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Author Topic: AKB, Tell Me A Tale. Red Riding Hood (AtsuMina) <2012, RE-POST>  (Read 6903 times)

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AKB, Tell Me A Tale. Red Riding Hood (AtsuMina) <2012, RE-POST>
« on: October 26, 2021, 05:28:05 PM »
Tale: Red Riding Hood
Words: 7256
Cast: Takahashi Minami, Maeda Atsuko, Oshima Yuko, Kojima Haruna, Kasai Tomomi, Urano Kazumi, others.
Info: Based on a fairytale, this story received a pretty decent set of followers back in the day… A few words and sentences were fixed, but most of this is kept how the original was. Enjoy :)

Once upon a time in a small village there lived a husband and a wife. They had a 20 year old little girl, named Minami. She always tied her hair in a high ponytail and always had a huge ribbon on her head, just every time it was that of a different color.

The village was near the woods and in those woods there lived Minami’s grandmother. She was not an old hag, like usually are grandmothers in tales. She was a pretty woman of a decent age, and she always helped her daughter’s family in every way she could.

It was a family’s tradition on every Saturday to let Minami go into the woods and bring for grandma a basket full of freshly baked cookies and a bottle of fresh milk. Every Saturday, after meeting friends, she would come home, take the basket and go straight to her grandma. But this story wouldn’t be told if she was this good all the time.

So one time she got late. She talked with her friends about boys from this and the neighboring villages, and oh they had lots to share. They all agreed that their village has no pretty boys, but the neighboring.. Oh, there are at least five good looking guys, who are not bad by heart.

Actually, Minami had another opinion, but she didn’t want others to laugh, so agreed to their words. Considering boys was THE topic they were talking about, it’s really logical that she came home late. It was nearly evening. "I'm home…” she was dead tired, and all she wanted was food and a good night’s sleep.
“Minami… Me and dad decided that you are a big girl now, so you can go to grandma’s house, even at this late hour.”
“… Okay…”

“Here’s the basket, everything is already here. Darling, I want you to remember one important rule, that you cannot disobey or forget. That is. DO NOT STRAY FROM THE PATH.”
“Okay, though I don’t think some squirrels or a tree can scare me.”

“Minami.” her dad’s voice was serious. “Squirrels can be pretty scary, believe me.”
“And Minami, I want you to take my red lucky ribbon with you.” added her mom.
“THAT ribbon? No way. It’s… Not fashionable anymore. If anyone sees me with it…”

“No one is gonna see you, it’s late, so parents are not letting their children out.”
“Look, who’s talking.”
“It’s important, sweetheart. We can’t break the tradition. You now take this ribbon, put it on and go. And I’ll repeat again. DO NOT STRAY FROM THE PATH.”

“Okay okay. Squirrels and trees. Spooky…” said Minami with an irony in her voice.
“And wolfs.”
“Who? Is this a joke?”
“No, sweetie, this is real. They live in these woods, but they stay away at daytime. They come out in the dark, as they wait for their prey to come. The only place they never go is the path, so do not stray from it and you’ll be safe.”

“Okay…” she was a bit that of a scaredy-cat, but she never showed her weaknesses, as she always tried to show, that she has got the guts for stuff.
“And stay the night at grandma’s, cause it will be too late for you to comeback tonight. Good luck my dear.” she kissed her daughter’s forehead and let her go outside. “See you in the morning, sweetie.”
“Good night, mother. Good night, father!” she changed the ribbons and bravely marched into the woods.


It was becoming darker, but she could still see the path and its surroundings. Somehow, before today, the forest never scared her. But today… She was mumbling to herself about how can she live here twenty years and only now she finds out about the wolfs and creepy squirrels… Not that she believes in creepy squirrels anyways…

Suddenly she heard a noise, then another one. She looked around and noticed a figure on her knees, half of her body inside the bush, the other half outside. It was a human, and because Minami never failed with observations, she noticed that’s it a female with a really nice butt.

She was with a short skirt and beautiful white lace panties. Minami blushed… And then she noticed. That girl had a tail. A wolf’s tail! Can you believe that? Is this a joke or something? And here the wolf-girl noticed her, went out of the bush and turned her face to Minami.

And there it was, Minami in shock. This wolf-girl was pretty, like VERY GORGEOUS. She blushed and wanted to go further, as she had a certain destination, when the wolf-girl talked.

“Hello~, beautiful.”
“ talk..?”
“Of course I do. I’m a wolf after all.”
“Right… Listen. I’d love to talk, but I really gotta go. My grandma’s waiting for me in her house, so, sorry.”

“Wait… At least tell me your name.” pouted the wolf-girl.
“Nice to meet you, I’m Atsuko, but you can call me Acchan.” she smiled widely and showed her beautiful white teeth.
“OKAY, gotta go. Bye.”
“Bye~! See ya next ti~me, Minami!”

But little did the wolf-girl knew, that Minami didn’t want to meet her at all. She thought that her mind have gone crazy after what mom and dad told her. “Like really? Talking sexy female wolf? Things like that do not happen. It’s impossible.”

As she came to her grandma’s house, she felt relieved. She was glad to see her grandma smiling. She gave her the basket and said mom insisted on her staying the night at her place. Grandma didn’t mind. Minami was a good listener, and it was more fun to be with her, than alone. After they had dinner and already were lying in beds, Minami remembered the wolf-girl.

“Grandma. Have you ever met a wolf?”
“Yes. Why?”
“I met one now on my way here. But this wolf was strange… But oh, never mind, it could be just my imagination running wild.”
“Or not. Was that wolf a female?”

“Was she beautiful, with sexy lingerie and a short skirt?”
“… You know her..?”
“When I was about your age, I met her grandmother’s sister. Acchan, the wolf-girl you’ve met, is the hundred percent copy of her. She reminds me of those fun days I had with Megumi. Though she was perverted, but I never felt bad in her company. Those half closed eyes, beautiful smile, soft lips, passionate touches…” grandma sighed.

“Do not be afraid of Acchan, Minami. Squirrels are more of a danger than Acchan or any other wolf.”
“Is this some kind of a running joke? How can a squirrel be more dangerous than a wolf? Okay, Acchan may look innocent, and maybe she is, I don't know. But real wolves, they are huge and angry. In no way I will believe, that a squirrel is more scary.”

“Okay, okay. I hope you won’t get to meet them. Good night, Minami.”
“Goodnight, grandma.” answered Minami, still shaking her head in disbelief. She smiled, remembering that round butt, nice creamy legs, sparkling eyes and soft lips. But then she remembered the white teeth and shivered. “Try to sleep, try to sleep, try to sleep, try to sleep.”

But she couldn’t. She had to find out more about that wolf-girl, so she looked at her sleeping grandma. “Sorry, I guess, I’ll be straying from the path. Good girls are not always praised for good works,” whispered the short girl and got out of bed. She found a red coat to put on, and silently left the house and ventured to where she’d seen the sexy wolf-girl.


As soon as she came to the place, she found there no one but herself. “Haha, silly me. I really expected her to be here… But she’s a wild animal, so of course she’d be hunting or something.” said aloud to herself Minami.

But one thing somehow didn’t go from her head. What the wolf-girl was doing in a bush…? She decided to check it out. She slowly went half-way into the bush and opened her mouth from astonishment.

There, in a little cage, made out of thin branches and leaves, was sleeping a fairy. She was really beautiful. With wavy long brown hair, pure white skin, a tiny baby blue dress and golden transparent wings. Her head was double the size of her body. “Whoa.” thought to herself Minami. “What’s this?”

The fairy suddenly woke up, opened her eyes, yawned, stretched herself and looked at Takamina. “Hello.” sweet cute voice said. “Chiyuu, the chibi fairy desu~. Chiyuu knows where to find what you’re looking for. But of course, Chiyuu will tell you the answer for a price.”
“And what’s the price?..”
“A squirrel.”

“…” she face-palmed herself in her mind. Like, really? Squirrel topic again?
“It’s really no big deal. Chiyuu needs to get back the necklace that squirrel took. She locked Chiyuu here, in a cage, so Chiyuu can’t ask for help.”
“Did she hurt you?” she tried to ignore the fact a squirrel locked (!) this fairy in a cage.

“She…played with Chiyuu…”
“What game? Cards? Monopoly? Catch?”
“No..” now the fairy face-palmed herself, literally. “She…played…with Chiyuu’s body… You know, like well… She put a straw here…” she showed between her legs.

“Ooh…” Takamina didn’t look, she blushed like an apple or tomato. “So, umm, revenge?”
“Oh no, Chiyuu had fun. But she took Chiyuu’s necklace, so…”
“Fun, right… Okay, I understand. If I bring it back, you’ll tell me…?”
“Where to find the wolf-girl? Of course.” she winked. When she winked, Takahashi could swear she heard a chuckle. She shook her head.

“Anyway, just tell me where to find that squirrel?”
“Well, if you let Chiyuu kiss you, Chiyuu will tell you.”
“No kiss, no tell. Chiyuu wants a kiss.” pouted the golden winged fairy. Now Takamina could swear she heard a whine.

“Okay.” Like, what can a little fairy kiss do? She leaned near the cage and fairy kissed her cheek. It felt like spring, autumn, summer and winter at the same time. It felt like hundreds of needles were piercing through her cheek together with a silk brushing that cheek. “….??”

“A fairy kiss is a special kiss. I marked you, now go.”
“Look around. Do you see something out of place?”

When Minami looked around, she noticed a golden dust path, that went out of the main path deep in the woods. “DO NOT STRAY FROM THE PATH.” remembered she mother’s words. But golden dust was so shiny, so bright. What bad things can it bring? So Minami headed along the golden path.

When she was gone out of fairy’s sight, the fairy chuckled. “Chiyuu is a good, clever fairy. She led the human girl straight to squirrel’s trap. Hihihi.”


The path was very beautiful, very bright. It’s golden dust smelled like jasmines, roses, and sand by the sea. The area around was really nice. Tall trees, chirping birds, sun shining. “I am really dreaming, am I not? Sun at night? Impossible.” she thought to herself.

BAM! And Minami was trapped in a huge net high up in the tree. She wanted to scream, but was too shocked. “Where am I?” she asked herself.
“Hello~~~!’ she heard a voice.
“Down bellow, hehe!”

When she looked down, she nearly screamed. It was a female, just with a squirrel tail and teeth. She had dimples on her face and was wearing just a black lace bra and shorts. She was holding a whip in her hands. “Welcome to Yuuchan’s playground!” she smirked as Minami was praying to wake up.

“Let her go~!!!” shouted a familiar voice.
Minami looked around and found her beautiful gorgeous wolf-girl all tied up on a tree, with bruises on her face and whip’s marks on her thighs. She was just in her underwear, as the skirt was missing. Despite being in a dangerous situation, Minami couldn’t take her eyes of the view.
“Damn that wolf-girl. She’s way too hot.”

“You, lecherous squirrel!!! What did you do to her pretty face?!”
“Nothing.” angel faced squirrel answered. “Just played a bit.”
“Like with a fairy?!”
“He he.” squirrel started climbing a tree, where Minami was held.

“Don’t you dare to touch her!” shouted Acchan with teary eyes. “Don’t you dare to touch my crush, or I’ll invite my pack with a howl, and then you’ll be sorry you even were born!!!”
“Crush?” thought Minami while blushing. “Then we have mutual feelings…”

A squirrel stopped. “Mhm, a crush, you say… Well, then give your body to me for free, and I’ll let this poor human go.” the word ‘poor’ went with irony.
“No!” shouted Minami. “Don’t touch her. You already hurt her!”

“Well, it’s boring with you two… no fun, no screams of fear…” as she was about to continue, a very beautiful, tall, model-like lynx-woman came from behind a tree. “NyanNyan, you came back!!!” the squirrel jumped off a tree and jumped on a lynx. She started snuggling in lynx’s breasts. “NyanNya~~~n, NyanNya~~~n, My NyanNya~~~n! You came back… Mhm, yummy awaits me~~~…”

“Release the poor human and the wolf, Yuuchan.”
“But NyanNya~~~n…”
“Wanna be alone again?”
“NO, no-no-no-no!” she rushed and cut the rope, that held Minami in a net as a captive. She fell hard way down.
“Ouch…” the short girl whined and tried to get up.

“Minami~!!!” the released wolf-girl jumped on Minami with a joy and passion. “It’s so good to see~~~ you!”
“Huh… Let’s get the hell out of here first, okay?” she looked at those two. The squirrel was sucking lynx’s neck, while lynx’s fingers were inside squirrel’s panties.

“But they’re having fu~~n.” pouted Acchan. “Me wanna have fun too.”
“Later. We need to disinfect your wound on that pretty face of yours, and the one on that beautifully shaped thigh.” said Minami, then she understood what she said and blushed.

“Okay. As long as Minami is with me, I can go anywhere.”
“Then let’s go.”
“Un.” they both stood up and started walking the golden path, which was supposedly leading them back to the fairy.

Suddenly Minami turned and started walking back to squirrel’s place.
“I forgot the necklace…” answered she while mumbling something about ‘damn you, pretty legs and a nice butt’.

“But I already have it.”
She stopped and turned to Acchan. “You what?!”
“Un. I took it, while she was wrestling with me. I hid it in my panties, hehe. This way it’s safer than any safe.”
“You…” now Takahashi was looking like a real Red Riding Hood as her face was of such deep red color that it’s impossible to describe.

“Shall I give it to you?” Atsuko asked innocently.
“NO! I mean, you said it’s safe there, right? So let’s keep it there, until we come to the fairy.” said the smaller girl while still blushing. She was thankful for her parents, whose cleverness she got.
“Oka~~y!” smiled wolf-girl and clung onto Minami’s hand. “Let’s go then!”
“Let’s go..” smiled with a sigh Minami, and the two continued their trip home..(??)


That same evening, after Minami left her house, her parents were sitting on a couch, hugging each other and talking about lots of things.
“Honey, do you think it was a good idea to let her out at this time?”
“She needs to become more responsible.”
“But the wolfs… And squirrels…” the woman shivered.
“She’ll be alright, I can assure you.”


Somewhere in the town someone started screaming. After some time the commotion ended. The hunter was called, because all the meat in the town’s main shop was stolen.
“By the looks of it, I can tell it’s a wolf’s doing. I’ll catch him, kill him, and bring all the meat back to town, IF anything will be left of it.”
“At least bring the wolf’s head!”
“Yeah, the head!”
“Hunter-san, the head!! Bring us the head!”
“Deal.” said the hunter and ventured into the woods.


As they walked down the golden dust path, Minami was thinking about what just happened there. She looked up at the clingy wolf-girl.
“Hey, Acchan.”

“Yes, darling?”
“But of course. You called my face pretty, and you defended me~~. You’re so~ cool, Mi~na~mi~…” the girl rubbed her cheek against the smaller girl’s head. “And I fell for you the first time I saw you. You’re my crush, Minami~.”
“Huh…” she was shocked, how this wolf-girl can be so carefree and blunt at the same time.

As they approached the bush with the fairy inside a cage, Minami remembered something important.
“Before we go to her, give…” Minami blushed. “No, don’t give me the necklace. Be ready to give it to the fairy when I say, deal?”

Minami went half-way into the bush. The chibi fairy was resting with a smile on her face. She was SURPRISED to see Minami here, and her face showed it perfectly well.
“Oh, Mi…nami. You’re back. Haha.” she tried to sound happy… She really tried. “Told ya, it was a piece of cake, wasn’t it?” She tried to cover her lies with more lies.

“What the hell, fairy? Why you didn’t tell me that the squirrel is a dangerous and lecherous woman? And why you kept silent about Acchan being there? And don’t answer. At first listen to what I have to say. You are stupid, do you know that?! Don’t you know who I am? I’m Minami, daughter of very knowledgeable people, so I am clever. I now understand what you did. You made a deal with that lecherous squirrel, that you give the her necklace, and she locks you in a cage, to be more precise, your real home. Of course, you have a key somewhere around, but you pretend to be a poor little fairy, that got molested. Now listen. I know, you thought we’ll fall into squirrel’s traps, she’ll give us a lesson, and you’ll have fun. But as you can see, we’re free. So take this necklace, Atsuko is gonna give it to you. And don’t you ever dare to show in my way again. Or I’ll sell you to the witches. Acchan, the necklace.”

“Yes, darli~ng!” voiced nicely the last word wolf-girl and have the necklace to the fairy.
“Chiyuu~” just said the fairy, took her necklace, opened the cage with a key, and flew away. “How come that squirrel…. Don’t tell me, her girlfriend’s back…?” thought to herself Chiyuu, as she was flying away.

“Now…Acchan…” because they were still inside a bush, she could clearly see a small bit of Acchan’s breasts, because her crush was on her knees, bent down…
“Ye~s?” she smiled so brightly and looked so hot, that Minami couldn’t stand it and got out of the bush. As what did the wolf-girl. Minami turned away, as she couldn’t look at that sexy beautiful goddess.
“We need to disinfect your wounds, so you’ll follow me to my grandma’s house. As you can see, the moon is shinning so brightly, that I thought it’s the sun shinning.” she tried to not think about how amazing Atsuko looks in a moonlight’s bath.
“Oka~y.” answered happily the taller girl.

“Why are you so happy?”
“Because I’m going to the house of a person, who is an important person to the person, who is an important person to me.”

“Say what..?” she looked at Atsuko again.
“I’m going to your grandma’s house. Your grandma is important to you. And you are important to me. Minami~~~. You promised we’ll do those fun things later. Don’t forge~t, oka~y??” she showed her puppy face.
“Angel puppy innocent sexy beautiful eyes, how can I deceive you…” thought Minami and just nodded.

“Then as a guarantee, kiss me~~.” smiled Acchan, closed her eyes and leaned to Minami.
“…what?…” she blushed.
“Mi~na~mi~” pouted the wolf-girl.
“Okay okay…”

She wanted to give just a small peck, but after their lips touched, the whole world around her became totally unimportant, as those lips were the only thing Minami thought about. She gently pressed Acchan near a tree, and started slowly, teasingly kiss her, until their lips became numb and they parted to breath in some air.

“I sealed the promise, Atsuko…” said Minami while still blushing.
“Da~rli~ng!! I. LO.VE. YOU. You are the best kisser I ever knew.”
“I’m NOT THE first?!!!!”

“Who said that?..” asked Acchan.
“Joki~ng..” chuckled wolf-girl and kissed softly her human crush again. “I gave you my first kiss, be thankful.”
“This was my first kiss too…”


After awhile they started heading to their destination, when suddenly Acchan stopped and jumped into one of the huge bushes, pulling Minami together inside.

“I hear someone coming” whispered she in Minami’s ear. And suddenly started kissing, licking, chomping on it. “Deli..mhmngh…cious…” whispered she again.
Minami covered her mouth with her both hands, as she had noticed a shadow going really close near the bush they were hiding in. And she didn’t want to let her moans out.

After the shadow disappeared, Minami wanted to go out of the bush, but Atsuko didn’t let her. “I can still hear him somewhere around here. Let’s wait a bit,” she whispered AGAIN, and started biting Minami’s ear and behind it.

“I can’t deal with this. For one day this is really too much…” thought Minami. She was still trying to hold in her moans, when Atsuko bitted skin near Minami’s neck pit. She thought she’s gonna explode. Then Atsuko stopped.

“It’s clear. We should go, while we’re alone.” whispered Acchan.
“….un….” she tried to catch her breath, her legs were wobbly, mind was still dizzy.
When they got out of the bush, they noticed that the moon was shinning more brightly than ever.

“It’s so~ beau~tifu~l, da~rling…” whispered Atsuko, while they were walking to her grandma’s house.
“Un, it’s the moon. Grandma likes to say: the brighter the moon shines, the better are chances to find your love…” she blushed again.
“And she’s right. We found each other.” brightly smiled Acchan.

They came to grandma’s house. As they silently walked in and closed the door, she heard her grandma sighing and then felt her warm hug. “I’m so glad you’re okay, Minami. I was so worried you’ll meet a squirrel…”

“I did meet her. And I didn’t like her AT ALL. PERVERT.”
“An understandable thing. I never liked squirrels either. Now..” she looked at Acchan.

“Um, good evening, grandma Mipori~n.” said wolf-girl.
“Good evening, Atsuko. You’re becoming more and more beautiful with each moon.”
“Thank you~.” she gave a humble blushing smile and Minami nearly cried of joy.

“What a babe.” she thought. “Ugh, I’m starting to sound like that squirrel. NO WAY.” she looked at Acchan with love in her eyes and then she realized.

“What’s wrong with that?” asked her grandma.
“I…. did I say it aloud?…”

“I do not mind. I LO.VE. YOU.” Atsuko smiled and kissed Minami gently on the lips. “And don’t forget the promise.” she whispered to her ear.
“Un…” blushed Minami. ‘W…wait… You two know each other?!”

“You’re so~ slow, Minami~.” chuckled Atsuko.
“I think I don’t wanna know how come you two know each other… Grandma, we need to disinfect her wounds.”
“Okay, and while we do that, I’ll tell you a story about the person, that I can call my first and the only love of my life.”

“It’s my grandma.” smiled proudly Acchan and clung on Minami.

Grandma ignored Minami’s confusion and disinfected Atsuko’s wounds.
“Acchan, now go and take a shower, okay?” suggested the old woman and the wolf girl happily skipped (?) to it, not forgetting to wink to her human crush.
Minami took a seat ad sighed. She still couldn’t believe she feel in love in only one night… And they already kissed!!!
Her grandma smiled and sat by her on the bed.
“I want you to listen to my story Minami, so you could understand feelings in your heart more.”


“It was a very hot and dry summer night. You could hear no birds chirping, no toads croaking, no insects flying. All the nature sat silent, as they tried at least to breath.

I was around your age then. I had sleeping problems. So I used to go out in the woods at night, and nobody of my family were against it. Because at that time nobody suspected there to be any perverted squirrels or sexy wolves in a forest. Well, no one ever stumbled upon them, so how could they have known, right?

I was heading to my most favorite place in the whole forest. There was a bush, where my secret friend, a chibi fairy, lived. Her name was Nachu. She was not a very understanding person, but I didn’t mind, as she was the only closest friend I had.

When I came to the bush… I felt something is wrong… And it indeed was. I found her dead, in her cage. Until this day, I still don’t know, what happened to her, how she died, what caused her death. You, Minami, are the second one I tell about this.

I cried that night at my home, on my bed, all alone. The next day was really hard for me. Try to imagine you loose a close friend. It was unbearable. At night I ran into the woods, still crying and bumped into someone soft. As soft as a pillow, as smooth as a silk. That someone hugged me tightly, and I cried and cried and cried.

That someone just softly caressed my back, my hair and whispered sweet, calming words to my ears. I felt like a princess. Like a Cinderella.

After I cried every tear that I had, I looked upon the person who held me so patiently, and I was stunned. It was a very beautiful woman. A wolf-woman, to be precise.

She became my new friend, and as the time passed I became more and more myself again. She said one day, that I’m like a blooming flower. I felt astonished by her words. Just a few years later I understood, that at that moment I deeply fell in love.

After one year of our close friendship passed, I understood that she attracts me in a different way than just a close friend. She noticed that change in me and taught me various things about love and love making. She explained that it is normal for two people who care very deeply for each other to act like this.

After another half year she said she has to go away with her pack, that they’re moving on. It was a very sad goodbye we had… After some time being alone passed, I understood that I fell in love. I went to our secret cave in the woods every night, sat there and thought about us.

I so badly wanted to meet her. But after she moved, I never did. I lost two friends and thought it’s the world’s end, but then I met your grandpa. Though I never fell in love with him, but he became a really close friend of mine. Just I’ve never told him about Nachu or Meetan.

When I met Acchan, I was stunned. I of course understood, that it’s her grandchild. I felt relieved. I was happy. Because sending her granddaughter to live here was a sign. A sign she still cares. A sign we both moved on. A sign of trust and deep connection.

I take care of Atsuko. I give her clothes, let her have a shower. She’s like a second granddaughter for me.”

“How come Acchan calls your lover her grandmother? You told before it’s her grandma’s sister, so.. Can you explain?” asked Minami.

“Her real grandma died really early, Acchan was still in her mother’s womb then. So Meetan is like a grandmother to her. And because of what I’ve told you, I really approve that Atsuko is your friend or more.”

“Wow…” after she heard about her grandmother’s past, she was shocked. “So, um, what you are saying, is…?”
“Go all the way with Acchan.” winked and chuckled her grandma.


“I’m ba~ck!” nearly sang the sentence wolf-girl, as she walked in the room from the small shower snug. “Ta-da~~!” she turned around a few times.

Minami was drooling over the view before her very own eyes. Her wolf-girl was still wet from the shower, towel was going from just a bit above her breasts down to the middle of her thighs. The view was really breathtaking.

“Do I look good? Do I? Do I?”
“Yes.” smiled blushing Minami. “And to tell you the truth… You are a really beautiful wolf.”
“Ah..” blushed Acchan and turned to grandma Miporin. “Can I sleep at your house? On the couch will be fine.” she smiled.

“No. I’ll sleep on the couch and you take my bed..” suggested Minami, while looking at the ceiling, where a lone spider was sleeping in a corner.
“Girls..” snickered grandma. “It’s nearly 5am. Time for me to do lots of things. And you both can sleep in beds. Now, Minami, I’ll leave the plaster thing to you, okay?”

“Tell me… We disinfected her wounds and just then she took a shower? Why? Where’s the logic?”
“I hate the disinfectant smell…” confessed Acchan while looking totally innocent.
“Oh…” the short girl noticed grandma trying to leave the room unnoticeable. “I can see you, grandma.”
“Good night, girls,” she smiled and left them together in a room with two beds.

“Mi~na~mi~… Remember, you promised to play~…” pouted Atsuko.
The smaller girl’s cheeks flushed red. “W…well, at first I have to put plasters on your wounds.”
“Oka~y. Minami will touch me~, Minami will touch me~, Minami will touch me~! Yay~!!” happily squealed taller girl and sat down on Minami’s lap.

“A…cchan…” she didn’t know girls can attract other girls this much, though she always liked girls and not boys. She just hid that fact from her friends. But now, this girl… What to do..?

First she put a few plasters on bruises on Acchan’s face, then on mark’s from the whip on her thighs. When she was touching the thighs, she felt Atsuko shiver. They both looked at each other’s faces, while blushing more and more.

“” whispered passionately wolf-girl. “You promised…” pouted she, while poking Minami’s lower lip with her nail.
“Un..” she bitted black haired girl’s finger unconsciously and they both shivered from electricity, that went through their bodies.

“So.. What’s the game you wanna play?” asked Minami, looking at the spider again.
“This.” Acchan held Minami’s head with her both hands and kissed her very slowly. Minami answered to a kiss with a French kiss. They couldn’t breath, but that was not important to them at all.

As they were about to lie on bed, suddenly grandma came in with a worried expression on her face. The two backed off from each other, while their faces burning with red.
“Girls, you gotta run somewhere. The hunter is looking for a wolf. She thinks you, Acchan, took all the meat from the town’s main shop.”

“No way! When?!”
“Minami, it’s not important. What’s important, do you believe she didn’t take it or not?”
She looked at her wolf-girl. “I KNOW you didn’t take it. So I will defend you. Let’s go to that pervert, maybe she’ll help. Her traps are awesome, after all.” she blushed a bit and coughed unnaturally.

“Un.” added Acchan and wanted to go already, but the smaller girl stopped her while blushing. “Dress up, please…”
“Okay~! IF Minami promises to continue playing later.”

“I promise.” said Minami, not blushing, with a firm voice and kissed gently her wolf-girl on lips. “We have to hurry, my darling.” she winked to the blushing wolf-girl and went with her grandma to put things they’ll need in a journey bag.

When Atsuko dressed up in a new underwear that was given to her by grandma Miporin, she also put on denim shorts and a summery seen-through blouse, that grandma gave her (where did she get them from and how come so fast?).


As they were walking into the woods, where the squirrel lives, Minami’s head was bursting with dirty, perverted thoughts. “Oh my god! I can see through her blouse!!! This…this is heaven, right? I mean, ah, her back is so beautiful, and her legs… I think I’m gonna need a tissue, as I might nosebleed… Damn that squirrel and her perverted thoughts. She messed with my mind!”

“Here we are.” smiled Acchan. Then smiled more widely, this time both of them, as they heard the squirrel laughing. It appears the hunter got caught.

“Whoa, I have guests. What brought you here, hons?” asked Yuuchan, while playing with NyanNyan’s hair. The hunter was all tied up, all body full of whip’s marks. The whip was in NyanNyan’s (!) hands.

“We came to ask for help. And we see that we chose right. Now, I can sense your perverseness from a thousand miles, so I guess you do have photos of us in a woods at the time, when the meat was gone, right?”

“Mhm, yes, I do. And I have photo’s of the culprit, hehe.”
“Well…” Minami smiled devilishly and took out of the bag a few ‘toys’. “Wanna have them? Prove our innocence to this hunter and let her hunt the real culprit.”

Yuuchan’s eyes were fawning over the ‘toys’ in Minami’s hands. “Deal!!!” she ran to bring the photos.
NyanNyan sighed. “I love her. She knows what I like. Though I try to pretend that I hate it and sometimes push her away. But we still love each other. Thanks for understanding that, Red.”

“Red?.. My name’s Minami.”
“Huh? Oh.” she was dozing off, so wasn’t listening at all.
“Really, this lynx is…” she shook her head in disbelief of such air-headiness.


“So, what’s your name, hunter?” asked Minami, when their name was cleared and a hunter was released.
“Ah.. Nice to meet you.”
“Nice to meet you, too.”
“Good luck catching the real culprit.” said Acchan.
“Thank you.” she leaned closer. “And thanks for saving from these…” she whispered with fear and prowled away.

“Is she really a hunter?” asked Yuuchan, while teasing moaning NyanNyan with one of the ‘toys’. “I hope not. She’s not solid enough in my opinion.”
“Against your perverseness I wonder if there is anyone solid or reliable enough.” thought Minami to herself.


“So, we are free from allegations.” smiled Minami.
“Darli~ng, why do you say ‘we’? The suspect was just me.”
“We are together now, right? So of course, if you’re at fault, I’m at fault too.” smiled confidently Minami and hugged her wolf-girl tightly.

“Un…” blushed Acchan.
“Atsuko.” Minami looked closely at Acchan’s face. “I love you.”
“ you too, Minami…” blushed the taller girl.

They both sealed their words with a passionate kiss and went to their happiness hand in hand.


It appears the culprit was the shop’s owner. She got tired of people telling stories about a gorgeous wolf in the woods and decided to frame her. Yes, she was jealous. And yes, the squirrel has her cameras everywhere. Where did she get them from? It’s a secret.
And now she’s happily playing living with her lynx.

As of Acchan and Red Minami, of course, they lived happily ever after. Care to now how things went for them? Read further on…


When the two approached Minami’s house in the village it was already a very beautiful morning. She was glad she didn’t meet anyone on their way back. You ask why? Well, if you would have found that there will be a public nude tickling execution for the real culprit, of course you’d go to look, right?

Well, the two had their friend Yuuchan who had her cameras everywhere, so they knew if they wanted they will be able to watch anytime (though that is unlikely to happen, they are not interested in other people, just in each other).

When the two came home, mother shrieked and jumped on dad. “KYAAAAAAA~!”
Minami face-palmed herself. “Mom, this is my girlfriend and my love, Atsuko. She’s a wolf-girl, that means, she does not eat humans.”
“KYAAAAAAAAA~” she ran to Atsuko and cuddled her. “KAWAIIIIII~”

Now not only Minami, but her father also face-palmed themselves. The view was rather odd… Minami’s mom was pushing Acchan’s face to her breasts and cuddling her with giggles and stuff. “Mom, if you do not let my love go, I’ll never comeback home.”

“But she’s sooooooo kawaiii~~~”
“And I won’t bring her then.”
The cuddling stopped, Acchan’s head was still on the breasts.

“I’m not doing anything… Ara. She fell asleep.”
Minami face-palmed herself the third time. “Dad… Are you against her?”

“No. As long as your girlfriend is not a squirrel” here following dad’s words mom shivered a bit. “I agree of course.”
“Thank you.” she took her girlfriend in her hands and carried gently to her room, opened the door with her elbow, went in, closed the door with her leg, laid her girlfriend on the bed.

“I know you’re not sleeping.” chuckled she.
“Mi~na~mi~…” they both shared a deep passionate kiss.
“Tonight we won’t play, because you were loving my mom’s breasts. No arguing.”
Atsuko just pouted, but said nothing. She started slowly undressing, making Takahashi nosebleed.

After she cleaned her nose and the blood stopped, she tried to look angrily at Atsuko, but the only look she was able to give was ‘damn you are so sexy, so beautiful, and I so love you’.
“I’ll be right back, I’m taking a shower…”


When Minami took of her clothes and was under the water stream running from the shower’s head, she felt a warm fuzzy hug, and then another naked body totally snuggled hers.

It was like a bomb, she just couldn’t take it anymore. She pushed Atsuko to the shower’s wall. “Damn you, wolf-girl, you’re so sexy, and I so want you it’s suffocating.” she started biting and kissing Acchan’s lips. Then they shared a very deep, passionate kiss.

“I want you too, Mi~na~mi~. Let’s pla~y…. Pwea~~~se….”
Minami shook her head. “Not here. Our real first time has to be in bed, right?”


After they took a shower, Minami again carried her lover to the bed. “I feel like we’re newlyweds or something of that sort.” said Takahashi. Acchan chuckled and winked cutely.

They looked at each other for like ten minutes. They just looked. They both were pretty after all. And then Minami leaned to her girlfriend and kissed her passionately.

“Can I tease you?” more rhetorically asked the shorter girl.
“Un.” shivered the wolf girl, as Minami was kissing her ear.
“Then prepare.” smirked Takahashi and thus it began.

At first she slowly kissed every inch of Acchans face. The kisses.. They were very gentle, very soft, like feathers touching skin lightly. Then soft lips started kissing the taller girl’s lips. Gently, passionately, then their tongues met and started their dance.

Then Takahashi’s teeth started biting her girlfriend’s lips, leaving a few marks, then going to her ears, kissing them, biting them, licking them.

After that, her lips slowly started their way down the neck, through delicious breasts, down the waist, on the thighs, up to where the hidden secret place lies.

At the same time her fingers entwined with those of Acchan’s, while the latter moaned and shouted. They forgot about the parents, the neighbors, about everything. What they cared about at the moment, was each other.

“Be……gen….tle…..” moaned the words Acchan.
“I promise, I will…” smiled Takahashi and thus her fingers started their journey. In and out, a bit curled up, giving an unimaginable pleasure to the wolf girl.

After Acchan reached the stars and later regained her breathing, she smiled and kissed Takahashi. “ I want to play mo~~~re…” pouted she.

“Did you hear me say that we ended playing?” asked Minami with a smile.
“No…” blushed Acchan.
“Then be ready. I know just the right game, perfect for both of us.”

She positioned herself in such a way, that their both secret places touched each other.
“Don’t speak… Let me make you feel good…” and thus Minami started rubbing herself against the wolf-girl, both of them moaning in each other’s mouth, sharing a kiss and forgetting everything around them.


After few months.

“I’m ho~me.” said Minami, as she was coming into their new house.
“Okaeri~~~.” jumped on her the wolf-girl. “I missed you~~. I made you dinner, ho.ney.” she smiled and kissed her love on lips.
“Mhm, very good. Let’s go and eat then.”

While eating, they shared things they did through the day.
“Yuuchan and NyanNyan were here today.” said Acchan.
“And what did they want?”
“Just came to say hello. And to announce that NyanNyan is pregnant.”

“Wait, WHAT? How’s that possible? They’re both females.”
“Actually for our animal-human race it’s not necessary to… Well, with a man, you know…” she blushed. “The most important part is you become pregnant while rubbing your…. you know, against each other…” she blushed again. “The one who’s on top is not becoming pregnant, as everything flows to the one below…” they both were already red, and well, Takahashi literally choked her food.

“We did that lots of times. Did you…were you at the doctor’s?”
“Un.” she smiled, came to Minami and hugged her from her back. “We’re gonna have a baby too.” she whispered to Minami’s ear.

“We….a baby….” after everything sank in her head, she sat her girlfriend down in her lap and hugged her with lots of love. “I’m happy.” said she while blushing and kissed her girlfriend’s neck.
“Mhm…” smiled Atsuko as she was happy too.


Three years later.

“Mommy, mommy! Look what I’ve found!”
“And what’s this?” asked Acchan her two and a half year old.
“A necklace! It’s so pretty….”

“Acchan, I think we have a guest!”
“I know, honey! I’m coming.” and whispered to their daughter, “Hide it there, where only you can find it.” winked she and after kissing the forehead of this adorable child, she went to the kitchen.

“Hello, chiyuu~.” smiled the chibi fairy. “How are you, chiyuu?”
“We’re really good.” answered Minami while smiling. “Where’s your lover?”
“Ah…Tomochin has a meeting, chiyuu~… All the long living butterflies are preparing for their queen’s birthday, chiyuu.”

“Don’t tell me she gave us invitations too….”
“Chiyuu chiyuu. And she also invited the Yuuchan family, chiyuu.”
“Mhm… That means grandmas gonna be there too, right?”
“Un un, chiyuu.”

Minami was happy. A few years ago Atsuko grandma’s sister Meetan came here back. She couldn’t stop thinking about her dear love Miporin, after her husband died in a fight with another wolf. Now they two lived happily there, in a house, and if you could not find them home, usually that meant they’re either at their secret place, or here at Minami’s and Acchan’s.

Yuuchan and NyanNyan had twins. They’re both boys, really energetic, and… Let’s just say, they’re too similar to their…daddy…if we can call Yuuchan daddy. Though she wouldn’t mind.

Minami and Acchan thought about wedding a lot, but decided not to hurry. They were happy together, and that’s what matters the most, right?
So this tale ends like all other tales, except for one fact.

They found each other. They didn’t get married, raised children, and lived happily ever after.

"人間みんな変態だから" - 古川愛李, SKE48 新高柳チームKII 「シアターの女神」千秋楽公演, 2014.04.18 <"Because all people are perverts." - Furukawa Airi, SKE48 New Takayanagi Team KII [Theater no Megami] Last Stage, 2014.04.18>

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