always they who were the just ones. She had no word in that family and it pissed her off. She had no money to go and live separately from them because to find a job in her country was a hard task.

The girl could do nothing but to live under the same roof with her parents and obey their wishes, cursing them in her mind and hoping that one day some prince on the white horse will come and save her. That is why this time she also complied and listened to their comments about how her face is not content, what an unreliable girl she is and how she doesn’t care about anyone but herself. Those things were of course not true but because she had no power to change anything as of now, she had to go to her grandmother. It didn’t matter if she wanted to go or not.

It’s not like she didn’t love her grandma or something but the thought of being without internet for four days was something she couldn’t bear. It was vital for her to have connection. It was very important to her and she felt heartbroken. The girl nearly cried out of frustration and disappointment. She needed to write and inform them but…

Something stopped her. She felt guilty for not contacting them those two prior days even though it was her parents fault as they took away her laptop. Now the girl wanted badly to say ‘Hi minna…’ to all of them and write how sad she felt. Those people online, she felt they are more like a family to her than her real one. They understood her better. They helped her to get over things in her life, something her real parents never did.

She took the laptop (her parents gave it to her after she did all the chores, and said she can keep it until the late evening) and opened the chat. No one was present and she gathered her courage. Probably they will see this after she’s already away. She started typing.


Nee, minna, hello… Rena-chan misses you all… I wanted to write to you these past days but I was busy with chores and my laptop was taken away… Gome, really gome… You know what? Rena-chan has to leave for four days. I’m going to a place where there is no internet connection and I feel really sad about this. You know why, don’t you? I barely see you guys here, and now I won’t be able to see you for a longer time… Doesn’t it sound funny? I will be away only for four days but I feel like I will be away forever… Like I won’t be able to see you ever again…

Nee, Rena-chan has something she wants to say. Mama… I know you are busy with things so I took care of your fishes, don’t worry.  Also… Sorry for not playing MajiGaku and not sending you some energy to boost your level. I just felt a bit depressed lately, so forgive me for this. Nee, your dota misses you dearly so I hope I can see you and talk to you when I come back. You are an ace in your university, someone I’m always proud of, so you can rely on me to follow your footsteps. One day I’ll become the ace in my university too. :)

Daddy…. I know you are busy also, and I love you both dearly, so I’m happy you two are finally together again. When you were away I felt lonely even though I had friends. You are a person I trust a lot and you are the one I can confine in when I have love problems. It might sound strange that I confine not in mama but in you... Yet we all know what a reliable Sou-chan you are... ;) Also, I just wanted to say that I hear people saying a lot good things about AtsuMina couple… Hehe, you two are popular amongst netizens :D

Sae-jiichan… Last time you went fishing and missed that movie… I was really mad at you as I thought it is a vital thing for us to watch it but… Later on I understood you only did what you liked most and that you recorded the movie to watch it later on. I’m glad to have you in our family, even though daddy didn’t agree to you living with us at the very beginning… You are mama’s brother, so of course he had to comply. It was funny to watch how he tried to get used to you living under the same roof. You are a pervert, always stalking Yuki-chan… But what we can do? Nothing, we just keep loving you the way you are :D

Yuki-baachan… Haha, okay, Yuki-chan :D You truly live up to your black aura, don’t you? And your vampire chara is working also, as jiichan is scared whenever you look at him with that black gaze of yours. Still, he loves you dearly so I think you should give him a chance. Ignore his drooling over boobies and nice legs, it’s only because he feels lonely without a woman beside him. Also, I miss silent moments with you and our calm conversations. Let’s talk more when I comeback okay? ;)

Kuu-niichan!!!! Rena-chan hugs you warmly!! Let’s eat some spicy crackers together! *giggles* and then let’s rejoice in kicking Sae-jiichan, nee? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~ *brakes a pencil* I’m gonna stab him for stealing and eating all of my melon pans! *giggles* *smiles* nee, niichan, don’t forget you promised to write a project I asked, okay? *looks at all family members* okay, minna?


Here she stopped writing and sighed. There was another person she wanted to write to but… She felt like words were not enough to counterbalance the feelings she felt inside. Nothing could outweigh the love she felt for Jurina. Yet she had to keep it a secret and wait until the girl turned legal. All they could do was talk. Talk until morning comes. Talk whenever possible and never stop talking.

Jurina had times when she couldn’t talk with Rena and it was okay for the girl as she was a patient one. But Jurina was a worry wart. She also was hot headed. She was a spark, a comet, a light. She was a person Rena loved dearly since the moment she saw her. She knew Jurina didn’t love her back. That girl was a kissing monster but she had a sad past and she just couldn’t trust people easily.

Rena was the first and as for now the only person Jurina opened up to. The girl trusted her but not to the point where she could love her back. Rena just hoped the younger girl will have the same feelings for her one day. As for now, Rena was happy to be able just to talk with the girl and smile at her antics. She loved every flaw of Jurina’s and to her they were not flaws but charm points. She was happy being in this situation.

The only cloud was the distance between them and the part where her parents controlled her life. Rena wanted to run away and hide at Jurina’s place but knew it was impossible. Her mind imagined Jurina as a prince on a white horse who comes at takes her away, just like she dreamed before meeting the younger girl. However she knew a long way had to go by until something like that happens. She decided to restrain herself from writing anything to Jurina. She will call her.

The black haired girl asked her parents – actually she pleaded – to give her computer for tonight as she won’t have connection for four days. Even though reluctantly, they agreed and she rejoiced. Rena did the last chores, took some pain killers, then took a shower and dressed in pajamas. She crawled into her bed and took laptop with her. On her nightstand there was a bottle of carbonated water, a glass for it, a bowl full of spicy crackers and a plate with freshly baked melon pans.

She started eating and drinking and staring at the screen, waiting for Jurina to appear online. She sunk her teeth into fresh melonpans and ate them with a huge smile on her face. It made her forget all the worries and she felt content. Yet the more she waited the heavier her eyelids felt and she didn’t even notice how she passed out.


Jurina couldn’t find her peace, even at school she was not her usual self and only kept her eyes plastered on her I-pod. She waited and waited but no word came from Rena. She ignored Nishishi, Kuumin and Shiorin’s comments about her state. Usually she had fun chatting with her friends, acting all ikemen around other girls or kissing some of her fans on the cheek. Of course these actions made them nearly faint and squeal even more. Even now she had all the stares at her and she knew they all expected her to act all player-like.

But today she just couldn’t. Her only wish was to go home and call that baka melonpan lover. When she met her best friend Mizuki in the hallways, she exchanged a few sentences with her but that was it. Mizuki could tell something was not alright and because she was her best friend she could feel it was about Rena. She was worried but she knew Jurina had a lock on her heart. If she locked something inside, only Rena could pull it out to the daylight. She put all faith in that girl who lived in Italy and hoped for the best.

When Jurina got back home she called the older girl immediately but got no response. Her anger and worries grew and she shut herself in her room. She wanted to shout and scream, to go and kick someone but felt powerless. She was but a mere teenager and all she could do was waiting until she’s 18. Jurina sent 10 more messages to Rena not bothering to pay attention she sent 100s of them before. They all meant the same. Jurina was worried and asked where Rena is and what happened and that she misses her and many more other things.

She noticed Churi was online but had no intention or mood to talk to her so went offline and turned off her tablet. She knew mom will invite her for dinner but had no will to go down and help set the table. She knew Meru was home. Her sister was two years younger but they got along really well. Probably she was going to help mother instead of Jurina. The girl frowned and took off her clothes, then took a shower and put on her pajamas. After settling herself in bed and turning off the lamp by her bed she hid her face in the pillow and screamed. No one heard her, only some muffled sounds came out.


A/n: I'm going out for four days and there I will have only my phone, so no updates as for now. And my studies will begin shortly, so sorry for not updating my other works.
O r i g a m i: who knows, nyahaha~  :twisted: oh, it's okay, as far as you get how the story progresses :)
White Hawk: If I answer your question, I would spoil the story.. Hehe, you're very close though~
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Re: Distance Part 1 (wMatsui) Jan 31
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Distance Part 2

Her eyes gazed at the pond in front of the bench she was sitting on. She watched the fishes swimming around, playing with each other or catching their food. She could see everything clearly as the pond contained a see-through clear water. Then she saw it, a beautiful blue fish with a long tail and huge wide fins. She was mesmerized by the fish’s beauty and closed her eyes, then opened them again. The fish was nowhere to be seen. She stood up and went on the bridge. There the girl leaned on the railing and kept staring at the pond.

A gentle hand touched her shoulder and the girl turned around. There stood a boy with dark brown lengthy hair, hat and huge glasses. His clothing was peculiar for her – a banana parka and baggy denim pants. She stared at the boy and didn’t know what to say as his eyes were also staring right at her. She somehow couldn’t take her eyes away and felt her face flushed in deep red. The guy’s face also turned red a bit and then he took a piece of bread out of his pocket.

She watched him crumbling the bread and tossing those crumbles into the pond. The fishes swam around excitedly and started eating the crumbs. The girl noted to herself that the guy was not impressed by the fishes nor he liked them. On the contrary, it looked like he was disgusted by them. Yet he still kept feeding them. It was a puzzle for the girl and she couldn’t stop staring at the guy. He had something that attracted her.

No, she really was into girls, really but… Somehow this boy has drawn her and she couldn’t stop staring. She just couldn’t and felt her heart beating faster than usual. She turned her face fast away from him and tried to calm down. She was into girls! G.I.R.L.S. Then why did she feel this way? He’s a boy for god’s sake!!! She felt like a fish tossed out of the water, she couldn’t breathe normally and placed a hand on where her heart was.

“Look, what a beautiful fish.” The boy said and she could feel something was wrong but at that moment she couldn’t point it out. She looked at where he showed and her breathing became normal again. Her eyes started sparkling and her hands held onto the railing tight while her body leaned forward. She probably would have fell down into that pond if not those strong and warm arms that hugged her from behind and held her tight.

That moment time stopped for her and maybe for him too. She felt his steady heartbeat and nice flowery scent; they both stared at that blue extraordinary fish. So she wasn’t dreaming; he saw the fish too. The girl was not even panicking that the guy she met for the first time hugged her. She didn’t even know his name but that wasn’t important at the moment. What was important was the fish and how nice and comfortable the embrace of that boy felt.

“You love fishes, don’t you?” The boy asked her and then she understood. It was so simple, the thing that was off about this boy. She now knew but decided not to say it aloud. It would be rude, considering this boy held her so she could stare at the fish without falling in the pond. It surprised her a bit but not really. At least she didn’t feel that bad now about the attraction towards him.

“Yes. My dream was to become a fish.” She said and waited for the boy’s reaction.

“Oh, I see. Why was that?” He asked with curiosity. He was breathing on her neck; she was taller than him and it felt too nice.

“… I love being human…” She tried to control her voice so it wouldn’t shake.

“Ah, how rude of me, I didn’t say my name!” The boy took a few steps back and the girl turned to face him. “I’m Minami, Takahashi Minami.” He smiled widely.

“Maeda Atsuko desu.” The girl said in a silent voice mesmerized by the smile the boy kept on his face. It warmed her heart and made it beat like crazy again. “But you can call me Acchan.” She blushed.

“Atsuko is a very beautiful name. Can I call you Atsuko?” asked Minami.

“Ah, un…” Her face turned bright red from the nice tone in the boy’s voice.

“Good. I now have to go. It was nice meeting you, Atsuko. I hope I can see you soon.” The boy said and then left.

“Bye…” Acchan stared at his back which was getting further and further from her. “Minami…” She sighed and looked back at the pond. “If only you knew I’m moving…”


Maeda looked at sleeping Minami and smiled. If someone told her then that she’ll be able to meet this short person faster than in a month, she really would have laughed into that someone’s face. She had to move out at the time and her heart was shattering slowly, especially after meeting Minami. However, three weeks later they met again in a party held by her brother’s friend. She didn’t want to go at first but Sae knew ways of how to make her go. He promised there will come a few free lesbian girls so she might not be bored there.

Atsuko went there reluctantly but after her and Minami’s eyes met… She thanked her brother for inviting her. She pretended to ignore the boy though and took some drinks for herself and for a few friends. She felt those beautiful eyes were following every step she took and she knew her decision to put on a short black tight dress was a perfect choice.

Later on she left the house and went to the garden. She sat there and enjoyed the silence that engulfed her, only the faint party sounds coming from the house. Yet soon someone approached her and sat close to her. Acchan felt it was Minami and smiled. They sat like that for a while enjoying each other’s company. It was the beginning of their relationship.

Days and months passed and she felt like she can’t be happier. And then Minami asked her to be a girlfriend. Acchan accepted and they started dating. Minami took Acchan on dates, bought her presents and never asked for more but a kiss. Yet they attracted each other a lot and that passion couldn’t stay hidden all the time. Their first night together was unforgettable.

Few months after their relationship took the bedroom step further, they created an online community for close friends. They invited there people with similar interests and creative minds. One person was extremely cheerful and fun to have around, and soon he was accepted as their so called ‘son’. Kuu was a charming person and they became very good friends.

Then somehow more people came in but to that separate group they couldn’t invite anyone. They wanted people they can trust and accept into a so called ‘family’. There were many times when Acchan and Minami were fighting with each other, bickering and with time passing by they grew a bit apart. They didn’t know how to grow close again. They didn’t have the power. Then Jurina, Rena, Yuki and Sae became the members of their ‘family’ and soon Rena became their ‘daughter’.

Acchan knew Minami only teased Sae for not liking him but recently everything about Minami’s actions pissed her off. No matter how hard family tried they couldn’t just pretend anymore and they broke up. A very painful time went by and they understood they can’t be without each other. Somehow they got back together and now they knew they won’t be apart ever again.

Maeda looked at her sleeping girlfriend and saw the blanket revealed a nice breast. She chuckled and suddenly got horny. The rumors were right – she was the one who controlled things in bed, even though there were times when Minami was really dominant. Acchan cherished those moments a lot but she liked being on top and making her so called ‘hubby’ blush and make cute sounds.

Her finger traced a line down the neck and slightly through the mound and she heard a moan. Then Takamina (that’s how friends called her) opened her eyes and pulled Acchan in for a kiss.

“Atsuko…” She whispered in a husky voice. “You woke me up even though you know I have an important exam tomorrow…. I think someone needs to be punished.”

“Minami…” A wide smile grew on her face and a distinctive wrinkle appeared just above her nose. “So sexy…” She just boosted her girlfriend’s dominant side and she knew she’ll get what she craved for.

“Am I, really?” The shorter girl asked in husky voice again and placed a chaste kiss on the black haired girl’s neck.

“Yes, you are…” Maeda shivered and ruffled her girlfriend’s hair. “Why did you cut your hair…?” The girl sighed and nuzzled in Minami’s neck.

“So I could walk proudly down the streets as your boyfriend.” Takamina smiled gently and took off the nightgown of her lover. “You’re so beautiful…” She kept staring at that luscious body and felt she can’t stand the waiting any longer. The midget kissed the taller girl with a passion, her lips invading that moist cave and exploring with tenderness and a little bit of haste.

Her hands traced the sides of that slim waist going a bit up and massaging the mounds with care and passion. She earned stifled moans from the girl underneath her as her tongue was still enjoying the warmth of that moaning mouth. Her knee moved slowly between those long nice legs earning the sudden movement of those endearing hips in the process. She backed off and smirked.

“Usually I’m the one squirming like that but I really love these moments when I can make you feel who the real boss is, Atsuko.” The Sou Kantoku of The Student Council in her university whispered and started nibbling on the taller girl’s neck. Acchan moaned this time aloud and continued grinding hips against that bent knee feeling weaker and weaker with every new attack of her girlfriend.


“I understood you’re a girl…. It was so easy to fall in love… I don’t think I can fall out of it…”


A/n: Here it is folks, AtsuMina part. Hope you enjoy it :)
Rukaeru: I wonder why it looks familiar... XD
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Re: Distance Part 2 (AtsuMina) Feb 4th
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The relationship between the two is very serious but sweet.  :farofflook:

I hope they have cute happy moments!   :wriggly:

Please continue! Don't leave us hanging!  :pleeease:

The story is so good!  :luvluv1:

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