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Author Topic: [AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 6 pt.1(2015/10/24)  (Read 37299 times)

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[AtsuMina]How You Stole My Heart - Chapter 6 pt.1(2015/10/24)
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Hello everyone! :) This is my first time here, so please take care of me. I've been a guest silent reader for quite a long time now and became a member just recently. I didn't have the confidence to write a story since I was afraid of being criticize, but after reader a good number of amazing fanfictions in this forum and became inspired by them. I tried to encourage myself to write something like the others.

This is obviously my first attempt, so I hope you would like it.

P.S: It's base on an anime I watched with my sister a really long time ago, but I plan to create it in my own way and make some major changes.


Prologue - My First Kiss

The nights were always so quiet in this city; however, tonight was an exception. Tonight was filled with loud sounds of police sirens, heading to a specific part of the city. In the evening news, many policemen and reporters were seen through the camera, surrounding the city’s famous museum.

Nothing was happening yet. This morning, one of my best friends told me something big was going to happen tonight at exactly 11 o’clock. She didn’t specify what exactly but whatever it was, it was the talk of the city since the morning news; the whole city knew about it, even my father was fussing about it when he received a call from his office and he had to bolt to prepare himself for the event.

Since every channel was broadcasting live reports about the mystery notice in the museum, I sat on the floor; my back resting at the side of my bed as I watched the local news channel. My eyes darted to the clock stating that it was only a couple of minutes before eleven. Being curious as I was, I waited for time to slowly approach the said hour as the event was nearing to begin.

“We are just moments away from the specified time for the reappearance of the legendary phantom thief; Dark Kai. Would he really fly in as the legend say?” The female reporter stated as I paid attentively to the screen of my television.

A couple of minutes later, the woman commanded her cameraman where her finger indicated the dark sky. The screen only showed the sky filled with shimmering stars. The camera kept moving until it finally stopped and showed a dark figure roaming above the building.

“It’s Dark Kai! After nearly twenty years of obscurity, the phantom thief has finally showed itself.” The reporter exclaimed.

One by one, lights flashed at the unknown figure’s direction, revealing its presence clearer to the camera. From what I could see was quite a short figure with angel wings, but there was something different about those wings; instead of being as white as snow, they were jet black like the darkness.

”The burglar circled above as its taunting the police.” The woman narrated as her cameraman zoomed his camera to the figure’s face. “Amazing! It appears the phantom thief is actually a boy! From here, it looks as though he can’t be more than eighteen years old.”  The woman commented.

Amazed by witnessing such unimaginable thing, the boy was actually flying. He was quite handsome with his golden hair and his cool black outfit. Continuing to watch with interest, the camera kept filming the winged boy, waiting for his first move.

“The mysterious bird from above had suddenly disappeared!” The woman gasped through her microphone as she deliberately narrated everything she saw around. “The police are making their move; they’re storming the building now!”

It was like watching a movie or something. So this was the big event my friend told me about. Not being able to know what was happening inside the museum, a question lingered in my mind since the beginning. Would my father and his team be able to capture this legendary thief?

After a good couple of minutes, the reporter stood before the camera once again after receiving confirmation for her final conclusion. It was over. Did they catch him or not?

“Taking advantages of weaknesses in the security, the mysterious thief made good on his promise to wield the Sacred Maiden statue as he disappeared into the night with his black wings.” The woman announced, concluding tonight’s story.

I sighed disappointingly, knowing that my father and his team has failed to capture the phantom thief and retrieve the statue back. My father told numerous stories about the legendary thief when I was a little girl, saying how he and our ancestors were trying so hard to catch that crook. At first, I thought it was just a myth; a myth which the elderly created to tell to their children so their children would tell to their children and so on and so forth. However, after witnessing it on live broadcast, it was far from a myth; far from a night’s children story. It was in fact a reality. The legend was real.

Turning the television off, I immediately went off to bed to get some sleep after wasting my time watching the news. Shutting the light from the lamp on my bedside table, I laid on my bed comfortably and readied to shut my eyes close. But before drifting off to sleep, strange noises was heard coming from the outside of my balcony. Due to the moonlight, I became aware of a really big shadow trying to get into my room.

Anxiety filled my nerves as I gulped nervously of what would happen. I silently gasped when I heard a tiny click from the door. The shadow successfully entered my room and quickly, gently closed the door back as he looked through the curtain.

Why was I afraid of something like this? For God sakes, I’m the Chief Commander’s daughter; I shouldn’t fear; besides, I could just report this to my father if anything bad happens.

Turning my lamp back on, I tried to get a better look of the intruder. I gasped loudly when I saw black angel’s wings. The intruder faced me with fear. The person before me was none other the famous phantom thief, Dark Kai. This was the boy my father was searching for for almost two decades straight.

All of a sudden, without thinking, I let out a shrieking scream, calling for help for whoever was in the mansion at this moment an intruder broke into our home. Suddenly, I felt a soft and warm hand abruptly shutting my mouth preventing me from screaming.

“Wait! I’m not going to hurt you! Please be quiet!” He whispered loudly, sounding panicky as he begged me to keep quiet.

Nonetheless, I had other plans, I struggled myself under his tight grip, removing his hands off my mouth and screamed twice as hard while trying to push him away from me, ready to run out of my room. Suddenly, I felt my wrist being grabbed and my body being pushed on my bed, pinning me from struggling and from going anywhere.

“What do you think you’re doing?! Stop—!” I yelled but was immediately interrupted when I felt something warm, soft and slightly wet pressed against my lips.

My eyes shot opened and widen, double in size after realizing that I was being kissed by the legendary thief himself.

To be continued


It's quite short :P yet I hope you enjoyed it.

Now the question is, should I continue the story?

Feel free to post you comments and PM me when have questions or suggestions. :on lol:
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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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kai?? XD
so i think the chief daughter is..acchan? XD
wahhh im dying to read new atsumina..pls make this atsumina  :D
omg ur prologue is interesting..
cant wait to read ur next chapter..
by the way.
welcome to jphip :on gay:

lol i did not saw the atsumina in ur title page..  :banghead:
yey its atsumina  :on woohoo:
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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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pls continue XD
it really intresting

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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welcome Haru_Jei ~san
wow dark kai ??
please update ASAP

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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I want more on kai x acchan story.

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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Ooooh! AtsuMina with a sort of Magic Kaito/Kaitou Kid or D.N.Angel or a mix of both backdrop storyline. Me likey!

I love Kai/Takamina's black wings! Very fitting because of her Bird performance. It's so much cooler compared to just giving her a cape. Takamina here is in her Kai persona, right? So that means she is a guy here in your fic. No matter. AtsuMina is still AtsuMina even if Takamina is a guy. He isn't wearing a mask, is he?

Ganbare! I'll be waiting for your updates!
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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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Yayyy. AtsuMina.  :D

Cool story. I think it's more like D.N Angel? :)

Please Update soon.  :bow:

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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yeah i though the same is like the anime :B.. good job!

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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Say have you watched or heard the anime DN ANGEL b/c that's what keeps reminding me of as I the whole time I'm reading. and I freaking LOVE that anime btw.

Anyways welcome
and I'm looking forward to the next chapter

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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Uwa!!~ It's DN Angel right??~ Lol...If i'm not mistaken, Daisuke is...
-A midget when he's in well...Ur...Not the Dark form so...Is it Kai??~ Hehe...
-I only read the manga...Long time ago, i've stop reading it...Lazy that is~
-Wow...Already kiss!!~ Oh wait!! It says AtsuMina right?? Hrm...??~
-Since you said you gonna change the story a lil bit...My guess that...
-Minami is Kai?? I mean, when she be the thief, she'll be Kai and mehh...
-Maybe i'm completely wrong...Oh yeah, i bet it...Lol anyway, interesting fic!!~
-And a very welcome to here!!~ I hope we can get along well~~ Ufufufu~

>Plz update soon!!~ I can't wait for the next one!!~ Great and interesting prologue!!~

PS: Blakwhite-san!!~ You've put a pic on your avatar!!~ Lol...Just noticed that... (Totally out of the topic)

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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I sense ATSUMINA!!!!!!  :lol:  :twothumbs  :thumbsup

The prologue is nice. :)

Oh, and welcome!!!!!  :welcome

Update soon, k?  :bow:  :bow:  ;)

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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I'd like Takamina to be a girl in this fic (well actually in all of the fics) since it'd be like Jane Doe.

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Re: How You Stole My Heart(AtsuMina) - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/19/12)
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Reading this story made me think about DN Angel, Man of Many Faces, and Magic Kaito

Which one are you basing the story from...?

Somehow DN Angel more close... Or is it original

yeah Kai and Atsuko

Can't wait to see how the story going to develop

Thank you for the prologue

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: [AtsuMina] How You Stole My Heart - Prologue: My First Kiss(2013/09/12)
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My replies:

@Chichay12: Yay! my first comment! :w00t: You're my first commentator on my first fanfiction. :lol: XD Yes, it's an AtsuMina fanfic XD. You seem very excited for this :). Thank you for the warm welcome; and thank you for reading and leaving a comment, it means so much to me to be appreciated for my work XD.

@blackwhite: You really think so Thank you so much. If you say so, then I'll continue writing this story. Thank you for taking the time to read and to leave a comment. XD

@ezha: Thank you for welcoming me :). Of course, I'll definitely update and give more. Thank you for your time to read and commenting. XD

@Sydney W: I'll give more in this story, don't worry about it :lol:. Thank you for reading and commenting. XD

@hikari_043083: Yeah, it's actually based on DN Angel and a mix of a bunch of my ideas in it. Takamina's wings are very fitting for that song but instead of her wings being white, they're black. Just so you know, I hate capes. Honestly, I would never create a character wearing a capes; it's too old fashion for my taste. Who knows if Takamina is a guy in here; you'll just have to find out in the next chapter. And to my final add, in this story, Takamina is not wearing a mask. I'll do my very best, thank you for waiting, reading and taking the time to comment. XD

@Feat: Yeah, it is more or less like the anime DN Angel. Thank you for finding the time to read and to comment. XD

@Haruko: It's like the anime but not completely; I'll make a lot of changes to the original story and keep a couple of the big events from the anime itself. Thank you very much for reading and for commenting. XD

@blughise: As I've said in the beginning, yes, I've watch the whole anime with my younger sister when it first came out; it was a very long time ago. I thought I'd make my own story based on it. Always look forward to it and thank you for the welcoming, for reading and for commenting. XD

@Kochiki: Yep, you're right about the anime. :lol: I didn't feel reading the manga, it's too long in my opinion and just watching the anime is saving much more time than to read fourteen volumes of the series plus on hiatus. Yeah, there's already a kiss, just exactly like the anime. Your curiosity will be answered in the next chapter. Thank you so much for reading and commenting. XD

@Yuseichaaan48: It is an AtsuMina story. :lol: XD Thank you for welcoming me, reading my story and leaving a comment. XD

@Tanchan: Well in this fic, who knows if Takamina is actually a girl; even I, as an author, don't know her gender in this story. You'll just have to read the next chapter to find out. :lol: Thank you for reading and for commenting. XD

@cisda83: It is close to DN Angel but only to some events; I will recreate the story in my way. So it's not exactly an original but based on the anime itself with many major changes. Your welcome and thank you for reading and commenting. XD

(A/N): I am seriously sorry for the really long delay and thank you for being patient with me. I just finished my exams and took quite a while to write this chapter; once I finished writing, I didn't like how the chapter went after proof-reading it myself so I rewrote it for the second time and proof-read it again and it was nearly complete. Finally, I was able to finish it with all the comments I had received to motivate me. Thank you so much readers and silent readers for reading my first fic, it really means so much to me. I hope you will enjoy this chapter more than the prologue and I hope it's better than I expected to be. Please enjoy and don't be shy to leave a comment. XD :)


Chapter 1 – Complex Feelings

My body froze from any movement as I tried to grasp the situation I was in. I could feel his lips pressed against mine as his eyelashes tickled my cheek. The moment he pulled away, I could see his face much closer and maybe it was my imagination but an unexpected image appeared before my eyes.

What? No way. Takamina-san?


Washing my face with cold water a couple of times, I looked up to see my reflection in the mirror and noticed my cheeks were showing a bright shade of red and I knew I was blushing. I shut my eyes close momentarily and reopened them and close them again.

It was a dream…definitely a dream; it has to be. I repeated that mantra in my mind over and over again as I opened my eyes and stared down at the sink filled with cold water. My fingers unconsciously went up to my lips as I remembered the feeling of his soft lips pressed against mine. Realising what I was thinking, my face heated up twice as much as I once again splashed water on my face and grabbed the towel from its rack and wiped every drop of water trickling down my face.

This didn’t make any sense. At some point, why did he remind me of Takamina-san?

Suddenly, the door burst open revealing my older sister, panting as a worried look was evident across her face. She looked around my bathroom and walked out of the piece as I followed her and watched her looking under my bed; she did the same thing when she exited to the balcony and found nothing.

“Everything alright Yuko-nee?” I asked as she mumbled something I wasn’t able to comprehend.

“Yeah I’m okay, but more importantly, are you alright? I heard you screaming a while ago and instantly came running to your room.” She said, walking towards me and inspected my body for any injuries.

Obviously, I couldn’t tell her what exactly happened in my room. Whatever happens in my room stays in my room. Typical, I know; however, I don’t plan on telling anything neither to my sister nor to my father, especially when both were always so protective to me; the youngest member of the family. Maybe a little white lie would do the trick from worrying about me. I may be the youngest of this family but for crying out loud, I’m already eighteen years old. I want to deal with my own problems by myself.

“Yeah I’m alright; just a nightmare.”

“A nightmare that made you scream that loud? Not to mention, in that amount of time?” She asked as I nodded innocently in response. “I seriously choked on good mineral water when I heard your piercing scream.” She added and let out a deep sigh as I muttered a small apology. “You better get some sleep now; I’ll bring you to school tomorrow.”


Now lying on my bed comfortably, I tried to close my eyes and fall asleep; however, a thought in mind prevented me from doing so. Thoughts of Takamina-san have been plaguing my mind ever since. Takamina-san is so… Just why couldn’t I stop thinking about her? She was always clumsy and unreliable and did everything wrong; there was nothing graceful and amazing about her. And to make matters worse and confusing, she was a girl; a little bit of a tomboy but that was not the point, which still didn’t change the fact that she was a girl. Dark Kai was obviously a boy and Takamina-san was obviously a girl. So why?

We were not as close as friends; furthermore, we were never friends in the first place. She was just a classmate like everybody else I wasn’t close to. We’ve talked only once in freshmen year when I needed her help for cleaning duty. But that was it. Nothing else happened after that. That time, I kept calling her Takahashi-san; but she told me to just call her Takamina since everybody called her that. But so, why couldn’t I get rid of her in my mind.

Without knowing, I drifted off to sleep with thoughts that exhausted my brain.


The sound of an alarm was piercing through my ears. Awakening from my slumber, I turned off the annoying alarm, stretching my limbs from sleepiness. Reluctantly, I sat up rubbing my still tired eyes as I stood to open the curtains from the entrance of my balcony; my body absorbing the slight warmth of the sunlight. My eyes glanced at the snoozed alarm indicating it was still early.

Like any high school student, I did my usual routine in the morning; freshening myself with a good hot bath, changing into my school uniform and eating breakfast.

Once walking down the stairs reaching the kitchen, I was greeted by my sister and noticed our father wasn’t home anymore. Taking my usual spot on the dining table, I began to eat my breakfast as I watched my sister doing something on her laptop.

“Where’s dad?” I asked.

“Went off to work early. It seemed that the phantom thief will steal the Brass Relief tonight at the central church.” She answered without taking her eyes off the screen of her laptop.

“And what are you doing?” I asked curiously.

“Investigating the phantom thief’s past and background.” She replied; her voice filled with enthusiasm.

Honestly, I was left dumbfounded by her answer. I didn’t bother to ask any more questions since it will end up having a conversation about the famous phantom thief, and obviously I didn’t want to be reminded about last night’s secret event with the legendary thief himself.


Arriving at my school, my sister parked the car in the school’s parking lot; I got out of the car as my sister did the same. I wondered why she had to park the car when she was only dropping me off.

“Why are you coming with me to school? Don’t you have something to do…like I don’t know—college?” I asked as she just shrugged and followed me by my side.

“I was planning to continue my research about this Dark Kai guy in the city library but I thought I might visit my old high school for a while; besides, I have class in the afternoon.” She replied, bringing both her arms at the back of her head.

Just when we were about to enter the school building, I heard a voice behind us, probably calling for us. Turning around, I found Takamina-san walking at our direction showing a shy dimpled smile pasted on her childish looking face. Realizing that I was staring, I felt my face heat up a little as I shook my head slightly ridding the thoughts away from last night’s event.

“Excuse me? You dropped this.”

“At it must’ve fallen off my pocket.” Yuko-nee said as she took her white handkerchief from Takamina-san’s hand and thanked her, bowing slightly. “Thanks kid.” Takamina-san’s head tilted a little from the side.

“No problem; good morning Atsuko-san.” She turned to me and greeted me; however, I could’ve sworn she blushed when we made eye contact. I wondered; why would she be blushing unless it has something to do about that night.

“Good morning Takamina-san. Um…this is my older sister Maeda Yuko; and Yuko-nee, this is my classmate Takahashi Minami.” Greeting her back, I introduced my sister to her.

“Nice to meet you little guy.” Yuko-nee said as she patted Takamina-san head that seemed to feel a little uncomfortable after being called a boy by my sister.

“I’m not small, and you’re not so tall yourself; and just for the record, I’m a girl, not a boy.” She said, frowning a little.

“Oh my God! I just assumed you were one, and if you’re a girl, why are you wearing a boy’s uniform?” Now that she mentioned it, I just realized she was wearing one since I first met her.

“It’s a long story; to make the long story short, let’s just say that I'm obligated to do so.” She simply explained; it wasn’t really a suitable explanation why she was wearing a boy’s uniform when she’s actually a girl. Was it a family tradition for girls to wear boy’s uniform?

“I see.” Yuko-nee simply said, tilting her head slightly, completely confuse at the answer as I am.

“Well, sorry for disturbing you; I’ll see you in class Atsuko-san.” She smiled, walking away and suddenly turned around. “Oh, and it’s nice to meet you too, Yuko-san.” She said as she walked inside the school.

"She's quite an interesting lass, isn't she?" My sister waved at the short girl as she crossed her arms against her chest.


My sister did her little visit around my school which was also her school; she reminisced about everything in places she revisited, stating how much the school hasn’t change one bit ever since she graduated. She entered the principal’s office and greeted the man happily as they cheerily chatted about her days in high school. From what I heard from the man, Yuko-nee was one hell of a troublemaker; however, he was also very proud of how the troublemaker Maeda Yuko was still good in terms of her grades and successfully graduated from the school without a sweat. She also met all her old teachers who were still currently teaching in the school building and talked about how her studies were doing and asking what program she was currently in.

The bell rang and Yuko-nee walked me off to class which was really unnecessary but I was still happy she did. Walking to my seat, I saw my sister walking outside taking one last look at the school before leaving.

The teacher came inside the classroom and we greeted her as usual. When she started teaching her class, I couldn’t understand what she was saying; in my ears, it was all gibberish. Usually, I would listen attentively and take a bunch of notes, adding more precise information like the good student I usually was; however, I just couldn’t concentrate on the subject at all. Mentally beating myself to concentrate on the board, I suddenly dropped my eraser; Takamina-san leaned forward as she picked up the fallen eraser and placing it on the palm of my hand and smiled at me.

“Here you go.”

“Thank you.” Thanking her, I felt my heart race a little when our hands touched slightly.


The bell had ringed for the fourth time today and it was finally lunch time. My two closest friends approached my desk as they grabbed a chair nearby and sat down; we brought out our lunches and begun to eat while talking about nonsense. Suddenly, a thought came into mind which bothered me since this morning or even since last night, and I asked,

“What do you guys know about Takahashi Minami?”

“What about her?” Miichan asked; her brows frowning slightly.

“Just curious, that’s all.” I reasoned while shrugging. “You told me you were friends with her since preschool.” I added.

“She was more of Kuu’s friend to me. They’re much closer together compared to my friendship with Takamina.” She said as she drank her juice box.

“Did she wear a boy’s uniform back in middle school?” I asked curiously; obviously still trying to find out why she would wear them in the first place.

“Now that you mention it, she did wear one. One time, I asked her and even told Kuu to ask her, and we both got the same answer. She just said that it was a family tradition or something like that. She also said that every girl born in the Takahashi family will practically be raise like a boy; I think that’s what she said to me and Kuu.” She explained as she attempted to think and dig deeper into her memory about the person in question. “I guess that’s all I can give you…I think.”

“Well, back then, I used to find her cute and charming in a way.” Tomochin suddenly said as she stopped eating and looked away momentarily. Was it just me or was Tomochin sort of, kind of smiling sadly?

“Back then?” Both Miichan and I questioned as she just nodded and started to eat again. “What do you mean by that?” I asked; seriously curious. Just what was she hiding from us? What kind of relationship did she and Takamina-san had?

“Believe it or not, we used to be in a relationship.” She admitted as a small blush crept upon her cheeks.

Miichan and I were speechless; our mouths totally left agape. I couldn’t believe what I just heard a second ago. It was so shocking that none of us spoke as an uncomfortable and awkward silence filled the air. Did she just say that she and Takamina-san used to be in a committed relationship? This was unbelievable. Who knew the school’s girlish fashion queen Itano Tomomi fell for another girl and even dated one? Not that I’m against homosexuality or anything, just really and very shock, and stunned that one of my best friends used to date a girl. But for how long did it last, and since when? Clearly, Miichan and I didn’t notice it in the first place despite us being very close friends.

“What?! Since when?!” We exclaimed; eager to know the answer which earned a couple of stares from our classmates and other students as Tomochin flinched from our loud voices and shushed us while blushing at the same time.

“Well…um… W-we dated for two years since the last year of middle school till our freshmen year in high school.” She answered after a taking a deep breath and stuttered a little at the beginning of her sentence.

How come we didn’t notice it? They were going out for two years and we didn’t notice it? These thoughts were in my mind and somehow, I felt so stupid for not noticing Tomochin’s relationship with Takamina-san; however, I also felt betrayed that my best friend didn’t tell me and Miichan about it. Us three, we shared all kinds of our secrets together—we shared everything.

“Don’t take it the wrong way, it’s just that I couldn’t bring myself to say anything about it to you. Besides, Minami understood that and she didn’t tell anybody as well. I’m sorry for not telling you.” She looked down as if she was disappointed that she didn’t tell us about it or even talked about it. But her apologizing was not that was bothering me the most, it was why her? She could’ve dated some good looking boy in our grade like Kuu for example or even a little older; somewhere from college, like Sae-senpai.

“Why Takamina?” As if reading my thoughts, Miichan asked my mental question that has been lingering in my head.

“She’s actually what every girl wants as their ideal boyfriend.” Tomochin answered in a dreamy kind of way which was really weird in my opinion. She has lost it. “She’s almost the perfect boyfriend.”

“What do you mean perfect? Not that I don’t like her or anything; first of all, she’s a girl; second of all, she’s too short like a freaking dwarf; third, she’s clumsy and finally, she’s so weird in a way.” I said while listing some of the things that weren’t considered as the ‘Perfect Boyfriend’.

“That’s because you’re looking the outer look of Minami.” She said as looked at me and added, “If you knew her very well, I bet you will fall head over heels for her as well.”

“As if!” I replied as I looked away hearing Tomochin chuckled lightly. “What’s so good about her anyway?” I stared back at her as I asked her my curiosity.

“Why don’t you find out yourself?” Tomochin replied, grinning; showing that cute little fang of hers.

“If she’s perfect as you say she was, why did you two broke up?” Miichan asked. That was so true; if she was perfect, I wa sure Tomochin would spend the rest of her life with her. Yet, why would they break up if their relationship was what they wanted?

“The thing is…she’s too mysterious.” She answered, leaving us bewildered. “I love it when she was being mysterious and all; but she was being too secretive as if hiding something from me, from everyone and I didn’t like that.”

“Like another relationship?” Miichan asked in question.

“No. She was always honest and faithful; especially to me. She was hiding something bigger and deeper like she didn’t want anybody to know or find out. I found it really strange.” She answered; a sad smile shown on her lips.

Suddenly, the school bell rang warning us the end of lunch; we finished our food and putted away our lunch-boxes in our bags as my two friends walked back to their seats as another class would begin this afternoon.


After school, as usual, my driver picked me up and drove towards my home sweet home. Once arrived, I thanked my driver and entered the mansion; the family maid and butler welcomed me back home as I greeted them back; smiling. I walked towards my room and did my usual after school routine; changing to my casual clothes, doing my homework while eating some snacks our maid gave me. Just the same old same.

Once I finished all of my homework, I turned my computer on making a research of my curiosity. I typed in the school’s website and went to the senior year student list; finally finding the name I was looking for, I clicked on it and saw every bit of information about that student. You probably already know the student I was searching for; Takahashi Minami.

It was said here, she was the school’s student council president but I already knew that, she was also in the girls’ basketball team captain. I didn’t pay attention to the school’s sports team as I was never interested in those kinds of things; now that I read about it here, it was the first time I had heard about her playing in the school basketball team and not to mention team captain also. She was also in the top ten, well number five to be exact in the top grade list of the whole school; she was also smart. She too joined the art club and she was the current president in that club as well. After reading her profile, I couldn’t help but feel amaze; she was amazing. She had a good reputation in this school; the student council president, the team captain of the girls’ basketball team and the president of the art club.

Looking a little further into her profile, it seemed that she had a past relative that used to attend this school eighteen years ago. Could it be her mother or her father? I clicked on the link below; however, nothing seemed to appear on the screen as if everything was erased—every little information. The only thing that appeared on the screen was an old picture of the person. From what I could see, it had to be her father. The person was wearing a boy’s uniform and had short hair; yet, now that I thought about it, Miichan told me that the girls born in that family would technically be raised as a boy. Honestly, I couldn’t tell if that person in the picture was actually a boy or a girl.

Sighing, I turned off my computer and walked towards my sofa, tired as I turned on my television to the evening news finding out what was new going on besides the phantom thief’s return.

“Tonight, the legendary phantom thief will reappear once again tonight at the central church at exactly midnight…”

Immediately, I turned off my TV; just exactly what I needed, another announcement of the great phantom thief. Big deal! I didn’t even think anybody could capture him easily; even after his first steal in years and the museum surrounded by cops and guards all over the place, they couldn’t catch him nor got the chance to. Dark Kai’s skills in theft didn’t seem to be rusty after almost twenty years.

Walking out of my room, I went to my sister’s room and as I entered her room, all I saw was my sister once again on her computer probably doing more research about the legendary thief. Was she doing only that all day non-stop? Don’t tell me she did. Anyway, I just walked in and told her I was going for a night walk to somehow clear my head from all these confusing thoughts and just relax and be free. I asked her if she wanted to join me but she just smiled at me apologetically as she wanted to continue her research of the great phantom thief. Her words not mine.

Walking out of the mansion, I began my refreshing night walk. Just walking aimlessly around, my feet dragging me anywhere they took me. Suddenly, something came down from above and landed right in front of me which scared the hell out of me.

“Oh sorry about that miss.”

That something said as that person turned to me and I was surprise to find the phantom before me once again; once his eyes caught mine, he looked surprise as I was. He seemed to realize something as a golden bird was flying straight at us as if it wanted to attack us. And just like I expected, the bird was charging at us at a full speed as the phantom thief grabbed my head and we ducked before the golden bird hit us both.

“Watch out!”

However, little did I know that the bird was coming back and charge at us again. Nevertheless, the phantom thief seemed to notice the bird coming back at us as he quickly grabbed me and carried me bridal style and jumped high in the air; his black wings carried us in the sky which made me scream. He brought me by his side, one arm holding me by the waist as a hand reached towards his chest and took out a silver winged-shape necklace while I held him unto him tightly not wanting to fall from his hold. He whispered something incoherent that I wasn't able to understand as a really bright light appeared before us. Once the light appeared in front of us, the bird went straight into it and transformed into a kind of golden sculpture.

When that was done, the short young man flew away with me still in his arms. Noticing that he wasn’t bringing me down any time soon, I began to panic as I struggled under his hold which also made him panic and held me tighter.

“Put me down you pervert! Just where are you planning on taking me you kidnapper?!” I yelled as I kept squirming around.

“Hey! I’m not a pervert and would you stop squirming ‘cause I might seriously drop you, unless you have some kind of death wish.” He said as I looked down and held him closer and quite tighter realizing we were really and I meant really high in the sky. “Just exactly what I thought; don’t worry, I’m just taking you home. If you don’t like it, you’ll just have to bear with it for the time being.”

Discreetly and carefully, I examined his face and realized how handsome and cool he looked up close; his cool blue eyes glittering as the moonlight shined upon them. Acknowledging that we were currently in the breezy sky, it actually felt really amazing and exhilarating at the same time up here; to fly, it gave a beautiful view of the entire city lights and it also gave an imaginable feeling of thrills.

Without even noticing it, I felt my heart skip a beat when feeling the boy’s warm body and the serious look he had on his face.

 Suddenly, I felt him slowly stopping and gently landed on the ground; he gently placed my body down and said,

“A girl shouldn’t be walking at this hour, especially alone; be careful next time.”

“Thank you.” I thanked him shyly without looking at him.

With that said he gave me one last look and genuinely smiled at me as he flew away once again into the dark starry sky.

To be continued


I hope it's not too short or too long for you, but more importantly, I really hope you guys enjoyed it till the end of this chapter.
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