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Author Topic: 48/46 Group OS Collection- Flashbacks of a Broken Past (Keyakizaka46) 8/1/18  (Read 30795 times)

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W-Wait wait so who is the father? and Rena like Akane?

Somewhat a bit lost..
But poor Airi, like she's not worth to be told at all by Akane  :( :(

So you'll make 2 more chapter?
I'll wait for sure :D

Rena didn't like Akane at all, she just used her. And the father's going to be revealed next chapter but you can kinda guess already who it is.

Is Nakanishi Yuka, right?!?! DUM DUM DUUUUM just kidding.. waiting fir the next chapter

Nope, it isn't Nishishi ;) But you'll find out here...

Anyway, here's the 2nd part of this, where Airi finds out the truth about Akane's child and who it truly belongs to, courtesy of Jurina. This part wouldn't have been finished this quickly without the help of buciq and I just want to shoutout to them and read their fics! They're good :)


Mistakes Carry Heavy Burdens Part 2


Yes, why? Perhaps, that’s the only thought that kept repeating inside Airi’s mind. Since Jurina told her about Akane’s pregnancy, that is her answer for Churi’s strange behavior.  Soon, flashback of Churi’s pale face coming and along with nausea every morning. That would make sense, that’s what we call morning sickness afterall.


“Just… Tell me.. Akane..”

There was no anger on Airi’s tone, it was full with sadness, maybe disappointment to be exact. But Airi didn’t know if she is disappointed with Churi or herself. Like she’s failed as a lover, she knew how stupid she was to not know about Churi’s condition. Airi wanted answers so she walked a little closer to Churi’s side.


That’s it, the wall that Churi has built all along was broken as tears flowed from her eyes.

Her voice cracked as she looked up to Airi, “I-I’m sorry…”

“Who’s the child’s father, Akane… tell me.”

Akane only kept quiet. She didn’t know whether to tell the truth or say nothing.

“Airi… I...”

“Sshhhh that’s okay… You don’t have to say...”  as Airi came closer to embrace her with all her might, as if Churi was a delicate flower. It pained her too see Churi's condition take her this far into sadness.

“Y-You don’t understand!”
Churi broke the embrace and pushed Airi away, with a saddened facial expression.

“E-Eh…? A-Akane…!”

Airi knew that Churi was not in her normal state. she just confused, Airi understood but it hurt her a bit because even her own embrace could no longer calm Churi down. That was she knew that how stressed she was. Before Airi could grab her, Akane got up and ran straight out of the door.


Too late, Akane was already gone. Panic was written on Airi's face. Of course she's worried about her girlfriend, moreover right now wasn’t just about Akane, but the baby as well. She knew that the stress from Akane was going to cause stress to the baby as well, causing complications when it’s born.

She grabbed her phone, flip like crazy searching for Jurina's number. Yes, Akane hasn’t told her yet about the baby's father but one thing for sure Jurina knew about this.

“Hello, Airin?”

“There’s something you haven’t told me, Jurina…”

“What would that be?”

“The baby’s father. Who is it?”

“I-I can’t say… This person said Churi didn’t want me or them to tell you anything.”

“Who is this person?”

“I can’t say that either.”

“Damn it, Jurina…! Just tell me…!”   

Jurina, who was startled at Airi’s sudden burst of frustration, stuttered, “R-R-Rena… The kid’s father i-is Rena…!”

“That’s all I needed to hear.”


Airi had just hung up the call with Jurina and started making her way to her house on the other side of the city.

Along the way she was thinking hard about what just happened, too many things happened instantly, like Akane’s pregnancy, and now the last blow from Jurina, who told her that the father is Rena.. that Matsui Rena. The last person that Airi thought will hit her, yet she had a critical hit in the fact that Akane didn’t even tell her. The worst thing about being lied to is knowing you’re not even worth the truth.

How did it happen? That was the question, Airi wanted answers to.

“I’ll get my answers…”

Here she is at the front door to Rena's home. She took a deep breath before knocking. Although, she's full with anger right now and will gladly deliver any jab at Rena. But that is not the reason, her reason is just for Akane. Soon she heard footstep coming from the other side door.


“Can I come in?”


Rena didn’t expect a guest, not at this time of the day. Moreover the guest herself is Furukawa Airi. The last person she expected to meet. Just by looking at Airi’s face, Rena knew it was not about jobs or something casual. It must be about her..

“So, what is it?” Rena motion Airi to took a seat.

“What did you do to Akane?!”

“What do you mean?”

“Don’t give me that fucking excuse..! You know what I’m talking about!”

“Are you saying… You know?”

“GOD DAMMIT…! Just spill the beans already Rena!”


“Just tell me.. How did it happen?” Airi tried her best not to cry.

“I’m sorry… Airin… but you’ll find out after the baby’s born…” Rena was silenced after she said that, “Akane told me not to say anything before the baby was born…”

“Why did she tell you everything but not me?”

“Because… It was my fault that she’s in this state…”

“So, is it YOURS?” Airi emphasized the last word.


Airi looked down, cupping her face with her own hands ready to let go of the big bomb and continued, “So… Did Akane cheat on me with you?”

“I forced her to do it with me...”

“You what?!”


Immediately Airi stand up from her seat and walk toward Rena's. She grabbed Rena's collar and forced her to look Airi in the eyes. Airi saw a guilty look in those brown orbs.

“Now, if you happen to know Akane’s whereabouts this is your chance, to tell me.”

“I-I don’t know--”

Before she completed her sentence, Rena could hear a buzzing sound coming from her phone.

“It’s Akane…”

“Answer it.”

Rena nodded, “Hello, Akane… What do you need?”

“I need something from you… I just need some food….”

"Tell her that you'll bring food. just ask where she is," Airi commanded.

“W-Where the hell are you?! I’ll bring some, don’t worry.”

“I’m in a hotel room, just near the center of Nagoya… **** Street.”

“Right, I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“Just hurry up Rena..please… It hurts...”


“My legs hurt… my back hurts too…”

“O-Okay just wait for me.”

“R-Right… Thanks again…”

Then, the connection was cut and Rena ran to get a jacket.

“Get the car ready, Airin.”


Although she kept saying that she understood Akane, but still looking at your girlfriend leaning on someone but you felt… painful beyond anything else.

They didn’t speak along the way to the hotel. Until Airi decided broke the ice.

“What would you do?”

“About what?”

“The baby.”

“... I don’t know…”

“I do know, Rena.”


“I do know that I’m not willing to hand Akane to you; I also know that I’m willing to keep the baby.”



So the father of Churi's child is actually Rena ^_^''' And how is Airi going to confront Churi about it?? Well, you kinda have to wait for a bit...

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WOOOWW Finally it's here  :wub: :wub:

Although I know the story still i re-read again as reader this time :D

Honestly like i said last nite, it turn out we both had different thought about this story hahahaha
but it turn out good  :wahaha: :wahaha:

kinda waiting the last chapter on this

GO AIRIIIIIII~  :onioncheer: :onionwhip:

ps. I didnt do anything significant tho  :on gay:
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Damn Rena, damn... Why would you do such things??? :frustrated:

This is really depressing DX How many more parts are you going to write? XD because I can't wait for the next oneeeeee (don't torture us like that T_T)

Thank you for the oneshot~ :)

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Damn Rena, damn... Why would you do such things??? :frustrated:

This is really depressing DX How many more parts are you going to write? XD because I can't wait for the next oneeeeee (don't torture us like that T_T)

Thank you for the oneshot~ :)

One more after this one, Mai ;)

Anyway, yes, as I've said, this is actually going to be a four parter and... yea... enjoy.

Soon they both arrived at the hotel that Churi had described. After hearing Airi’s last statement, Rena knew she was have no chance at all comparing Airi’s love to Akane, to her own love towards the latter. Airi began to moving, and soon realized there was no movement from the latter.

“What’s wrong?”

“I think you should go alone.”


“Just go… she’s in pain.. I think.. she’ll need you more than she needs me..”

Airi’s eyes widen after heard the word pain. Rena didn’t say anything else, although Akane clearly said that it was only back pain, it will not harm her. Rena just want to see Airi’s reaction.

“Why didn’t you say earlier?!”

Airi began lose her composure, didn't bother to wait for Rena’s answer. She came rushing to the main lobby and asked the receptionist about Akane’s room.

“I’m sorry miss, we can’t share any personal information about the guest.”

“Look, I’m her girlfriend! She is in PAIN, I NEED TO SEE HER!” Airi smacked down towards the table, soon she realized she made the other guests uncomfortable with what she did “I-I’m sorry…. Please I need to know where is she..”

“It’s room ** on the 5th floor.”

“Thank you” Airi bowed

Akane was on the 5th floor, she pressed the button of lift furiously. She can’t stand any second to wait for the lift, she was rushing to take emergency staircase instead. Too bad for Airi, although she’s determined to see Akane as fast as she could, she was never good with sport, like literally. She admire Churi who had a fit body and tremendous stamina, at a time like this she regretted that she didn't have time to exercise like Akane always said.

Every step that she took, flashbacks of their memories came like a video. Her smile, laugh, hug, and every kisses their shared. Even though they had just been apart for less than 24 hours, Airi missed the warmth from Churi’s figure. After long way to reach her room, finally here she was in front of Churi’s room. Without wasting any time, she furiously knocked at the door.


Airi didn't say anything, instead was checking Akane from head to the toe. Churi noticed fear in Airi’s eyes. Worry was written all over her face and her eyes but immediately pulled Akane closer to her.

“Is the baby okay?”


“R-Rena said you were in pain, is something wrong with the baby?” Airi said in panic

“It-It is… Airi…..”

“Let’s go, we need to go to hospital,” Airi try to grab Churi’s waist in hurry

To add much to her disappointment, Churi try to shake it off that hand.

“Airi, listen! Look, I’m fine, so is the baby.”


“I told Rena I was in pain, because I was walking for hours it killed my legs..”



“Never...Ever...Run away from me again...Akane..” She began to talk; giving a bit of a stressful tone in each word. As she tried to pull her a bit closer, clutching Akane’s shoulder.


“Please, Akane… Every second I wasn’t with you… It hurt me… Not just physically… but it was mental torture…”

Airi’s tears started pouring from her eyes. She couldn’t bare the pain, that she had been experiencing for the past few days.

“Airi… W-What’s wrong…?”

“I feel like such a bad lover… for leaving you like this… I want to make a fresh start…”


“Let’s get married, you and me… Put the past aside us and raise our child to the best of our abilities…!”

“I...I don’t deserve you, beside this baby wasn’t even yours...”

“I don’t care… a baby is a baby… I’ll look after it as if I was their real father…”


“Or do you want…. Rena to be the father instead?”

“N-No… it’s not like that…”

“So what? Is my love for you isn’t enough?”

“Just shut up and listen, Airi.”


Akane leaned towards Airi and just wanted to steal a peck from Airi’s lips.

“I want to get married to a stupid idiot like you. I want this baby to have a goofy, weird and perverted father like you…”

“So, will you marry me Akane?”

“Of course, Silly!”

This time, it’s Airi’s turn to lean forward, soon their warm flesh met into one. The kiss which taste salty from their tears, but it was tears of joy. They didn't count how long they’ve been kissing but it was long enough before they finally broke the kiss and gazing at each other’s orbs once again..

7 Months Later…

After months of preparation, today was finally the day. Of course, with the tradition of the groom not being able to see the bride before the ceremony, Airi wasn’t allowed to see Akane.

“Hey, Airin, you ready yet?” Jurina said from outside, whilst knocking on the door.

“You can come in, I’m just fixing this tie…”

“Ah, come on, Airi, just get it done, will you?”

Jurina walked into the room, where she saw Airi, neatly dressed in a white tuxedo and a light blue waistcoat and tie, that she was still trying to fix.

“I’m trying you know. But this tie is annoying to sort out.”

“Here, let me help you” Instantly Jurina could managed fix the tie “See? It’s not that annoying. Breath, Airin… Breaathh~ you need to chill, you know?”

“.... That’s not helping…”

“Let me tell you one thing,” Jurina gave a sign to Airi to move a bit closer, “Churi is looking beautiful right now…. With the exception of the baby bump… but hey~”

Airi was smiling too much, that was how much she was imagining it.

“Umm… Airin, Jurina… Are you guys ready..?” Rena said, ushering them to hurry.

“Yes, we are ready~”

“Come on, then.”

The three of them, went to the main part of the church, taking their positions. It was just 4 of them, no 5 including the priest. Akane personally asked Airi that she wanted to have a quiet yet sacred wedding.

Right away Airi complied with it, because even she herself didn’t have many friends. Airi was stood up in front the priest, as Rena and Jurina took a seat at the front row. The organ began to play as it is escort her walk to the aisle. For the first time Airi could see her future wife walk toward her. When she was about to reach the Airi’s side, Airi reached out her hand towards Akane.

“You look beautiful….”

Akane didn't answer, but beaming her genuine smile. Finally they were both standing in front of the priest, looking each other in the eyes.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today, in front of these witnesses to join Furukawa Airi and Takayanagi Akane in holy matrimony. If any persons, for any reason, do not wish for these two to be together, let them speak now, or forever--”

Then, a screech came from Churi’s mouth as she clutched her stomach in pain.


“A-Akane…! J-Jurina, get the ambulance… now!”


Jurina grabbed her phone from the inside pocket of her tuxedo blazer. She dialled 911 and asked for the paramedics. She had explained the situation and the call operator had said that all the ambulances were being dispatched, and the next one would come to their location in approximately 40 minutes to 1 hour, creating a bit of a problem for the four.

“Airin, they said that they’ll arrive in 40 minutes..”

“What?! Airin…! I can’t take it any longer..ughh!” Akane gave a death glare to her future husband.

“I-I’ll see what I can do…! J-Jurina…!”

“Wait.. I’m searching for the nearest hospital… I found one about 5 minutes from here..!”

“Just make it fast! Ughhh...” Akane said, clutching onto Airi’s hand, very tightly.

“I’ll prepare the car,” Rena said, leaving the three.

“Ughhhhhhh…! Airin…!”

“Carry her, Airin…!”

“Right,” Airi said, whilst starting to carry Akane, bridal style.

The four of them left the church, as Rena was speeding because Akane kept screaming in pain. Airi who sat beside her on the back seat, was writhing in pain, because her girlfriend was gripping her hand tight enough to break her hand.

“Just hold it, we’ll be there in any minute Akane,” Airi rubbed Churi’s knuckle to calm her down.

“Don’t… tell me… to calm down…” She said, with a dark tone to her voice, that scared Airi. After that the rest of them stayed in silence, creating an awkward atmosphere.

Finally they arrived at the hospital. Airi tried to call for any medical staff on standby.

“Help..! My wife… She’s going to give birth…!”

Too bad they weren’t listening to Airi, while Jurina was still at the parking lot with Rena.

“Urrghhhh ! Hey you nurse, are you listening to my husband? I’m going to give  birth! NOW!”

They finally noticed and moved the stretcher; Airi put Churi down.

“Akane… calm down…!”

“J-Just… Shut up for now…!” .Churi hissed

The paramedics began to push the stretcher heading to surgery room

“I’m sorry, you can’t come along, this is an emergency c-section, as the baby’s starting to get distressed.”

Soon the lamp at the front of the door was red, signifying that surgery was in progress. Not long after that Jurina and Rena join Airi in front of the operating theater.
“W-What’s wrong, Airi?”


“She is okay, right?” Jurina asked in a worried tone.

“.... Don’t know….”

“She’ll be alright..” Rena patted Airi’s shoulder

Meanwhile, inside the operating theater, Akane was numbed from the hips down and the doctors on standby were preparing to cut into her to get the baby out.

“Okay mam, try to calm down, you’ll feel some tugging and pulling, alright…?”


The doctors started to cut into her, and all Akane could feel was apprehension and fright.

Then, suddenly, her consciousness faded and she felt like something was wrong…

She could hear a screech of life, however, she could also hear the doctors talking about blood loss, before losing complete consciousness.

Yeah... Again big shoutout to buciq for all the help he's been giving me... It's appreciated man.

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I didnt notice you post it already :3

We success to finish the story~  :onionwhip: :onionwhip:

i hope you wont mind, i guess i write too much. like its your story after all  :dozing:

FYI i still find it the scene when Churi is giving a birth funny :3

For silentreader out there, prepare for fluffy wave~

gotta sleep now  :on roll: :on roll:
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Churi's gonna be alright, right? Right??? :gyaaah:

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Mistakes Carry Heavy Burdens
Chapter 4 (LAST)

She was enveloped by complete darkness. She saw different visions in her mind of memories and visions of the future.


“Hmm..?”  as she opened her eyes, blinking couple of times. Then she saw Airi with a child beside her

“Mamaaaaaaa!!! Wake upp~” The mysterious child was calling her mama and jumped on the bed to hug her.

“..Huh?? Who is this Airi..?”

“Pffttt.. Are you fully awake Akane? It’s Yuna...”

“EH?? Mama you don’t remember Yuna?” The child began to crossing her arms in dissatisfaction.

“Yuna? Who?” 

“That’s the name we gave our daughter….”

Airi looked at her with disappointed clearly shown in her facial expression.

Is this my future? So this is our daughter? Churi’s eyes began to stare at the latter, then she realized that how Yuna’s eyes resembled to her own. But the way she pouted and sulked was same as her lover’s.

But the first thing she noticed was her pale skin , it was like Rena’s , Yuna’s height was the combination of Akane and Rena’s, but her habits and facial expressions came from Airi. Soon everything around her was blurry and black out...

“Hey Churi?? Are you alright?”

Finally Airi’s sentence pulled out her from daydreaming.


“Are you hurt somewhere? You’re acting weird,” Airi furrowed her brows, took a seat beside her.

“U-Ugh… W-Where is she…?”


“T-The baby… where is… she?”

“You sure acting weird. She is right beside you, silly,” Airi said, pointing to the incubator beside her bed, “The doctor did say you lost quite a bit of blood…”

“Is she alright?”

“She was a month early, but they said she’s alright…”

“Thank God…” Churi let out a deep sigh.

“What should we name her? Rina? Sakura?....” Airi began to list all the possible names she could think of.



“I think we should name her, Yuna...”

Airi’s lips pulled a smile, “As long as you want that name, I’ll be fine with it.”

Their moment was interrupted by someone knocking on the door, soon a couple of heads pop-up from it.

“Churii~ Congratulations..!” It was Jurina who brought a bouquet full of roses and baby’s breath.


The next one come up was none other than Rena. She walked closer to the incubator instead. Smile drew on her face “She looks so much like you..Congratulations Airi...”

“Thank you, Jurina… Rena…”

3 Years Later…

“Come on Mom! Hurry up we will lateeee~”

There was this little girl who pulled Akane’s hand.

“Slowly, Yuna or else, you’ll fall over…”

“Moou~ I want to see Rara-chan. We won’t be late if we hurry…!”

“Airi, honey, go ahead, see if Jurina and Rena are home..?”

Airi knocked on the front door to Jurina and Rena’s house. Fingers crossed that the Matsuis will be at home, since Airi didn’t have time to tell the Matsui over their sudden visit. Airi released a ball of relief after hearing footstep behind the door.

“Airin.. Is that you…?”

“Yes, open the door first and then we’ll talk.”

After sounds of locks being unlocked were heard, Jurina peeked through the hole of the open door.

“Who is it, honey?” This time Rena appear from the kitchen still wearing her cooking apron.

“Ah, hello Rena.. Jurina… Umm.. Can we come--”

Someone behind Rena cut Airi off before she finished talking and rushing toward Airi, or...not



“Considering Rara just did that, sure… Come in~”

Jurina and Rena ushered Akane and Airi in, with Rara and Yuna skipping behind them.

Once they had gotten into the living room, the four adults sat on the sofas, whilst their daughters sat playing with a dollhouse.

“Our daughter surely love playing together,” Jurina was the one who talk first

“Yuna is always whining to come over, it always gives me a headache..” Akane use this chance to massage her temple.

“True that,” Rena then said, “Rara always asks if Yuna’s coming over….”

“Maybe because they are the only child, so that’s why they love when playing together” Airi said as take a sip from her cup and continue “Speaking about Rara, she looks so much like Jurina.”

“And Yuna looks a bit like you, Rena,” Akane commented.

“Only the pale-skin, but I really think that the way Yuna talk and behave is like mini Airin’s in the room.”

“Totally true!” Jurina giggled.

After quite a long talk, it was dark outside.

“Yuna, let’s go home,” Akane said, tugging at her daughter’s shirt, “Come on.”

“But… mom…!”

“Your mom is right Yuna, we can come again some other time” Airi squated down to ruffle her daughter’s hair.

“Mom, don’t let Yuna-chan go homeeee~” Rara wailed at Rena.

“They need to go home, dear. Next time we will be the one who goes and sees Yuna, it’s just that your dad’s going to be busy with work.”

“Promise?” Rara showed her pinky finger.

“It’s a promise.”

The Furukawa family bid farewell to Matsuis, before separating Rara-chan gave a kiss at Yuna’s cheek. Both of parents giggled, it was too much cute for them to handle.

“What’d you think, Airin? Is it like your ‘usual’ anime?”

“N-N-No…! W-What… m-makes y-you think...t-that..?” Airi stuttered.

They laughed for the last time, and called it a day.

After playing a lot the whole day made both Yuna and Rara sleep earlier than usual. Rena lovingly stare at her daughter, until someone wrapped her waist and pulled her into embrace.

“Nee Rena-chan~.. Do you happen still love Akane?”


“You know what, suddenly I remember the day when I proposed to you, and you said yes. There was joy and doubt in my heart.”


“Yeah.. Like I was the replacement.. I hoped… like someday you will love me eventually…”

There, the topic that Rena hate the most. She was a bad actress afterall. Yes, at first she just used Jurina as a tool to forget about Akane. That’s why she didn’t have second thoughts about Jurina’s proposal. But she was wrong…

Rena broke from the embrace facing the latter’s body, snake her arm up Jurina’s neck.

“You’re not her replacement.. Never been..”


“I know, I seemed like that before…. But I’ve changed.. Your love changed me.. I don’t know since when that the one I was looking for you, miss you when you’re not around..” Rena began to closing their gap and pressed her lips against Jurina’s

“I miss your kisses..” She look at Jurina’s eyes, and cupped her cheek with her right hand, “And I miss your warmth”

Jurina smiled, “I love you, Rena-chan.. Always will…”

“I love you too, Jurina.. Don’t ever say that again, I love you too much, to let you go…”

As they were sharing kisses again, again.. And again…

“I… love… Yuna-chan…” The two of them, heard Rara murmuring in her sleep.

Meanwhile, at the Furukawa household...

“Aaaahhh I’m tired..!” Airi said while jumping into bed, “Thank god, I’m going to get a good night’s sleep…”

“Why?” Akane said, from the ensuite bathroom of their new home.

During the three years after Yuna’s birth, Airi was working hard. Hard enough that she earned herself a promotion to a member of the executive board at her office. The new pay was high enough to buy a new house that fit all three of them.

“So… Jurina’s the CEO of the company you work at now, right…?” Akane asked, whilst walking into the bedroom.

“Yeah… but I was promoted before she succeeded her father in owning the company.”

Airi leaned her back against the headboard. Churi noticed there was a lot going on inside Airi’s head.

“What’s wrong?” She asked as Churi joined her to bed.

“I was thinking that... I couldn’t give you a big house like Jurina did to Rena… I can’t give you nice, expensive things either…”


Airi looked down, playing with her own fingers “I..I’m sorry, Akane..”

“Hey..” Akane lift her chin facing her “Let me tell you a story.. There was a happy couple. But the girl was raped by someone..”

She looked down, take a deep breath before continue

“She decided to hide it from her girlfriend. Because she didn’t want her lover to leave her…”

Churi stopped for a while, her lips trembling, her eyes watery..


“But like always in the story, she’ll find out about lie. The worst part of it was she knew from someone else. She felt pain when she knew that the father to her girlfriend’s child was someone she trusted.”

“Stop it..!” Airi held her hand.

“You know what, she is amazing. Although her girlfriend was pregnant with someone else’s child. She was willing to marry her.. She was willing to become the father of the child…”


Akane turned her gaze to her loved one

“I never asked you to give me a big house, expensive jewelry, nice dresses, or anything like that…”

“... Akane...--”

“All I wanted, was your love… I never deserved someone like you and yet… God gave me someone who was as kind, as selfless and as willing to love me…”

Tears began flowing from Churi’s eyes

“Shhhhh..” Without further ado Airi pulled her closer  “I-I’m s-sorry, please d-dont c-cry...”

“I-I…. I never knew you expected me to expect a lot from you…”


“Kiss me.”


“J-just hurry up, Kiss me. I-I’ll forgive you, if you do.”

“Alright, as you wish, my queen,” Airi said, pulling Akane and pressing her lips against the girl’s. Soon the kiss escalated quickly, Akane hungrily ate Airi’s lips. She then found herself on the top of Airi and she started taking off Airi’s clothes.

“W-Wait! I thought we are having a KISS, not t-this…!” Airi abruptly stopped Akane’s movement.

“I can’t help it,” Akane said whilst winking at her.

“I’m tired and I have to wake up early tomorrow”

“That is what you get, when making me feel sad,” Akane crossing her arms and puckered her lips

Airi couldn’t resist, yet she knew she had several meetings to attend the next day, “Akane… I know you’re sad, but I’ll shower you with apology gifts when I can.”

“Don’t you love me?”

“You know exactly my answer is..”

“... but…”

“Don’t think about it… Just know that I love you, Takayanagi Akane…. No, Furukawa Akane.”

“Y-You sure know how to flatter me”

Akane smacked at Airi’s shoulder, Akane blushed, her eyes looking at anything in the room but Airi’s orbs. Little that Akane knew is that her simple gesture is lit something inside Airi.


Airi pulled her closer in rough way, kissing her like there is no tomorrow. Churi’s eyes widened, but soon their lips were moving in sync. Airi took the top position, her hands roaming around the slender figure of her wife.

“A-Airi S-Stop! Did you say that you’re tired?”

“Screw that!. Let me have you…for tonight...” Airi whispered in her husky voice.

“T-A-K-E ME A-I-R-I~” She began to take off her clothes, one by one..

And Furukawa Airi and Furukawa Akane were having another sleepless night...


Thanks to buciq for posting this for me ^_^

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Lol hahahaha
i still find it funny the one that we talked about on PM  :lol: :lol: :lol:

your welcome broo~ it nice story afterall
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Rara as wMatsui's daughter while Yuna as Furuyanagi's daughter, thanks for bringing in YuLala~!!! :D :D :D (*hint hint* a continuation based on YuLala maybe? *hint hint* haha just kidding XD )

Glad it's a happy ending~ :shy2: Thanks for writing this, the two of you!

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:shy1: this is nice, senpai!! :twothumbs:

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Week 1 (Days 1 - 7)

Everything was normal for famous heart surgeon Furukawa Akiro. His fame distanced him from his girlfriend, Takayanagi Akane.

The two of them, whenever they did have the time to meet, rarely talked to each other. Not just that, but they barely made any eye contact. It made Akane think second thoughts about their relationship and where it could go.

One day, before Akiro went to his day shift, Akane pulled him towards her.

“C-Churi, w-what’s wrong?”

“I don’t know… Acting like we hate each other is getting harder….”   

“I know…” Akiro said, before giving her a kiss, “I’ve got to go, I’ve been paged to do overtime.”

Before she could say anything, he walked out of the door, leaving her alone. She sighed.

“Just, in before he gets himself into a huge mess…” She thought.

Since she had nothing else to do, she decided to write another blog post. Since blogging was a hobby for her, she would do it every so often when she had free time. She got her laptop, opened it and opened a word document.

The Stages of Regret:

Stage 1: Denial.

Denial is the one thing all of us do, whenever something bad happens to love ones. We just start saying and thinking that it never happened… This seems normal, but it hurts to see someone deny something that’s serious.

Little did she know, however, that this draft of a post was going to be applicable to her, soon enough. She continued to write, as she happened to have gotten a phone call.


“Akane, it’s Jun… Akiro… he…”


“He was involved in a gunfight… not literally… but he was one of the main casualties… He sustained 4 gunshot wounds, two to the lungs, one to the abdomen and one to the shoulder.”


“Yeah… The last words he told me were ‘Get Akane for me.’...” Akane heard him choke on his tears,"N-Now… he’s in a coma and… they don’t know when he’s gonna wake up…”

“I’m coming. I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

Stage 2: The Truth

The truth is the hardest of the stages. It pulls the curtain of denial open and shows what really happened. I’m hurting… let it all stop…

That was when she let all of her thoughts out into paper. She then packed up and rushed out of the door.

She ran to her car and quickly drove to the hospital where he worked. She parked the car and ran to the entrance and met with Jun, who was panicking.


“Where is he?”

“....” Jun was silent.

“Jun…” Akane held him by his shoulder, “Please just tell me…”

“They’ve sent him to a private room, I don’t even know where they’ve sent him.”

“Is he okay though?”

“I don’t know... No one knows…” Jun looked down. “His injuries were very severe… I-It was all my fault…”


“I was there when it happened… I couldn’t do anything to stop it…”

“That doesn’t mean it was your fault,” Akane said. “Whoever shot him, it’s their fault!”

“He… he noticed the commotion going on out here… We went out together…” Jun said, sighing, “He went right towards them… and then… he got shot…”

“Don’t worry… He’ll be okay…”

Akane pulled Jun in for a hug, which the latter accepted. Jun pulled away after a few seconds.

“Go, they’re waiting for you.”

“W-What…? ‘They’?”

“I already told Rena-chan. She’ll be here in a bit. Besides, the higher-ups and the police are in there….”

Akane was still slightly confused.


“Yeah, the lead doctors and the owner of this place. Now go,” he said.

“You’re not gonna get questioned?”

“Already did… Now I’ll just be out here, waiting for Rena-chan...”


Akane left and walked inside, coming into a crowd of police officers and men in white lab coats. They noticed her appearance and looked at her.

“Miss Takayanagi, correct?”


“May we know your relation with the victim?” One of the police officers asked her.

“I’m his girlfriend.”

“When was the last time you saw him?”

“Hmm… I think 8am this morning, now may I please see him…?”

“Come with me,” one of the doctors in his lab coat ushered Akane to follow him. The man gestured and lead Akane down the hall. They walked down to an eerily silent part of the hospital.

It seemed like somewhere no one else would go, but the scenery outside the windows seemed beautiful to her.

She seemed so distracted that she had nearly bumped into the doctor, if she hadn’t had turned around in time to stop.

“He’s in here. You know, Takayanagi… Furukawa was a good student of mine.”


“He was hardworking, honest and silent most of the time… I’m thankful I’ve had a student like him.” He said, “Now go, he needs you now, we’ve done all we can.”


She took a deep breath and walked inside. She saw him laying on the bed, unconscious with an oxygen mask, and tubes everywhere.


Akane took a seat beside his bed, trying not to shed tears. She took out her laptop from her backpack. She put it on the bedside table and glanced at her boyfriend.

Tears immediately started to run down her face.

“Akiro… I remember… the first time we met…”

Flashback; 3 years ago…

Third Person POV

Akane was just out in the street with her camera when she had caught a glimpse of someone she had never met before.

It was a young man, sketching the scenery around him. She found it fascinating how someone could be that concentrated on something, even when his surroundings were loud and obnoxious to deal with.

As she couldn’t help but stare at him, he looked up and the two met gazes for a bit. Akane’s heart skipped a beat for a moment.

The man smiled before going back to his work. She decided to take a few pictures of him, for reference before going off to do her own thing.

Then she went back to her apartment and thought about him. As she slept, all her thoughts were occupied on the man she had just seen a few hours before.

The next day, as she was going to the photo studio for her job as a photographer, she couldn’t help but look around for the man she had met.

That is, until she had bumped into someone.

“Ah! Sorry!”

As she looked up, she immediately recognised the face...

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry, I..."

"It's okay," he said.

His smile was very pleasant, and extremely friendly. She couldn't help but smile back.

“I forgot to ask you, as you’re a beautiful lady, can I have your name?” He asked, in a polite manner, “Mine’s Furukawa Akiro, by the way.”

“Takayanagi Akane.”

“Ah, I see you’re a photographer,” he said, pointing to her camera, she nodded in response.

“You’re an artist, I assume.”

“No, no… I’m a medical school student studying cardiology.” He said, “Drawing is just a hobby.”


Then, the two of them continued to talk and then.. Things went from there.

Flashback end.

She continued to looking at him, praying to God that he would wake up.

"Please...", she whispered between sobs.

She would do anything to see him smile again, to see him happy, to... All she wanted was her soulmate back.

She took her laptop, which was beside her, opened the document and continued to write.

Stage 3: Accountability

When someone takes responsibility for something that has happened… Like a friend of mine who took accountability for something that had happened today…

“Jun… I don’t want you to take accountability for what happened…. You don’t deserve it.”

She continued to look at him, until she had heard a ringing sound from her phone.

“Hello? Jun?”

“Akane, Rena’s desperate to see him, can you show us where he is?”

“Sure… I’ll be out in a second…”

She walked outside and ushered Jun and Rena in to follow her.

“Jun, the scenery looks beautiful…”

“Well, Akiro was one to keep quiet and wanted nice scenery no matter the occasion.

They walked in to see Akiro. They were both shocked at the state of him and looked at Akane.

“Akane… Are you okay?”

“.... I-It’s all my fault...” Akane said, on the verge of crying, “If I didn’t treat him like total bullcrap…”

“Akane,” Rena replyed, “Don’t worry about him, he’s a strong man, he would want you to be happy.”

“You’re wrong.”


“Rena,” Jun tapped his girlfriend on the shoulder, “Just drop off the flowers... Akane… We’ll be back tomorrow.”

Rena took some flowers from behind her back and gave them to Churi.

“We got some acacia blossoms.. We thought they were fitting for your situation…”


“It means ‘concealed love’. You should tell him you love him more… Now, we’ll be off.”

Jun and Rena left and Akane took the flowers, put them into the vase near her laptop, filled it with water and put it back on the table. She wiped her hands on her shirt before taking her laptop once more.

Stage 4 - Self-Condemnation

When one blames themselves for something that had happened. I’m doing this now and it really hurts…

After she had written that, she had noticed it was dark. She decided to sleep right in the chair next to him, and was doing so for the next 6 days. Little did she know, she might need to stay for longer than she wanted.
A/N This is gonna be a 5 Parter (Considering the ending will be a part in it's self) and yeah more Furuyanagi angst.
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Ahhh another dark-ish Furuyanagi story :on GJ: These stages of regret thing is really interesting (I wonder why 29 Days & 13 Stages though? Nevermind I got it already hehehe :D :D :D)

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yo bro! XD
its good story ,although i'm not fans of angst

5 part? so 4 left to go right?

is jun also a doctor in this story?
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yo bro! XD
its good story ,although i'm not fans of angst

5 part? so 4 left to go right?

is jun also a doctor in this story?

Yep. Well... I might write more fluff, it depends on my mood XD I guess, yeah... Including the ending... Yes, Jun is one of Akiro's co-workers, but I'mma get more into that..

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YEAY!! A FURUYANAGI FIC!!!  :luvluv1: :luvluv1:



FURUYANAGI & WMATSUI  :luvluv1: :luvluv1: :shy1: :shy1: :shy1: :shy2: :shy2:
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Angst...  :panic:
Another angst??? :cry: :cry:
My heart is gonna break... again...  :doh: :cry: :cry:
Why are you so into angst, senpai?  :catglare: :cry: :cry:
Still, I'll look forward to it.  :jphip: :jphip:

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I'm sorry for not updating with the next part of 29 Days and 13 Stages, I've got no ideas whatsoever for it right now, but I've got a fluffy RenaChuri OS that I thought I posted but turns out I haven't. This is what would happen, if Rena and Churi swapped personalities, and what their respective partners would do to help put them back to normal

Today was another regular day for Matsui Rena. She was just minding her business when her close friend, Takayanagi Akane came by.

The two of them were known to be close with each other. Actually, the two were like BFFs. And since neither of them had anything particular to do, Akane had an idea.

“Rena, let’s go out together, you and me! A girl’s day out!”   

“Eh?! Why so suddenly?”

“I was bored and Papitan and the others can take care of themselves for one day. Besides, check this out!”

Akane pulled out a poster of a psychic that was coming to the city.

“Fortune telling?”

“Why not? It looks like it’d be interesting!”

“Chu-chan, I didn’t think you believed that stuff.”

“Well, I don’t. Only the good things, though.” Akane got closer, looking at Rena with pleading eyes. “Come on~ can we go?”

“Well… alright,” Rena smiled, patting the girl’s head.

“Yosh! Let’s go~”

Akane took the girl’s hand and lead her outside. Akane was humming happily, her and Rena’s arms swinging as their hands were intertwined.

Rena was blushing as she looked down to see her hand being held by Akane.

“Chu-chan, people are looking…” Rena said shyly.

“Oh, come on~ No one’s gonna mind~”


“Ah! Look, we’re here!”

They arrived at a small shop. When they stepped inside, they encountered an elderly lady, sat behind her crystal ball.

“Welcome,” she spoke. “Come. Sit.”

“Ooh~ okay~” Akane and Rena sat down in front of the woman.

“Let me see what your future holds…” She waved her hands around the crystal ball. She then looked at Rena. “I see you will have a successful career.”


“Woah~ sugoi, Rena!”

“There may even be a chance of romance,” she continued.


“Oh my God! It must be because of your role in Fragile! I knew your character was meant for Morii-kun!”

“Chu-chan, stop..! It’s embarrassing already~...”

“And you,” the woman looked to Akane.


“You… Your future is unexplainable to me at the moment.”

“Ehh?! What’s that supposed to mean?” Akane pouted. “Mou, Rena has so much good luck… I wish I were more like Rena.”


“Plus, Rena has such a refined, elegant image. I wish I were more like that.”

“Chu-chan, you really think that?” Rena covered her mouth, but then pondered the thought. “Well, it’d be nice if I were more out-going and up front like you. Even if I am able to crack a joke every once in awhile or play a funny character, I still feel embarrassed about it…”

“Hmm, if Rena were more like me… that’d be funny. Hahaha!”


The woman then smiled, “So, that is your wish…”

“Eh?” The two harmonized.

The elderly woman snapped her fingers and suddenly, two auras surrounded the two. They absorbed into little orbs and separated from their bodies, rendering them
unconscious as if sleeping.

The orbs spun and danced in the air a bit before merging back with the girl’s bodies. Not long after, Rena was the first to wake up.

“Uwaa… what was that? I felt dizzy all of the sudden…”

Akane also woke up and rubbed her eyes.

“Huh? HUH?!” Rena suddenly got up and looked around in a panic. “Where’d the fortune teller lady go?!”

“She disappeared?” Akane also looked around, confused. “Strange…”

“Mou~ now what?!”

“What did she mean by that, though…? She said it was our wish...”

“I don’t feel any different.”


“Hm?” Rena looked over to her friend.

“It was when we were talking about how we wanted each other’s personalities…”


“What if… that’s what she did?!”

“Don’t be so negative!” Rena slapped the girl’s shoulder. “Switching personalities? That only happens in anime! Hahahaha!”

“R-Rena… You’re acting so differently…”

“Hmmm? What’s wrong with me?”

“Y-you’re all… hyper.”

“Eh? Am I? Hehehe.”

“You are. And.. I feel strange, too. I feel all nervous and apprehensive, like how you usually are.”

“Now that I think about it, you are acting a bit weird,” Rena leaned down to face Akane.

“So is it true? She switched our personalities?!”

“Hold on, we can’t say for certain yet…” Rena tapped her chin and scratched her head, thinking. “Ah! I have an idea!”

She got out her phone and contacted two certain people.

“Ah, Jurina, can you bring Airin over too? Thanks!”

“E-Eh? R-Rena, is that really you?”

Rena looked over at Akane. “You can say that~”

“Eh? S-say what?”

“Didn’t you just say ‘Is that really you, Rena’?”

“I… Well, I didn’t say it.. I thought it,” Akane explained. “Huh, that’s weird… It’s like she read my mind.”

“Wha..? Wait, I did!” Rena’s eyes widened.

“Eh?! You read my mind?!”

“Yes, I did! I dunno why or how, but I did! Oh my God!!!” Rena started panicking. “Wait, wait, read my mind!”

“Uh, okay…”

Rena suddenly came close to Akane and stared at her with concentration. Akane blushed a bit at their closeness, but then closed her eyes to concentrate.

“Chu-chan… I don’t know if this’ll work, but… MELONPAN MELONPAN MELONPAN!!!!!!”

“Argh, so noisy! I get it, you like melonpan!” Akane covered her ears.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEH?!?!?!?!” Rena screamed out. “We can read each other’s minds!!!”

“Why’d you get Airin and Jurina?”

“Because they’re the ones who know us both the most.”


“Come on! I told them to meet us outside!” Rena grabbed Akane’s hands and pulled her towards the door.

After waiting a bit, the two saw Jurina and Airi making their way towards them.

“Ah, there they are. Rena-cha--”

“JURINA!!!” Rena shouted as she emerged from the doorway and hugged the younger Matsui.

“Waa! R-Rena-chan?”

“Airin…” Akane looked at Airi, getting nervous again. “Eto… H-how should we say this?”

“Hm? Churi, are you okay? You seem nervous about something… You aren’t catching a cold, are you?”

Airi leaned close and felt Akane’s forehead, making the latter blush.

“No fever… but your cheeks are red.”

“A-Airin.. you’re close..!”


“Rena-chan~” Jurina whined as the girl cuddled with her. “I.. I mean, I love cuddling with Rena, but you’re hugging too tight!”

“I missed you, Jurina~ I love you~~~”

“Ehhh?! Rena-chan, maji de?!”

“Come on, Jurina~ Isn’t this where you kiss me? Chu~”

“Uwaa!” Jurina suddenly separated from the hug. “This is weird… Rena never acts like that. Normally, she’d go--”

“Stop it, Airin, really,” Akane interrupted the puppy girl. “I mean, I’m not your girlfriend.”

“Eh..?” Airi’s eyebrows furrowed.

Jurina’s eyes widened. “That’s… EXACTLY what Rena-chan would say to me!”

“Huh? Why is Churi acting like Rena? Now that I think about it…” Airi now got closer to Rena. “Rena is acting a bit like Churi as well.”

“Airin~” Rena held the girl’s face. “So cute~"

“W-well, this part is like Rena.”

“Wait, lemme try something, just to be sure…”

Jurina faced Rena again and looked her in the eyes.

“Rena, suki~”

“KYAAAAAA!!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!!!” Rena hugged the girl tighter and showered her in many kisses.

“Well… This is getting more and more awkward. But, still, why is this happening?”

“Airin, Jurina…” Akane spoke up. “Well, the thing is… me and Rena went to see this fortune teller lady because I wanted to get our fortunes read…”


“And… after we kinda, sorta.. voiced our wishes of wanting to be more like each other out loud, she… sorta switched our personalities.”

“EEEEEEEEH?!?!?!” Jurina and Airi both exclaimed.

“I-I did want a quieter Churi… But not as quiet as Rena would be!”

“I’ve always wanted a Rena who’d let me hug and kiss her… But she’s taking this overboard with Churi’s wacky personality inside her!”

“We need to fix this, I want the old Churi.”

“Me too. I want a Rena who gets all shy and embarrassed… but then again…” Jurina looked over at Rena’s twinkling eyes. “Maybe a little longer, I can have this Rena…”

“Jurina, don’t get any ideas!” Akane said.

“It would be funny,” Airi said, “To do this to Churi at least once…”

Airi walked over to Akane and hugged her, whispering something into her.

“Churi, I love it when you’re embarrassed… It makes you cuter.”

“A-Airin..!” Akane’s face got redder.

“See, it does make her much cuter!”

“Jurina~” Rena snuggled against the puppy girl.

“Rena-chan~” Jurina did the same, enjoying every second passed with this new Rena.

“But seriously though, we need to get the two back to their normal selves,” Airi then said. “Where is this fortune teller lady?”

“She was in there,” Akane points at the shop. “But, she disappeared.”

“Wait.. what?!”

“We were asleep and when we woke up, she was gone…”

“Mou! Come on, Airi!” Jurina took the older girl. “I’m gonna find that woman and make her give me back my Rena-chan!”

The two burst in and shut the door.

“Now where is she?”

“Welcome,” a voice suddenly rose. They saw the old woman was sitting in front of the crystal ball.

“That must be her…”

“What can I do for you girls?”

“We want our friends back to normal,” Airi declared.

“Oh, so you’re friends with those two from before? How nice~”


“Now please, can you turn them back?”

“I’ll see what I can do, if you can bring them back inside.”

“OK.” Jurina immediately peered outside and motioned the two to come in.

Rena and Akane stepped inside and sat in front of the woman again.

“Okay, whatever you did, change us back.”

“As you wish.”

She snapped her fingers, and the two blacked out again. Once they woke up, they looked around and saw the woman gone.

“Again?!” Akane exclaimed.

“Well? How do you guys feel?” Jurina asked.

“Airin~~~ I need a hug,” Akane rushed to Airi with her hands out wide.

“Come here,” Airi said as Akane hugged her, “Glad to have you back.”

“Rena-chan~” Jurina snuggled the girl and puckered her lips.

“No, Jurina. I’m not your girlfriend,” Rena protested.

“Now that’s the Rena I know and love.”

Jurina gave Rena a quick peck on the cheek. Rena blushed, but let her partner be.

“OK, let’s go before anything else happens.”

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Re: 48 Group OS Collection- Role Reversal (RenaChuri +JuriAiri) 15/5/16
« Reply #137 on: May 15, 2016, 10:43:44 AM »
Lol. A bold Rena and a shy Churi.  XD XD
Who would have thought it would turn out like that. Hahahaa :lol: :lol:
Thx for the update.  :) :)
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Re: 48 Group OS Collection- Role Reversal (RenaChuri +JuriAiri) 15/5/16
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For those who read this, I have a riddle for you all to solve, and this will lead up to the first part of an upcoming drabble collection. ;)

Once the stone has been dried, the lives of many will be dry. If the only person you hold dear, is the only one with red smeared on their hands, there will be only one way out, not death, not life, but somewhere in between.

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Re: 48 Group OS Collection- Drabble Collection Riddle 30/5/16
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Part 1 - If You were The Only one & A Letter From Another Past (Furuyanagi)

If You Were The Only One

Dearest Akane,

If only you were the one, I would be happy and I wouldn't have a single care in the world.

If only you were the one, I wouldn't be having any nightmares about the future.

If only you were the one, I'd know that I made the right decisions, the right choices.

Not only that, but I wouldn't feel alone anymore, not after all that I've been through. I know, this might sound like I'm acting selfish, but... If you were the only one...

I wouldn't have been through all those suicidal thoughts.

Without you, I'm worth nothing.

When I'm worth nothing, there's no other way out.

Akane... without you... I'd rather die early... than to risk a life of eternal sadness.

When, and if, you are reading this... I'm most likely preparing a rope noose... or, y'know... pointing a gun to my neck, or somewhere around that area...

Please... know this, I love you and I'd want your happiness over mine, even if it means getting rid of myself in order to do so.

If you did feel the same way... I wouldn't understand why such a tsundere princess could be in love with a worthless, pathetic idiot like me...

Anyway... Again, I love you with all my heart, and this will be the last time you'd read something from me.

Kind regards,

Furukawa Airi.


A Letter From Another Past

To my dearest lover Airi,

Please, I know your past was a rough one, but please... I want you to know something.

I-I... I don't know how to say this, but... I've met you in the past, maybe in the way you might be thinking, but no... We met before we knew each other.

I'm not the person you thought I was. I'm not truly the Akane that you know and love.


Please, understand that this is harder for me to let out, than for it be difficult for you to absorb the information.

I know this might sound OOC for me... but I used to be a yankee before I had met you.

Beating weaklings, battling strong opponents and tasting blood every time makes me feel alive.

But, when I met you... something in me felt like it had changed....

I remember the first time you had found out about my past...

When I saw you being attacked by those bastards... I couldn't help but to attack back, for your sake.

You screamed for me to get out of the way, but knowing you, you'd just let it happen to you..

"Akane...! Please...! Don't kill yourself by doing this!" You said to me, but I couldn't... I was in a trance by then.

I then felt a punch to my chest and then... pain consumed me... it hurt like fuck... but yet, I was still standing for a split second.

I then felt my knees drop to the floor, and by then, they had run away.

Please... I know reading this might make you panic... and you're probably at the hospital now, waiting for me to wake up...

But... I know that the inevitable is near... I know I'm going to die soon...

Please know, Airi... I love you more than anyone else in the whole entire world and I would be your fucking human shield if I had to be... and being with you made me realise that I shouldn't have changed my ways, even if it meant suicide on my end...

Fuck it, I would kill myself ten times over, to make sure your alive and well...

I hope we'll meet again soon... in Heaven, where we'll both finally have peace.

From your lover

Takayanagi Akane.

A/N : Here you go, the first part to my personal drabble collection... Idk how many parts this will be, most like 4 or 5... but each part will have different pairs.... And I had to start with my personal OTP first, which is the ever so dorky Furuyanagi couple. And as for the meaning to my riddle... (For Narukami if she's reading this)

Once the stone has been dried, the lives of many will be dry.

Basically, this bit is the fact that once Airin's gravestone is dried from her blood, her life will be gone, making her dead (Obviously Michael... good job...), but her death will cause a chain reaction of death.

The other part.... I won't reveal just yet. You might be able to think of it as you're reading Churi's letter to Airin. but I will reveal in due course... and the next riddle is here:

Everything becomes slow, in the midst of conflict, everything becomes blurred. From then on, it'll be a tightrope. What the tightrope is for, is a mystery, that only one person knows. As the conflict clears, someone will die, someone will live.

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