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Title: Keichan Ichi BANG! Random Update: How to be a Tsundere 101 (Kojiyuu 27/4/2015)
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on February 13, 2011, 10:52:39 AM
Ohayo! So tomorrow's Valentine's Day and I'll be off and working for the next few days, but I decided to give you guys a quick one-shot! Hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day tomorrow!!!!  :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

Everyone always talks about this thing called Love…but what is love? I have no idea. Since joining AKB48 we’ve been forced to be single. However we also have to pretend that we know what love is. It’s hard. Well it’s hard for me. It’s Valentine’s day again. And yes I am going to be alone again. Well not really alone, just single alone. I still have the girls though. I guess having each other gets us to stop thinking about it.  Every year we give each other Valentine’s day presents. This year we did something a bit different though. Usually all we do is go out for karaoke together and celebrate “Single Girls Valentine’s Day”. This year Yuko thought of an idea to make things a bit different and according to her “gives us an opportunity to feel like we have a partner”. Her idea is simple. We place into a box the name of members who we would want to date if they were men! Pretty much the idea came along after the episodes of Danso on AKBingo. In the end 9 girls were chosen to dress up as boys and pretty much become boyfriends to the rest of the girls for a night. The chosen 9 were, Mariko, Mayu, Haruna, Sae, Sayaka, Miichan, Rena, Tomochin and me… Yet again I had to dress up as Kai… Here we go!

The nine of us arrived at Karaoke first. We had all met up at Mariko’s house beforehand to get ready. After an hour of joking around we got dressed up into our “host” outfits. Pretty much you had Persona, Mariko sensei, Bartender Sae, Dr Mayu, Archer Rena, Delinquent School Boy Tomochin, and last but not least (lucky we chose her outfit this time) Businessman Sayaka (see better than MJ and whoever else she was trying to be the other day). As we arrived at the karaoke bar a group of girls began ogling at us we quickly ran into the V.I.P room Yuko had booked for us. We all sat down on the couch sighing.

“I wanted to be a girl tonight!!!” screamed Miichan as she pouted.

“Didn’t we all…” replied Tomochin who looked lifeless on the couch next to Miichan.

“I bet Takamina wanted to be a girl the most out of all of us” Mariko added whilst smirking. Confused I looked at her and the other members.

“Why do you say that?”

“Well since you are a male I figured you would want to know how it feels to be a girl for once” Mariko quickly replied. I instantly gave her a foul look as she continued to grin at me.

“Well I’m happy I’m a boy today!” Haruna said happily.

“Ergh…why’s that?” Mayu quickly asked.

“Hmm… because since my chest is bound Yuko can’t grope me!”

“That’s not true” replied Sae as Haruna looked at her confused. “Why do you think Yuko thought of this idea? Her plan all along must’ve been to get you to dress as a male so she could straddle you and make out with you whilst pretending you are her boyfriend”

Haruna’s eye widened and she quickly began crying on Mariko’s shoulder. Sae grinned and quickly latched onto Sayaka.

“I wanted to be a girl tonight so I could flirt with Sayaka but that didn’t happen” Sayaka blushed gently.

“Well I guess our job tonight is to give the rest of the girls a found memory for Valentines Day… However don’t flirt too much with them… they might  fall for you and that wouldn’t be good.”

 Although it seemed like she was talking to the entire group she was actually letting Sae know that she doesn’t want to see Yukirin all over her. Rena who was sitting quietly next to Takamina wasn’t listening at all. Instead she was imagining how she would catch Jurina’s heart tonight.

“Why don’t we play a game then!” Miichan said cheerfully. Everyone looked at her warily. Happy Miichan only meant something evil.

“What type of game?” Takamina asked.

“A love game.”

The girls looked at her confused. What was a love game?

“Okay so we will put all the girls names into a hat, and whoever we pick out we have to flirt with them the entire night despite other girls coming after us!”

“I’M IN!!!!” Haruna quickly responded. As long as it deters Yuko from fondling her she was ready to sacrifice herself to another girl. All the other girls on the other hand looked unsure. Most of the girls already had a girl in mind that they wanted to flirt with for the night. Miichan already predicted this was the case and slyly added.

“Well some of you already have someone you like… however, most of you aren’t willing to ask them out because you are scared you will get rejected. The girls looked nervously at each other. What she was saying was in fact true. “However, if we play this game… it could force the other girl to become jealous and admit their true feelings to you…”

“I already have a partner!” Sae said cheerfully whilst holding onto Sayaka. Miichan sighed and looked at her emotionlessly.

“Fine! You and Sayaka don’t have to play!”

“Oh don’t get angry! The two of us will still flirt with the girls to entertain them!”

“Yay!” Miichan clapped happily however immediately put her serious face back on. “Come on girls. This is your only chance”

All the girls slowly agreed except for Takamina who sat quietly unsure as to what she should do.

“What’s wrong Takamina? Don’t want Acchan to admit that she loves you!”

“A-acchan and I are just friends… there isn’t anyone I like… and I didn’t want to do this in the first place so I really don’t want to play this game”

“You can deny it all you want but even if you can’t tell, we can tell that Acchan likes you more than a friend.”

Sayaka put a hand on Takamina’s shoulder.

“Come on Takamina join in. It’s all about having fun.”

Looking up at Sayaka she nodded gently.

“Okay! It’s agreed! Let the games begin!” All the girls grabbed a name out of the hat.

Takamina’s eyes widened and she fell back on the couch immediately pretending to faint.

“Takamina!” Haruna quickly bent over to check if the girl was okay, however in the process noticed the name on Takamina’s slip of paper and began bursting out laughing. The girl’s looked at her confused until they heard Takamina’s weak voice accompanied by her fail at life expression.


“SHE GOT MOCCHI!!!” Haruna yelled as she began hitting the couch whilst frantically laughing.

Everyone burst out laughing. Poor Takamina might actually give Mocchi the wrong idea now!

The door suddenly open and Yuko stood at the doorway smiling brightly as the rest of the girls stood behind her fangirling like crazy at the handsome hosts on the couches.

“Hello!!!” Yuko said cheerfully. “We’re here and ready to~” before she finished her sentence she had noticed the handsome Riku staring at her and instantly ran up and jumped on top of him straddling him. “Riku…” Haruna’s arms began pushing the girl off her lap.

“Get off me you Hentai!”

Well if Yuko can attack so can the rest of them! All the girls immediately began charging in towards their respective male crushes. Pushing each other off their prince. Takamina immediately ducked underneath the table to hide from the group of girls who were frantically hitting each other to get to her. Crawling along the ground she bumped into someone else. It was Riku. After pushing Yuko off he had immediately ducked under for safety. However before Kai would even say his comrades name Riku was being dragged back out from underneath the table screaming for help. Kai immediately began crawling faster scared the girls will reach in and pull him back out as well. Upon reaching the other side Kai immediately commando rolled out and stood up to make a getaway. However he was caught immediately.

“You can’t leave Kai.” Takamina turned around scared that she had been caught by Mocchi. However he was faced by Miichan who had an evil smirk on her face.

“Let go of me!!!!”

“No way! How am I going to set you and Acchan up if you leave!”

“I DON’T WANT TO BE SET UP WITH ACCHAN!” I pull my arm out of Miichan’s grip and turn towards the door. However before I could take another step my body ceases to move. I’m staring straight into her teary eyes. I watch as she turns and sprints out the door way where she was standing.

“Acchan…” What had I done… Staring blankly at the ground my thoughts are distorted.

“GO AFTER HER!” I feel my body being pushed by Miichan from behind. My body jolts forwards and staggers on the ground. “YOU’RE GONNA LOSE HER FORVER IF YOU DON’T!!”

I begin to slowly drift forward my legs dragging behind me. Acchan…Acchan…Acchan… My chest is hurting… why do I feel so empty… I look up at the empty door way. I ground my foot down solidly on my next step. Pushing my foot off the floor I feel as the adrenaline rushes through my veins. I feel as my body automatically begins to sprint forward.

Rushing through the doors I begin to look around aimlessly whilst running through the karaoke bar. Running out the main entrance I watch as the lift doors slowly close as she stands in the middle of them. Her eyes buried in her hands, her body bent over. I sprint forward and slam into the wall, my fingers pushing at the button endlessly. As I watch the lift numbers descending I look around for the staircase. Pushing myself off the wall and stumbling towards the fire exit I push the doors wide open and begin sprinting down the flights of stairs.

Upon reaching the last lot of stairs I trip over half way down the stair case. My body crashing down the stairs in thorough pain. Pushing myself off the ground using the rail as a support I feel pain rushing through my body. As I step forward I feel a piercing pain in my ankle. As I grab the wall for support I hear myself scream as my dislocated finger presses against the wall. Looking at the doorways I drag myself forward. Pushing the door open I collapse on the ground. Grinding my teeth in pain I look up through my teary eyes as her figure slowly exits through the door.

 Pushing myself up I hobble forward. Not caring as the passersby watch and whisper behind my back. Moving through the automatic doors I see her ahead of me. She waves down a taxi and is slowly opening the door. I feel as tears stream down my cheeks. I wasn’t crying because my body was hurting, I was crying because I felt the emptiness of my heart as I watch her fragile body moving further away from me. Falling forward on my weaken knees I let out a painful scream as my heart shreds open. Can she hear my heart calling out to her… my body is motionless, my thoughts are blank, is this what it feels like to lose the person you love…

I feel as the scarlet blood streams down my forehead.

“Acchan…” My hand reaches out towards the darkness in front of me as the blood trickles over my eye lid. My head slowly descends against the ground. All I hear is the people who have encircled me, whispering nonchalantly amongst themselves. Seems no one can help me stop her…

Suddenly I feel as a shadow casts above me. A tender arm lifting up my lifeless body, a soft hand brush away the blood covering my face, a tear drop on my neck, and soft lips against mine. I slowly open my eyes to stare at the white figure before me.

“I love you…will you be my valentine…”

She nods her head slowly as her lips quiver against mine. All I can feel in the warmth of her body against me. I never want this warmth to disappear from me ever again.

So this is what love is…

Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on February 13, 2011, 11:19:56 AM
This is a pretty scary Valentine 1-shot  :lol:
But also good since it's a bit unusual.
One question, Takamina's not dead, right? I mean she didn't get hit by a car but fell down the's a bit worrying coz of the bloody thingy  :nervous
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on February 15, 2011, 11:40:00 AM
This is a pretty scary Valentine 1-shot  :lol:
But also good since it's a bit unusual.
One question, Takamina's not dead, right? I mean she didn't get hit by a car but fell down the's a bit worrying coz of the bloody thingy  :nervous

Hahaha sorry didnt expect it to be that scary!! lol but thank you! lol and no she's not dead! Just a bit of blood! lol...i'll make a PG rated one next time?
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: sorakamiya on February 15, 2011, 02:26:43 PM
woooow... nice one shoot keichan...  :shocked :shocked :shocked i like it....  :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: eventhough it's a bit extream...   :smhid :smhid and i guess it be good if you make it TBC again...  XD XD XD at least 2 / 3 chapter more...  :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on February 15, 2011, 03:04:07 PM
Nah it's okay. It's just looked quite extreme with the blood, fingers, and all that.
Thank god she's not!

i'll make a PG rated one next time?
Does that mean there'll be a continuation or a new fic? Either way I think that'll be good  :)
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: bou-j525 on February 15, 2011, 11:16:31 PM
I completely forgot to comment about this  :nervous
But hey better late than never XD I thought it was a nice story ^^ I like the first idea of girls becoming guys XD And since it sounded like something really sweet and happy at the beginning I was surprised when Takamina almost die XD But it was nice, really different ^^ And I liked the end  :twothumbs
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on February 16, 2011, 01:59:03 AM
Hahaha fanfic....hahaha I am still writing the other one and due to the busy schedule i dont have much time to write....but I will see what I can do about a few more one-shots when I get bored of writing chapters for A Bit Blind To Love ahahaha....>_> no pressure guys! btw bou-j525 hurry up and update!!!! You just love keeping us at a cliff hanger and my eye twitches when i see that you still havent updated!!!!!! you anyway!!! but please update soon...wish FoF would update as well....wish everyone would....argh....apart from myself! mwahahahahaha
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: bou-j525 on February 16, 2011, 02:12:33 AM
... when I get bored of writing chapters for A Bit Blind To Love


As for my fic, I'm currently correcting my chapter, so I may update tonight ^^ Or tomorrow... It depends if I can finish it before 9pm.
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on February 16, 2011, 02:15:42 AM
... when I get bored of writing chapters for A Bit Blind To Love


As for my fic, I'm currently correcting my chapter, so I may update tonight ^^ Or tomorrow... It depends if I can finish it before 9pm.

LOL!!! You can't make me not get bored of it!!! Anyway I updated my next chapter for you!...So you better return the favour pleassssssssssssssssssse!!! >_<!!
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on February 20, 2011, 01:24:10 PM
Dear Sorakamiya,

Here is the Takaboy fanfic you asked for! I didn't know what you expected but this is all I could think of! As for now I shall disappear for a while due to work commitments!

Story About a Boy… who is actually a girl!
Girls like me… well actually I don’t want to brag, but I think they actually love me… I don’t know. It’s the way they look at me, the way they react upon seeing me, the way they don’t seem to want to get off me. They just seem to totally, overly, exaggeratedly fan-girl over me. Makes me sound like the best looking guy in the world doesn’t it? However in reality, they just “L” me. What do I mean by this? Well the easiest way to explain to you is this… vagina! Get me? I am female. However due to warped producers and TV hosts I have become the holy grail to females. Danso productions seems to have sky rocketed in popularity. It seems as though I can pull more chicks than males… my life is depressing isn’t it? Well depressing in the sense I’ll never get a boyfriend, however I guess I’m the envy of a lot of boys. Great! That just means more guys hate me than love me… This is a down-hill spiral… Well in the end here I am. I’m standing back stage after the recording of AKBingo Danso. And damn I’m happy that Mocchi had a busy schedule and couldn’t attend the recording today…. However Amina was still here… and…oh….shit….here she comes!! GAHHHHHHH!!

I begin sprinting away from her and into the change rooms.

“DAMN IT! I forgot my clothes.”

I lie against the door and stare into the mirror dejectedly. Looking at my reflection I finally begin to wonder what I’ve done to deserve this. Do I really look like a male? Could Mariko be right? I feel as the door begins to thump against my back. The girls squealing outside my cubicle trying to get a look at me and hopeful that in the process they can cop a feel or take a photo on their phone with me. I don’t get it… I scrunch my eyes together as my head begins to hurt from the constant slamming from the eager girls outside. I wish Acchan was here. At least she doesn’t treat me differently like the younger girls. We’ve known each other for so long and been through so much as well. The thought of her not being here seems to increase my headache. She’s been so busy lately with recordings. I bet right now she’ll be recording with Miichan. I hope she’s alright. It’s been quite cold lately and she never knows when to put on an extra layer unless she’s told to. She was sick the other day as well… Ergh I miss spending quality time with her… Wait why am I worrying about her… I should be more worried about my current predicament instead. How the hell am I going to escape this change room alive!!!!

Suddenly the squeals increase on the other side of the door. The bashing on the door ceases and hear as the girls footsteps begin to rush out the door. I slowly open the change room door and gently creep out to where the girls have gone. Looking down the hallway I spot Sae-chan being attacked by girls as Sayaka is constantly trying to pull her out of the crowd and out of the TV station alive. I turn and sprint down the opposite side of the hallway, quickly closing the door of the large dressing room and locking it. Freedom. Safety…DANGER!

I quickly jump and tense up in fear as I feel hands wrap around my body. A soft breath pierces against the nape of my neck. A shiver passes through my small stature and my body trembles.

“You okay?”

I turn around and face the soft voice whispering into my ear. Upon seeing her I go silent. Words can’t seem to come out of my mouth.


She smiles at my stutter and gently pokes my nose in.


I blush gently before rubbing my nose.

“What are you doing here?”

She stares at me slightly confused with her head tilted.

“Why do you ask? You don’t want to see me?”

She pouts at me sadly and turned away from me.

“No no no it’s not that! It’s just that I thought you would be busy and the day like its night now and its cold and you know cold is like cold and you may get cold and get a cold…”

She turns around and covers my mouth giggling.

“What are you even rambling?”

She smiles at me as I gently remove her hand.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to ramble I was just scared I offended you”

She gently twists whilst looking at our entangled hands. Smiling as she gently swings my hand before jumping forward so her face is just centimetres away from mine.

“You really are a caring aren’t you?”

“Ergh well you know you mean a lot to me and so if you’re sad I have to cheer you up”

She grins at me happily.

“I mean a lot to you?”


“You just said I mean a lot to you”

I begin to fidget with my sleeve as I look around frantically at absolutely nothing.

“W-w-well as the captain I have to make sure that everyone’s welfare is well!”

Why am I so nervous…

She gently pouts and begins to slowly move away. Her hand gently sliding out of mine.


She walks across the room and picks up her bag. For some reason my body automatically floats over to her hurriedly. I gently pull her bag out of her hands. She looks at me astonished and confused.

“What are you doing?”

“Well where are you going?”

“I was just going to go outside and see the other girls”

“Oh… So you aren’t leaving?”

Turning away from me she pouts.

“I can leave if you want me to…”

“N-no it’s not that I just thought you were leaving me”

“Doesn’t matter if I leave you.”

“Yes it does!”

I grab onto her hand tightly, pulling her so she’s facing me.

A look of shock spreads across her face as she stares at me wide-eyed blankly.


I quickly retract my hand. Looking away from her. What am I doing…?

Stepping forward she wraps her arms around me tightly. She slowly takes a deep breath. Inhaling the cologne I’m wearing.

“You smell so manly tonight…”

My arms slowly wrap around her waist as I gently chuckle.

“Yeah…Yuko sprayed us with cologne”

“Mmm… I like it.”

Holding onto me she gently rubs her cheek against mine.

“I miss being with you. I feel like I haven’t seen you in years.”

“Me too.”

Pushing herself away from me so she’s looking at me she smiles at me. I’m mesmerised by her soft gaze.

“I think it’s funny that when I finally get to see you you’re dressed as a boy.” She chuckled gently. “Is this what you’ve been hiding from me all these years?”

“ERGH!!” I scrunch my face up in intense failure. “You can’t possibly think that!”

She lightly giggled before pressing her forehead against mine.

“I think you look extremely Kakkoi right now though.”

Gently closing my eyes I listen to her soft voice.


“Mmhmm. Would totally date you if you were a boy!”

My eyes open to look at her face. Feeling my lashes brush her skin she opens her eyes to stare back into mine.

“You okay?”

“Y-y-yeah” I move away from her as I feel my heart racing. Did she mean that? I turn and look towards the door.

“You better go see the girls, they’ll be angry if they don’t see you”

She slides her arms down the length of my body and holds onto my hands.

“I would rather spend time with you”

Her tone was sounded so serious it made me look up at her again.


Ergh…why do I always stutter. She smiles at me gently before pulling me into a small kiss. All I can feel are her soft lips against mine. My heart is beating rapidly, a shiver is escalating through my spine, my legs are weak and my mind is jumbled. My body has never felt so alive, yet so peaceful at the same time. As I feel her lips detach from mine I hear myself groan in frustration. Looking down at her lips a see a small grin on her face as she gently rubs her nose against mine.



“Can you stay dressed like that and go on a date with me?”


I move away slightly and look at her wide-eyed.

“A-a-are you serious?”

She grins at me happily.

“Mmmhmm! 100% serious!”


She smiles at me happily and gently kisses my cheek.

“Because I’ve always wanted to date you and since you look so kakkoi as a boy today I really want to go on a proper date with you.”

“So you wouldn’t have asked me out on a date if I had already got changed back into a girl?”

“Of course I would! But you would just think it’s a normal dinner…”

She looks away pouting.

“Okay then…”


I smile back at her brightly.

“Let’s go on a date tonight!”

She gently jumps on the spot happily before engulfing me into a tight hug.

“Can we go to Tokyo tower?”


“And have dinner together?”


“And watch a movie together?”


“And take purikura together?”


“And make love together?”


Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: pretend_2besome1 on February 20, 2011, 01:44:32 PM
Poor Takamina, girls love the Takaboy  XD
“No no no it’s not that! It’s just that I thought you would be busy and the day like its night now and its cold and you know cold is like cold and you may get cold and get a cold…”
Rambling Takaboy is cute.
“And make love together?”
:lol:  She's easy to be teased, isn't she?
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: sorakamiya on February 20, 2011, 02:19:00 PM
wowowowowowowowow.....  :shocked :shocked :shocked :shocked whoooaaaaaaaaaa......  :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :panic: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: :w00t: my wish is granteeeeeed..... ( ( ( thanks lot keichaaaaaaaan....  :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: ( ( you are the best...  :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs :thumbsup :thumbsup ( (

the story greaaaaaaaat.......... sugooooooooiiii.....  :twothumbs :twothumbs I like it... ( ( woooow..... i totally like how you write the story... ( (

and as my promise i also have update my fanfict... ( ( i hope you like it...  :cow: :cow:

and now have to wait around 2 weeks for another update... i'll miss u and your writing... ( ( ( (

Well, Good luck for your work... ( (

i'll be waiting for the update patiently... ( (
Title: Re: Valentine's Day One-shot
Post by: bou-j525 on February 20, 2011, 03:24:32 PM

“And make love together?”


 :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Thank for the update! It was really cute ^^
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: shahi on February 20, 2011, 10:16:12 PM
it was so cute  :wub: all girls love takaboy and me too  :P :P :P

i like this one:
                    “And make love together?”
 :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: alexiel17 on February 21, 2011, 01:20:22 PM
Eiii!!!! Keichan san.....  :hee: It's been a long time since I'd left a comment ('cuz school's been an ass again...  :smhid)

Really am happy that you decided to, umm... well, create another amazing fic bout the Takaachan pair again :]  :mon thumb:

Anyway, I really am slightly  :mon annoy: at you 'cuz you'd made sorakamiya san's wish come true (which is really good btw  :mon inluv:) but why haven't you made mine yet?  :mon cry:
YOU HAVEN'T MADE ANY BED SCENESSSSSS BETWEEN MY KOJI♥YUU YET!!!!!!!! which I sooo wished a long, long time ago...  :smhid :smhid

I think I can read those things now 'cuz I'm of legal age  :mon nyah: (Just remembered Acchan suddenly.....  :mon evillaff: saying that she's ready to do it with Takamina  :mon blood: ) I'm currently having my usual nose bleeds :mon bleed2:

Anyway, hope that someday, you'll make my wish/ request come true, you pervert ninja you!!!  :lol: :lol:  hehehe  :wahaha:
I can say this things (for now) since you'll be gone for two weeks, and you'll not  be able to read this yet, maybe you will but you're tooooooooo  late... :mon blblbl: :mon dance: bwahahaha  :wahaha: you can't kill me   :mon slapass:

(I soo do missed doing this....  :) :roll:  :on gay:)
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: Keichan ^_^ on March 09, 2011, 11:41:11 AM
@ sorakamiya: Glad to know you enjoyed it!
@bou-j525, pretend_2besome1, shahi: Thanks for reading it xD
@ alexiel17:
Anyway, hope that someday, you'll make my wish/ request come true, you pervert ninja you!!!  :lol: :lol:  hehehe  :wahaha:
I can say this things (for now) since you'll be gone for two weeks, and you'll not  be able to read this yet, maybe you will but you're tooooooooo  late... :mon blblbl: :mon dance: bwahahaha  :wahaha: you can't kill me   :mon slapass:

....too late? can't kill you? hmm... is this a challenge? order to kill you for calling me a pervert ninja... i shall never update ever again!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!
How's that for an answer to your comment!!!

Anyway thank you for reading....however you should be disappointed to know...there is not update!
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: sorakamiya on March 09, 2011, 01:37:53 PM
 :shocked :shocked keiiichaaaaaaan..... ( ( long time no see.... how are you...??? I really misssssssssss youuuuu.... ( (

....too late? can't kill you? hmm... is this a challenge? order to kill you for calling me a pervert ninja... i shall never update ever again!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA!
How's that for an answer to your comment!!!

Anyway thank you for reading....however you should be disappointed to know...there is not update!

Nooooooooooooo..... ( ( please dont say that... ( (  please update.... ( ( no problem how long it will takes but please.... dont stop update. ( (

you aren't pervert ninja.... you are my idol... so please continue updating... ( (
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Takaboy oneshot request for Sorakamiya)
Post by: alexiel17 on March 10, 2011, 05:10:04 AM
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!  :on cigar: Happy that you'd read (at last!!) my post, my PERVERTED NINJA!!  :ph43r:  (Am I a bit hard headed? :] )

hehehe :] You, keichan san will not update????!  :? Reeeeaaaallyyy....  :mon nyah: huh?  :mon dunno: I think that's impossible 'cuz if you'll do that then you wouldn't receive any comments from me....  :mon misch: Oh,  :mon suspect: I know. You just want my attention, don't you.... Don't worry I'm not a tsundere so you don't need to do this things for me....  :mon innocent:

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Just tripping around.... Hope you're not mad :] 

Anyway, hope you'll update your fics fast (And pls create my life long wish.....  :yep: :yep: )

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Umm... mina, don't kill me pls... hehehehehe  :lol: :lol:
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Post by: Keichan ^_^ on March 12, 2011, 12:06:41 PM
Good to see all the new fanfics!!!.... however i wish immo and FoF would update ^_^
@sorakamiya: Hehe hello! I'm alright just a bit tired! Hence, lack of updates and motivation lately! Hehe happy to know i'm missed!!!  :mon cute:
@alexiel17: lol...what if i dont wanna be called a perverted ninja!!! lol im gonna call you Yadong from now on!

Anyway! Sorry for the lack of update etc lately! life has been busy busy busy! btw this is the worst thing i've ever written i'm too busy worrying about everything that is currently happening in Japan atm and fearing Takamina's life in Guam! Just had to write something to get my mind off the bad events happening in Japan and decided it would be a good idea to get your minds off it as well! Anyway this is something short and a bit different!
Tell me you love me…


I glance over and look at you.

“Today was such a long day!” You fall back against the bed. Closing your eyes for a few seconds… You look so beautiful right now… Wait what am I saying… you always look beautiful me… I tell you all the time but you ignore me… To you my love, my confessions, my heart doesn’t mean a thing. You never believe me… sometimes I wish I could just tear out my heart so you could see it only beats for you… I wish when my legs go weak I would collapse and in the process crack my head open so you can see that you’re the only thing in my head.

“What’s wrong?” Your voice pulls me back to reality, I look at you. You’re staring back at me with a worried pout.

“N-n-nothing, I was just thinking.”

“About what?” You.

“Nothing just stuff.” I smile a fake smile at you.

“…okay then…” You quickly turn and pick up your phone, smiling as you update your twitter. Now you sit there waiting patiently for Mariko to respond. I wonder if you can see how my heart bleeds when you’re with other people. I turn away and walk out of the room. As much as your happiness means the world to me, the thought that your happiness doesn’t include me kills me slowly. It hurt me to see you and Takamina holding hands today. I know I picked Yui… I wasn’t thinking. But I guess even if I did pick you, you would just tell me to stop being an idiot. You always do…

I lie down on your couch in your living room. Staring blankly at the ceiling all I can think about is how much I wish you loved me as much as I loved you… I close my eyes, all I see is your face… your perfect eyes, I wish you would just look at me…, your big ears, I wish you would just listen to me…, your soft lips, I wish you would just kiss me. I hear your soft voice calling my name, oh I wish you would just tell me you love me…

“YUKO!!” I jump up off the couch. You really were calling me… however when I look at you, all you so is glare at me. Am I really a burden to you? Do I really annoy you that much?

“Yes…” I shuffle back and sit up on the couch. I watch as you sit down next to me.

“What is wrong with you today?”

“Nothing I’m just tired…” You pout at me as I turn away from you. Pushing myself up off the couch I begin to walk towards the door. “I’m going home”


“Goodnight!” I smile and begin to open the door. I suddenly feel your arms wrap around me, your hot breath against my neck. “Nyan-nyan what’s wrong?”

“…” You remain silent, tightening your grip around me you begin to rest against my shoulder.


“Do you like Yui?” You whisper softly into my ear. I stiffen up. Why are you asking me this…I love you can’t you see that…

“She’s a good girl…”

“So you like her…” I turn and face you, holding onto your shoulders.

“Why are you asking me this?” You turn away from my gaze.

“No reason..” You look up and smile at me. “I think you’d make a cute couple”

“…” Moving away from me you suddenly spin around and smile at me brightly.

“We haven’t seen each other for awhile since Not Yet started…”

I know and it kills me everyday I’m away from you…

“Yeah it seems as though our schedules are crowded lately!”

“Mmm…” You look at the ground before glancing back up at me. “Seems like you’re a lot closer to Yui now…Ergh what am I saying… you need to go to bed… you better go”

Are you jealous? Do you love me? I watch as you approach me, you turn and begin opening the door for me. My arms automatically wrap around you.

“I don’t like her like I love you.”

You remain silent before you begin to laugh and slap my hands off you.

“Argh what are you going on about! You’re such a pervert all the time!”

Why….why do you always ignore my confessions. Why do you reject me and pretend you don’t know how I feel. I’m dying here and all you do is laugh…

Oh no… what have I done… unconsciously I have slapped you… and automatically I can’t face you anymore. I begin sprinting out of your apartment. I don’t want you to see my crying face. I don’t want to realise that I’ve hurt you, I don’t want to see the way you look at me.

Upon reaching the quiet path down stairs I breakdown and cry into my hands. Do you hate me? Do you never want to see me again? My heart hurts… I begin punching my chest nonstop. Why won’t this pain go away… I walk home silently crying.


I haven’t slept at all. I don’t know how I’m going to face her today… Here I am inside the theatre waiting for practice to begin… she hasn’t arrived… I turn towards the door as I hear it open again… it’s Mariko… She looks at me and then pulls her in from behind her. Holding onto her hand they walk towards the other side of the room together… my heart hurts… I think I’m beginning to realise that I’ve lost her forever. I watch as she giggles to Mariko’s jokes. I watch as she plays with her hands. I watch as she ignores me all day.

During practice I accidently bump into her, causing her to fall to the ground. Turning around to help her up I feel as Mariko slaps my hand away from her and pulls her away from me… there’s nothing I can do but whisper towards her.

“I’m sorry…”

After practice I walk over to collect my bag… 24hours ago we were together getting our hair cut… I was happy, I was with you… now I feel alone, numb. I glance over at you. I watch as you and Mariko laugh together… my heart… why does it hurt so much.

I walk out of the room. I can hear your behind me laughing as I lifelessly ponder down the escalator. All I want to do is lock myself away. Cry in my dark corner. So that’s where I go.

I sit alone in my apartment. Tears streaming down my cheeks. The lights are off. Hiding my ugliness. I taste the beer slowly intoxicating me. I hope it numbs the pain in my chest. I hear the knocking on my apartment door. I ignore it. I hear it again. I turn on my stereo. I hear it again. I increase the volume until it deafens my eardrums. Lying down against the sofa I close my eyes and listen to the beats of the bass. Loud yet soothing.

Suddenly I hear the stereo pause as a body slides on top of me. Engulfing me into a soft sincere hug. It’s dark. I can’t see you. However, the softness of your skin, the scent of your body, the warmth of your breath against me, I could never forget it, but I could always recognise it. I try to push you away from me. I don’t deserve you. I’ve hurt you. I feel your resistance. Your fingernails digging into my skin, holding me tightly.

“I don’t want to hurt you again…” that’s all I can whisper. I feel as your body stiffens on top of mine.

Moments past by slowly before I feel you move atop of me, slowly etching higher towards me. You slowly press your soft lips against mine. My eyes open before slowly closing with the comfort of the kiss. I feel as your lips move away from mine. You gently nudge your nose against mine. Your hot breath piercing my skin as a lone tear trickles down my face.

“You never hurt me… I’ve been hurting myself… and in the process I’ve hurt you…” You gently cuddle closer against me. “I love you Yuko and I know you love me… I was just scared to admit it because I dread the day that you’ll stop loving me.

I tighten my grip around you. Gently placing a kiss on your forehead.

“I could never stop loving you…”

Hope everyone is alright!
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Post by: riama on March 12, 2011, 12:57:38 PM
So cute  :cry: , please write more Kojiyuu fics :yep:
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Tell Me You Love Me- Kojiyuu)
Post by: alexiel17 on March 12, 2011, 02:36:00 PM
lol...what if i dont wanna be called a perverted ninja!!! lol im gonna call you Yadong from now on!

HAHAHA!!!  :wahaha: Call me 'Yadong' all you want, but I'll call you my perverted ninja in return, ok?  :lol: :]  :mon dance:
(Hmm... need a shortcut for that,  :mon dunno: how about "Pervja" instead :] hehehehe  :mon nyah: Me like it better :]  :twisted: )
Anyway, thanks for the story (Hmm.... I dunno if this is for me since there's no bed scenes bet. them... *sigh* )  :lol: :lol:
 But really, thanks for the story, Pervja *wink* :]  :mon fyeah:

Umm... About the current situation in Japan, it really scared me since I had a lot of jpop groups (and jrock bands) that I support and idolize there, I am still quite scared..... I hope that they are all right even the civilians there..... Let's pray for there safety... :]
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Post by: RenaChii on March 12, 2011, 10:41:15 PM
It's a little sad for me~  :mon cute:

But . . .

It's GREAT~!!  :mon XD:

Please write more KojiYuu fanfic~!  :mon lovelaff:
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Post by: bou-j525 on March 12, 2011, 10:58:26 PM
I was afraid it might be sad ending after the slap thing, but finally it's quite alright.  :thumbsup
KojiYuu is cute ( (
Hope you'll update your other story soon too ;)
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Cute!!!!! :heart:
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Tell Me You Love Me- Kojiyuu)
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okay, i read it! see? LOL  :lol:
And i realized something..... :P
Sue...ur such a romantic sap  ;)
Are you inlove? Ne, ne oishite ;) ;) ;)

PS: Right now,  I hate things that
involves feelings.... :smhid
I want to kill that jerk-face...
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Post by: Keichan ^_^ on April 10, 2011, 06:24:26 AM
HAI! Gomen...this is a bad one...but another nothing else I couldn't write in half an hour on my stupid iphone! but anywho hope that you can enjoy it!
@Riama: Well I guess its kinda Kojiyuu! I Promised Airidoki that I would write a good kojiyuu for her so stay tuned!
@alexiel17:....  :catglare:
@ RenaChii: Hai! I will try my best!
@bou-j525: Hope you update soon as well! Mwahahahaha
@Kahem: Thank you <3
@dark-atrox: This one doesn't have that much emotional content! Are you happy? hehe and yeah I feel sorry for you that I can't help out! and no im not in love ahaha! You such a loser! Where's my Takacchan part 2?


Boobs…They come in various sizes…A! B! C! D! DD! E! The list goes on as long as boobs continue to grow! I hope they do! Don’t get me wrong I’m not a pervert for big boobs at all! I’m not even a pervert… I’m an… art critic. Yes yes that’s what I am! However instead of criticising work of man-made fine arts I spend my time enjoying…and embracing…literally…works of literally man and woman-made works of art!

First you have… A cup… I mean class… which doesn’t actually mean top range!... look for example… Mariko…and Takamina… They are A Class! Beautiful? Yes. Intelligent? Yes….and then…small boobs… that is A Class…

Then you have B Class… Who is a good example of B Class… Acchan…maybe… I don’t know…when I squeezed it could’ve been padding… Tomochin was definitely padding… hmm… argh! Miichan…they felt like a B Class… anyway let’s cut to the chase!

The best art form? Easy…. Nyan Class… The globes of glory! The most precious art work of all! Every time I try to look at them or touch them they are well protected! It’s like trying to break into a museum to steal a world class diamond… It’s tempting, its gorgeous, it’s unique and most of all security is tight! The first time I looked at them… I got yelled at… the second time… I got slapped… the third time… I got scratched… the fourth time… I got punched…the last time I did it… I was kicked out of a moving car…

You would think that everyone would like me to touch their assets… but no0o0o0o Nyan boobs are impossible to touch… I know that secretly the bearer of such works of art loves me in some way… however she is shy and embarrassed! That’s why she doesn’t let me touch them! When no ones around she let’s me touch them!  What’s a good example… well one night when she came over to stay at my house I had a good 30second grope….when she was deep asleep… But still I think she was just pretending to sleep… heh! I’m amazing she totally loves me… she just doesn’t want to make the other girls jealous… however… there is someone I have to keep my eye on now… Mocchi… she is in love with my Nyan Nyan’s ears… Hmm I think she is trying to subtly make her way to my precious treasures… however I have diverted her attention back to Takamina….Although… Acchan is not too pleased… but it’s her own fault for leaving Takamina behind to elope with Sae and Miichan… And it’s definitely Takamina’s own fault for making me do it as well… if she didn’t proclaim her love to my Nyan Nyan then she would not have been my chosen victim….

Don’t the girls get it… Nyan Nyan is mine!

However… There’s another person in my way… Someone who is too close to my precious princess. She spends all her time with them…. Playing with them… caressing them… gently stroking them… ergh… the worst thing is… she never let’s go of them! She even ignored me when she was with them… I tried so hard to get her attention… but no… she couldn’t even stop looking at them… however soon enough… they will slowly die on their own accord… but of course she won’t let them die! She always saves them! Ergh… what do I do to get rid of them…

You wanna know who I’m talking about… even if I tell you, you can’t help me…

It’s….Nintendo DS-kun… that thieving, boob stealing pervert… I have to destroy him!!!!!


“ITAI!!!” I rub my head in pain. “What was that for?”

“Hehehe nothing! Just saw you glaring murderously into space! What’s wrong?”

I pout sadly.

“Even if I told you, you wouldn’t help me”

“Of course I would! We’re comrades!”


“Hehehe of cour….Wait. Tell me before I agree…”

“I need time alone with Nyan Nyan…”

“What’s so hard about that? You always spend time together…”

“It’s not the same!”

“How isn’t it?”

“I need time ALONE!”

“Oh… Sorry I can’t help you drug and molest her… quite illegal…”

“NNOOOOOOOO! Not that! I need time alone meaning….No NDS-kun…”

“HA! …wait who’s NDS-kun?”


"You're kidding right?

“You just don’t know its power! Its draws her in! All her attention! She makes cute little noises which serenade her! It then pretends it’s ill and dying to make her comfort it and stay by its side until it’s all better and then the process starts all over again!”

“Sheesh… you’ve gone made…” She begins to walk away from me.

“Wait!!! I’ll pay you!!!” I watch as her ears perk up. Turning around with a smirk on her face and grins widely.

“How are you gonna pay me?”

“With gyoza…. I’ll buy you fifteen for lunch!”
















“Okay… then I need you to kidnap NDS-kun for the week!”

“A WEEK? I thought it was only a day! 50 gyoza each day!”

“I can’t afford that!”

“Well then I’ll only steal it today…”

“Fine! Only a day! But I want it to be kidnapped within the next half an hour…”

“Okay… too easy… I’ll do it now!”

“It’s not that easy… He’s a dangerous conniving person…”

Looking at me like I’m a weirdo she slowly walks out of the room. I quickly grab my belongings and follow her. This is the day I finally win! Well that’s unless she stuffs up… then I’m doomed!

I follow her into the other room… There she is! My princess and her royal globes!... and that evil NDS-kun is yet again right next to her! Oop there goes my hired assassin! I watch as she slowly approaches the unaware victim!


“Hey Miichan!”

“Can I borrow your DS today? I have a photo shoot and I forgot to bring my own for the long ride!”

“Yeah sure!” Haruna picks up the Nintendo DS and gives it to Miichan.

“Thanks!” Smiling brightly Miichan turns around and walks back towards Yuko beaming brightly. Whilst walking past the shocked squirrel she stops and whispers… “Lunch money please!”

Pulling out her wallet still in shock, Miichan quickly pulls out 5000yen out of the wallet and walks away.
Gathering herself together she quickly approaches Haruna.





The door swings open as Sayaka and Sae quickly walk in. Grabbing onto the squirrel  they lift her up and begin dragging her out of the room.


“Stop kicking Yuko!  We have to attend an event right now!”

As the squirrel is dragged away crying Miichan re-enters the room.

“Neh! You guys ready to go yet?”

Walking out from behinds the curtains Takamina and Acchan gently giggle between themselves as Haruna stands up from her chair.

“NDS-kun please!”

“There you go!” Miichan happily places the Nintendo DS in its rightful owners hand. “And hurry up waifu and secret affair midget!”

“I’m not a midget!” Takamina yells back whilst pouting.

“Well you’re shorter than me!”

“I can’t believe you tricked Yuko!” Acchan says gleefully to Miichan whilst comforting the midget by her side.

“Well it’s not my fault her obsession with boobs blind her!” She stares at Haruna.

“Hey don’t look at me, I was born this way!”

“Well let’s just forget about it! I’m s0o0o0o0o hungry!”

The Three Busu members and the Ace happily begin to walk down towards the Gyoza store.


Tis definitely my worst update! Haha.... half an hour of ramble! Gomen! I am trying to write another one but I don't seem to have time!
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! (UPDATED: Gyoza)
Post by: Arakawa on April 10, 2011, 09:35:45 AM
Haha that one made me laugh.

Nice update (:
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by: Keichan ^_^ on: April 10 at 12:24:26 PM
@alexiel17:....  :catglare:
  :cry: :cry:

Keichan! My beloved friend. :cry: I was just joking about my reply! Please do forgive me....  :( To tell you honestly, when I saw you commented on my fic, I was somewhat LMAO since I just realized that I didn't even left you a thank you message for even creating my "partial lifelong dream" .... ehehehe ..... Maybe because a lot of things happened yesterday (well, technically in the morning..) that's why I'm a bit cranky... I wrote those words like I was drugged or something (I really am sleepy back then... truly gomenasai.... )

But really Keichan, I dunno why but when I see you, I have the reflex to tease you (I dunno why!  :? I need a doctor! I'm losing me head!) I really do hope that you were also joking about your reply 'cuz it would hurt me sooo much if you are for real... I'm serious.... I'll be hurt again... huhu.. T-T

I promise that I would limit my teasing since I also notice that I'm becoming a bit dense and I dunno why...   :on cloudeye: My existence is not important..... but if you really hate me, then I would understand and just accept your decision for hating me... *sob sob sob*..

Wow, why does it feels like this happened before (me and my stupidity again.... sigh..) I need to stop commenting, I think no one would really care in the first place..... (emote mode.....)

Because of what happened, created something.... (it's a pic, not a fic guys, sorry.... T-T)

( (

But this is my favorite...

( (

Manga: Yuri Yuri Case  :twothumbs (one of my favorite yuri manga :])

I'm really so truly sorry.... I'm for real since I don't want someone to hate me.... (I don't even know if I'll put some emoticons since you might say that I'm not for real.... )

The truth is....

( (

that's why I can't stop myself from teasing you.... I hope you'll forgive me, Keichan.... (TT-TT)
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I don't think this is your worst update. I think it's the funniest update yet! Too bad Yuko got boned at the end  XD
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Post by: bou-j525 on April 10, 2011, 06:15:11 PM
@bou-j525: Hope you update soon as well! Mwahahahaha

I'm really trying my best now...... well not "right now" since I'm stalking JPHIP, but I'll do my best right after!!!!! PANIC :panic: I HAVE TO UPDATE SOON BUT I CAN'T WRITE  :panic:

It was a funny update  :rofl: It's not the worst, wait for mine and you'll understand what "worst update ever" means XD But seriously, it was nice to read XD
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Post by: Airidoki on April 11, 2011, 04:49:06 AM
Keichan  :onioncheer:
thanks  :heart:

NDS-kun  very funny XD

Yuko is funny, love

I'll be even more grateful if you update the fic A Bit Blind To Love :nya:

the final definitely left me dead 

update  :panic:
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Very funny hahaha poor Yuko
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Tell me you love me…
It's kind of sad to read how serious Yuko was with her love for Haruna in her mind, yet since she appeared like she was joking it didn't really help  :nervous
And she slapped her  :depressed:
Glad that they're together in the end, though!

OMG, Yuko's definitions of boobs are LOL
NDS-kun? This one-shot is funny.
I feel bad for Yuko  XD

ps. (O_o) --> I like how you use it as a separator, it's amusing to see  XD
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Post by: Keichan ^_^ on April 21, 2011, 03:03:46 PM
@Arakawa: Haha Thanks for reading! Glad it was hilarious for you!
@alexiel17: What am I gonna do about you Yadong! Hmm...  :on chew: so stressful! But anywho I'm not  angry  :mon firecrack: for now...  :mon wtfmm: lol! But I love the pics lol! So entertaining! I'll keep them forever! EDIT!!! DAMN IT YADONG! DOES YOUR SIG SAY "GLARES AT KEICHAN!!!!"
@A1: Lol Thank you!!! Haha and if Yuko wins that wouldn't be normal! Lol people would be so confused!
@bouchan!: Pretty sure I enjoyed your updates! Ahahaha waiting for the next lot of updates!  :mon whimper:
@Airidoki: Ahahahaha you are so cute! Ahaha glad you loved the Kojiharu! However about the other fic...I'm sorry I left it at a cliffhanger! I'm finding it hard to write so i've kinda left if at a hiatus! Gomen! I don't know when I will update that one because i am just so unmotivated to do so!
@kahem: Hehe Thanks for reading! Haha everyone seems to feel sorry for Yuko!
@pretend_2besome1: Haha long time no see you around! hehe and thanks for catching up on my one-shots! lol i'm lucky i didnt break them apart in "Tell me you love me..." by the looks of it. Hehe and yeah boob definitions ahaha i felt bad whilst writing it because i'm scared that the girls will learn to read English and become offended! lol and yeah I'm a weirdo (O_o) hence the awkward separator! hehe.
@Secret fanfic readers: Thanks for readings my fic!

Now let's begin the next one-shot! This was a challenge from dark-atrox! She said she wanted to see something out of the usually pairings...therefore she demanded that i write about this certain pairing as it was out of my comfort zone and I was whining about how I don't want to update "A bit blind to love..." Anyway hope you guys enjoy this one. It is a bit different from what I usually write but I guess its always good to experiment!


Have you ever felt guilty? Felt like you’ve hurt the person you love most? However, for some unknown reason you still get a thrill out of hurting the person you love most?

Each night I lay next to her. Her face is always peaceful. As I stroke her soft white cheek my heart begins to ache. How could I hurt someone so beautiful? Fluttering her eyes open she stares at me with her soft brown eyes. She wriggles closer to me and cuddles me tightly. Her softness. Her warmth. Her scent. Her lips. She gently kisses my neck. My spine tingling. However, when I close my eyes it’s not her I see. When I feel her soft lips against my neck, I feel needy for love, but the love of someone else. I gently kiss her forehead as she moves closer to me. Engulfing her into a tight hug I slowly stroke her hair.  As she falls asleep in my arms all I can do it lie awake and fantasise about someone else…

~Earlier that day~

“Do you love me?” She asks whilst holding tightly onto my hands, swinging them around in the air. I sighed heavily and look away. “YAH!” You pout at me before letting go of my hands and walking away from me. I grin widely at myself before running over and wrapping my arms around her waist and gently kissing your neck from behind.

“Don’t leave me baby. You know I love you.”

“Hmmph!” You cross her arms and turn away. Gently nibbling your neck you begin  to giggle. Turning around you wrap your arms around my neck and kiss me softly. Staring into my eyes you slowly move away before you hold onto my hand and begin dragging me towards the studio.


As we enter the studio we notice the iciness of the air. Looking around we see all the other girls looking at us quietly. Something was wrong…

Yuko runs up to us. Grabbing onto my arm she begins to drag me towards the room.

“Hurry up you have to get in there and look after her! She’s locked the door and hasn’t stopped crying!”

“W-what? Who are you talking about I just got here!”

“Acchan is crying! She needs you! She won’t let anyone else in! I know she will let you in!”

Staring at Yuko in disbelief I turn back and look at the girl I was dragged away from. She stands there looking worriedly at me whilst Mayu stands next to her to fill her in with what was going on. She turns and looks at Mayu with a shocked expression before turning back at me smiling and giving me a quick nod of encouragement. Unsure of the situation I turn towards Yuko immediately.

“Why is Acchan crying?” Not answering me she quickly turns and knocks on the door nonstop.

“Acchan! Acchan! I know you don’t want to talk to me but Tomochin is here! Please talk to her, we’re worried!”

I turn and stare at the door. The silence was deadly. Suddenly I hear a click. The door knob slowly turns. Suddenly I hear the sound of a soft voice heaving. Looking up through the crack I see her trembling uncontrollably. Watching as her hand clenches onto the tear-soaked tissues. Her hair covering her once smiling face.

“T-t-t-tomochin…” Her weak voice is softer than a whisper. The coarseness of it hurts my ears. I gently move the door open and hold onto her arm before walking into the dark dance studio room. Closing the door behind me and locking it I turn towards the still shaking figure and engulf her into a tight hug.

“It’s okay Acchan”

“N-n-n-o…I-it’s n-n-ot” She tightened her arms around me as her tears drench the shoulder of my shirt. “S-s-she d-doesn’t l-l-love m-me…”

“What?” My eyes widen in shock. “Of course she loves you! Don’t doubt her love for you!”

She abruptly begins to cry again. What was going on…

“M-m-minami s-said s-she d-doesn’t l-love m-me… A-aren’t I-I g-good enough?”

“Of course you are Acchan! Takamina is stupid if she gives up on you! It’s her loss! She might just be in a bad mood today!” I am speechless…could the Ace and the Captain break up?

“S-she s-says s-she l-loves s-s-someone else…”

“Who could she love more than you? There’s no one better than Maeda Atsuko!” I gently cuddled her before stroking her hair.

“Y-you think i-I’m the b-best?”

“Of course!”

Looking up at me I notice her reddened eyes as the small amount of light illuminates through the door. Her arms slowly wrap around my neck as she pulls closer towards me.

“Acchan?” I look at her worriedly. I feel her hot breath against my lips.

“Tomochin… d-do you r-really think M-minami will regret l-losing m-me.” I feel my throat become dry about her soft touch of her hand on cheek.

“Y-yeah…” Looking at her I watch as the gap between begins to close. Her soft lips gently kiss mine before she bites my lower lip. My eyes open in shock. I know this is wrong but for some unknown reason all I do is respond to her rough kiss. I push her against the wall and gently tend to her soft lips before kissing away the tears on her mascara ridden cheeks. I hear as a gentle moan escapes her lips as I gently lay butterfly kisses on her soft neck. Her hand slowly slides up my shirt. Her fingernails gently dig into my soft skin. Lifting her up I place her down on the couch before I push her skirt up. My hands caress her soft thighs. I feel as my shirt and ripped away from my body. Her tongue traces my body as her legs wrap tightly around my waist. The adrenaline pumping through my veins, even the smallest touch of her body was driving me insane. I hold onto her thighs as I push her down, pinning her onto the couch as I gently suck on her exposed collarbone. Pulling her shirt up I immediately begin to nibbled on her body. Soft moans fill my ears. My hand automatically beings to make its way to the soft elastic of her lace underwear. I feel as her body shivers underneath mine. As her head tilts back I move up and gently kiss her exposed chest. As my fingers begin to move down slowly pulling her the soft material with me, I feel my heart thumping endlessly. As I slowly make my way lower I gently lick her belly button. Her hands run through my hair as her breathless moans escape her mouth. Planting gentle kisses on her lower abdomen I feel an unknown need to please her. However, her soft voice immediately stops me from going further.


I look up at her. Tears have stained her face again. Feelings of guilt suddenly swarm over me. What was I doing… My girlfriend’s just on the other side of the door and I’m here making love with my best friend who is still head over heels in love with my other friend. I push myself off her before straightening myself up. However, I just want to continue making her feel better with this undecipherable love which is seething out from me. Looking up at me she quickly covers her mouth in disbelief. Pulling her clothes back on, she quickly dresses back into her clothes.

“What have I done…” She quickly bows towards me. “I-I don’t know what came over, I-I just, I’m sorry, I was just distraught about Minami…” Looking around her surroundings aimlessly she begins to play with the hem of her shirt.

“I-it’s okay. I don’t know what happened either.” I turn away from her, for some reason I feel my heart aching deep inside me. I couldn’t love her could I? Am I jealous of her love for Takamina?

“P-p-please don’t tell Minami, Oh my god I can’t lose her anymore than I already have” I watch as she begins to squat down hugging her own legs as she begins to weep again. Turning back and watching this innocent girl suffer in her own guilt I slowly walk over and hug her tightly.

“I won’t tell her.” She turns and stares into my eyes.


“Yeah.” I smile at her sincerely. “We’re best friends aren’t we? Of course I’ll look out for you! I know that what happened was just a spur of the moment misunderstanding.” Smiling brightly at me with those tear-drenched eyes and engulfs me into a tight hug.

“Thank you so much Tomochin, you’re the best friend in the entire world!”

Although I smile, for some unknown reason I feel a pain in my chest.

“Come on!” Pulling her off the ground I head towards the door. “Let’s get back to practice!”

Opening the door, the light emits against our skin, the light burning my now exposed eyes. Walking out a feeling of guilt erupts inside me as I watch as my girlfriend runs towards us and hugs the girl beside me.

“Are you okay Acchan?” She sincerely asks. Looking at me before she replies Acchan turns back and smiles genuinely at Tomo~mo.

“Yes Tomo~mo. Thanks for caring”

The door suddenly swings open. Looking up I see a small figure looking towards us. Her eyes, like the girl beside me are tear-drenched. As she slowly walks towards us I feel as the hand in my tight grasp begins to move away. A sudden feeling of emptiness. I watch as my best friend runs towards the smaller girl and engulfs her in a tight hug. Suddenly I feel the warmth of another hand in mine. Turning I see my girlfriend tightly wrapping herself around me. However, instead of smiling back at her I turn and look back at the reunited couple before me. My heart aches at the sight of my captain kissing the lips which were against mine moments ago.


So here I am. Lying here, my girlfriend’s sleeping breath hitting my skin gently. As I stare blankly at the ceiling above me all I can think is how much I wish that I was back in the studio and that the name she called out was mine…


Anyway a quick endnote! Hope you enjoyed the fic....if you didnt like the pairing blame dark-atrox!  Hope that all the fanfic writers update more often coughimmocoughFoFcoughbouchancoughalexielcoughdarkatroxcoughsorachancoughjapanimechancoughshibuyadokidokicoughinsertnamehereifyouhavewrittenonthisforum! I do read your all your fanfics but since i always rush off the work etc i dont have time to reply to your posts! Anyway love you all! and sorry that my ongoing fanfic is on hiatus! When I am motivated to write I will update but currently I guess these one-shots are just quick and easy for me to write!
Thanks for reading! ^_^  :mon woo:
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LOL, you actually wrote a TomoAcchan, TomoTomo and TakAcchan in one fic XD
Bah! you really love the chibi captain to end it as TakAcchan instead :smhid
Though its really difficult for me to choose if you put Tomo~mi in the story :P
My fondness towards TomoAcchan is d same with TomoTomo XD XD XD
Try imagining breaking Chiyuu's heart, ne? Its unbearable with her cuteness :P

PS: Next time, write a full TomoAcchan, ne?  :lol:
Oh, totally forgot, thanks for writing this one :thumbsup Love it XD
I owe you a massage again LOL ;) ;) ;)
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It's different but great ^^
But poor Chiyuu T_T
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At the beginning I was wondering what was the pairing. Since you said it was unusual, I was sure it wouldn't be TakAcchan, KojiYuu or TomoTomo. Well... totally wrong XD
At least if you can't update your fic, keep updating your one shot so we will not forget about you :P
Thank for the story, it was really funny... and it made me spend half of the time thinking "what is the pairing?!" XD
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Know what?  :mon huh: I'm soo happy that you've return....  :mon innocent: :] Even if you're, as you said, quite busy right now  :smhid
(I think your lying though... hehehehe  :wahaha:)

Anyway, 'bout the fic, hmm.... I really don't mind it at all since the way you've written it is kinda awesome...  :rockon: And it's quite entertaining too.....  :mon blood:
BUT.... don't, I said, DO NOT think that I'm a Yadong while reading it!!!! fhvbbrbgbfhvifni!!!!! (I'm angry!!!  :mon annoy: :mon annoy:)

You are soooo dead PERVJA!!! ( (

Anyway, since you are still busy,  :mon dunno: (still doubtful....  :mon slapass: ) and said that you've forgiven you're not angry at me, (for now  :P  :lol:) I will stop myself from teasing you....... Oh no!  :mon scare: can I do it?!!!!!  :mon cry:
Because I was soooooooo tempted to make fun of you, I'd created edited another pic....

( (
I post it big so that you'll not misjudge me again..... BAKA!!  :on lol: PERVJA BAKA!!! :on GJ: hehehehe ( (

Since I'm trying not annoying you or anything, (you're not annoyed.... yet.... right?  :yep:) can you please update like a ninja again for me?  :mon innocent: (that would be my reward....  :mon lol: pwease!!!  :mon cute: )

Oh, and about this,


WHAT AN IDIOT.................

YOu are sooo jumping to conclusion much..... You don't even know the captions there.....  :thumbdown:
STUPID.......  :mon blblbl: It's not *Glares at Keichan* it's *Glares at MIICHAN*..........


(I am soo happy while typing that.....  :farofflook: bwahahahahaha :wahaha:  )

Oh, and btw.... about this....

Hope that all the fanfic writers update more often coughimmocoughFoFcoughbouchancoughalexielcoughdarkatroxcoughsorachancoughjapanimechancoughshibuyadokidokicoughinsertnamehereifyouhavewrittenonthisforum! I do read your all your fanfics but since i always rush off the work etc i dont have time to reply to your posts! Anyway love you all! and sorry that my ongoing fanfic is on hiatus! When I am motivated to write I will update but currently I guess these one-shots are just quick and easy for me to write!
Thanks for reading! ^_^  :mon woo:

OMIGAWSH!!! AM I REALLY AN AUTHOR?!!!  :wriggly:  I'M SO HAPPY!!!!  :mon crazyinlove: hehehe :]  :mon fyeah:  :on gay:
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Oh, has it been that long already? I've been trying to catch up on some other fics too  :nervous
I think if the girls were to learn English, they might find it funny. Yuko maybe?  :lol:

If it's not Atsumina, I'm more into TakaTomo than TomoAcchan to be honest (they're okay, though)
I'm glad it didn't go any further, the other Tomomi doesn't deserve to be treated like that.
And Takamina finally came to her sense!  :cow:
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GYOZA is so funny....
YUKO is the best!  :cow:

tomochin  :gyaaah:
a little TomoAcchan fic made my day...  :D

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please write more.. :kneelbow: :kneelbow:

more :pleeease: more :pleeease: more..................... :pleeease:
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Hey Guys!
Long time no see! So I just got back from Nihon yesterday and i'm a bit jetlag like but after a good chat to some of you on FB I have decided to update a oneshot...
First of all....
@Hentaichan....havent proofread all your fics! give me time!
@Kahem: Thanks for reading!!!
@Byunchan:I hope you have not forgotten about me!!! Argh!!!
@Yadong: One word. Pervert. That is all.
@pretend_2besome1: Lol I hope that the girls never learn english now! I will learn japanese instead!!!!
@aoi_sora: Hahaha you always like my stories because they are funny....argh you are gonna hate this one xD
@khryz0421: I got a feeling you dont want more more more of this xD

Um... so all I can say is please prepare yourself for this one. Its not ecchi or lemon, but more of a sad story hence the name of the fic! um...anyway I do hope that you all enjoy it! Please give me some feedback! Anyway, here I present to you...a sad love story...which isnt written too well...

Shattered Glass

Pouring thy sweet poison.

My tongue, my mouth, my body, numb.

A hoarse laugh escapes my dry lips,

Faker than my spoken feelings,

My trembling hands, my tear stained cheeks,

Blurred vision, both mental and physical,

Tilting back my pulsing head,

Dirty hair cascading down my unbathed skin,

Images flooding my mind as liquid burns down my oesophagus,

I stare bemused at the lone figure ahead of me,

Clenching the filthy bullet in my hand, white knuckles,

I draw in emotions unkempt,

Screeching out my internal wounds, cardiac arrest,

One swift movement, seconds pass,

Sweet memories dissipating, curdled love,

Incising raindrops fall before me,

Shattered glass…


2 Days ago…

“SUNSHINE! Check! BEACH! Check! BIKINI! Check! SUNCREEN! Check! Most importantly… HANDSOME BOYFRIEND!!!”

Ray jumped happily onto the midget next to her who was currently struggling to carry her bags.

“Neh! Ray stop it! Pfft I don’t even know why you need all this stuff!” Dumping the bags onto the ground Kai collapses onto the ground. Grinning widely Ray pounces down on top of her boyfriend, straddling him she bends over and pecks him on the lips.

“I’ll make it up to you for using your big muscles to carry my luggage…” She winks at the shy boy before pushing herself up and opening one of the bags next to her. “And I do need all this! Look I bought a pillow, some chips, drinks, I have different types! And look I brought a few sets of bikinis because I didn’t know what you were going to wear and I had to make sure that we were matching!”

“What…you’re telling me I was carrying 50 sets of useless bikinis?”

“It’s not useless! I had to bring them all to make sure that I seduce you with them and so your eyes don’t wander around at all these half-naked family ruining girls!” Glaring around at the girls at the beach who were staring at her dearest Kai she quickly grabbed onto the latter and kissed him passionately to tell the girls that Kai belonged to her and only her! Surprised by the sudden kiss Kai slowly pushes her away.

“Ray! Stop it!”

Pouting at him she slowly drops her head.

“You don’t like being seen with me…you’re ashamed of dating me…”

Seeing his girlfriend emotionally distraught he quickly comforts her in a reassuring embrace.

“Ray… I’m not ashamed of you…” He gently kisses her forehead. “I’m just not a PDA type of guy… everyone just watches us when you do that. As much as I enjoy it I don’t like the attention we get from it.”

Holding tightly onto her shorter partner she gently whispers into his ear.

“I love you Kai. I don’t like how other girls watch you… it makes me feel insecure.” Chuckling lightly, Kai suddenly backs away and flicks her forehead. “Itai! Kai~”

“Hehe sorry sorry.” He gently rubs it better. “But I definitely think that you don’t need to worry. “There’s no other girl I want to be with apart from you.”

“KAI~!!!!” She latches onto him tightly, lifting him off the ground she begins to spin around in circles.


“Oops…” She quickly places him back onto the sand and Kai blushes furiously and hides in the comfort of Ray’s arms as they walk over to a quiet area of the beach. Settling their belongings, with Kai putting up the umbrella and Ray putting down the towel, they then lie down and watch the waves wash up against the shoreline. Pulling Ray closer to himself, Kai gently kisses her forehead.

“Hey let’s go out for a swim!”

“Um… you can… I don’t feel that well so I’ll just lie down a bit longer.”

“Are you okay? Do you want to go back to the hotel?” Kai gently caresses her cheek, making sure that his beloved girlfriend is feeling alright and gently pushes himself off the ground before pulling Ray up against him. “Let’s just go back to the hotel!”

“No no no! it’s fine! You want to swim don’t you?”

Gently chuckling Kai begins to pack up the towel.

“I’m not going to go swimming when you aren’t feeling well. That would make me a bad boyfriend!”

“Wait….” Holding Kai back she gently nibbles the sensitive areas behind his ear. “I feel fine…it’s just that I can’t swim…” Turning around Kai smirks towards her.

“So… you are scared to swim?”

She gently nods then burrows her face into the crook of his neck. Clearly embarrassed to admit that she couldn’t swim. Laughing half-heartedly and gently whispers into her ear.

“So you have over a hundred pairs of bikinis and they haven’t touched the water?”

She nods slowly before Kai drops onto the ground laughing hysterically, only to earn a kick in the ribs from his girlfriend who is frantically covering her red cheeks and jumping around in embarrassment.

“Hey hey watch where you’re kicking!  If you hit the baby maker we’re doomed!”

“Who said I wanted to have your babies?”

Pouting towards his girlfriend he roughly gets off the ground.

“Fine! Have someone else’s! I don’t care. I would never meet your parents standards anyway.”

“Hey I was joking” She tightly held onto him. “Why are you suddenly so mad?”

Pushing her away from him he sighs loudly.

“Your parents don’t like you dating me. It’s a known fact. I’m not rich, not handsome, not tall, not intelligent as any of the men they try setting you up with. Maybe you should just date them…”

Pulling Kai to face her she slaps him painfully across the cheek.

“Do you even love me? Why would you say that!” She grabs her bag and quickly runs off.

~2 hours later~

Kai frantically continues to look for Ray. He thought that she would just run back to the hotel so he took his time to pack up their belongings before returning back to their empty hotel room. He had rushed to the reception only to be told that his girlfriend had not returned to the hotel yet. Now he is currently roaming the streets in search for her. All he could do was curses under his breath at his own stupidity. How could he possibly say such things when he knew all along that Ray was suffering from her parents endless taunting? She had sacrificed so much to be with him yet he still said such hurtful words. He was mentally slapping himself.

Looking around he finally spotted her at the corner of the beach. Slowly approaching her, he gently called her name.


No answer.


“Don’t come any closer please.” She softly squeaked out. It was adamant that the girl had cried endlessly. Stepping back Kai slowly squatted down, giving the girl some space.

“I’ll just sit here until you’re ready.”

Time slowly passed. Kai watched painfully in silence as his girlfriend burrowed into her hands and quietly cried. His heart wrenching as he knew he had caused all this. After an hour he finally pushed up and moved towards her. Enveloping her tightly he slowly whispered into her ears.

“I’m sorry babe I didn’t mean it. I love you I really do. I lo~” Before her could finished he was pushed away again. He fell back and began to move forward again until he heard her voice pierce his heart.

“Let’s break up.”


“We shouldn’t be together. You said it yourself.”

“R-Ray I didn’t mean it!” Moving forward he endlessly tried to grab hold of her only to be pushed back onto the sand.

“ENOUGH KAI!” She stood up and finally looked up into his eyes for the first time. Her swelled up red eyes depicted the pain that Kai’s words had caused her.

“You were right… we shouldn’t be together. There are better men out there for me…you were just an illusion. A way for me to anger my parents.”

“Ray what are you talking about? You aren’t thinking straight. We love each other.”

Kai immediately held onto her tightly, he couldn’t lose her. Despite the fact he rejected her multiple times when they met, he knew that he was now deeply in love with the girl. Struggling to hold her still, he grabbed too tightly making the latter wince in pain.

“Kai you’re hurting me!” Loosening his grip he apologised frantically.

“I-I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you!” Ray immediately took advantage of the situation. Pulling her arm away she pulled it back and slapped him hard across the face. Kai stumbled backwards before turning back to face her. His lip bleeding slowly as they quivered.


She bent down and grabbed her bag.

“I don’t want to ever see your face again. I’m going to the hotel to collect my belongings…don’t come back until I’m gone.”

As she began walking away Kai slowly caressed his stinging cheek. Looking up he felt a tear trickle down his cheek. Ironically soothing the pain of his welted skin. Moving forward he chased her.

“Ray you love me don’t you? Why are you doing this?”

Ray stopped walking causing Kai to stand motionless behind her.

“Today you made me realise that I wasn’t in love with you. You were just someone I told myself I loved in order to feel like a normal girl instead of an idol”

“You don’t mean that I know you don’t. You tried so hard just to steal my heart an~”

“And it was all part of the game.”

Kai stood in disbelief. What happened over the last few hours. Everything was perfect until he opened his stupid mouth. He watched as Ray walked away towards the hotel. His heart shattered slowly.

~The Next Day~

Ray had collected her belongings and immediately gone home after leaving Kai. She had switched off her phone and told the house maids to tell Kai that she wasn’t home if he ever called. Her parents, upon hearing of the couples break up had immediately arranged for a blind date for Ray and a business partners son.
The day went by slowly. Ray had lay in bed whilst slowly looking through the photos and purikura she had taken with Kai. Why she had broken it off with him. She truly didn’t know. She was in love with him. So so so in love that it hurts. She had run out of tears. Before Kai had found her, she thought about the possibility of being with Kai for the rest of her life. However, all her thoughts were that of her parents ruining Kai’s life before the day would actually come in which they could live happily ever after. They had always threatened her behind closed doors. Told her that if she continued to date such a pathetic excuse for a man that they would ruin him and his band mates careers. She could never allow anyone to hurt Kai. She thought maybe Kai could be happier with someone else. Kai like herself always had individuals rooting for their love and affection. A few minutes before Kai arrives, Ray had received a phone call from her mother. It was simple. She found out Ray had gone to the beach with Kai instead of her recording. Leave him immediately or watch as his career crumbles to nothing by tomorrow. Ray made her decision. To leave the one she loves in order to guarantee a safe future for him. Her own future she could sacrifice in order to see his smiling face from afar for the rest of her life.

That night she dressed in an elegant gown and attended her blind date. Sitting across from a man who constantly rambled about his love for golf and how he had had a bad day at work made her realise how much she missed Kai. Excusing herself from the table she went to the bathroom and turned on her phone. Tears escaped her eyes as her mailbox flooded with messages. Gently flicking through them she smiled sadly to herself. Mentally she told herself she would never delete these messages. After glancing at her watch she quickly returned to her table before she finished reading all her messages. She heard her phone vibrating in her bag, she smiled at the thought of more messages from her beloved Kai. Each time she heard it vibrate the smile on her face grew. After dinner she was driven home, only to be taken via the night view of the city in which the man expressed his affection for her. She gently shook her head before asking to be returned home. The rejected man did as she asked.

Upon entering her house her mother rushed to her side. Ecstatic at her daughters return, and curious of the outcome of the date. Ray quickly shook her head happily and began to rise up the stairs. However, her father’s words stopped her, leaving her breathless and confused.

“At least you will never be with that good for nothing boy ever again”

Slowly walking down the stairs she turned into the lounge room confronting her father.

“What do you mean? What have you done to him? You promised to never touch him!”

Her father scoffed.

“I didn’t do anything, he knew where he belonged”

“What are you saying?” Ray’s voiced quivered in uncertainty.

“He committed suicide an hour ago. It was on the news” Her father smiled devilishly at her.

“Y-y-you’re lying! YOU’RE LYING!” Looking up at the television, her eyes slowly blurred as her legs began to fall beneath her. The only thing she read on the screen was ‘Kai of Persona jumps from cliff edge into ocean’.


Ray stared at the shattered glass around her. Her vision blurred, whether it was from being intoxicated or from the tears she could not comprehend nor did she care as she read through the messages on her phone. 127 messages, 123 of which were confessions of everlasting love… the last three read…

-Ray who is that guy you are with? Are you really not in love with me anymore?-

Tears escaped her as her lips slowly mouthed her reply…

“N-n-nobody that matters…I-I-I’m only in love with y-y-you”

-Ray why won’t you answer me! I’m outside the restaurant please come out and see me. I love you. Please I need to talk to you I’m dying here. Every time you smile at him my heart aches. Please Ray. Tell me you love me back-

She chokes as she tries to swallow her tears.

“I-I-I was smiling because I w-w-was thinking about y-y-you. I-I love you t-t-too. M-my heart i-is a-aching s-s-so m-much n-now. P-p-please c-c-come b-back t-to me.”

-Why haven’t you come out! Ray please. If you don’t come out I swear on my life that I’ll rid myself of this pain. I can’t stand seeing you with someone else…-

She buries her mouth into her hands as she cries hysterically.

“Kai…Kai…W-why d-did you have t-to b-be s-so s-stupid…”

Breathing deeply she finally flicked to the last message.

-I’m sorry I never made you fall in love with me. I’m sorry I have hindered your relationship with your parents. I’m sorry I couldn’t make you happy. I’m sorry I was never the right guy for you. But most of all… I’m sorry that I fell so deeply in love with you. I know that I don’t mean much to you, maybe you will delete this before reading it. But I guess I had to message this before I rid myself from being a burden to you. I love you Ray. More than anything in this world. Most people may call my act stupid. But if they understood that the only reason my heart is beating was for you than they will know that when you left me it stopped. I can’t survive without a heartbeat and I can’t survive without you. I guess that knowing that you have such fear of the ocean, you would never come to find me here. This place is where it all ended for me. And I hope this place can wash away the pain that is my existence. I love you for all eternity. Kai.-

Collapsing against the wall she began to endlessly murmur.

“I-I love y-you f-f-forever” Looking up she pushed herself up and walked across the empty corridors of the recording studio. Pushing into a similar room she eyes the couch before her. This was where they met…her hand glides against the material of the seat. As she continues to stumble through the studio she slowly makes her way up the stairs. Pushing the door open she feels the cold air crush her fragile body. Reminiscing the time in which the warm sun shone brightly against her skin. Walking forward she cemented herself on a certain spot. Her outreached hand caressing a lone illusion. This was where we first kissed. Turning to the side she watched as the moon shone brightly. Smiling she slowly stepped forward. Breathing deeply she slowly pulled her phone out. She typed out a short message before dropping her phone. Smiling brightly she slowly leaned forward and let her body slowly be engulfed by gravity. The sound of a sweet melody of love sounded before silence filled the night.

~A few kilometres away~

The sound of a message tone echoed through the cold motionless morgue.

-Kai, I love you always and forever. My heart only belongs to you. I’m sorry I’m late, but I’m coming to find you. Love Ray.-


Anyway I'm not sure how you feel about it! But I hope its alright! It's a bit depressing for my first fic back but I guess I like to experiment a bit and yeah attack a few different genres which havent been done yet!

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ehhh T_T
it's good T_T
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 :shocked :shocked :shocked keichan u make me wanna cry....  :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :gyaaah: :on speedy: :on speedy: :on speedy: good romance story  :cry: :cry: :cry:
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.whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!! :frustrated: :gyaaah: :pleeease:...

. after reading this fiction, i began to cry!!!!..... :on cloudeye: :on cloudeye:

.... why did kai have to die!!!!!! :pleeease:
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they both died.. :cry: :cry: :cry:

nice story.. :twothumbs  :twothumbs

more more more drama fics!  :wub: :wub: :wub:

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T_T you made me almost cry. This fic is really touching even if I want to hit Kai and Ray for commiting suicide.
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I loved it :)
Please write more kai x ray!
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Nice story  :twothumbs I can't say I hate you because I'm probably not the best one to talk about writing sad stories  :nervous BUT. I CAN'T FORGIVE YOU FOR KILLING KAI  :panic: Though... they really are both stupid in this story, Kai for killing himself and Ray for saying she didn't love him  :angry:
It reminds me a movie though... but I'm not quite sure about it XD

@Byunchanbou-j525:I hope you have not forgotten about me!!! Argh!!!


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OMG OMG OMG :on speedy:  :gyaaah: :tantrum: i am gonna kill the writer of this fic   :on voodoo: jk

but seriously this fic makes me want to cry.  :farofflook:

but thankyou for this awesome fic.
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Brb crying...  :fainted:

KEI-CHAN~!!!!!!!!!!!! More please   :hee:

It's not rape!!!! I'm a loli!   :wahaha:
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Waaaaaaaahhhh!!! The latest update was so sad TT^TT Poor Ray and Kai only being able to be together in death. *sniff sniff* at least they're together now =(

Thank you for the update and keep up the good work ^^
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This is really depressing for me to take omg. Nice fanfic! Looking forward to more.
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@aoi_sora: Hahaha you always like my stories because they are funny....argh you are gonna hate this one xD
guess what??? I TOTALLY HATE THIS ONE!!!!  :angry:

this makes me cry.....  :on speedy:

i want them to be together.. not together in heaven!  :gyaaah:

ok enough with the drama!!!  :nervous

the truth is i loved it! great fic! thank you!!!  :D
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I almost cry reading this fic.. :cry: really sad...

I always love sad story... so, really love your fic!!  :twothumbs

why must they kill themselves????? why??   :angry:

but if they didn't die this wont be a sad story then~~  :wahaha:
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 :sweat: Hello readers!
So I figured that my last one shot made people feel like....  :OMG: :badluck: :depressed: :err: :fainted: :gyaaah: :pleeease: :scared: :scolding: :temper: :imdead: :on blackhole: :on polter: :on cloudeye: :on speedy: :on voodoo: :on kimbo:
But...yeah you all said you like my one-shots anyway!!!  :mon speechless:
@Jonatheperv: As long as you say its good!
@Ecchichan: I'm sorry I made you cry! But but but you said I am your idol!!! T_T so you should still like it which you do!
@eSsIe21: I didnt mean to make you cry!!!! ARGH the guilt!!!
@khryz0421:  :thumbsup at least you enjoy the drama!!! Whoot!!
@Kahem: Yes yes hit kai and ray!!! Not me!!
@Arakawa: You enjoy Ray x Kai...Ok I will see what I can do I guess!
@Candle: and you will forgive me as long as I update something for you to read! Pssh!
@crazywota: Dude....I swear I didnt write this....>_> Bouchan did it... >_> yeah bouchan.... if she denies it... it was.... dark-atrox
@Sukebechan: I enjoy the fact you enjoy sad depressing dramas! xD Btw go cook me an egg!
@MeWantANewHat: Hahaha sorry about that but yes at least they are together!!!
TakahashiJ: I will continue to write more depressing fics then!
@aoi_sora: I'm sorry i made you cry!!! But you said you liked it! I'll make a happy one again for you sometime!
@Flean: Yes! Thats right! if they both didnt die it wouldnt have been such a sad fic! THEREFORE! It means I did the right thing killing them both!
@Everyone, that was a lot of comments! Thanks! Great to know I have so many readers!!! Makes me happy like a unicorn! Idk why a unicorn but I think it was because I saw one on TV just then...
I'm pretty sure this short fic just got written cos I was extremely bored and had a few minutes to spare! I'll think of a name for it now...

When you leave me.

When she smiles…

I feel angry, annoyed, irritated, depressed, frustrated, ticked off, possessive, murderous…

When she laughs…

I turn away.

When she playfully hits…

I want to pull her arm away.

When she hugs…

I want to drag her off.

When she kisses…

I want to rip out my eyes.

When she turns and leaves me…

I want to die.

My life has been empty for the last few weeks. Despite my hectic schedule it seems as though I am always alone. Despite my close friends surrounding me, I feel unloved. Despite my flooded inbox, I feel as though I have never gotten a message. The food tastes bland, the air seems coarse, the water is like poison, the ground is like quick sand, my body is like a corpse. As I lay in bed counting sheep, my mind is flooded with images of you, when I close my eyes tight to sleep, I know that insomnia has already taken over. My eyes are as tired as my heart. My mind is as blank as the lack of expression on my face. Are you really my everything? Were you what really brought me alive? Am I really nothing without you? Am I still anything to you? Or have you forgotten about me, forgotten about us, forgotten that you are all I need to happy…

You’ve left me for a few weeks already, however I still search the newspapers for your face, your name, your life story. I don’t want to know, but I need to know. How happy are you really without me? As I see your face on the paper I let out a relieved sigh, you’re still alive. However, why is my heart bleeding? Why are you so close to him? Why are you showing the smile you promised to only show me to him? Why are you acting shy and blushing madly? Aren’t I the only one that makes your heart race? Aren’t I the only one who says to you sweet nothings that mean everything? Closing the paper I begin to tear it up. Why have you not checked up on me? Why have I not received a message? Does leaving me really mean that you won’t come back to me? Is this how our love must end?
As I slide down the wall I feel the cold ground. However it’s not as cold as my heart right now. Wait… what heart have I got left if you had already taken it and thrown it away? My body feels numb. Not even the exploding hydrants of withheld tears are felt running down my cheeks. All I can feel is that stinging pain in my chest. As I bash it hard, it still doesn’t go away. My hollow chest. My loveless body.  My lifeless soul. My tortured mind. Why must it automatically create a montage of you? Am I really dying? My blurred vision goes black…

Waking up I hear a constant beep. Looking over I see my heartbeat reflected on the screen. So I do still have a heart… I am able to live without you… Looking around I see worried faces. They’re blurry but I know I’m safe until one suddenly approaches me. I move away. I can’t let her near me. I can’t get hurt again. She grabs my arm as I prepare to wince in pain but it never happens. Her hand so soft makes my heart skip a beat. The way she softly caresses my cheek makes me move against the light touch.

How do you do that? Make me forgive you so easily. Make me want you close to me. To never leave me.  To hold me in your tight embrace. To be comforted by you, protected by you, just loved by you. Your smile makes me smile. Her laugh makes me laugh. When she playfully hits me I want to hand her hands tightly and never let go. When she hugs me I pull her close and whisper sweet ballads into her ears. When she kisses me I never want her lips to leave mine. When she turns to leave, I know she will always be dragging me behind her.

Maeda Astuko… I finally understand how you felt when I played Kai in Mendol…but seriously did you really have to star in Hanazakari no Kimitachi e for revenge?


 :wahaha: Shortest Fic EVER!!!!!!! RAWR!!!! xD
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^ WTH  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

the revenge much more than kai did  :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

well, yeah u are my idol keichan so please keep writing  :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
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LoL! Acchan'revenge is serious!
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! That Awkward Silence (Kai X Ray)
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 :cool1: Ohayo~
Um... so I'm updating as my BFF dark-atrox pestered me for a week for a Kai X Ray oneshot... her reasons why I had to write it for her... will remain out secret. ~ebil laf~ I demand she updates something now... and not the one she sent me earlier to read! lol anyway, there is a theme song for this one as well as Sora kept singing it nonstop to everyone on the Jphipsterz Facebook group. Thanks for reading my fics everyone. Sorry I hardly update anymore but comments and requests are always welcome. Anywho, let me present to you...

That Awkward Silence.

Song: Hard to Say I Love You ~Iidasenakute~ - WEAVER

It’s hard to comprehend why you love me so much. For I see myself as being unworthy of such love. Each time you blatantly declare that you love me, each time you frown when I tell you that you don’t, each time you make me smile with your childish remarks, each time you surprise me with your maturity, each time you slowly creep further into my heart despite my attempt to build walls to prevent you from getting in. At first I did not know who you really were, most likely a psychopath on the prowl… I talked, you listened, you talked, I listened. It was quite simple. We were simple. Our feelings were simple. Friends. That’s what we were, but not really what we are. What are we? Is that what you wonder? Because truthfully I wonder that as well. Are you my friend or my little sister…or something more…?

You are loud and obnoxious, yet quiet and shy when we’re alone. You laugh to my pathetic jokes, inquire into my well-being, chat to me about rubbish until the early hours of the morning, message me when I’m bored at work. All seemed so simple until that awkward silence. The silence I created once you told me you loved me… it seemed as though it was from that moment that things seemed to get more confusing, that you started to get hurt from my lack of reply, that I began to think too deeply into simple gestures, that I became who I never wanted to become. Someone that makes your smile dissipate…

I miss the sound of your laugh, I miss the sound of your voice, I miss your stupid jokes, I miss your stupid remarks, I miss the way you say stupid things which made you sound like a retarded child. I miss everything about you… I might as well just say I miss you. However I’m too stubborn, I let my ego get ahead of me, so much that I neglect you and your feelings, so much that I am starting to believe that what I’m doing is all to prevent you from getting hurt, however in the end all I’ve been doing to you is what I’ve been trying to prevent. I push you away despite my urges to have you close by my side. I joke around about your feelings despite the fact that I feel the same way. I accuse you of liking other people, when in fact if it were true it would break my heart. I know that lately I’ve been too hot-headed, too paranoid, too insecure, too… something I never was, and most likely something you would never love. How do I turn back time… how do I make things right… how do I step forward so I’m close to you again… how to I make right what went wrong since that awkward silence?

Now all I can do is stand at the side and watch as you spend time with him. Keigo, that’s his name… As much as I despise him, I know in reality that I despise myself even more… I lost you because of my own insecurities… because I could not accept that I love you…


I quickly turn my attention away from the scene before me and turn to face my friend beside me.

“What?” My voice was monotone, emotionless.

“Man, you’ve been spacing out all week. What’s wrong with you?”

“N-Nothing.” I turn away. Had I really been that obvious? Has she noticed my behaviour?

“Come on Kai you can’t lie to us. We’ve known you long enough to know something is wrong with you.” Riku gently held onto the shorter boys shoulder.

“Yeah midget! You aren’t that small that we don’t notice changes.” Kuu added grabbing onto the other shoulder.

“Ergh let go of me!” Shrugging their hands off his shoulder’s he quickly whipped around. “I’m fine I’m just tired from all this work lately.” He smiled faintly. “Just wanted a holiday of some type”.

The two boys looked at each other before turning back around towards the former. Grinning widely they both replied at the same time.


“Huh?” Kai looked at them confused.

“Well we were actually making arrangements to go ice-skating together tonight!” Riku quickly added.

“So you can have a good time out with all of us.” Quickly going behind Kai, Kuu began pushing the smaller boy towards the exit. “We’re actually going there now!”

“B-b-but what about our recording?”

“We just finished you idiot! Man you are spacing out!”

As they were going towards the lift Riku quickly turned and yelled back towards the room.

“Hey Ray! Keigo! Hurry up! Are you coming in our car or going in your own?”

Kai quickly stopped and turned around to face those deep brown orbs watching him. They stood there, staring deep into each other’s eyes, searching for the answer to an unspoken question.

“Ray and I will go in my car.” Keigo quickly said, instantly bringing the two out of their trance. Kai turned and stared at Keigo and back to Ray before turning around to press the lift.

“Come on guys let’s just go.” The lift doors opened and Kai took this opportunity to quickly get out of there. The room had suddenly become intoxicating for him. He found it hard to breathe and had to get out of there. He felt like he was choking, his heart aching, beating an unfamiliar melody. Noticing his unease Riku and Kuu quickly stepped into the lift and waved goodbye before Kuu screamed through the lift doors as they closed.


Riku turned and stared at Kai who had his head facing towards the floor of the elevator.

“Kai, why can’t you just admit that you like her?” Riku’s voice triggering the latter to immediately look at him.

“I don’t like her. She’s like a sister to me.”

Kuu shook his head before resting against the wall of the elevator. Riku sighed deeply and leaned against the opposite side.

“Whatever you say…”

Kai turned and faced the closed doors before him. Staring blankly at them, all his mind was filled with was Ray’s face before the doors closed. Whether she was sad, annoyed, or happy he could no longer comprehend. Nor did he know his own feelings towards her. It was yet another awkward silence.


Staring at the lift doors, Ray’s heart sunk. As if the retreating figure of Kai into the lift wasn’t enough, her inability to rush forward into the lift to be next to him added to her dissipating confidence. Why did she confess to him? She missed being close to him. She missed his smile. His awkward chuckle as he scratched the back of his head when she teased him. The way he would appear out of nowhere to cheer her up when she was having a bad day in the studio. The way he would wipe away her tears when she cried. The way he would hold her hand tightly and walk her through her fans into the safety of her van. The way he would just be him and whisk her away from her boring life. She hated herself for ruining their relationship. She has caused such awkwardness. Now she hardly saw him in the last week. She hardly smelt the cologne which lingers from his body when he walks past and gently ruffles her hair. She hardly hears his voice whisper her name in her ear. She hardly feels the warmth of his body as he playfully hugs her. She thought the feelings were mutual, she thought everything would be the same, she thought that he would love her back, but in the end all that happened was an endless week of awkward silences.


Waiting outside the ice-skating rink Kai sat on the staircase whilst looking up at the sky. It was a clear starry night. Similar to the one a week ago. The wind was cold. Crisp one might say. Warming up his hands and pulling his scarf higher to cover his cheeks he continued to watch the night’s sky. Next to him Kuu and Riku looked around, waiting for the remainder of the group to arrive.

“Sorry we’re late!” Keigo happily cheered as he pulled Ray along behind him. Hearing his voice, Kai turned to face the arrivals. Nothing could prevent the stinging pain in his chest as his eyes caught a glance of the connected hands. Stopping a few metres from him, he watched as Keigo’s arm coiled around Ray’s waist. Gritting his teeth tightly he quickly turned away.

“It’s alright we’re still waiting for someone.” Riku replied before looking around streets again.

“BOO!” Riku felt as a pair of soft hands wrapped around his waist causing him to jump on the spot. Turning around he flicked the latters head. “Itai~”

“Don’t do that again!” Riku grinned widely as he hugged the girl close to him. Turning around he introduced the latter to the others. “This is my girlfriend Yuko.” Every stared in disbelief as the Yuko waved at them cheerfully.

“Since when?” Ray asked.

“Last week…” Riku blushed and turned back towards his girlfriend.

“I thought you were gay…” Kuu quickly added before jumping away from the vicious hands of the love struck boy beside him.

Yuko laughed lightly before pulling her boyfriend into the ice-skating rink. As the rest followed suit, two individuals walked through the doors at the same time only to be divided by a physical barrier, but an unintentional emotional one, Keigo. Both sighed deeply as the same thought crossed each other’s mind.

“Last week…”


At the reception desk of the skating rink the group began to get there ice-skates. The reception glanced up at the individual ahead of her.

“Hey Kai! The usually?” Looking up the receptionist Kai felt uneasy. The fact was he and Ray were regular customers of the ice-skating rink. Looking over his shoulder he noticed Keigo and Ray chatting together.

“Um no just one please…” The receptionist looked over Kai’s shoulder after noticing his uneasiness. Upon standing up he instantly sat back down and looked at Kai before giving him his locker key to his personal locker and collecting his payment. As Kai turned quickly to walk away he accidently bumped into Ray.

“S-s-sorry.” He fastened his pace towards the locker room heaved a sigh of relief once he turned in and leaned back against the lockers. It was getting to hard for him and he didn’t know why. He opened up his locked and stood still, his eyes fixed to a pair of skates. Her skates. Moving them out of the way he quickly pulled his skates out and locked the locker. He sat down on the bench of the empty locker room. Looking down at his feet he zoned out. Reminiscing the past.


“I’ve never been ice-skating before I’m scared~” The young girl pouted as she watched the guy tie her skates up for her as he kneeled down on the floor in front of her. He looked up upon finishing off the bow on the laces. Grinning widely he stood up and held out his hand.

“Come on let’s go! I promise I won’t ever let you get hurt.” Smiling widely she stood up and grabbed his hand. However due to her inexperience in walking around on ice-skates, she fell forward onto the latter. She felt as a set of arm securely wrapped around her and looked up only to meet a set of lips close to her forehead. “Are you okay?”

“Y-y-yeah” She quickly turned away to hide her blushing face. She felt as the warmth of the unexpected embrace disappeared. Suddenly she felt as a hand tightly held onto hers and pulled her forward. Her heart skipped a beat.

“Come on then! I want to start skating and watch you fall over and wet your butt!”

“Yah!” She playfully hit his arm as he chuckled lightly.


Kai looked at the lockers before him. Did she like me then…?

Standing up from the bench he began to walk out of the locker room only to bump into Ray again.



They stared at each other again. It was yet again another awkward silence.

“Could I get my skates out of the locker?” Ray asked softly. Kai quickly fumbled for his locker key.

“S-s-sure” Opening up the locker he passed the latter the other pair of skates, shivering at the touch of the latter’s soft fingers as she took the skates out of his hands.

“Thank you.” She turned away and quickly walked out of the room leaving the former to stare blankly into space in defeat.
Turning the corner and sitting on the bench next to Keigo she gently touched her heated cheeks.

“Are you okay?” Keigo asked as Ray stared blankly at the fingers which gently grazed Kai’s hand.

“Y-yeah” She quickly changed into her skates before walking forward on to the rink.


After half an hour of skating Kai stepped out of the rink. He thought he would be okay, but he wasn’t. His hands were as cold as ice and it made his realise how much he missed the warmth of Ray’s hands. He turned and watch as Keigo held tightly onto Ray’s hands. It was Keigo’s first time skating and Ray was leading him around the rink. Kai stared at the couple, unaware of his clenched fist. Flashback’s of his first time coming to the rink with Ray flashed through his head. He remembered how she wobbled uncontrollably, how she grabbed him tightly, how she screamed for help, how she complained when he lead her away from the walls, how she hugged him like her life depended on it when she fell down, how she told him never to let go of her. Turning away he quickly walked towards the food court and bought a bottle of water. Pouring the contents down his throat quickly he gulped down half the bottle before sitting down on the bench. He was exhausted, not physically but emotionally. If only it wasn’t so hard to say I love you…

Standing up he walked towards the toilets. Turning the corner he crashed into Ray. Looking at him, the latter quickly uttered an apology before stepping past him. She was however halted by a tight grip on her wrist.

“Don’t go.”

“Kai please…”
Before she could retort and pull away she felt as the latter’s arm wrapped tightly around her slim waist. She felt his warm breath hitting her neck. She felt as he pulled her closer against his body. She felt as he turned her around to face her. She felt as his soft lips crushed against her own in a deep passionate kiss. She felt as his lips left hers. She felt as his heart beat against hers. She felt as his cheek grazed against hers. She felt as his lips gently touched her ear. With four syllables she felt as the weeks lonely and heart breaking awkwardness dissipated and a longed comforting silence took over.

“Ray, I love you.”


 :on polter: There you go! Hope that meets all the expectations xD I feel pressure to write well after certain people on Facebook told me that they liked my stories xD Anyway Please comment! AND BFF WRITE ME A FIC!!!!

@ Kahem and Ecchichan: Acchan is definitely abusing the jealousy game!

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wHaaa!! FinaLLy You wrote New Fics, I LOVE YOU now!!  :ptam-kiss:
by the way!! I'm New here so Nice to meet You..  :on cny1:
and I  :heart: aLL your Fics, so pLease  :mon pray2: write more Atsumina or Kai Ray Fics, Thank You!!  :byebye:
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Arhg! The first person/ writer in Jphip i had given a thank i regret it jk  XD
Well, it's time for you to write something, its not that hard, ne~?  ;)
And thank you for writing a fanfic for me BFF ~bearhugs and pandakisses~ (it felt good to let it out ne? u know what i mean lol jk)

But why does that Keigo-jerk face have to appear here?  :smhid Didn't you read my status from Skype? :smhid
Ahahaha jk, I'll be looking forward to your next fic  :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
As for your request....hmm, lets see about that... :cathappy:
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HEY it's been awhile seen you last update Keichan!

I really thought you quit writing fanfics

anyways...though I'm not KaixRay fan, I quite like this it.....

this is really well written, as always of your writings :grin:

I'll be looking forward to your next update...I hope it'll not be that long :P

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nice!! it's been awhile for KaixRay fic...  XD

love it!!!  :twothumbs :twothumbs

I'll be looking forward to your next update...I hope it'll not be that long :P

I wonder how long it takes for another update~~  :lol:
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I like Kai x Ray~
LOL rewatched Mendol 7 more times just for them  :cathappy: kekeke
You had a few grammatical errors 8D
And I'm pretty sure Ray's older than Kai~
But thanks for the awesome fic!
If you were to write a fic about Bunkemons, how cute would that be?  XD
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Haven't seen any Ray X kai for a while, kinda miss watching Mendol.

Maybe I should go rewatch it again keke.  :on gay:

Thanks Keichan for another amazing update

Can't wait to for more  :on GJ:
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I was so contemplating on what to read and I suddenly saw Kai x Ray.   :w00t:
This is just what I needed to read! I so miss this pairing.  XD
Thanks Keichan!  :twothumbs
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Wewt, thanks for that :)
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Rayks first time at ice-skating is sweat ^^
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Post by: hott3stson3 on September 22, 2011, 04:46:36 AM pure AWESOMENESS!!!  :on GJ: :on GJ:

please update soon!!!
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awesome! i love Kai and Ray couple!! update soon!
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Waaa~~~ Just read it~~  :farofflook:
Got me hooked on.  :luvluv1:
Can't wait for the update  :bath:
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Lifeeeeeeeeeeeee haaaaaaaaaaaaaaassssssssss beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen HECTIC!!!!

I don't have motivation or time but I guess after am awesome christmas luncheon today at work I decided I was totally into the Christmas spirit and the best way to be Santa was to provide you all with a new oneshot (Mainly since I have not updated this for months on end)!

Anyway some quite replies.
@blueangel65:  ahahaha I feel loved!! Weeeeeeee! ahaha welcome to jphip I guess although I'm quite late with welcoming you. But yeah when i am motivated I will write more.
@BFF: Hahaha whoot I own your first "Thank You" ahahahaha but yeah look I didn't write Atsumina are you happy? ahahaha Merry Christmas BFF.
@blughise: Hahaha I'm sorry it took me so long to update... it was only 4 months...
@Flean: It takes 4 months ahahahahahahaha
@Marichan: Bunkemons... hmm... it would be based on the perverted Alexiel snooping around stealing things....
@Kira: Have fun reading this fic. I dont even know if you like this couple xD But yeah have a nice christmas I will move into your basement soon!
@FoFchan: Hey glad it kept you entertained buddy! Hope this one makes you happy as well! Sorry for lack of update... it's just my unmotivated bitchness!
@Arakawa: NP! Hope you enjoyed!
@Kahem: Ahahahaha you seem like someone who loves romantic scenes!
@hott3ston3: Thanks for calling it AWESOMENESS and sorry I did not update soon V_V;
@haruhi16: Ahahaha Im sorry I didn't update soon!
@skytsuna: Ahahahaha sorry it's only a one-shot! But yeah I updated a different one-shot!
@Thank You Posts: Thank you for the Thank You's!!! They always motivate me!
@Secret Readers: Please write something! I need motivation to write updates and stories. I guess all authors feel unmotivated to update when there are lack of replies as we begin to think no one reads our fics.

Anyway I present to you,


I remember the day we met. It was through a mutual friend. My first impression… She looks like a bitch. I was scared to talk to you. You were quiet and your facial expressions were neutral. You never spoke much, just a short introduction. Then afterwards you just followed our friend around. Then came the moment, the moment we were forced to speak to each other one on one. Was it awkward? Heck yes. I didn’t know what to say. It was basically me trying to be the idiot I normally am but the whole time I was petrified that you would judge me. It took me awhile to breath out the one word that would change our relationship forever…


“H-h-hey.” Far out why did I stutter? You look up at me. Suddenly for the first time I see you smile.

“Hi.” Finally the weight came off my shoulders. All I could do at that moment was genuinely smile back.

End Flashback.

Now here we are. Stuck in the middle of friendship and love, unsure of what was right or wrong. We never spoke about feelings. All we ever did was joke around. We constantly laughed off the possibility of being together. However things are slowly changing. I’m scared of accepting the fact that I like you whilst you are telling the world how you feel about me. Each time we are together you constantly try to stay close to me. You try to hold me in your embrace. However I always move away and joke about how weird you are despite the fact that I enjoy you holding me close. I am confusing you because when we are alone it’s as if I act differently. I hug you all the time. I tell you everything in my life. There were no secrets between us when we were alone. Just the uncertainty of what I really feel about you. The uncertainty of what our relationship is. And I know, yes I do, that one day if I don’t tell you I will definitely lose you…

“Hey.” I turn towards the door once I hear your voice. However you weren’t talking to me, you were greeting another colleague. It’s been awkward between us since the last time we saw each other. I pushed you away from me when you were hugging me once another colleague arrived. You looked at me confused and saddened that I could not accept you. Could not accept what we could be. I watched as you walked away from me. You never replied my messages for the few days we didn’t work together. And now for the first time in awhile I feel my heart skip a beat again. I watch as you quickly walk by and place you bag into the storage room. I watch as you brush your hair behind your ear as you grab your laptop. I watch as you ignore my presence and cheerfully greet our colleague with a bright smile and small hug. I was jealous and I knew it. I walked towards you both, I could see you watching my moves from the corner of your eye. Were you trying to make me jealous? Make me claim you as mine. However before I could make that come true a voice ceased my movements and I was dragged away back to work with a client. Each time I had an excuse to walk back into your office I would. And you would sit there not acknowledging me. Is this how you felt when I hid my feelings from you? How could I make you look at me again? I need to feel needed by you. Wanted and loved. I walked behind you whilst speaking to my client. Maybe I can make you jealous. I cheekily joke around with my client. I watch as your ears perk up trying to hear our conversation. You’re frowning. Have I made you sad? I speak to my client again. But this time I walk closer to you and push my chair closer to yours. I move closer and pretend that I need to borrow your pen. Telling you your pen works better than mine. You turn and smile at me before quickly turning away. I know my movements have triggered you to feel like wanting to hug me or at least poke me. After filling out the paperwork I send my client back out to the other room before I return to my seat. Moving across I gently nudge your arm.

“What are you doing?” You turn to look at me, uncertain if you should reply. Is it because you don’t want to fall for me again? Maybe I shouldn’t speak to you before I’ve figured out my own feelings.

Before you could reply another colleague enters the room. They grab onto my arm and drag me outside whilst telling you to come out as well. We stand in the staff kitchen. It’s another colleague’s birthday and I stand next to the colleague who pulled me out of the room chatting away and gently poking her arm. You become irritated and stand next to me. Gently leaning against my arm. You don’t like it when I get close with other people. I switch my attention towards you. I gently move the loose strand of hair behind your ear for you, watching your body shiver slightly upon my soft touch. You shift a bit closer to me and I feel blood rushing to my cheeks again. We stare into each other’s eyes for no more than a second before our colleague burst out in song, distracting us. We both begin to sing and unconsciously I wrap my arm around your petite body. I feel as your fingers gently move on top of mine, sliding into the crevices of mine.

The colleague who pulled me out of the office noticed our entangled hands. She quickly grasps onto my arm and pulls me forward towards the birthday girl. Our bodies detach and I feel as coldness spreads across my once warm body. I turn and look at your pouting face. I watch as you heave a sigh before another colleague begins to chat with you. I can tell from his body language that he is interested in you, his body leaning down closer towards you. I feel my fist clenching, you shouldn’t be talking to him I tell myself, but then I realise I have no reason to say that as you are not mine.

As we begin to eat birthday cake I watch as cream smudges against the crack of your lips. I smile towards myself; you’re just too cute sometimes. Suddenly I see the male colleague lean in close towards your rosy lips, gently caressing them with a tissue. I’m irritated and angry and I feel as though there is nothing I can do to prevent this from happening.

We both enter back into our office. Sitting down at our desks I watch as he pulls out his phone asking for your number. I watch as your eyes gently divert towards me. Seeing me look away you then begin to enunciate each number to him. He smiles cheerfully and calls your mobile so you can have his. I hope you don’t save it. He swiftly moves a bit closer, tapping his pen against your desk. I listen into your conversation. He asks you to go out on a date with him on the weekend. I immediately stare at you, hoping you would say no, but instead you just tell him you’ll get back to him because you have already made plans with friends. Are you interested in him? My face scowls as he happily moves closer, telling you he doesn’t mind hanging out with your group of friends. You smile sincerely towards him telling him that you’ll talk to your friends first.

As I leave the office after finishing my work I hear my phone ring and quickly answer it. It’s you. Your shy voice gently serenades my ear drums.

“H-hey.” I hear your gently stutter.

“What’s up?”

“Nothing. Have you left?”

“Yeah I’m on my way to the bus station.”


“Where are you?”

“I’m just leaving the office now.”

“Want me to wait for you?”

“Are you rushing to get somewhere because if you are you can go ahead.”

“I’ll wait for you. I’m just outside the building.”


I listen as the line goes blank. I stand leaning against the wall. My briefcase swung over my shoulder. After a few minutes I hear the clicking of your shoes.

Turning I watch as you run towards me, I smile before stepping forward to meet you. You begin huffing deep breaths from the short run.

“Sorry about making you wait. Sae-kun stopped me to chat as we were leaving.” I feel as my eye twitches in annoyance. I hastily turn away from you and begin walking towards the bus stop.

“You should’ve just gone home with him.” I say to you, the tone of my voice is dangerously low. You gently take a few quick steps towards me, walking quickly in order to synchronise my strides.

“We don’t live close to each other.”

“He has a car, he could drive you. It wouldn’t be a worry since he’s soooooooo into you.” I say in a sarcastic tone. I hear as your footsteps cease behind me. I turn to look at you. Worried you had fallen down. I look as your slumped body. Your head is hanging low. I hear as you begin to speak to me. Your voice cracking upon each syllable you let out.

“W-why don’t y-you walk A-Atsuko home then? You seem to be more interested i-in her than me.”

You look up at me. I can see your eyes building up with tears. I watch as your turn and quickly run past me. I’m lost for words. How could you even think I like anyone else but you? Have I really been that unreadable? Have I really acted as though I never felt anything towards you? I stand there frozen. It isn’t until now that I’ve realised that all along I’ve known my own feelings towards you. I quickly turn and sprint after you.


I watch into the distance as you board the bus, your fingers brushing away the tears on your cheeks. I quicken my pace but I’m still too slow to get there is time. Are we fated to not be together? I pull out my phone and constantly try to call you as you constantly ignore my calls. I don’t know what to do. Would you open the door for me if I come to your house? My fear gets the better of me and I’m too much of a coward to come find you. All I could do was toss around on my bed all night, thinking about how I could possibly get you to forgive me for my ignorance and cowardly decisions.

The next morning I arrive at work hoping to see you alone at your desk. Looking across the room I feel as a lump forms in my throat. Sae is sitting on your desk chatting to you. I watch as a smile stretches across your face. Have I lost my chances with you? I walk closer towards you.

“Morning.” I loudly say, hoping to gain your attention. You turn and look at me briefly before you continue your evocative conversation with him. I place my belongings down and quickly send you a message.

To: Yuko
From: Riku

Can we please talk alone?

You glance down at your phone then quickly put it away telling him that it’s not important before you continue chatting with him.

To: Yuko
From: Riku

I’ll wait for you on the rooftop. I won’t come down until you come see me.

I watch as you glance at your phone again. This time you look up at me briefly before continuing your conversation. I slide my chair out and walk towards the lift. I feel tension building up in my body. I’m anxious as to whether or not you will come see me.

I stand there in the cold. I feel as the cold air blows against my cheeks. It is winter after all. I should’ve expected so much. After half an hour you still haven’t come up. I squat down in the corner and gently rub my hands together, blowing warm air onto them before I get frost bite.

Another half an hour passes and you still haven’t come up. I look up and watch a snow gently falls from the sky. I look back down at the ground and huddle deeper into the corner trying to contain my body heat.

As I feel my body beginning to numb and ache in pain I unconsciously begin to tear up. I’m not crying because I’m cold. But because I am starting to realise how much I need you close to me and how scared I am to lose you. I gently close my eyes. Keeping them shut and hoping that once I open them that it would all just me a dream.

I suddenly feel as material wraps around neck, causing me to open my eyes. I watch as you squat down in front of me wrapping your scarf around my neck. You then quickly push yourself up.

“Stop being stupid.” You say before pacing away from me. I quickly push myself up, my legs burning with each stride I take. My arms reach out around your waist and I pull up back into my grasp.

“I love you.” I mumble into your hair. I feel as your body gently shakes upon feeling the coldness of my body.

“Don’t say stupid things.” You gently whisper whilst trying to leave my arms.

“If loving you is stupid then I’ll be stupid for the rest of my life.” I mutter as I cling onto your fragile body for dear life. “I can’t let you leave because I feel alone without you. I can’t let you speak to others because my heart aches whilst I watch you. I can’t let you love someone else because I’m falling deeply in love with you.” I feel as your body trembles uncontrollably in my arms. “I’m sorry I’m a coward I promise I’ll never hurt you again.” I feel as you push away from me. You turn around and hastily begin to hit my chest. Mumbling words which can’t be understood as you cry viciously. Your body finally slumps into my arms and you hold me tight as my arms wrap around your waist. I gently move my hand up and brush the bangs out of your face. Gently caressing your tear stained cheeks I lean forward and capture your marshmellow lips. A simple kiss suddenly becomes passionate, exuding all our hidden feelings and desires for each other in a heated tongue battle of dominance.  I feel as our quivering lips finally detach, both heaving deeply from the lack of oxygen. Resting our foreheads against each other’s we both grin widely with our eyes still closed. As the snow continued to fall onto our heads.

“Merry Christmas Yuko.”

“Merry Christmas Riku.”


Anyway, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you! Hope you enjoy the update!
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Riku and Yuko that so sweet..... happy ending for them
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
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wowho! is this real .? you updated ..  :shocked JK

i love it ..^^ riyuu ..^^   :inlove: :inlove: :inlove:

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Woah!!! You updated Keichan!!!!!!!!!!!  :mon star:  Is this what they called Christmas miracle... :wahaha:
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! Uncertainty (Riku X Yuko)
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i love the flow of your fic,  :)
stranger at first, more than friend second but feeling insecure
then with sweet ending at the end -the fear of losing someone who always there beside you-
simple & clean  :thumbup

* n LOL @sae and atsuko i thought it was OC(other charaters) :lol:*
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omg i love this!! Thank you Keichan!!! I consider this a gift from you this christmas and i really love it!!! RIKUYUU <333333 *__________*  Want more!!

Anyway, merry christmas!!! :D
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the kojiyuu`s wotas appreciate :D a lot thanx
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 :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
Going to love this Christmas a lot.
Lots of KojiYuu's sweet fics ...

MERRY CHRISTMAS. :mon santa4: :mon santa2: :mon santa3:
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I don't really like romantic scene, just the one with AKB lol
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Thank you Keichan!

That was a great Christmas gift to us when you update a romantic fic about Yuko&Riku.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to you!

Arígatou!  :kneelbow:
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Merry Christmas to you too  :P

I read all sorts of pairings =D, and yes I do read yuko/riku. Thanks for the nice read, but next time
you need to make it longer keke.

Anyways sure, I'll wait for you to move into my basement "soon" ROFL
Title: Re: Keichan Ichi BANG! My Final Fiction: How to be a Hentai 101 (Oshima Yuko)
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 :mon cweepy: Hello my dear Pervs,

I would like to announce that this will be my final update on JPHIP. I have a few reasons for this.

1. I don't have time anymore.
2. I got things going on in my personal life.
3. There are enough authors to satisfy your cravings.
4. I am unmotivated and over the AKBness.
5. I'm sick of plagiarism of fanfics, I found my on-going fics and one-shots on other sites under other peoples names and all they did was change the names of the characters or the title of the fanfic. So in order to prevent this I have decided to terminate the two on-going fics on JPHIP. I know I have left most of my readers annoyed or pissed off but please understand where I am coming from. If I do decide to update I shall do it privately and PM individuals who notify me that they want to be PMed. However, that is no guarantee I will update due to reasons stated above.

A quick reply,
@Sydney W: Thank you for reading my fics. It's been awesome getting your responses for my fanfics.
@khryz0421: Yes it is real I did update but I'm sorry I won't update after this one.
@Flean: Haha christmas miracle it was! I hope you get well soon as you are sick! Keep writing!
@CrimsonGrxy: Thank you I try hard to make my fanfics flow smoothly. I hope you enjoy this fic as well!
@haruhi16: Hahaha I'm glad you like it enough to consider it a xmas present! um... let's pretend this is a new year's present?
@Haruko: Hahaha I hope you guys appreciate this fanfic as well!
@luckymmsg: hehehe glad that people love it when there OTP are xmas presents in the form of fanfics!
@kahem: LOL!!! do you prefer action scenes filled with blood and gore?
@Megumi: No prob! Christmas is always a time to celebrate!
@Kirachan: I am still moving into your basement!!!!! and I think this is a bit longer than the last fic I wrote!
@Bouchan: Thank you for posting in my other threads as I hate thread bumping!
@FoFchan, Immochan, BFF, Yadong, Candle and Sorachan: Thank you for being my motivation to start writing fanfics!
@moderators:  Thank you for not deleting any of my fics xD
@ThankYou Givers: Thank you for everything!!!
@My dearests readers: I am again sorry for this. I hope you enjoy this fic though. I have put in a lot of thought into it.

Anyway, all I can say is that this fic is different to other fics you may have read. I put a bit of thought into the layout, structure and plot and I hope that I don't find it plagiarized some where on here or another site cos most likely I'll crack a shit...

Anywho, I present to you a intelligent comedy,

How to be a hentai 101.

Some people are scared of being called a hentai. But the truth is hentai actually stands for Having Emotional Needs Towards Attractive Individuals (H.E.N.T.A.I). So no one should be scared to show how much they are emotionally deprived and in need of acceptance from beautiful individuals who neglect their love. Hence, I wrote a bible called How to be a Hentai 101 to help deprived individuals, like myself the infamous Oshima Yuko, gain love from such unique godly individuals who seem to possess such beautiful globes of glory. It’s split into 5 chapters.

1.   Deprivation
2.   Finding the Globes of Glory
3.   Skinship (Some kind innocent necessary sexualised hugging I present)
4.   A.B.U.S.E (A Badly Understood Sexual Enigma)
5.   Acceptance

Chapter One: Deprivation

Deprivation is basically the first step that all individuals tend to feel when they develop into a HENTAI. Basically it is an unknown urge to have something that you are deprived of. In this case it is being deprived of having emotional contact with attractive individuals. When did I realise this? Basically back when I was a young troubled childhood actress.

Although I had a loving family, a great career, talents beyond my years, and too much money for a typical child to spend I still felt emptiness. I felt alone more than I felt satisfied with my life. Now it isn’t the stereotypical life of a depressed egotistical bitch of an actress. As you can tell even now I possess some child like characteristics that make me easily approachable and happy-go-lucky. I was loved by many and hated by hardly any. My dimples attracted multiple eras of men and women who loved to pinch my chubby baby fat cheeks. That was when I noticed that although they loved me, it was not the type of love I was after.

One day I finally found what I had been missing. It was around the time I hit puberty. I was in class learning about how the body physically develops during puberty and although I was learning about naked people growing hair in places we shouldn’t have and the mystical powers females like myself possess. Yes, it is an amazing ability to bleed for 5 days straight every month and still survive. I also learnt something else. Boys can be read easily, when they are horny they basically salute their third arm. Whereas girls just seem to high beam individuals with their nipples and wet themselves. Of course at an early age I considered this absolutely disgusting. 

However, I finally found out that boys are useful in some way. They are willing to sacrifice their all to steal pornography. And in the same sense they are stupid enough to hide it in the same place, under their bed or in the bottom draw. The first time I came in contact with the holy sperm bible was when I was 14 years old. I was at the snow with my family and we were staying in a rented out house and I ended up getting the room which was owned by the son. The room was cleaned out and basically empty. However as I was changing the bed sheets the winter edition of Playboy dropped out from under the mattress. I was amazed and unconsciously I was drooling. It was the first time I had seen something so…. Glorious. Now the faces weren’t that attractive but anyone would have wanted to own such well developed globes. It was then that I finally understood what I was missing in life. I was deprived, deprived of such wonderful sets of globes. It was a monstrosity that I found out so late into my life. 

Chapter Two: Finding the Globes of Glory

After such a life changing experience I finally began my quest in life to find the globes of glory. And a long and hard journey it was. I did multiple things and experienced many disappointments to reach where I am. In a place filled with all types of globes. AKB48… it was amazing to be surrounded by over 200 pairs of globes. Not all globes are that magnificent though… some don’t even have globes but their personality makes up for what they lack. Anyway back to my story...
Life is not easy mainly as a young lady hitting puberty and finding out about such special things. My quest began when I joined a girl group that didn’t last as long as I had expected. Doll’s Vox was the name of the short lived idol group. It wasn’t a bad group… I guess it was just that the talent there wasn’t as good as it was expected to be and also during the time we were competing with idol groups such as Morning Musume. AKB48 started auditions around the same time but I was too busy chilling out with the globes I had surrounding me to even know about AKB48. The only reason I found out about AKB48 was purely because during my time in recording studios I bumped into someone in the toilet’s from AKB48. And this is one of the real reason’s I auditioned for Team K.

That day I bumped into my twin. Takahashi Minami was her name. I had finally found someone around the same height as me and I was overly excited. Why I remember her so well is because she gave me a gift that I will remember for life. She gave me the chance to meet the most perfect globes of glory in the world. Her name was Kojima Haruna. She had barged into the toilet to find Takamina and in the process had fallen on top of me. It was the first time that I had felt my face being consumed by such softness, such round pureness, such perfection. I was to say the least, in heaven.

From that awkward meeting onwards I pursued the path of Idols You Can Meet. And boy was I happy that paying a fee could get me into a show to see my dearest Nyan Nyan. I however felt that paying not only did damage to my wallet but also made me feel like I was paying my Nyan Nyan’s services like a prostitute. Therefore I made a decision and left Doll’s Vox and auditioned to be in Team K. I trained extremely hard. I knew that I couldn’t let this chance go by, and in the process I will try harder and get my Nyan Nyan’s attention and consume her heart with my love.

Once I made it into Team K I discovered that although I definitely got a lot of attention it was hardly what I wanted. That’s because I was further away from my Nyan Nyan. We had different training times and performance times. My heart was aching despite the smile on my face when I performed. That is because I knew someone else was watching her globes without my permission. Someone was trying to take them from me. Is that what happens every time some discovers a priceless treasure? Someone will always be there to take it…

Chapter Three: Skinship (Some kind innocent necessary sexualised hugging I present)

Everyone always wants to know “What is Skinship?” Well basically it is some kind, innocent, necessary sexualised hugging I present to my loved ones. But of course there is different types of skinship. I can hug someone for a casual grope, but for Nyan Nyan its all out of pure love. She was never accepting of such love though. The first time I had a chance to give her a good amount of skinship she seemed traumatised. It was during the shooting for “Aitakatta” and let’s say she never wanted to say “Aitakatta” to me again for awhile. I was in my zone and she was there and it all made sense. See the target, hit the target. Who knew the target knew how to hit you back.

Every time I had a chance I provided her with my utmost amount of affectionate skinship. My favourite time was in the bath house. I saw EVERYTHING! I was basically drooling enough to fill up the hot spring with my saliva. I didn’t care that Mariko and Acchan were trying hard to drag Takamina into the hot spring at all. They are more of the small boob group and it seems that they enjoy looking at each other’s boobs to compare size and feel better about themselves. Takamina is smart enough to hide hers as she doesn’t have much. I prefer to stay with Miichan and Nyan Nyan. They are just bigger and better. I have to say I got pretty good boobs for my miniature size. Back then I wish Nyan Nyan would just grope mine like everyone else. Then maybe it would be easier for her to accept me into her life. She would say “OMG they are like perfectly paired with mine” but no, that never happened. Instead I spent my time being depressed and sitting down feeling as though my boobs were unwanted by the goddess of all boobs.

I was not worthy… But I knew I had to change this. And I knew I could with some help. I therefore pledged my allegiance to the master of appreciative Skinship. Her name was Meetan, but to me she was my sensei. We became close during the filming of Baby, Baby, Baby. And baby did we get to see everyone’s assets that recording. Dry bikini, wet bikini, small bikini, big bikini, the world of bikinis! That day I learnt different techniques of groping and the best style seemed to be photo taking groping. Not only do you make it seem playful and kiss them, BUT the bonus part is that usually the other girl smiles for the picture and you quickly grope them and have photographic evidence of your success to show the world. Meetan was truly the best sensei ever. We ended up going to a café afterwards to share photos to each other. However, that day when I attempted to grab Nyan Nyan she somehow had a sixth sense and ran off to be with Mariko and Oshima Mai… How can she be close to Oshima Mai and not THE OSHIMA YUKO?!?!?!

Well, of course that never stopped me. It made me try harder. The thing was despite my increasing popularity Nyan Nyan hardly ever paid attention to me. We starred in AKBingo together and every time we were at other music events I tried to be close to her but it never happened. She never gave me the opportunity to be that close to her. However, I tried multiple ways to seduce her, party invitations, shopping dates, dinner and lunch dates, I played my bass guitar and acoustic guitar to seduce her, I even dressed in cute outfits to try and gain her attention. In the end I finally became closer to her. How this happened? I used my resources appropriately. My fellow developing perv Miichan and my first acquaintance Takamina was closely tied to Nyan Nyan. I always spoke about food and invited them and they always brought Acchan, Tomochin, Mariko most importantly Nyan Nyan. Each time they did… I brought my groping hands. However… There is always a consequence to skinship when it comes to Nyan Nyan.

Chapter Four: A.B.U.S.E (A Badly Understood Sexual Enigma)

As I said before my skinship towards her continued but like Newton’s Law III says “For every action there is an equal and opposite action”. This equal and opposite action I learnt was being clawed, slapped, hit, pinched, and knocked over in full force. Most people would call it Abuse if they didn’t know what I did to deserve it… Nyan Nyan would call it Self Defence. But why call it that if in reality she really wanted me to do that to her! I think A.B.U.S.E is that best name for it. It stands for A Badly Understood Sexual Enigma. And I can easily say that it is the truth in it all. Number One, she wanted it, how I know this? She always stands close enough to me to tempt me to touch them. Number Two, God made them for a reason, it’s not every day an Asian girl gets something that lovely and perfect. Number Three, I’m the perfect height for her, I move forward to hug her and basically my head fits perfectly in between the globes of glory.

Anyway as I continued to give her skinship she continued to give me abuse. It was like we were meant to be. Isn’t it said that opposites attract? And in addition the fans seemed to enjoy it more than we did. Even the fans made a note that Nyan Nyan was just playing hard to get and damn right she was.

I always tried to snuggle into her. I even remember once I had to pretend to cry… however once she felt my drool running down her cleavage she instantly pushed me away and slaughtered me with her handbag. Another time she was playing her Nintendo DS. Actually it worked out quite well. I slid in between her back and the chair and could lean against her. I bet she felt good with my boobs pressed against her back. She was trying to ignore the awesome feeling though. Pretending to concentrate on her game, all I had to do was touch her arm and she was swooning for my love! Basically all I can say is that her hitting me was definitely a badly understood sexual enigma. Most think that she is defending herself but if you interpret it properly it was her way of showing affection towards me. All I had to do was continue doing what I was doing until she confesses her love to me.

Chapter Five: Acceptance

Acceptance is a hard thing for everyone. It was a hard thing for Nyan Nyan to accept me. But it was also hard for me to accept the fact that I had been accepted. I am quite sure that I almost had a heart attack! How it all happened?

Well as I said before it required a lot of groping and sexualised behaviour which would easily be censored by the individuals who are classifying and rating this book. Hence, to keep my idol image I was asked to not speak too much about details of our current relationship. All I can really say is that it happened around the time I won the senbatsu election against Acchan.

Nowadays I look back and see that our love took a lot of time to blossom. It took a lot of time for us to realise how we felt for each other. Media attention nearly ruined my love life as it seemed as though being an actress always seemed to make the media want to create gossip about my love life. Being of accused of dating my co-star was horrible. This is because during this time Nyan Nyan hardly spoke to me until it was cleared up that I was not interested in Eiji Wentz. It was good because that was when I realised that she was indeed in love with me and denying it. She basically told the media that I would not like anyone but her and it was true, she is and always will be my one and only true love.

 This is not to say that Nyan Nyan was only after me due to my popularity at the time. Not at all. She actually began showing me some forms of affection even at the previous election when I came second. She kept telling me to try harder and I did. She was never worried about her own ranking that much despite the media trying to portray that all AKB members though about was the ranking they got. Yes, it meant a lot in the sense that it told us who we were to be working with in the future but overall all we cared about was that we were close to the ones we loved. I was happy every time Nyan Nyan was elected into the senbatsu. But who wouldn’t elect her! I remember I voted for her various times as well. I needed to keep her close to me.

I remember that I was disappointed when Aki-P made up the Jankenpon election. I felt as though Nyan Nyan was getting further away from me at the time. The reason why I was disappointed was because this was right after I won the Senbatsu and Heavy Rotation was made. Basically heavy rotation was a MV made that depicted my dream come true. The only thing that wasn’t realistic was that I kissed Acchan and not my Nyan Nyan. But that kiss created something special. It created jealousy in my Nyan Nyan. She was quite jealous and seemed to want to stay close to me at the same time she wanted to stay away from me. She started to get close to Mariko and this made me jealous. But it’s okay because it made as have an emotional argument.

It began when Nyan Nyan invited me over for dinner and half way through dinner Acchan messaged me. Nyan Nyan asked me who messaged and when I said it was Acchan she went ape shit and threw a plate at me demanding to know if we were dating. When I told her we weren’t she continued to scream like a crazy cat saying I was lying to her and playing with her feelings. Then she asked me what I wanted and grabbed my hands and placed them on her globes of glory. Like a hammer hits a nail, a bullet pierces its target, an arrow cuts through the apple, electricity sparks up the engine. I was alive and well. I remember it was the most unforgettable memory. I can say if I ever get Alzheimer’s in the future I hope that my memories of that moment and my memories of Nyan Nyan are never forgotten. Right at that moment my natural instinct took hold of me and I skinshipped like I never skinshipped before. One could say I hail-damaged Nyan Nyan’s face with kisses and tornadoed off her clothes before making her body rain nonstop, her BLEEP gush like a waterfall and made her breath heavily like the cool breeze of the ocean. That night was a night that we never forgot. The funny thing was when I woke up the next morning with my head in between the globes of glory I actually read Acchan’s message properly.

It seems as though Takamina was as jealous as Nyan Nyan. However to our disappointment the little captain didn’t blow up like Nyan Nyan and Acchan didn’t get as much physical affection as I did. Instead the captain shyly confessed and they shared no more than an intimate kiss. However, that was considered normal I guess, the girl can’t even show her flat chest let alone skinship the crap out of a much perverted Acchan. Once Nyan Nyan woke up we just lay there and spoke sweet words into each other’s ears before we continued our work schedule.

When Jankenpon election came up we realised that the possibility of being together was minimal. Mainly when I was knocked out in the first round. Our schedules clashed and I was scared of losing her to the desperate young girls who seemed to fancy her globes as much as I did. However, she would message me and constantly reassure me that it was going to be okay. I was okay with that because we secretly stayed at each other’s house. Her dog was in love with me and I use to take it for walks when Nyan Nyan was busy with her schedule.

Nowadays we just live life the way we want. We are both busy but we found a way to balance our busy schedules. As for my hentainess? Well let’s just saying I am no longer a Hentai. I am no longer Having Emotional Needs Towards Attractive Individuals. You might call me a liar when you see me on television being the typical pervert but if you haven’t noticed I no longer need to fill the void in my life anymore. I have found the love of my life and we are happily together. Of course I still have fun kissing and hugging other girls but Nyan Nyan and I share a more fierce and loving physical relationship that neither of us would give anyone else but each other. All I do know is that Nyan Nyan is releasing her novel How to be a Tsundere 101. It wasn’t until I read her draft introduction that I found out that there is a deeper meaning to Tsundere. It actually stands for Teaching Sexually Unsuitable Needy Drooling Eccentric Rapists Etiquette. It made me angry to know that some pervert has been pestering my Nyan Nyan. My Nyan Nyan didn’t let me read the rest of the book because she said she did not want me to get hurt and told me that the individual in her book is now no longer existent in her life. I’m happy that the perverted bastard has left my Nyan Nyan alone.

Anyway, my overall conclusion is that love is real and that it’s not a bad thing to be a Hentai or be called a hentai. This is because once you find what you are looking for and you are accepted for who you are you will realise that it was all worth it in the end. Therefore, just be a hentai! You’ve been deprived for too long, so find that pair of globes and skinship them even though you may cop some abuse and wait to be accepted. Please note that it doesn’t work for everyone! Basically you have to learn to hand groping technique from Meetan Sensei and it seems as though she only accepts chicks with good sized boobs who are as sexually perverted as she is! Anyway hope that helps you all with your love lives! As for now I must continue to spend the rest of my life enjoying the satisfaction that my Hentainess has brought me. I wish you all the best and hope that your love life blossoms like my own.

Your Dearest and Most Perverted One and Only Great Squirrel,

Oshima Yuko


Therefore, I am sincerely sorry to my readers but this is what I think it comes down too. I am sure you all follow other authors who will continue to satisfy your needs. I now pronounce the Pervja Ninja Keichan ^_^ officially stripped of her fanfic ninjitsu! This doesn't mean I'm never posting or replying to anyone so feel free to pester me on here or our author hangout JPERVS ^_^ on facebook.

Love you all dearly!

Keichan ^_^
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It was a wonderful fanfic thanx a lot.. you have a exactly idea like me about how their relationship is...

I respectful a lot you idea for leave of writing fics.. i only hope see you in this forum often that you can.. not posting but maybe just support akb`s fanfic.

if you write another you can send me please!!

I wish the best for you..

Thanx for all the wonderful moments that you gave us with your fics
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Yeah action scene is great but not gore lol
I think after this fic I could become a hentai xD
Too bad that is your last fic but if you continue, could you pm me?
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nice storyyyyy ~    :twothumbs

waiting for another update story~    :cow:
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Loved it.  :wub: :wub:

We will miss your fics.  :cry: :cry:

Update some time again, if you feel like, okay?  :rock:
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I really had fun reading this, it's like i'm reading Yuko's diary in real life! Hahahaha! My oshi is so cool! <3333 Thanks for the update Keichan! <33
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Dang ! Shame your not writing anymore, your fanfics are really good ! :cry:
Please hang in there, and if you do ever write fics again please pm i will be delighted to read them ~  :thumbup
Which is probably never but still. XD

How to be a hentai 101 was hilarious !
It was written so well that ..
It made me think. Maybe yuko did join AKB48 to get Haruna ~ :lol:

What a great last fic you present us before you stop writing. :twothumbs
And lastly.. Good luck for the future ! And if you do feel like writing please do! XD
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This is such a wonderful read. Seriously. It was hilarious. Your acronyms are just  :lol:
It really felt like Yuko was writing her diary or something. Glad that she found her Globes of Glory.  :lol:
Shame you're not writing anymore.  :(
Though, honestly I do understand where you're coming from. I'm nearing it as well.  :nervous
I'm pretty sure I've experienced all 4 reasons you pointed out. I haven't checked for the 5th reason really. Maybe I should. :nervous
Anyway, if ever you write something, even if it's not akb...let me know okay?  ;)
Again, thank you for the awesome read.  :bow: :bow: :bow:
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Hey Jpervs,

I've been out of action for a few years.... 3years haha. However, I'm currently in Japan and I guess I have a lot of time on my hands as I'm backpacking around. Anyway, I had a friend who asked my to update a follow-up story to my previous one-shot. Hope you enjoy this.

How to be a Tsundere 101.

Recently a lot of people have been calling me a Tsundere. Tsundere is basically a term for some who is initially cold or hostile towards someone else but eventually becomes warm and affectionate to them. I guess you could say that people interpret words to mean different things. To me, Tsundere actually stands for Teaching Sexually Unsuitable Needy Drooling Eccentric Rapists Etiquette. There are perverts, and then there are rapists. However, there’s another category that is in between that not many people know of. This category is called “Squirrel”.

The reason I wrote this book is to help other people deal with people in the Squirrel category. As someone who has the utmost experience dealing with Squirrel’s I thought it would helpful if I wrote a short book about it. I need people to understand that the important thing about people in the Squirrel category is that they can change. Sometimes you actually feel drawn to people in this particular category. Why? Well first off they are quite attractive and cute. Secondly, they will go at all lengths to seduce you. Thirdly, they never give up. Fourthly, they are actually extremely kind hearted and do sweet things for you. And lastly, the only problem with them is that they are absolute hentai’s. What people don’t know is that the only people who have the power to change them if Tsundere’s. I would easily admit that I, Haruna Kojima, is a Tsundere to the one and only Oshima “Squirrel” Yuko. I am sure that most of you have seen how perverted she can be. The way she tries to touch my boobs, tries to get close and intimate with me, the way she sings to me and chases me around whilst drooling all over the ground. Well yes, that was her for ages and then I put my foot down and she slowly changed.

How did she change? What triggered the change? I’ll let you know in the following five chapters.

1.   Under Attack
2.   M.U.R.D.E.R (Making Unsuitable Rapists Disabled Each Rub-down)
3.   D.A.N.S.O (Discontinue Any Nosebleed Scenario Opportunities)
4.   I.G.N.O.R.E (Ignore Groping, Never Overreact, Reaching Etiquette)
5.   Acceptance

Chapter One: Under Attack

The first chapter covers the initial attack. I would like to say that it is equivalent of a bird shitting on you when you’re graciously strolling under the tree. It is basically the same. Even the “SPLAT” noise. However instead of bird poop it’s a sticky little hand that slaps into your boob. There is a belief that once a squirrel sees an acorn they spring into action. The reality is the when the acorn is my breasts and the squirrel is Oshima Yuko you have to be prepared to fight endlessly against the little scratching paws of this animal.

The first attack came from nowhere. We had been told that the new members of Team K had been selected and we had to begin training with them for the upcoming MV. That day I was with Takamina and Miichan when suddenly this little hand came out of nowhere and grabbed onto my boob. My reaction… how would I describe this… I’m going to make an assumption that you all watch anime. If not then I would think of any scenes where a guy accidentally touches a girls breasts, or in this case deliberately grabs onto it like their life depended on it. My reaction was that twitching eye thing where I have a clenched fist and my mouth and eye are twitching so much that I thought I was having an epileptic fit. I think Miichan laughed and Takamina said something along the lines of “is that my long lost perverted twin Yuko?”. To cut the story short I ended screaming and slapping the monsters face until she was left passed out on the ground. I casually walked away as Takamina and Miichan kept poking the corpse. For some reason I felt as though I had seen the girl before. Maybe the girl did know Takamina.

Chapter Two: M.U.R.D.E.R (Making Unsuitable Rapists Disabled Each Rub-down)

M.U.R.D.E.R basically means to bash the crap out of the pervert each time they touch you. I had to do this once we started working together. Thought that she would have learnt her lesson, however I was strong. This was a skilled pervert. The attacks accord every time we worked together. It would happen everywhere. EVERYWHERE!!! Walking out of the toilet. Changing costumes. Eating lunch, filming an MV. Waiting for the bus. Walking to the konbini for onigiri. It was like a never ending nightmare.  I was well-prepared for whatever was to happen. There was once where I even used pepper spray on her. It was a tough life.

I knew the only way I could possibly survive would be if I took care of the situation myself. I had to make sure that each blow she took was enough to paralyse her temporarily. And that’s what I did. I knew a lot about how she would attack me. I even found ways to escape her. For example, one day I jumped into the dirty costume box and paid the dry cleaner to push me out to his van and drive me to the bus station. You might think that it is a bit extreme but trust me it was worth it. The hardest part was the filming of “Baby, Baby, Baby”. Imagine a perverted squirrel trying to smoother herself between your breasts… all day long. She even tried to get tips off Meetan. I could’ve killed that woman in a heart beat. Perverts working together she said. She even kept trying to take photos afterwards. Sigh… I knew that I needed a way out of there.

Suddenly I was offered the chance of a lifetime… 3 months of peacefulness…

Chapter Three: D.A.N.S.O (Discontinue Any Nosebleed Scenario Opportunities)

This was the best thing that happened to me. A chance to star in Mendol. After a few traumatic days of being near Yuko I was asked to go with Takamina and Michan to speak to the producers. We were told that we would be making a sub unit called No Sleeves and at the same time we were going to be acting in a J-Drama called Mendol. We were told that we would be dressing as men as well. I knew that this was my chance. Like Asahi in Mendol I took up the offer immediately. I was going to dress like a man for a few months and kill off all sexual attraction Yuko had for my boobs. I was to be Mr DANSO, Riku.

The filming was a great time to escape. Although rumour has it that Yuko was crying the entire time I was away and complaining to other people that my “globes of glory were going to be violated by an imposter”. Well then… I guess that as long as it wasn’t her it would be ok. However, after filming a few scenes of the show I realised that the guys were quite perverted as well. One day things will change… Actually I think the only thing that has changed is my feelings for Yuko.

How did things change? Well I guess it is simple. When someone annoys you everyday and suddenly disappears you begin to think about them. In addition to that Yuko had asked Acchan for my number and began messaging me everyday. This continued even though I never replied. Messages were simple yet sweet. Every morning I woke up to a message that read “Good morning goddess, today is going to be a warm day. Eat breakfast and work hard. I miss you xx”. At first I found it creepy but it began to seem cute. Sometimes she would send pictures of herself holding random toys and acting all cute. It was a different side of the pervert I don’t think I would ever see. Then I realised that maybe I could change her. Maybe I can make her into a sensible girlfriend instead of a massive pervert. So I formed a plan. I wasn’t going to react to her groping, I was going to ignore her until she knows that she has to act a different way towards me.

Chapter Four: I.G.N.O.R.E (Ignore Groping, Never Overreact, Reaching Etiquette)

Step Four: Ignore. That’s what I did when filming ended for Mendol. I went back to the theatre and I was extremely surprised when I arrived and Yuko ran up to me bearing flowers and a homemade bento box. She kept trying to set me down and feed me. However I continued my plan. I ignored her and went to talk to Acchan and Mariko instead. Afterwards I made sure I didn’t react to her skinship. There was a day that I was playing on my Nintendo DS and she sat behind me and constantly tried to get my attention. However, I ignored her advances the entire time.

Over the period of about two years I tried to stay strong. Although she had changed heaps I knew I had to make sure she worked as hard as she could to be with me. You may call me evil. However, she was persistent and over the course of the two years I did respond well to cute mannerisms. She had always felt the need to act like a girlfriend when we went out for lunch or dinner with the girls. She would want to sit next to me or help me wipe my hands clean. She was a proper gentle woman. There were times where I felt my heart beating for her. It was usually very simple things. Mainly when I used to pretend I was asleep and she would sneakily kiss my cheek thinking I was asleep. I knew that there would be a time that I would have to let her into my life properly. The thing was that I had to find the perfect timing for this. It meant that I couldn’t just be like “you’re cool, let’s date”. Luckily for me Yuko got the centre for the senbatsu election. This was a perfect opportunity for me. I knew that there would be a raunchy MV… Heavy Rotation.

Chapter Five: Acceptance

Acceptance is the key, usually it happens after a massive jealousy blow up when the pervert may be starting to divert their attention to other victims. However, in reality you know that they are not the slightest bit interested in the other victim. What does this mean? I’ll give you my personal experience as an example. During Heavy Rotation Yuko and Acchan shared a kiss. Do I care? Not really. Why? Because I knew Yuko only liked me. How did I react? Like a jealous bitch. Why? Because when Yuko thought I was jealous she would show her true feelings and admit that she would only get with me and no one else. Hence, she would know not to flirt with others and that she doesn’t need to rape and grope me indecently anymore. As the saying goes “It’s not rape if you like it”. However, the other part people forget to add is “but if you don’t like it, it’s rape, so just swing the baseball bat and make sure the baby maker is forever disabled”.

The bad thing was that the Jankenpon election happened soon after. However, I noticed that Yuko was working harder than ever before. I also noticed that she got angry when I hung out with Mariko heaps. Therefore I made sure that Mariko was in with the plan. You know what she was the best partner in crime. She would post so many pictures of us online. This made Yuko jealous. The end to the plan was close. All I need was her to give me a reason to go off at her. In addition, a way to test her feelings for me. The opportunity arose when Acchan spoke to me about making Takamina jealous. I had the perfect plan. I asked Acchan to try and get close to Yuko and make Takamina jealous. I then invited Yuko over for dinner. Then I asked Acchan to message Yuko that night. Luckily Acchan followed through with the plan after Takamina confessed her feelings to Acchan. I had a reason to accuse Yuko of being a player and next thing I know there’s a squirrel stuck on my face. The sexual tension finally blew up and we’ve been together since.

Anyway, that’s my story. There are ways to tame the squirrels in this world. Hopefully this guide can help you!

Your dearest Tsundere,

Haruna Kojima
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thanks for the update kei san~
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Aha.. Kojiyuu.. (´∀`)♡
Thank you for continuing this fic! *Bows 90 degreea
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