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Author Topic: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)  (Read 165 times)

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Hi all,  to who ever read my story.
Yes, I am still alive and actually still an active silent reader.
I know I still owe a lot of unfinished (cough) fanfic.  :sweatdrop:
I admit I been slacking a lot. :banghead:
But,  I guess I can't stop writing can't I ?
I won't promised anything, since I don't like to give any false hope anymore. I will update when I want to.

Hopefully you all enjoyed this short story, I promised to end the story for each chapter. Here is prologue.

Someone pov

My name is Takahashi minami, second year of high school. Right now, I am with my friends, we have been friends since we were baby I guess. Our parents are good friends with each other, and so do we.

Let me introduce to you, sitting right next to me and have the same height as me is oshima yuu, he has good personality, friendly, but don't be trick by his handsome look, girls must beware of the most pervert boy you will ever see in this school.

Sitting in front of me, matsui Jun, the most athletic guy amongst us, he has win a lot of sports competition, he is a happy go lucky guy you ever know. His nickname is puppy.

Sitting beside Jun is, Watanabe Youma, he is the most intelligent in this school, why you asked? Because he is the top student, and his grade never below 98 in his history. He also a great hacker, sometime police will come and discuss something to him. Known as his motionless expression, never know what he is thinking about, because of that many people called him cyborg. His trademark is hood, he always wear one.

Well, me myself is the president council, together with Yuu as vice, we run the council from first year. They said I have a lot of leadership, and people listen to me very well. People call me Takahashi San, but with my friends they always call me takamina. But... Lately I been really stressed, because bunch of troublesome girls that have transferred to our school. That why I invited three of them, since they are the only guys I can depend on.

End of pov

Yuu : so takamina, spill the bean already will ya? Why you calling us ?

Jun : yes, I even skipped my basketball club for you. Sayaka san will kill me if I know I am lying.

Yuuma : what did you said?

Jun : I said that I need to go to my grandpa house no matter what, he told me it is important.

Yuu : yes, yes. Indeed takamina is the one that act like old man amongst us. So it is understandable to lie like that.

Takamina : say what?! I am not.

Yuu : yeah right, who favourite snack is karinto?

Note : karinto is old fashioned snack that very rare in modern times but can be found in old fashioned cafe or ryokan.

Takamina : that have nothing to do, it is different matter.

Jun : yeah, you two. Better stop already, yuuma even have a nap already. So takamina, what do you want to talk about? You said it is very important.

Yuu : yes, yuuma wake up! (Tapping yuuma head to wake up)

Yuuma : it better be important (grumble). Knock yuu's head back to counter what he has done.

Takamina : well, as president council I need your help. You all aware of new student in all of your class right?

Everybody nod in response, and takamina continue his word.

Takamina : well, let me explain to you all the mention girl :

Maeda Atsuko

From Majijo high school. She always late to come to school, and have an don't come near me aura. she had beaten three men and send them straight to the hospital. As for now, she is under suspension from school. She is the same class as me.

Kojima Haruna

From Majijo highschool, until now she never come to the class. In middle of being kick out from school. Same class with Yuu.

Matsui Rena

From majijo highschool, she should have graduated two years ago, but due to some accident, she can't graduated, and right now she is same class with Jun, rumors said that she is being bullied at class by certain girls gang.

Kashiwagi Yuki

From majijo highschool, she is known as black, rumors said that she is doing some dirty job at some shady place, and almost caught by police. But due to lack of evidence, police can't caught her. She is the same class as you Yuuma.

That's all.

Yuu : well? What do you want us to do takamina? Why you said as council? Even I aren't informed.

Takamina : don't said like that, it is direct order from headmaster himself.

Jun : why bother? If they are troublesome from the first time, why headmaster agree to let them transferred?

Yuuma : Majijo highschool headmaster is woman, and she is our headmaster wife. You know Majijo are famous of troublesome girls school, no one ever wanted the girls from there. Since it will ruin other school reputation. I bet our headmaster want us to take care the problem from him.

Yuu : that old geezer!!! I am not doing it Takamina.

Takamina : I know you will reject it from the first time, but before you are out from this room, I want you to see the girls pictures first.


Yuu : alright!! Let's go guys, we need to help our Angels, I am coming for you Nyan nyan!!

Takamina : here we go again, stop making nickname for others will ya? (Face palm)

Jun : well, takamina, I don't know if I could help or not... I think I am too busy with the clubs....

Takamina : think about this Jun, don't you feel sorry because this girl is being bullied? She have been through hard way, and now the only one can help her is you, our famous Jun. Please Jun, I know you also worried about this girl. (Holding Jun shoulder and look straight at his eyes)

Jun : sigh.. fine. But I will try (pout) and by the way, your puppy's eyes are suck takamina.

Yuuma : I am not as stupid as they are takamina. So no, I am not wasting my time for whatever her name.

Takamina : yuuma, this is the letter from the headmaster.

Yuuma take the letter and after that his face frown, he crumble the letter and throw it to takamina back.

Yuuma : fine, some day for sure that old geezer will paid since he try to treathed me. (Dark aura)

Takamina : thanks guys, I depend on you all because I also trust you all. Let us help the girls.

End of pov

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
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Welcome back Sadrilim-san! This fic is very interesting. Waiting for the next update  :cow:

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Re: Yes, we do love our strong girl (atsumina, kojiyuu,wmatsui,mayuki)
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Continue please...

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