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Author Topic: mayuki_daisuki's OS Collection (MaYuki)  (Read 18004 times)

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mayuki_daisuki's OS Collection (MaYuki)
« on: October 03, 2013, 03:45:51 AM »
Hope you enjoy! Sorry for bad grammar, spelling, and if it's too short and cheesy.

Mayu age 17

Jurina age 16

Atsuko, Takamina, Rena, Yuki age 19

Can we dance?

The night before...

“As soon as I felt Yuki’s lips depart from mine, an electric spark lingers on my lips which caused me to blush deeply. This was my first kiss and it felt so special…”

*beep* *vibrates* *beep*

“a text?” I reached into my pocket to pick up my phone, when a message from Jurina appears.

“heyo~ Mayuyu!! :cathappy:.

You’re probably doing nothing right? Jokes  :P,

but getting to point, your coming with me tonight

and no buts!  :catglare: 8)2

My senpai at school is having a house party!

We’re invited!  :deco:

Isn’t that cool! Although she did say we’re not

allowed to drink cuz we’re underage, but I

heard there plenty of cute guys there!  :inlove:

plenty of oshiri for you right?! :shakeit:

Pick ya up at 7:00pm then, bye! :peace:

I sighed and put the small pink device back into my pocket, “might as well get ready…” Knowing if I was ready or not Jurina would still drag me, and she’s pretty strong for a girl, actually.

I was on my latop searching music sites with a cup of instant soya sauce flavoured ramen in my hand, when suddenly a notification popped up.

“ahh thats right! It’s Acchan’s house party today, better get going, I guess.” I chucked the leftover ramen into the bin, and slipped on my black leather jacket, before heading out towards the front door.

“uwwa! I’m so excited! Aren’t you Kai?!” Atsuko said in a high pitched squeal while jumping up and down non-stop.

“Atsuko, calm down! Will ya?! Sheesh you’re acting like puppy waiting for it’s treat.” Kai mentally face palmed himself, seeing his girlfriend acting so hyper.

“Baka! Kai!” Atsuko started hitting Kai, “itai! itai! Stop it Atsuko! Geez, what did I say anyway?” Kai tried to defend himself.

“hmmph!! What do you think?! You just compared you’re girlfriend to a dog!!” Atsuko winged, and started sulking with tears forming at the corners of her eyes.

Kai realised, how insensitive his words were, and felt guilty. “Atsuko I didn’t mean it… Please forgive me!” Kai tried to face Atsuko, but she kept turning away.

“Atsuko, how many times do you want me to say I’m sorry… *sigh* You’re cuter than any puppy there is the world, cuz there is only one Madea Atsuko.”

Atsuko started blushing deep red, “really?...” she asked timidly, “yes Atsuko, no one or dog is cuter than you, to me, I love you.” Atsuko’s mind kept saying awww in her head repeatedly. “I love you to, Kai!” Atsuko pounced on him, making both of them tumble backwards and falling over.

“20 past 7:00, she’s late.” I looked at my watch waiting for the person who said would pick me up, “maybe she’s not coming…” I was about to head back upstairs to my room, when suddenly…

*ding dong* ding dong*

The doorbell rang, “great” I growled to myself, “and here I thought she wasn’t coming.”

“Mayuyu!! I’ve missed you!” Jurina said giving me a bear hug, “Jurina, let me go! I can’t move!” I whined.

“gomen, I’m sorry I’m late, but it took me forever to convince my mum to give me money, otherwise I’d be walking to party.” She laughed and gave her beaming cat smile.

“let’s just get going, so we can get it over with.” I said while dragging her by her collar.

“mou Mayuyu, your such a kill joy!” Jurina pouted.

At the party…

“Yuki-kun, you made it!” Atsuko welcomed me, “hey, Atsuko.” I waved to her.

“hey Yuki.” A midgety figure walked up to the side of Atsuko, “hey Kai-san.” I greeted back.

“well I told you there are lots of girls here, didn’t I, didn’t I?!” Atsuko nudged me in the shoulder twice, “yes you did Atsuko, you can stop nudging the poor guy now.” Kai mentioned, “mou stop treating me like an idiot Kai! I’m only teasing Yuki-kun… Or maybe you’re jealous.” Astuko smirked sinisterly.

“j-jealous! That’s a joke!” Kai stuttered, “oh really? Why are you stuttering then?” She smirked again.

While Atsuko was teasing her small midget lover, two girls walked in, they looked pretty young but, the second one that walked in… I have never seen such perfect features before, her hair was in cute pigtails tied with cream laced ribbons, and she was wearing light blue denim shorts and a chocolate brown t-shirt which had a pearl collar attached.

“ahh Jurina-chan! Glad you could make it!”

“hello, Atsuko-senpai, cool party!” Jurina looked around the room surrounded by other teens and music.

“oh, and is this your friend?” Atsuko asked, “uh huh, the one and only Watanabe Mayu, cute isn’t she?” Jurina shoved Mayu in Atsuko’s face, “Jurina stop it!” Mayu blushed and complained. “u-um hello, I’m Watanabe Mayu, nice to meet you.” Mayu bowed.

“nawww, how cute she bowed!” Atsuko playfully hit Jurina, “told ya!” Jurina laughed. “oh, sorry honey, I like teasing people a bit, and my name’s Maeda Atsuko, but just call me Acchan.”

“A-Acchan…” Mayu blushed out of embarrassment.

“nawww! You are so cute!” Atsuko pinched Mayu’s cheeks, Kai watched with jealousy, pulling a frown. “hmm..” Atsuko noticed her boyfriend getting annoyed, “hehe well I better get going, I think my boyfriend will explode any minute if I don’t get back now, enjoy the party you too, and remember no alcohol!” Atsuko let go of Mayu’s cheeks.

“hai!” Jurina answered, “I can’t feel my cheeks!” Mayu cried out, “haha, don’t worry, Atsuko-senpai does it to me all the time.” Jurina giggled.

Jurina and Mayu were enjoying the party when another person entered the house, “Ren-senpai!!” Jurina ran over to a dark raven haired boy, “Jurina-chan?! What are you doing here?! This party is only for seniors!” Ren said in surprise, “did you perhaps sneak in?” Ren thought, as Jurina did actually look and act a little mature for her age.

“mou! Ren-senpai! Atsuko-senpai invited me.” Jurina pouted, Mayu watched Jurina smothering the taller figure, “sigh… I guess I go outside for a bit.”

While Mayu headed outside…

“it’s that girl from earlier, I wonder where she’s going?...” Yuki followed on,

Mayu’s pov.

“phew! It’s so stuffy in there.” Mayu looked up at the starry sky.

“beautiful isn’t it?” A voice came out of nowhere.

“huh?!” Mayu jumped.

 “hey, easy! Sorry didn’t mean to scare you.” a tall figure intruded.

“u-um no, I was just startled that’s all.” Mayu declared back,

“sure… Forgive me if I’m being rude, but your a bit young aren’t you, I mean this is a seniors party, am I mistaken?” the taller dark figure implied.

“just a bit rude, and to answer your question, yes I am young but old enough.” Mayu turned away defensively.

Yuki’s pov.

“feisty, are we now?” Yuki’s mouth formed an evil grin,

“anyway, you haven’t even told me your name yet?” Mayu interrupted Yuki’s thoughts.

“oh where are my manners, of course, how rude of me. The name’s Kashiwagi Yuki, but Yuki is just fine.” Yuki introduced himself,

“well my name’s Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi-san.”

Yuki’s pov.

“okay now she’s just ignoring what I said.” Yuki frowned, then Yuki snapped out of his thoughts, as he heard a familiar song,

(listen to the song!!)

(I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby,
I'm known to go a little too fast.
Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy,
But they're the only friends that I have.
I know I don't know you,
But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl.
That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance?)

“can we dance?” Yuki asked Mayu,

“what? Are you out of your mind?!” Mayu said dumbfounded about Yuki had proposed.

“I said, can we dance? C’mon it’ll be fun!” Yuki dragged Mayu back inside the house.

(Here we go again, another drink I'm caving in,
Stupid words keep falling from my mouth.
You know that I mean well,
My hands remember somewhere else.
Your eyes are doing naughty butterflies)

“h-hey wait!” Mayu said having trouble keeping up, with Yuki dragging her at full speed.

Mayu’s pov.

“mou, why am I always being dragged?!” Mayu’s thoughts pondered in mind.

(Oh, oh, one more drink and I should go,
Oh, oh, maybe she might like me though.
Oh, oh, I just can't think of what to say,
Should I go, should I stay?
Just can't let her slip away.)

Yuki pulled Mayu into the living room, where everyone was dancing.

“here put your arms around me, like this.” Yuki put Mayu’s hands around his neck.

“w-what?” Mayu started blushing like mad, “and then I put my arms around you, see?” Yuki put his arms around Mayu’s small slim waist.

(I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby,
I'm known to go a little too fast.
Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy,
But they're the only friends that I have.
I know I don't know you,
But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl.
That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance? )

Mayu started turning bright red like a tomato, “hmm, I think we need be a bit closer, don’t you?”. Yuki pulled Mayu closer to his body.

Mayu’s pov.

“omg! What the hell am I doing?! Oh god! I can feel his warm breath on my neck.” Mayu shivered.

“are you cold?” Yuki whispered in Mayu’s ear, “n-no! I’m fine!” Mayu turned away again, but this time Yuki wasn’t going to allow it.

(I was nearly in, but then came in the pushy friend,
Killed my vibe and took my perfect ten away.
You know I need you, girl,
My heart's not made for someone else.
Take me in 'cause I can barely stand.
Oh, oh, one more drink and I should go,
Oh, oh, maybe she might like me though.
Oh, oh, I just can't take this any more,
Should I stay? Should I go?
It'll just lead back to her door.

I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby,
I'm known to go a little too fast.
Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy,
But they're the only friends that I have.
I know I don't know you,
But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl.
That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance? )

Yuki cupped Mayu’s chin, in his palm, “you know, you’re quite rude yourself.” Yuki continued whispering. “how am I?” Mayu argued, “well for first, you rejected my kindness, when i told you can call me Yuki-kun. And you keep trying to ignore when I’m trying to simply engage conversation with you.”

“hmmph! It’s not like I have to listen to you all the time and besides, what can you to do about it? NOTHING!” Mayu stated.

(I've been a bad, bad boy
Whispering rude things in her ear,
Please say she'll break,
Please say she'll change
Her mind and bring me back to her place.)

“oh on, the contrary, you should learn to respect your senpai’s.” Yuki smirked against Mayu’s ear.

“gulp!” Mayu started to tremble.

Mayu’s pov.

“h-his voice just turned scary! It’s like it has a tone of black, in it.”

Yuki’s pov.

“I can feel her shaking, how cute, just a little bit further…”

(I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby,
I'm known to go a little too fast.
Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy,
But they're the only friends that I have.
I know I don't know you,
But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl.
That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance?

I talk a lot of shit when I'm drinking, baby,
I'm known to go a little too fast (a little too fast)
Don't mind all my friends, I know they're all crazy,
But they're the only friends that I have.
I know I don't know you,
But I'd like to skip the small talk and romance, girl.
That's all I have to say so, baby, can we dance?)

(they finished dancing.)

“let’s get a drink, shall we?” Yuki dragged Mayu once again, but instead of getting a drink from the house, they head outside.

“the kitchen back there.” Mayu said pointing to the house,

“I think we should get a drink outside…” Yuki suggested.

“why do I think you’re up to something…” Mayu said worried,

“don’t worry, just relax… I’ll show you a good time, I promise.” Yuki pulled another smirk.


“umm… ugghh…… my head, wait a minute… this isn’t my room! Where am I!?” Mayu panicked, then realised there was a figure next to her.

“you sure are noisy in the morning.”

“huh?” Mayu gaped.

“good morning, Mayu-chan!”

“iyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Mayu screamed.

“w-what’s going on here?! And where am I?!” Mayu panicked again, and when she tried to stand up, she felt a grip on her wrist pulling her down.

“ahhh!” “what was that for?!” Mayu said irritated, “and where do you think you’re going?” Yuki raised a brow while cuddling Mayu.

“n-no where…” Mayu mumbled, “good.” Yuki smiled, “so warm…”.

“A child’s body temperature is rather high. Like a human water bottle.” Yuki snuggled into Mayu, holding her tighter.

“I’m not a child, I’m 17, for crying out loud!” Mayu claimed, “I said your body was childlike, baka. Anyway’s I guess you’re right in a way, you definitely proved your point last night.” Yuki said almost singing the end of his words.

“hick hick hup…”

“why are you crying?” Yuki kissed Mayu’s tears that were falling from her eyes, “K-Kashiwagi-kun stop..” Mauy started to squirm.

Yuki stradeled his leg around Mayu’s body to stop her from squirming, “mou stop moving. And what did I tell you call me last night.” Yuki said sternly.

“sniffles… Yuki-kun… sniffles…”

“good girl. Please don’t cry Mayu-chan.” Yuki kissed Mayu’s forehead, and stroked her soft jet black hair, that was sprawled over the pillow.

Mayu’s pov.

“I remember… As soon as I felt Yuki’s lips depart from mine last night, an electric spark lingers on my lips which caused me to blush deeply. This was my first kiss and it felt so special…” 

Mayu stopped crying and embraced Yuki back. And the two laid together on  the bed, enjoying each other’s warmth.

The end.
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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2013, 04:49:45 AM »
I don't particularly like gender-bender stories but as I always say...MaYuki is an exception to that
I was squealing while reading the dancing part  XD but it felt like Mayu was a little harassed there  XD
Bad-boy Yuki-kun!!!  :lol:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013
« Reply #2 on: October 03, 2013, 07:39:07 AM »
Yeah... gender bender fic..

I like the pairings already...

Ah.. Atsuko and Kai already are lovers here....

Jurina and Ren already closed...

Just Mayu and Yuki... still...

Like the MV and the music...

Well can't wait to see what's going to happen next

Thank you for the new beginning...

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013 One shot Bonus scene!!
« Reply #3 on: October 03, 2013, 02:43:53 PM »
Bonus scene. Hope you like it!! :mon pray2: :mon whimper:

A couple days after the party, Mayu and Yuki have not seen each other since then. At school now though…

“Mayuyu~” A voice kept repeating.

Mayu’s pov.

“ugghhh!! Why can’t I stop thinking about him?! He thinks every girl likes him, I can see it with my eyes… but his voice keeps bothering me like an echo in my mind, I tried to block it, but it won’t stop…”

Jurina’s pov.

“why won’t this girl, stop day dreaming?! That’s it she asked for it!”

“Watanabe Mayu, don’t you dare ignore me!” Jurina shouted in Mayu’s ear,

“wahhhhhhhh!!!!!” Mayu jumped, “Jurina, what the hell?!” Mayu shouted back angrily at Jurina, “you wouldn’t listen to me! I’ve been calling your name for ages!”

“eh?? That was you?!” Mayu replied shocked, “who else do you think it would be?! Your mother?!” Jurina said a bit offended.

“n-no… I thought it was Yuki’s voice…” Mayu spoke quietly with words starting to trail off.

Jurina noticed Mayu’s hesitant, immediately knowing what she was thinking. “oh, I see, you were thinking of that Yuki boy again, am I right?” Jurina smirked.

“i-it’s not like that! I just…” Mayu blushed, then her facial expression turned into a sad expression. “I just miss him.”

“Mayu…” Jurina said worried.

Jurina’s pov.

“mou, why did that baka Yuki boy just leave without a trace?! Wait a minute, Mayu met him at Atsuko-senpai’s party… Maybe Atsuko-senpai knows him! Don’t worry Mayu, I’ll bring his sorry ass back to you, muahahaha!”

Yuki’s pov.

“Why did I end up falling for you? Back then it was just a bit of fun… Since that first day I saw you, I couldn’t describe how cute you looked, I guess a bit like a doll, but way more real… Why couldn’t I call out to you at all? Every day and night growing emotions and my feelings overflow.The more I tell myself "I will forget" The larger you loom in my thoughts.”

*ring* *ring*

“hello?” A voice picked up,

“Atsuko-senpai, it’s Jurina desu. Sorry for suddenly calling you.” I answered back,

“oh Jurina-chan, it’s fine, so what can I do for you?” I hear my senpai’s cheery voice,

“well, you know my friend Mayu-chan?”

“of course! She was so cute! Why is she in trouble?!” Her voice started to panick,

“no senpai, she’s not in any danger, she’s just really upset… I’ve never seen her act like this before.” I replied.

“what happened?” I can hear concern in her voice,

“do you know someone by the name Kashiwagi Yuki?” I asked.

“You mean Yuki-kun? Yeah, he’s one of my friends, wait did he hurt Mayu-chan?! Cuz I will kill him, if he did!” Now she’s angry.

“well in a way he did, he broke Mayu’s heart…”


“ano, senpai? Are you still there?”

“Jurina-chan, meet me at Akihabara station, after school, and bring Mayu with you. *beep*.”

“but senpai… Astuko-senpai?” She hanged up.

Atsuko’s pov.

“that’s it Yuki! You have gone too far, you broke too many hearts already, I won’t let you get away with it this time!”

I walked up furious to that coward, “Yuki!”. I caught him off guard and slapped him.

“A-Atsuko…” He stares at me gobsmacked, “care explain to me what happened at my party? I’ve heard you had a good time with a certain girl, let me see what was her name again… Ah Watanabe Mayu, wasn’t it?”

Yuki’s pov.

“wait! How did Atsuko find out?!”

“w-well I had a couple of drinks with her…” I sweatdropped, “wahh!”.

Atsuko’s pov.

“t-this guy!”, I yanked him forwards, grabbing him by the collar, “listen to me, you womaniser. You are going to apologise, to that sweet young girl, she deserves that at least!” I shouted with rage and disappointment in my eyes. “are we clear?!”

“whatever.” Yuki released himself from Atsuko’s grip.

“hey Mayu-chan, I know what will cheer you up, let’s go to the station after school, I heard there was a new candy store!” Jurina suggested,

“yeah… all right, thanks Jurina.” I smiled at her,

“Mayu-chan… I promise I’ll show you a good time!” Jurina said hyped up, then I remembered what Yuki told me.


After we danced…

“let’s get a drink, shall we?” Yuki dragged Mayu once again, but instead of getting a drink from the house, they head outside.

“the kitchen back there.” Mayu said pointing to the house,

“I think we should get a drink outside…” Yuki suggested.

“why do I think you’re up to something…” Mayu said worried,

“don’t worry, just relax… I’ll show you a good time, I promise.” Yuki pulled another smirk.
End of flashback.

Outside the train station…

“well they should here very soon, get ready to apologise, Yuki. You better know what to say when she comes here.” Atsuko glared at me, “hai.” I said avoiding her penetrating gaze.

With JuriMayu…

“Jurina, how much longer is it?” I asked,

“we’ll be there soon, (Jurina notices Atsuko and Yuki ahead) c’mon it’s over there!” Jurina said running and dragging me, but I just let her.

Yuki’s pov.

“Mayu-chan… She looks so cute in her school uniform, I guess have to face her…”

Atsuko’s pov.

“please Yuki, don’t screw up this time.” Atsuko thought concerned about the outcome of what Yuki would say.

Mayu’s pov.

“Y-Yuki kun! What is he doing here?!”

I turn to Jurina, who had a guilty look on her face, “sorry, Mayu-chan, but we need to sort this out! I can’t stand seeing you depressed.” Jurina smiled apologetically.

I gave her a simple nod, and turned my gaze towards him. “hello again, Kashiwagi-san.” I said coldly.

“hello, Mayu-chan, it’s been a while.” I couldn’t help but feel bad,
“you could say that again.”  She said sarcastically.

“Yuki… Don’t you have something to say.” Atsuko mentioned,

“un… I’m sorry if I hurt you, but I do not regret what happened.” I bluntly said and started to walk off.

Yuki’s pov.

“I don’t regret meeting you, Watanabe Mayu. But I’m scared you do, that’s why it’s better like this…”

“Yuki-kun…” I watch him walk off into the distance, “what is this?”, I feel something wet landing on my cheeks, dripping down, it won’t stop.

“Mayu-chan… hey wait get back here you coward!” Jurina shouted, I could see she was truly infuriated.

Mayu’s pov.

“I can’t stand it! I don’t want him to leave me again!”

Before I knew it, I unconsciously ran up behind him, jumping on him, making both us fall.

Yuki’s pov.

“I hear steps coming from behind me, it’s more like running. I was about to turn around, when suddenly I felt a weight pulling me down.”

“M-Mayu chan?!” I stuttered realising it was her.

“Please don’t leave me! My hearts not made for someone else.” I hear her confess, I pull her into a hug, she’s leans on my shoulder crying for a few minutes, before I pull away.

“what did I say about crying, it doesn’t suit you, you look like an oil painting when you cry.” I said kissing her tears again.

“whose fault do you think it is?!” She pouted, so cute!!

“now, calm down. Is that how ask someone to do something for you?” I leaned in towards her, she starts blushing red. “If you ask me more sweetly… I might feel like listening.” I leaned in closer to her, our noses barely touched, her lips a few inches away from mine.

Yuki’s pov.

“I want to hear it from you, your declaration for your love towards me, the breath just before the moment we kiss. You will surely be the cutest when you do.”

“p-please don’t leave me… Yuki-kun.” I answer him shyly but looking him in the eyes.

He smirked, “good girl… Of course I won’t leave, I should’ve realised sooner, I wanted you to stay by my side.” He kissed me softly, and I felt his feelings, emotions, his love mix with mine.

His lips departed from mine. “I want to dance with you again.” He whispered to me.

“I would love to.” I whispered back.

The end.

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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013 One shot Bonus scene!!
« Reply #4 on: October 03, 2013, 03:10:35 PM »
DAAANGGGG :shocked: :shocked:   :shocked: its just too sweett!! :drool:  :drool: thnks for the bonus scene! I think you should write smut scene of they two ¬-̮¬͡

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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013 One shot Bonus scene!!
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2013, 03:11:33 PM »
Yuki was playing with Mayu...

But at last he did accept Mayu's feeling...

Yeah... Mayuki got their happy ending...

Great finish on the story then...

Can't wait to see more OS

Thank you for the update

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Can we dance? 03-10-2013 One shot Bonus scene!!
« Reply #6 on: October 03, 2013, 03:44:07 PM »
Another sweet Mayuki's OS from you :on gay:
I love it so much :mon lovelaff:
Jurina is such a good best friend and Acchan's such a good senpai :on drink:
A happy and a sweet ending :mon firecrack:
Waiting for your new awesome Mayuki OS :mon beam:
Working on translating an awesome Kojiyuu fanfic, right now ☆〜(ゝ。∂) :mon beam:

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Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
« Reply #7 on: October 19, 2013, 06:55:20 PM »
Heyo minna-san~ here’s a new OS, I’m sorry it’s drags on a bit but anyways here’s just a few notes just so no one get’s confused or anything, so yeah…

Yuki-chan is a dorm manager (21), AtsuYuu and Sae are in high school (all 17) and the word fug means a warm, stuffy and smokey atmosphere, mumei means nameless as well, hope you enjoy it~

Kimi dake wo… (its only you…)

Walking hand in hand under the painted blue starry sky, was a young looking couple heading towards a white structure…

“Acchan you sure not cold?” a handsome squirrel asked worried about her partner walking beside her,

“no, don’t worry honeywookums, aww my Yuko is so sweet~” a good looking girl said cheerfully.

All of a sudden...


*a stripey, sandy coloured thing came running out of nowhere jumping into the midget’s arms*

“h-hey?!” Yuko said surprised, trying to hold the furry thing,

“isn’t that Kashiwagi-san’s kitty?” Acchan asked staring at shaking furball.

“I wonder what’s wrong it seems to be scared.” Yuko held the cat close to her, feeling the cuddly animal trembling,

“yahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” was the only thing the young couple heard peeking inside a white building, “isn’t your master getting better with her moves?” Yuko asked the cat, watching a blacked aura raven haired girl swinging around another person viciously,

“meow.” the neko answered.

*slam went the body being hit directly at the wall*

“you’ll never do something like that again, got it?!” the black aura girl put her hands on hips, glaring at the battered body before her.

“I-I won’t… I swear” the twitching person surrendered her hand in defeat,

The raven haired girl turned around, “ara? if it isn’t Maeda-san and her girlfriend.” She said putting her hand against her cheek, smiling at the couple. “you were here?”

“Good evening, Kashiwagi-san.” Atsuko greeted,

A few moments later…

“mou! Be more gentle with me!” a short haired girl whined,

“you’re over reacting, it’s just a little bruise.” Yuki stated, before taking a sip of her tea,

“ano, we brought some leftover dishes for Sae-san. Mom packed it thinking you were lonely with Sayaka-san gone.” Atsuko placed a pink bento box in front of Sae, on the small wooden table.

“maji? Thank you!” Sae sid gawking at the bento, only to receive another beating from Yuki,

“I told you, no one get’s lonely at this dorm.” Yuko turned to her lover,

“you’re right about that. It’s too lively here if you ask me.” Yuki agreed, “I’m going to bring some more tea out, so sit tight.” Yuki slowly got up, “my appreciation for protecting her.”

“protecting?” Atsuko sad confused,

“that jerk tried to sell the cat off.” Yuki replied,

“I thought I could make quick money if I took it to a pet shop.” Sae pouted.

“of course not.” Yuko sighed,

“what’s the name of this kitty?” Atsuko said playing with it.

“Mumei.” Yuki answered while pouring tea,

“Mumei-chan, is it?” Ha~ Can I call you Mu-chan?” Atsuko smiled at the cat,

“no, not Mumei-chan. I just haven’t named it. And that’s a girl.” Yuki told them,

“she’s nameless?” Atsuko frowned, “but isn’t she your cat?”

“I never intended to keep it, but starting some time ago, it began to stay around me, so I’m just taking care of it because of how things turned out.” Yuki revealed.

“then what’s the big deal if I sell her?” Or maybe stew her up?” Sae smirked,

“meow!” the neko started jumped, nuzzling and burying itself in Yuko’s oppai,

“stew what up?!” Yuki said glaring again at the genking girl who was sensing a dangerous aura emerging from the black hearted girl.

“I’m joking! Just joking!” Sae sweatdropped,

*sigh* “she’s been attached to you for a while now, hasn’t she?” Yuki re-positioned herself, sitting back down, “how come?”, “does your clothes smell of catnip?” Yuki wondered.

“no way!” Yuko argued,

“ah, demo Kashiwagi-san I just remembered but out sensei told us you used to be the school’s student council president, he said you were strict and yelled a lot but worried about others, which is the good part.”

“well I’m glad I’m liked, but I don’t know what they see in a woman who yells a lot.” Yuki smiled confused,

“It means your charismatic person. Oh and this is someone said on the basketball club, you have a good smell of lavender.” Yuko claimed.

“huh?” Yuki gasped,

“In this crazy girl’s dorm, you’ve become like an idol figure. I guess you can say like a flower in the fug.”

“yell… and worry… and a good smell…” Yuki mumbled,

“what’s wrong?” the midget squirrel asked worried,

“ah, it’s nothing. It’s just someone said a similar thing to me in the past.”

“I’m just remembering that.” Yuki smiled at the concerned midget.

“Sae-san, you go back to your room now.” Yuki stared at Sae,

“eh? why? There’s still time before lights-out.” Sae asked,

“I’ve got something to talk about with these two. And your unwanted.”

“mou, Kashiwagi-san, why are you so cold to me? T_T” Sae faked cries,

Moments later, Sae went back to her room…

“hai! Here you go!” Yuki handed a poster to Yuko and Atsuko,

“go to this ok?” Yuki told the couple,

“The Akihabara Shrine Autumn festival…” Yuko read it,

“yup, Sae-san was saying that you rarely take Maeda-san out on dates.”

“that’s our problem!”  Yuko declared with tinted red cheeks,

“If you’re saying something like that, some other guy will snatch Maeda-san away.” Yuki proclaimed.

“th-that won’t happen! I won’t be snatched away by anyone else.” Atsuko stuttered at the sudden statement Yuki made, realising what she said and Yuko, both girls blushed deeply.

“hora, you won’t find another girl who would say something like that to you. “ Yuki smirked.

“why are bringing up something like this now?” Yuko yelled blushing madly,

“looking at you two reminded me of my youthful days.” Yuki smiled fondly,

“ha!” Yuko just gaped,

“but you’re still young, Kashiwagi-san.” Atsuko expressed.

“arigatou.” Yuki just smiled again, “demo, ne, I’m all right. Right now, my role is take care of you younglings.” But Yuki’s smile seemed to be somewhat sad and distant.

“Kashiwagi-san…” Both of the high school girls murmured,

“All right, then. Hang around a bit more, will ya? I’ll make another pot of tea.” Yuki got up from her seat,

Yuko couldn’t help but stare at Yuki.
Yuki and Atsuko were talking in the background while Yuko was in some kind of trance…

“what was the school like when you were the president?” Atsuko asked,

“nothing special really. It was practically the same as today.” Yuki replied.

“I’m sure you had lots of friends.” Atsuko happily implied,

“sou ne, it was lively everyday. Keeping me entertained pretty much.” Yuki recalled.

Yuko kept her eyes on the cat but were slowly dropping, and the cat was staring back, “Listen well, this charm has a light in it. It’s a light that grants any one wish. You will take this and go to her. And you will grant her wish, do you understand?” A faint unknown voice echoed in Yuko’s mind, as her eyes started to gradually close.

Cicadas humming in the humid season, a small girl, fixes her hat and starts walking,

there stood a young Yuki waiting at the school’s gate, peeking from behind the gate, in search of someone, the small girl started taking her footsteps steadily towards the young Yuki..

Yuki suddenly popped out from behind the gate, standing in front, of another girl. “Takajo-san! Are you on your way home now, too?” Yuki summoned up her courage to ask, the girl before her.

“yeah. You, too, Kashiwagi-kun?” Akicha just grinned,

“un! What a coincidence. Ano, sa? If you don’t mind-”

“who’s she?” Akicha looked over behind Yuki, “looks like she’s from a different school.”

“huh?’ Yuki turned around,

“is she your girlfriend?” Akicha asked,

The small girl just stared coldly, at the two.

“I guess I shouldn’t intrude, see you tomorrow.” Akicha walked off,

“eh?” Yuki turned back to Akicha, “ah, wait!” she called out.

“ano, you’re Kashiwagi Yuki-san, right?” the small girl asked in a quiet monotone,

Yuki started emerging her black aura and just gave a cold stare to the younger girl, “who are you?!” Yuki questioned irritated,

“Watanabe Mayu, don’t I look familiar?” Mayu smiled gleefully,

Yuki brushed pass Mayu, trying to ignore the younger girl who was following her, “ne, wait!” Mayu called out.

“I will not!” Yuki said with a pissed look, “I don’t know you, nor do I see a reason for you to pay me back at all.”

“maybe you don’t, but I do.” Mayu replied

“maybe you do, but I don’t!” Yuki shouted in the smaller girl’s face, “besides because of you, he misunderstood!” Yuki grabbed Mayu by the collar vigorously, “huwa! haa!”, Yuki lifted the smaller girl in the air and threw Mayu to the ground, making Mayu crash her whole body and bruising herself.

“I’ve had enough. I’m going home!” Yuki started walking off again,

despite of Yuki’s action Mayu still called out to her, pushing herself up from the ground and and blocked Yuki’s path.

“wait! Tell me your wish!” Mayu begged,

“wish?” Yuki just stared confused at the younger girl,

“I came to grant your wish! So I can’t go home until then!” Mayu said with honesty in voice,

“then stop standing in front of me right this moment.” Yuki bluntly said,

“eh?” Mayu frowned,

“got a problem with that?” Yuki just stared at her,

“if… if that really is what you wish for, then I will. But that won’t really satisfy me.” Mayu looked down, “since you took such good care of me.”

Yuki just watched the girl and sighed.

As the sun was going down, both of the young ladies sat down on the leafy green grass, on a nearby riverbank. “It was back when I was in elementary school. I think you were going to visit your mother. When you went, you cheered me up when you found me in the hospital’s courtyard. You don’t remember this?” Mayu explained, “I was in a wheelchair with a cat on my lap.”

“I remember now.” Yuki blurted out, “you do?!” Mayu beamed,

“but I didn’t do anything. We only spoke for a bit.” Yuki remarked,

“that’s not true! You really cheered me up.” Mayu denied,

“what exactly did I say?” Yuki laughed nervously,

“eto… I forgot.” Mayu casually said,

Yuki mentally face palmed herself, “but I am really grateful to you.” Mayu conveyed, “that’s why I really want to return the favor.”

“then treat me to a can of juice.” Yuki suggested, “ehhhh?!” Mayu frowned once again, “that’s more than enough. Since I really didn’t do anything so meaningful.” Yuki told Mayu.

“listen, I can grant any wish. I have something that allows that to happen. So don’t hesitate and say something you really wish for.” Mayu said softly.

“what is that? Something like a genie’s lamp?” Yuki puzzled,

“not a lamp, but that’s what I was told.” Mayu looked into Yuki’s round brown eyes,

Mayu’s pov: “Yuki…” Mayu got lost in Yuki’s eyes, gazing deeply at them,

“Mayu! Mayu!” Yuki repeated Mayu’s name,

“eh? Gomen.” Mayu apologised facing Yuki, “so who told you then?” Yuki questioned again,

“eto…*Mayu tries to remember* I don’t know.”

Yuki almost collapses, and face palmed herself again, “you’re a real strange one you know that.”

“you think so?” Mayu asked,

“and a romantic, too. I’m sorry but I don’t believe in those things” Yuki added, and got up, started to walk away.

“a-ano!” Mayu shouted,
“thank you for coming all the way to say thanks. It’s great to see that you’re recovered. Bye, take care!” Yuki waved.

The next day…

“ohayou!~” A voice called out,

“Yuki-san, who is she?” Yuki’s friends asked,

Yuki was there with her head down, growling to herself.

“she’s so cute!” One of Yuki’s friend said, “did you switch from Takajo-san to him?”, her other friend teased.


“hmm?” Mayu hummed,

“don’t wait in front of the school gate!” Yuki ruthlessly took hold of Mayu and kept shaking her so hard. Mayu nearly passed out from being dizzy.

In the school’s garden, where peace was disturbed…

“you just made Miho and Lovetan misunderstand! What are you going to do if a rumour starts?” Yuki yells,

“misunderstand what?” Mayu tilted her head,

“oh my gawd! Why did this have to happen?” Yuki cries inside, “ahh souka~ I got it. You like Takajo-san, right?” Mayu finally realised,

“aren’t you really direct?” Yuki started tensing up,

‘Yuki-san is really beautiful, so I’m sure it’ll work out.” Mayu smiled ever so gently, “souda! Let’s ask her out! I’ll come with you.” 

Yuki was still unfazed by Mayu’s smile, and started tensing up even more, “why?... why must I ask him out with you?!” Yuki snapped and pounced on Mayu, making both of them fall over, with Yuki on top of Mayu. “itai” both of the girls moaned, realising how close their faces were, almost touching, both them couldn’t help but blush.

Yuki got up slowly still blushing deeply, “ano ne! You came to grant my wish, didn’t you?! So why are you getting in my way?!”
“jaa, then can the wish be to get Takajo-san to fall in love with you?” Mayu also got up, brushing the dirt if her clothes, “is that alright?”

“you can’t.” Yuki turned her head away, “why not?” Mayu asked, “you can’t manipulate other people’s feelings.” Mayu gaped at Yuki’s words.

After school outside the gate…

“okaeri!” Mayu welcomed Yuki,

*slam* Yuki attacked Mayu onto the ground again.

“you don’t have to do that all of a sudden.” Mayu pouted, rubbing her aching head,

“I told you not to wait at the gate!” Yuki whispered furiously at Mayu,

“you’re really being bothered by her aren’t you, Yuki-san?”

“Mayu-chan, was it?” Lovetan asked nicely, “you see, Yuki-san has someone she likes.” Lovetan explained as carefully as she could, “Takajo-san see’s this…”

“did you call me?” A voice sliced through the girls conversation, “oh Kashiwagi’s girlfriend, introduce me will ya?” Akicha asked,

“n-no! She isn’t! She’s nothing like that!” Yukirin panicked also pulling one her famous reactions.

After the whole fiasco, two figures sit down next to each other, alongside the river bank again…

“I hope she really got it.” Yuki sighed hopelessly,

“it’s fine. I’m sure Takajo-san will come to like you, too.” Mayu intertwined her hand and Yuki’s together.

“you’re really strange.” Yuki smiled at Mayu.

“what is?” Mayu asked innocently,

“you don’t get jealous or annoyed that I like someone else?” Yuki asked,

“u-un… I think I’m just slow at those kind of things.” Mayu stared at river glistening in the sunset, Yuki watch Mayu briefly before saying,
“I don’t dislike those kind of things about you. It’s nice how honest you are.” Both share stares for few moments, then turn towards the river, watching the small ripples on the surface floating away.

The next day at Akihabara private high, it pouring down with rain, there stood Mayu with her little white and yellow hat, the only covering her, Mayu stood waiting in the rain alone, until she noticed it suddenly stopped and looked up, “do you want to catch a cold?” Yukirin said with an umbrella shielding the two from the wet substance falling from the sky.

“iya! ya!” Mayu’s whines echoed throughout an empty classroom,

“why don’t you at least have an umbrella with you?” Yuki complained drying Mayu’s head with a towel.

“I didn’t think it would start raining.” Mayu pouted, Yuki just sighed, “why do I have to care of someone like you?”

“gomen.” Mayu looked down guilty,

“if your going to apologise then don’t make me take care of you.” Yuki said while she pulled out a set of clothes, “hora, change into these *pulled out school tracksuit* I brought you these.”

“un.” Mayu took the clothes and nodded,

“mou seriously… if you can grant anything, couldn’t you have stopped the rain?” Yuki stared at Mayu incredulously.

“I can’t do that! I can only grant one wish, and it’s for you!” Mayu protested, Yuki sighed again, “I don’t know why you’re so grateful to me. You don’t even remember what I said.”

“it’s probably the more fact that you talked to me than what you said to me. Since your very optimistic.” Mayu expressed sincerely,

“um, well I hear that a lot.” Yuki said,

“I think I was able to try because I met someone like you. Dakara yaparii! It’s all thanks to you.” Mayu confessed smiling tenderly at Yuki,

This time it felt, it really did like Yuki’s heart was fazed, beating rapidly every second, its as if time stopped for a brief moment.

*dun,  dun, dun* The school bell rang, making Yuki snap out of her trance.

“it’s time for class , so I’ve got to go now, sneak out later.” Yuki advised,

“un.” Mayu looked at Yuki.

After school waiting by the gate again, Mayu waited patiently…

“waiting for again?” A voice familiar voice called out.

“Takajo-san… ano, I’m not Yuki-san’s girlfriend.” Mayu told Akicha,

“you aren’t?” Akicha asked,

“no, apparently she’s already has someone she likes.” Mayu informed,

“hmm… ano sa, can you a favor for me?”

“hai?” Mayu replied.


Mayu stood alone with empty eyes,

“what’s wrong? You look so gloomy. Did you really catch a cold?” Yuki wondered,

Mayu turned her head slightly in the direction of her favourite sound,

*Mayu shakes her head constantly in a no manner*

“then what’s wrong?” Yuki asked again, “is something troubling you.” She gave a worried smile.

Mayu’s pov, remembering what Akicha said: “I know how Kashiwagi feels about me, but you see I already have a girlfriend, so can you drop a hint to her about this? So please, wile hurting her as little as possible.”

“hora, what happened?” Yuki kept striking questions, “talk to your big sister. Could you possibly be in love?” The two were standing on a small wooden bridge.

“maybe.” Mayu mumbled,

“eh? Maji? I just pulled that one out of thin air. Then why do you so depressed?” Yuki said surprise at first.

“that’s because I have sad new for her.”

“what do you mean?” Yuki said naively,

“she has another girl she likes… but that other girl already has a girlfriend. I was asked by her to pass it onto her.” 

“I don’t really understand. But it’s sounds like a drama. Demo! That’s a chance for you!” Yuki scratched her head.

“huh” Mayu uttered,

“if you comfort her when she’s depressed from the shock of a broken heart, she might come to like you. Hora, Mayu-chan.”

Mayu couldn’t hear believe what she was hearing and her arms started to shake involuntary.

“so stop being depressed and think positively.” Yuki kept nagging, “ne? This is a great chance for you.”

“I can’t do anything like that!” Mayu shouted all of a sudden,

“eh?” the startled Yuki uttered,

“if you were in my shoes Yuki… could you think like that?” Mayu faced her with tearing eyes, “when you like that person so much! Could you think of it as an opportunity when the person is broken-hearted?” Mayu started breaking down into tears,

“gomen, I’m sorry. Girls around me all think positively like that, so…” Yuki tried to comfort the younger sobbing in front of her, “huh?” Yuki gasped, stopping midway in her sentence.

Mayu looked up slowly and turned around to see what Yuki was gazing at, there in the distance she saw Akicha with her own girlfriend, smiling ear to ear. Yuki was still staring too, until the couple were finally gone,

“Mayu-chan…  what you said just now… I see… I’m such an idiot.”

Mayu couldn’t help but feel bad and more of her tears started to fall out from her already soaked eyes, dripping down the corners of her face.

“why are you the one crying?” Yuki asked who still seemed she was in shock,

“I don’t know.” Mayu cried, and without a word Yuki left the crying Mayu, running off on her own.

please tell me if I should I continue? :nervous :sweatdrop:
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Re: Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
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thank you Ryuuka-kun :heart:
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Re: Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
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Clannad... My tears were threatening to fall when I watch that before. I was sad to know about the guy(Mayu's role).

Even though I already know what will happen(or are you going to alter the ending?), I want you to continue because this was one of the heartwarming happenings in Clannad. Let's share it.

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Re: Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
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MD-chan, continue can't let them not be together at the end! you hear me?  :nervous

I jut got confused with Mayu's POV at first so I re-read everything, I almost thought Mayu's the 'cat-turned-human-and-back-to-the-past-being'  here :nervous but I got this, you really altered AtsuYuu  XD  8)

on the other hand, I feel like their interaction is more like 'sisters' though Mayu is undeniably falling of Yuki...not quite sure. SO...continue  :)
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
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pleasejust continue

Lovers, keep on the road you're on
Runners, until the race is run
Soldiers, you've got to soldier on
Sometimes even right is wrong

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Re: Kimi dake wo... (it's only you...) 19-10-2013 New OS!! Part 1
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hehe Konoe  :P is correct! and i will do the ending when i have sorry but i will finish it and ive actaully made a start  :sweatdrop:(literally typed out everything it took me forever! :smhid)
onee-sama calm down dont worry you will see the end :3
and thank you Terragen-san! :heart:
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Just maybe... (MaYuki OS) - COMPLETED
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Heyo everyone just felt like writing a bit, sorry if it’s too short and cheesy, well here it is, and I dedicated this to that someone (lol). Oh, and also just another reminder, in the flashback Yuki is 19 and Mayu is 16, and yuanyang is a coffer beverage, enjoy or not. (listen it to this before reading, sets the mood )


“That night, your airplane had taken off… so why does it feel like I’m the one flying in the darkness now, I wish my thoughts would stop, I always cry whenever I think about you?
Just maybe you were that someone who I had known waving to me in the crowd somewhere,
I mutter to oneself… just one more time… I love you… and I’m flying in the darkness as I say my final farewell.”


Yuki: “oh Mayu you’re so cute *pats Mayu’s head softly*

Mayu’s pov.

“s-she called me cute!!” Mayu said to herself, as she hadn’t notice her cheeks were turning red.

Mayu: “Yuki… *looks up at Yuki* I-I…”

Yuki: “I know Mayu… I do to.” Yuki embraces the smaller figure and plants a kiss on her forehead.

Mayu: “do you have to go all the way to America?” Mayu mumbled burying herself deeper within the embrace of the older girl, her small breaths made the older girl shiver.

Yuki: “I’m sorry Mayu…” Yuki tighten her embrace.

Mayu: “will I ever see you again?” Mayu started silently crying, dampening the older girl’s blouse.

Yuki: “of course… I would want that very much.” Yuki also started crying.

Flashback ends…

Yuki’s pov.

“After leaving the airport, the darkness devoured the sky, the plane lands somewhere, I'm actually scared of this strange city, as I make my way to a station, I recall one of my fondest memories of you and me, under the fireworks that dark night, I can't forget your shining round eyes, just maybe you that someone who would call out my name and bring me into the light,
I keep repeating those words... I love you… I can't stop crying, I'll love you forever

Mayu’s pov.

“Now I know the reason why I always felt disappointed and hated you at times,
It was because I truly missed you,
Only if I could see you now, just this one last time…”

After some time…

In a small white cafe, sat a petite figure, sipping a cup of yuanyang, suddenly another figure walked in, searing around the small cafe until she found the petite girl, she sat down opposite her…

Mayu: “it’s been a while…”

Yuki: “you’re right about that *giggles* just how long has it been?”

Mayu: “12 years…” Mayu took a sip of her coffee beverage.

Yuki: “12 years?! My god… it has been a while…” Yuki sighed.

Mayu: “so how was America? Meet anyone special?” Mayu raised a brow.

Yuki; “no actually I haven’t… *smirked* baka…” Yuki and Mayu shared eye contact at that moment.

Mayu: “I expect you’ll be going back soon, after all this was just a business trip.” Mayu coldly said.

Yuki: “you never change do you? *giggles* Your such a tsundere! *smirks*”

Mayu: “I am not!” Mayu lost her calm, and slammed her hands against the wooden table, causing glances from other tables to stare at the couple.

Yuki: “Mayu…” Yuki frowned.

Mayu: “why did you come back? why now?... I have to go…” Mayu stormed out the small cafe, leaving Yuki to rush after her.

Yuki: “Mayu!” Yuki shouted, running after the smaller irritated girl.

Mayu: “leave me alone!” Mayu shouted back.

Yuki ran faster catching up to her angry lover, finally managing to grasp hold of Mayu’s thin milky wrist.

Yuki: “Mayu! I’m not going back!” Yuki screamed of the top of her lungs.

Mayu: “what do you mean not going back?” Mayu turned to face Yuki who panting cuz of the chasing.

Yuki: “I’m not going back to America…*pant*... I’m sorry…*pant*... I’m sorry I left you… I love you!”

Mayu stood astonished by what the tried Yuki told her, standing there gaping like a goldfish, Yuki pulled the girl into an embrace.

Yuki: “I'll love you forever, Mayu.”

Mayu: “Bakarin!” Mayu bursted into tears at the last moment.
The two girls stayed in their embrace for a few silent minutes, before they spoke again…

Mayu: “isn’t this hug similar to the last one we had?” Mayu giggled after she calmed down.

Yuki: “yeah *giggles and plants a kiss on Mayu’s forehead* but this time I’m not leaving.” Both Yuki and Mayu smiled happily at each other, then finally sharing they shared a passionate kiss, swearing their love to each other, and to the whole world, promising in that passionate kiss, they will never leave each other’s side forever.

The end.
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Re: Just maybe...
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AHHH the MaYuki feels!!  :deco: and that song is on my playlist  :lol: MAYUKI!  :thumbsup

I love it MD-chan!  :deco:
my hat is off. saluting.

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Re: Just maybe...
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thank you onee-sama :cathappy: and lol same here :lol: i like this song~
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Re: Just maybe...
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Very lovely song and of course the story too...

Thank you for the OS, enjoyed reading it...

Can't wait to see more OSs

 :twothumbs :twothumbs :twothumbs

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Re: Just maybe...
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thank you for commenting cisda83 :cow: :bow:
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Ai Kotoba (Love Words) Part 2!! Yuki's side of the story and replies!~
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Heyo minna here's another OS and it's MaYuki again  :sweatdrop: gomen ne~ and I want to give a big thank you to Kate-chan (Katekyohit)!! :cathappy: for helping me with ideas, grammar and spelling etc. well hope you enjoy~ and once again arigatou Kate-chan!! :heart:  :yep:

~Ai Kotoba: Love Words~

Yuki’s POV.
It’s already been 2 months since I first talked to you. I remember the first time we met…you were staring out the window and gazing at the cloudy sky and you didn’t even blink! It was as if you searching for the sun that hid behind big white fluffy marshmallows~ After class was over you’re still gazing endlessly…and I’m not going to lie that at first I was hesitating to talk to you. Since you’re in your own world all the time, but I plucked up my courage and walked towards your desk…


Mayu’s POV
I can’t remember how I really felt that day. All I remember are your simple words…

‘Hi, my name is Kashiwagi Yuki~’

It was so simple but that a smile on your face beamed with radiance and even glistened more than sunlight rays shone through the window onto your face. I introduced myself…. and before I knew it, my feelings changed and grew the more time we spent together.


Two months ago when Mayu and Yuki had first met and started to become friends… during those times, never had she felt such happiness and such sadness before… She felt like she was giving a piece of herself every time she comforted her... She felt she was dying a little more on the inside every time she cried about her... She always thought about her... And wanted her to always show her radiant smile... Even if the smile wasn't for her...


Mayu’s POV
I always seemed to be spoiled by you and always acted like a child with her mother, yet it’s not how I feel. The pain strikes my heart once again as I remembered the first time I confessed to you. Then you told me that you had just broke up with your lover, and you said you needed time... You apologised to me and I simply shook my head…

‘Don’t worry~ I’m not even sure about my feelings yet anyway~’

I brushed it off with a smile. At first I did think it was only a crush, but as time went by…I realised my feelings for you were true. A few weeks later…you seemed so moody and your aura was black and cold. I couldn’t see what was really bothering you, and all I knew was that your heart was aching with enormous pain. I asked you if there was
something bothering you, yet you replied with a fake smile. I only wanted to help! …But I never knew that in the end I’d be the one crying like this… I know I probably sound selfish at this point... But the pain I felt was was slowly killing me on the inside...


Yuki’s POV
I hate taking my anger out on others especially you, Mayu… Yet I still acted cold towards you, but you didn’t give up on me… You gently pulled me into your embrace and when I closed my eyes I felt my tears welling up. These simple gestures mean so much to me. I know they do because when you look at me with those eyes… I can see the worry you have for me.

Thank you Mayu… Hontoni arigatou… But I’m afraid, if I tell you what’s wrong you’ll probably hate me, but I can’t hold it back anymore!


Mayu’s POV
Finally you told me what’s bothering you… in a way I wish you never did. However, I’m grateful that you’re open with me about your troubles…but why? Your story give me unbearable pain… before you told me anything, you said…

‘Your going to hate me now… My partner is angry at me, angry at me for meeting new people, I already told her that she could flirt with others, that she could even date others, but she doesn’t like it when I talk to people…’

I tried to convince you that I wouldn’t hate you… But you were right in a way. I hated you for not telling me the truth and not telling me anytime sooner. I couldn’t blame your partner for being upset though. It hurts to know I was one of those “new people”…

We even did stuff together… private stuffs yet they weren’t as I thought because your partner knew you were talking to me. I felt as if I was used and was substitute thing. I felt I was your toy! …But I still loved you. So I sucked up my feelings and comforted you anyway, I couldn’t believe what I told you…. what I promised you… The feelings of regret started to counterattack me back, but then you told me…

‘Thank you so much, when other people say they’ll stay, they never do… That’s why I usually blow off stuff like that. But your words, I can feel something from them, so thank you, Mayu…’

You hugged me back and just when the feeling of regret invaded, it started fading away. The feels of relief took over and I was too relieved to grieve at that moment because seeing you happy again was the one thing I wanted most.

But… later on in the night I cried again and again. As your story repeated in my head, in the end I couldn’t hide my frustration and screamed into my pillow. I hoped my tears would dry up, but they didn’t stop at all. They just kept pouring out like crazy! I managed to calm myself down eventually, but no smile or sign of good feelings showed upon my face. I continued to support throughout your hardships even when you would get angry with me. I tried my hardest to make you smile again… During those moments when your simple yet kind actions makes my heart race out of joy and happiness. But then there were times when things you said hurt so much that it made me cry again and again with maximum of 4 hours straight. Most of the time it was until I would fall asleep…


Two months later that brings us to now… Many things happened, for example Mayu got a nose piercing, joking! It was actually about Yuki spliting up with her partner at the beginning of the 2nd month. Mayu was there by Yuki’s side all the time. Her feeling grew continuously for Yuki. Deep down in heart… even with all the pain she suffered she told herself that she still have a chance and clutched to the tiny hope within her heart. She prayed for the day that she would be with Yuki or at least would be the one person Yuki could always rely on, always protect, always make her happy and be more than a friend.. wanting be Yuki's guardian angel.

…It’s Christmas today. Therefore, Mayu prepared a special present for Yuki. She went out and explored all over town to find the perfect Christmas card… She even wrote a special message in the card as well.

“Smiles and tears, giggles and laughs, late night calls and cute photographs.
I'll be there for you until the day of my death,
best friends forever until my very last breath.”

Her present was a drawing of her and Yuki laughing and smiling ear to ear, hugging each other. Waiting at the destination they agreed to meet up, Mayu waited for Yuki under a snow white smothered oak tree. Both girls greeted each other and just as Mayu gave Yuki her present, Yuki’s face lit up with a overwhelming feeling. She threw her arms around Mayu so tightly as if the young girl could break. She tried calming Yuki down, but then she was interrupted with Yuki explained to her that she was very glad to have met her. Mayu blushed up by the sudden response from Yuki and hid her rosy cheeks inside her jacket. 

“Mayu, I love your present! Thank you!”

“It’s fine~ don’t worry about it.”

“I also want to thank you for staying with me this whole time… even though we’ve only known each other for 2 months.”

 “Un!~ I’m glad to have met Yuki too~” Mayu held her hand gently.

 “…Neh, don’t take this the wrong way… but I love you Mayu!” Yuki suddenly yelled out with complete blushing cheeks.

“Un…as a friend right? I love you too, Yuki.” Mayu only nodded and replied with a soft smile.

 “Well…I-I guess?” Yuki blushed even more as she looked away to avoid making eye contact with her shorter friend. Her quivered voice which caught Mayu’s attention and brought up her curiosity. 

“What is it?” Mayu questioned with a calm soft smile while waiting for Yuki to make an eye contact with her again. “Is something wrong?”

“W-Well…Mayu is more than a friend to me…” 

“Eh…? Well, so is Yuki too! Yuki is my closest friend.”

“Mayu is also my closest friend too! Demo ne…maybe when I'm older, you can be more than my close friend…” Yuki giggled shyly and it’s making Mayu dumbfounded. Soon after she realized the hint behind the taller girl’s words, she blushed even more.

“You mean like….l-lover and partner?? Or am I taking it the wrong way?” Mayu replied with a joking tone, as she couldn’t still believe the hint in Yuki’s words. The taller one didn’t say it directly and so Mayu didn’t want to make any assumptions yet.

“…No, you’re right.” Yuki finally gave her answer and it’s a complete silence between the two.

They stared into each other’s eyes and that was when Mayu could see the honesty from Yuki’s heart. That had no need of words to express anything between them because they do not need one right now. It was one of the rare moments that Mayu actually saw Yuki blushing and had that shyly smile across her face. That was when the shorter one finally saw the light of her hope shining… Only a smile on their face expressed all their feelings and thoughts. They knew each other long enough to be able to tell things through each other’s eyes. Mayu didn’t seem to need any clarification from Yuki’s words anymore. She could tell her crush’s feelings through her beautiful eyes.

“…That would make me very happy Yuki. But when Yuki and I are older, maybe we will know each other more too.”

“Hehe~ You’re right!”

Yuki giggled before she slowly wrapped her arms around Mayu. She rested her forehead onto the shorter one’s shoulder and enjoyed the warmth radiating from Mayu’s body before she whispered the words of her heart out…


Mayu froze while she felt Yuki hugging her tighter. She blinked with surprise but then it revealed a smile of relief across her face. She embraced her love one back as her respond to Yuki’s words before she finally uttered the voice of her heart as well…

 “I love you too, Yuki…”


Yuki’s POV
You tell me I spoil you too much. You apologized for occasionally acting childish. However, in some ways I felt like I was the child. Whenever you were there for me I felt you are like a mother. You held me in your arms when I cried and always listened to my rants and nonsense talks. I’ll always be grateful for that. I will never forget these precious moments at the slightest. I hid them inside along with my feelings and my love words are: ‘Love is tenfold (ai ga to)= arigatou’.

I like you a lot, but that actually is a lie!!! Hehe~ the truth is that I love you so much. I just can’t bring myself to hurt you. I’m in love with you and I’ll give you all of my heart. I want to laugh with you and say this message to you…only to you.
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Kyaa! Kawaii~ Mayuki!!! :cathappy: I love it!

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