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Author Topic: I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group ... Part 4  (Read 12409 times)

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I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group ... Part 4
« on: March 14, 2022, 09:02:52 PM »
New fan fic, this one features members of Country Girls and Kyururin te Shitemite. It is also a harem anime style story, but it is not ecchi.

I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group That I Follow and I am Happy With, But There is a Problem...

Kobiyoshi Kaito, a rather average looking teenage boy with no real distinguishing features, finishes his high school homework, leans back in his chair and sighs.

School is so boring. The only thing that was memorable today was that those two weirdo upperclassmen guys didn't bully me too hard today. Well, to be fair, they never really bully me very hard, but their pranks and dumb jokes are so annoying.

However, it surprised me that there were other Looky-Looky wota's at my school. Even though they are a local idol-group, there is another idol-group in the area that has national exposure. I would follow them, but there is something about their presentation that is offputting. For instance, they do a lot of promotional videos with embarrassingly brief outfits. I guess that's what sells nowadays, but Looky-Looky's presentation is much more cute and approachable, at least to me. I wonder if that means that I am strange? Well, I seem to be pretty unremarkable in every other aspect of my life, so maybe it is not strange to have only one thing that you stand out for?

Kaito's smartphone beeps.

Okay, this day is going to be good after all. Tamachi Yano is starting a Bakacast. Yano is really lively and seems to understand really well all the people who type comments to her.

Kaito opens the Bakacast program on his computer and logs into his account with the handle "Average_Boy". People are already commenting away and Yano is responding verbally with positive energy.

Average_Boy - Good evening Yano-mint! Sounding as lively as ever!

Average Boy! Good evening! Will you be coming to the live tomorrow?

Yano usually asks me this question when I log on. To be truthful, I want to go to their lives, but I am a little shy, so I have not gone to one so far.

Average_Boy - I would like to. I met some Looky-Looky wota at school who also invited me. I am worried about getting lost downtown, but maybe if I went with a group it will be okay?

Of course it will be okay. We're playing only two blocks from the train station. I really want you to come. Who did you meet at school, if you're comfortable talking about that?

Average_Boy - One of them was Chisako-kun.

Amo_Fan - That's me! Meet me at the train stop for our school at noon, and I'll make sure you don't get lost.

Oh dear, Average Boy, looks like you're out of excuses not to go. Will you make me happy and show up?

Average Boy - I guess I have no choice now. I will.

I am so happy! I was going to brag about being happy because I got a good draw in the Usagi Musume game, but this is so much more exciting!

That is just like Yano-mint to play cheesy online gacha games. I have seen this game being played by some of my friends. In the game, you raise anthropomorphic rabbit girls would perform in races and perform concerts as an idol-group. I wish I had time for that, but following an idol-group is already a risky activity for someone just getting by at school. My parents told me that going to cram school would be a better use of my time than following idols, but I tried that once. After a week, it was just too overwhelming.

True to form, Tamachi Yano winds up blabbering away at her exploits in Usagi Musume, anyway.


"Over here!" Dorito Chisako, a petite ditsy-looking light brunette with straight hair, waves at Kaito. In the past, a talent agency had asked Chisako to join an idol-group, but she could not find the office of the talent agency. She is with two other girls, Yamako Riso and Inabu Manako, the other two Looky-Looky wota that Kaito met the previous day. Riso is taller and has dark brunette hair and strong features. She is one of the top students at Kaito's high school, so it surprised Kaito to find out that she also followed idols. Manako has black curly hair and is also petite. She does well in school but will often say embarrassingly cutesy things to her teachers to get better grades.

Manako is shaking with excitement. "Oh my god, it's so great you could come. I think this will be their most epic show ever."

"How long are their shows?"

"They have a thirty-minute slot."

Kaito face plants. "What?"

"There will be a dozen other groups playing. Each group gets thirty minutes for their set."

"Why will it be epic, then?"

"Chibo Yuno posted she will debut a super cute outfit."

Oh yeah, Manako mentioned Yuno was her oshimen (number one favorite). I think I remember that Chisako's oshimen is Nagamizu Amo and Yamako Riso's oshimen is Tamachi Yano-mint. "Well, that seems pretty exciting. How many songs do they do?"

Yamako Riso smiles. "They do four. They talk a bit after each song. Yano-mint usually tries to get Shimura Utako to talk, but she's really shy. Yano-mint also has to monitor Uya Tano closely when she talks since she loses her train of thought a lot. But Yano-mint usually can keep them together, as you would expect from a leader."

"I hoped they would play a long concert and play a lot of unreleased songs."

The three girls laugh.

Chisako wags her finger. "Their managers would have to write them first."

"You would think that with their online popularity that they would get a lot of songs."

"Their managers don't have a lot of money. But, by buying a ticket, you will help them get them out of the poorhouse."

Kaito rolls his eyes. The tickets didn't cost that much.


Their train arrives and takes them from the station near the school to the station downtown, near the concert location.

Riso, who is normally calm and composed, suddenly looks panicked. "Oh dear, the train must have been slow since they are already letting people in."

The four rush to the back of the line and make it inside safely.

Riso now looks excited. "I can't wait."

Kaito looks around. His jaw drops. He scans the room again and again in mortification. Am I the only guy in the audience? This must be a prank! Kaito looks around and sees a non-threatening looking female wota. "Excuse me. Have I wandered into a ladies-only show by mistake?"

The girl looks bewildered at first, but then seems to figure it out. "No, this live is for everyone. However, if I remember correctly, Looky-Looky only has one male fan."


To be continued.

Japanese version:

地元のスモールタイムアイドルグループを見つけました。 私は彼らに従います、そして私は彼らに満足しています、しかし問題があります...


学校はとても退屈です。 今日目立ったのは、この2人の変な上級生が今日私をいじめすぎなかったことだけです。 まあ、公平を期すために、彼らは私を非常に激しくいじめることは決してありませんが、彼らのいたずらやばかげたジョークはとても迷惑です。

しかし、私の学校に他のLooky-Lookyヲタがいたことに驚きました。 彼らは地元のアイドルグループですが、この地域には全国的に露出している別のアイドルグループがあります。私は他のアイドルグループをフォローしていません。彼らのプレゼンテーションには私が気に入らないことがあるからです。 たとえば、他のアイドルグループは恥ずかしいほど短い衣装でたくさんのプロモーションビデオをやっています。 それが最近売れているものだと思いますが、Looky-Lookyのプレゼンテーションは、少なくとも私にとってははるかにかわいくて親しみやすいものです。それは私が奇妙なことを意味するのだろうか? さて、私は私の人生の他のすべての面でかなり目立たないようです、それでおそらくあなたが目立つものを1つだけ持っていることはほんの少し奇妙ですか?


さて、この日は結局良いでしょう。 タマチやのがバカキャストを始めています。やのはとても元気で、やのは人々が彼女のためにタイプするすべてのコメントを本当によく理解しているようです。

かいとうは自分のコンピューターでバカキャストプログラムを開き、ハンドル「Average_Boy」を使用して自分のアカウントにログインします。 人々はすでにコメントを寄せており、やのは前向きなエネルギーで口頭で反応しています。

Average_Boy-こんばんはヤノミント! 相変わらず元気に聞こえます!

Average Boy! こんばんは! 明日ライブに来ますか?

やのは通常、私がログオンするときにこの質問をします。 正直、彼らの生活に行きたいのですが、少し恥ずかしがり屋なので、今のところ行っていません。

Average_Boy-したいです。 私は学校でLooky-Lookyヲタに会い、彼らも私を招待してくれました。 繁華街で迷子になるのが心配ですが、グループで行けば大丈夫でしょうか?

もちろん大丈夫です。 駅からたった2ブロックで遊んでいます。 本当に来て欲しいです。 あなたがそれについて話すことに抵抗がないなら、あなたは学校で誰に会いましたか?


Amo_Fan-それは私です! 正午に私たちの学校の電車の停留所で会いましょう。 あなたが私と一緒にいるなら、あなたは迷子になることはありません。

おっと、Average_Boy、あなたは行かない言い訳ができていないようです。 私を幸せにして現れてくれませんか?

Average_Boy-私は今選択の余地がないと思います。 私が行きます。

私はとても幸せです! うさぎ娘ゲームで引き分けが良かったので、幸せを自慢するつもりでしたが、これはもっとエキサイティングです!

ヤノミントが安っぽいオンラインガチャゲームをプレイするのは当然のことです。 私はこのゲームが私の友人の何人かによってプレイされているのを見ました。 ゲームでは、アイドルグループとしてレースやコンサートに出演する擬人化されたウサギの女の子を育てます。そのための時間があればいいのですが、学校で成績を上げるのに苦労している人にとって、アイドルグループをフォローすることはすでに危険な活動です。 両親から塾に通うほうがアイドルを追いかけるよりも時間の使い方がいいと言われましたが、一度やってみました。一週間後、それはあまりにも圧倒的でした。



「ここだ!」 少し混乱しているように見える、明るいブルネットのストレートヘアの短い女の子、ドリトちさこがかいとうに手を振る。 かつてタレントエージェンシーがちさこにアイドルグループへの参加を依頼していたが、ちさこはタレントエージェンシーの事務所を見つけることができなかった。 彼女は他の2人の女の子、ヤマコりそとイナブまなこと一緒にいます。 ちさこ、りそ、まなこは、怪盗が前日に出会ったLooky-Lookyウォタ。 りそはちさこやまなこより背が高い。 りそは濃いブルネットの髪と強い特徴を持っています。りそはかいとう高校のトップクラスの生徒の一人なので、りそもアイドルを追いかけているという事実はかいとうにとって驚きでした。 まなこは黒い巻き毛で小柄です。まなこはいい生徒ですが、成績を上げるために先生に恥ずかしいほどかわいいことを言うことがよくあります。

まなこは興奮して震えています。 「なんてこった、かいとうが一緒に来ることができてとても素晴らしい。これは彼らのこれまでで最も壮大なショーになると思う。」


カイトは植物に直面しています。 "何?"




そうそう、まなこはチボゆのが彼女のオシメン(まなこの一番のお気に入り)だと言った。 ちさこのオシメンはナガミズあも、ヤマコりそのオシメンはヤノミントだったのを覚えていると思います。 「まあ、それはかなりエキサイティングなようです。彼らは何曲を演奏しますか?」

ヤマコりそは微笑む。 「彼らは4つします。彼らは各曲の後に少し話します。ヤノミントは通常シマうたこに話をさせようとしますが、彼女は本当に恥ずかしがり屋です。矢野ミントはまた、彼女が話すとき、ウヤタノを注意深く監視しなければなりません。 タノさんはよく考えを失います。 しかし、リーダーに期待されるように、ヤノミントは通常それらを一緒に保つことができます。」



ちさこは指を振る。 「彼らのマネージャーは最初にそれらを書かなければならないでしょう。」



かいとうは目を転がします。 チケットはそれほど費用がかかりませんでした。



普段は落ち着いて落ち着いているりそは、いきなりパニックになります。 「ああ、彼らはすでに人々を入れているので、電車は遅かったに違いありません。」


りそは今興奮しているように見えます。 「待ちきれません」

かいとうは周りを見回します。 彼のあごが落ちる。 彼は悔しさの中で何度も何度も部屋をスキャンします。 聴衆の中で私だけが男ですか? これはいたずらに違いない!かいとうは周りを見回すと、威嚇しないように見える女性のヲタを見る。 「すみません。これは、私が誤って訪れた女性専用のショーですか?」

女の子は最初は理解していないように見えますが、それからそれを理解しているようです。 「いいえ、このライブはすべての人を対象としています。しかし、私が正しく覚えていれば、Looky-Lookyには男性ファンが1人しかいません。」


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I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group That I Follow and I am Happy With, But There is a Problem... part 2


The nonthreatening female wota gives him a reassuring look. "Don't worry. No one here is mad that you came. Just enjoy the show."

How does she know that?

After five more minutes of standing around with the other two hundred members of the audience, Kaito is relieved when the five members of Looky-Looky take the stage and do their first number.

Wow, their choreography is pretty simple. But, as expected, Chibo Yuno's outfit is pretty cute.

After the first song the five members of Looky-Looky break to drink water, and Tamachi Yano starts her talk segment (also known as an "MC".)

I can see that they haven't been doing this for very long. They look out of breath after only one song. But, the point of following idols is to support them so they can become better, and if they were perfect in every aspect of performing and looks then they would be performers instead of idols.

"Thank you all for coming! I am the leader of Looky-Looky, Tamachi Yano, or Yano-mint for short. Most of you know me really well through my Bakacast, so I will try to help all of you know more of the members of the group. So, Shimura Utako!"

Utako walks over to Yane, looking really nervous and scared. She tries to smile and wave to the audience.

"So, Utako, last week I asked you to download the Usagi Musume game. Did you do so?"

Utako smiles. "Yes."

"How are you doing?"

"Yesterday I drew a pretty character." Utako then gives the name of the character that she got from a random draw, a character that has a one in a million probability of being drawn.

"ARRRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!! Getting an SSSR character in the first week? I have been playing for months and the best I have drawn in a SR character!"

Utako does a cat paws pose. "Excuse me-ow."

"Well, I guess it is not worth getting mad over a game like that."

Kaito hears a loud beep.

"Well, let's get ready for the next song."

Utako turns her back on Yano-mint and Yano-mint gives her a dirty look.

They perform their second song.

I can see that Chibo Yuno has the most aptitude for dancing and also seems to have the most stamina. Her singing is weaker, but idol-groups are allowed to have members that have specialties, so I guess it is okay.

After the song, Yano-mint sets up for another MC.

Chibo Yuno seems to be the second most physically fit behind Tamachi Yano. I guess you would have to be to be a good dancer.

"Now let me introduce you to Nagamizu Amo-chan and Chibo Yuno-chan!"

Amo and Yuno walk up to Yano, both showing more confidence than Utako.

"So, both of you go to art college, is that right?"

They nod.

"And the two of you have a combi name?"

(Combi is short for combination.)

"Yes, we are Murder on the Riverside." They say in unison and strike a combination pose.

"Very scary. I heard you guys released a social media video this morning. Is that so?"

Amo nods. "Yes, we did." Amo turns to the crowd. "Everyone, if you saw the video, please raise your hand!"

Oh great. I was so excited about going to the live I forgot to check.

Yuno smiles. "This is wonderful. Is there anyone here who has not seen it?"

Kaito sheepishly raises his hand.

The nonthreatening girl who helped Kaito earlier brings up the video on her smart phone.

Kaito hears another beep, and the group sets up for their next song.

The video on the girl's smart phone isn't very long, and it is Amo and Yuno dancing to one of their producer's songs. Yuno does better than Amo, as I expected.

They perform their third song, then Yano-mint sets up for her final MC. "And now, Uya Tano!"

Uya Tano walks up to Yano looking slightly embarrassed and sheepish. She greets the crowd in Chinese.

"So Tano, I heard you are doing a new video for SocialSocial?"

Uya speaks is a whisper like voice. "Yes, I will be reading a children's story, first in Japanese, then in Chinese."

"Which one?"

"I haven't decided between Jack and the Beanstalk, and the Sun and the North Wind." Uya looks up and to the right, then nods. "Maybe I will decide tonight."

"I am looking forward to this. Do your best."

"I will."

Kaito hears another beep, and the group sets up for their next song.

Uya's voice is pretty unique. I can always tell when it is her singing in a recording.

After their last song, Looky-Looky sits down on stage with their backs to the audience.

Yane turns around. "Everyone, pose with us!"

A photographer takes a picture of the group with the fans in the background.

"Okay! We will see you in fifteen minutes!"

The group walks off stage.

Bewildered, Kaito turns to Riso. "Where are we meeting them in fifteen minutes?"

Riso smiles. "They have a 'privilege party' in one of the meeting rooms for about an hour. We should follow the crowd there now. They will change clothes and join us. But before they get there, we have to buy stuff to get a ticket for a handshake."

I wasn't expecting this, but it sounds okay.

To be continued.

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I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group That I Follow and I am Happy With, But There is a Problem... part 3

The meeting room is large, with many tables and chairs set up for people to sit down in after standing for the entire concert. However, everyone immediately forms a line for the merchandise table.

Kaito nudges Chisako. "Do you know what you will buy?"

"Oh my god, there are just so many things. They have a new acrylic stand figure for Amo-chan, that will be a must have, but they also have a new Amo uchiwa. I don't know which one to get."

"I saw many other wota holding up fans. We're not that close to the front of the line. I hope they don't sell out, for your sake."

Chisako claps her hands together and prays to the merchandise gods to not sell out of Amo goods.

Riso nudges Kaito from behind. "I hope I can get the new Yano acrylic figure stand. I find them very useful for SocialSocial posts. You find a scenic spot and put the figure in the foreground, and it's like having a picture of them where you were at."

Kaito nods. "Sounds fun."

After about ten minutes, they move to the front of the line.

There are two guys behind the merchandise table making the sales. They have been checking me out for the last couple of minutes. I hope they won't give me a hard time since I am a guy.

Chisako buys acrylic figure stand even though the uchiwa's are still available for Amo.

Kaito scans the table while Chisako is ordering, then faces the two men.

"What can we get for you?"

"Um, er, I would like ..."

The two men look oddly interested in what he was going to buy.

"... that instant picture set of the five girls."

Whoa! Those two guys seem heartbroken. Were they expecting I was going to order more?

The two men fill the order, take Kaito's money, and give him the pictures and a ticket with a number on it.

Kaito and Chisako wait for their friends. Riso efficiently buys her latest Yano-Mint acrylic figure stand.

Manako is a slightly different story. She puts her right index finger on her chin. "Oh dear, which one should I choose?"

One of the men looks at her crossly. "Come on, we don't have all day."

Manako looks hurt, but buys a Chibo Yuno uchiwa.

The four make their way to an empty table.

Riso looks at Chisako and gets a sneaky look on her face. "Chisako, which chair do you want?"

Chisako puts her finger on her chin and speaks in a higher pitch to mock Manako. "Oh dear, which one should I choose?"

Manako pouts. "Am I really like that?"

Chisako looks livid. "We're high school. It's embarrassing for you to still be azatoi!"

Kaito smirks. Well, I can't really blame Manako. Her being azatoi, or embarrassingly cutesy, works well for her with the teachers in school.

They sit down. After another couple of minutes, the members of Looky-Looky enter. They wear fashionable looking school uniforms. They quickly visit each table, thank everyone for coming, then sit down behind a table next to the merchandise table. One of the merchandise men takes a microphone. "Will numbers one through five please cue up at this table?"

Riso nudges Kaito. "Have you thought about what you will say?"

"Not really. I guess, 'Thanks for the concert.'?"

"This is your first time for a handshake event. It's okay to be a little awkward. It will be okay."


Soon the group's numbers are called.

Wow, not having even thought about what I will say. I must be a bad idol fan.

Nagamizu Amo is the first Looky-Looky girl to shake hands with.

She has a firm handshake. She told me 'thanks for your support' but she told Chisako 'thanks for your continued support'. I guess that is a perk of coming to their shows often.

Next is Shimura Utako.

She is really nervous. I told her I enjoyed the show, and she looked like she didn't believe me.

Next is Chibo Yuna.

I complemented her on her outfit and she said she made it herself. I guess she is okay, even though her pierced tongue is scary.

Next is Uya Tano.

She seems kind of straightforward, even though she seems like an airhead on stage. Maybe that just how she is?

Finally, is Tamachi Yano.

"I am glad you came! So, which one is your favorite?"

Kaito blushes a little. "I don't have a favorite. I like everyone in the group."

The room, which up to that point was buzzing with random conversation, goes deadly quiet.

Oh no! Now what have I done?

To be continued.

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Re: I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group ... Part 4
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I Have Found a Local Small Time Idol Group That I Follow and I am Happy With, But There is a Problem... part 4

Finally, is Tamachi Yano.

"I am glad you came! So, which one is your favorite?"

Kaito blushes a little. "I don't have a favorite. I like everyone in the group."

The room, which up to that point was buzzing with random conversation, goes deadly quiet.

Oh no! Now what have I done?

Yano looks disappointed, then smiles. "It's okay to go at your own pace."


While riding the train back to their school's train stop, Kaito watches Riso hold her acrylic figure of Tamachi Yano up to a window with one hand while filming it with her smartphone in the other hand. "Is that fun?"

Riso continues to film without stopping shooting. "It is. I will add dialog and a soundtrack when I get home. Then I will post it on SocialSocial."

"Sounds good." Kaito sighs. "I wonder what I said that got everyone so upset?"

"You admitted to being a 'dd'."

Chisako looks up from the acrylic figure of Nagamizu Amo in her lap. "What's a 'dd'?"

Riso answers without losing her concentration on her shooting. "A 'dd' is a 'dare demo daisuki da yo', someone who loves all members of an idol group equally."

Chisako looks confused. "Is that bad?"

The train pulls up to the train station by their school. Riso ends her shooting. "Many wota believe that a 'dd' has no soul."

"How scary!"

Kaito gets up while looking annoyed. "Hey, I have a soul!"

Chisako looks embarrassed. "Sorry."

Manako giggles. "I saw the look on the faces of all the members when you said that. They were all mortified."

The four make their way off the train and onto the exiting platform.

Kaito looks confused. "Why should they look mortified? I would think that four of them would look mortified if I named the other one."

"You made it seem that their idol power was not strong enough for you to have an oshimen."

"Well, I think that having an oshimen is a putdown to the other group members and would make them sad."

Manako shakes her head. "They would be happy for their group mate. But, don't worry. At some point you will find the girl that is right for you to oshimen."

The four move through the station. "Manako, you sound like a parent talking to a son who just announced that they were gay."

"I'm sure that being a 'dd' is just a phase you're going through."

Kaito pouts.

Chisako, while walking beside Kaito as they leave the train station, nudges Kaito. "So, what type of guys do you like?"

Riso play smacks Chisako on the head. "Baka!"


The next couple of days pass uneventfully. But then ...

Kaito walks up to the place where he stores his outdoor shoes. In front of his shoes is a large, obviously plastic snake. Kaito moves it out of the way but it falls to the floor with a loud clack since a piece of metal was inside of the toy snake.

"Hey watch out. That snake is heavy."

Kaito sees his upperclassmen, Tamu Yanu-kun and Uyo Tanu-kun, the ones who have been bullying him, out of the corner of his eye. "Yanu-senpai, is it okay to tell oyaji gyagu's at your age?" (An oyaji gyagu is a weak pun, also called a dad joke. Kaito is referencing Tamu who put "hebi," the Japanese word for snake, and the English word "heavy" in the same sentence.)

Yanu walks over and grabs Kaito's chin, forcing him to look at Yanu. "But you are too cute not to tease." Tamu Yanu has medium length black hair for a boy with a fancy-looking haircut, making Yanu look like a K-Pop boy band member. Yanu wears silver colored glasses but usually has the glasses hanging from their neck held by a silver necklace.

Yanu's insinuating smile makes Kaito uneasy. "Senpai, please do not give our classmates yaoi fan service."

Tanu puts their hand on Tamu's shoulder. "You should go easier on him." Tanu has blond hair and also gives off the impression of a K-Pop boy band member. But, while Yanu is very aggressive, Tanu has a very laid back personality and is usually the voice of reason when Yanu bullies Kaito.

Tamu lets go. "Okay. By the way, Kaito, I heard you went to an idol concert."

"I did."

"That's great. I was worried that you weren't outgoing enough. Have you declared your oshimen yet?"

"Senpai, I am a 'dd'. You can make fun of me if you want, but that's what I am."

"Well, it's okay to go at your own pace." Yanu and Tanu leave Kaito alone.

Wait, where did I hear that before? Kaito puts on his outdoor shoes and walks out of his school.

"Kaito, Kaito!" Chisako runs up to him. "You have to check out this crepe stand!"

Now what?

To be continued.

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