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Author Topic: ✰Adventure48✰ - Heroes - COMPLETED  (Read 75864 times)


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Re: Heros
« Reply #20 on: November 24, 2011, 11:55:35 AM »
I'm liking your fic~~  :on lol:  so, Atsuko have power?? so does Minami??  :hehehe:  I bet Minami grown up to be the most beautiful girl in the village~~~ :luvluv2: 

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Re: Heros
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Thank you flean for always giving your comment about my fic  :kneelbow:
I am very happy :hee:

I plan to make five or seven crilyst to fight Matsui...
Each of them has different power.
Minami has flame...
Atsuko has water...
I'm still planning for the other^^

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Re: Heros
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ee?? what will happen to atsuko??  :panic:
like your story, really..  :twothumbs

RPG48 ftw...! :mon yeah:

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Heros -- Chapter 3 part 2
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Thank you flean, haru9210, d_ruffi, s34l, Yagami.Rai, kiniki, kahem, Megumi, Divine Vengeance, cocos_milos and everyone who read my fic~
My energy boost up to write the part 2  :mon study:
Hope you like it >///<


Chapter 3
New Life

Part 2

The tiger was so fast but Atsuko is faster. He is now in front of it in standby pose gathering Nen power in his sword to readily launch it at the tiger. Their distance gets closer… 20meters… 10m… 5m.. and Atsuko swing his sword against it.


Something else hit his sword. A figure appeared in front of him and protect the tiger in defend position with both arms open widely each side. “Don’t hurt him! It’s not his fault. He’s being controlled by bad guys. He doesn’t want to kill those people, but he can’t help it.” Said that mysterious figure.

“That’s nonsense.. it’s a tiger. Don’t say like it got feelings like human.” Atsuko sway his sword aside.

“Animals have feelings too. I am a Tamer. I understand them.”

Tamer is someone who can understand animals’ language and often be paid to train animals in circus either to train military animals. The tamers usually travelling around the world and live in the forest, far and deep in the forest.

“You said that he’s being controlled by someone, how can you prove it?” asked Atsuko.

Jurina step aside and pat tiger’s head while pull out something blinking from its neck. He whisper at the tiger to calm it down then turn to Atsuko and throw that blinking thing to him. “That’s called MC-46, a kind of material which used by military to control animals. Looks like you’re village gonna be in trouble.”

Atsuko look at the thing at his hand and crash it.

“I’m going to take him away. You better go back to your village.” The mysterious figure turned back and start walking.

“I am Atsuko.. may I know your name?” asked Atsuko politely.

That person turn his head a bit and say, “Jurina.” And with that, Jurina disappear with the tiger.


Atsuko POV

I feel uncomfortable after hearing that kid’s words. “You better go back to your village.” I hurriedly run back only found a burnt village. Corpses everywhere on the floor, burnt… houses are now as black as coal. Once beautiful scenery has become sea of fire. Why is this happen. Suddenly someone grab my foot. He is the leader of Harmonia army. I kneel beside him and hold his hands.

“Atsuko.. please… guide the others… save them…”

“Leader! what’s going on?!” I move closer to hear what he said.


“Leader! Leader!” His heart stopped beating.

“Minami! Yuko! Where are you?” I go through the fire searching them.

“Acchan!” I saw Minami run towards me. She grabbed my hand and guide me to the others.

“Minami, what’s going on?” I asked.

Minami stopped running and began to sob, “When you all go for hunting the tiger, we’re being attacked.. by… Matsui’s army. They went in and killed all the villagers! Burnt houses.. they even lay their hands on a baby! They lift the baby up high and throw to the floor just like throwing a stone!! They’re MONSTER!!”

I got a little shocked. I’ve never seen Minami angry like that. I wrap my arms around her, trying to calm her. She’s crying on my shoulder. Seeing her like this makes my heart ache. I gently caressing her soft cheek and wipe her tears. We’re looking at each others eyes passionately.

“Acchan! Minami! Come here! Hurry!” Yuko shout at us and gestured us to follow her.

I feel my face was hot… I can see Minami was blushing too. I hold her hand and followed where Yuko nee-chan guide us. But… Nee-chan.. why you always ruined the moment…


Dou ?? (*´v`*)

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Re: Heros
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hayai!  :w00t:
sasuga, yuko.. always ruined the best moment.. lol XD
so jurina is the kind person one from matsui's kingdom? i wonder why...  :hehehe:

waiting for your next update~  :cow:


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Re: Heros -- Chapter 3 part 2
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Nee-chan.. why you always ruined the moment…
LOL...  :lol: Yuko nee-chan keeps ruining their moments...  :nervous    I'm curious about Jurina... is she from Matsui's kingdom??  :?

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Re: Heros
« Reply #26 on: November 24, 2011, 05:26:12 PM »
Thanks d_ruffi, s34l, Flean, haru9210...

About Jurina... he is no related to Matsui Kingdom (now) and maybe will...^^
I just can tell you that he's an orphan raised by tigers in the forest...

Hehehehe >///< in the few chapters next I will add more characters...
And maybe I won't update as thi fast anymore >///< gomen...


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Re: Heros
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woh!! I wonder if Jurina has power too... :w00t:

And maybe I won't update as thi fast anymore >///< gomen...
when i read this I was like.. WHAT!!!!! WHY!!!!  :bleed eyes:

then I read it it again,

And maybe I won't update as thi fast anymore >///< gomen...
and I was like.. phewww~~  :nervous   I missed the 'fast'... LOL...  :lol: I thought you won't be updating again... what's wrong with me..  :banghead: :banghead:

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Heros -- Chapter 4
« Reply #28 on: November 24, 2011, 06:14:53 PM »
Kawai no flean  :shy2:
Don't worry Ill continue till the last chapter  :mon study:

Thanks for all who read my fic
Here's the chapter 4
Hop you like it


Chapter 4

“My sword still thirsty, my sword need more blood! Find the rest of the villagers and bring them all to me!”
this person has a long black hair tied to one side. She sat on a black horse licking her bloody sword and laugh crazily. One word to describe her… Insanse…

“Ye..yes! Princess Rena.” Those soldiers left to find the villagers.

Somewhere at the same time

Atsuko guide the rest of the villagers get out of this village from a secret tunnel below Oshima house. The tunnel heads directly to the centre of the woods. Atsuko demand to let old people, kids, woman and injured soldiers go first, young man left behind to protect them. They almost done, but Matsui armies barging in Oshima house. Atsuko told them to move faster, one by one get in the tunnel.. and the last one is Atsuko himself. Matsui’s armies finally found the tunnel and chasing them.

“Hurry!” Atsuko shout at them while took out something from his bag. It was dynamite. Atsuko light up the fire one by one at those dynamites. Lucky, they all got out from the tunnel before Matsui’s armies catch up. Atsuko hurriedly throw all those dynamites into the tunnel and … BBBBOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMM…

The tunnel has been sealed. All the villagers safely arrived in the woods. Unfortunately the Matsui’s armies had surrounded that place. They all are surrounded. Atsuko lead the others soldiers in defend formation to protect the village.

“Hahahaha… you think you can escaped from us?” said one of the Matsui’s armies.

Suddenly there’s something huge knock down that Matsui army from his horse with fast speed.
“TI…TIGER!” Matsui’s armies step back and forming attack formation. The villagers went panic as they saw this tiger. It was the tiger who attacked the villagers before. The only thing that unusual is there’s someone sat at tigers’ back. Atsuko stand front to calm down the villagers.

“Calm down, friends! He won’t hurt us. He came to help us” said Atsuko to assured the villagers.

“I’m not coming to help you. I’m just playing with my new pet.” Jurina jump down from tiger’s back. “My Tora don’t like crowd while having fun. Could you excuse yourself?” said Jurina to Atsuko.

Atsuko nod and whispered “Thank you” then he guide the villagers out to somewhere else.

“Stop right there!” Matsui’s armies manage to chase them.

“GRROOOWWWLLLLLLL” Tora (Jurina’s tiger) won’t let them. He growl at them and blocked their way.

Near the exit of  Harmonia forest

“Chase them!!” once again, they were chased by Matsui’s armies.

“I guess we have to separate here. Yuko nee-chan, you guide them all to the right path. Three hours later you will find a town. You’ll be save there.”

“What about you?” asked Minami.

“I’ll take the left path.”

“No! left path is heads for cliff. I won’t agree.” Minami complained.

“Yes.. we won’t agree if you take that path” said all the villagers in unison.

“I am the vice leader. I order you to take the right path!” commanded Atsuko.

“NO! WE’RE NOT. We will follow you.” Said the soldiers in unison.

“THIS IS AN ORDER” said Atsuko coldly.

With a heavy heart they followed Atsuko order. But Yuko resisted, “I won’t”

“You must obey me”

“No! whatever with your status, I said I WONT”

“Grab her! take her with you!” Atsuko ordered the soldiers and they obey. They dragged Yuko away and went to the right path.

“I’m sorry Yuko nee-chan… Minami…”

Sounds of horse tapping and soldiers shouting became closer and clearer. Atsuko hurriedly take the left path and pretending he is guiding the villagers, “Here! Hurry! They’re closer!” He keeps running to the end of road.

“S**T!! We’re tricked!” leader of the armies mad at him and ordered five soldiers to kill him.

Atsuko managed to block their attacks and killed them.

“You think you can beat us all? Maji de?” said the leader of the army.

“Nothing is impossible if I am SERIOUS”

Town of GREID

After three hours running and walking, they finally reach the town. Yuko was unconscious because she was noisy along the way and one of the soldiers knock her down or else they’ll be found by Matsui army. In the middle of chaos, no one knows that Minami has left the group.

Minami POV

No, I won’t let him fighting alone. Since he found me, we’re always together. He taught me martial arts, calligraphy, and many other things. We always have fun together, get scold together, sneak out together, fight together… I gotta help him… wait for me.. Acchan…

Thanks to Yuko nee-chan annoying noise, I can sneak out easily without notice. I keep running to where Acchan was, hoping that he will be fine. I won’t let you left me.. I still have something to tell you... I love you...

Before I reach the highway, I saw many Matsui armies stand there and attack you rapidly. Then I saw someone trying to stab you from your back. You’re too busy to handle attacks that you don’t notice that spear behind you. I dash in to your side to grab that guy’s arms and throw him aside. That man hit the rock wall heavily and faint. The armies surrounding us in a circle and we stick at each others back as we need time to charge our Nen into our weapons.

“Minami, why are you here? Didn’t I tell you not to come?” I can feel his angry towards me.

“I can’t help it. I already miss you so much even we just separated for minutes.” I said jokingly to him.

“Minami, this is not time to play,,,”

“Cover my back, will you?” I won’t let him finish his words and launch to attack the enemies.

He sways his sword powerfully and gorgeously while I go with various movements with my rod.

“21 down! ...”

“48..” replied Atsuko.

“What? Already that much?” Atsuko is really good at fighting isn’t he? Somehow I feel proud about it. He really looks cool when he’s fighting. Out of my sight, a lance coming towards me and I can’t avoid it. It scratched my left arm. “Ugghh…”

“Minami!” Atsuko come to my side and take down five men with a single slay. He then gathered her Nen power into her sword. I can see the stone inside his necklace glows brighter… He then hold his sword up high.. the water from below of the cliff gathered right behind us about 8 feet above our heads. All the soldiers got scared and step back.

“What are you doing?! Go get them!” the leader scolds his soldiers.

With two hands grabbing his sword, “God of water… grant me your strength… let it wash those body… those sin… those ugly hearts… into vanishing…” Atsuko sways it hardly down towards them “Mizu no ryuusei!!!” the water flows down pouring the soldiers. They all drowned and flows with the water from the highway to downward. That was an amazing move.. I fall in love again!!! My mind screaming crazily.

Atsuko grabs my hand and said “Let’s run”

“Where? I don’t think we can burst in the armies downward.”

He smirks and points his back with his thumb.

“Oh… No…” I shake my head disagree with him.

“Hold your breath now” he lift me up with bridal style and run towards the cliff and JUMP.


We jump into the waterfall below. The armies don’t have guts to jump like us. They just keep shooting arrows from above. I know we can’t get up to the surface or else we’ll get shoot by the arrows. But the matter now is I AM SHORT OF OXYGEN! I’m struggling to the surface but Atsuko grab my shoulder and shake his head. Somehow I can tell his eyes are telling me, just a bit more, they’ll leave.. but I can’t hold it anymore I was run out of oxygen now, waving my hands randomly to get loose his grab.

He keeps pull me down then I can feel something soft attach to my lips. He transfer some oxygen to me by MOUTH… My head going to explode… before I can enjoy this moment, he parted away and gesture me “we can get on the surface now”.


Today I have post four times... >///<
Got tired  :mon ghost:

Don't mind to comment me^^
Waiting for my improvement^^


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Re: Heros
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Kawai no flean  :shy2:
Don't worry Ill continue till the last chapter  :mon study:
arigatou~~ :shy1:  Ganbare!!!  :onioncheer:

the last part~~ even logically I don't know how Atsuko transfered her oxygen to Minami, I was..  :on bleed: imagining it... This is too~~  :mon lovelaff: kyaaa!!!

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Re: Heros
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Wow so many update!!! It's great continue!!! Acchan is so cool!!!

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Re: Heros
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That was an amazing move.. I fall in love again!!! My mind screaming crazily.

gah!! me too...!!  :mon lovelaff: :luvluv1: :mon inluv:

somehow i imagine acchan attacked those enemies like in flying get's PV  XD
i'm curious what was like their costume..  :roll:

keep update~  :twothumbs


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Re: Heros
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somehow i imagine acchan attacked those enemies like in flying get's PV  XD
i'm curious what was like their costume..  :roll:
me too~~ now I'm totally imagining them in Flying Get's setting... nyahaha...  :on lol:

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Re: Heros
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My siggie come truuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuueeeeeeeeeee :cow: :cow: :cow: :cow:

thank youuuuuuu~  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

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Re: Heros
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 :w00t: OMG!! Acchan transfering oxygen to Minami by mouth!!! :wub: :inlove:
Thank you so much for your hard work and for updating!!! :twothumbs

Hope you Update Soon :thumbsup

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Heros -- Chapter 5
« Reply #35 on: November 27, 2011, 07:39:35 AM »
Thank you for reading *:.。☆(´∀`人)

I got inspired from flying get's PV to start this fic. You can imagine Atsuko in her costume in flying get^^  Actually I have edited each of their face into the costume I want, but I'm afraid I might offend rights or people. So I don't post the photos. >///<

Due to error in my login.. I have to create new id... :gyaaah:
From now ichikawa has became zansh... yoroshiku :kneelbow:

Hope you won't get bored in this chapter.
Thanks for reading *:.。☆(´∀`人)


Chapter 5

Hosh hosh

Atsuko and Minami follow the waterfall stream and they’re now at the lakeside. About 10 meter from the lake, there’s a cave between trees. They decide to go into the cave for shelter. Minami pick up some stick branch and put it at the centre of cave. She then pointed her right hand at the branch and murmur, “Burn” and fire light up from the branch. She sat near the fire to get some warm.

Atsuko take off his shirt, showing his perfect abs. He shakes his head and messing his hair to dry it up.
Kakkoi…stupid heartbeat! Slow down will you… Minami blushed hardly to see the scene and remember the kiss before. She quickly bent down her head to hide her face behind her knees.

Of course that’s not a kiss. He just want to help me because I lack of oxygen... don’t think about it again.. ughhhh… so awkward here… Minami try to control her mind.

“Take off your clothes too” said Atsuko.

“EH?!!” Minami jump up surprised by his words. Her face became red as tomato.

“I mean... you should take off your clothes to dry it or else you’ll get cold... I’ll be sleeping outside, you own this whole cave” Atsuko scratch his back head and walk to the exit.

“Umm… you can stay in here…. It’s cold outside there.”

“Eh? But I think it’s inappropriate for me…”

“It’s okay. As long as you keep facing the exit and don’t you dare to turn your face at me.”

“Umm… I’m okay.. I’ll be at outside…”

“Just sit there about 5meters from me. And DO NOT EVER look this way.” ordered Minami.

Atsuko did as what Minami said. Minami took off her shirt and hang near the wall beside the fire. The moment was quiet, and actually Minami was unintentionally staring at Atsuko’s back. She think Atsuko back is so strong and warm. Minami always feels warm and safe wherever she’s near Atsuko.

“Minami? are you asleep yet?” Atsuko broke the silence.

“No… not yet”

“Minami… I’ve decided to take my revenge. I’ll go beat up that Matsui for breaking my family apart, destroying my homeland, and destroy my lovely village. I’ll fight for the people… for those who have suffered under his brutality… and… I’ll also take on revenge behalf you. You also force to break apart from your family because of him, right?”

“…….” Minami smiled at how serious Atsuko is now.

“Maybe I’ll have to separated with you for years… you can wait for me somewhere with Yuko nee-chan… and if I can’t make it back…” before Atsuko can continue his words, Minami cut it.

“I’ll go wherever you go… no matter how hard you chase me away, I’ll stick with you like glue.”

Hearing Minami serious tone, Atsuko smiled widely, “Ne… Minami. If we ever beat that Matsui and bring back peace to this land… let’s get married! Let’s back to Harmonia village and get married and have dozen of kids. Hahahaha….”

Minami was now flustered and didn’t know how to answer him.

“Minami? you hear me?” feeling curious, Atsuko turn his head to see Minami.

“Didn’t I said DO NOT EVER LOOK THIS WAY!!!” Minami throw a fireball and hit Atsuko’s face.

Town of GREID (where Yuko and villagers live now)

Yuko was in the market buying some medicine for the villagers. She’s too busy to count her groceries and didn’t notice a huge man and his companies come her way.

“Crysanthum, loyliex, yurishi… Agghhh!!” Yuko bump into that huge man and fell to the ground.

“Hey! Where’re your eyes!!” shout that huge man.

“Sorry... I was too busy, I didn’t notice you.” Yuko apologized.

“You have to pay my mental fee. Guys, take her to my home!”

“Hey! What are you doing! Let me go! Help!” Yuko keep struggling.

Although there were many people there in the market, but no one come to help. That huge man is very well-known as the most powerful fighter in this town. His well-built muscle tall body was the main advantage against other. His face is full of moustache. He always picks up some girls on street and bring them back to his home to be his slave.

At the same time and the same place

The market is sure crowd. There are two handsome boys entered the market. One is taller than the other. His hair was stylishly short dark brown. From the look, you can tell he is a truly gentleman. His move is so elegance and his smile is very kindly. He is wearing brown shirt, dark purple jeans, brown boots and green coat. He carries a sword at his left waist.

The other is slightly shorter, his hair is brighter than the taller and a bit longer. He has a cute and easy-going appearance. He is wearing red shirt and dark green coat. He is concentrate at his called detector machine.

“Kuu, are you sure this town has the item you want?” asked the taller man.

“Haruna, trust me. My detector won’t go wrong. The material I need the most must be in this town” said Kuu

After walking for some times, Kuu went into a shop. Haruna was waiting at the enterance. Suddenly a cat doll fall down from the above. A kid from the second floor of the shop shout to her mom that her doll fell down. Haruna was about to return the doll to the kid, suddenly someone asking for help.

“Hey! What are you doing! Let me go! Help!” Yuko asking for help.

Without thinking too much, Haruna went to save Yuko. One by one down in Haruna single kick. That huge man angry and slash his axe toward Haruna. Haruna unsheathe his sword and launch it hardly at the axe, making the axe fly high to the sky. Not satisfy, Haruna swaying his sword rapidly at that huge man, cleaning all hair in his face. That huge man face is now clean and smooth…

All people at the market applause for Haruna and laugh at that huge man. Feeling embarrassed, that huge man cry all the way home, “MAMAAA……”

Yuko POV

“Are you alright?” My saviour walk to me and giving me a hand to hold.

This man is so cool… what a gentleman he is…but, why is he holding a cat doll? Weird… but I like it.

“Thanks for saving me.” I bowed at him.

“No problem. Helping people is my duty as a swordsman.”

Aww… his smile melts my heart… should I pretend to faint and he’ll take care of me… and I can know him more… and then I can take advantage of him… then force him to marry me? Hahaha… evil Yuko. Way to go Yuko…

“Haruna! Where are you?” I hear somebody shout not far from us.

“Sorry, I got to go, miss. My friend is calling me. Bye” he’s waving and run to his friend.

“Hey, wait… I haven’t ask your name. wait!”

End of POV

“Kuu. I’m here. How did it go? Did you find the material you want?” Haruna running towards Kuu.

“Nah… they are all fake. I’m hungry now, let’s get something eat” Kuu touch his stomach up and down.

“Good idea. I’m hungry too. Let’s go”

Somewhere in the town of GREID

“Geez… Acchan. Where are you?”

Atsuko and Minami entered the town and asking citizen about Yuko and villagers whereabouts. Not noticing of the crowd they got separated. But Minami keep asking about Yuko and villagers hoping that maybe Atsuko is already there and he is waiting for her.

“Excuse me, sir. Have you seen some villagers coming around?” asked Minami politely.

Minami can see that man surprised expression when he turns to face Minami. “You... you are…”

Minami’s eyes also widen as she saw that man, “You…are….”

“Minami-chan!” / “Haru-kun!” said both in unison.

Atsuko POV

Minami… where are you?

Geez… I should have hold her hand tight, and now I wouldn’t lose her. Where did you go Minami… I wonder why this town is so crowd. I prefer my village. People shouting here shouting there to promote their goods. Some are fighting here fighting there for unknown reason. I hope my clumsy Minami didn’t get herself in trouble.


“Minami?” I think I hear her sound. I keep looking for her in this crowd.

I saw her with a guy. I can see her eyes widen as the guys walk near to her. That guy get near and hug Minami tight. “What are you doing, bastard?! How dare you touch my Minami!!!”

End of POV

Atsuko dash in it and grab Haruna shoulder. He throw away Haruna hardly from Minami. Haruna surprised by sudden attack, but he manage to land down perfectly without hurt. He saw Atsuko’s hand put around Minami shoulder.

“Get off your filthy hand of her.” Haruna went to attack Atsuko.

Atsuko slightly push Minami away and went to greet Haruna attack. They launch their fists and kicks rapidly. Their movement is so fast they seems to have equal skill. Atsuko manage to hit Haruna face and kick his stomach. Haruna is thrown 3 meters away and crush the pillar behind him. Haruna still get up and dash into Atsuko.

Minami get in between to stop them. “Stop. Don’t fight here.”

“He is the one who start this fight.” Said Haruna angrily.

“That’s what you received from touching my girl.” Atsuko put his arm around Minami shoulder again.

“Get off your hands from her. You’re not even worthy to stand beside her.”

“I said STOP!” Minami shouted.

Actually Minami is happy to see two guys fight for her but she don’t like if either of them gut hurt. Minami clinging each of her arms to Atsuko and Haruna and guide them into the bar
“You two should be friends from now on. Let’s talk inside. It’s not good to create trouble here, I don’t want we got any attention from the citizen… it’s dangerous for us.”


Dou ? (´・ω・`)

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Re: Heros
« Reply #36 on: November 27, 2011, 08:45:06 AM »
cool!  :mon thumb:
so... is it okay to imagine them in flying get's costume...?  :mon innocent: ...yosh, already decided..!  :mon squee: :on lol:

wanna more update~ :mon yeah:


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Re: Heros -- Chapter 5
« Reply #37 on: November 27, 2011, 08:56:46 AM »
Aww… his smile melts my heart… should I pretend to faint and he’ll take care of me… and I can know him more… and then I can take advantage of him… then force him to marry me? Hahaha… evil Yuko. Way to go Yuko…
LOL... Yuko... such a brilliant idea...  :mon lmao:

and this what happen when Atsuko spend so much time with Yuko...
“Minami? you hear me?” feeling curious, Atsuko turn his head to see Minami.

“Didn’t I said DO NOT EVER LOOK THIS WAY!!!” Minami throw a fireball and hit Atsuko’s face.
hahahaha... way to go Minami!! throw a fire ball!!! hahaha...  :hiakhiakhiak:

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Re: Heros
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aww Haruna saving Yuko awwwwww <333 next chapter please~

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Re: Heros
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Due to error in my login.. I have to create new id...
From now ichikawa has became zansh... yoroshiku

 :O Poor you...

Minami’s eyes also widen as she saw that man, “You…are….”

“Minami-chan!” / “Haru-kun!” said both in unison.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeei! Kojima didn't die!  :panic: I'm so happy!

Thank you for your update!  :bow:
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