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Author Topic: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Final Lesson + Epilogue  (Read 22920 times)

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Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 8: The Dancing Beauty and the Devil Gene
« Reply #20 on: August 02, 2007, 03:50:36 AM »
That was the first time I saw Maimi-chan cry.

I saw her get hit with a punch that can level a mountain but she didn't cry.

I saw her get cut with various kinds of sharp objects but she didn't cry.

There was this one time where I didn't wanna share my Pocky sticks with her. That's when she almost cried but she didn't.

But now…

She was crying. And this guy hasn't even done anything yet aside from trying to stab her in the face. She was down on her knees, in front of this guy named Shin. He said the Maimi-chan was responsible for the death of his brother. His eyes were full of anger, eyes that belonged to someone who have no space for forgiveness. He was about to strike her with the dagger but someone told him to stop.

It was Tokunaga Chinami-chan. She wore the school uniform but she had this scarf with the Berryz Koubou logo. I didn't expect her to be one of them.

Shin knelt before her, like a servant does to his master. Chinami-chan patted his head before telling Maasa-chan, Momo and Kumai-chan that they had a reservation in this restaurant for dinner. As they left, Erika-chan, Megu-chan and I tried to help Maimi-chan get up.

The vicious fighter who stood toe to toe with Maasa-chan earlier now looked like she was the one defeated.

"Why didn't you kill me Shin?! " she shouted as Shin and the members of Berryz Koubou walked away.
"Maimi-chan, get a hold of yourself." Erika-chan said.
"S-Shun. I didn't want to...but I...but I killed him..." Maimi-chan sobbed.
"That's impossible, Maimi-chan. You wouldn't do something like that." Megu-chan told her.
"I killed him...What he said is right. I'm a murderer."
"No you didn't, Maimi-chan." I told her. "I..."
"How would you know, Airi-chan. You weren't there! You didn't see it! You didn't see it when I killed him."

Actually, I know what happened. Rika-chan told me about it before, back when Maimi-chan was meditating.

"Call me Rika-chan, dear."
"Okay. Rika-chan, who is this Shun Fujimoto-san was talking about."
"Oh, Shun-kun. Well, he was a student here. He was actually one of the top students. He was Maimi-chan's rival."
"Really? He must really be good."
"Yeah he was. And he was also Maimi-chan's first love."
"What?! Really?! No way!"
"You look angry. Are you jealous?" she said.
"Me? Of course not!"
"You're blushing."
"Okay. I'm jealous. But just a bit jealous."
"I like you Airi-chan. You know how to express your feelings."
"Tell me more about them, Rika-chan."

"When the two of them first arrived, we knew that they were the best. When you first see Shun-kun, you know that he's a natural, a prodigy. He was born to be a fighter. His reflexes weren't that of a normal human's. He can control his Ki with ease. He was already 'it', he just needed to be refined. Oh, and he was quite cute too. Maimi-chan on the other hand was the complete opposite. She's really pretty but her looks made her look fragile. She was conscious with every move she made. She had trouble with controlling her Ki. She couldn't even throw a punch or a kick with the right form. But she had inside her unlimited potential. What she needed to do was to discover it, harness it, and he would be able to equal Shun-kun, or maybe even be greater than him."

"I see."
"They did most things together. Exercise, meditating, chores..."
"The even took baths together!" Fujimoto-san shouted. "They even joined me in the spring once..."
"Shut up Miki! Can't you see Airi-chan's an innocent little girl?" Rika-chan said. "Don't mind that crazy witch. Now where was I?"
"You were telling me about Shun and Maimi-chan doing things together."
"Oh yeah. They hated each other at first. But because of those moments they spent with each other, something aside from rivalry blossomed."
"Wow! That's quite romantic."
"Yeah. It couldn't be avoided. They looked good as a couple. We were happy for them. But as the rule states: there will only be one successor of Raikou Taikyokuken."
"They will have to battle to determine who will be the successor..."
"Oh no!"

"When they were summoned and briefed regarding the rites on how to choose the next successor and what they have to do, they didn't argue with us, but we all knew that deep inside their hearts that they loathed us. We couldn't blame them though. After that meeting, that was the only time they stopped doing things togeth..."
"Execpt taking baths!" shouted Miki again. "And hear this, I saw Shun sneak into Maimi's room that night before their match and then I heard her sobbing and...I can only imagine what they were doing back there."
"Don't pay any attention to her Airi-chan. After that meeting, they trained away from each other. They rarely talked when they saw each other."

"Poor Maimi-chan."

"At last, the time came for them to fight. Of course, Shun-kun had the advantage. Maimi-chan blocked his attacks but because his attacks were relentless, she couldn't find a chance to hit back. When Maimi-chan finally got a chance, she was able to hit him, causing Shun-kun to throw up a lot of blood. Strange markings appeared on Shun-kun's arms. Maimi-chan apologized but then Shun-kun charged his hands with his Ki and attacked her. He missed but his punch destroyed the tiles on the floor."

"What are doing? You could have killed me with that! What's wrong with you?"
"I have to be the successor Maimi, even if it means that I have to kill you."
"What are you..."
"I went here to become the successor."
"I said you loved me. Was that just a lie?"
"It wasn't part of my plan, to fall in love with you, Maimi. But I have to do what I have to do..."

"What an asshole!"
"Don't judge him yet, Airi-chan."

"Maimi-chan couldn't beleive that he said and she began to cry. But that was the catalyst to unlocking her power. The sleeping dragon inside her woke up. Her Ki, mixed with the raw raikou energy started to rush out of her body. Shun-kun ran towards her to deliver the final blow but Maimi-chan was able to land her punch first , which was charged with her energy, on Shun's chest. And that was it. Her punch was so strong, it destroyed Shun-kun's upper garments which was made of high durability synthetic materials. Then the strange markings disappeared from his body. She knew he wouldn't be able to survive. Maimi-chan begged him not to give up but he couldn't do what she asked him to. Not that time. When Shun-kun finally ran out of breath, Maimi-chan ran out of the match hall crying. We found her later that day crying in front of a tree where there was a love love umbrella with her name and Shun-kun's etched on it.

"Maimi-chan. She killed him? She couldn't..."
"You are right. Maimi-chan didn't kill him."

"Shun-kun talked to us before the match. He revealed that he belonged to a cursed bloodline called the Devil Gene. This blood was responsible for making him a great fighter but it is evil and it was slowly taking over his mind. He begged us not to tell Maimi-chan about it. He said that it would be a waste if he became the successor because he knew that once he mastered Raikou Taikyokuken, the cursed blood will take over and use it to do evil things. We wanted to call off the match but he insisted that it should push through. He told us that he will use it to help unlock Maimi-chan's power and for her to defeat the Devil Gene. He wanted Maimi-chan to become the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken because he knows that Maimi-chan was good and her intentions were pure.It's true that the punch Maimi-chan hit him with was powerful and he could have lived if he wanted to but the Devil Gene reacted and knew that Shun-kun doesn't want it to manifest and take over him, so it destroyed his other cells, causing his death."

"You haven't told Maimi-chan about it?"
"No. It burdens us to keep a secret such as that but that would be for the best. And now you'll have to keep that secret too, Airi-chan."
"Maimi-chan deserves to know."
"Yes she does. But if she knew about it, would it be able to bring back Shun-kun or rewrite history? I doubt that."
"I see. I'll do my best Rika-chan."
"Thank you, Airi-chan. Also, if ever Maimi-chan breaks down, starts doubting herself or when she cries, just tell her the last words Shun-kun told her before he passed away..."

"A dancing beauty set me free from a curse and her fists are the only ones worthy of Raikou Taikyokuken."

*sniff* *sniff* Maimi-chan stopped sobbing. "Where did you hear that, Airi-chan?" she asked.
"It just popped out of my head Maimi-chan."
"I see." she said as she stood up. "If they are really brothers, then there's nothing I can do about it. But what is his connection to Berryz Kou..."
"It looks like that Shin guy is a member of Berryz Koubou." Megu-said.
"Nah. They're all girls. But I heard that the Berryz leader looks like a boy." Erika added.
"Really? I heard that the leader was tiny!" I said.
"I think fighting him is unavoidable. I just hope he knows what he's fighting for..."

"He doesn't."

We turned around to see who it was.

"" Maimi-chan said.

"Shin. He's being mind-controlled..."
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - The Dancing Beauty and the Devil Gene
« Reply #21 on: August 09, 2007, 04:15:45 AM »
nice, I come back from vacation to discover 2 new chapters

The whole dancing beauty/devil gene reminds me of one of the storylines in the Tekken game.
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - The Dancing Beauty and the Devil Gene
« Reply #22 on: August 09, 2007, 08:47:35 AM »
I can't comment earlier, now i feel great because i can.

2 words, awesome fic!

Go Maimi! ( can't wait for the leader to make her appearance, and dammit! she doesn't look like a boy!!)

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Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #23 on: September 14, 2007, 09:15:12 AM »
"Do you know her Maimi-chan?" Airi asked.
"Yes. I know her. She went to the dojo before. I just can't remember her name..."
"Ishimura Maiha." the girl said.
"Oh yeah! Maiiha-chan. I remember. She's knows Ryujin-waza, the technique created by Shun's family."
"Ah, so she's a fighter too." exclaimed Erika. "But she looks too cute to be one. Also. won't height be a problem for her?"
"I've sparred with her before. They declared it a draw but it was obvious that she was trying to pull her punches. She's good Erika-chan."
"That was a long time ago, Maimi. I bet you can defeat me now with just a kick." Maiha said.
"Hmmm. How come your name sounds familiar? I'm sure I've heard that before..." said Megumi.
"Are you sure you're not part of the Berryz?" Maiha asked Megumi as she gave her a dagger stare.
"Are you saying that I'm some kind of a spy?" Megumi lashed back and grabbed Maiha by her collar.
"Stop it you two." Airi said as she went between them to pry them from each other. "We're all friends here."

Megumi let go of Maiha and gave as small bow while saying sorry. Maiha did the same.

"How'd did they know about him?" Airi asked.
"That Chinami girl, she said that she just found the dojo from Google, then she arrived one day, saying she wants to borrow Shin for a while. Shin tried to confront her but there was a bright light then we could see again, Shin wasn't his normal self."
"Chinami-chan has magic powers?" Airi asked. "I thought that she was the techie kind of girl with all her gadgets and stuff."
"She wasn't alone. There was another girl. She was holding some paper in her hands and kept folding them into something. I think she's the one with the magic powers. Plus she was wearing witch clothes."
"Oooh. So they really are in fashion now!" said Erika.
"Witch clothes? I see..." Megumi added.
"Maimi. I need your help." Maiha said as she knelt in front of them. "We need to free Shin from whatever's controlling him."
"We will help you, Maiha-chan."
"Then we must hurry. If Shin-kun becomes consumed by hatred, he will never become the successor of Ryujin-waza. If he spills blood with his hands, his right to be the successor will be stripped from him."

The Next Day...

Maimi, Airi, Erika and Megumi met in front of the school's gate...

"So Airi-chan, what's the plan?" Maimi asked.
"I asked Chisato-chan and Maimai to spy on Chinami-chan and Shin."
"I see. Wait, how much did they charge you this time?"
"They said it's free. Since your fight with Maasa-chan destroyed their classroom, they don't have classes today."
"Ah. Okay. Erika-chan, did you find out any info on how to break a mind control spell?"
"I tried to look for some in the internet and found only two."
"What are they?"
"One is a kiss from a true love..."
"Oookay. I guess we won't be able to use that solution. Unless of course, we know who his true love is. What's the other one?"
"Well, the other one is by umm...seduction."
"I see. Now that would be easier. Girls are always a guy's weakness. So, who's gonna do it?" Maimi asked.

Airi, Erika and Megumi looked at her at the same time. Erika revealed a bunny suit from her bag while Airi took out a make-up kit. Megumi held a rope, in case Maimi tries to escape.

"No way! You're not going to make me do it. No way!"

Before they could tie her up, Maiha appeared.

"Yo, Maimi! I just saw Shin-kun bring a small girl to the clinic. I think the kid's name was Mai or something. The was another girl too, but I don't think she was hurt though."

Upon hearing this, the girls rushed to the school clinic. As they burst into the room, they saw Shin and Chisato. But Mai was nowhere to be found. Maimi grabbed Shin by the neck and pinned him against the wall.

"You bastard! You don't really have a heart huh? Why did you have to do this? I'd let you kill me if you have to, but I won't forgive you if hurt these girls! Leave them alone!"

Shin's eyes turned red and slapped Maimi's hand away. Obviously, that was the sign that he was under some kind of spell again. He walked out of the room slowly. Once he was outside...

"I'll wait for you upstairs..." he said as he vanished.

Maimi didn't make him wait. She followed him immediately. After Maimi left, the girls heard a flush and Mai came out of the comfort room. There were some bandages on her knee and on her elbows.

"Maimai! Are you okay? Did Shin hurt you?" Airi asked.
"Nah. They're just small scratches. I'm fine."
"But why are you and Chisato here?" asked Erika.
"Well, Maimai and I were following him earlier, then he talked to us and asked us if we wanted to eat some snacks with him in the rooftop. He's a nice guy. I don't know why you think he's a bad person. I think he's just lonely." Chisato answered. "He carried Maimai here after she fell from the stairs.
"Yeah. He's a nice kid. If he didn't bring me here right away, I would've been more hurt. I'm just wondering who was that who pushed me."
"Someone pushed you?" Megumi asked.
"I'm not really sure. I felt a hand on my back before I fell down. But I'm sure it wasn't Shin-kun because Chisato was talking with him."
"Umm, have you girls noticed where Maiha-chan went? She's gone again." said Airi.


Maimi and Shin stood a few steps away from each other.

"Shun wrote a lot of letters to me while he was still training in your dojo. He always wrote something about you. He said that you were a wonderful person, someone who would put others first before herself. But how come I just see a bitch in front of me right now?"
"It's because you're blinded. Someone or something is controlling you. I can help you, Shin. I can..."
"...Kill me too? That's your specialty right?"
"Stop that! I'm not a killer!"
"Tell me Maimi. Why did you kill him? Why did you kill Shun?"
"I didn't kill him. It was an accident."
"An accident huh. So it's only by accident you became the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken."
"Speechless? So it's true. You killed him so that you can be what he was supposed to become."
"I loved Shun with all my heart. I don't care if I'm the successor or not. I don't care about what you say anymore. I know what my feelings are. And I know the truth. I don't want to fight you, but if by fighting you brings you back to your senses, then I won't hold back."
"Good!" the voice came from a girl. "Because we won't hold back either!"

Maimi looked behind her. It was Chinami. She was wearing some kind of high tech belt and after saying 'henshin', she was covered in some kind of armor. Then Maimi looked left. There was a girl with a floating crystal ball beside her. She was holding some kind of paper talismans. Then Maimi looked to her right...

"I'm a member of Berryz Koubou, Maimi. Always was, always will be."
"Maiha-chan. How could you do this? We trusted you."
"Too bad Maiha-chan happened to be from your boyfriend's familiy's dojo. It made it a lot easier for us." Chinami said. "I'm sorry, Maimi-chan. But we have to get rid of you before you bring any more shame to our group."
"Four of you against me isn't shameful enough for you?" asked Maimi.
"Nah. Only the three of us will be fighting you. She's just here to watch and make sure that Shin won't be able to break her spell." Chinami said as she pointed at the girl with the crystal ball.
"I..." electrical surges began to crawl out of Maimi's body.
"If you beg for mercy, maybe we'll let you go...with just a few cuts and bruises." Chinami said.
"I won't be defeated!"

With that, Maimi put on an offensive stance while Shin, Maiha and Chinami prepared to begin their assault...
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #24 on: September 14, 2007, 05:28:36 PM »
Poor Maiha, she's just as bad as all the rest... Though it makes sense, since all the Berryz Koubou are bad. :twisted: I wonder if Maimi's gonna get her ass kicked up on that roof...

You know, since I'm more of a Berryz fan, there's a part of me that's hoping the Berryz do triumph over Maimi and her group and take over the world.  :lol: Now that would be fun... *ponders*

It's nice to see another chapter!

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #25 on: September 15, 2007, 01:40:41 PM »
Raburi maimi is raburi! Go maimi!

Dimpled saboteur indeed :D I wonder what she is capable of :3 Some brain scattering punch?

Your fic wins, words!

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #26 on: March 15, 2008, 04:34:09 AM »
I liked this too Fanfic!
Please continue!
The writer's great!
I love Maimi and Airi.
SL brilliant the senpai, Yossie, Miki, and Rika Yuko.
Lack Abe and Aya Matsuura-san!
Please continue !!!!!
Continue with the story!
Please! :muffin: :muffin: :muffin: :lol: :lol: :yep: :yep:
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #27 on: March 16, 2008, 12:01:04 AM »
I agree! This story is EPIC! I started reading this for Maimi and the fights, but the love story part of it is very emotional. Please continue it! Or at least give it a proper ending.

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #28 on: March 16, 2008, 03:10:31 AM »
I also agree!
This story is amazing genius!
Please continue estimated writer!
It's great, magnificent, beautiful!
Please follow !!!!!!
I captivated to this story!
It is beautiful!
I imagine Miyabi to being the most powerful  rival of Maimi.
This history has left me on hold!
Please continue! Please! Please! Please! Please!

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 9: Dimpled Saboteur
« Reply #29 on: April 19, 2008, 10:27:19 PM »
We have abandoned.
As good story like this.
And now truly face Berryz and C-ute.
And neither thus writes in this topic.

= Saki and Erika does not like the battles.
But ...
Both showed their few forces, both wanted to knock down to the ground, but did not succeed that Erika was about to hit Saki, but ...
Saki was clinging to Umeda and both did not achieve their goal, because an attack was laughter seized from them.
No winner
= A long comabte full of challenges and innocence Saki Nakajima beat Risako Sugaya. At the end Saki showed his secret weapon. (Strategy) Winner Saki Nakajima!!!
= Ah been a very difficult and complicated grief, the challenge of kawai! At the end Momo-chan pushes Mai and Mai  lost even be so small.
= He was a fighter too odds where each showed his traps and strategies hidden at the end Arihara showed his talent nervous about putting the person and distract with his playful eyes and wanting to touch Chinami. Chinami intimidated comes running and lost.
Arihara Winner!
=Airi faces to the thick and muscled arms of the dreaded Sudou.
Sudou are available to take them by the arms and start to Airi in the wind.
But in his attempt to Airi crouch down and Sudou encountered and fell to the ground crushing Airi.
Airi all unconscious, and Sudou alike, the blow was severe. (Not Winner)
=This has been the most difficult battle of all!
The more equalized.
     Yurina a difficult opponent to overcome, even though his face serious and calm.
But in the end defeated Maimi to Yurina defeated by his agility and speed, so you confuse this Yurina and Maimi attack! (The spirit of the strength of Maimi to win always showed) Winner Maimi Yajima (Leader)
=Also another difficult battle.
 Miyabi succeeds to demolish Chisato but Chisato come back to stand up and goes to Miyabi again. one after again for Miyabi, but were not given Chisato.
Until Miyabi sack excessive force and courage, with his penetrating gaze to Chisato. Chisato was staggering and Miyabi take to make your technique on deadly Okai!. Winner: Miyabi Natsuyaki!

Continue with the story please!
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Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
« Reply #30 on: May 05, 2008, 08:04:54 AM »
Suzuki Manor

"W-where am I?"
"Oh, hello! You're awake. Finally. You're in our guest room."
"W-who are you?"
"My name is Airi Suzuki. I'm a friend of Maimi-chan."
"Maimi? Yajima Maimi?"
"Where is she?"  Shin asked as he sat up. "Did I do something to her?"
"She's alright. You should keep on resting, Shin-kun. You took quite a beating."
"What happened? Could you tell me, Suzuki-san? I can't remember anything."
"Sure." Airi said as she sat beside Shin's bed. "Well, Chinami-chan, Maiha-chan and you were fighting Maimi-chan on the rooftop. Hey, do you want some grapes? I can peel them for you."
"T-thanks. Please, go on with the story."
"Maimi-chan was able to hold off your attacks until Maiha-chan used a binding technique to stop her from moving. You and Chinami-chan were able to land some hits and then she ordered you to finish Maimi-chan off. You were about to blast her with your Magical Rainbow laser beam..."
"Magical Rainbow laser beam?" Shin asked as he raised one of his eyebrows.
"Yeah, that. Say ahh." Airi said as she tried to feed him some grapes.
"No need to do that, Suzuki-san. I can...ouch." Shin didn't notice that his right arm was heavily wrapped with bandages. "Oh, alright."
"Say ahh..."

After a few minutes of feeding Shin with peeled grapes...

"Thank you, Suzuki-san. I feel a lot better now."
"Well, you should be. Maimi-chan told me to take care of you. Or else she won't go to the zoo with me."
"So, could you continue the story?"
"Oh, okay. Where was I?"
"I was about to blast Maimi."
"I remember! You were about to blast Maimi-chan with your Mega Prism deluxe wave."
"My what?!"
"Whatever. You were going to blast her but you hesitated. I think Maimi-chan said something that made you stop. Chinami-chan ordered you to do it but you didn't, so she asked the Berryz with the crystal ball to increase her hypnotism but it seemed that it was at its limit and the crystal ball broke and you became unconscious. Hmm, I think I've seen that girl before too, the one with the crystal ball."
"So I was brainwashed. I'm such a failure. How did I end up here?"
"Maiha-chan and Chinami-chan tried to finish the fight with their special attacks but before it could hit Maimi-chan, you went in front of her to protect her."
"I see."
"Maimi-chan got free and it looked like she was really angry. She walked towards Maiha-chan and Chinami-chan and slapped them both. Maiha-chan was about to retaliate but then her phone rang. It was her mom and was she asking her to go home since she had exams the next day. She tried to reason out but her mom threatened to ground her and cut her allowance if she didn't go home, so she left. Chinami-chan just smiled and accepted defeat. Then she invited Maimi-chan to go bowling with her. The nerve! Like I'd let Maimi-chan do that!"
"Haha. Why not?"
"I have my reasons."
"Well...Maimi-chan is..."
"I know, Maimi-chan is cute but..."
"I wasn't talking about her when I said cute, Suzuki-chan." Shin said as he held Airi's hands. "I..."
"You are cute, Suzuki-chan."


A red faced Shin let go of Airi's hands. Airi, whose face was all red as well, ran towards Maimi and hid behind her.
"What do you think you're doing?" Maimi asked. "Do you know how old she is?"
"Sorry. I couldn't help it. She's...she's just too cute. Oh I'm only fourteen, mind you. You're older than me."
"I know that she's cute. But don't try to hit on her again."
"Are you jealous?"
"Of course. No one else tried to hit on me. Besides Shun. And Erika. And Airi-chan. And...wait, let me clarify that. No other guy tried to hit on me, except Shun."
"Haha. I won't hit on you. There's no way I'll be able to take Shun's place. And besides I wont think Suzuki-chan would let me do that, right Suzuki-chan?"
"It's good that you know." Airi said as she clamped on Maimi's arm. "Maimi-chan, lets go take a bath with Erika-chan and Mai-chan and Chisato-chan and Megu-chan."
"Ummm, okay. But I want to talk to Shin first."
"I'll wait for you."
"I can take care of myself."
"I won't hit on her, Suzuki-chan."
"No! I will wait for Maimi-chan!" Airi said as she purred on Maimi's arm. "Nyaa!"
"Okay." Maimi said as she patted her head. "It won't take long anyway."
"I'm sorry with what happened to Shun. It's my fault. You have every right to be angry with me. If you want to do it, do it. You can kill me, I won't stop you."
"Maimi-chan?" Airi said as she tightened her hold on Maimi's arms. "What are you saying?"
"You can kill me Shun. But please, do it after I have freed our school from Berryz Kou...Berryz Kouk..."
"Right. Berryz Koubou. "
"Fine. If that's what will give you peace of mind."
"Thank you."
"But I won't do it. I don't have to."
"If I said that I wanted to kill you before, it's just because of the brainwashing they did to me."
"I see."
"Shun was really lucky to have someone like you. And he was right. You would put others first before yourself."
"How do you know?"
"He wrote about you in his letters. He said that you're a sweet and kind girl, but always ready to take on any challenge."
"He also said that you eat a lot, don't wash the dishes and snore in your sleep."
"Kidding. But that bastard Shun didn't tell me something really important."
"What is it?"
"He didn't say that you were a lot prettier in person."
"I'm not used to flattery but thanks."
"Your face is all red, Maimi-chan!" Airi said.
"I would like to know more about you though.  Because you are the last link I have to my brother.  Shun knows that you worked hard to become the successor of Raikou Taikyokuken. I know that too, and I can see it. You deserve to become the successor. You can still help a lot of people but if I grant your request, you won't be able to do that. Maybe we can just spar someday, but please, wear some less distracting clothes or I will surely lose."
"Just promise me that you will use the power of Raikou Taikyokuken to help those in need."
"I promise."
"Nice. It's settled then. I never had anything against you. When I heard of Shun's death, I didn't blame you for it. It wasn't your fault Maimi, you should stop thinking that it was your fault."
"T-thank you Shin. And thanks for saving me back there."
"No problem. You’re a friend of Shun and his friends are my friends too. Besides, if you got killed because of me, I won't be able to hold Suzuki-chan's hands again."
"Haha. Right."
"That's not funny!" Airi said.
"You know, Maimi, you could have been my sister-in-law. I should call you oneechan." said Shin.
"No way! That makes me sound old. Just call me Maimi."
"Okay. Wait, why are you two still here anyway? Don't you have classes?"
"After Chinami and Maiha destroyed half the school? Classes have been suspended indefinitely."
"But the classrooms will probably be back in a few weeks so we have to enjoy this surprise vacation. Let's go Maimi-chan." Airi said.

"I see. Alright, I think I need to rest now. See you two later." Shin said as he lay down and covered himself with a blanket.
"Later Shin." Maimi and Airi said as they started to walk outside.

"On second thought…"
"Hmm? What is it?"
"I have one last request."
"You want us to turn off the lights?"
"What then?"
"Can I....take a bath with you girls too?"


"What do you think, Airi-chan?"
"Why not? But he's gonna need to wear a blindfold."
"Yosh!" Shin said as he got off the bed
"Wait, what?!"

Berryz Hideout

"Ha! I beat you again Maa-chan!" Momoko said as she raised her hands in the air, the gloves's cables still dangling. "I'm the champ!"
"Well, it's because I let you beat me. But fine, I will treat you with crepes later."
"Don't you get tired of that boxing toy Momo?" Yurina asked. "You should be working out."
"It's a good workout. I'm sure it will help me when I get a rematch with Maimi. I can punch faster now!"
"Now that Chinami has also lost, only Captain and Miya are left to fight her." Maasa said.
"Miya could win, if she stopped looking at herself in the mirror most of the time and actually started to practice. Remember, she was the only one who almost beat Captain. But without any training, she might be rusty." Momoko said.
"Where is she anyway?"
"She's had her crystal ball repaired." Risako told them. "And it was quite expensive. That Maimi girl should be prepared to get her ass kicked."
"I will defeat her, Rii-chan. I won't forgive her for humiliating Berryz Koubou like that." Miyabi said as she entered the room.
"How do you plan to fight her, Miya?" Maasa asked. "You already have something in mind?"
"I..." before Miyabi could answer the question, Momoko cut her short.
"Just don't challenge her in cooking, you know you don't have a chance..."
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
« Reply #31 on: May 05, 2008, 07:33:03 PM »
Write the following chapter.
it will be very interesting!!!
Do not be taken very much, because I will be dead!!!
I want already to see the battle of Maimi and Miyabi.
It will be interesting and amazing!!!!!
Since both have the same character almost.
Maimi and Airi. Miyabi and Risako!!
pure love!!!
Airi will be concerned about Maimi.
And Risako will be concerned at Miyabi.
What will be the result?
Please type the next chapter soon!
Now this more interesting than ever!
  Maimi but that will seriously injured, Miyabi is a difficult opponent!
and is one of the latter, because it is too strong!
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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
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Yay! This is awesome! Thanks for digging this up and updating it. :muffin:

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
« Reply #33 on: June 12, 2008, 04:35:26 AM »
It is time the other chapters do not you think?
Continue, please!!!!!!!!
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Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 11: Re:Invent
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After 5 weeks, classes resumed in Taikosaku. The buildings that were destroyed during the previous battle were restored. Airi's dad is a member of the school board and so are some of the Berryz's parents. They decided that in order to avoid another situation like that, and for the safety of the other students, they had an arena built for Berryz Koubou, so they will just have an official place to do battle and not just demolish anything or everything within the school grounds.

Megumi, Erika, Kanna, Chisato and Mai would sit with Maimi and Airi during lunchtime. Chinami would join them sometimes and share her lunch, which was made by other Berryz members. (She gave them assurance that it's not poisoned by asking Momoko to taste it first.) Also, she would try to convince them to join Berryz Koubou. Maimi would get mad but not to the point where she'd hit Chinami because Chinami was just too friendly with them. Maimi thinks it's just an act but the other girls don't think so.

Shin was assigned as a school monitor. A school monitor of an all-girls school. He applied for the position because he felt he was partly responsible for the destruction of the buildings, so the school officials took him in. Some of his duties include checking the uniform and recording tardy students. He still tries to hit on Airi occasionally but stops when Maimi gives him the glare.

One day, when they were having their lunch...

"Do you girls know anyone named Miyabi?" Maimi asked.
"Her name sounds familiar." Erika said.
"I know her. She was my classmate before and we always did projects together." Megumi said. "You remember her, don't you Airi-chan?"
"Miyabi? As in Natsuyaki Miyabi? Of course I know her. Why Maimi-chan?" asked Airi.
"Umm, she dropped a letter in my locker."
"Really?!!! That's cool!"
"Miya-chan's a fashion icon here in school. Whatever clothes she wears, whatever hair color she has, it'll look good. She even has some groupies from other schools."
"I see."
"What does the letter say anyway? Is it a love letter? Is she asking you out? If she is, I'm gonna be jealous. What does it say? What does it say?"
"Love letter? It's more like a challenge." Maimi said as she showed them envelope. The envelope had the Berryz Koubou seal stamped on it.
"Miya-chan is a member of Berryz?" Airi said in amazement. "Oh wow! I never thought she was one of them."
"I think she was the one with the crystal ball before, the one who was controlling Shin-kun. Tell me Airi-chan, does this Miyabi have a, you know...long chin?"
"Long chin? What are you saying Maimi-chan? Don't let any of her groupies hear you talk about her like that."
"Oh, okay. But does she have a long chin?"
"Ummm, yeah, I think so."
"So that was her. Hmm. Her letter says that I have to meet her in the arena after class. I wonder what kind of fighting style she has..."
"You two are going to fight?"
"Maybe. Fight? Cook? Run? Sing?  Who knows? We will see later."
"Can we come along?" Chisato asked. "We want to see if you can cook."
"Yeah." added Mai. "Maybe we can record the fight and sell it to the groupies."
"You can't come along. It's dangerous."
"Don't worry Maimi-oneechan. I will protect Airi-chan and the others." said Shin as he appeared out of nowhere.
"Yay! We can go with you know, right Miami-chan?"
"Fine. But once a fight breaks out, I want everyone out of the arena okay?"
"Okay!" the others said in unison.
"And what were you doing under the table, Shin?"
"I...was...checking if all of you were wearing the correct socks. You know, uniform inspection."
"Yeah right. I'll let that pass for now. Hmm. This bento tastes great. Even if it's a bit sweet."
"We put sugar in that." Mai told her. "You didn't notice?"

"You don't see it until you are told."

The Arena, after school hours...

"This place...." said Maimi. "I-I don't know what to say."
"Wow! This arena sure is something else! It's got cameras all over and even seats for viewers." Erika said.
"Where do they get the funds to make things like these?" Shin asked.
"This is Taikosaku. Anything can happen." Megumi told her.
"Hmm so this is what Papa was telling me about before." said Airi. "But I never knew that it would be completed this fast."

The arena's structure was of that of coliseum. There was a large, round-shaped ring at the center where the combatants will face each other. Maimi and the others couldn't control their amazement.

Suddenly, all the lights went up and students started filling up the seats.

"What the?"
"Welcome, Yajima Maimi."

The voice came from a person inside the ring. It was a girl who was wearing witch clothes. She removed the hood to reveal her identity.

"Natsuyaki Miyabi, I presume." said Maimi as she headed for the ring.
"Yeah. That's me. Hello Airi-chan, Megu."
"You never told me you were a Berryz member Miya-chan." Airi told her.
"If I told you, would you have joined us?" asked Miyabi. "And besides, you're too innocent and cute for us Airi-chan. If we let you in, we'll have to kick Momo out."
"Hey! That's not funny Miya!" Momoko said from one of the seats."My cuteness can co-exist with her peacefully!"
"I was kidding Momo. Airi-chan's not a fighter type and that's the reason why we couldn't make her one of us. Although she fills the other requirements perfectly."
"What do you want from me?" Maimi said as she stepped into the ring.
"I have to defeat you. And I will defeat you. In front of your friends, and in front of all the other students in Taikosaku." said Miya as she put on a fighting pose. "For the pride of our group."
"Shin..." Maimi was interrupted before she could tell Shin her instructions.
"No need to get them to safety Maimi. The ring has been sealed the moment you set your foot in it."

Miyabi fired an electric beam from her finger. The beam dissipated as soon at it reached the edge of the ring.

"There's an invisible barrier that prevents anything from the inside from coming out. It's strong enough even to contain the technique you used to defeat Maa-chan with."
"I see. So that would lessen the collateral damage."
"Correct. We can go all out here without worrying about anyone getting hurt, except ourselves. But you will getting most of it."
"That technique you used earlier, it's..."
"Raikou Bolt? Yes it is. You were able to defeat the other members using your Raikou Taikyokuken so...I figured that the only way to beat fire is with fire. In this case, it's lightning vs. lightning."
"I didn't just lie around and get lazy during those five weeks of vacation. I hired someone to teach me Raikou Taikyokuken and in just five weeks, I was able to master it. I'd like you to meet my sensei..." Miyabi said as she turned around and bowed to the shadows.

A woman stepped into the light and it was someone who was definitely familiar to Maimi...

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 10: Convalesce
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At first I was like "MIKI?! HOW COULD YOU?!"

Then I'm like "What'd she have to do to get Miki to teach her?" XD

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 11: Re:Invent
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^ :lol: Now that you mention it, Hmmm :P

But what I thought was that Miki is really smart and just sabotaged Miya when training her... interesting!

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 11: Re:Invent
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^That sounds like it could've happened.Miki's a smart girl.

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Re: Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 11: Re:Invent
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Because it has left so?
I will not be able to sleep tonight!
Please type the next chapter soon.
It is a great punishment in subjecting this to me!
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Raikou Shojo Maimi - Lesson 12: Sans Rival
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"Hello Maimi-chan! You look great in your seifuku." Miki told her. "If your socks were a bit more higher, I would have turned gay for you. But eitherway, you're just plain hot."
"Fujimoto-senpai?! Are you mind-controlling her?" Maimi said as she grabbed Miyabi by the skull-patterned necktie she wore.
"Or course not." answered Miyabi. She took out her crystal ball and slammed it on the ground. "There. Now go check if I'm controlling her or not."
"What? I gotta do something to make a living. I need to get my hands on a PS3 you know. And I saw these new clothes in the mall the other day..."
"Are you drunk again?"
"Pff. If I was drunk, do you think I'd still have my clothes on?"
"Y-you have a point. So you really taught her..."
"Well duh? Didn't Rika and the others tell you that we have website inviting people to study in our school? She applied and we took her in. There's nothing wrong with that right?"
"Yeah. But she's..."
"The only problem is we didn't know that she was gonna use it to fight you. She just said that she wanted to get rid of the bully in their school."
"I-I'm the bully?"
"I didn't know too until now. So yeah, you can put the blame on us. Any of us could have been her sensei. I don't know why she chose me though. I was out cold when they were interviewing her."
"I just felt that we had some things in common." Miya said.
"Like the lack of Maimi-chan's 'assets'? If you know what I'm talking about." said Miki as she winked at Miya.
"I-I don't know what you're talking about."
"Yeah right. Anyway, why don't you try fighting her, Maimi-chan? You know, just to check your skills. Miya is pretty good herself you know."
"Of course. You're my sensei." Miya said.
"Heh. Stop praising me or it might get into my head hehe." said Miki. "And flattery won't help you get my non-Raikou techniques."
"I know. I'm not in a rush to get boys yet anyway."
"Who said those techniques only work on boys?"
"A-are you sure this is okay, senpai?" Maimi asked.
"Yeah. You're not breaking any of the rules. Miya is still the bad guy here. Go ahead, start tearing off each other's seifuku already."
"Maimi-chan, look out!" warned Airi.
"Raikou Knuckle!"

Miyabi was the first one to make a move. She thought she got a clean hit on Maimi's face but Maimi was able to catch her punch. She released a kick, but it was also caught. Maimi was now holding one of her hands and one of her legs. Miya tried to break free but Maimi just let her go, making her loose her balance and fall on the ground. As she tried to stand up, she saw Maimi's version of Raikou Knuckle approaching her face. She didn't have any time to block or dodge it but she didn't have to for Maimi stopped before it could connect. She extended her hand to help Miya stand up. As soon as she stood up, she attacked Maimi with kicks and punches but Maimi was able to parry them all. Miya backed down and kept her distance.

"So this is the power of the successor. Impressive." Miya said as she smiled as she dusted herself. "It's greater than I have imagined."
"The form of your punches and kicks were impressive too. It's as graceful as Ishikawa-senpai's attacks and as strong as Yoshizawa-senpai's strikes." replied Maimi who was smiling as well. "If you want, we can go train together during the summer break."
"I'll think about it. But now, why don't you go all out. Fujimoto-sensei didn't show any mercy when we were sparring."
"She didn't touch you excessively, didn't she? You know, in those places..."
"You mean that wasn't part of the training? Why that sneaky...anyway, let's continue."

The two started exchanging blows but neither could get a clean hit. Maimi thought that she already has Miya's reaction speed in check but everytime she was almost gonna hit her, Miya was able to evade. The same goes for Miya. She already doubled her attack rate but she still couldn't catch Maimi. The arena was getting loud. Miya's groupies kept cheering for her while some of the students cheered for Maimi.

"Hello Miki-san!" said Airi as she approached Miki.
"Why hello there Airi-cha...what the? What are you doing with a ghost?!"
"S-Shun! What is he doing here?!"
"Oh. That's not Shun. He is Shin-kun, his brother."
"What a relief. I thought Shun came back to haunt me for not giving him tips on how to make out when he was asking for them."
"Nevermind. It looks like the supporters here are divided evenly."
"Who do you think will win, Miki-san?"
"I'm not sure Airi-chan. But if you base it on who will lose all of her clothes first, I think M..."

Suddenly the crowd went silent. Miki and Airi focused their attention on the ring.

Maimi caught Miya with a punch to the midsection. Miya staggered and slowly stepped back. Maimi followed her with a kick which she was able to block. But Maimi followed it up with another kick, sending Miya halfway across the ring. Miya got onto her knees. She saw Maimi running towards her and was ready to hit her with a flying knee. Miya used her ki to propel her out of the way. She kept a safe distance from Maimi's attacks as she tried to recover. The Maimi supporters started to cheer again.

"That really hurt you know! Damn, those hurt a lot more that any of Fujimoto-sensei's attacks."
"S-sorry. Maybe we should stop now."
"No way! I'm enjoying this a lot, really." Miya said as she finally got back on her feet. "I think this is the time I use my original technique."
"Original? Cool. Let's see it."
"Sure. But that will secure my victory."
"Don't be too sure."

Miya closed her eyes and started to channel her ki.

"Fujimoto-sensei showed me her original technique and I just got an idea from it."
"Fujimoto Original, Raikou Death Glare?"
"Yes, that one. I liked it a lot when she demonstrated it but I wanted to improvise. Afterall, it won't be fun if I kill the enemy in an instant."
"Well, Fujimoto-senpai always wanted things to be done fast."
"Yeah. Alright. Get ready Maimi!"

Maimi prepared for whatever Miyabi was gonna throw at her. Miya slowly opened her eyes.

"Natsuyaki Original, Gorgon Stare!"

Maimi didn't feel anything. She started to check herself and she didn't get any wounds or anything.

"Don't be impatient Maimi. You'll know what it does to you in a few more seconds."
"If it doesn't work, then you lose, Miya."
"Of course it will work. I tried it out on Momo a couple of times already."
"So that's why I couldn't get off my chair before!" Momoko shouted from her seat. "It was you Miya! You paralyzed me! And I thought I just had a bad case of cramps! Or maybe the poison from Chinami's lunch started to kick in!"

Maimi understood what Momoko was talking about when she tried to look at her from the crowd. She wasn't able to turn and look into her direction. She tried to raise her arms but to no avail. She couldn't feel her body. She couldn't even blink. All she could do was watch as a grinning Miyabi approached her.

"What did..." she could still utter some words. "I can't..."
"How does it feel to be turned into stone, Maimi? As you said earlier, sensei wants things to be done fast. Maybe that's the only thing we don't have in common. You may be immobile but I'm sure you can still feel pain, right?" Miya said as she slapped Maimi. She only stopped when the edges of Maimi's lips started to bleed.

"I'm going to give you a slow and painful defeat..."

"Because you humiliated our group..."

"And because you hurt Rii-chan."
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